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and we have come to like human consumption and culture and groups like concerned about the impact of millions of people moving here in the lakes restaurants and towns she says she is concerned about what the future holds but has faith in the government if you have more people you have more and the environment could be damaged but i believe the government will look after us. ping's legacy project many people believe if he has the will and the resources to create a development here that's three times the size of new york then it should be within his power to do it in an environmentally friendly way. more protests in the palestinian territories against president trump's jerusalem
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move but the arab league stopped short of calling for. hello i'm down this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up iraq declares its war with and said just now in complete control of the iraqi syrian border. the fact that. after. seventy years after the u.n. votes to probe atomic bombs the nobel prize is set on a campaign to ban nuclear weapons altogether. residents in california return to what's left of their homes with fears that high winds could further the wildfires. dozens of palestinians have been injured and arrested during a fourth day of protests against a u.s. decision to declare jerusalem the capital of israel in occupied east jerusalem
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israeli forces fired stun grenades and tear gas as a child through a crowd of peaceful demonstrators at one of the city's busiest shopping streets al-jazeera. i think you know there's you know it started as a small protest handful of people but as they walked towards all jerusalem dome one of the city's busy shopping streets there was blogged by police and soldiers told they had no permit to march that they were blocking the road they were forcibly pushed back to it was in a city where anger has been close to the surface since donald trump's controversial decision it sparked a series of running confrontations and was the police sent in horses to break up the crowds creating widespread anger and panic this has been a pattern throughout the afternoon as crowds gather by the side of the street the horses have been sent ten at some pace to try and break those crowds up the writers have even been using their weapons it really is quite frightening for the people
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who are standing here watching these horses racing towards them. i don't want to see that we're getting here because i want to bend the back down and then yeah i know where we never give up this is our country we'll save it was the clerk at that and i was seven at the antennas and it was. using. the security forces using grenades and there were reports of injuries from rubber coated steel bullets if anyone produced a palestinian flag it was taken from them forcibly sometimes violently the flags destroyed in front of their face was there the. then the woman we spoke to earlier was arrested the police couldn't tell is why. this is what's happening and generously in journalism it will be thorough and that
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if you're based in jerusalem it will be through the capital of palestine. through the afternoon the security forces backed off the crowds gathered the police moved up and the whole cycle began again. the security forces tried to grab people they thought were throwing stones at them identified by police photographers who'd been in the crowd by nightfall the situation had stabilized but the under come to attention and the anger was still there but she was no sign of going away alan fischer al jazeera in occupied east jerusalem else a funeral is have been held in gaza for two of the four people killed during the unrest there to hamas fighters were killed by israeli air raids israel's military says it was targeting hamas weapon sites in retaliation for rockets fired into israel late on friday at least twenty five palestinians including six children also wounded in the evening bombing according to officials separately two palestinians
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were killed by live file while protesting on friday. israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu is accusing european officials of hypocrisy for criticizing donald trump's decision it comes as the french president emmanuel model is set to host netanyahu on sunday but his visit has triggered angry protests in the french capital. so. i ascribe great importance to europe while i respect europe i am not prepared to accept a double standard from it i hear voices from their condemning president trumps historic statement but i've not heard condemnations of the rockets fired israel or the terrible incitement against it i'm not prepared to accept this apoc recy and as usual at this important forum i will present israel's truth without fear and with head held high. unacceptable and dangerous that's the reaction to donald trump's declaration from the arab league as an emergency session in the egyptian capital cairo the arab league has also said u.s. action is illegal according to international law and just reports. at an emergency
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session of the arab league a show of unity and anger the twenty two nations that make up the organization gathered in cairo to forcefully reject u.s. president donald trump's recognition of jerusalem as israel's capital of this decision threatens jury sims legal status and affects all the arab muslims and christians and the islamic world all together we would like to be frank and call things by their real name the decision taken by the american administration to recognize jerusalem as the capital of israel and to move the american embassy to jerusalem is unacceptable and very dangerous the arab league has long been involved in the palestinian struggle first by denouncing the creation of israel and through its involvement in the one nine hundred forty eight arab israeli war. it later supported the creation of the first international body representing the palestinian people which led to the formation of the palestinian liberation organization or
