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tv   Invisible Borders  Al Jazeera  December 8, 2017 7:32pm-8:01pm +03

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mr president. it is a question that is rooted in history little generations of followers of the. religion is closely linked to that city for hundreds of years but often in modern times and under the umbrella of the united nations the international community succeeded in putting legal parameters to address this issue since the organization decided to establish to stay sound the palestinian territories pursuant to resolution one hundred eighty one. thus the only rationale and only firm reality to address the question of life within the framework of the palestinian question is to follow that lead such reality. pursuant to international law long as. well as will prevail and the un resolutions
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and security council resolution before they have all unequivocally rejected the occupation after. which started in one hundred sixty seven at the moment. since we are meeting today to shed light on the danger of infringing on such legal parameters that were reached over dozens of years it might be appropriate to day to recall the most important binding security council resolutions on the olds the old ones and the modern ones on the truce resolution two hundred forty two provided for the withdrawal of israel from the territories occupied in one hundred sixty seven including jerusalem resolution four hundred seventy eight rejected the occupation of the city by force and considered what is called the basic law which was imposed by israel a violation of international law you value and does not alter the legal the taters
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of the city. well you know one also has no impact on the applicability of the geneva convention on the protection of civilians during war in. or jerusalem it's also of vital importance to recall the latest security council resolutions on that matter. some of them were only one year old were referring here to resolution twenty three thirty four. than and that the security council does not recognize any alteration of the fourth of two nine hundred sixty seven lines including a little bit as heavy unless it's a result of negotiations between the two parties moreover out of a woman at the many of the resolution four hundred seventy eight called for the withdrawal of or diplomatic missions from jerusalem since the international community does not recognize it as the capital of israel out of political
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resolution twenty three thirty four requested clearly all countries to differentiate between. what the israeli territories and the territories occupied in one thousand nine hundred sixty seven including. jerusalem . mr president. these are the resolutions of the security council with comes hurted with a summit unless the bill for the dozens of years and are to listen very day what is considered the law that governs the status of jerusalem these are the binding security council resolution is the one which all countries have pledged according to the u.n. charter of the two implemented and abide by it to maintain international peace and security these are the security council resolutions that represent the only radiology and logic of. a sheriff interlochen in the
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proceedings from the. arab republic of egypt denounce the us decision with little people to recognize jerusalem as the capital of the state of israel and to move its embassy to jerusalem we also declare our rejection to any implications there about going to a good while and that would also like to stress that such union lateral decisions that are is a violation of international legitimacy. as no little impact on the legal status of the city of jerusalem since it is a city under occupation. and it is not permissible legally to take any action that would alter the status quo in the city. that there will be a body much as i explained as is well known to all
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concerning a highly sensitive nature of a man not of the question of jerusalem we would like to express our serious concern from the potential repercussions of such a decision on the stability in the region says it will ignite muslim and arab and muslim pulls your due to the great spiritual cultural and historical standing. city of jerusalem in the arab and muslim hard. there will also be a grave negative impact on such a decision on what he says process between the palestinians and israelis and the this process was founded on the major references that that provides for the fact that the city of jerusalem is one of the final status matter is that will be determined through negotiations between the two parties mr president i want to hear the call to preserve the international legal terms of reference an international
