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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  December 9, 2017 5:00pm-5:34pm +03

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it seems to be best if you're getting anywhere in this campaign called the. chief something that never happened before. singapore is being accused of expanding its coastline and illegally dredged satins some of the islands off the coast of indonesia literally vanished it's a big business smuggling sample and they will take this very through the sand is our fair game you see this beautiful beach but behind it is something that's not so pleasant the tragedy is that people are just not aware and ecological investigation into a global emergency sandals at this time on al jazeera. tense moments in parts of the occupied palestinian territories as people protest against
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president donald trump's decision to recognize jerusalem as the capital of israel. elementary and so they get this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up georgia's former president mikhail saakashvili goes on hunger strike after police in ukraine arrest him. bidding farewell to a rock icon thousands of fans lined the streets of paris to pay their final respects to french position johnny holiday. also taking half people's continue to live this is one of the town of hong kong we visit this neighborhood to find out why it's drawing international attention by the un's cultural agency is taking note.
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the arab league is holding an emergency meeting to discuss donald trump's formal recognition of jerusalem as israel's capital the us president's action has been condemned around the world and it's prompted protests funerals held. two hamas fighters to protest us who were killed by israeli airstrikes and shootings in gaza on friday elsewhere in the occupied west bank they've been confrontations between protesters and israeli forces palestinian leaders are meeting in ramallah to firm up a response to trump's announcement let's take you live now to occupied east jerusalem al-jazeera alan fischer is there where we've been seeing skirmishes between demonstrators and police for the last few hours allan what's happening now. we are right allan is not hearing us as you can hear allan you've got me now it's in the studio you're live on air. now allan can't hear us i tell you what well we'll move away and come back to that in come back to our in just
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a few moments five european nations have asked the trumpet ministration to put forward a detailed proposal for peace between the israelis and palestinians in a joint statement britain france germany sweden and italy called trump's decision on jerusalem unhelpful the u.n. security council has held an emergency meeting on the issue as mike hanna reports. an animated discussion between the u.s. ambassador and the palestinian representative just one of the urgent conversations taking place around the room even before the session began the packed chamber testament to the depth of international concern and some argue the credibility of the security council itself is under attack if it comes will not act accordingly to what its mind it which is present in peace and security then the council might become another occupied territory. speaking by video link from jerusalem the u.n. special coordinator condemned the unilateral u.s.
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action if the israeli palestinian conflict is not resolved in line with relevant un resolutions and in a manner that meets the legitimate national aspirations of both peoples interests being engulfed into the vortex of religious radicalism that has taken over the middle east italy's position on jerusalem remains unchanged speaker after speaker reaffirmed the un's position on the status of jerusalem and we believe that the future status as i said of jerusalem can only be resolved through negotiations criticism too from the staunchest of u.s. allies and the british ambassador also called on president trump to make good his purpose commitment to a peace process we welcome his commitment to a two state solution u.s. representative decided the best form of defense is attack over many years the united nations has outrageously been of the world's foremost centers of hostility
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towards israel the u.n. has done much more damage to the prospects for middle east peace than to advance of the one thousand nations represented in the chain but on this day the u.s. position was shared only by israel the united states had the courage and to understanding of just this door physically state or that or read been known to you as this edition to reward israel is impunity undermines and essentially disqualifies its leadership role to seek peace in the region. by the jordanian ambassador exchanges high fives of the palestinian representative a key question remains hanging in the chamber how can the u.s. continue to be regarded as an honest broker in attempting to resuscitate a long dormant negotiation process mike hanna al-jazeera united nations.
