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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  December 10, 2017 2:00pm-2:34pm +03

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mainstream media narratives at this time on al-jazeera. a new poll ranks mexico city is the pool with worst in the world for sexual violence many women are attacked while moving in the crowded spaces of the metro buses and even at the hands of taxi drivers the conversation starts with do you have a boyfriend very pretty young you feel unsafe threatened you think about how to react what do i do if this gets worse no money on the uses a new service it's called lal drive it's for women passages only and drawn by women drivers. for some extra features like a panic button and twenty four seven monitoring of drivers. oh. no letup in the anger and the condemnation after the u.s.
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president donald trump's decision to recognize jerusalem as israel's capital. live from our headquarters here in doha also coming up israel's prime minister heads to paris and says he'll present what he calls israel's troops over that embassy moves. taking a stand against what they're calling looming dictatorship demonstrators in the philippines protest against human rights violations plus. just a few of the names here of more than twenty thousand people killed in a campaign of mass murder and ordered by robert mugabe i'm andrew symonds and that's a beating that i'll be reporting on why is the new president good zimbabwe is implicated in what happened.
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the u.s. decision to recognize jerusalem as israel's capital continues despite protests and anger across the world there have been violent confrontations the occupied palestinian territories in recent days and now in neighboring lebanon two security forces used tear gas and water cannons to disperse protesters outside the u.s. embassy in beirut it's the second day of demonstrations there lebanon is home to almost four hundred fifty thousand palestinian refugees. al-jazeera is in a holder is apps that protest. lebanese security forces are using high water cannon and tear gas to disperse the crowds several hundred people gathered outside the u.s. embassy in beirut there to protest the u.s. decision as you have ignited crossrail is the capital of zero three to recognize tourism as the capital of as well over the many another newsgroup several hundred protesters stairs trying to reach the u.s.
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embassy compound but security forces have cordoned off the road preventing people from approaching further people being pushed back from the smell of the teargas people are angry there's defiance oh they're chanting they're chanting words against arab leaders saying that they haven't done enough though to to confront the u.s. this is in the words are not enough they want action they want the peace process to be declared that they're calling for what they're supporting a new intifada and calling on person immediately to stop talking and moving any dialogue with israel. well more protests have been held in other cities around the world hundreds of protesters in istanbul waved turkish and palestinian flags the president richard typer the one as being one of the most vocal critics of trump's decision he's called a summit of islamic countries on weapons day. thousands of people gathered outside the u.s. embassy in the indonesian capital jakarta for a second day president has called on other muslim countries to unite and to reject
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the trump move demonstrators also rallied in cairo in egypt that follows an emergency meeting of foreign ministers from twenty two arab countries on saturday they demanded the u.s. revoke trump's announcement and accuse washington of violating international law israel's prime minister benjamin netanyahu is traveling to europe where there has been widespread condemnation of the embassy move mr netanyahu is responded by accusing europe of hypocrisy and it's upset over the reasonably certain i ascribe great importance to europe while i respect europe i am not prepared to accept a double standard from it i hear voices from their condemning president trumps historic statement but i've not heard condemnations of the rockets fired israel or the terrible incitement against it i'm not prepared to accept this hypocrisy and as usual at this important forum i will present israel's truth without fear and with head held high protests are also taking place in morocco. is there joining us
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from robot tash imports are they expecting to happen. peter thousands of people are converging here in vic capital coming from different parts of the country particularly neighboring cities can there to casablanca all the political parties activist n.g.o.s and committees that defend the palestinian cause asking people to converge just let me step out of the frame to give you an idea about what's going on there are thousands and thousands of people moving from the main street that you can see further down and they're expected to arrive any time now to converge at this particular place which is in front of the moroccan parliament this has always been the very focal point of the protests and the propellants in rallies it's been
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a unique moment where you see the opposition the government and the all the different components of the moroccan society coming here with one method of unity which is rejecting that. decision they say that they have lost faith in the international community and the americans can no longer play the role of a unbiased broker in the middle east peace process but at the same time to those lost faith in official institutions like the arab league and the organization of the islamic. organization of the islamic committee therefore they would like to maintain the pressure on the streets for. his decision so we can imagine what the politicians they would be saying hashem but the monarchy the king is held in a uniquely affectionate place in the heart of people from that country any word from the royal household. peter king who chairs the
