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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  December 9, 2017 6:00am-6:34am +03

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one of the two taunt series at this time on al-jazeera the international campaign to abolish nuclear weapons has been awarded the nobel peace prize in an exclusive interview with the winning delegation from the award ceremony and. asks whether banning the devastating weapons could finally lead to complete disarmament on algis iraq. witness documentaries that open your eyes at this time on al-jazeera. without him we cannot have. a stern warning at the u.n. as violent protests broke out against president trump's move to recognize jerusalem
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as israel's capital. along down jordan this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up the u.s. pressure saudi arabia to lift its blockade on yemen to allow in much needed aid. a last minute deal for u.k. n.v.u. reach an agreement to move the talks on to the next phase. and the devastating wildfires across southern california refuse to die out. at least two palestinians have been killed and more than seven hundred injured in violent clashes with israeli forces across the occupied west bank east jerusalem and the gaza strip the u.s. president's recognition of jerusalem as the capital of israel has also sparked protests around the world and the u.n. is warning that die. trump's unilateral move would spread unrest in the middle east
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mike hanna has the details. and animated discussion between the u.s. ambassador and the palestinian representative just one of the urgent conversations taking place around the room even before the session began the packed chamber testament to the depth of international concern and some argue the credibility of the security council itself is under attack if the council who does not. act accordingly toward its mind it east which is preserving peace and security then the council might become another occupied territory. speaking by video link from jerusalem the u.n. special coordinator condemned the unilateral u.s. action if the israeli palestinian conflict is not resolved in line with relevant un resolutions and in a manner that meets the legitimate national aspirations of both peoples interests being engulfed into the vortex of religious radicalism that has taken over the
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middle east italy's position on jerusalem remains unchanged speaker after speaker reaffirmed the un's position on the status of jerusalem and we believe that the future status as i said of jerusalem can only be resolved through negotiations criticism too from the staunchest of u.s. allies and the british ambassador also called on president trump to make good his purpose commitment to a peace process we welcome his commitment to a two state solution u.s. representative decided the best form of defense is attack over many years the united nations has outrageously been of the world's foremost centers of hostility towards israel the u.n. has done much more damage to the prospects for middle east peace than to advance one of the one thousand nations represented in the chamber on this day the u.s. position was shared only by israel the united states had the courage and to
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understanding of just this door physically state what i've already been known to you as this city and to reward israelis impunity undermines and essentially disqualifies its leadership role to seek peace in the region. by the jordanian ambassador exchanges high fives of the palestinian representative a key question remains hanging in the chamber how can the u.s. continue to be regarded as an honest broker in attempting to resuscitate a long dormant negotiation process mike hanna al jazeera united nations well as you mentioned thousands of palestinians right across the occupied territories against donald trump's decision perry for said was in occupied east jerusalem from where he sent us this report. two days after donald trump's announcement the first fatality of the protests it sparked came in gaza israeli
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troops firing across the border fence with live ammunition. earlier thousands marched through gaza's jabaliya refugee camp hamas leaders are calling for a new palestinian uprising. these marches will not stop until the liberation of jerusalem god willing they want only being severed also in the west bank and in the territories of one thousand nine hundred forty eight. in ramallah in the occupied west bank stone throwing protesters sheltered behind tire smoke and improvised barricades the israeli military had mobilized thousands of extra troops in anticipation. there was similar scenes in bethlehem just days ago the city ushered in the christmas season with fireworks now it's tear gassed streaking the sky. and at the focus of it all there were protests too in occupied east jerusalem at the old city's damascus gate after friday prayers hundreds gathered regular scuffles
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punctuating and otherwise relatively peaceful protest there been sporadic clashes one of them is taking place right now it seemed to start when a young child needed medical attention there was shouts from the steps where people been protesting and then some people rushed down to where police security forces cordoned off where that child was being treated just a. you can meters away in west jerusalem an entirely different sort of a day president trump is a very good friend of his rule. he was promising every all that stuff before the elections and i think it's time now to accomplish his promises i think it's good. i don't think we need that in a proof from anyone that's. i think it's a bit dramatic and we all weren't to officially recognize jerusalem the u.s. vice president stood behind donald trump during wednesday's announcement the
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palestinian leadership now says mike pence would be welcome in the occupied west bank when he visits the region later this month it says the u.s. is disqualified itself for meeting a peace process whose goal of a two state solution looks at the further from you are a force that al-jazeera occupied east jerusalem and al-jazeera was in ramallah during the height of the clashes and sent us this report. there have been confrontations and clashes. across the occupied west bank. here typically what happens. feel. for them back now. is that they fire. as far as possible. and what they do is that they burn tires to
