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saying she's a child will be are a different thing. to. do you. still . like. shopping lists tailored to you if you like kids eagle hunters still roll mongolia's rugged mountains but how long can their culture survive the modern world one of those determined to save their ancient connection to the magnificent golden eagle at this time when al-jazeera. one dead and hundreds injured in violent clashes between palestinian protest as an israeli troops in the occupied palestinian territories. a global day of rage from
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kabul to kuala lumpur protest his rally in solidarity with the palestinians. hello i'm maryam namazie and london you're watching al-jazeera also coming up stop interfering in the politics of lebanon france's president makes a plea to foreign powers as he hosts the meeting in paris. rex it breaks through the u.k. e.u. work into the night to reach an agreement that paves the way for the issue of trade . it's been a day of rage in palestine where thousands are rallying against the u.s. president donald trump's recognition of jerusalem as the capital of israel but the protests have been mocked by by violence across the occupied palestinian territories. at least one person has been killed and hundreds injured in violence
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with israeli troops and them in solidarity rallies taking place across the world as well in a number of cities in karate in cairo istanbul london and berlin so widespread protests these pictures showing demonstrators gathering outside u.s. embassies in the muslim majority countries of malaysia and in the indonesia as well so seeing protests everywhere and also in all the developments the u.n. security council holding an emergency meeting to discuss trans declaration the secretary general antonio terrace insisting the status of jerusalem can only be resolved through direct israeli palestinian talks alan fisher is a lie first now in occupied east jerusalem and alan just looking at pictures there of protests taking place in a number of cities around the world but some intense confrontations in the west bank and border areas including gaza what's it been like over there.
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who has been relatively quiet i mean people have been angry they've been upset they've come here to pre the security forces have moved them off and that's led to a number of confrontations certainly no more than the but what we're hearing knows there are several disturbances and it is not far from here at least one two kilometers away from here but there are fires that are there have been using stun grenades as well to try and clear the area that security forces that's what we're hearing from the areas running to vote here so all the snow dark and it was relatively quiet here has been trouble elsewhere and they're expecting that to continue for the next few hours at least we know or that from people in the white house they believe that they were expecting or widespread demonstrations across the world on friday certainly the indications from them elite on thursday was that they thought the world reaction hadn't been quite as bad as they would expect to be here in east jerusalem a few confrontations but largely as you can see behind me the world famous.
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damascus things very quiet here interests going in and out of the gate as you would expect on any normal friday and of course we know that the palestinian authority has refused to stage any meetings with u.s. vice president like pants when he travels to the region saying what's been the reaction there and what is the general view on how the palestinians have approached us. the palestinians feel to a degree that the americans have taken a step too far too soon donald trump talked about making jerusalem the capital through the campaign and when he made his announcement forty eight hours ago he said that many presidents because remember this was a night that was passed in the one nine hundred ninety s. many presidents had been brave enough to take this step but the palestinians believe essentially that what's happened is this was what one senior palestinian told me it's like sitting down with a pizza and deciding how you're going to divide up pieces but then suddenly find out the person you're negotiating worth i started to eat the pizza and so they feel
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very cheated that the americans have made this announcement now donald trump in a statement said look this doesn't affect final status that's got to be decided between the two parties but the palestinians really don't think that's the case that donald trump has staked his claim on behalf of the israelis to jerusalem itself and so there is great deal of disquiet there certainly from the white house we're hearing that mike pence the vice president when he's in the area in the next week or so he's saying that it would be good if the moderate basswood actually sit down and talk to him he thinks it would be disadvantageous to them not to have that discussion he thinks it wouldn't be good for the peace process but palestinians are saying wholefood any time we sit down to chat we want to discuss these things including the final status of jerusalem and the president has essentially just decided what that is going to be before there are any talks so there's no point this is the palestinians. suring their displeasure at the decision that the us
