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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  December 10, 2017 11:00am-11:34am +03

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says i want to color the world in darkness this is a dialogue and that could be what's leading to some of the confusion online about people saying they don't actually know what's going on join the colobus conversation at this time on al-jazeera. where every. international protests continue against u.s.
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president donald trump's recognition of jerusalem as the capital of israel. hello and welcome my name's peter wu watching al-jazeera live from our headquarters here in doha also ahead iraq's prime minister says being driven out of the country on the border with syria is now under full government control. on will human rights day the u.n. warns of increasing abuses worldwide of people's fundamental freedoms we have reports from some of the places most at risk plus. i'm turning a page reporting song south africa on a move to regulate religion and the fears of its become commercialized so. the israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu is traveling to europe where there
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has been widespread condemnation of donald trump's recognition of jerusalem as the israeli capital he's expected to meet the french president emanuel macron it is his first visit since trump's controversial announcement on weapons day but that sparked protests in the french capital paris where pro palestinian activists rallied against his arrival they criticized him for hosting this on yahoo after that decision in washington mr netanyahu responded by accusing europe of hypocrisy and its upset over. the israelis certainly i ascribe great importance to europe while i respect europe i am not prepared to accept a double standard from it i hear voices from their condemning president trumps historic. atman but i've not heard condemnations of the rockets fired israel or the terrible incitement against it i'm not prepared to accept this hypocrisy and as usual at this important forum i will present israel's truth without fear and with head held high. all trumps unilateral decision on jerusalem sparked protests
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worldwide thousands of people gathered outside the u.s. embassy in the capital for a second day president has called on other muslim countries to unite and to reject trump's decision. fattah one of the main palestinian political groups as a people to continue their street protests in occupied east jerusalem on saturday israeli forces fired stun grenades and tear gas as they charged through a peaceful demonstration at one of the city's busiest shopping streets ellen fisher was there. was it worth it if you know there's a. it started as a small protest handful of people but as they walked towards old jerusalem dome one of the city's busy shopping streets there was blogged by police and soldiers told they had no permit to march that they were blocking the road they were forcibly pushed back to the was in a city where anger has been close to the surface since donald trump's controversial decision it sparked a series of running confrontations of the of the police sent in
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horses to break up the crowds creating widespread anger and panic this has been a pattern throughout the afternoon as crowds gather by the side of the street the horses have been sent ten some pace to try and break those crowds up the writers have even been using their weapons it really is quite frightening for the people who are standing here watching these horses racing towards them. i don't want to see that not getting here because i want to then look at it down and then yeah i know it will never give up this other country would say that was the forget that i was seven at the end jettison it was. you know. seeing. as. the security forces using grenades and there were reports of injuries from rubber coated steel bullets if anyone produced a palestinian flag it was taken from them forcibly sometimes violently the flags
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destroyed in front of their face was the was of the. then the woman we spoke to earlier who was arrested the police couldn't tell is why . this is what's happening in genesis in journalism it will be thorough and that if you're based in journalism it will be through the capital of palestine. through the afternoon the security forces backed off the crowds gathered the police moved up and the whole cycle began again the much of the security forces trying to grab people the thought were throwing stones at them identified by police photographers who'd been in the crowd by nightfall the situation had stabilized but the under come to tension and the anger was still there but she was no sign of going away alan fischer al-jazeera in occupied east jerusalem or a force that sent us this update from occupied east jerusalem. well so far it's
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extremely quiet here at damascus gate just outside the old city in occupied east jerusalem this has been a scene of protest since the declaration by donald trump on wednesday night and as you saw in alan's package on saturday it spilled into the streets around here in the in the most sort of substantial confrontations that you see with israeli forces that said it has been relatively limited so far the stun grenades you saw in that report that's the first time they've been used that was a regular occurrence in july when there was the mass protests about the imposition of metal detectors outside the al aqsa mosque compound so relatively restrained so far and that is the case as well despite the largest size throughout the occupied west bank as well we have seen more confrontational protests in gaza we've seen the fatalities the only fatalities so far taking place in gaza what we've heard from