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create a smoke screen behind. what why he was doing this he was expecting. we're doing this for jerusalem i don't expect anything from mahmoud abbas he needs to quit and let the people so if there are problems with israel there have been similar scenes at. west bank now it's unclear yet whether this kind of violence will pick up steam but one thing is for sure is a lot of anger among palestinians. and show. many now are still trying to come to terms. believe. there are. many would tell you that that has happened now and it's time for palestinians to rethink their strategy washington is warm saudi arabia that the
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ongoing blockade on yemen could impact u.s. assistance in the future secretary of state rex tillerson added his voice to calls from the white house to allow food water fuel and medicines into the water own country last month the saudi led coalition intensified its blockade on the air and sea ports after who the rebels launched a missile targeting riyadh aid groups woman yemen's at risk of widespread famine if the blockade is lifted don estabrook has more now from washington d.c. . well both the white house and the secretary of state warned about the humanitarian crisis in yemen for the second time in as many days today president trump warned the saudis of possible congressional constraints against u.s. support if this humanitarian crisis continues he says well we've seen progress we haven't seen enough improvements in yemen humanitarian conditions on thursday the president said that the blockade should and and that the saudis should allow food fuel and water and other supplies to flow into that country also today secretary of
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state rex tillerson waitin from paris i think we've been clear when it comes to yemen we have called for and president trump himself called for this week a complete end to the blockade of yeoman reopening of all the ports to not just humanitarian assistance but commercial delivery as well because about eighty percent of the food comes in on commercial shipments we are asking that saudi arabia allow that access now these comments came after air raids by the saudi led coalition killed twenty three people in yemen including women and children. a deal has been agreed between britain and the e.u. allowing regs that negotiations to move to the next stage pending a vote in the european parliament negotiations had stalled over citizens' rights the u.k.'s divorce bill on the border between northern ireland and the irish republic the bug reports. the end of the beginning for breaks it talks the
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british prime minister arrived in brussels that door to sign off on a fifteen page progress report opening up the second phase of negotiations on post breaks it relations the commission has just formally decided to recommend to dupe in concert that sufficient progress has been made on the street terms of the divorce getting to this point has required give and take on both sides and i believe that the joint report being published is in the best interests of the whole of the u.k. a deal had to be done imminently to allow e.u. nations to ratify it at next week's summit both sides have been forced to compromise we've been working extremely hard this week and as you will see it hasn't been easy for either side. one of the biggest hurdles has been over the border between the republic of ireland an e.u. member and northern ireland part of the u.k. . for the past twenty years it's been completely open economically benefiting both
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countries but at the height of sectarian tensions in northern ireland there were checkpoints and border posts nobody wants the return of a hard border after breaks it for the british government's part as in northern ireland the democratic unionist party also want to make sure the region leaves the e.u. with the rest of the u.k. the prime minister has promised northern ireland full alignment with the rest of the u.k. and would some existing e.u. rules the northern ireland county shares with the republic of ireland dublin says it's positively happy about this arrangement it keeps the borders open it keeps trade flowing but some pro british unionists are wary about being treated differently to the rest of the u.k. and some hardline unionists all interpret this as a possible step towards uniting the island of ireland. the deal has been clear on other sticking points e.u. citizens living in britain and british citizens residing in europe did get some
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certainty about their future the deal we've struck will guarantee the rights of more than three million citizens living in the u.k. and a million u.k. citizens living in the they will be able to go on living their lives as before but the european court of justice will continue to have some influence over british courts something hard line breaks a t is will not be happy about and when it comes to the brics it divorce bill an exact figure won't be known until trade talks begin it could be as high as seventy billion dollars. it's been eight months since may signed on article fifty which triggered britain's departure from the european union fifteen months remain to decide the details of the divorce. talks will now focus on trade and security with many jobs potentially at risk in the brics a clock ticks ever louder. parka al-jazeera london. time for a short break here and al-jazeera when we come back. as north korea's ballistic
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missiles alarm the world we look at just how developed is pyongyang's nuclear program plus. also they can have people continue to live here this is a one of a kind of saving the blue house a major victory in the fight to preserve the cultural heritage one of hong kong's oldest communities more in that state. how are they weather remains cool and damp across eastern parts of the united states sandy date across a good part of kind of the big area cloudy this massive vial of cloud but chasing some rather wintry weather and cold air really digging in behind where we need the cold air where we could do with the cloud we could deal with the rain just around the southwestern corner i'm for been to see any of that save the next few days l.a. getting up to around twenty seven celsius not helping at all with those wildfires