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i let's get back to alan fischer his and monitoring a demonstration in occupied east jerusalem where a police have been using stun grenades i guess that the crowds there allan. but there precaution grenades is the official name there they're saying please make a very load bang and they do make people start for a second but they don't tend to break up crowds that are as the term and as the people here in east jerusalem what you see is the police they've been running confrontations throughout the day and certainly the gentleman you see right in front of the camera there with the the camera and the phone he's been identifying stone throwers and then we have seen the soldiers move on mass at pace trying to grab the people that they think are responsible for throwing some of the stones but that's what we've seen stones being thrown here but this all started with a small peaceful demonstration a number of people number of older people as well he came out with a picture of jerusalem on the dome of the rock and they were intending moving
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towards headed skate which is probably less than half a kilometer from where i'm standing they went no farther than fifteen meters and then the police suddenly stopped them put up a barrier and said you don't have a permit you're not going any farther pushed them back and at that point that is where the confrontation started no i've seen the horses be used to break up crowds they've been plowing into people have no way to get away from them because if the does cars on the building it's very difficult to move in so people have been injured because of the horses we've seen the police take palestinian flags from people who've been that doing nothing more than waving them there was one woman holding a poster i'm not sure what was on the poster but we saw the police officer move up try to pull it from the woman she resisted and then he punched her fool in the face so there's been that sort of action and we've seen in response we've had people throwing bottles of water and some stones at the police which is going to move because this car is desperate to get through all the weather you'll get past the police lines i'm not entirely sure and you can see the smoke coming from those
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dumpsters as they call them in the in a to. states that essentially. the big rubbish bins and they're there in the been set on fire that gives a bit of smoke over people that are throwing stones for the moment things are slightly quiet but we've had that we've gone through periods of ten fifteen twenty minutes the codes gather again move down the street and then it leads to confrontation and fight what you see know someone who has been identified here just checking what he's got his pockets this is happening live here and i'll just get a life from east jerusalem and. the sending him away obviously he's satisfied that he hasn't been involved in anything but that's been the sort of pattern that we've seen over the last couple of hours. and the police have been have been pretty brutal dealing with some people who've come out mainly just to protest the decision by donald trump to officially recognized as the capital of israel the people here have been seeing we hope donald trump is watching the pictures that's coming out of east jerusalem this afternoon because then he when he talks of boat the only true
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democracy in the middle east perhaps he will rethink that has been the word from the people on the street they're not at all happy with donald trump and certainly not happy with the way the police and security forces have handled this protest here in the last few hours many thanks alan fischer there live in occupied east jerusalem the leader of egypt coptic church has declined to meet us vice president mike pence when he visits the region later this month it's in protest over donald trump's decision to recognize teresa lynn as israel's capital palestinian president mahmoud abbas has also refused to meet hence iraq's prime minister has declared the end of the war against i saw in iraq body says that his forces have regained full control of the country's border with syria it follows an iraqi army operation to push the last i saw fighters out of the area you know this one box the end of the three year water drive i saw out of iraq. donald trump's declared some
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of the worst wildfires in california history to be a federal emergency the u.s. president's order allows additional government resources to be diverted to help rebuild homeless which have been raised six wildfires continue to sweep across the southern parts of the stays two hundred thousand people have been forced to leave their homes over the past five days out of shuffler reports from ventura county. when the wind dies down the helicopter crews go up here taking advantage of morning call to attack the thomas fire northwest of l.a. the largest of the fires burning in southern california it's now ten percent contained but still growing a slight break in the weather has helped firefighters in some areas and the fight ahead is all about how hard the wind blows and how dry the hills are there's three factors that influence fire behavior fuel weather and type of. weather is a huge factor it's the most variable factor that fire for wildland firefighters
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face across the region fires have burned through more than six hundred twenty five square kilometers of national forest land the coastal canyons and neighborhoods from san diego to ventura hundreds of homes have been lost thousands of people ordered to evacuate with likely more destruction and more displacement ahead the president has now declared a national emergency and ordered additional federal help thousands of firefighters have converged here from all over the western u.s. in this ventura neighborhood where the flames have been out for days and residents are now allowed back in kim gray walks us through the home she moved into when she was two years old i'm very sad but and but seeing it had to be the worst part this is the new normal for us. for a little while anyway she and her family got out just in time with only a few possessions when the fire erupted coming back it's been so hard but she knows
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it's a shared experience making the region's losses very personal this house was here since one thousand twenty seven so this is like one hundred year fire i'm hoping that it won't happen again ever but. it might because we're so dry while the battle continues in the air and on the ground in southern california the grays and many other fire weary residents have no choice now but to turn to the future and the rebuilding job ahead allan shuffler al-jazeera ventura county the former president of georgia has been rearrested in ukraine for days off to make out saakashvili supporters freed him from a police van on tuesday these were the scenes when he climbed onto the roof. before being dragged away by police in key if he's accused of assisting a criminal organization such as philly says the accusations against him are politically motivated. he said he's going on