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p.l.o. which was admitted as a member in one thousand nine hundred sixty four. three years later after the six day arab israeli war league issued the so-called khartoum resolution which set what became known as the three no no peace with israel no recognition of israel and no negotiations with it. but at the beirut summit in two thousand and two the league adopted the so-called arab peace initiative a saudi inspired peace plan to end the conflict a plan offered full normalization with israel in exchange israel was required to withdrawal from all occupied territories to recognize palestinian independence in the west bank and gaza strip with east jerusalem as its capital as well as a just solution for palestinian refugees peace initiative was indorsed again at the riyadh summit five years later but never resulted in any kind of agreement now with president trump's decision to recognize jerusalem as israel's capital an arab led
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solution to the israeli palestinian conflict seems further away than ever but whatever the case arab league leaders announce they reached an agreement on how to respond to the move. this decision is rejected and the arab league with all its consequences secondly they have agreed to form a committee for peace making which will deal with the international community this is an order to achieve progress in respect of the palestinian issue jordan will be head of the committee which will be formed next month despite the anger the arab league put forward no measures against the united states although it said it would consider its options while continuing efforts to find a lasting solution to the palestinian struggle a struggle that shows no signs of easing into al-jazeera. iraq's prime minister has declared its war against eisel is over hideout a body says troops are in control of the area around the iraqi syrian border after
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driving on ice and fighters out isolate vance in iraq three years ago and quickly captured around a third of the country including important cities like mosul and saluja iraq's announcement comes two days after russia said it had defeated eisel in syria you had enough. and. the have not honorable iraqis your land has been completely realty races your cities and villages have been returned to the nation the dream of liberation has become a reality we achieved victory in difficult circumstances who have gone so steadfastness of our people and the bravery of heroic forces we prevail but douglas only found as a former director for iraq at the national security council he says pushing ice allowed is a major blow to the armed groups. note that the prime minister didn't say that there's no more ice soul in iraq he said they no longer controlled territory which is a true statement the iraqi forces have. pushed eisel out of not only all the cities
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bought all the towns the vast majority of the desert the iraqi security forces now control those areas that's not to say there are not eisel terrorist cells and sleeper cells and so on but that's a police matter not a military matter matter and they're celebrating their transition from the military phase back to the police phase but nonetheless this is a pretty serious blow it was the control of territory that allowed them to do the things that most concerned the world where they were able to raise large amounts of money and generate training camps and commit these industrials scale atrocities without control of terrain you can't do any of those things so this is an important moment for iraq and for the world as they as the iraqis have taken on and defeated isis for us i think that in the main the iraqi population has had its fill of ice fall and what it has brought this has been a catastrophic event for the terrain the people of the cities that i saw occupied
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and i severely doubt there's going to be appetite. to have an experiment like that again now that doesn't mean that i still is gone it doesn't mean there aren't people who hold those beliefs but for them to do something on this scale again in this generation seems very unlikely to me. now on sunday the nobel peace prize will be handed to the international campaign to abolish nuclear weapons at a ceremony in the australian born movement to support for a global treaty banning nuclear weapons which now has more than fifty countries symmetries diplomatic at its at james bays reports. in the grounds of united nations headquarters a statue showing a georgian the dragon the very in question beast made out of decommissioned nuclear missiles the u.n. was founded in the same moment in history as the only actual use of nuclear weapons
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in fact president harry truman signed the charter of the organization on the same day that his forces dropped a bomb on the japanese city of naggers sarky just five months later the first meeting of the un general assembly and its first resolution was about what it somewhat euphemistically called the problems raised by the discovery of atomic energy that is adapted unanimously after seventy. seven more than seven decades later a new campaign to ban nuclear weapons was backed by a grassroots network of activists coordinated by icann the international committee for the abolition of nuclear weapons they made a significant breakthrough a new treaty in september when the treaty was open for signature on the very first day fifty nations signed it in this chamber now that number fifty is crucial if
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fifty countries go on to take the next step and formally ratify it in many countries that involves a parliamentary vote then this will become international law the five most powerful nations at the u.n. do not support the treaty the permanent members of the security council see their right to veto and their nuclear weapons as key instruments of strategy there have been efforts at nuclear disarmament in the past in the u.n. lobby a picture of a meeting between u.s. president john f. kennedy in one thousand nine hundred eighty one with the russian foreign minister under a grim eco the hope in the following year died when the world came close to nuclear war during the cuban missile crisis some see parallels to recent events. i've been very much concerned because there is some talk about let's do something that's cool down the temperature and let's get into dialogue but the dialogue has essentially stopped already for a long time there were various efforts over the years and over the decades but in
