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and the similarities of cultures across the world. so many times when you call home al-jazeera international bringing the news and current of families that matter to you. al-jazeera. escaping the war. finding a new identity. confronting the reality of racism in religion and the struggle to be accepted to. al-jazeera tells the story of what it's like to be lebanese and call australia home. once upon a time in punchbowl at this time on al-jazeera. we regard east jerusalem as part of the occupied palestinian territories. we
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therefore disagree with the us decision to be isolated with israel the us is severely criticized at the united nations security council over its declaration of jerusalem as the israeli capital. hello again i'm peter w. watching al jazeera life from our headquarters here in doha also coming up protests in palestine with the police two people shot dead by israeli forces. with demonstrations across the world against president crimes. this is a clear example of collusion with the foreign power new questions about donald trump's presidential campaigns relationship with foreign powers not russia this time but israel plus. only going in the navy says that they can only last for a week with oxygen butt. there are so many variables three weeks after an argentinian
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submarine disappeared at sea relatives of the group still hold out hope that their loved ones will be found. israeli forces have killed at least two palestinian protesters in gaza as the fallout continues from the u.s. president's unilateral recognition of jerusalem as israel's capital more than seven hundred others were injured in demonstrations across the occupied territories. and emotions a meeting of the u.n. there was strong criticism of the presidential move even from some of washington's closest allies mike hanna has more. an animated discussion between the u.s. ambassador and the palestinian representative just one of the urgent conversations taking place around the room even before the session began the packed chamber
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testament to the depth of international concern and some argue the credibility of the security council itself is under attack if the council does not. act accordingly to what its mind it which is personnel in peace and security then the council might become another occupied territory speaking by video link from jerusalem the un special coordinator condemned the unilateral u.s. action if the israeli palestinian conflict is not resolved in line with relevant un resolutions and in a manner that meets the legitimate national aspirations of both peoples interests being engulfed into the vortex of religious radicalism that has taken over the middle east italy's position on jerusalem remains unchanged speaker after speaker reaffirmed the un's position on the status of jerusalem and we believe that the future status as i said of jerusalem can only be resolved through negotiations
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criticism too from the staunchest of u.s. allies and the british ambassador also called on president trump to make good use profess commitment to a peace process we welcome his commitment to a two state solution u.s. representative decided the best form of defense is attack over many years the united nations has outrageously been of the world's foremost centers of hostility towards israel the un has done much more damage to the prospects for middle east peace than to advance none of the one thousand nations represented in the chamber on this day the u.s. position was shared only by israel the united states had the courage and to understanding of justice. dorothy surely state or that already been known to you as this engine to reward israelis impunity undermines and essentially disqualifies its leadership role to seek peace in the region. other jordanian ambassador exchanges
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high fives with the palestinian representative a key question remains hanging in the chamber how can the u.s. continue to be regarded as an honest broker in attempting to resuscitate a long dormant negotiation process mike hanna al-jazeera united nations. well the u.n. meeting followed another day demonstrations by palestinians in the occupied territories or a force of reports on how it unfolded. two days off to donald trump's announcement the first fatality of the protests it sparked came in gaza israeli troops firing across the border fence with live ammunition. on the. thousands marched through gaza's jabaliya refugee camp hamas leaders a calling for a new palestinian uprising. these marches will not stop until the liberation of jerusalem god willing they want any being that also in the west bank and in the
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territories of one thousand nine hundred forty eight. in ramallah in the occupied west bank stone throwing protest as shelter behind time a smoke and improvised barricades the israeli military had mobilized thousands of extra troops in anticipation. there was similar scenes in bethlehem just days ago the city ushered in the christmas season with fireworks now it's tear gassed streaking the sky. and at the focus of it all there were protests too in occupied east jerusalem at the old city's damascus gate after friday prayers hundreds gathered regular scuffles punctuating and otherwise relatively peaceful protest and there been sporadic clashes one of them is taking place right now it seemed to start when a young child needed medical attention there was shouts from the steps where people been protesting and then some people rushed down to where police security forces had cordoned off where that child was being treated just
