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tv   Cahier Africain Part One  Al Jazeera  December 7, 2017 3:00pm-4:01pm +03

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now marianna uses a new service it's called loud drive it's for women passages only and drawn by women drivers. for some extra features like a panic button and twenty four seventh's monitoring of drivers. scaping a war. finding a new identity. confronting the reality of racism or religion and the struggle to be accepted. al-jazeera tells the story of what it's like to be lebanese and call australia home. once upon a time in punchbowl at this time on al-jazeera. hello again i'm dennis in doha and these are the top stories here at out. the u.s.
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has ignored a global outcry and declared jerusalem israel's capital president is also moving the american embassy there while israel has hailed the decision wild leaders have expressed anger and concern. hamas leader has called for a new palestinian uprising following trump's announcement ismail haniya says the decision was unfair and provocative palestinians on the streets of bethlehem are responding by holding protests and israeli soldiers have fired tear gas and water cannon at demonstrators and this is a live scene in bethlehem in the occupied west bank well there's been a strong reaction from hamas which controls the gaza strip israel has called for a new policy an uprising or intifada. you acted. today i'm stressing that jerusalem is unified no east jerusalem no west jerusalem jerusalem is
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a palestinian arab muslim city and is the capital city of the whole of palestine today i am saying that palestine is unified from the sea to the river unified palestine will never be divided into two countries may you say the so-called peace process has gone forever once and for all and then i am not sure we will go out of the oslo dark tunnel. correspondent this is in gaza. palestinians here in gaza and elsewhere in the occupied palestinian territories in the west bank have been protesting donald trump's announcement that he's recognizing jerusalem as the capital of israel they've been responding to the call to protests from their political leaders there have also unfortunately been today some injuries some people were throwing stones at israeli security forces near the border fence towards the south of gaza in unison israel responded with tear gas on some live fire and we understand that three people have been injured other protests are
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expected later today as part of this call for three days of rage in response to don't trump announcement and also here in gaza where the senior political leader of hamas he said that now he's calling on the palestinian authority to end security cooperation with israel he says that there should be a third intifada a third palestinian uprising that doesn't necessarily mean a violent uprising but an uprising against israel's occupation and he says there should be now a push to consolidate internal unity within the palestinian factions to coordinate their response to donald trump's announcement catherine france has signed a memorandum of understanding how to combat terrorism the deal was announced as the french president emmanuel visited cata president had a press conference with. bin. being reinforced
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by french warplanes and french companies assigned to other contracts for vehicles and rail projects. we're not about. that we have adopted certain procedures to not allow any funds to go to terrorists and we have had investigations into all the claims against qatar since day one the arab and muslim countries are the ones who have suffered most from terrorism and we are committed to fighting terrorism with our friends and allies. and twelve thousand homes are under threat from wildfires in southern california two hundred thousand people have been told to leave their houses as the fires move towards the outskirts of los angeles hundreds of homes have already been destroyed and schools highways and even film productions have shut down say just five percent of the blaze is contained the flames are being fanned by hot dry winds which are forecast to last a week in nepal the polls have just closed after the second phase of parliamentary
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and regional elections there considered to be the final step in the transition to a federal democracy voters say they want their new leaders to focus on rebuilding after the earthquake two and a half years ago right up to date the latest headlines coming out let's hear it out as they are it's witness. i asked jamal for the french translation of the title of my film k.f.
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account is correct here a prize. is an exercise. that relates to childhood. initially it's empty and then you feel. yes jim all right feel instead of him. i came across the exercise book in january two thousand and eight. in a dusty back yard in bangkok the capital of the central african republic. it contains id photos of women children and men as well as records of what congress these messines had done to in two thousand. the good was created in the aftermath of these crimes. when the victims refused to remain silent they turned to each other and decided to testify. and put together evidence of the brutality they had suffered. since then this book has never let
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men to get. enough. money. to.
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looking back on the scene as a young girl. is the first photo she's ever owned of herself now facing the exercise but the fun of attacks. it was at the in the evening when ben those men broke down. in two thousand and eight jane a first meeting scene and tells us what happened that night six years ago. and one two things and i've. been. riding on an issue. you know that she me you know. the budget you need to.
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i again i mean. i know i am listening. but i guess i was. not like santa i had when i was phantom will be listening when i think i'm home and never do. that i was thinking. i knew my age and i. still believe. that we should be no man on a bunch of. money you know what i will hire me you're. good to. go on in my.
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mind and if you. would have a weight. and i shifted. the muzzle would. push my ankle. a women. she from the. table would.