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a hunger strike indefinitely he will refuse any attempt to force feed him if a preventative measure of sixty days of rest is approved he will go on a more severe strike. michael bossa q. is a global affairs analyst he believes the socket for these rearrest is a diversionary tactic by the government. a lot of analysts including myself see this as part of sheinkopf administration again very desperate to get attention away from their lack of action on corruption to cause a distraction and i don't saakashvili but look at saakashvili i don't think he's our names are we there but however he is saying the right things that are attracting attention here and i'm just today speaking of sleeping tiger is yulia timoshenko of the former prime minister has issued a very very harsh statement against polish i'm caught criticizing his actions so it looks like she may actually ally with with some kind of really incredible team
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given their resources and their strong rhetoric there was a protest camp by the way which he was part of starting this protest camp has been here for weeks now and it's in the center of the government quarter so it shows you their reserves their ability to mobilize their tenacity to really stick around even and cold temperatures so i don't think this is going to go away any time soon but you know it needs to be said that the international community is watching this very very carefully but at the same time they're harshly criticizing punish sheinkopf and his allies for trying to stem stymie and to corruption out here especially kicking out to crush the can down the enterprise from body more has been done to tarnish ukraine's been makes in the past week then and months and months and months of positive p.r. . we'll get a weather update next year and as they were then. trying to help arrange a go recount harrowing story of persecution in vietnam. but it is reading
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cross he faces a popularity test and one of its main strongholds for tony. hello again is tending koa now for some of us in parts of china you can see shanghai getting to thirteen degrees there on sunday but you can also see the winds firing down from the north of melbourne make sure it's not quite that mild as we head through into monday so the temperature is dropping off a little bit further this time no higher than eleven degrees further south of course in hong kong we should get to around twenty three you see the winds fiji in the moisture towards vietnam so there will be a bit more cloud around her noise and the chance of a shower and more of a chance on tuesday too as we head towards the west here is all tropical so i
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climbed this gradually tracking its way towards the north it doesn't have particularly strong winds but it does have some very heavy rain associated with it so for the eastern policy of india particular round cold cuts of the it looks like it's going to be very wet but that rain will gradually begin to pull away during the day on sunday then bangladesh will see the heavy downpours this is a region that's normally roll the draw at this time of year so if you're unprepared you could have an issue with flooding eventually though that will move away a monday does look an awful lot drier just a few residual showers here but instead we're going to see another system for the north you can see it here very heavy downpours turning to snow as you might expect over the mountains as it sweeps its way eastwards is bringing rain. the psychological get out of the shooting people are not able to shoot to burn themselves and their other countries have managed to solve this problem are you
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worried that this conflict could erupt into an outright open war that the city's jamaal security should be all the people who pay the price clearly their rights have been prejudiced setting the stage for serious debate up front at this time on al-jazeera. and again the top stories on al-jazeera this up a test as of confronted security forces for a fourth day in the occupied palestinian territories up donald trump's recognition of jerusalem as israel's capital the arab league is holding a version c.b.c. to discuss its response. the lawyer for the former president of georgia mikheil
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saakashvili says that he's on a hunger strike he's protesting against his rearrest ukraine four days after his supporters freed him from a police baton kiev. and u.s. president donald trump has declared one of the world's one of the worst wildfires in california has history to be a federal emergency two hundred thousand people have been forced to leave. over the past five days. the first phase of assembly elections in india is good or that states is over polls there have closed the next round will be in five days could you that has been a stronghold for prime minister but modi's but r.t. if you're not a party for more than two decades the opposition congress party is trying to win votes by highlighting the b j p's unpopular decision to introduce a sales tax and to remove high value banknotes from circulation bill and john welcome hi is a journalist and author he says that polarizing decisions by the b j p have made
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this election a close race. since the opinion polls have been conducted from august the leads in the surveys have slipped by almost about seventeen per cent and this is slipping primarily because of the unpopular decisions and agitations going on in the state of which there are parky a result of the huge political vacuum that was left in the state after mr modi moved to center and become the prime minister in his absence the seat has the party that we g.p. has floundered in the state of gujarat and has not been able to manage the situation that is what has resulted in a huge amount of uprising from various sections of people various social groups have been agitating for the blast almost two and a half years so what was supposed to have been a video routine simple election for mr moody to win has suddenly turned on his head and it's opposing probably the biggest challenge in three and a half years since he became the prime minister of india i think it's really going
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to go down to the wire this is an election which pollsters are finding it extremely difficult to call because of what shares of the two parties the b.g.p. in the congress are almost at par with each other the final assessment is that in the last three days mr modi has entered into of highly personalized. campaign where he's firstly spending about thirty to forty meetings in a very small state which is unprecedented for prime minister takes so much of time on an election campaign in such a small state manned mars army is being accused of deliberately targeting children who are escaping a military crackdown in rakhine state a nine year old girl has told al jazeera how she survived being shot three times as she crossed into bangladesh where more than six hundred twenty five thousand granger a seeking sanctuary child stratford reports now from the thank kali refugee camp there cox is bizarre. as you choose grandmother karl to hold back the tears
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it's a miracle the nine year old girl is a lawyer. she to says she was shot three times by myanmar army soldiers as she fled her village of torm bazaar three and a half months ago. the bullets went through her right leg her left arm and her right arm pit myanmar soldiers shot her mother and father dead. says as he too was trying to escape in a boat with a young boy when the army opened fire at them you know how your little. we were running and crying trying to escape he says i got in a boat and heard gunshots as i was in a different boat when the ministry shelter gitta they were around thirty and now tears away from her after seeing the head shot i felt i don't know i am bound to die. the bullet wound on the infected and won't heal.
