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retaliation we're going to go. back she funny kind of. something that has to prevent the media getting any way this can. be achieved something that never happened before. witness documentaries that open your eyes at this time. when al-jazeera has eyes and ears on the ground in southern africa identifying the crucially important stories for the audience that's incredibly drug. testers face off with israeli troops in occupied palestine as anger builds over the
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u.s. decision to recognize jerusalem as israel's top buttle. went on this is al jazeera live from london also coming up two years after russia entered the war in syria moscow declares its military operation has driven eisel from all over its territory. turkey's president becomes the first head of state to visit greece and decades but historic disputes still a lot. of wildfires in california force hundreds of thousands of people to flee their homes. more than one hundred palestinians have been injured in violent protests across the occupied territories after u.s. president formally recognized jerusalem as israel's capital on wednesday.
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demonstrators in several palestinian territories have clashed with israeli troops in ramallah in the occupied west bank samson's heeded the call from palestinian leaders to mobilize for three days of rage but abdel made has more now from ramallah. anger disappointment and a sense of betrayal. among palestinians now still they remain defiant saying that regardless they do consider jerusalem the capital of a future palestinian state now this march is a show a few new usually you would see the many flags of the palestinian factions this time only the palestinian flag is raised. or jerusalem that's the only thing we can do this jump declinations a slap for us here to wake up and realize the peace process was just an illusion it's the biggest insult to arabs even before palestinians saudi kuwait emirates jordan all of them then to us here in palestine we defend it but we can't do
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without support but if those peaceful protests there were also clashes across the. bank usually a fiction point that's when palestinian youth come face to face with the israeli army now the military had announced that it has deployed several extra battalion to the occupied west bank because it was preparing for the mentality of unrest now friday is another day of rage and more of this kind of violence scenes are expected a general strike is also in place closing shops businesses and schools are false reports from occupied east jerusalem. by. the day after the u.s. president recognized jerusalem as israel's capital palestinian residents of its occupied eastern half protested outside the old city's damascus gate the unfurling of the palestinian flag prompted the first of several interventions by israeli
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security forces it's less than five months since people here took to the streets in the tens of thousands to protest against the placing of israeli metal detectors at the entrances to the al aqsa mosque compound one activist says these protests could swell around friday prayers. we jerusalem residents we will stand up against his decision every way we can exactly as we stood up against the closure of today there's a general strike and protests tomorrow be the big way. a short distance from the mosque escape inside the old city it's clear that most of the businesses here are observing a general strike that's been called in protest of donald trump's decision it's a pretty big sacrifice for them it's a sign of how deeply this is being felt bakeries are among the businesses exempt from the strike i had bush who was born here and what palestinians views their capital he says trump has jeopardized its future status can homework and. drusilla as a sacred place for three religions he can't just give them something that is just for
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them there was islam judaism and christianity all here this is a city of peace. donald trump did speak of the need to preserve the rights of all three faiths in this holy city emphasizing that he wasn't taking a position on any final status issues including contested borders but his decision to recognize what he called the reality of its status as israel's capital is also emphasized another reality for palestinians life and occupation with the peace process stalled for two decades and now thrown into ever greater jeopardy ari force at al-jazeera occupied east jerusalem the white house says it's not aware of any other country that plan to follow president. recognizing them as israel's capital spoken to the deputy assistant to the u.s. president to find out. one day after donald trump's announcement that the united states would be recognizing jerusalem as the capital of israel al jazeera spoke
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exclusively to raj shah deputy assistant to president trump and we asked him whether or not the status of jerusalem could still be a part of any american sponsored peace process borders sovereignty these are the types of issues that would be part of final status negotiations were all the parties are going to have a role and have to negotiate a final settlement so that's that the decision yesterday has nothing to do with that and we're going to allow the parties to work out the details so was the language very specific that in terms of the selection of the president using the phrasing that he did of course it was again this is this is about a recognition of reality and not about you know putting our finger on the scale in the peace process we are an honest broker and we want the first word of being an honest broker is being honest and recognizing reality that israel's capital is risky. now we challenged rush on whether or not the president's announcement in the