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the youngest face depicted in the book. and all its photos of her as a child it says when it happened it was dog i had gun shots and screaming then a bullet struck me in the leg. also small but vocal fun got off with
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a forgot about one of. you because when you got a. new look for your friends up on the well it. would be tough for me if that's what. i need continued to pose and. it took until the spring of twenty twelve to get all the documents together. let flew to germany to have a new york rages on. whether the pain would ever let the child goes on clear said the dog has a balance charité hospital because pain ingrained itself in the brain. for the long day she spent in hospital the nurses gave arlette
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a camera. on the window panes the home sick child left opaque traces of hours spent standing by the window looking out into the alien environment. returned home with a pain freeney. i've. yet .
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the. the the the really. the limb that a victim. the messiah. this was. missing from the pull the kids don't come on think of it not to propagate as us knew them specifically or know that a minute is this. enormous and fucking applause that is common to all sit on a cushion of ignoto more don't want to read and you did not know man. it's going from my up when i just use. your miserable vision the movie.
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that's much as shown at the moment because it was only good to from now. on the open door policy last if anyone. should enter vote and then attempt on the city to not live it did not put an evil. compound of says all symbols of us from. simple secondly to diplomats were subject to a change of what we need us down you suppose that project from a stronger ship but did i want to see someone. sit in front of one on one with him six cents some people can come to him again so and i know what he didn't want auntie. word of an exercise book of photographs from witness statements is heard on the other side of the earth. the international criminal court in the hague believes the document holds great strength of evidence in the case against the congolese rebel leader. the i.c.c.
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sends his staff member jamal to bangui he has to bring the book to safety. jamal works for the evidence unit and this not be recognized here in just a discreet handover with burna dead. and. that very same evening the book is on his way to your. in a rucksack chained to his wrist jamal carries the book into the vault of the international criminal court in the hague.
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half a year later we returned to bangui. new tenants have moved into the small back yard where the book was once created. the remains of the victim
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self-help organization are pieces of a signboard. what has become of been a dead saying the president of the association. searching for clues. but. where will the small timid boy in a dark suit and oversized trousers lead us. an african career. but it did so has become the minister of tourism criticism bosy office had herself this in exchange she had to give up her commitment to the victims rights just when you want to get a feel of a come what may come to life else using the moral outlook moral son man. you
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going ok. i don't so you do that abundantly and remember. when you. love what you did to sunday this festival might not be. you know. race an issue. that's a sunday just best song. that you know funny but. if we get it. soon the pitches will have been replaced. there won't be any tourism or elephant safaris anymore. the frame will hold the poor trait of the next to just. minister say or. she will disappear on the frayed edge of history and so will the donation funds of the victims organization.
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if you are in beijing looking out the pacific ocean you'd see american warships one mess was that somehow time is aiming to replace america and around the world all the chinese are not that stupid these guys want to dominate a huge chunk of the planet this sounds like a preparation for our first president george washington said if you want peace prepare for war the coming war on china at this time just. the world's largest humanitarian crisis millions caught up in civil war all just the world examines the roots of the conflict in yemen and the complex history that
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drew our country into perpetual times. that separation on. the north and the south. part of history. yemen the north south divide this time the international campaign to abolish nuclear weapons has been awarded the nobel peace prize in an exclusive interview with the winning delegation from the award ceremony in oslo al jazeera asks whether banning these devastating weapons could finally lead to complete disarmament on al-jazeera . hello again on. these are the top stories here at al-jazeera leader has called for
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a new palestinian uprising following president trump's announcement declaring jerusalem israel's capital is smile hania says the decision was unfair and provocative palestinians on the streets of bethlehem are responding by holding protests and his radio soldiers of fired tear gas and water cannon at demonstrators who acted. today i am stressing that jerusalem is unified no east jerusalem no west jerusalem jerusalem is a palestinian arab muslim city and is the capital city of the whole of palestine. today i am saying that palestine is unified from the sea to the river unified palestine will never be divided into two countries may you say the so-called peace process has gone forever once and for all and then we will go out of the oslo dark tunnel. catherine france have signed a memorandum of understanding to combat terrorism as well as fourteen billion
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dollars worth of deals for more french warplanes armored vehicles and an underground rail network the a mayor of catarrh is hosting the president of france here in doha we're not. and. we have adopted certain procedures to not allow any funds to go to terrorists and we have had investigations into all the claims against qatar since day one the arab and muslim countries are the ones who have suffered most from terrorism and we are committed to fighting terrorism with our friends and allies well then twelve thousand homes are under threat from wildfires in southern california two hundred thousand people have been told to leave their houses the fires live to will be outskirts of los angeles hundreds of homes have already been destroyed and schools highways didn't film productions have been shut down in nepal polls have just
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closed after the second phase of parliamentary and regional elections they're considered to be the final step in the transition to a federal democracy voters say they want their new leaders to focus on rebuilding or i'd have to say those are the latest headlines from us here at out is their time now to go to this. yes. we hear from two miles from the north of the central african republic he recounts his observations concerning a new muslim rebellion cool celica that has broken out it's spreading across the
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country like wildfire he writes at first there were very few but more supporters of jumping on the bandwagon with every mile they're leaving behind a swathe of destruction. on route we saw hardly any campfires not a good sign he writes entire strips of land of depopulated the rebels for a cause i created the famine. one has to worry that the people will not be the same because no one believes in the harvest and. this morning the first date supplies arrive the best option for anyone suffering from hunger is to move towards conflict areas it's easy to survive. too much. from within and if you look and you're pathetic he done the deed. but.