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infections are common in the camp with hundreds of thousands of other refugees it's not known how many children have been killed by the myanmar military in this recent crackdown on the river injure the myanmar government is refusing any kind of independent investigation but what's so shocking about this case is that having spoken to two witnesses and the medics treating her all evidence suggests that the myanmar soldier knowingly shots at a nine year old girl from close range. is sort of indicative of a hard life the weapon and i watch caliber bullet of something of a seven sixty nine and like a five five six bullet which would tend to hit in bath ran and do a lot of internal damage given also the trajectory we think that it would be with him for fifty made a range limit the shooter was operated on in a malaysian government field hospital near the refugee camp tiny pieces of fabric
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from the clothes she was wearing when she was shot infected the wound. doctors hope as each is physical and going to will eventually subside but it's unlikely the terrifying memories of what she and her grandmother saw in myanmar will ever disappear. chance trafford al-jazeera think ali refugee camp bangladesh. hundreds of thousands of rock n roll fans in france saying goodbye to their hero notice the french elvis johnny holiday scoffing was driven down the shelves elisei in paris the seventy four year old died on wednesday president about the all mark wrong he was a big fan delivered the eulogy at a tribute ceremony one hour from. his in paris. well this is certainly a day of mourning and says rock n roll star johnny holiday but there's also been
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a sense of celebration as many people come here just really. they say he has touched the lives of generations he's a national icon for them he is more than francis elvis he is a person that many people here feel almost no part of our generation also generation of our parents for example you was about the same age of my dad the past two years ago so it's very special to me and i remember my dad singing. every moment real time where to go over. my memories that we turn today but i know she's taking that journey and it's very sad because the different parts of. the story of many people here is often called from and says elvis but outside the french speaking world many people have been baffled by the success of the leather clad walk in seeing him as more. than cool but there is no doubt that in france he is deeply revered and that is why so many people have come out here today to say that
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. britain's foreign minister is in iran to push for the release of a woman who is serving a five year prison sentence there for spying iran's foreign minister moussa job at the reef welcomed boris johnson and. now the ratcliffe who has dual british irradiance citizenship denies espionage johnson is accused in the u.k. of seriously harming her case by saying that she was training journalists iranian leaders said that was proof that she was a government threat. on sunday the peace prize will be handed to the international campaign to abolish nuclear weapons at a ceremony in oslo israel is estimated to have more than one hundred nuclear warheads the true ternium for the weapons comes from israel's only nuclear reactor perry forces reports now from jerusalem. when it comes to nuclear weapons israel's
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priority is clear preventing iran from acquiring them it's become a familiar theme of israeli foreign policy and recently in the chaos of the syrian civil war it's been joined by another oft repeated objective preventing iran from gaining a military foothold in syria and a corridor through to the hezbollah fighters it backs in lebanon we will not allow a regime hell bent on the mileage out of the jewish state to acquire nuclear weapons. we will not allow the regime to drench itself militarily in syria as it seeks to do for the express purpose of eradicating our state israel has supported donald trump's decertification of the iran nuclear deal struck by the obama administration to prevent iran acquiring nuclear weapons and says it will take direct military action against iran's nuclear program if it deems it necessary but for some israelis there's another nuclear issue to worry about a home grown one israel's reactor in the southern negev desert is now more than fifty years old and according to a recent written government answer to
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a member of israel's parliament the knesset it could have its operating life extended into the twenty forties or even beyond the dimona reactor which began its life in one thousand nine hundred sixty three is one of israel's most closely guarded secret installations is thought to have produced hundreds of kilograms of plutonium in that time more than enough for the scores of warheads israel is believed to possess but doesn't declare under its policy of nuclear ambiguity a study made public last year found more than fifteen hundred defects within the reactor core israel's atomic energy commission has declared it safe chemist oozy evan work to dimona in its earliest days he says the decision to extend by decades the life of one of the world's oldest operating reactors can only increase the risk of an accident that mantle for the asian and can speak of the local neighboring county all within this and israel is much much smaller. and in focus she model is on. but there is a chance that it will happen one day and that is the reason why
