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and i think that is a strength for al jazeera. all the counting the cost the gulf cooperation council although there's not much cooperation these days look at all the reasons being affected by accords in economic relations with the shocking numbers on the plastic economy o.-m. g. twenty five years since the world's first. counting the cost at this time on al-jazeera. this month the international campaign to abolish nuclear weapons will receive the nobel peace prize but want to hear the real threat in a series of special reports al-jazeera examines the state of nuclear proliferation around the world. a day of rage in the occupied palestinian territories of u.s. president trumps recognition of jerusalem as israel's capital.
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hello i'm maryam namazie and london you're watching al-jazeera also coming up. an emergency meeting by the united nations security council is set to take place to discuss trump's declaration. stop interfering in the politics in lebanon france's president makes of pleas of foreign powers as he hosts a meeting in paris. and breck's it break through the u.k. e.u. walked into the night to reach an agreement that paves the way for the issue of trade. palestinians are calling for a day of rage against u.s. president all trumps recognition of jerusalem as israel's capital the departure from seventy years of u.s. policy on the contested city has been widely criticized and has prompted. worldwide
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protests including in the cities of kharaj cairo istanbul london and berlin these pictures show demonstrators gathered outside the u.s. embassies in the majority in the muslim majority countries of malaysia and indonesia also thousands of people have been rallying across the palestinian territories including the occupied west bank gaza strip and occupied east jerusalem in other developments the united nations security council is holding an emergency meeting to discuss trump's declaration the united nations secretary general antonio good terrorise insists that the status of jerusalem must only be resolved through direct israeli palestinian talks alan fischer is life first now in occupied east jerusalem who just talking there alan about some of the violent confrontations that have taken place around the world and of course in the west bank what's it been like way you are today. or how to have things like that really here in jerusalem people be coming here to the world famous damascus gate to preach or they prayed
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with security forces have moved them on there been a few confrontations you couldn't even go as far as calling them clashes certainly no reports of any serious injuries around here the people here are angry that they're being moved on they want to express that this said they want to express their anger or frustration at the united states decision and i think the best we could do that is to come here and truly but as a see we haven't seen that the violence that we saw down in gaza we have seen the trouble with that we'll see more of the occupied west bank or here people have been vocal and really been upset and they want the united states and donald trump in particular to go they're angry but we haven't seen much more than confrontations interestingly enough just in the last twelve hours or so coming out of the white house in washington we have reports from people who are close to donald trump people in the administration seeing that they didn't think the reaction to donald trump's decision had been as bad as the expected they were expecting much worse and
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we nor that here in israel. tel aviv where the u.s. embassy stands at the moment and embassies right around the world the security level there has been lifted it's now at the highest level that it's been since march two thousand and three and of course that was at the start of the iraq war so some gathering there that is your sang out of nowhere near as intense as we seem elsewhere particularly in areas around the west bank what are people there think about the palestinian response we know that the p.a. has announced the u.s. vice president might as well not be welcomed to a meeting with the bass when he travels to the region how do they feel the palestinians have dealt with this. and just on that i'm hearing from the white house that the they would be disappointed if a bus didn't meet up with vice president mike pence they think it wouldn't be helpful to the process the people here are a bit concerned that the reaction around the world they're pleased that not everyone has welcomed the decision of the united states but they'd like to see something a lot more forceful than perhaps the meeting at the united nations might be