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get screwed but i've got a new session and it has to be kendrick meek. as i'm stumped i'm going to. have a bite. he says there. is only this mess in your plymouth book you lazy not. to design flaws in. his own they didn't you. got to give it but you've gone on to do you get up to.
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unfair to put it up if we lived. when i started. with a plant. will be me so i will talk. to our new pilot. in the early hours of march twenty fourth twenty thirteen muslim silica rebels march into banking. they have occupied the barracks in prisons and directed they come said. the militia leader to torture has made himself president and set up his headquarters in the city's five star hotel. his bodyguards come in the empty swimming pool.
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the rebel leader has promised his foot soldiers he will bring electricity to their remote villages in the hinterland. and says the men rape every socket and light switch out of the walls in the belief they are the source of electricity and light . a multinational peacekeeping force brings about a deceptive car. president bush flees to a neighboring country rumor has it that one hundred fifty kilos of rough diamonds were found in a minister's luggage at the airport. look effective notice of a very mean very custom. dipping only source in.
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book with agent you sean. you know. the. city can visit. you know. he's on the. bus can vote.
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i mean assume. the number. of being male or. fourteen. dollars child when i. was in the. mall not i'm going. to be forty. two much on the board. if i'm.
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her get. a headache since it's a bank. even before the perpetrators of the post or a sentence the i.c.c. begins to investigate the crimes of the news. a witness from the group the perpetrator is expected. he agrees to divulge what he knows about the latest pillaging murders and rapes. their. own condition that his face remains covered allows us to watch as he sets up a mobile interrogation me. and
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. she can yes or no guns and if you come by scene he tells us about all the places he has worked that he has recorded thousands of hours of interrogations and testimony . he tells us about the quality required in terms of sound and images to ensure the material can be admitted as evidence before the call out of committee to the budget was even a cement. jimoh works methodically. he sits down in the interview his place and moves in all directions he wants to make sure the witness is still on camera when he feels
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cornered while being interrogated by the investigators as i thank god he says doctors will come to me to say i'm with a new job i've got of his political muscle. of about abusing me it was about the going to. the pages of this big society oh i see have all my. compiled testimonies a victim of the congolese mustn't. as this intimate evidence finds its way to international courts the central african republic is plunged into further. and intricate ten of the people and a nation crippled by the recent history tyee africa part two of the two five at this time on al-jazeera.
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the sky should be no borders up here. only horizons. as an airline we don't believe in boundaries we believe in bringing people together the world's better that way. it is a right for all of us to go where we need to go to feel the things we want to fail . to see the people we want to see. that's why we'll continue to fly the skies providing you with everything we can one and treating everyone how they deserve to be treated we do this because we know that travel goes beyond borders and prejudice . the travel teaches compassion the travel is a necessity. the travel is
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a right. remember that this world is full of us to explore. and it's a strange thing for us to be a part. cats are always going places together. from the neon lights of asia. to the city never sleeps. hello and welcome back we'll look at the weather across the americas now plenty of showers across the amazon basin and further south as well so we've got some heavy rain still to contend with at the moment across the southeast and into parts of paraguay further south you require much of argentina dry and fine fine conditions across chile but we've got some heavy showers affecting bolivia's not as bad as it has been in recent days and the showers across much of pru are dying out as well so heading on into friday not a great deal of change across this area sunshine looking pretty warm that thirty six point is very sunshine and thirty one and just to challenge the odd shower in
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rio de janiero so you head up into the caribbean the on is generally looking fine but in fact this cloud cluster working its way up through the isthmus over the last twenty four hours or so so the audience again gerri looking dry and fine showers few and far between but the risk of some heavy more persistent rain coming up from the well up from the southeast really and working its way up through towards the yucatan peninsula as we head on through into friday so you could see some heavy rain developing across this region across southern parts of mexico mexico city expect to stay largely dry move up into north america much of the west is on this area of high pressure is going to stay dry here and it's going to stay windy. there with sponsored by cats. this is al jazeera.


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