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it will be the opportunity there again over the first initial two months of twenty eighteen for all of us to strengthen our support and france intends to play a very active part. economically a new effort is necessary to support the spirit of responsibility that has been behind the decisions concerning lebanon over the past few weeks france has always shouldered its responsibility in contributing to reconstruction particularly immediately after the end of the civil war the effects of the syrian crisis are such that today the organization of a new support conference for lebanon is necessary it should be held within the first four months of twenty eighteen we are working actively with germany and. you're watching al-jazeera live from doha and paris you're looking at the manual
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macron the french president he's flanked by. the lebanese prime minister mr mike ross so far restating the framework for peace and the surrounding surrounding levanon as well he's saying that france will play a key part in that ongoing operation let's take it back to paris for you. and will join with the efforts made by the lebanese authorities the minister of foreign affairs and i are pleased to have you with us here in paris in the presence of the prime minister of lebanon for this meeting of the iris g. which france is only to co-chair with the u.n. whose presence a great go to today and maybe welcome i mean mohammed. i also wish to acknowledge the ministers and representatives of the many countries and organizations who are here with us today mobilization is a sign that the international community is determined to join forces in support of
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a country which we know to be fragile. fragile but essential. living on is not just a friend of france however important that friendship may be it is a country in which much is at stake the balance of the region but also a model and a model of through it isn't it the possibility for all to respect minorities and the many religions present in the region and if we say in. the strongest terms that none of the problems the region is facing will be solved by might is right or. unilaterally. the region could only return to balance if it can uphold the poor does and that is the sign of its history lebanon is
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a model and it must remain so if the decisions made by the president. as we hope they keep which will allow living on to carry on playing this role for itself and for the region and that is why we are here today with you the international community will be there when the time comes because you have been on this bears a universal message of peace and tolerance it is a symbol it is a brother country and a strategic one that we are defending thank you for your attention. i. was. that you know that you are a dog and it's. made them famous yeah we need a president for it and that's what this would you know or to be born with it i mean
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this year. we're going to. show that medieval. thank. the french republic. for holding this very important thing. of support internationally. as well all those here present. to the president showing his continued support and support for the stability of our lebanon. and i would like to express personal also here lebanon has just been through a crisis. which has really jeopardized its political and economic stability as well it's a curious. and only came out of this crisis thanks to its friends many of whom are
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present here and also to the determination of its people and its representatives. who were determined not to succumb to the crisis this crisis has been an opportunity to validate the solidarity of everybody and the support of the international community go for a so ability and so pretty and it is also underlined the determination of all lebanese to defend their country from the enemies without much in fact all the lebanese. political entities have just reaffirmed. determination to. support. to support the effort to make sure the country is together and it is on this basis that i reversed my decision to resign and now the government has to
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get to. making the best. possible relations with neighboring arab countries and the. international committee as a whole under the aegis of the resolutions of the security council of the un particularly a year seventeen zero eight which reem reaffirms the stability of certain borders and has been doing so for the last eleven years my government must also. take up again its stability and security program for the country as a whole and also respond to the essential needs of our citizens. confronting the challenges of the displaced persons from syria who are located in lebanon at the moment we must also continue with the reforms which have been
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embark upon the legislative. reforms which will be voted on in may twenty eight hundred. eleven has seen a number of crises destabilizing the region and it has maintained as by a miracle dialogue and commitment the sacrifices of the lebanese army and this curative forces have allowed us to contain the terrorist threat threat not far from our borders the ability to dialogue and to make compromises. means that we can respect the constitution and the agreements the determination of all. the lebanese is to safeguard our democracy and how quick systems in a region which is prey to exclusion and extremism in this sense lebanon
