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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  December 8, 2017 4:00pm-5:01pm +03

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of cuba and it will sink further south was as we go through saturday so expect to see more flooding rains coming across a good part of cuba but also back into jamaica which had a pretty rough time of it during the wet season further east is generally fine and dry has been yola the lesser antilles do look nice and settled meanwhile we got some rather wet weather also making its way across the eastern side of the united states with some heavy downpours pushing east. the weather sponsored by cattle and peace. this is al jazeera.
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hello i'm adrian finnegan this is the news out live from doha coming up in the next sixty minutes. a day of rage around the world after donald trump's decision to recognize jerusalem as israel's capital in. the u.k. and the european union reach a deal allowing briggs's talks to proceed to the next stage. to breathe the smoke the latest warning in southern california where some wildfires could burn for another two weeks. hummus our top story in sport today christiane arnaldo given the award as the world's best footballer for fifth time. palestinians are protesting in the occupied territories and what they're calling
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a day of rage other protests are taking place across the world. they're angry at u.s. president donald trump's recognition of jerusalem as israel's capital this was the scene in bethlehem where israeli soldiers fired tear gas and rubber bullets at the testers. in occupied east jerusalem israeli soldiers arrested several pounds palestinian protesters at least ninety five people were injured after inhaling tear gas fired by israeli forces. in ramallah in the occupied west bank palestinian protesters have been throwing stones and burning tires earlier hundreds of the march through the streets after friday prayers. and in gaza dozens of protesters were injured after confrontations with israeli security forces amass has called for an uprising al-jazeera has correspondents are in different parts of the palestinian territories hotter abdul
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hamid is in ramallah in the occupied west bank burnat smith is in gaza city but first let's speak with harry forces live in occupied east jerusalem harry earlier you were caught up in scuffles there on the the steps behind you tell us what happened and about the situation now. well it's a good deal quite a no there is a small scale protest you can probably hear carrying on behind maybe about an hour ago there was a sudden eruption of fairly major scuffling between the protesters and the security forces here it seemed to be triggered by medical attention being required by a very young child the security forces made a kind of a cordon in front of where palestinian medics were giving that attention there was shouting from the crowd above and fairly soon after that pretty much everyone had been on the steps protesting was involved in pretty close quarters scuffling with
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the security forces they were coming up the steps here making pretty forceful arrests pushing the media around us included so it does just show that even after a day of relatively peaceful protests here peaceful protests here outside damascus gate in the old city in occupied east jerusalem the tension is very high and it doesn't take much to trigger those sorts of overt relatively small scale clashes compared to what we've seen in the west bank and gaza but nonetheless it is a sign of the high emotion involved here all right harry for the moment many thanks indeed. let's go live now to. the occupied west bank in ramallah al jazeera as hoda abdel-hamid is that what's the situation now when we spoke to you an hour ago there was a lot of stone throwing going on a burning barricade. well it's still ongoing actually i'm going to step out of the camera so you just can see what's going on you see here the youth are gathering and gathering on this field
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that's where they pick up a lot of stones some of them are using the sling shots now you can see the israeli soldiers there behind that building just there in the background but they have been firing from a distance tear gas and rubber coated bullets you might hear these bumps going on right now now this has been going on for several hours now and is likely to keep on going on and you would have the same scene repeated over and over again crossed the occupied west bank in many cities have grown bethlehem in another part of ramallah . so far we know from health authorities that more than two hundred have been wounded either by rubber coated bullets or inhalation of tear gas you might want to cameraman pat there you see this now is a barrage of tear gas that has been fired by the israelis that's what happens every once in a while and that's when the way the israelis try to push the protesters as far as
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possible from them on the other side here on the hill you do see the rest of the israeli soldiers overlooking the situation at the moment they seem to be on standby we've been monitoring them throughout the morning but it's very easy for them to come down and some of them actually come down by foot and i just want to show you one last thing this house in the middle is a house where actually there are palestinians who are living there we spoke to the old man who lives there he stayed that he stays in that house regardless of what's happening around him and that house is sometimes used by the israeli soldiers war by the protesters but he's right there in the middle right heart of anything. but it smith is in. gaza city but when we were last talking to you an hour ago we saw ambulances taking away people who've been injured in whatever was happening there what's the situation now. on the eastern edge of gaza city near the front
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then offends the divides garza from israel the difference here is the palestinians are divided by that funds from israel the prospect for confrontation is less than it is perhaps in the occupied west bank occupied east jerusalem nevertheless palestinians have been down there for this afternoon mainly throwing rocks and confronting israeli security forces on the other side of the phones we've heard return gunfire cracks of gunfire coming from the israeli side some teargas has been sent over fifteen people injured in gaza there are five separate locations like this where people are protesting for people injured here and a few more there that there was a bit of gunfire just going off there people being ferried back by ambulance couple with two or three gunshot wounds and someone else hit by a tear gas canister so there is protesting continuing but not quite on the