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view of the top administration and here is with international law and un resolutions when it comes to the status of jerusalem shaw answered that in fact what is top priority to the trumpet ministration is not international law but instead american law and the fact that the u.s. congress has reaffirmed the jerusalem embassy act multiple times since it was created in the mid one nine hundred ninety s. . a. syrian government delegation will return to geneva on sunday to resume talks aimed at ending the conflict after walking out last week the eighth round of un backed talks have been on hold while the syrian opposition waits for government negotiates is to return the delegation left the talks blaming the opposition demands the president bashar al assad should play no role in any into impost war government meanwhile russia's military says iceland's been completely defeated in syria he
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says there are no remaining districts still under eisel control but the syrian observatory for human rights which monitors the conflict says eisel still holds about eighty percent of their as or province russia began its bombing raids on september twenty fifth and support of syrian president bashar al assad's would be good for sis it's in a harder has more now from beirut. the russian military saying that the military operations against iceland syria have now been completed acknowledging that there are pockets of resistance but overall their mission has been completed now the statement wasn't clear whether the military operations will seize in the whole of syria or just in areas where i still used to operate because the russian military has engaged in military activity in other areas helping the syrian government fight the opposition groups but what is clear in that statement this is what russia wants to happen next and that is to start the political process it mentions the need for this political process to start and russia really has been launching
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a diplomatic campaign its own initiative really very separate from the u.n. sponsored geneva talks it wants to hold what is known as the syrian people's congress but it seems that it still doesn't have the backing of all powers because that congress was supposed to be held in the vendor and now it has been postponed till early next year it doesn't just have doesn't have the support of the of players that oppose it really in syria but even within its own camp its own allies it's still not clear whether the syrian government and the iranian government is on board to actually make the necessary concessions because what is clear is that this has been a very costly war for russia it is looking for an end game it's looking for an exit plan it wants to translate its military successes into a diplomatic victory so it wants to push this forward but still little progress has been made turkey's president is on a historic tuesday visit to greece the first by sarkozy head of state for sixty five years tension between the two countries over territorial disputes in the
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achaean has reached a new high but there are also broader issues at stake most importantly to deal with the need to prevent large numbers of refugees from reaching up through grace jones reckless reports. honoring the greek war dead turkish president. embarks on a historic visit that got off to a difficult start in an interview broadcast the night before his visit everyone spoke of revising the laws and treaty which set the border between greece and turkey and nine hundred twenty three official statements from the two sides reflected territorial tensions particularly over two failed negotiations to reunify cyprus divided since one thousand nine hundred seventy four turkish invasion. in davos the greek cypriots promised us that we would reach a solution to the cyprus issue and that did not happen recently we had another meeting in switzerland again over cyprus and who walked away there again it was the
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greek cypriots. i'm forty three years old and this issue has been ongoing for forty three years there's always a discussion about who's to blame we mustn't forget that this issue remained open because three years ago it was an illegal invasion and occupation of the northern section of cyprus. greece invited partly because it's concerned over three thousand airspace violations by turkish fighter aircraft over the aegean sea this year marking a five year peak and greece says territorial water violations number sixteen hundred this year a ten year high that's an uncomfortable parallel with the recent quadrupling of refugee arrivals across the water from turkey causing camps on greek islands to overflow but greece's refusal to extradite eight military officers seeking asylum here is a major personal irritant for turkey accuses them of involvement in last year's
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failed coup two of the officers are thought to have been the ones intended assassins but that coup has also offered greece and turkey a chance to develop a special relationship. ever since the coup turkey is looking for allies in the region because of the unfriendly stance as western countries they did not immediately condemn the caterer's but waited until it had resolved itself grace was the only country the a mediately condemn the killing and thus gained the trust of the president and. turkey has been increasingly isolated from the west since july twenty sixth in greece's invitation it's only the second official invitation from a european union member in the last eighteen months so greece is currently in the position of mediator that is a natural role for greece since the issues europe cares about stemming the flow of refugees maintaining peace and reuniting cyprus are doubly important for greece.