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essence there hasn't been any dialogue for quite a number of years and in the meantime north korea has stepped up their efforts to acquire nuclear weapons it's not just the prospect of war in north korea and the u.s. threatening to pull out of the iran nuclear deal there's also the prospect of a new arms race president trump has made it clear he wants to modernize his nuclear arsenal james spays al-jazeera at the united nations lots more sort of coming on al-jazeera including. here we. go our individual this. wonderful. boycotting the president mississippi's black leaders protest against donald trump's appearance at the opening of a civil rights museum plus. i'm tony a page reporting from south africa on how sinful big international brands have been linked to a corruption scandal. how
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i we've had some rather heavy snow across the deep south of the united states actually stretching is way down as the parts of mexico there are clouds rain sleet and snow that is slowly pulling away clear skies coming in behind crisp sunshine really cold weather temperatures around four celsius there for new york and also for washington d.c. still a legacy of some snow showers just around the eastern side of canada from newfoundland pushing across into were on teria central air is cold enough modified the high in winnipeg last each arrive and it stays dry across the western side of the country as well temperatures on the high side twenty seven twenty eight celsius once again for the scientists know so no sign of an end to the the wildfires here it stays dry right across the western side of the u.s. into western parts of canada fair amount of lake effect snow coming in across the
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western side of the lakes as we go through monday hang it on so high four degrees celsius for new york minus eight the high and also we're getting up to around six degrees for washington d.c. it'll be five and sunny present sunshine too across a good parts of the bill eastern side of the caribbean and we settle here big area cloud of rain this is the same one spinning out of florida now moving out of the way it means heavy rain for the great around to lease. on counting the cost the gulf cooperation council although there's not much cooperation these days with the region's being affected by it because in economic relations also the shocking numbers on the plastic economy oh m g twenty five years since the world's first texts and counting the cost at this time on al-jazeera. to understand a very different way before we don't leave. welcome
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back a quick reminder of the top stories here on al-jazeera there's been a fourth day of violent protests across the occupied palestinian territories demonstrators angry over the u.s. decision to stay in the capital of israel when a force of. protesters. league foreign ministers meeting in cairo said the u.s. decision is unacceptable and dangerous they described the move as a violation of international law but stopped short of putting forward an measures against the united states. as a policy analyst focusing on u.s.
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strategy on middle east conflict with the arab center washington d.c. he says the arab league countries will have to figure out how to defend palestine as well as many good relations with the u.s. . we'll have that in a moment we'll come back to it in fact here it is. jordan egypt has already peace treaty with. with israel and some other countries. either on the table or public or diplomatic relations or maybe commercial relations with israel but the main point here is the relation of the relation with the u.s. a stray should not with israel the issues that trump decision. not that it cannot help the issue of the us cannot escalate diplomatically it is there because of their interests so they have to do this but i think they need the population at home and then try to maintain and minimal delish not only strong but the us
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establishment in general not to cut the streamers i mean the other because be dysfunctional for a for a what spring game or just. there's something usually funny when when the arab league form a committee it's always about the u.s. it's not going to take taken a decision so this committee may have today it will sign that they are not ready to take a big decision tonight or they are not privy to a skill it is the u.s. sure so they're hoping basically to have something but the u.s. is not giving them anything they give gifts for israel the tourism or also this year with the giving anything to the arab side or the palestinians so they feel now weak and our allies but they will have their interest so they're ready to risk that has an interest with the u.s. egypt and jordan perhaps jordan the most difficult position because it's close to
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home the jerusalem issue so they have not much not much option or less you seem a lot of more of public anger on the streets or some of the others then maybe they will have to push some some buttons that but for now their options are. donald trump's attendance at the opening of a civil rights museum in america's deep south a spot to boycott by mississippi's black leaders many of them stayed away from the ones claiming the president encourages racial division. reports from jackson mississippi. they gathered to pay tribute to the long struggle for racial equality in america it was a grand opening of a new nineteen million dollars civil rights museum that traces the history of black americans who led that fight but when donald trump said he would attend some african-americans boycotted including congressman and prominent civil rights leader john lewis the national association for the advancement for colored people or and.