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a few kilometers away in west jerusalem an entirely different sort of a day president trump is a very good trailer for israel. he was promising every. before the elections and i think it's time. to accomplish his promises i think it's good. i don't think we need an approval from anyone beds. i think it's a bit dramatic and we'll. to officially recognize jerusalem the u.s. vice president stood behind donald trump during wednesday's announcement the palestinian leadership now says mike pence would be welcome in the occupied west bank when he visits the region later this month it says the u.s. has disqualified itself from leading a peace process whose goal of a two state solution looks at the through the from you how does iraq occupied east jerusalem. well meanwhile at least twenty five people have been injured in israeli
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air strikes in gaza six children or among those injured israeli security forces say it was in response to rockets fired from gaza one hit the town of rot no damage was reported on the israeli side alan fischer is live for us in occupied east jerusalem these days of rage where do the protesters want this to go to i mean their central message is clear but what else is next for them. but i think that they're not entirely sure what they want to do is express their anger at what the unilateral decision by the americans which could underline the entire peace process this is damascus gate it is like any other december day there are tourists from all over the world coming here to visit the old city no sign of protests here but we're expecting in a few hours a larger protest in one of the main shopping streets which is probably less than a kilometer away from where i'm standing and there will be more protests throughout
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the day here people want to express their anger the not entirely sure where it will lead they're hoping that they will give their leaders certainly a suggestion that they are angry they continue to be angry and they want them to take the lead and give them guidance of where this should be after all they are the elected leaders there is a meeting of the palestinian authority in the next few hours there is also a meeting of the arab league what will we get out of those discussions. well certainly from the palestinian authority they will discuss whether or not they should meet mike pence the vice president has been dispatched by donald trump to the middle east to speak to the people here in israel in the occupied territories in palestine and also in egypt to explain the thinking behind donald trump's the session but you have to remember that mike pence is an evangelical christian who is one of those pushing donald trump into this and stood behind him as he made the
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announcement for the other meeting well we're expecting there to be condemnation of the united states action but certainly when we were listening to donald trump speaking at a rally in florida on friday night there is no suggestion that he is going to back down from this he didn't mention this specifically which is unusual because normally donald trump would say remember during the campaign trail when i promised that we would move the u.s. embassy to jerusalem will mark that one off i've already made that announcement and that is going to happen probably to big cheers from his supporters even though they don't fully understand the consequences of all but he never mentioned that what he did say of course is that the u.s. is not going to follow international anthem it's american troops american flag it was america fast that is why donald trump made the decision because he believes it is right for america so as far as the international condemnation is concerned he doesn't care he's made the decision that he thinks is right for his base and also right for america and alan putting on your washington correspondent head for a second i mean if the p.a.
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explicitly says mr pence you are not welcome we will not meet you because that then flip into being an embarrassment for the trumpet ministration. well they would tell you no they will say that might pence the they are already saying that if the palestinian authority refuses to meet mike pence then that would be unfortunate it would be disadvantageous to the peace process but jericho commissioners' is the main person who is his dealing has been dealing and his team with the palestinians his idea is that he will present a peace plan we think sometime early in twenty eighteen he's been going round speaking to all the parties asking what the red lines are his intention is to present a finalize plan which says this is what we are offering to both sides as a way forward we think this is doable by both rather than saying well if you do this then they do that and if you do this and we do that a process that was kind of followed in northern ireland and set the template for
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other negotiations around the world here it's just going to be this is what we think you should do it's not a car go ahead and do it so it will be interesting to see what the palestinian approach will be to gerry cushion and his team the next time that they are planning mike pence this is a calculated obvious not to let people know if they go ahead and don't meet him to say we are not happy with what donald trump and his administration has done alan thanks very much well protesters around the world to show solidarity with the palestinian people one of the largest protests in europe was held in the german capital berlin zeros dominic cain was there. many hundreds of protesters have gathered here in the brandenburg gate area and in the iconic location of the censor of the german capital to express their anger at the decision by president donald trump to recognize jerusalem as the capital of the state of israel for hours they have been here chancing their slogans of anger against the united states the protesters here ringed by lines of police officers all here to try to guard against