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athens. still ahead on the show and economic plan to world foreign investors zimbabwe unveiled its first budget since the end of mugabe's thirty seven year long . yes senator al franken answers his resignation over allegations of sexual misconduct takes a parting shot at the president. hello summer in melbourne it's a bit of a tricky affairs and it's better get colder again and you might see why that is very typically cold around you see a line like that going through adelaide to get hit first by adelaide back in the sunshine and ninety degrees and about eighteen in melbourne so it's considerably warmer the further north you are thirty three in brisbane near forty in some parts of south australia twenty eight settled in purpose quite weather here but the cloud starts to build come saturday at the same time we find
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a slow increase in temperatures natalie melbourne masses a cloud over tasmania and interestedly is trying to get towards new zealand but for the time being as you can get not here from the satellite pictures nothing really happening is that a good few days are settled some twenty four to twenty nine degrees north to south how surprising is that there will be an increasing cloud i think inside us all and about how to get to saturday it could well be that it's cloudy rather than sunny but it's still twenty eight degrees in christchurch a big surprise winter's been talking to japan recently real cold feeling days but you'd expect that wouldn't you nine in tokyo intendant and died subzero in sapporo the weather looks typical those are the rain or snow depending on the heart of of ground followed eventually by sunshine. eagle hunters still roam mongolia's rugged mountains but how long can their culture
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survive the modern world one of those determined to save their connection to the magnificent eagle at this time when al jazeera. we understand the differences and the similarities of cultures across the world. so no matter where you call home al-jazeera will bring in the news and current affairs that matter to. al-jazeera. the mind of the top stories here on al-jazeera at least one hundred eight palestinians have been injured by animal tests across the occupied territories after u.s. president dong chung formally recognized jerusalem as israel's capital and what
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state. russia's military says isis been completely defeated in syria the british face activists says eisel still holds about eighty percent of their us or public. park as president is on a historic two day visit to greece the first by a turkish head of state the sixty five years old the streets are overshadowing the state but. now in california strong winds are forecast to stall wildfires that have already forced more than two hundred thousand people to move to safety the largest no blaze is the thomas far which is burned more than one thousand acres and destroyed hundreds of homes northwest of l.a. schools highways and film productions are been shut down and firefighters say just five percent of the blaze is concerned and busy correspondent jake gray sent us this update from ventura california. we're actually in a neighborhood as you hear one of the fire trucks passing behind us here that's been affected by the flames already i want to give you a look at that reduced to just rubble and i'm sure you can see cars completely
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gutted by the flames and the home is for all intents and purposes gone nothing to salvage here things are getting worse i hate to say but they are the winds starting to pick up again it's pushing the flames and it's threatening more neighborhoods threatening to do what it's already done here and so that's a big concern for a lot of people watching and wondering where these flames may go next symbolic ways first budget under the president amisom a lot. of parliament and the government has pledged to reengage with international lenders curb spending and attract investors the aim is to revive an economy battered by years of corruption in the us or president robert mugabe. reports from harare. zimbabwe's finance minister protection that says there's now a new economic order and that the government's policies will be more invest a friendly indigenous haitian law a controversial policy that favors splats and will be amended their proposed
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amendments. to the fifty one forty nine percent indigenous this in three short for only two minutes and then really don't want him to plug these in the so active sicked. it's the first budget since last month's removal of longtime leader robert mugabe the finance minister estimates an economic growth rate of four point five percent mixture you don't even have. you can just in the. you know you're not limited to the percentage prescription regarding the percentage participation which is good so we begin to create a free environment for. president was
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a new administration promises to tackle corruption cut government spending by closing a privatizing bank an increase developmental project one of the first at was to order three months amnesty for a return of stolen funds to the country the new leader says i'm open for business and wants to reengage with the international community some international community of course if they want guarantees that's about what is not a safe investment destination before they pour billions of dollars in restoring the country's fortunes and international standing will be a challenge some western countries impose sanctions the early two thousand and four . decades of economic isolation that accompany closures and job losses independent economists say the unemployment rate is more than ninety percent there is a shortage of foreign currency some people making ends meet selling and buying second hand clothes on the street zimbabwe's first test will be in next year's