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the israeli defense minister is an expression of hope as far as the israelis are concerned that these protests will now start to die down that of course has yet to be seen what we what could happen is if there is if something unexpected happens if there is a major confrontation major loss of life or some other violence event then that could itself sustain greater protests at the moment things have been relatively restrained we wait to see how it develops on sunday. iraq's prime minister has declared it's war against eisel is over body uses troops have driven the remaining faces from the iraqi syrian border and they're now in control of the area islip danced on iraq three years ago and quickly captured a third of the country including important sites like mosul and for luka iraq's announcement comes two days after russia said it to defeat a deisel in syria. and now our look at the how about
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honorable rocky's your land has been completely really says you know cities and villages have been returned to the nation the dream of liberation has become a reality we achieved victory in difficult circumstances who have gone so steadfastness of our people and the bravery of our heroic forces we prevailed. well douglas ollivant is a former director for iraq at the u.s. national security council he says pushing eisel out of his last held towns in iraq is a major blow to the group. note that the prime minister didn't say that there's no more ice soul in iraq he said they no longer controlled territory which is a true statement the iraqi forces have pushed eisel out of not only all the cities bought all the towns the vast majority of the desert the iraqi security forces now control those areas that's not to say there are not eisel terrorist cells and sleeper cells and so on but that's a police matter not a military matter matter and they're celebrating their transition from the military
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phase back to the police phase but nonetheless this is a pretty serious blow it was the control of territory that allowed them to do the things that most concerned the world where they were able to raise large amounts of money and generate training camps and commit these industrials scale atrocities without control of terrain you can't do any of those things so this is an important moment for iraq and for the world as they as the iraqis have taken on and defeated isis for us i think that in the main the iraqi population has had its fill of ice fall and what it has brought this has been a catastrophic event for the terrain the people the cities that i saw occupied and i severely doubt there's going to be appetite. to have an experiment like that again now that doesn't mean that i still is gone it doesn't mean there aren't people who hold those beliefs but for them to do something on this scale again in
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this generation seems very unlikely to me still to come here on al-jazeera. no the fact is adopted unanimously but after seven votes to seven vote. the nobel committee prepares to honor the campaign working to abolish nuclear weapons also. this has nothing to do with the bible. or the south african government is taking aim at churches. through tranquil rave you can use. i do not dream. and if it means going to look. at i there was in quite a bit of snow over europe at the moment and it's not just in the east where we're seeing the wintery weather also for the british isles with seeing plenty of white snow at the moment it looks glorious there but it is causing quite
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a few problems with particularly when it comes to driving around and looks like we could see up to twenty centimeters in many places before the days so plenty more in the way of snow still to come then firstly out of this system in the east that is working its way further east with still giving snow to moscow that kiev during the day the second system well that's pushing its way in from the west it is giving some snow over the british isles as we just saw but also through parts of europe where this area of rain hits this very cold day then that's where we're seeing the snow this is still then sweep its way eastwards as we head through monday a more of it will turn to rain however over the alps we are going to see some snow on the northern edge where we're hitting that cold air still will still see some wintery weather on monday ahead of it though the weather is actually going to get a lot milder for some of us the winds are feeding up from the south so vienna instead of four degrees which is what we're expecting today will get all the way to thirteen now some of that unsettled weather is also going to be affecting us in the northwestern parts of africa monday robot is looking very wet. the weather
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sponsored by cattle and peace. he was born in ireland but did seventeen found himself in the middle of a political revolution in egypt i went on stage and i spoke about democracy i was put in a cell if your pockets voted with the sixty people we'll put a hundred and twenty people in the cell after four years imprisoned in cairo ebrahim holloa talks to al-jazeera at this time. and did. not. go.