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is a real model for the entire. region and for the world i venture to say i commit personally to pursue my efforts to reinforce the institutions of state and also the economic and legislative reforms. and also consolidate the state of the rule of law and the fight against corruption the lebanese bank and the lebanese banking sector as a whole continue to. comply fully with international rules and regulations and the basic banking practices this is very important because the stability of the banking sector is a. potent condition for the stability of the
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country and the economy as a whole. the policy of neutrality. of differentiation is. upheld by my government and by all political fractions and this will allow us to maintain. national stability in terms of the arab consensus. but lebanon must also look at the. social and economic. challenges which are being caused very much by the syrian crisis. and. we hope very much that the world will understand our challenge with one point six million syrian refugees on our territory we are conscious however of the fact that
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this crisis. will lead to the. guarantee for all these refugees to go back to a peaceful country but. we have to commit to a rehabilitation program of infrastructure and also make sure that our economy gets on its feet again this plan can only be carried out with your support and the support not only of france but of all the friends of lebanon we hope very much that this support will be confirmed by the series of. investment conferences which have been visited and also. conferences which will look at the. security forces and the refugee issue. so that we have
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a very clear idea of. me emmanuel my from the french president how he see the future relationship with lover. the lebanese government and indeed lebanese politicians move forward saying it's a meeting of support we've got lebanon through its recent crisis this crisis means we can validate our friendship let's talk to natasha. you're a paris correspondent he was also saying we have a policy of neutrality up held by government and it's factions was that a direct reference to hezbollah. what the french president who actually opened this this conference said that really its main aim was to try and support and stabilize lebanon because of course when saad hariri resigned unexpectedly last november it really sent lebanon into a political turmoil and it really exposed the fact that the tensions there between those two regional powers saudi arabia and iran were at play in lebanon are playing
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lebanon in a destabilizing manner so this was all about saying that we can't have lebanon destabilized in this way because in that sense it is going to destabilize the whole region and that is good for nobody that's why we saw saad hariri his side by side with the french president and the representatives from the u.n. the world bank you'll also be talking to foreign ministers from several countries and the u.s. secretary of state rex tillerson and the message here is that lebanon needs to be stronger it needs to stand alone and that is so different he must be respected by all parties also both men referring to u.n. resolution one seven zero one what was that august august the twelfth august thirteenth two thousand and six because they kind of refreshing what's gone before highlighting that for the region for the rest of the world but also i mean basically saying that mr hariri seems to be refreshed and reinvigorated as well in part i guess because of this obviously very warm relationship between the two men.
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well there's no down to that saad hariri is benefiting from this relationship it was the french president emmanuel mack or his intervention in the crisis largely last month which led to saad hariri eventually leaving riyadh and coming to paris and then being able to go back to beirut where he's now withdrawn his resignation and what we have here is with this meeting is really all these different parties coming together and trying to find ways in order to try and stabilize lebanon because everyone knows unless that happens it will continue to be vulnerable so what what where expecting the ministers that are here today the representatives from the u.n. and world bank to talk about is really how to go ahead and do that and we're talking about trying to bolster lebanon's institutions that was something that emanuel markhor spoke about earlier and also stabilizing the economy which is faltering and putting more money into the army in fact france has
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a ready pledged one hundred million u.s. dollars for the lebanese army over the next three years the chances next very much . the other big story today for you a deal has been reached between the u.k. and the e.u. allowing brooks of negotiations to move on to the next stage the talks have stalled over citizens' rights after the brics it u.k. so called divorce payments on the future of the border between northern ireland and the irish republic the e.u. had insisted discussions could not move ahead until plans for the border were finalised after some tough conversations we've now agreed a settlement that is fair to the british taxpayer it means that in future we will be able to invest more in our priorities at home such as housing schools and the n.h.s. in northern ireland we will guarantee there will be no hard border and we will uphold the belfast agreement and in doing so we will continue to pursue the