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intensity perhaps you might see in the occupied west bank but still the same levels of frustration anger felt by palestinians here of course as there is over the. burn to really think such a serious bullet smith live in gaza will earn here today crowds of protesters marched towards the u.s. embassy in malaysia's capital kuala lumpur prime minister najib razak said that he is opposed to trump's decision he called on all muslims to protest against the move . we're going to break into our coverage of. the unrest. in the life of trance decision to take you live to paris where u.s. secretary of state rex tillerson is speaking at a press conference with his counterpart in france foreign minister eve let the pm. let's listen in to meet the republic the president of the republic so this will be very brief. these regular. meetings
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allow for a strong relationship. i'm afraid. pictures you saw there. from the from paris this is a different feed we're looking at here but we don't have the translation english translation on this feed at the moment so we're just waiting for our other fee to get back with the english translation so that. we can you can rejoin it. because you speak french is no problem at all but this being i was there english we prefer to have the english translation of what's going on i'm trying to say we've now caught our translation factus this name is the situation in north
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korea. the control of terrorism. and. common assessment of the situation in the middle east whether it be in iraq or syria and of course libya and of course we have points of disagreement to this well we said absolutely frankly. that we are against the recent decision of president trump about jerusalem about climate change. it is important that we say things calmly because on the other subjects we are determined to work together and press ahead. in the face of the challenges of the world and to try and find solutions to results and that's essentially what i want to say by way of introduction and i'm prepared to. reply to
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a couple of questions maybe even four but we do we are under certain constraints. and we will meet again before the end of the year. also i think it's important to reflect or visit as secretary of state certainly not my first visit we just had a lovely luncheon and i appreciated the opportunity to enjoy some fine french food while i was here as well. as the foreign minister indicated this meeting is a continuation of many many discussions he and i've had together and we will meet yet again before the end of the year. also i think it's important to reflect on the very warm relationship that exists between president trump and president mccrum they speak often and i think as the foreign minister described the relationship that the united states in francaise is one of and allies that is so strong so deep in steadfast over two centuries long now shared values that we are able to be very
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frank and open with one another and on almost all things we agree but on those that we don't we're very open to express those disagreements and i think both of us benefit from the richness of those discussions and i know president trump values very much present micros views on issues and that's why they speak often as well as the foreign minister indicated i will take a lot of time repeating what he said of so many issues we are very well alive and dealing with the threat of the nuclear weapons program in north korea we appreciate france's steadfast support we appreciate the strong support that we share in the more to defeat isis if you could taint terrorism wherever it shows itself certainly on our joint efforts in the sun held and we appreciate france's leadership in the hell to counterterrorism and to contain isis and showing its face in that part of the world as well i think again all many issues we agree on all those we don't we
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have very open discussions and we value the relationship but i want to stop there because i don't need to repeat the issues that the foreign minister address goes on we want to have time for your questions. i don't see fit that would be thinking i doubt if i could make this easy for bloomberg news would secretary of state just want to know what steps in we know you take to comply with the president's moving up with these really capitol hoodoos them when you move the embassy route you have to make a request to congress for the funding and finally would you be open stating were accepting the portages the money's not not remains falls under palestinian control well the president has directed in his statement that he made that he has asked state department to begin the process of making the move of the embassy to
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jerusalem this will take some time we have to acquire a site we have to develop building plans construction plans as you point out ensure we get the authorizations although i do not anticipate any difficulties getting those offers ations and then actually build an embassy so this is not something that's going to happen this year probably not next year but president does want us to move in a very concrete step bash way to ensure the embassy is located in jerusalem when where able to do so there really is possible time i think with respect to the rest of jerusalem the president indicated in his statement that his decision to recognize as the capital of israel in his direction to the state department to begin the process of moving the embassy did not indicate any final status for jerusalem and in fact he was i think very clear that the final status of jerusalem as a matter that would be left including the borders would be left to the parties to negotiate
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and decide. thank you very much said just states. what what clarity did you gain today about the chain of events that led prime minister hariri to resign in saudi arabia like its affronts and later to earn resign what was accomplished in today's summit and when you call for preserving lebanon seventeen preventing foreign interference does that warning apply to riyadh as well i think what was important about today's meeting with prime minister hariri is that he of farmed that he had rescinded that resignation his full intention to remain as prime minister and continue to work with the government of levanon to move the level on forward in terms of its journey towards a stronger coalition government prepare for elections next year a strengthened their security and through the decision to call for dissociation to
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have hezbollah in its involvement in yemen as well shot there were a number of important issues that we discussed all of which i think are positive when it comes to lebanon's future. hold you meant to say use. sync you still probably do if it means for both of you this connection. what do france and the u.s. have the same approach to hezbollah and if so. so i mean is withdrawal from the syrian theater a first step pull the first step which could be asked of hizbollah under the present conditions. i didn't get more and more the question to do is just you know do both of you. there'll be another question be another question of other. new let us reply to this one very quickly we said this morning. that we were.