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president has taken the think he's getting we're ahead of the rest of the world and that is why we're seeing protests elsewhere and of course east jerusalem today. you very much alan fischer in occupied east jerusalem. a quick look at what's been happening in gaza where one palestinian has now died dozens more have been injured in confrontations with the israeli security forces and that has called for a new into fodder or uprising against israeli occupation of the abdel-hamid centers this update on the day's events in ramallah. there have been confrontations and clashes. across the occupied west bank. here typically what happens. is that picking up stones from this field and. who are further back now there is a direct quote that. they fired. rubber
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coated bullets to push the news as far as possible now you can see also on that road. and what they do is that they burn tires to create a smoke screen from behind that they can continue throwing their rocks at this now we are also one of these young man what while he was doing this he was expected. we're doing this for jerusalem i don't expect anything from mahmoud abbas he needs to quit a lot of people so if there are problems with israel there have been similar scenes at krusty oaky pied west bank now it's unclear yet whether this kind of violence and unrest will pick up steam but one thing is for sure it is a lot of anger among palestinians. and shown. many now are still trying to come to terms. believe. it was
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a red line. to cross well many would tell you that that has happened now and it's time for the palestinians to rethink their strategy. alison unit has had called for a day of rage certainly still thousands marching in gaza but there are also casualties that too as high falsetto reports. two days on to donald trump's announcement the first fatality of the protests that sparked came in gaza israeli troops firing across the border fence with live ammunition. thousands marched through gaza's john. refugee camp leaders a calling for a new palestinian uprising. these marches will not stop until the liberation of jerusalem. they want only being severed also in the west bank and in the territories of one thousand nine hundred forty eight. in ramallah in the occupied west bank stone throwing protest is sheltered behind taia smoke and improvised
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barricades the israeli military had mobilized thousands of extra troops in anticipation. there was similar scenes in bethlehem just days ago the city ushered in the christmas season with fireworks now it's tear gassed streaking the sky. and the focus of it all there were protests too in occupied east jerusalem at the old city's damascus gate after friday prayers hundreds gathered regular scuffles punctuating and otherwise relatively peaceful protest there been sporadic clashes one of them is taking place right now it seemed to start when a young child needed medical attention there was shouts from the steps where people been protesting and then some people rushed down to where police security forces cordoned off where that child was being treated just a few kilometers away in west jerusalem an entirely different sort of a day president trump is a very good friend of his drill. he was promising every all that stuff before the
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elections and i think it's time. to accomplish his from missiles i think it's good. i don't think we need an approved from anyone bads. i think it's a bit dramatic and we'll worry to officially recognize jerusalem the us vice president stood behind donald trump during wednesday's announcement the palestinian leadership now says mike pence won't be welcome in the occupied west bank when he visits the region later this month it's a. as the u.s. is disqualified itself from leading a peace process this goal of a two state solution looks as if further from you are equals that al-jazeera occupied east jerusalem. while israel held a historic moment has been widespread condemnation of president trump's declaration i've seen people across the globe taking to the streets in solidarity with the palestinian people for more now on those well why protest this report from shell.
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will happen at the at the not that palestinian leaders have called on their people to take to the streets on friday but by midday protests have erupted around the world in indonesia the most populous muslim country demonstrators in the capital jakarta gathered in solidarity to denounce trump's decision. in calling on poor neighboring malaysia thousands of protesters help by cards with a clear message drucilla is not america's to give away. earlier malaysia's prime minister najib razak highlighted his government's position to the u.s. president's decision. hearing now from the u.s. ambassador to the united nations nikki haley speaking in response to trump's decision to recognize jerusalem as the capital of israel first nation to recognize the independent state of israel in one thousand nine hundred ninety five the u.s. congress declared that jerusalem should be recognized as the capital of israel and
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that the u.s. embassy should be located in jerusalem presidents clinton bush and obama all agreed with that position but they did not after they delayed in the hopes that a peace process would produce results. results that never came for twenty two years the american people have overwhelmingly supported that position and they have waited and waited. this week president trump finally made the decision to no longer deny the will of the american people it's important to be clear about exactly what the president's decision does the president has announced that the united states recognizes the obvious that jerusalem is the capital of israel he has also instructed the state department to begin the process of relocating the u.s. embassy from tel aviv to jerusalem that is what the president has done and