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constitutional and economic integrity of the united kingdom well they are see should the prime minister leave iraq or welcome the deal. there be no physical infrastructure or relationships or controls three options have been set to how this can be achieved our preferred option is of course a deep and comprehensive agreement between the e.u. and the u.k. it's entirety which will allow us to trade as we do now however that might not be possible so there is a backstop arrangement in place in which northern ireland and perhaps all of the united kingdom will maintain full alignment with the rules of the internal markets and customs union which are relevant to the avoidance of a border northside cooperation and they all lie that the economy well the chief negotiator has just told reporters the withdrawal deal must be agreed to by october twenty. decrement could be the basis for their wish they will
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agreement. let me be clear. there is still work to be done. a negotiation on a number of issues such as the governance of our agreement or for instance. there are more. correspondent in london this did they really feel they were running out the road on this one. well the key voices within reason made cabinets those hard line breaks it is now very much saying you know honestly the. those who doubted that there would ever be progress have now been proven wrong the likes of michael gove and others this is being hailed as a a huge successful moment for theresa may a major victory for the conservative party and of course those close to the prime
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minister but of course it has been an incredibly challenging and difficult road to this point very very little progress has been made and that's probably led to all of the chorus of voices who believe that possibly a deal was not going to be reached by the time of the e.u. summit on december the fourteenth which is when this deal that has been now recommended by negotiators needs to be ratified the key sticking points have now largely been ironed out but i think it's fair to say this is something of a pyrrhic victory. first of all when it came to the brics it bill some breaks it is didn't want to have to pay anything at all it's now clear that between fifty to seventy billion dollars is what the u.k. will have to pay to leave the e.u. when it comes to e.u. citizens rights as many break city is didn't want to have the european court of justice have any influence at all over british courts but they will continue to do so and there is still
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a degree of ambiguity over the border between northern ireland or the republic of ireland even though we now know there will not be reached the return to a hard border but all of those ambiguities aside to day to resume a is a day of rejoicing at least even though there is much much much more work to be done as the irish prime minister said a short while ago this is only the end of the beginning so the dust in the eyes the crossing the t's need michel barnier is still on his feet in brussels telling us what's in his job as the e.u. used in a good. he thinks this will develop now but i mean david davis the ukase. politician responsible for bricks that i mean the something of a contradiction here because he's saying now just in the past hour on twitter a c this is good for british business but yet when he was questioned by a parliamentary committee what three days ago he was asked have you looked into what this will do to the u.k.'s aviation industry know what will it do to the
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u.k.'s car making industry knows so all those civil servants who are kind of drilling down into what breaks it actually means if they're not analyzing this if they're not providing the minister responsible david davis with the the right stats the right figures what are they doing. well i think we could assume that the likes of david davis and theresa may are going to be wanting to have their moment of success as has been a challenging and difficult road to this point but they know full well behind the scenes there is a tremendous amount of work to be done let me put this into perspective it took seventy years for canada to negotiate trade arrangements with the european union of course brought to tears or come out and said well no kind of has a different country britain already has a long standing relationship with the e.u. it's a case of unpicking existing trade regulations and trade deals with the e.u. and keeping hold of what suits the united kingdom but there are key issues for instance as you mentioned there the aviation industry also what's going to happen
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on the ground technically on a practical level when it comes to good spurring back and forth between northern ireland still of course is a part of the united kingdom and the republican led a key member of the european union there needs to be a degree of regulation it's been described as regulator realignment so although the d.p. in northern ireland are happy with the wording of this agreement that northern ireland will remain aligned to the u.k. to what extent will it still remain under the e.u. jurisdiction over certain issues to do with trade all of these are expected to become clearer in the coming months but there's not an awful lot of time definitely not six years and three michel barnier wants to have a document on the table by october of next year will that happen that's the next deadline and the pressure is very much on already nieve thanks very much ok let's