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law is not a luxury of this especially in the region the destruct by conflicts in a world subjected to huge challenges that were in no need for further un justified chaos really ago and this is a goal that takes into account what's a clear before our eyes of the huge or danger faced in case of the deterioration of the international legal system them that we reaffirm once again that the status of jerusalem as defined by security council resolution was honorable as a city under occupation that will not change and has not changed unless the parties agreed upon that issue through the negotiations and we call upon the un agencies to think he said the imagined hollanders on the palestinian question in a way that you. maintains the in the rights of the palestinian illegal including the right to establish an independent state along the fourth of june one thousand
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sixty seven lines with east jerusalem as its capital with the uk with them is another above the law line egypt well always after holding its pledge to reach a fair just and your ability peace in the region based on the parameters of international legitimacy thank you mr president i think the representative for his statement are now give the floor to the representative of the united kingdom thank you mr president both for giving me the floor and for scheduling this important meeting at nicholai thank you for your briefing in particular for your unequivocal support for the two state solution and for your warnings against unilateral measures that jeopardize the prospect of a sustainable peace for israel is and palestinians from the outset i would like to make clear that the united kingdom's position on the status of jerusalem is clear
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and longstanding it should be determined through a negotiated settlement between the israelis and the palestinians and jerusalem should ultimately be the shared capital of the israeli and palestinian states in line with relevant security council resolutions including two four two four seven eight and twenty three thirty four we regard east jerusalem as part of the occupied palestinian territories. we therefore disagree with the u.s. decision to move its embassy to jerusalem and unilaterally to recognize jerusalem as the capital of israel before a final status agreement these decisions are helpful to the prospects for peace in the region a name that i know all of us in this council remain committed to the british embassy to israel is based in tel aviv and we have no plans to move it. mr president we share president trump's desire to bring an end to this conflict we
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welcome his commitment to a two state solution negotiated between the parties we note is a clear acknowledgment of the importance of the final status of jerusalem including the sovereign boundaries within the city which must be subject to negotiations between the parties we remain committed to an israeli palestinian peace agreement that is based on one nine hundred sixty seven borders with agreed and equal land swaps reflecting both parties national and religious interests and with jerusalem as the shared capital of an israeli and palestinian state this outcome must be determined through a final status agreement and a just fair agreed and realistic settlement for refugees that is demographically compatible with the principle of two states for two peoples mr president we recognize that jerusalem holds huge significance and holiness for jews muslims and
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christians we reiterate the fundamental necessity of maintaining the status quo at the holy sites in particular the temple mount al sharif and we welcome president trumps call on the parties to maintain that status quo access and religious rights of both peoples must be respected we value jordan's important role as custody of the holy sites and remain fully supportive of their efforts to maintain calm we are deeply concerned by continued developments on the ground that undermine the prospects for a two state solution as the quartet has made clear settlement construction and expansion particularly in east jerusalem is a significant barrier to achieving that solution. terrorism and incitement to violence constitute another crucial barrier we will continue to press the parties to refrain from actions which make a viable peace more difficult to achieve
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a just and lasting resolution to end the occupation and deliver peace for both israelis and palestinians is long overdue recent developments demonstrate the urgency of progress towards peace today i reaffirm our strong support for renewed peace negotiations between the israelis and palestinians as soon as possible these should be supported by the international community and should result in a safe and secure israel living alongside a viable and sovereign palestinian state we welcome the un second general's intent to do everything in his power to support the israeli and palestinian leaders to return to meaningful negotiations and to realize this vision of a lasting peace for both peoples we strongly encourage the u.s. administration to bring forward detailed proposals for an israeli palestinian settlement the u.k.