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the most storied civil rights organization in america had asked trump not to come he refused to allow individuals to stay this wonderful thing of honor an individual who sacrifice. when they work so hard to sure people have access to affordable health care and he seek it to undermine it at every turn . trump was slow to condemn racist groups that protested in charlottesville virginia earlier this year you had a group on one side that was bad and you had a group on the other side that was also very violent but he has released he condemned n.f.l. players for taking a need to bring national anthem in protest against police brutality and injustice against mostly young black men but there is another side of the story many of the people who are here on the first day of the museum's opening and they very much support the president's visit he should be here to represent who we are not
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a segment not a political view but the people of united states best me and you're happy i'm happy . to at the newseum and then gave a speech with a presidential tone that stayed on script we want our country to be a place where every child. from every background can grow up free from fear innocent of hatred and surrounded by love opportunity and hope today we pay tribute to our heroes of the past his words were appreciated by many he came here and his words were powerful and at the end of the day it's about the two museums that are here mississippi has a dark history when it comes to civil rights in the last century it was one of the last states to fully integrate black americans to have equal rights medgar evers' a famous civil rights leader from the state was murdered here in one thousand nine
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hundred sixty three this entire history now on full display at the new museum everyone agrees the struggle for equal rights is a story that needs to be told that disagreement on if the current president is the right person to tell it. is on al-jazeera jackson mississippi firefighters in california say they've made some progress in their battle to contain multiple large wildfires raging across the southern part of the state the blazes have killed one person destroyed hundreds of buildings and forced two hundred thousand people don't leave their homes one of the worst fires in ventura county is now partially contained but forecasters are warning that high winds expected this weekend could fan the flames even further. from los angeles. well the fire fight continues on many fronts here in southern california and everything is going to depend on the weather firefighters and residents tired of all the flames in so many areas got a bit of
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a break over the last twenty four hours the winds calm down a little bit firefighters were able to divert resources from structure protection for protecting neighborhoods and actually attack the fire and they have made progress on many fronts on these many fires however what happens in the next forty eight hours is going to determine fire behavior the national weather service does have a red flag warning up there saying that there's a potential at least for very high winds through the end of this weekend winds that could gust to eighty or ninety kilometers kilometers per hour those are the common santa ana winds that happen every winter here but when they happen and there's some kind of fire ignition those fires can explode and that's what we've seen over the past week or so for now we're in a bit of a holding pattern we'll all wait and see what the weather brings over the next forty eight hours now the term state captures used by many in south africa to describe the influence some businesses are exacting on the government it's
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a key issue for the ruling party the african national congress as is choosing a successor to president jacob zuma next week on a page report from the tourism. these activists are among the south africans who say president jacob zuma has allowed some business leaders to use corrupt practices to take control of the state is the first not. particularly members of the gupta family both the president and the group does reject the corruption allegations that the scandal won't go away in fact it's widening recently several international brands have been linked to the scandal british public relations company. it's a pity the german software giant as well as order to escape and several banks the u.k. is h.s.b.c. and standard chartered and india's bank of baroda they've all had to defend themselves against allegations they either knowingly or unwittingly facilitated
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corruption and south africa the banks aren't commenting other than to confirm their cooperated with investigators all of the international companies involved have apologized and taken remedial action ranging from firing senior executives to repaying money. accounts neither the group does nor the president would comment to us half a world away in the united kingdom's houses of parliament form and he apartheid activist lord peter hain has taken a stand he's convinced financial regulators and the serious fraud office to investigate british banks he says are implicated in money laundering the profits of state capture in south africa billions of help being siphoned off from checks through culture dodgy contracts grants that goes straight into the pockets of prison genius family all the brothers and then the money little get abroad sometimes and then recycled back into the country investigators in the us and dubai