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with al-jazeera live from doha a quick reminder of our top stories for you the israeli prime minister is on his way to europe where there have been protests and widespread condemnation of the u.s. decision to recognize jerusalem as the israeli capital benjamin netanyahu is expected to meet the french president emmanuel machall in the coming few hours. there as prime minister has declared an end to the three year war against isis or all about he says his troops of cleared the iraqi syrian border the last remaining pockets of the armed group isolate violence across iraq three years ago capturing a third of the country. later today the nobel peace prize will be awarded to the international campaign to abolish nuclear weapons at a ceremony in all slope the campaign has fought for a global treaty banning nuclear weapons which now has more than fifty countries as signatories as our diplomatic editor james baker's. in the grounds of united
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nations headquarters a statue showing a georgian the dragon the very in question beast made out of decommissioned nuclear missiles the u.n. was founded in the same moment in history as the only actual use of nuclear weapons in fact president harry truman signed the charter of the organization on the same day that his forces dropped a bomb on the japanese city of naggers sarky just five months later the first meeting of the un general assembly and its first resolution was about what it somewhat euphemistically called the problems raised by the discovery of atomic energy now that up to unanimously after seven. seven more than seven decades later a new campaign to ban nuclear weapons was backed by a grassroots network of activists coordinated by icann the international committee for the abolition of nuclear weapons they made a significant breakthrough
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a new treaty in september when the treaty was open for signature on the very first day fifty nations signed it in this chamber now that number fifty is crucial if fifty countries go on to take the next step and formally ratify it in many countries that involves a parliamentary vote then this will become international law the five most powerful nations at the u.n. do not support the treaty the permanent members of the security council see their right to veto and their nuclear weapons as key instruments of strategy there have been efforts at nuclear disarmament in the past in the u.n. lobby a picture of a meeting between us president john f. kennedy in one nine hundred sixty one with the russian foreign minister under a grim eco the hope in the following year died when the world came close to nuclear war during the cuban missile crisis some see parallels to recent events. i've been
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very much concerned because there is some talk about let's do something that's cool down the temperature and let's get into dialogue but the dialogue has essentially stopped already for a long time there were various efforts over the years and over the decades but in essence there hasn't been any dialogue for quite a number of years and in the meantime north korea has stepped up their efforts to acquire nuclear weapons it's not just the prospect of war in north korea and the u.s. threatening to pull out of the iran nuclear deal there's also the prospect of a new arms race president trump has made it clear he wants to modernize his nuclear arsenal james pays al-jazeera at the united nations. and you can catch the nobel peace prize award ceremony live here on al-jazeera at twelve hours g.m.t. that's four hours from now and later at sixteen hours g.m.t. he will have an exclusive interview with the director of i can be interested in. more now on the fallout from the u.s.
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decision to recognize to the capital of israel as we were mentioning today there have been days of worldwide protests and response let's take it to correspondents in a holder who joins us live this hour from beirut she's at a demonstration close to the u.s. embassy says in give us a sense of how strong the feelings are there. but there is a lot of anger there's a lot of defiance as you can see behind me several hundred people have been gathering here since the early hours of the morning what they're chanting is palestine forgive us they close the door on us clearly in reference to arab leaders because the anger is not just directed against the united states for its decision to recognize true islam as the capital of israel and the anger is not only against israel but against the arab leaders they feel that arab leaders have just been talking but not taking any action what people here are calling for is for as she had a holy struggle the holy war there also calling for the intifada supporting the palestinian
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call for an intifada an uprising and calling on the palestinian authority to end the peace process now if i just say get out of the frame you can actually see how the security forces have cordoned off the area around the embassy tight security they deployed water cannons preventing people from reaching the u.s. embassy compound which is approximately two to three kilometers from where we are standing but like i mentioned a lot of anger a lot of the fines this is not the first the protest of its kind since trumps at the station the palestinians across lebanon who live in camps in lebanon and they have been taking to the streets and denouncing that this issue and saying that acts of belongs to the palestinian people and that true islam is their capital and tomorrow we are expecting a massive rally in the southern suburbs of beirut a rally called for by hezbollah and i guess the takeaway point if anyone in washington is listening to those protesters might be look you can't change history you can't change geography on this. well yes but people here feel
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in one way or the other helpless they tell you ok so arab leaders have denounced this decision but what have they done have they summoned the u.s. ambassadors to express their outrage have they cut the plum i think relations with the united states have they decided not to engage in israel in any peace process this is what you hear when you talk to people they feel that they really feel let down and they feel that there's no other way forward peace negotiations do not work it has proven throughout the years that the engaging in dialogue is not going to bring about their rights so what you hear more and more in time and time again is the word struggle we need to fight that's the only way and like i told you they were saying palestine forgive us they close the door these people feel that they're ready to fight back but arab leaders are preventing them from doing so and when mr trump recognizes israel there's no recognition of the reality for those tens of thousands of those people that make up the palestinian diaspora and it's this