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elections if the polls are seen to be free fair and credible that could show signs of stability and encourage investors to release funds. al-jazeera. russian foreign minister sergei lavrov says north korean leader kim jong un wants direct talks with the united states to seek guarantees for his security that rove said he had passed on pyongyang's desire for direct talks to us secretary of state rex tillerson and the two men met on the sidelines of a conference in vienna on thursday well stored and sent us this update from the state department. the state department spokesperson heather nauert wasn't able to confirm whether this offer of direct talks from north korea with the united states actually came up during the meeting between the u.s. secretary of state rex tillerson and the russian foreign minister sergey lavrov that said no or told reporters on thursday that basically direct talks between washington and pyongyang or between pyongyang and anyone else right now is
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essentially a nonstarter and that's because she argues that north korea has not been serious about trying to stop its nuclear weapons program she said if anything the repeated testing of nuclear warheads as well as the test firing of ballistic missiles shows that north korea is more committed to be developing a robust military program centered around nuclear weapons rather than dismantling it she said until there is a real change of behavior on north korea's part the u.s. and its allies are basically going to continue looking for ways of punishing north korea for its behavior that said the secretary of state recently said that even though there seems to be some concern that perhaps the only way of stopping north korea is with military action rex tillerson view is still that diplomacy is really the only way to resolve this crisis catherine france have signed
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a memorandum of understanding to combat terrorism two countries also sign commercial contracts worth more than fourteen billion dollars deals were announced as french president. visits in doha where he met the emir shake time and been home at a funny angle of markel chances of keeping her job as german chancellor are significantly improved after her boss his former partners the social democrats agreed to begin talks over continuing their coalition and it changed his previous stance a democrat leader martin shuls six. really used his opening speech at the posse conference to persuade his members to vote for a coalition dialogue that could spell the end of germany's political deadlock ten weeks after the inconclusive election results in the calendar as more. well martin staked his political future on this vote and he has survived his party agreeing that he can now start coalition talks with c.d.u. after it struggled to form a government but this is far from a done deal talks
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a likely to stretch into the new year and several things that this party wants such as reunifications of families of refugees and known to be red lines within certain parts of angela merkel's party so this isn't over yet germany is one step closer to a stable government a grand coalition is widely seen as good for stability in germany good for stability in europe however the complication is it leaves the far right and the refugee party. of the main opposition party in terms of numbers in the parliament in the us a democratic senator is resigned following allegations of sexual harassment a majority of democratic senate has asked al franken to step down his resignation comes amid a nationwide debate about sexual harassment in the workplace reports. after most of his democratic colleagues in the u.s. senate withdrew their support following the allegations of yet another woman about
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his sexual misconduct. it seemed inevitable that senator al franken of minnesota would have to resign immediately in the coming weeks i will be resigning as a member of the united states senate franken is a form a comedian who became an articulate liberal critic of political corruption and cronyism in the senate a popular member of the party who argued against social inequality and discrimination and if is enough but some senate has made it clear this wasn't about one man their stand was about congress itself where sexual harassment is reportedly widespread but members of congress are able to use taxpayer money to pay off survivors who often find their careers ruined as elected leader should absolutely be held to a higher standard not a lower standard as heartening as the stand maybe some detected political strategy at play as well i think they're afraid i'm going to take alabama but it was roy moore who's been accused of child molestation is fighting
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a close contest in alabama for the senate seat yet he has the support of the president himself accused of sexual assault and the republican party i think is going to do very well something franken referenced i have all people am aware that there is some irony in the fact that i am leaving while a man who has bragged on tape about his history of sexual assault sits in the oval office. and a man who has repeatedly preyed on young girls campaigns for the senate well that with the full support of his party it was clear franken gave the republicans cover to support roy moore in addition if moore is elected to the senate having franken in the same chamber would blunt the political impact of the democrats going through the motions of having more expelled plus the democrats will retain franken senate seat if he goes now there is no political risk there escapism as to whether the
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political culture has really changed in washington after all democrats still treat bill clinton with a reverence and choose to ignore and sometimes demographic the multiple allegations of sexual harassment he faces and in the end despite talk of a turning point well we've seen in the last few months is a succession of a few successful wealthy men forced to retreat into the shadows for the moment there's no evidence this is made it any easier to seek accountability from men for sexual misconduct she had written see out of washington and arrest warrants been issued for christina curse now the former president of argentina relating to a one thousand nine hundred four bombing in one his iris a judge is accused of covering up the alleged involvement of iran and the bombing of the jewish center twenty three years ago a sixty five people died in that attack.