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the protesters getting their way around to the united states embassy building which is just over here behind my shoulders here and you can see the lines of police who are safeguarding the integrity of this the embassy building the points you make here is that the anger the protesters feel that the decision by president trump is a marriage to a certain extent in a governmental sense here in germany the foreign ministers it my god we are has said that the action by president trump may well have fueled the fire of anger amongst those in the arab world who do not want to see jerusalem as the capital of the state of israel the point to make here is that these protesters although they are loud and vociferously there are many hundreds there are not many thousands here the question will be watch action that's taking here rather that could shape any opinion change which is what they want to see taken place in the middle east. ela news at least fourteen un peacekeepers and five congolese soldiers have been killed
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after an attack on a u.n. base in the democratic republic of congo more than fifty three people wounded in the assault in the eastern province of north kivu the casualties are mostly from tanzania or ugandan linked on group is believed to have been responsible it is one of the worst attacks ever in the history of u.n. peacekeeping operations. they want to express my outteridge and hard to break at last night's attack on the united nations peacekeepers into the sea i offer my deepest condolences to the families and loved ones of the victims and to the government and people of their own zinnia and they wish a speedy recovery to all those injured. i condemn this attack any critically and these deliberate attacks against un peacekeepers that and accept of all and constitute a war crime the former president of georgia mikheil saakashvili has been recaptured in ukraine he'd been at large after his supporters had freed him from
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a police vehicle following his arrest earlier this week the ex-president climbed onto a roof before being dragged from his home by security agents really has been leading rallies against his former ally the ukrainian president petro poroshenko the police arrested him on suspicion of assisting a criminal organization saakashvili was stripped of his ukrainian citizenship in july. still to come here on al-jazeera in the u.s. pressure saudi arabia to lift its blockade and open the yemen's ports for much needed aid. from relenting when towering flames in southern california hundreds of thousands flee multiple devastating finds. holloway will have somali weather making its way into western process europe over
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the next day i'll say it's a temporary thing byelaws the majority of the weather is coming from the north always a cold direction that arctic blast making its way down across the british isles across that western saddle scandinavia and feeding well down into central parts of europe and you can see this cold front behind that that's why we've got the real cold air in place but where by in europe it's looking pretty chilly at the trees but not just five celsius there for london and paris single figures down into central pozen even down into thirty degrees the best we could hope for no woman than around nine sesa some snow on the other side of the adriatic as so pushing further is that sets him free feed of moderate coming in from the atlantic cloud right coming in hitting that cold air readily turning to snow as you can see across the the mountains and all the english pushed up into scotland and down across the low countries many and france and that will continue to drive this way further east was colder we're talking behind it's cold enough across northern parts of africa
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this snow woman about thirty or forty degrees some places a shabby rain just around the north coast of algeria and tunisia we'll see if a bit of cloud pushing towards egypt over the next couple of days. final question.
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welcome back let's just recap your top stories for you so far that the u.s. is facing isolation the u.n. security council in new york over donald trump's recognition of jerusalem as the israeli capital world leaders condemned the unilateral move at an emergency meeting of the u.n. security council earlier israeli forces killed two palestinian protesters in gaza more than seven hundred of those were injured in demonstrations against proposition across the occupied territories. one of the story at least fourteen un peacekeepers and five congolese soldiers have been killed in firing at a u.n. base in the d.r. seen more than fifty three people were wounded in the attack in the eastern province of north kivu it's the worst attack on a un peacekeeping mission in nearly twenty five years. thirty years ago today the
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first palestinian uprising known as the intifada began in gaza in fatah became a watershed moment when palestinians shifted to a more aggressive resistance that lasted for years and a smith now reports from occupied gaza. the first intifada was sparked by the deaths of four palestinians in december nine hundred eighty seven. by the time it ended in one thousand nine hundred three more than one thousand one hundred people had died sixteen thousand people had been detained palestinians had already spent two decades struggling with the injustice of living under israeli occupation . intifada the first time palestinians from all parts of society began such an intense resistance the protests evolved from boys throwing rocks and people marching to fighters attacking israeli soldiers and military targets palestinians went on strike and boycotted israeli products yet to demand the police pursued our
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young people because they refused to turn themselves in. the intifada was called by a number of groups affiliated with the palestinian liberation organization the p.l.o. . the group hamas stepped in as well saying on the resistance was the only effective resistance to israeli occupation of the. father from the moment hamas shifted from a peaceful resistance to an armed when israel started to feel the real power of the intifada. israel's military back thousands of palestinians were arrested on in one thousand nine hundred to four hundred twenty five many of them hamas members were exiled to lebanon former political prisoners say the israelis tortured them. to hit saudi capital in my feet were tied under an iron chair during interrogation they hit me in the stomach in genitals. the second