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they've been waiting and waiting for generations i guess to return to a country called palestine and this formal recognition of jerusalem as the capital of israel but not any chance of that back by one big step. yes seventy years peter seventy years since one thousand forty eight when the first palestinians arrived in lebanon they settled in twelve refugee camps across the country at that time they were living in tents now those refugee camps are neighborhoods officials that this takes are about four hundred fifty thousand palestinian refugees in lebanon but what we're hearing from palestinian officials is that that number has decreased because over the years people have given up hope they find their way to europe to canada they find any way any route out of lebanon because in lebanon they're denied a lot of rights because lebanon believes if they give them rights they will settle here they feel that if they don't give them these rights that in one way or another they will return. back home it's not only that of course there's internal lebanese
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politics and it involved but like i mentioned so many palestinians have left they've lost hope we've asked people they said fine we never thought that the right to return which is enshrined in un resolutions un resolution one thousand four will ever be implemented but jerusalem tourism they thought that there was an international consensus and this will not happen and now that it has happened people really have lost a lot of hope and now they feel the only way forward is to call for some sort of a struggle. you can see behind me they are trying to storm to get through the break through the barricades but of course security forces preventing them from doing so very briefly zenit is this a difficult situation for the lebanese authorities to handle properly to handle delicate. well it's a few hundred protesters and the lebanese army has issued a statement calling on people to avoid to avoid damaging public and private property to avoid and danger in the lives of civilians in other words the lebanese
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army was saying that we will have to respond because it is the duty of the lebanese state to protect diplomatic missions in lebanon and that's exactly what the security forces are doing now they're using water callen to try to push the protesters back this has happened on many occasions over the years every time there is a protest outside the u.s. embassy the protesters are on able to break through these barricades you can see the barbed wire really heavy security presence here but this is one way of the people to show to show their anger to show their defiance i don't know if you can see one of the protesters now standing on top of that barricade but they're not going to get very far peter and also i mean we've spent a lot of time in the past few weeks in the unites oking about the lebanese prime minister saad hariri and this is one of the it speaks to one of the key issues this difficult for him because of the the music aspect of eleven known is a tricky to. circle for him to have to square because the reality is what we're
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looking at just now the lebanese authorities who just took us through it using water cannon against palestinians as a reaction they want to voice their concern they want to voice their anger a reaction to a decision taken by an american politician who lives thousands and thousands of kilometers away. yes yes. that's your gal that's their guys yes leader but the problem is the palestinian issue has been. the palestinian presence let me say eleven on has been a very destabilizing factor in one way or another the palestinian president. was that was part of the civil war at the p.l.o. created a state within a state in lebanon that's a lot of fear guys that we may have to move because of the the smell we won't be able to speak. you see that they just push the people back but i don't think that sorry if needed but it's very hard throughout the speaking to agrees with the smell
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of tear gas but as you can see they have this first the crowd at the lebanese authorities not allowing them to break through the barriers everyone moving back. yes but how. zain are you if you take a second to clear you take a second to clear your throat say in a maybe move to a a less smoky area and we'll stay with we'll stay with the live pictures as far as we can of course the reality of what you're looking at right now on the streets of beirut is the reaction to donald trump the u.s. president formally recognizing to receive them as the capital city of israel benjamin netanyahu the israeli prime minister on a plane as we speak he's on his way to paris he's going to have a conversation with the french president emanuel macro you can list and name number call it that she wished the u.n. resolution is basically being quoted and used as an explanation to say that this is wrong un resolutions two two forty. three three eight one one eight going back as
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a notice saying they're going back sixty five seventy years several generations of palestinians who've lived in that kind of situation four hundred fifty thousand palestinian refugees it started with a trickle it started six refugee camps inside lebanon when. the palestinian territories were put inside the structures that they've existed within for almost seventy years almost exactly seventy years the parliamentary speaker nabih berri also calling mr abbas telling him the american decision is against every arab and nationalist and against all international resolutions he went on to say it is a new occupation which is not less than the one nine hundred forty eight occupation because it affects all muslims and christians and that was the key. takeaway point from the trump decision that it stopped it being a political issue within the framework of the israeli palestinian relationship and