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a gateway to that they would like to see more people come out and not just see the disappointed of the upset they want them actually to come out and criticize donald trump and condemn what he has done on palestinian told me that it's a crazy situation that that that they're in all donald trump says it doesn't change the situation on the grown and this will polish the knee and told me look it's like trying to negotiate a peace on home much p.c. you're going to get from someone when they've already started to eating their pizza is perhaps a tortured analogy begun to stand up and that that shows that people here are frustrated they think that if there is ever the possibility of moving towards a peace deal part of that has been taken away from them because the u.s. in their eyes can no longer be treated as honest brokers a new member of this joke krishna who is donald trump's son in law also one of his courses advisors is coming up with a middle east peace plan my understanding is that he's spoken to all the parties are going to use find out where the red lines are and his intention is not to say well if we do this then nothing happened and then this allude to this essentially
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what you want to do. present a peace plan for the middle east and see this is it it's not all a car take it or leave it for one of the things likely to be here and that of course is the final status of jerusalem people here on the ground in jerusalem feel that that has been undermined often because of the actions of his father along with all right thank you very much alan fischer with all the latest there from occupied east jerusalem thank you alan. well i'm living to gaza where one palestinian has died and dozens more have been injured during confrontations there with israeli security forces and masses called for a new intifada or uprising against israeli occupation. while israel held a historic moment there has been widespread condemnation as we've been hearing of president drums declaration people across the globe took to the streets in solidarity with the palestinian people for more now on those protests around the world jamal michel. have to happen that both are not cut out how to sydney and
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leaders have called on their people to take to the streets on friday but by midday protests have erupted around the world in indonesia the most populous muslim country demonstrators in the capital jakarta gathered in solidarity to denounce trump's decision. in calling on poor neighboring malaysia thousands of protesters help blackguards with a clear message drucilla is not america's to give away. earlier malaysia's prime minister najib razak highlighted his government's a position to the u.s. president's decision. in indian occupied kashmir similar scenes of solidarity from a people who are also struggling for freedom. and the outrage against what many see as an affront on one of the walls holiest sites. in egypt thousands gathered at the main mosque in the capital cairo and students at the american university of cairo as well as other universities voiced their outrage to. despite it being illegal to
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demonstrate some to what many see is legal to kratz a cruel president under threat that has sisi young egyptians still protested in another sign of just how unpopular chump's decision is. turks in istanbul protested almost as soon as the us president finished his speech on wednesday and thousands amassed again on friday their anger is clear through slim is not just the red line for palestinians but for millions around the world. while protesters in other countries were allowed to express themselves freely. palestinians living under israeli occupation were attacked by israeli soldiers when they tried to make their voices heard. in the illegally occupied west bank tear gas and rubber coated steel bullets were fired at protesters who friended off the assault with stones and pebbles israel's claim to jerusalem is based on a belief. if dating back more than two thousand years that god granted it to jews
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and law jerusalem has been under israeli control since one thousand nine hundred sixty seven the united nations considers israel's presence there illegal international more states the city is an arab one which israel has no right over the anger expressed worldwide it is because of what is perceived as an attempt by donald trump to legitimize israel's illegal occupation. of the zero. well there are doubts over a planned visit to palestine later this month by u.s. vice president mike pence after a senior member of the ruling fatah party said he was no longer welcome in ben's is expected to be palestinian leader mahmoud abbas during the trip and visit bethlehem . the white house says canceling the meeting would be counterproductive. or an emergency meeting of the united nations security council is about to get underway let's get the latest on this now from mike hanna who is at u.n.
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headquarters in new york and mike we know there's been international condemnation of president trumps decision but what can we expect from the u.n. security council specifically when they meet. well as he said that meeting is about to get underway what will happen first is the members will be briefed by the special representative for the middle east peace process nicholai. not in off who will be briefing them via video link we have seen some conversations going on on the floor of the chamber while we're waiting for the meeting to formally begin very animated discussion between the u.s. ambassador and the palestinian ambassador a short while ago there you can see the u.s. ambassador shinn it was a very lengthy exchange of words between the two when they both walked into the chamber we've also seen the israeli ambassador speaking to a number of members on his way into the chamber and asked for other members to follow the u.s.