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committed with a lot of determination to the unity integrity and with the. sovereignty of lebanon and this whole question of dissociation means that nobody inside or outside actually challenges the notion of the unity of lebanon and this obviously applies to hizbollah both inside and outside the country. in addition with regard to the syrian forces. front says position is that there should be rapid transition as a possible guarantee the integrity of syria and any kind of incursion from outside the u.s. position i think it mirrors that of france as well in terms of this i just indicated importance of the decision of dissociation to
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a farm what has blood role should be and what has blocked role should not be i think the us also recognizes that the lebanese armed forces are the sole protecting force for levanon and it's important that their role i think be strengthened and be a farmer in order to protect lebanon sovereignty. thank you both for doing this mr secretary you've been placing a big emphasis on limiting iran interference and lebanon but i want to ask you about saudi arabia in particular that the kingdom has energetically asserted its influence over lebannon over qatar over yemen where your administration is now pleading with the kingdom to end its blockade what do you make of saudi arabia's recent aggressive moves both inside and outside of the kingdom and is iran the only aggressor in the region and mr foreign minister if i may between its recent moves
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to decertify the iran deal a lot of the paris climate deal and recognized jerusalem what kind of that ally is the u.s. these days well the u.s. strongly supports the reforms that are being undertaken in the kingdom of saudi arabia we think they're important to the future of saudi arabia in terms of not just its stability but also its prosperity for the future i think with respect to saudi arabia's engagement with qatar how they're handling the yemen a war that they're engaged down the lebanon situation i think we would encourage them to be a bit more measured and a bit more thoughtful in those actions to i think fully consider the consequences i think we've been clear when it comes to yemen we have called for and president trump himself called for this week a complete end to the blockade of yemen a reopening of all the ports to not just humanitarian assistance but commercial delivery as well because about eighty percent of the food comes in all commercial
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shipments we are asking that saudi arabia allow that access i think goes to lebanon things have worked out in a very positive way perhaps even more positive than before because there have been very strong statements about affirmation about the future of lebanon which can only be helpful. your question was about the paris agreement and quite understand it's it's about the combination of the paris fallout the decertification of the iran deal in this recent decision and whether you still see the u.s. as an ally growing in the same direction as france. said at the beginning. the u.s. . historic allies we have a lot in common. and we have points where we disagree. and
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you know as well as we explain. we explain our differences we don't try to convert each other not yet anyway. we explain opposition some utopian. we have told the american administration about this great withdrawal from the paris agreement. but we are part of it and we continue along that path we'll see how things work out. kind of a sub france's foreign minister john eve live beyond their speaking along with his u.s. counterpart secretary of state rex tillerson and paris to this and said that president trumps decision to move the u.s. embassy to jerusalem does not indicate any final status of jerusalem he urged saudi arabia to be more measured and thoughtful when it comes to considering its actions in the region and yemen and its behavior towards castle as far as its actions towards lebanon concerned he said it could see it be seen to have had positive
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consequences well earlier in paris president emanuel macron cold on foreign powers to stop interfering in politics in lebanon he's been hosting a meeting on the issue in paris lebanon's prime minister saad howdy was that he withdrew his resignation on tuesday this week a month off to making the surprise announcement that he was going to step down while he was in saudi arabia he said that his government wants to maintain stability in his country. i decided to withdraw my resignation and now the government needs to focus on maintaining the best possible relations with europe countries and the international community in full respect of the u.n. security council resolution namely resolution seventeen zero one which has ensured the stability of our borders for the past eleven years let's get some analysis that will be in paris and i'm a little too but first let's hear from others there is a hot who's in beirut you were listening to that said what did you make of what you
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heard. well of course the french and the u.s. secretary of state they had a bilateral meeting on the sidelines of the meeting the international support group for lebanon the international community is concerned about stability in lebanon and in fact it was the u.s. and french intervention that allowed the political crisis in lebanon to end it started of course with the sudden resignation of assad he made that announcement while in saudi arabia it was definitely part of the saudi. rivalry in the region what we heard them say and officials before them they kept on stressing on the association policy so-called disassociation policy where this country is supposed to stay out of regional conflicts this is definitely in reference to hezbollah hezbollah being a political party in lebanon but also has an armed wing it has fighters in syria it has to trainers in iraq so this is really it has been in reference to hezbollah trying to put more pressure telling hezbollah you cannot you know have this
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regional reach and you cannot interfere beyond a lebanon's borders now how do you be telling these world leaders that we've reached a consensus in lebanon all parties have renewed their commitment to this policy but what are the guarantees there are none at the moment hezbollah has not given any guarantees that it's going to be pulling out of syria and iraq so a lot of concern about lebanon stability and of course international leaders know that until they solve the saudi iranian rivalry these two powers regional powers reach an agreement you're not going to find a settlement in syria the instability will continue in iraq and the war will continue and right there are many thanks indeed let's go back now to paris then. was watching that press conference. the french foreign minister. playing up the relationship between france and the u.s. despite the various disagreements.