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this is what he has not done the united states has not taken a position on boundaries or borders the specific dimensions of sovereignty over jerusalem are still to be decided by the israelis and the palestinians in negotiations the united states has not advocated changing any of the arrangements at the temple mount hareem all sharif the president specifically called for maintaining the status quo at the holy site finally and critically the united states is not predetermine in final status issues we remain committed to achieving a lasting peace agreement we support a two state solution if agreed to by the parties those are the facts of what was said and done this week now there are a few more points that are central to the discussion of this issue. israel like all
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nations has the right to determine its capital city jerusalem is the home of israel's parliament president prime minister supreme court and many of it many of its ministries. it is simple common sense that foreign embassies be located there in virtually every country in the world u.s. embassies are located in the host country's capital city israel should be no different the united states took this step in full knowledge that it will raise questions and concerns our actions are intended to help advance the cause of peace we must recognize that peace is advanced not setback when all parties are honest with each other our actions reflected an honest assessment of reality i understand the concern members have in calling the session change is hard but we should never
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doubt with the truth can do we should never doubt that when we face the truth believe in the human spirit and encourage each other that peace can happen to those who have good faith concerns about the future of peace between the israelis and the palestinians let me again assure you that the president and this is ministration remain committed to the peace process to those who do not act in good faith to any person leader country or terrorist group that uses this week's decision as a pretext for violence you are only showing yourselves to be unfit partners of peace finally i will not let this moment pass without a comment about the united nations itself. over many years the united nations has outrageously been of the world's foremost centers of hostility towards israel the
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un has done much more damage to the prospects for middle east peace than to advance them we will not be a party to that the united states no longer stands by when israel is unfairly attacked in the united nations and the united states will not be lectured to by countries that lack any credibility when it comes to treating both israelis and palestinians fairly it is no coincidence that the historic peace agreements between egypt and israel and between jordan and israel were both signed on the white house lawn if and when there's a historic peace agreement between israelis and palestinians there's a good likelihood that it too will be signed on the white house lawn why is that it's because the united states has credibility with both sides israel will never be and should never be bullied into an agreement by the united nations or by any
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collection of countries that have proven their disregard for israel's security. to my palestinian brothers and sisters i can tell you with complete confidence that the united states is deeply committed to achieving a peace agreement between the israelis and the palestinians we have demonstrated that commitment over many years and with the investment of large quantities of financial resources and diplomatic energy sadly peace between the two sides has not been achieved but we will not give up our hand remains extended to you we are more committed to the cause of israeli palestinian peace today than we've ever been before and we believe we might be closer to that goal than ever before both israelis and palestinians have a very real stories to tell painful stories of challenges distrust
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and destruction but this conflict is not just about the task it must not be about all of those painful stories it must be about future generations palestinian and israeli children both deserve a future of peace one no more and no less than the other when those children are grown they should look back and look to this time when the parties genuinely negotiated for their state. these palestinian and israeli children deserve to have hope of a brighter and more peaceful future. our wish and prayer is that this is the time both sides stop thinking about present needs and start thinking about future generations i urge all countries in the security council and in the middle east to temper their statements and their actions in the days ahead peace remains achievable we must all do our part to achieve that thank you. are
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recruited to the united states through her speech and i give the floor right just listening to comments by u.s. ambassador to the united nations nikki haley speaking to the response from colleagues around president transfer as a recognition of jerusalem as israel's capital reiterating trump sentiment that really this is only a recognition of an existing reality. she also said that this what this isn't is a position on boundaries or borders there is no position here on boundaries or borders that the u.s. is not advocating for any change in the administration around holy sites in the city they want the status quo to remain in place and she also said that she is committed the u.s. is committed to last thing peace and a two state solution. mike hanna has been listening to all of this at u.n.