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lead and recognize jerusalem as the capital of israel well we've heard from many members that's unlikely to be the case the members who've called for this emergency meeting there nine of them are absolutely adamant that the status of jerusalem must remain unchanged and that it would be indeed a threat to the security of the any peace process should this not happen we heard from the ambassador to bolivia who said that if there was just talk about peace and security and peace processes then the council itself stood in danger of becoming occupied the french ambassador making very clear that u.s. recognition of jerusalem as the capital of israel has no standing in terms of international law or indeed in terms of the u.n. convention he also made very strongly the point that there can be no peace process whatsoever without some form of agreement on jerusalem without the city being a central part of that negotiation process so very strongly within the chamber
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a great deal of concern in some cases a great deal of anger about the u.s. unilateral recognition. jerusalem we are likely to be hearing those views being expressed within the coming hour there has been no resolution circulated as yet to make clear but once again if at some stage some resolution was drawn up there you must remember that the u.s. is a permanent member of the security council and as such could and in all likelihood would wield that particular veto so we're still waiting watching proceedings here in the security council once again the u.s. ambassador the russian ambassador there talking to the delegates and here we've got the president of the security council this is a japan for this particular month calling people together within the next minute or
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so will have this meeting opened and that will be followed by a briefing from the special coordinator for the middle east peace process nicholai mlodinow off we haven't got a full list of speakers as yet however we do expect those who called the meeting will speak here's the president of the security council to order. the provisional agenda for this meeting is the situation in the middle east including the palestinian question. the agenda is adopted in accordance with rule thirty seven of the council's provisional rules of procedure i invite the representatives of israel and jordan to put disappeared in this meeting it is so decided i would propose that the council invite the permanent observer of the observer state of
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palestine to the united nations to participate in the meeting in accordance with the provisional rules of procedure and the previous practice in this regard. there being no objection it is so decided. in accordance with rules thirty nine of the council's provisional rules of procedure i invite mr nikolai loud enough special coordinator for the middle east peace process and personal representative of the security secretary general to but this a bit in this meeting. it is decided. mr blood elf is joining today's meeting via video teleconference from jerusalem. the security council will now begin its consideration of item two of the agenda. i now give the floor to mr nikolai mlodinow.
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thank you mr president. mr president members of the security council. jerusalem is one of the most complex and perhaps captivating cities in the world of all the final status issues in the israeli palestinian conflict as identified in the oslo accords refugees settlements security arrangements for those relations in cooperation with neighbors and other issues a common interest in jerusalem this the most emotionally charged and difficult subject for the jewish people it is and it will always be the center of their faith and life for centuries they could look to it as a symbol of hope for the future it is also the center of life for palestinians and since the occupation of east jerusalem in one nine hundred sixty seven many have lived in fear of losing their livelihoods and their connection to the city for both
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israelis and palestinians jerusalem is and will always remain an end to grow part of the national identity of billions of people around the world it is also serves as a symbol and as a cornerstone of the christian jewish or muslim faith. that is why it remains one of the most sensitive places in the world for decades they has been a broad agreement among un member states above the particular status of jerusalem including through security council resolutions two five two and one from one hundred sixty eight zero seven six from one hundred eighty and for seven eight or nine hundred eighty as well as well as general assembly resolution one eighty one the united nations has repeatedly declared that any unilateral decision that seeks to alter the characters status of jerusalem could seriously undermine current peace efforts and may have repercussions across the region as stated by the secretary
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general the united nations position is clear jerusalem is a final status issue which a comprehensive just and lasting solution must be achieved through negotiations between the parties and on the basis of the relevant un resolutions admission agreements mr president on december six us president donald trump announced that the united states recognizes jerusalem as the capital of the state of israel in this recognition he said the final status issues including the boundaries of israeli sovereignty remain for the parties to determine he made clear his commitment to a bum speech between israelis and palestinians and call for the status quo in the holy places to be respected denouncement also signaled the start of preparations to move the u.s. embassy from tel aviv to jerusalem well renewing a six month waiver for which the embassy remains interview without doubt this decision has been widely welcomed in israel it has also caused much anger among
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palestinians and anxiety across the middle east and beyond. a senior president abbas condemned the move and stressed that the united states has withdrawn from its role as a mediator in the process he warned of the potential consequences for security instability in the region and underlined the need for immediate work to all national reconciliation hamas described the proclamation of an attack and as an attack against the palestinian people and called on the p.l.o. to withdraw its recognition of israel and israel prime minister netanyahu thanked president drum for the decision he reaffirmed his commitment to maintaining the status quo of the holy sites of president rivlin said the jerusalem is not an obstacle to peace. mr president i'm particularly concerned about the potential risk of violent escalation in anticipation of the u.s.