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intifada began in two thousand when al sure on visited x. a mosque in jerusalem he was leader of the opposition likud party at the time and said every israeli had the right to go there palestinians were outraged. is one of the holiest sites in islam more than three thousand palestinians and one thousand israelis died over the next five years this is the spot in jabalya refugee camp where the first intifada started thirty years ago an israeli patrol who was surrounded by hundreds of teenage boys in the soldiers run for cover into the buildings here and from there fired indiscriminately into the crowds and since then life for the palestinians here has only gotten worse there are virtually no opportunities for the young people here with gaza and the blockade the palestinians who will tell you that after twenty five years almost all of talks with the israelis they've seen nothing to come from the furnace with al-jazeera. well the
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story was the knock on effect from the story ramsey of the right one was a child when he took part in the first intifada thirty years ago today this is his story my name is the world one. thirty eight years old i. was born in bethlehem and grew up in that if you see a fight i'm ready to d.m. musician. and composer and activist thing this was on the first these of the intifada uprising and in that if you can. and at the time i would remember that these bunch of soldiers. you know who came and just. you dated a lot of space which was the camp we were playing or the kids you know we don't play in the house because our house is very small and in the camp the street is your playground you know and then we suddenly story and so we started to understand
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that this is the fire from the story that our grandfathers and mother were telling us i remember that there were many soldiers i don't know what's happened but i just ran. towards soldiers and i wanted to go as close as as much as close to to be able to kick them out of from the camp. the first intifada show you how we were all involved and having one object of you know working all together we missed that because we are confused between if we are free or i'm free we are in the new zealand we supposed to have a state but we don't have a state that's why we don't have a common. a common goal. today every time i try to go and travel and
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or go to other city he orders to point and order settlement i get angry lucky today because i have been into meant. that helped me to express myself differently and. get my message to the ward that i am unhappy. the israeli government has admitted to contacting members of donald trump's transition team last december before he was sworn into office the role of one person under particular scrutiny is jarrett cushman the president's son in law and she has written see. every day and leave my show and i think i may be talking about something else every day the u.s. networks exhaustedly speculates on the special counsel's investigation into allegations that the trump presidential campaign colluded with a foreign power and russia he says had produced nothing yet one aspect of the story has barely been mentioned the role of israel former trump advisor general michael flynn has pleaded guilty to lying to the f.b.i.
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about his contacts with the russian ambassador to the u.s. so jake his react at the end of last year now we know why he got in touch court filings show it was at the request of a senior member of trump's transition team that official is reported to be jarrad cushion or the president's son in law and middle east envoy at the time the obama administration intended to break precedent and not veto a u.n. security council resolution condemning israel's illegal settlements fourteen votes in favor or one. the special counsel has determined the israeli prime minister asked the trump transition team to intercede so it is reported to have told them to ask the russians to kill them both. not only that the israeli government was reportedly spying on obama officials at the u.n. and then sharing their intelligence with the trump team as part of this. effort this is all against the rarely used logan act
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a law which explicitly forbids us citizens from colluding with foreign powers to defeat u.s. government foreign policy the penalty is up to three years in prison this is a clear example of collusion with a foreign power it's inconvenient for many that the foreign powers israel. in fact and leading democratic party expressed his gratitude to christians want to thank you for making that effort and that's a clue as to why those who say they're hungry for hard evidence of collusion have been seized on the first actual illegal collusion that's been discovered in many respects trump is just doing what the democrats along with the republicans in congress have been encouraging the white house to do for quite a few years so the man driving president trumps the middle east policy is getting a pos here in washington even though he faces the possibility of criminal prosecution for illegal collusion with israel she ever chancy al-jazeera washington