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headquarters in new york quite a defiant tone we hearing there from nikki haley mike it's nothing new that israel has long. had a sense of injustice when it comes to the u.n. forum they have long felt a sense of bias by the united nations against them but i guess what might be new here is the u.s. very much echoing that and also attacking the united nations for doing more against peace than than to further the prospects for peace quite harsh criticism of the u.n. . well we did hear from the u.s. ambassador very very strong criticism of the united nations which he claims is historically been biased against israel clearly the ambassador feeling that the best form of defense is attack she's been sitting in that chamber while speaker after speaker has made very clear the internationally why held belief that
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president trump did indeed prejudge the final status negotiations which are supposed to define what jerusalem should be now in her speech she said no that that is not the case that there is no prejudgment of jerusalem's final state and or no prepositioning on it that is clearly rejected by many of the other speakers that we've heard who made clear to that what is happening here is that the u.s. has directly floated what has been decades of u.n. position that the final status of jerusalem must be decided between the parties at the end of a negotiation process and then confirmed by un resolution the whole peace process so what that is offered the u.n. insists must be through that process of u.n. resolution and recognition of u.n. resolutions put bluntly the united states unilateral recognition of israel as of
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jerusalem as the capital of israel is a direct flouting of all u.n. resolutions on this particular subject we also heard the u.s. ambassador refer back to the decision by the u.s. congress back in one nine hundred ninety five which declared categorically that jerusalem was the capital of israel and it required president to sign a six month waiver postponing the physical removal of the embassy from tel aviv to jerusalem now all presidents that she's pointed out have repeatedly. signed that way a bit every six months including president trump himself who signed it on two occasions but her position was is that they did not have the courage all the indeed the political strength to follow through on what she says the american people want that's one particular interpretation offered many have argued that previous
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presidents recognized very strongly the danger and the element of pre-judgement involved in not only moving the embassy from tel aviv to jerusalem but in going even further and recognizing jerusalem as the capital of israel will be hearing ongoing criticism no doubt as the security meeting continues we are expecting as well the israel has been allowed in as an independent observer as has the palestinian representative so we'll no doubt hear deeply divergent positions from those speakers as this emergency security meeting continues and it is proving to be a dramatic u.n. security council meeting certainly more so than perhaps you're accustomed to but unlike our coverage of that thank you very much. i bring you some of the day's other stories are watching closely at least nineteen
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people have been killed fifty three others wounded in an attack on a u.n. base in the democratic republic of congo at least fourteen un peacekeepers and five congolese soldiers were killed in the attack on thursday night in the eastern province of north kivu of the un secretary general antonio the terrorist says the peacekeepers killed were mostly from tanzania he is described as a tragic day. they want to express my old truths and hard to break at last night's attack on the united nations peacekeepers into the r.c. i offer my deepest condolences to the families and loved ones of the victims and to the government and people of the un's anea and they wish a speedy recovery to all those injured i condemn this attack only quickly and these deliberate attacks against when peacekeepers are and accept a bill and constitute
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a war crime. now lebanon's prime minister is appealed for support from well how is it a summit convened by france said harry his surprise resignation in saudi arabia last month caused a political crisis as turned to global backers to endorse the country's policy of dissociation which allows it to stay neutral in the escalating regional rivalry between saudi arabia and iran french president emmanuel lakhani who hosted the meeting in paris called for an end to interference in lebanese politics while the u.s. secretary of state rex tillerson said washington wanted to help lebanon move forward on security and prepare for elections. i think with respect to saudi arabia's engagement with qatar how they're handling the yemen a war that they're engaged in the lebanon situation i think we would encourage them to be a bit more measured and a bit more thoughtful in those actions to i think fully consider the consequences i
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think we've been clear when it comes to yemen we have called for and president trump himself called for this week a complete end to the blockade of yemen a reopening of all the ports to not just humanitarian assistance but commercial delivery as well because about eighty percent of the food comes in on commercial shipments we are asking that saudi arabia allow that access i think goes to lebanon things have worked out in a very positive way perhaps even more positive than before because there have been very strong statements of affirmation about the future of lebanon which can only be helpful. a deal has now been agreed between the u.k. and european union allowing but senate gosh ations to move on to the next stage pending a vote in the european parliament gosh ations had stalled out of a citizens' rights off the bracks that the u.k. so-called divorce payments and in particular the border between northern ireland and the republic of ireland leave bachar explains. the end of the beginning for