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are also probing the allegations but president zuma hasn't set up the independent inquiry into state capture ordered by a public watchdog a year ago stake. actually guarantee is beauty and you know people are put in places to actually gain tea and protect the interest of private interests that are pretty well investigations in britain the juris and the u.a.e. may have some impact on companies and banks based offshore in south africa despite months of allegations it appears to be business as usual for those at the center of a tiny a page out as there are protests oriya. mirrors armies being accused of deliberately targeting revenge the children are escaping a military crackdown in rakhine state a nine year old girl has told al-jazeera how she survived being shot three times as she crossed into bangladesh where more than six hundred twenty five thousand are seeking sanctuary charles traffic reports now from a tank ali refugee camp near cox's bazaar. but his grandmother called
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hold back the tears it's a miracle the nine year old girl is alive. she to say she was shot three times by myanmar army soldiers as she fled her village of torm bazaar three or four months ago. the bullets went through her right leg her left arm and her right armpit myanmar soldiers shot her mother and father dead. says you too was trying to escape in a boat with a young boy when the army opened fire on them you know how your little. we were running and crying trying to escape he says i got in a boat and heard gunshots was in a different boat when the military shelter jeter they were around thirty and nutters away from her after seeing the head shot i thought i don't know i am bound to die. the bullet wound on the as you infected and won't
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heal. infections are common in the camp with hundreds of thousands of other refugees it's not known how many children have been killed by the myanmar military in this recent crackdown on the river injure the myanmar government is refusing any kind of independent investigation but what's so shocking about this case is that having spoken to two witnesses and the medics treating her all evidence suggests that a myanmar soldier knowingly shot at a nine year old girl from close range. is sort of indicative of a hard life the weapon and i watch caliber bullet of something of a seven sixty nine i'm like a five five six bullet which would tend to hit in bad three and and do a lot of internal damage given also the trajectory we think that it would be with for a fifty made a range limit that she too was operated on in the malaysian government field
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hospital near the refugee camp tiny pieces of fabric from the clothes she was wearing when she was shot infected the wound. doctors hope as huge as physical agony will eventually subside but it's unlikely the terrifying memories of what she and her grandmother saw in myanmar will ever disappear. chaunce trafford al-jazeera think ali refugee camp bangladesh now a japanese baseball player has been compared to the great babe ruth has been sold by his club to an american team for twenty million dollars but the player will only half a million dollars a year the los angeles angels signed twenty three year old tommy after a frenzied bidding wars due to his rare to a skilled as both a batter and the pitcher and also because it was a big bargain. time for a quick recap of the headlines here on al-jazeera there's been
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a fourth day of violent protests across the occupied palestinian territories demonstrators angry over the u.s. decision to declare jerusalem the capital of israel israeli forces meanwhile five tear gas and stun grenades at protesters meanwhile arab league foreign ministers meeting in an emergency session in the egyptian capital caught rose said the u.s. decision is unacceptable and dangerous they also describe the move as a violation of international law but stopped short of putting forward any measures against the united states. this decision is rejected and the arab league rejects all its consequences secondly we have agreed to form a committee for peace making which will deal with the international community this is an order to achieve progress in respect of the palestinian issue jordan will be head of the committee which will be formed next month. protests have continued worldwide against drums decision hundreds of demonstrators gathered in paris to
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denounce a planned sunday visit by israel's prime minister binyamin netanyahu has accused the european officials of hypocrisy for criticizing the u.s. . but. i ascribe great importance to europe while i respect europe i am not prepared to accept a double standard from it i hear voices from their condemning president trumps historic statement but i have not heard condemnations of the rockets fired israel or the terrible incitement against it i'm not prepared to accept this apoc recy and as usual at this important forum i will present israel's truth without fear and with head held high. and all the news iraq's prime minister has declared its war against. body says troops are in control of the area around the iraq syrian border driving i saw out i slid vons to iraq three years ago and quickly captured about a third of the country including important cities like mosul and. iraq's announcement comes two days after russia said it had defeated i saw in syria and
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for five days in california say they've made some progress in their battle to contain multiple large wildfires raging across the southern part of the state the blazes have killed one person destroyed hundreds of buildings and forced two hundred thousand people to leave their homes but those were the headlines these continues here on the al-jazeera after counting the costs of states have done so much. we understand the differences. and the similarities of cultures across the world so no matter how you take it al-jazeera will bring you the news and current affairs that matter to you al-jazeera. alone come all santamaria this is counting the cost on al-jazeera and your weekly look at the world of business and the.


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