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we heard from the french foreign minister jointly and u.s. secretary of state's rights. between the two men that came just after that meeting on lebanon that you heard zeno referring to and what they said was that the two countries shared so much and they had much in common including their fight against what they call terror their position on north korea but they said they had had very frank discussions when it comes to those areas in which they simply do not agree. donald trump's decision to pull the u.s. out of the climate accord and of course on the most recent decision by the u.s. president to move the u.s. embassy from tel aviv to jerusalem recognizing driessen as the capital of israel those are the words of donald trump when he was asked about drew some breaks doesn't say that donald trump had not made any final statement about the final outcome of jerusalem only that he was recognizing it as the capital of israel but that it would be for the parties to actually decide on its final status. there live
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in paris there are doubts over a planned visit to palestine later this month by u.s. president vice president mike pence a senior member of the ruling fatah party says that he's no longer welcome. of the donald trump's recognition of jerusalem as israel's capital pence's expects to be palestinian leader mahmoud abbas during that trip the white house says that cancelling the meeting would be counterproductive lived out of washington. that is there why do they feel it would be counterproductive kimberly. well they've left us very little sort of in terms of understanding about why they believe it would be counterproductive but let me back up a little bit and say that that wasn't the only bilateral meeting that is on the schedule not only is the vice president coming later this month actually the day we're given his december seventeenth to meet with the palestinian leader mahmoud
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abbas but also with the israeli prime minister the vice president scheduled to speak as well in the knesset and well that aspect of the trip has been largely well received as you point out rather correctly the meetings that are scheduled with palestinian leaders not so much as you stated in fact there is the feeling that from the white house that this is still something that they should press ahead with they feel that to cancel this meeting in any way according to a white house official would be counterproductive but not giving any explanation as to why they think so so we're kind of left trying to read between the lines and as we just heard from the secretary of state rex tillerson the feeling is that there still is hope for peace there still is the belief that the u.s. can be involved in in their view they have not taken a side on jerusalem in terms of its status or in terms of its borders and that i one can only surmise is why they are taking this stance that canceling any meeting
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would be counterproductive all right kimberly many thanks indeed it's a promise to the ins angry with u.s. president donald trump's recognition of jerusalem as israel's capital they've been protesting in the occupied territories and what they're calling a day of really rage this spring in must troops a wary who's associate professor in contemporary history of middle east studies. university. staver it hasn't been as bad as it could have been is this as bad as it's going to get is i mean can it get any worse over the next few days husband. i think we would with this more demonstrations and more activities against the decision made by trump. it's not clear yet where this will take you know those the mystery to is but again these are and planned it's hard to judge where this will go it may go to more confrontational you
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know. incidents in different places me put pressure on different governments other governments to have actions against this decision because you know again the pressure on the governments will lead to more action from the governments and will put them under severe. pressure to act not just to keep silent and that is that it's a predictor to happen in this week and weeks after the leader of hamas has called for a new into fired up. we get why palestinians are angry we get white boy muslims all over the world are angry about president trump's decision but but identified it would be counterproductive wouldn't it so what else comparison ians do in terms of peaceful protest i think i think the palestinians they already started the issue of the conciliation just a few weeks ago and now. thirty will go back to the us after years was you know thirty was not that and there was an old by her master the now reconsideration of
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process this is one one option on the palestinian hand to take it seriously and to bring all of their forces together to serve their own space in for liberation that's one one action when plan in their hand if they go ahead in their conciliation work together united you know the society of what is the and that something will be taken to consideration by palestinian and this will be also look at it seriously from outside as well troops decisions been widely condemned by by world leaders. how is this going to affect international relations do you think between the various countries and the u.s. the world's still the world's only superpower we saw there the foreign minister of france saying ok we disagree on various things this being one of the issues but but at the same time we're still friends i mean it's obvious the international community is divided and we saw the you know the french foreign ministry and we saw
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also the pressure from mr china. that other players there are really divided on what has decided but i think you know this is the vision is needed because this will put at least political pressure on the american administration and on the implementation of the decision especially we are witnessing now as he does the debate on having a new front when it comes to the peace process with the united states there so basically they wonder if other europe the national community players to have a new front and the united states should not be there so they can have credible discussion about the peace a process and i think this is this comes as a result of this division over the decision always good to talk see so many thanks indeed must be a bit wary that this is the scene right now in ramallah. palestinians protesting in the occupied territories and what they're calling this day of rage. in jerusalem
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israeli soldiers arrested in occupied east jerusalem rather israeli soldiers arrested several palestinian protesters at least ninety five people injured there after tear gas was fired by israeli forces and in ramallah as you can see people throwing stones burning tires hundreds of people marched through the streets in ramallah after friday prayers. also there were protests in bethlehem right across the occupied territories have also been protests. across the world this is best and we're looking at the situation in bethlehem right now israeli soldiers firing as you can see tear gas there at protesters that. we can just about see in the in the corner of the shot they will keep an eye on on the situation in the occupied territories and we'll bring you any developments from there soon as we have them here on al-jazeera but let's move to the rest of the day's news the u.k.