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bragg sic talks the pritish prime minister arrived in brussels that door to sign off on a fifteen page progress report opening up the second phase of negotiations on post breaks it relations the commission has just formally decided to recommend to dupion council that sufficient progress has not been made on the strict terms of the divorce getting to this point has required gave and take on both sides and i believe that the joint report being published is in the best interests of the whole of the u.k. a deal had to be done imminently to allow e.u. nations to ratify it at next week's summit both sides have been forced to compromise we've been working extremely hard this week and as you've all seen it hasn't been easy for either side. one of the biggest hurdles has been over the border between the republic of ireland an e.u. member and northern ireland to be paid. for the past twenty years it's been
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completely open economically benefiting both countries but at the height of sectarian tensions in northern ireland there were checkpoints and border posts nobody wants the return of a hard border after break see it for the british government's part as in northern ireland the democratic unionist party also want to make sure the region leaves the e.u. with the rest of the u.k. the prime minister has promised northern ireland for alignment with the rest of the u.k. and with some existing e.u. rules the northern ireland county shares with the republic of ireland dublin says it's positively happy about this arrangement it keeps the borders open it keeps trade flowing but some pro british unionists a wary about being treated differently to the rest of the u.k. and some hardline unionists all interpret this as a possible step towards uniting the oil and of ireland. the deal has been clear on other sticking points e.u. citizens living in britain and british citizens residing in europe did get some
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certainty about their future the deal we've struck will guarantee the rights of more than three million e.u. citizens living in the u.k. and a million u.k. citizens living in the e.u. they will be able to go on living their lives as before but the european court of justice will continue to have some influence over british courts something hard line breaks to tears will not be happy about and when it comes to the brics it divorce bill an exact figure won't be known until trade talks begin it could be as high as seventy billion dollars it's been eight months since may signed article fifty which triggered britain's departure from the european union fifteen months remain to decide the details of the divorce talks will now focus on trade and security with many jobs potentially at risk in the brics a clock ticks ever louder. russia's foreign minister has accused the united states of provoking north korea into launching intercontinental ballistic missiles sergey
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lavrov said the military drills held by the u.s. and south korea may dialogue with peeling wang difficult after a meeting with u.s. secretary of state rex tillerson on thursday said moscow was ready to broker talks between pyongyang and washington with kim jong un ready to have direct talks you know that has more from seoul. this apparent message from north korea relayed through the russian foreign minister to the united states follows two high level visits to north korea the first by a chinese and boy and the second just this week by the u.n. political affairs chief that was the first visit to north korea of a senior u.n. official in six years now as far as south korea is concerned the government here says it wants to maintain sanctions and pressure against north korea to bring the government to the negotiating table south korea says the offer for intercourse talks remains open but that north korea has not been responding to that invitation
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one south korean government minister has suggested that could be because north korea only wants to speak directly to the united states but we heard from the u.s. state department spokeswoman that the u.s. believes that north korea is showing no signs of being willing to sit down and have a serious conversation as long as it continues to fire off a list of missiles before the most recent launch of an i.c.b.m. it had been more than two months since north korea had tested a missile or a nuclear bomb now in the wake of this latest launch it seems the timing is tricky and the united states is refusing to have any talks directly with. having that emergency counting of the united. nations security council council there in response to u.s. recognition of jerusalem as israel's capital. so it is by the muslim world. the president of hottest on president obama's emphasize that it crosses out all of the efforts of the international community on the middle east settlement. at the
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same time palestinian factions making up the palestinian liberation organization and also hamas called for strikes on processed marches in the palestinian territories on the west bank of the river jordan and also in gaza. in moscow the decision announced in washington was greeted with serious concern. we are of the view that a fair and reliable settlement of the long standing palestinian israeli conflict should be reached on the well known basis of international law including the corresponding resolutions of the security council and the general assembly of the united nations the stipulate the settlement of all aspects of the final status of the palestinian territories. including the so sensitive question of jerusalem through through the course of direct palestinian israeli negotiations.
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we are worried by the fact that the new position announced by the united states on jerusalem risks further complicating the situation in palestinian israeli relations and in the region as a whole. therefore we call on all parties involved to exercise restraint and to refrain from actions which might have dangerous and uncontrollable consequences. it is necessary that particular attention is devoted to the issue of guaranteeing freedom of access for all worshippers to the holy places of jerusalem. russia's principal position remains unchanged it stipulates facilitating a long term palestinian israeli settlement within the framework of which peaceful and safe existence is guaranteed for israel with an internationally. acknowledged borders and also the hopes of the palestinian people are realized for the creation
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of their own independence.


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