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saudi arabia is being warned it risks losing u.s. support unless more aid is allowed into yemen the us secretary of state rex tillerson is calling for an end to the blockade of ports a saudi led coalition sealed all yemeni air and sea ports last month after hoofy rebels find a missile towards riyadh aid agencies one eight million yemenis are on the brink of famine as well as suffering the world's worst outbreak of cholera. the search for an argentinian submarine which went missing three weeks ago has been stood down but just who is above reports now from when as ira some relatives of the forty four crew members are still holding out hope that their loved ones will be found. so. the last few weeks have been emotionally tortures ones for. a father doing everything in his power so that the rescue efforts continue for his son and his shipmates twenty seven year old daniel was a crew member on the one submarine it when missing almost a month ago with twenty four on board this week than you would have graduated as an
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undersea weapon specialist. the navy says that they can only last for a week with oxygen but there are so many variables they calculate on forty four people surviving and what i say is what if only two people survive the explosion or one the amount of oxygen would increase so if only one survived are we not going to try to save him the edison one was last heard from on the fifteenth of november sailing from the southern argentine city office why yeah the commander of the vessel made contact with a base to see that water had entered the ship resulting in a battery multifunction not long after an explosion was detected not far from the submarines last known location the navy says that they will continue searching for the submarine but they insist that they do not expect to find any survivors they also announced that they're investigating three specific points close to an area
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where official sources say an explosion was registered twenty four days ago. the search for the missing sub has been an international one russia and the united states have taken part but weather conditions have been difficult in the southern atlantic the argentine navy says it will once again search the area where they nischelle i believe want to be but he found successful they would start shifting their hunt to the north towards the submarines final destination. it's like trying to find her cigarettes in a football field that's what we're talking about and how did. that is we are mostly focusing around four thousand square kilometers it has been checked twice but now will do it with the help of the united states. until last week much of a information surrounding the s. and one was considered a state secret even though the navy has said the submarine was focusing on illegal fishing their relatives want to know more. now we will have access to what the
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submarine was doing and the conditions the vessel was in with what generates doubts is what was a sub doing what was the mission all experts say the sun has no capacity to expel illegal votes fishing in the area we have many doubts because everyone lied to us from the beginning. the arjen time government insists there is nothing to hide and we. he has not lost hope that his son will come home alive. going to wrap up this half hour of al-jazeera with news of some live pictures coming to us out of california because the u.s. president will trump has not declared an emergency in california and ordered additional aid to be sent to the region of six wildfires continue to sweep across the southern part of california the fast spreading fires are forced more than two hundred thousand people to leave their homes of the past five days with lames of being fanned by strong dry winds.
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welcome of just joining us you're watching al-jazeera live from doha your headlines the u.s. is isolated following a u.n. meeting of the president donald trump's recognition of jerusalem as israel's capital world leaders condemned the unilateral move at an emergency meeting of the u.n. security council earlier israeli forces killed two palestinian protesters in gaza more than seven hundred others were injured across the occupied territories on friday in protest at the trump decision. at least fourteen un peacekeepers and five congolese soldiers have been killed in an attack on a u.n. base in the d.r. see more than fifty three people were wounded in the eastern province of north kivu it is one of the worst ever attacks in the history of un peacekeeping operations they want to express my outteridge and hard to break at last night's attack on the
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united nations peacekeepers into the sea i offer my deepest condolences to the families and loved ones of the victims and to the government and people of their own zinnia and they wishes speedy recovery to all those injured. i condemn this attack any critically and these deliberate attacks against un peacekeepers that end acceptable and constitute a war crime the former president of georgia mikheil saakashvili has been arrested again in ukraine he'd been at large after his supporters freed him from a police vehicle following his arrest earlier this week the ex-president had climbed onto a roof before being dragged away by a security agents saakashvili has been leading rallies against his former ally of the ukrainian president petro poroshenko the police arrested the former georgian leader on suspicion of assisting a criminal organization really was stripped of his ukrainian citizenship in july
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donald trump has declared an emergency in california and ordered additional aid to be sent to the region of six wildfires continue to sweep across the southern part of california the fires are forced more than two hundred thousand people to leave their homes over the past five days the flames have been found by a strong draw it winds up next it's inside story thirty minutes of wilkins top of the hour see that. the gulf cooperation council although there's not much cooperation these days with the regions being affected by accords in economic relations. numbers on the plastic economy. twenty five years. and counting the time on al-jazeera. smiles all around produce a last minute deal a breakthrough of diplomacy field and the collapse of the whole. leave stage two of negotiation this is inside.


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