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get a live update for you on another of our big stories so far today global reaction to donald trump's announcement couple days ago that they are going to move the embassy and recognized as the capital of israel bernard smith as our correspondent in gaza city bernard so a day of rage when are we expecting it to kick off. i think across all the palestinian territories the occupied west bank and here in gaza people are expected to protest after friday prayers early this afternoon local time since yesterday since tantrums announcement really of recognizing jerusalem as the capital of israel there have been calls from the from the mosques for people to come out and protest hamas one of the major political parties here in the gaza strip called for a third intifada a third uprising so while the were fairly small scale protests and confrontations yesterday particularly in the west bank and to
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a lesser extent here in gaza is expected that because fridays the day off fridays the day of prayer in the arab world that is expected the majority of those protests will be today here in gaza we're expecting protests across the gaza strip and we're also expecting perhaps some people to approach israeli security services forces near the border fence between gaza and the rest of israel obviously palestinians here are not able to go to jerusalem israel doesn't allow anybody to leave palestinians to leave gaza so the protests will be contained here in gaza to this point to the gaza strip and is there a sense where you are bernard that despite international law despite the un resolutions that go back decades the trumpet ministration does not get the status of jerusalem and therefore the status of the palestinian territories. i think there's enormous frustration and sadness particularly sadness amongst palestinians
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over how this has gone for them in the last twenty five years since the start of the oslo talks people feel that they've been let down people feel they haven't gotten anywhere in terms of the policy is getting anywhere closer to the idea of an effective functioning state so there's enormous frustration yes whatever the nuances might have introduced into his speech this gesture in that he wasn't saying where the borders of jerusalem would be for example that is really doesn't matter that just the mere fact of recognizing through some of the capital of israel is enough to make people think well where do we go from here the peace talks failed us the palestinian authority also coming under criticism and enormous under enormous pressure it was created out of the oslo talks the leadership of the palestinian authority under pressure because it hasn't got them anywhere so sadness and frustration a lot of frustration amongst palestinians that they haven't gotten anywhere so far into things bennett. well as bernard was saying there are doubts over that planned
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visit to palestine later this month by the u.s. vice president mike pence now that's after a senior member of the ruling fatah party said he wasn't welcome any longer pence has been expected to meet the palestinian leader mahmoud abbas during the trip the white house is canceling the meeting would be counterproductive. decision has prompted protests across the arab and the muslim world too there have been demonstrations in the in the sea and capital jakarta the president your call would order and search the u.s. to reconsider its decision on jerusalem security has been tightened outside the u.s. embassy where demonstrators gathered on friday. earlier crowds of protesters marched towards the u.s. embassy in the malaysian capital kuala lumpur the prime minister najib razak said he's opposed to the trump decision he called on all muslims to protest against the move. the russian foreign minister sergey lavrov says north korea wants direct talks with the united states mr lavrov passed on the message to the u.s.
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secretary of state rex tillerson in vienna on thursday that follows the north's latest launch of a missile which assessed can hit anywhere in the u.s. and threats of nuclear retaliation from donald trump the u.s. and south korea wrapping up a week of military exercises despite warnings from pyongyang. that is something that foreign minister lavrov said took place as a part of a conversation i don't have anything on that particular part of the conversation and i cannot confirm if that came up in the secretary's conversation with mr lavrov i will say though as a general matter the issue of direct talks with north korea is not on the table in till they're willing to denuclearize it is something that russia has said it agrees with it is something that china has that it is agrees with and many other nations around the world as well the d.p. r. k. is not showing any interest in sitting down and having any kind of serious conversations when they continue to fire off ballistic missiles period because
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there is a school of thought across the region that the best way to defuse this crisis is to engage with north korea has felt no more strongly than in the south korean capital seoul correspondent kelly nowak is there. this apparent message from north korea relayed through the russian foreign minister to the united states follows two high level visits to north korea the first by a chinese and boy and the second just this week by the u.n. political affairs chief that was the first visit to north korea of a senior u.n. official in six years now as far as south korea is concerned the government here says it wants to maintain sanctions and pressure against north korea to bring the government to the negotiating table south korea says the offer for intercourse talks remains open but that north korea has not been responding to that invitation one south korean government minister has suggested that could be because north korea only wants to speak directly to the united states but we heard from the u.s.