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and the e.u. have reached a deal on the first stage of bragg's at the go see actions following months of deadlock it allows the talks to move on to the next phase on trade negotiations that stalled over citizens' rights after briggs's the u.k. so called divorce payments and the border between northern ireland and the republic of violence will that border was the main sticking point in negotiations as of now both the u.k. and ireland are e.u. members goods and people pass freely across the border without stopping for customs checks or passport inspections but northern ireland is part of the u.k. and will remain so after a break that means the brogues it will create the only land border between the e.u. and the u.k. the imposition of a border on the island of ireland led to concerns about a return to violence for decades irish republicans in the island for a paramilitary campaign against u.k. rule over the region they want to see the island united as one nation
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a peace agreement signed in one thousand nine hundred eight was based on total freedom of movement across what became an invisible border something that brags it threatens to undermine let's go live to westminster in london seriously barkha is there so this agreement today in brussels being hailed as a victory by britain's prime minister to resign may need to her allies but it's really understood the start of a very long and difficult process is that. it is only the start indeed adrian a very dramatic week in british politics and this agreement to move on to the same second phase of talks really came right at the last minute the e.u. have their major december summit on the fourteenth and they need to be able to ratify this agreement to allow it to go forward to the second phase that focuses on trade and security when it comes to britain's relationship with the european union
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when it leaves it's been a very very difficult difficult few months for the british prime minister she's faced a series of high profile resignations from within her party's ranks she's also faced an awful lot of pressure from opposition parties and those who believe that she wouldn't even be in power at the end of the year to resume a will undoubtedly return here to london and will be celebrating this first step but it is of course only the end of the beginning. as dawn broke in brussels broke with it's a breakthrough breaks it british prime minister to reserve bank and breaks it secretary david davis negotiated through the night to finalize the beginning of the divorce deal with the e.u. the commission has just formally decided to recommend. that sufficient progress has no been made on the street terms of the divorce getting to this point has
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required gave and take on both sides friday was the last possible day for a deal to be done so the european council could prepare and then vote next week both sides admitted they made last minute compromises to meet the deadline we've been working extremely hard this week and as you've all seen it hasn't been easy for either side. that meeting on monday ended in deadlock the sticking point was what will become of the only land border between the northern island and the republic of ireland which is in the e.u. the republic wanted guarantees it will remain open with no return to a so-called hard border with border guards the government coalition partners in northern ireland the democratic unionist party vetoed an earlier version of the deal and forced her back to the drawing board the result in northern ireland we will guarantee there will be no hard border and we will uphold the belfast
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agreement and in doing so we will continue to pursue the constitutional and economic integrity of the united kingdom even though it's only stage one of negotiations e.u. citizens living in britain and british citizens residing in europe did get some certainty about their future the deal we've struck will guarantee the rights of more than three million citizens living in the u.k. and a million u.k. citizens living in the they will be able to go on living their lives as before it's been eight months since may so. article fifty restricted britain's departure from the european union fifteen months remain to decide the details of the divorce it will always be said boat the boat but no we must start looking for the future the future in rich united kingdom we'll be untreated we moved close friends and. talks now enter the second phase to focus on trade and
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security with many jobs potentially at risk people on both sides of the english channel hoping the breakup is amicable. we heard prime minister may saying in your report that today's deal required give and take on both sides will the hard line brags that supporters in her own cabinet think that she's given too much. i think adrian they will think that she's given too much definitely the e.u. appear to have come out on top and some red line issues that seem to have been crossed by to reason may the pressure has been on for a deal to be reached at this stage to resume a new what was at stake if a deal wasn't reached that of course breaks integrations would be put back. to a period in which nobody could read again any certainty about what was going to happen next the main compromises are largely around what's going to happen to the fate of three million e.u. nationals currently living and working in the u.k.