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those temperatures around six or seven degrees above the seasonal average and that'll be the case as we go on into sunday no sign of any rain in the forecast for a good part of california at least for the next ten days little more clout there into western parts of canada south of the border will see temperatures a satellite around ten degrees celsius clear skies over towards the eastern side of the country eastern part of canada will modest for the top temperature in ottawa as the winter weather starts to push out of the way crisp sunshine coming in behind warm sunshine meanwhile across the eastern side of the can. but for central west impasses big massive cloud will produce some very lively showers over the next day or two all the way from well panama the correct to a costa rica stretching across to make it into cuba i'm afraid is going to make its way further eastwards as we go through saturday into sunday. eagle hunters still roll mongolia's rugged mountains but how long can their culture
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survive the modern world one of those determined to save their ancient connection to the magnificent eagle at this time on al-jazeera. you stand the differences. and the similarities of cultures across the world. al-jazeera. welcome back a quick recap of the top stories here on al-jazeera at least two palestinians have been killed and more than seven hundred injured during clashes with israeli
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security forces across the occupied west bank east jerusalem and the gaza strip it was all part of a day of rage protest in reaction to u.s. president donald trump's decision to recognize as the capital of israel. the u.s. increases pressure on its longtime allies saudi arabia to completely lift its blockade on them and secretary of state rex tillerson added his voice to calls from the white house to allow food water fuel and medicines into the war torn country groups want yemen's at risk of widespread famine if the blockade is not lifted. and britain and the e.u. have agreed on a deal allowing brags that negotiations to move to the next stage it still has to be approved by the european parliament talks had stalled of a citizens' rights the u.k.'s divorce bill on the border between northern ireland and republic. but more now on our top story the backlash against donald trump's move to recognize jerusalem as the capital of israel demonstrators of last in solidarity with the palestinian people worldwide of the dome. reports. in
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tukey reaction to president trump's decision to recognize jerusalem as the couple israel was swift angry it started protesting almost as soon as the us president hobson if his speech on wednesday i was in smushed again on friday at one of stumbles biggest mosques that rage clear to discipline is not to start a red line for palestinians they chant. after obama goes i was proud of this precious thing i have one that is from one president. from osama was the next week he was the first thing i'm missing all the organization are from a country at once to see a consultant on. the program from this nation. in various countries protest as he did the calls by palestinian leaders to take to the streets on friday in indonesia the most populous muslim country thousands protested in the
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capital jakarta demonstrating this sort of data to with the palestinians and denouncing trump's decision. in neighboring malaysia protest us in kuala lumpur held placards their message crystal clear. is not america's to give away. as prime minister najib razak expressed his government's a position to trump's position. in egypt thousands gathered at the main mosque in the capital cairo. she didn't tell the american university of cairo as well as about institutions voiced their feelings to. why protesters in other countries while allowed to express themselves freely palestinians living under occupation was attacked by israeli forces when they are tempted to make their voices heard in the occupied west bank some rubber bullets were fired at protesters. israel's claim to jerusalem is based on a belief dating back more than two thousand years the court granted it to the jews
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while jerusalem has been under israeli control for decades now the united nations considers israel's presence there illegal. and expressed while the way it is because of what is perceived as an attempt by donald trump to smush these longstanding international consensus in a dangerous way mohammed at the wall just stumbled. at least fourteen u.n. peacekeepers and five congolese soldiers have been killed in fighting on a un base in the democratic republic of congo at least fifty three people were wounded in the attack in the eastern province of north. the shooting took place during medical evacuations where u.n. secretary general antonio says the peacekeepers killed mostly from tanzania he described it as a tragic day they want to express my outrage and hard to break at last night's attack on the united nations peacekeepers into the sea i offer my deepest
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condolences to the families and loved ones of the victims and to the government and people of tanzania and i we should speedy recovery to all those injured. i condemn this attack any critically and these deliberate attacks against un peacekeepers and acceptable and constitute a war crime. now on sunday the international campaign to abolish nuclear weapons will be awarded the nobel peace prize in the lead up to the ceremony we've been looking at countries with nuclear capabilities it comes as tensions remain high on the korean peninsula following pyongyang's launch of a new ballistic missile it says can reach the united states as it was kathy novak takes a look at how developed north korea's nuclear program really is. it's a secretive state that is quite open about its nuclear ambitions north korea says it's developing an intercontinental ballistic missile or i.c.b.m.