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it turned it into a religious issue involving arabs israelis muslims. jews and christians we were talking to harry forsett our correspondent covering the other end of the story in occupied east jerusalem and he was making the point that comments from the israeli defense minister avigdor lieberman also being narrowed not particularly in any any loud vocal way but they are being mirrored across the israeli spectrum as well saying that this is not necessarily the right thing to do is try to deliver a difficult or quick message for is really domestic consumption as we watch those pictures coming to us live lebanese prime minister. making the point there is a difficult one for him to square he is also warning that the declaration from donald trump represents new threats to the region on twitter he was saying. lebanon rejects this decision and expresses its highest levels of solidarity with the
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palestinian people and their right in a stablish in an independent state with jerusalem as its capital the lebanese forces leader also denouncing the from a decision by that decision but only from saying it's a sad day in the history of the middle east of course the call for three days of rage across the palestinian territories day three has now passed so we're now into day four not an organized put together day four of rage a spontaneous uprising there is anger there is frustration across the arab world following on from that declaration. will monitor that story for you in beirut and we'll go back to it if and when we can. the universal declaration of human rights was signed sixty nine years ago but the u.n. says the document is increasingly being forgotten or willfully is being ignored the war in syria. all sides in the conflict have been accused of targeting civilians
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with indiscriminate attacks in yemen the rebels and the coalition fighting them are responsible for many violations including extra judicial killings detention and torture crisis and. more than six hundred thousand refugees escape to bangladesh. which the un has called ethnic cleansing and in the philippines the president. has been accused of killing civilians in his campaign against illegal drugs. joins us live from manila. protest was. i suppose the takeaway point for mr is you've got far enough and you've got to start doing what you're doing properly within the confines of the legal system. well yes i mean a lot of. this. as
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you can see here. and. here more than a year and. since . so. many here do not believe. this is. here. military might extend to journalists who are trying are much more equivocal of the presidency and silence in the opposition here you can hear just a few minutes ago there was a priest shouting and rage calling on for the president to resign just last week
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a priest was shot as he was on his way home after a night after the usual peter they're calling here for the president to resign they say his administration the police force is killing people have been exposed they're like animals. we'll leave it there thanks very much. welcome if you're just joining us you're watching al-jazeera live from your headlines so far today the security forces in lebanon have used tear gas to disperse protesters outside the u.s. embassy in beirut they were demonstrating against the u.s. decision to recognize to roussillon as the capital of israel the move has prompted worldwide demonstrations in refugee camps across the country in the past few days. people have been burning tires they fired gunshots into the air as their leaders
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were calling for a day of rage that happened on weapons day into thursday there is so much anger so much frustration that there's been a backwash that's carried on you're seeing those live pictures there coming to us out of beirut hundreds of palestinian refugees in southern lebanon taken to the streets in a spontaneous protest at the decision by donald trump one refugee being quoted i see in the past hour or so jerusalem is the capital of palestine this is what history says and what books tell us and crucially what international law international resolutions there are numerous international resolutions coming from the u.n. security council saying in effect that jerusalem is constructed and lives within a bubble of not being any body's capital because when they decided not to designate it as a capital of palestine or of israel they decided to flip it around and go for a negative interpretation of the reality more on that for you in the coming hours.
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well the israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu is on his way to europe where there have been protests and widespread condemnation of that u.s. decision he is expected to meet the french president emmanuel mackerel who's described washington's move as regrettable but mr netanyahu says european leaders are hypocrites. what is it we serve. described great importance to europe while i respect europe i am not prepared to accept a double standard from it i hear voices from their condemning president trumps historic statement but i've not heard condemnations of the rockets fired israel or the terrible incitement against it i'm not prepared to accept this hypocrisy and as usual at this important forum i will present israel's truth without fear and with head held high two of the top stories for you today iraq's prime minister has declared the end of a three year war against isis old in his country says his forces have cleared the iraqi syrian border the last remaining pockets of the group islip danced across
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iraq three years ago capturing a third of the country. and finally the nobel peace prize will be awarded to the international campaign to abolish nuclear weapons and also ceremony today the campaign has fought for a global treaty banning nuclear weapons more news whenever you want it on the website al jazeera dot com up next talked to al jazeera i will see you very soon. on counting the calls the gulf cooperation council although there's not much cooperation these days look around the region is being affected by accords in economic relations also the shocking numbers on the plastic economy and o.-m. g. twenty five years since the world's first texts and counting the cost at this time on al-jazeera. the summer of two thousand and thirteen the political temperature.


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