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according to this agreement the european court of justice will continue to have some influence over british courts that was a key issue the hard line breaks it is didn't want to see happen another key issue of course to do with the brics it bill still needs to be defined clearly we know that the bill will be somewhere between fifty billion to seventy billion dollars we would have an actual figure exactly until the start of trade talks but of course hardline practices from the outset said that they shouldn't be even considering giving any money to the european union let alone a figure quite so astronomically high and then of course the irish border issue well the do you pay of course that the british government are in a political relationship with are satisfied to a certain extent that there will be no hard border or no border down the middle of the irish sea but it is somewhat constructively ambiguous in terms of the agreement
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that has been reached northern ireland will be oh no have an open border with the republic of ireland does that now mean that the e.u. will continue to have some degree of jurisdiction over northern ireland all of that really really needs to be clarified as we go forward of course trade negotiations will soon begin but they feel that there is does appear to be still some unfinished business left over they have many thanks i'm seriously back of their lives in london. but of late the never time for weather forecasts now that he is out with your assistance to everson folks is here with the latest study of what california i guess yeah that's right as far sagna no sign of any right in the forecast in the coming days the least for the next ten days or so the wetter weather the cloudy weather the colder weather that is further south and east and that is going to remain that way as we go on through the next few days as i move out of the way you can see the clear skies there right over california through a lie all the way up through san francisco and it's going to stay dry here to go on
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through the next few days so let's just zoom into the area we got this big ridge of high pressure the climatologists are calling this a ridiculously resilient ridge with high pressure the winds travel in a clockwise direction so it's coming down from the mountains that's the santa ana winds that we've been hearing all about and they warm up and as they dry up and push towards the ocean so we're going to continue seeing this same scenario as you go on through the coming days twenty four celsius top temperature friday afternoon in los angeles should be about nineteen at this time of year and it will actually get warmer as we go on through the next few days a set the cooler weather the wetter weather the wintry weather that is for the race temperatures struggling to get above freezing here so a real big contrast similar picture as we go on into worst sunday cliquish sunshine coming in behind but notice the warmth slavery in for l.a. still up twenty seven f.
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many thanks indeed now top story this hour palestinians protesting in the occupied territories on what they're calling a day of rage they're angry after u.s. president donald trump recognized jerusalem as israel's capital israeli soldiers have been firing tear gas and rubber bullets at protesters outside the al aqsa mosque it occupied east jerusalem and in bethlehem. to speak now to what i mean alba good tea who's a palestinian poet columnist and political scientist and he joins us now live from beirut thanks are you waiting for some time to me many thanks indeed for field patience the palestinian authorities have described as a slap in the face as an art of artist and activist how would you describe it. i think it's the end of the peace process and i think that it ends the political future of the current formal palestinian leadership. they have bet their political
4:43 pm
future on this peace process and the very logic of the peace process was that the palestinians would recognize israel that is they would give up their claim on seventy eight percent of historical palestine in the return of american broken ship of american pressure on israel to give them the land occupied in one thousand nine hundred sixty seven twenty two percent of historical palestine including east jerusalem now that the americans have made known what everybody else had been saying for the past two decades that their position is identical to that of israel and that peace process is over there is nothing the palestinian leadership can sell to their own constituency they cannot tell them that this priest peace process is going to bring them anything of what they had promised them so they are really running out of options either mr mahmoud abbas will have to resign or he will have to declare unilaterally the an element of all peace accords signed with israel first and foremost also accords and everything that came after that the palestine
4:44 pm
liberation organization will go back to be what its name says it should it should be should be organization to liberate all of palestine and we go back to pre-one nine hundred ninety one the b. the peace process be the madrid process and before also the process as well if that doesn't happen the palestinian people will have to find an alternative leadership either you know through people's election either through electronic platforms social networks or individually signing the clear ations personal declarations that this. leadership does not recognize them and the more what president trump had just done is that he ended the political future of the current palestinian leadership and ended the peace process on a personal level go. to people like you have spent their lives fighting for the palestinian cause what does this mean. this. well it
4:45 pm
doesn't mean it doesn't come as a surprise it just means that. people who are doubting the logic of this peace process seeing it as another way of. creating a palestinian entity that is dependent on israel and whose main function would have been to secure isn't even interests and become an alternative to the occupation sort of innate of palestinian occupation occupation of palestinians by palestinian hands is now very fied this was the peace process and the americans wanted this the israelis wanted this the only new thing is that the current american president lack the political tact and betrayed their. intentions he made he made clear in public the israeli american intentions behind this peace process the total and permanent subjugation of the palestinian people nor the independence