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will also do everything we can to support progress and achieve the vision of a lasting peace to have the best chances of success the peace process must be conducted in an atmosphere free from violence we call on all parties to maintain calm and to work together in a spirit of commitment to this common enterprise on jerusalem specifically peace efforts need to take account of the people not just the land and the holy sites there are more than three hundred twenty thousand palestinians in east jerusalem the vast majority are permanent residents whose permits can be revoked at any point if they move away from the city israel often does not allow them back if they marry they face obstacles in bringing their spouses. if they apply for israeli citizenship and most do not a high proportion of applications are rejected their status must not be forgotten
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in any thesis effort mr president if all parties can truly take bold steps in the spirit of compromise i have no doubt that an agreement can finally be reached this is the only way to ensure the long term security that israelis deserve and the state hood and to the occupation that palestinians are calling out for this is what both peoples ought to have it has been denied to them for too long they meant i now give the floor to the representative of france. mr president at the outset i would like to thank the special coordinator for his statement. the status of jerusalem has been subject of specific security council resolutions and in this regard it pertains it is of concern to the whole of the international community as was recalled yesterday by
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the president of france mr emanuel not call for this reason together with a number of partners france adopted initiative to call this security council meeting. as was indicated by president mccall we regret the decisions announced by the president of the united states on wednesday to unilaterally recognized jerusalem as the capital of israel and to prepare for the transfer of the us embassy from tel aviv to jerusalem i would also like to underscore three elements which guide the position of france which have to do with law with the two state solution and with the risks of escalation the first element has to do with law the decisions to which i wrote which i just referenced by no means modify the parameters for the settlement to the israeli side to the israeli palestinian conflict set forth under international law the status of jerusalem must be
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determined by the party is under a peace agreement in the absence of an agreement pursuant to the consensus that has prevailed within the international community over the past seventy years france recognizes no sovereignty over jerusalem therefore in the wake of the june one thousand nine hundred sixty seven conflict we did not to recognize the next ation of east jerusalem this in the eyes of international law is part of the occupied territories in one thousand nine hundred eighty nor did we recognize the unilateral actions undertaken by israel concerning jerusalem the security council adopted resolutions four hundred seventy six and four hundred seventy eight prior to and following the adoption of the israeli basic law entitled jerusalem capital of israel these resolutions interrelate enshrined two principles the first principle
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is that any measure to alter the status of jerusalem and to alter the geographic demographic and historic karst there are six of the city is deemed to be no envoy. it must be abandoned the second principle set forth in said resolutions is that all united nations member states so who established diplomatic missions in jerusalem must withdraw them from the city and this is what took place subsequent to resolution four hundred seventy eight without any exemption lastly a little under a year ago with the adoption by this council of resolution twenty three thirty four was a reminder that no medication of the one nine hundred sixty seven borders other than one agreed upon by the parties will be acknowledged by the international community including in jerusalem. it is henceforth incumbent upon the united nations the united states rather to specify how president six december announcement
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aligns with this common legal foundation upon which all peace efforts are based and it is in comment upon us more than ever before to reaffirm our collective commitment to international law specifically to the resolutions of this council on a critical question that of the status of jerusalem which is the size of for any prospects of peace for without an agreement on jerusalem there can be no peace agreement this is the second element which guides our action the historic and religious significance of jerusalem in the eyes of all parties makes it among the key is to a resolution to the israeli palestinian conflict and a key to regional and international stability given its gravity its central positioning in the middle east its critical significance and
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its role in the collective imagination the israeli palestinian conflict is and specifically the question of jerusalem is profoundly galvanizing in nature and the scope largely surpasses israel in the past and palestinian territories for this reason mr president it is critical to duly seek to provide no pretexts for about a call movements in the region and on the contrary to encourage all statesmen and actors for peace along the same lines because it is saturated with the religious and historic so well is this carries the risk if we felt to take action it takes carries the risk of taking a political conflict which in and of itself carries risks of causing this to morph into an insurmountable religious conflict. that said
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france and its european union partners believe that jerusalem is to become a capital of two states israel and palestine pursuant to parameters to be defined by palestinians and israelis through negotiations together with jordan given its special role in this regard let us be clear there is no alternative to a two state solution nor is there a two state solution without an agreement with among the parties on jerusalem and in this regard we noted the stated willingness of the president of the united states or to support a two state solution we cherish the hope that this will pave the way to bringing the united states back into the fold of international consensus in the immediate term and this is my third message we certainly are greatly alarmed by
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risks of escalation on the ground following three days of clashes specifically in gaza and in a number of neighborhoods in east jerusalem we call upon all to exercise restraint to adopt all of requisite measures to restore calm beyond this there are negative repercussions throughout the region which should be averted we call upon all regional actors to refrain from feeling tensions and to contribute to pacification . so are. france is a friend of the palestinians we are a friend of these rallies as well for this reason will go we seek to speak truth by calling upon them to return the to the negotiating table indeed there is no short cut in the difficult path towards peace this
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requires negotiations and respect for the other. as the question of jerusalem is among the keys to the middle east it is more important than ever before to recall our collective commitment to conservation of international position on the specific status of that's of those cities at stake is respect for international law and the legitimate rights of each of the parties at stake is the legitimacy of the security council at stake is the conservation of the two state solution in all of these are guards mr president ladies and gentlemen dear friends you may count upon the calm system to a resolute support of france thank you i thank the. wrong so actually listening to quite an eventful united nations security council meeting on the u.s. decision to recognize jerusalem as the capital of israel and just to give you
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a flavor of the point that have been made repeatedly essentially everyone so far agreeing that jerusalem is a final status issue that can only be decided through direct negotiations between israelis and the palestinians as part of a final settlement and in accordance with international law and past u.n. resolutions a lot of concern here about the repercussions the u.s. decision could have in the region hearing representatives there saying that it could ignite protests in a region that is already very volatile and also a renewed sense of urgency in restarting talks and making some sort of diplomatic effort towards a two state solution so listening into all of this mike hanna who is the u.n. headquarters in new york and this is quite remarkable mike to have the international community at this meeting so united in their opposition to the u.s.