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that can deliver a nuclear warhead to the u.s. mainland a necessary deterrent it says against what it calls hostile u.s. policy or pressure on nuclear arsenal is for them. commit insurance policy for survival and is a source of salvation for north korean regime north korea first test fired a rocket in one thousand nine hundred ninety eight and started underground nuclear bomb testing in two thousand and six. simply or kim jong un came to power six years ago more than sixty ballistic missiles have been tested despite round after round of international sanctions this photo was released in september when the north conducted its sixth and most powerful nuclear test of what it said was a hydrogen bomb the most recent launch ended a two month gap for missile tests north korea says and analysts agree it was its most advanced i.c.b.m.
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yet and state media triumphantly declared the country's rocket weaponry system development was complete but is it from the window he knew in my opinion north korea has achieved about eighty to ninety percent of the technology of the nuclear weapons development. since north korea expelled u.n. nuclear inspectors in two thousand and nine analysts such as kim dong yup paid close attention to images and statements released by state media and some estimate the north could have around sixteen you clear weapons down. the lacking in north korea's nuclear missile technology is the reentry that is technology that would allow a nuclear warhead to survive the heat generated when it enters the earth's atmosphere at hypersonic speeds still kim says the international community's preparations and responses must be based on the assumption that north korea is a nuclear state if true chung yolngu says that is a very dangerous reality most kristie ohman nuclear state they cannot.
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cannot be deterred deterred when the moment comes the moment of truth comes that's the problem the threat from across the border has even led some south koreans to ask whether this country should have its own nuclear weapons or allow its ally the united states to deploy tactical nuclear weapons here but president moon j.n. has ruled that out saying when it comes to denuclearize asian on the peninsula south korea should lead by example kathy novak al jazeera seoul and you can watch an exclusive interview with this year's nobel peace prize laureate beatrice finn from i can she will be speaking to us right here on al-jazeera on sunday the tenth of december at sixteen hundred g.m.t. . a former president of georgia mikheil saakashvili has been recaptured in the ukrainian capital kiev authorities had put him on a wanted list to supporters helped him break free from police custody at
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a suite he's accused of receiving financial support from a group alleged linked to the former president viktor get a conviction it could potentially face up to five years in prison if found guilty kids took the forty nine year old at his ukrainian citizenship in july. u.s. president donald trump has declared an emergency in california and pledged additional aid as six wildfires continue to seep across the southern part of the state the fire as a force more than two hundred thousand people to leave their homes over the past five days shuffle reports from one of the worst of areas ventura county. when the wind dies down the helicopter crews go up here taking advantage of morning call to attack the thomas fire northwest of l.a. the largest of the fires burning in southern california it's now ten percent contained but still growing a slight break in the weather has helped firefighters in some areas and the fight ahead is all about how hard the wind blows and how dry the hills are there's three
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factors influence fire behavior fuel weather and topographic. weather is a huge factor it's the most variable factor that fire for wildland firefighters face across the region fires have burned through more than six hundred twenty five square kilometers of national forest land the coastal canyons and neighborhoods from san diego to ventura hundreds of homes have been lost thousands of people ordered to evacuate with likely more destruction and more displacement ahead the president has now declared a national emergency and ordered additional federal help thousands of firefighters have converged here from all over the western u.s. in this ventura neighborhood where the flames have been out for days and residents are now allowed back in kim gray walks us through the home she moved into when she was two years old i'm very sad but and but seeing it had to be the worst part this is the new normal for us. for
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a little while anyway she and her family got out just in time with only a few possessions when the fire erupted coming back has been so hard but she knows it's a shared experience making the region's losses very personal this house was here since one thousand twenty seven so this is like one hundred year fire i'm hoping that it won't happen again ever but. it might because we're so dry while the battle continues in the air and on the ground in southern california the grays and many other fire weary residents have no choice now but to turn to the future and the rebuilding job ahead allan shuffler al-jazeera ventura county now there are fears the digital currency bitcoin could be heading for a total price collapse tumbling by an average of twenty percent in just ten hours but going stock price by almost forty percent a record high of seventeen thousand dollars on thursday before tumbling on friday