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state department spokeswoman that the u.s. believes that north korea is showing no signs of being willing to sit down and have a serious conversation as long as it continues to fire off a list of missiles before the most recent launch of an i.c.b.m. it had been more than two months since north korea had tested a missile. or nuclear bomb now in the wake of this latest launch it seems the timing is tricky and the united states is refusing to have any talks directly with north korea. a former president of argentina who's being accused of treason and she's the victim of political persecution christina has been indicted accused of covering up alleged iranian volkmann in a bomb attack on a jewish center when eighty five people were killed in the bombing twenty three years ago as ira's from their histories a book. thousands gathered in front of the presidential palace to protest against what they claim is political persecution a federal judge issued deen died men for
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treason against former argentinean preston cristina fernandez and called for her arrest. said the current administration. is trying to stop dissent in the movie that they get out there no mas. these measures for their degrade the argentine justice branch and indicate that the government and the president is the top and true person who is responsible for a political and judicial organisation to persecute the a position four years ago argentina signed a memorandum with the iranian government that would allow arjun tunnel forwards to interrogate iranian officials suspected of being part of a terrorist attack against a jewish community center in one thousand nine hundred ninety four that killed eighty five people. but prosecutor i read it the only one who was investigating the attack named the administration's real motive was to do business with data and in january two thousand and fifteen
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a nice man was found dead in his home shot in the head a day before he was scheduled to testify before congress against the former president and what he believed was her commitment to leave the entire pool red alerts against iranian officials. congressman while the world says that what is happening now is the result of years of impunity if the memorandum is a disaster because it has been proved that it was written in secrecy nobody in the foreign ministry participated in the draft we have almost five hundred pages that say that an illicit was committed the only ways to investigated investigate these days you persecute and if you don't there isn't punitive argentina as a society will have to find the middle point between the search for the truth through justice. kirschner and some members of her administration have been the focus of several high profile cases with arrests and demands seen center right.
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defeated her candidate than yours surely even though christina kirshner left office two years ago she continues to be a very popular figure in argentina in fact she was elected senator and tolbert legislative elections with grounds for of the community people here are saying that if we stay the pressure is arrested they will take to the streets until she is released wasn't enos legislator has entered a period of judicial recess until march but can be convened for urgent matters cation a detention would certainly excessive aid that deep divisions that already exist in argentina even more. saudi arabia's crown prince was reportedly behind last month's record breaking purchase of a leonardo da vinci the portrait of jesus christ stretched four hundred fifty million dollars the most ever paid for one single work of art at auction many have questioned the timing saudi arabia deals with new economic challenges.
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recapping it had learned so far today a deal's been reached between the u.k. and the e.u. allowing brics that talks to move on to the next stage discussions had stalled over citizens' rights off the brics that the u.k. so called a divorce payment and the border between northern ireland and the republic to ease chief negotiators told reporters the withdrawal deal must be agreed by october of twenty eighteen. decrement could be the basis for their wish door agreement. did me be clear. there is still work to be done. and negotiation on a number of issues such as the governance of our agreement or for instance. there are more d'oeuvres to take palestinians are calling for
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a day of rage as anger mounts of the u.s. president donald trump's recognition of jerusalem as the capital of israel dozens of protesters were injured in a wave of demonstrations on thursday israeli soldiers fired tear gas and rubber bullets in the occupied west bank shops and schools were closed as part of a general strike across the region. the u.s. decision has prompted protests across the arab and muslim world the latest in the indians in capital jakarta where president your call would go to the u.s. to reconsider. the french president emanuel macrumors called on arab nations not to interfere in other countries affairs he's hosting a meeting on lebanon in paris the lebanese prime minister. is there he withdrew his resignation on tuesday a month after his surprise announcement in the saudi capital riyadh the russian foreign minister sergei lavrov says north korea's leader kim jong un wants direct talks with the white house to discuss security guarantees from the u.s.
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missile said he passed on pyongyang's desire for direct talks to the u.s. secretary of state when they met on the sidelines of a conference on thursday southern california is battling for wildfires around los angeles the fires have destroyed five hundred sixty square kilometers of land more news on the web site on to zero dot com adrian's here with the news hour in thirty minutes i'm back after that see you soon up next one on one east up ahead of the september twenty fourth national election survey showed germans a satisfied with the state of their economy this is easily estonia's biggest tech success story the company was bought by microsoft in two thousand and eleven we bring you the stories that are shaping the economic world we live in counting the cost at this time on al-jazeera. in the depths of winter the northeast among goal you can be in hospital until you meet the people. here while.


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