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decision palestinian factions call for three days of rage to take place from six to eight of december some call for the december eighth to be the start of a new are praising or intifada since the decision we have seen widespread demonstrations and violent clashes between palestinian protesters and israeli security forces throughout the occupied west bank including east jerusalem in gaza according to alter at least one palestinian was killed and more than one hundred forty have been injured there have also been protests in arab cities and villages within his room as well as cities around the region and beyond from lebanon and jordan to malaysia and bangladesh on the sender sevenths six rockets were reportedly fired from gaza towards israel all but one landed short without causing damage or injury israeli defense forces responded by shelling a hamas military installation in the strip and bombing another one from the air causing damage but no injuries mr president we continue to follow developments on
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the ground very closely. we all understand and respect the symbolic religious and emotional charge the jerusalem folds to people across the region and beyond nevertheless i urge all political religious and community leaders to refrain from provocative action and restoring that can lead to escalation and they call on all to exercise restraint and engage in dialogue it is now more important than ever that we preserve the prospects for peace it will be ordinary israelis and palestinians their families and children who will ultimately have to live with the human costs and the suffering caused by further violence it is they who will look to their leaders to find the strength and the will to achieve a just a comprehensive peace that addresses all final status issues that end the occupation of palestinian territory that started in one thousand sixty seven and
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then bring security and stability to both israelis and palestinians mr president the united nations remains strongly committed to supporting all efforts towards a negotiated two state solution this is the only way to achieve the legitimate national aspirations of both israelis and palestinians this point has been clearly reaffirmed by secretary general who cares and i stress again his work there is no plan b. for the two state solution listing in an israeli leaders but also the international community have an important responsibility toward bombs peace efforts to the sense only through constructive dialogue can we hope to achieve peace and i call all parties to remain engaged. mr president today we stand at another critical moment in the long running history of this conflict where yet we are yet to see if the prospects of peace can be preserved and abbas it is up to all of us and the
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international community just as much it is up to israeli and palestinian leaders to urgently advance a just and lasting resolution of this conflict the secretary general has been clear that realizing a two state solution with jerusalem as the capital of israel and palestine is the only way that such a vision can be achieved i have won many times in the past mr president and i will do so again today if the israeli palestinian conflict is not result in line with relevant un resolutions and in a manner that meets the legitimate national aspirations of both peoples interests being engulfed into the vortex of religious radicalism that has taken over the middle east there is a serious risk today that we may see a chain of unilateral actions which can only push further away from achieving our shared goal of peace it will be critical in the coming days that leaders demonstrate their wisdom and make all efforts to reduce the restorer prevent
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incitement and rein in radical elements. in its reports in two thousand and sixteen the middle east quartet called for steps to reverse negative trends that undermine the two state solution so as to build the conditions necessary for successful final status negotiations to date that goal remains as valid as ever i urge the international community to fulfill its historic responsibility to support the parties in achieving peace and a comprehensive agreement the secretary general and the united nations are committed to supporting palestinian and israeli leaders to return to meaningful negotiations in order to achieve a lasting and just peace for both peoples we remain deeply committed to working with the parties and with our international and regional partners throughout the subject thank you. i thank the mlodinow for his briefing i now
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give the floor to the members of the security council i give the floor to the representative of sweden. thank you very much mr president for organizing this emergency meeting and thank you to the special coordinator nick and i don't know for his very clear briefing. we have requested today's meeting together with seven other members of this council libya egypt france italy senegal the u.k. and europe why sweden took this step due to the repercussions that the statement made by the u.s. president donald trump on jerusalem on six december we'll have we clearly disagree with the recognition of drucilla as the capital of israel and with the plan for a move of the u.s. embassy to jerusalem for a number of reasons which i will now outline. mr president firstly it contradicts
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international law and un security council resolutions jerusalem is a final status issue and can therefore only be resolved through negotiations agreed between the parties already in one thousand nine hundred seven the un attributed to your islamist special legal and political status as corpus them in one thousand nine hundred eighty when israel attempted to declare use of them its capital this council stated in resolution four seven eight that this was a violation of international law the council further declared that attempts to change the character and status of jerusalem were null and void and called upon all states to accept this decision as well as to withdraw their missions from jerusalem all states up to now abided by the council's call. it was only one year ago that this council again in resolution twenty three thirty four stated that and i