4:46 pm
no palestinian state that is viable no jerusalem nor return for refugees nor remove all of the settlements he just said what we had suspected decades ago this peace process been going on for twenty six years since madrid and twenty four years since . and now they are telling us that it's not working i think many of us had guessed it wasn't working some years ago to me it's been really good said thank you for patience many thanks for being with us al-jazeera is demanding the release of its journalist mark potter saying who's been in a prison in egypt now for over eleven months saying is accused of broadcasting false news to spread chaos a charge which both he and al-jazeera strongly deny the same as repeatedly complained of mistreatment in jail he was arrested on december twentieth last year
4:47 pm
while visiting family. a recent study in the u.s. has found that fifty eight percent of people with autism unemployed and many more are under employed other estimates but a number of major corporations finding is fighting rather that autistic workers bring valuable skills john hendren has a story from both the city of detroit when you have autism finding work is a challenge finding satisfying work often just doesn't happen the job for the us and shipping a where how it's now he's on the crest of a new wave in workplace diversity working as a computer programmer at ford motor company do you feel like you're better suited for this work absolutely i actually feel like this is something that i can do that feel is i guess worth while ford
4:48 pm
microsoft walgreen's drug stores and as a p germany's largest software maker or all hiring workers with autism they call it neuro diversity like all workers kevin roach says he has his limitations the most. is when there's something unexpected. that comes up that i don't feel entirely prepared for and that can be really overwhelming for me where i just feel like i don't know what's going on i'm gaining too much information in one tying. but he and other autistic workers also bring advantages other employees lech generally speaking people with autism have a much greater ability to sustain intense concentration on something so if they are in a job concentrating on something they're passionate about the concentration level
4:49 pm
are as likely to be much more significant than a person without autism the vast majority of people with autism are unemployed so employment programs help them by putting food on the table but they also help taxpayers at large by taking people off of public assistance and giving them a chance to contribute to society christine queen proposed the program at ford after her brother was diagnosed with autism they asked us to look for roles that require a great deal of focus and attention to detail and great organizational skills had another job. it was it paid me nowhere near the pay here for him and other workers with autism the experiment in a neurodiversity is paying off john hendren detroit. southern california is battling for wildfires around los angeles one person has died more than two hundred thousand people have been forced to leave the island shuffle reports from los angeles. southern california where wildfires continue to blaze and with new dangers
4:50 pm
now north of san diego this fire blew up into a ten square kilometer blaze in a matter of just hours destroying dozens of homes in a retirement community and killing dozens of race horses at a training stables the fire forced thousands of evacuations and closed a state highway it's a two hundred fifty kilometer stretch of bone dry coastal canyons blasted by hot dry winds from inland it's amazing to watch the magnitude of the winds and the fire storms and how. fast things change septa really have to be alert i think everybody's done a great job the largest and most destructive fire in the region remains this one in ventura county now measuring more than four hundred square kilometers and growing with no sign of full containment at least four hundred thirty homes and buildings have been lost here that number certain to grow when the flames finally die out and
4:51 pm
people can fully assess the damage the air quality in l.a. rarely good is so bad now that schools across the region have closed until the skies clear and people in many areas have been warned to stay inside to avoid breathing the spreading smoke fire chiefs say shifting winds will be a threat in coming days as the hot santa ana winds continue to torment californians our biggest nightmare has been palm tree farm back there and you know there's so. you know prone to lighting on fire they're just torches basically so. we've been you know watching that very closely and then this morning of course the wind and the sparks got together and burned them all up and a touch of good news here in the hills above los angeles and into decay ssion of the extremely good work that fire crews have done over the last couple of days the
4:52 pm
skirball fire in the bel-air neighborhood the one that had threatened the world famous getty art museum is now lying down and we've seen crews leaving this area evacuation orders still in place but at least for now the skirball fire if i was that a bone in the l.a. city limits is appearing to be laying down and not causing much of a threat at this point however high wind warnings are still up through the weekend alex offer al-jazeera los angeles. time now for sports has set up thank you very much a.j. or christiane or another has been crowned the was best footballer for a fifth time real madrid star equalled the n.l. west is record as he was awarded. in his home and has. it sometimes appears as though christiane a renowned oh is as comfortable on a red carpet as a football pitch such is the extent of his trophy cabinet the ballon d'or is the oldest and most prestigious award the won't best player and for
4:53 pm
a fifth time it was in rinaldo those hands ronald awful was going to surface so no . of course i feel happy it's a great moment in my career and on drugs this is something that i. looking forward every year every season so that's last year with its amazing season. last season rinaldo helped draw madrid win the champions league and their first league title since two thousand and twelve he's tied barcelona star lino messi with five titles since two thousand and nine the journalists of france football magazine along with national team colleges and captains have voted for one of them as we know every q but what's left now over now though. what division still have the motivation. to be. christiane or to play with.