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a clam look we don't need it anymore for israel however a functioning reactor is a reminder to the region of the deterrent that it refuses to declare building a new reactor would come with financial and political costs that would be hard to bear and so as israel demands that iran's nuclear program is further restricted the legacy of its own twentieth century project continues to operate further than anyone expected into the twenty first are a force that al-jazeera west jerusalem. it's taken a decade but of historic building in hong kong has finally been recognized by the un's cultural body unesco the blue house was scary to be demolished until the local community stepped in clock reports from. its color means it's hard to miss but it's not just the brought lou that makes this building a stand out this twentieth century shop front is one of the last examples of what's called tom low cantonese style buildings with balconies the house is just
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one to your left in the home and but what makes this unique and special is the community thanks to its central location in one of the city's trendy restaurant districts the site known as the blue classed up face demolition by developers but locals tenants and conservation groups united against the plan and secured a government grant to protect and revamp the size we try to not just keep his buildings in good shape and. worth more than. the center of facilities etc but to hear the old neighborhood alive the original architecture has been saved inside and out downs to is dedicated to telling stories of the neighborhoods history upstate is home to some of its original tenants lived here for up to three generations it's that multi-functional approach that's now
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secured international recognition winning and unesco award for conservation in the process of. repairing their heritage we're actually we pairing it come with a thing that worked we have the studio in this project this is the first project in hong kong to secure a unesco prize at this level of excellence and while it's recognizing heritage conservation the judges think about the community's unprecedented effort in one of the most high pressure real estate markets in the world to focus on restoring the cultural force. brick of this neighborhood link bridges and walkways were built between the apartments to encourage residents to connect and they have kevin is one of the new tenants he's paying higher rent than the original residents but that's being reinvested to maintain and build on the size it's the first time. project that the neighbors can stay here and also they can have people continue to live here this is one of the town hall the community is also hoping its success and this
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unesco award will be an inspiration to other districts who came to hold on to their cultural heritage sarah clarke al-jazeera hong kong. goods everywhere the savory and for good here in doha the top stories this hour protesters have confronted security forces for a fourth day in the occupied palestinian territories after donald trump's recognition of jerusalem as israel's capital the arab league is holding an emergency meeting to discuss its response alan fischer has more for us now from occupied east jerusalem. this all started with a small peaceful demonstration a number of people number of older people as well with a picture of jerusalem on the dome of the rock and they were intending moving towards harrods gate which is probably less than half a kilometer from where i'm standing no farther than fifteen meters and then the
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police suddenly stopped them put up a barrier and said you don't have a permit you're not going any further push them back and at that point that is where the confrontation started the leader of egypt's coptic church just a client to meet us vice president mike pence when he visits the region later this month it's in protest over donald trump's decision to recognize jerusalem as israel's capital palestinian president mahmoud abbas is also refused to meet pence in paris people have been protesting against israel's prime minister his upcoming visit benjamin netanyahu is set to meet france's president of money on sunday mike ross says that it's regrettable but trump has decided to recognize jerusalem as israel's capital. the lawyer for the former president of georgia mikheil saakashvili says he's going on hunger strike he's protesting against his rearrest in ukraine four days after his supporters freedom from a police van in kiev saakashvili says that police accusations are politically motivated hundreds of thousands of rock'n'roll fans in france have been saying
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their goodbyes to their hero known as the french elvis johnny halliday's coffin was driven along the shores elisei in paris seventy four year old died on wednesday president back wrong it was a big fan delivered the eulogy at a tribute ceremony more news on al-jazeera after upfront next. he was born in ireland but it seventeen found himself in the middle of a political revolution in egypt i went on stage and i spoke about democracy i was put in a cell if you like it's sixty people and people after four years imprisoned in cairo ibrahim holloa talks to al-jazeera at this time donald trump says jerusalem is the capital of israel and the palestinian authority says if that's the case the two state solution is dead but why did the palestinian leadership have so much faith in the united states to begin with i'll ask the palestinian ambassador to the u.s. and in the arena we'll debate how serious
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a threat the far right poses to democracy in europe.


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