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on saturday the international campaign to abolish nuclear weapons will be awarded the nobel peace prize in the lead up to the ceremony we've been looking at countries with nuclear capabilities and with a fortnight from iran where one entity is still bound is a way that the international power like about iran building nuclear weapons was based on a myth same bus ravi reports from tehran. but iranians here say they've paid a high price for their country's nuclear ambitions. years of sanctions have led to international isolation and an economic toll that is difficult to quantify but the cost can be measured in at least four lives nuclear scientists killed in targeted attacks between two thousand and ten and two thousand and twelve the government blames regional rival israel which is never confirmed or denied the allegations iran has reviewed the dead scientists as heroes honoring them with burials in a centuries old shrine next to a descendant of the prophet muhammad. their widows and families are treated as
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national treasures and at this ceremony to remember men and women killed in the line of duty the head of the revolutionary guard himself thanks them for their sacrifice. the first scientist was killed here outside his own home and as we go in the home of the was a professor at the her own university and was on his way to teach a class as he left his home a motorcycle bomb parked outside was remotely detonated killing him instantly. that day he said good bye three times. must mean knows the price iran is paid better than most. muscle so i started calling the suit my suit my suit he didn't respond i saw that part of his head was blown away i realized it was guns i put his head down and started screaming and crying and asking the neighbors for help. her home still bears the
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scars from the bomb blast that took her husband's life. she's done her best to preserve his memory. even kept his briefcase the same way it was on the day he died more than seven years ago. iran's supreme leader banned the production of nuclear weapons in the mid one nine hundred ninety s. the iranians say the issue was inflamed by the united states israel and other countries as an excuse to isolate them in the global marketplace. iranian m.p. now. a spokesman for the parliamentary commission on national security and foreign policy he says the idea of an islamic nuclear bomb made in iran is a myth in at home. deliberately with this accusation was a lie that america put it in the mouth of the international community i'm telling you not before not now not in the future nuclear weapons have absolutely no place in iran's strategy first of all it's the fatwa of the supreme leader it's a religious edict we have to abide by it parliament government no one can defy it
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we are obliged by this fatwa. but whenever there's a new argument between iran and its rivals the government here likes to remind the world they could be producing highly enriched uranium again in less than a week while more work would need to be done to build a bomb for iran's enemies it seems it's still too close for comfort zain bus ravi al-jazeera. and you can watch an exclusive interview with this year's nobel peace prize laureate beatrice fen from i can and should be speaking to us right here on al-jazeera that's on sunday the tenth of december at sixteen hundred hours g.m.t. so of course as always twenty four seven you can move to our web site al jazeera dot com we've got plenty of video on demand and analysis right there say they're seeing.
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i know there are julie mcdonald in london with a repeat of the top stories here on al-jazeera at least one hundred eight palestinians have been injured in violent protests across the occupied territories after u.s. president donald trump formally recognized jerusalem as israel's capital on wednesday. demonstrators in several palestinian territories of clash with israeli troops a general strike is also in place schools and businesses and schools in ramallah in the occupied west bank thousands who did the call for palestinian leaders to mobilize for three days of rage. we should call for and we should work on launching an interrupt thought that in the face of the zionist enemy today there will be half solution and narrow options let the palestinian people unleash to express their anger and their commitment to their eternal right in jerusalem and all of palestine turkey's president is on a historic two day visit to greece the first head the first by
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a turkish head of state for sixty five years but all disputes are overshadowing the state visit or egypt or do instead the one nine hundred twenty three treaty that settled turkey's borders after world war one was not being applied fairly but greek president pre-court this have a long list rejected any changes russia's military says eisel has been completely defeated in syria the syrian observatory for human rights which monitors the conflict says eisel still holds about eighty percent of a sort province. russian foreign minister sergei lavrov says north korean leader kim jong un wants direct talks with the u.s. to seek guarantees for his security pass on pyongyang says are for direct talks to us secretary of state which is to listen and they met on the sidelines of a conference in vienna on thursday russia's previously accused the u.s. of acting aggressively towards north korea. more than twelve thousand homes are under threat from huge wildfires in the u.s. state of california two hundred thousand people have been ordered to evacuate as
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the far as no end to the city of los angeles schools highways and so productions have shut down firefighters say just five percent of the blaze is contained with more hot dry winds still forecast those are your headlines you're up to date stay with your out one hundred one he says coming up next thanks as always for your company ahead of the september twenty fourth national election survey showed job and satisfied with the state of their economy this is easily a study his biggest tech success story the company was bought by microsoft in two thousand and eleven we bring you the stories that are shaping the economic world we live in counting the cost at this time on ounces iraq. and north east mongolia can begin. until you meet the people. of your wildly.


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