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its value has more than tripled since the start of october and currently sits at more than fifteen thousand dollars. it was taken a decade but an historic building in hong kong has finally won the status of becoming a world heritage site the blue house faced demolition before a passionate community stepped in and waged a campaign to get the aging apartment building recognized by unesco so reports from hong kong. its color means it's hard to miss but it's not just the brought lou that makes this building a stand out this twentieth century shop front is one of the last examples of what's called tom low cantonese style buildings with balconies the house is just like one to your left in hong kong and but what makes this unique and special is the community thanks to its central location in one of the city's trendy restaurant districts the site known as the blue classed up face demolition by developers but
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locals tenants and conservation groups united against the plan and secured a government grant to protect and revamp the site we try to not just keep his circular things in good shape and update it with more than. the center of facilities etc but also to hit the neighborhood alive the original architecture has been saved inside and out downstate is dedicated to telling stories of the neighborhoods history upstate is home to some of its original tenants lived here for up to three generations it's that multi-functional approach that's now secured international recognition winning a unesco award for conservation in the process of. repairing the heritage we're actually we pairing it come with a thing that worked that what we have to see that in this project this is the first project in hong kong to secure
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a unesco prize at this level of excellence and while it's recognizing heritage conservation the judges think about the community's unprecedented effort in one of the most high pressure real estate markets in the world. to focus on restoring the cultural fabric of this neighborhood link bridges and walkways were built between the apartments to encourage residents to connect and they have kevin is one of the new tenants he's paying higher rent than the original residents that's being reinvested to maintain and build on the sides first time. project that the neighbors can stay here and also they can. continue to live here this is one of a kind of hong kong community is also hoping its success and this unesco award will be an inspiration to other districts who came to hold on to their cultural heritage sarah clarke al-jazeera hong kong.
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the top stories here on al-jazeera at least two palestinians have been killed and more than seven hundred injured during clashes with israeli security forces across the occupied west bank east jerusalem and the gaza strip all part of a day of rage in reaction to u.s. president donald trump's decision to recognize jerusalem the capital of israel. the un security council has held an emergency meeting to discuss trump's declaration the us ambassador said israel would not be bullied by the palestinian spokesman warn that jerusalem was a red line for the palestinian people. jerusalem significance to the palestinian people most limbs and christian cannot be under estimated president abbas in his statement of six december clearly affirmed our historic national and religious attachment to the holy city is declared asian along with those by palestinian officials and millions of palestinian citizens should leave no question that
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jerusalem is a matter of priority and redline for palestinians. the u.s. has increased pressure on its longtime allies saudi arabia to completely lift its blockade on yemen separate state rex tillerson added his voice to calls from the white house to allow food water fuel and medicines into the water on country aid groups are warning that yemen's at risk of widespread famine britain and the e.u. have agreed on a deal allowing brags that negotiations to move to the next stage still has to be approved by the european parliament talks have stalled of a citizens' rights and the former president of georgia mikheil saakashvili has been recaptured in the ukrainian capital kiev authorities had put him on a wanted list after supporters helped him break free from police custody earlier this week u.s. president donald trump has declared an emergency in california and ordered additional aid to be sent to the region six wildfires continue to sweep across the
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southern part of the state the fast spreading fires are forced more than two hundred thousand people to leave their homes over the past five days about five hundred buildings have been destroyed and ten thousand hectares of land burnt the flames are being fanned by strong dry winds which have started to die down but those are the headlines the news continues here on al-jazeera after wonder what the station that's watching. on counting the cost the gulf cooperation council although there's not much cooperation these days look at how the region is being affected by a poor is in economic relations also the shocking numbers on the plastic economy o.-m. g. twenty five years since the world's first texts and counting the cost at this time on al-jazeera. in the depths of winter the north east of mongolia can be. until you meet the people. here while.


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