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saying that trump is violating international law not only do they disagree with his position they wholeheartedly reject it. well indeed the whole scene was set by the special coordinator for the middle east peace process nicholai that of egypt who made very clear the un's position on jerusalem that it is the subject of final status negotiations and that any unilateral act that serves to stop this actually undermines the peace process as a whole so this repurchase from speaker after speaker but also from the british representative a slight twist he once again conduct them to president trump's unilateral recognition but at the same time he said he welcomed president trump's commitment to the two state solution saying that it was knocked time for actions rather than just words and he urged president trump to proceed with outlining some form of
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proposal to resuscitate what has been a completely dormant peace process for a long period of time so the u.k. at least trying to take some kind of hope for some kind of traction out of what has been a diplomatic disaster for many members of the united nations being president trumps unilateral recognition of jerusalem as the capital of israel and we had that sense of frustration in the meeting just picking up on that point you are making my one thing that we've heard the trumpet ministrations say is that they're still very keen on striking the ultimate deal that they don't want to make any decisions on the sort of specific geographical division of jury silliman that there is still hope for a two state solution but here in this u.n. security council meeting we almost hear representatives laying down a challenge to president trump saying ok so let's let's do something let's see you
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actually detail your plans for a two state solution they want something more specific from. well indeed yes it has been pointed out as well that a unilateral recognition completely undermines the peace process and contrary to what president trump stated it does pretty judge of the outcome of those final status negotiations which would complete any form of process which would then be recognized in terms of un resolution the whole process has been governed by un resolutions this is what we've heard from speaker after speaker as well we look forward with interest to hearing the united states representative in the coming a half hour or so there's also some extra speakers who being allowed to speak in the security council session not members that is we'll hear from israel we'll hear from jordan and we'll hear from the palestinian representative so all of these
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statements coming up and no doubt we will hear some kind of justification from the u.s. and some kind of jubilation from israel thank you so much mike hanna live for us at united nations as like you say our coverage of the u.n. security council meeting will continue this after another day of protests and international condemnation now we hear opposition to that decision by president trump to recognize jerusalem as the capital of israel our coverage continues there's a couple of minutes of full well listen to me is coming up stay with us. the obstacles to being a female for double to find kenya simply made the challenge law appealing to bob but i'm the nice she. now with a single red dress countless volunteers and the power of her lend us she is exploring the lives of women from all kenyan walks of life the unique tales that
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sets them apart and the shared experiences that bind them together. they knew after the gunfire telegraphy at this time on al jazeera. intel chief i sense says. sure you keep the old stuff to keep. stuff. like she's in jail be iran for the
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thing. you. still have the. right. place. to shop for us fail to. see if you like kids eagle hunters still row mongolia's rugged mountains but how long can their culture survive the modern world want to meets those determined to save their ancient connection to the magnificent golden eagle at this time when al-jazeera. one dead and hundreds injured in violent clashes between palestinian protest as an israeli troops in the occupied palestinian territories. a global day.


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