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quote it will not recognize any changes to the pre-one nine hundred sixty seven lines including with regard to jerusalem other than those agreed by the parties through negotiations and a quote the european union has a clear position on jerusalem which explains why all the e.u. member states on this council were united in requesting today's meeting we consider drew slim to be the future capital of two states we have never recognised is for us an accession of east jerusalem and with us considered part of the territory we believe that the future status as i said of jerusalem can only be resolved through negotiations. the statement by the u.s. president goes against the plea of many friends of the united states and israel however it does not affect the position of sweden the european union or the wider international community which is up to now the international consensus on the
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status of jerusalem secondly it is fuelling tensions and increasing instability in an already volatile and turbulent region the question of jerusalem has an impact far beyond the region and there are already strong reactions to this decision around the globe clashes have taken place as we just heard yesterday and today already resulting in over one hundred people injured we call on all parties to maintain calm show restraint and refrain from violence. this conflict must not be turned into a religious one of them is a holy city for the three religions more than ever we need respect tolerance and dialogue to prevail over division and untag unism we should not forget the strong ties to jerusalem of both israelis and palestinians and that approximately forty percent of the inhabitants of jerusalem are palestinians. mr
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president thirdly it risks despite its stated intention to the contrary prejudging the outcome of negotiations on final status issues such as through salem and thus it threatens the peace prospect itself as the secretary general has repeatedly stated there is no alternative to the two state solution and there is no plan b. yet that vision is more threatened than ever. sweden has a longstanding and firm commitment to the two state solution seventy years ago we were one of thirty three member states of the un that voted in favor of resolution one eighty one which paved the way for this stablish mint of the state of israel in twenty fourteen sweden decided to recognize the state of palestine as a logical consequence of our support for the two state solution mr president the united states has for decades played a key role in the quest for peace in the middle east we know the u.s.
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administration stated intention to bring an end to the israeli palestinian conflict and to facilitate a peace agreement between israelis and palestinians now words need to be followed by deeds and ideas by proposals we encourage the united states to follow up its statement with action towards a two state solution now is the time to move forward with a detailed peace plan that enables the state of israel and the state of palestine to live side by side in peace and security with jerusalem as the future capital of both states this council also has a responsibility and all stakeholders must engage more than ever on a path to peace in the middle east i thank you very much. i think the representatives weeden voice statement i give the floor to the representative of egypt. it's a great if mr president the security council meets today in an emergency
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session upon the request of the majority of its members who along with a large number of countries and peoples from the world where seriously concerned over an issue related to international peace and security whether this is a dangerous precedence that needs reflection remember when we are witnessing today there reflection of the great fear that pervaded the international community over the past few days. over one of the questions that was included on the security council agenda since its establishment that is the palestinian question but it also reflects the fear from the repercussions and impact of unilateral decisions that run counter to international law and threaten the system of political relations such as system west town did on the un charter
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over seventy years ago to prevent the repetition of the scourges of war and other. what i want to. ensure that in regulating relations among peoples in an era supposedly take that takes into consideration the want to manage the fundamental rights of peoples on equal basis it will probably work the ball it will come we are confronted with a test of the body of such a system a test of the rule of law. our efforts will not be crowned with success unless we work together within the framework of international legitimacy if we surrender and. the repercussions will be grave whether on this question or of other international ones for years to come.
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mr president. good it. is a question that is rooted in history little generations are followers of the real religion is closely linked to that city for hundreds of years. in modern times and under the umbrella of the united nations the international community succeeded in putting legal parameters to address this issue since the organization decided to establish to stay sound the palestinian territories pursuant to resolution one hundred eighty one. thus the only rationale and only firm reality to address the question of the youth within the framework of the palestinian question what is to follow that lead such reality. pursue into international long ago. well as will prevail and the un resolutions and
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security council resolution before they have all unequivocally rejected the occupation after. which started in one hundred sixty seven at the moment. since we are meeting today to shed light on the danger of infringing on such legal parameters that were reached over dozens of years it might be appropriate to day to recall the most important binding security council resolutions on the olds the old ones and the modern ones on the truce resolution two hundred forty two provided for the withdrawal of israel from the territories occupied in one hundred sixty seven including jerusalem resolution four hundred seventy eight rejected the occupation of the city by force and considered what is called the basic law which was imposed by israel a violation of international law you are you and does not alter the legal the take this of the city. who also has known him.


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