4:54 pm
so i think the main war did bring joy to enjoy myself. it caps i want to give a christiana rinaldo who welcomes three babies into the world as well and a trophy wasn't the only thing rinaldo auntie's girlfriend went home with either a father of four and now or five times than i do when a relation homan al-jazeera. russia's deputy prime minister of italian would call is insisting that a lifetime elliptic ban want to affect his work as head of next year's fifa world cup international limpid committee barred the call for life on tuesday a because of his connection to accusations of state sponsored doping in russia the guardian newspaper is reporting that fee for ethics achieved were investigating when they were fired earlier this year but football's governing body says his position isn't being we consider it. really new that we're almost from the little
4:55 pm
bit this doesn't affect our work in any way you know that in fifa statement it said it doesn't affect our cooperation for world cup preparations i have other responsibilities i'm working on i'm not competing in any competition so i don't see any problems here. this month a golf cart football tournament that has been relocated from qatar to kuwait it comes out to feed for president jan infantile lifted kuwait's ban from international football this week qatar was to hosted by a national event for gulf nations from december the twenty second the but saudi arabia bahrain and u.a.e. who have been imposing a blockade on qatar failed to respond to invitations it's unclear if they will now send teams to kuwait. former u.s. sage of gnostics team doctor who are likely to spend the rest of his life in jail has been sentenced to sixty years in a federal prison on child pornography charges the fifty four year old was given the
4:56 pm
maximum allowance sentence in july he admitted charges of obtaining and possessing child pornography and attempting to destroy evidence he also pleaded guilty to charges on criminal sexual conduct. hughes's have included members of the united states olympic gymnastics team. the n.b.a. says a minor league team a could be based out of mexico city starting next season a move to continue growing an international audience after establishing a foothold in europe and china the news came before the brooklyn nets played the first of the two games in mexico city on thursday they face the oklahoma city thunder both teams that got off to a slow start as if it appeared the high altitude created some fatigue among players but it was a net two came out on top beating the thunder hundred two ninety five. at the white house has raised some doubts about the u.s. team participating in next year's winter olympics in south korea this week the u.s.
4:57 pm
ambassador to the u.n. expressed her concern about the safety of american athletes and tension with neighboring north korea why the white house press secretary sara sanders created confusion on thursday saying no official decision has been made she later tweeted an update saying the u.s. looks forward to participating. look that wasn't exactly what the masters said no official decision has been made on that and will keep us posted as those decisions are made look i know that the goal is to do so but that will be a decision maker. well one team certainly planning to take to end games it is the nigerian women's bobsled team the super eagles are the first african team to reach the qualifying saturday for the bobsled competition to win to fix though they still have to maintain their position in the world's top forty until january the
4:58 pm
fourteenth to assure their place the trio of suing. and all mayorga are all form a track and field athletes and would be nigeria's first went to limp eons. and that's it for me adrian some of the things that is where this draws to a close pop it back in just a few moments to update you on all the day's top stories we'll be live in east jerusalem occupied east jerusalem for example after the latest on the so-called day of rage see in just a moment. road trip across west africa on a mission to redefine a continent too often misrepresented. the weapon of choice digital cameras. it was sold one of the new african photography takes on the rainy season on its
4:59 pm
quest for the thanksgiving story of creative god the invisible man this time on al-jazeera and then he put it on. u.s. and british companies have announced the biggest discovery of natural gas in west africa but what to do with these untapped natural resources is already a source. of heated debate nothing much has changed they still spend most of their days looking forward to for the dry river beds like this one five years on the syrians still feel battered or even those who managed to escape their country haven't truly been able to escape the war. singapore is being accused of expanding its coastline and illegally dredged satins of some of the islands off the coast of indonesia and literally vanished it's a big business smuggling sam when they go take the sand there and fill the sand is our fair game you see this beautiful beach but behind it is something that's not so
5:00 pm
pleasant the tragedy is that people are just not aware and ecological investigation into a global emergency sand walls at this time on al-jazeera. our jazeera and. where every. time. a day of rage around the world up to double.


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