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committee of the jerusalem committee was established in one nine hundred seventy five to defend muslim claims over jerusalem in the very first day of the crisis warning tromp a report from the decision he made he said this is a which has been beset by instability and the decision to recognize israel to recognize jerusalem as the capital of israel is just going to further erode faith in the peace process. which is the ads of the muslim world how many of the most decisive moments about the palestinian fight for an independent state were made here or in algeria nine hundred sixty five and sixty nine hundred sixty nine nine hundred sixty seventy four when the arab league summit recognized that illegitimate and so representative of the palestinian people nineteen eighty two in pairs in morocco when the arab league offered these rallies peace process in
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exchange for pulling out from the areas that controlled in one nine hundred sixty seven including east jerusalem nine hundred eighty eight in algeria yasser arafat stepped up in the podium announcing the birth of a palestinian state a year later in one nine hundred eighty nine he was declared the president of the state of palestine so this is something that is very question for the people in today's yeah in algeria in morocco and mauritania thousands of people have been taken over the last few days across this result they say that this way they're going to lose balance of what as long as it takes until from reverses his decision and thank you. protestors in the philippines are marking world human rights state by marching against the president. they say thousands of people have died since rodrigo to began his campaign against illegal drugs international
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says the victims include children activists say the country has seen the unprecedented level of killing by officers since two thirty took over. from. sixty nine years since the declaration of human rights was signed protesters here say that country has never been under threat specifically under the government of president. more than a year and a half since they took office the very people who actually campaigned for him are all here now calling him to resign more than fourteen thousand people they see how since president declared the so-called war on drugs many of them killed in police operations have been killed by vigilante groups believed to be linked to police this is something that government denies press conference today his spokesperson says that the government remains committed to uplifting the lives of millions of filipinos that's something that many here do not believe the reason declaration of
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president. calling the new people's army the communists harris says sends a very scary message not just to those who are fighting against the philippine military they also fear that this may be used as an excuse to go after journalists who have been critical of the president and also a means to silence the opposition. now the universal declaration on human rights was signed sixty nine years ago but the u.n. says the document is being forgotten or it's being willfully ignored the war in syria is now in its sixty year old sides in the conflict have been accused of targeting civilians with indiscriminate attacks in yemen activists say who see rebels on the saudi led coalition fighting them all responsible for many rights violations including extra judicial killings. arbitrate detention and torture the running a crisis in myanmar escalated in august of this or than six hundred thousand refugees
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escaped to bangladesh after a military crackdown which the un called ethnic cleansing and adore this the director of the media and communications division of the international organization for migration he highlights the plight of refugees and migrants who are vulnerable to human rights abuses if you think of the rohingya in no living in camps with bizarre mark they are now prey to human trafficking exploitation and truly extraordinary scale so whatever happened to them back in their in their homeland when they were driven out what's happening to them now pales and is really shocking because they are without employment there without their homes and therefore they're vulnerable to vast networks of human traffickers and smugglers and people who simply want to exploit them you've got two separate groups think about who got those who are driven out by conflict who are the refugee populations and then you've got those who are leaving because the last lack of economic opportunity or
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advancing climate change and indeed growing populations two forces at work and it's driving people really into very difficult and dangerous situation. still to come here on al-jazeera. could we do to allow an individual to did this wonderful. thing the president's black leaders turn their back on trump as he opens a civil rights museum. the city was obliterated in a second and a warning from hiroshima his campaign is against nuclear weapons with the nobel peace prize. hello there it's going to turn a bit cooler for some of us in the northern parts of asia over the next few days
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the satellite picture showing this area of cloud here that's making its way eastwards and that's bringing some of us a fair amount of rain expect more rain as we head through the day on monday some of which will be rather heavy in the far north though we are going to see a little bit of wintery weather but that snow really gets going as we head through the day on tuesday there many of us across japan are looking at a very wintery day lots of heavy snow around and brought in on some rather brisk winds in places too towards the south for osaka does look like it should be dry here but even here not that will only six degrees for beijing so also not warm here our maximum temperature would just be minus two and that cold day is spreading a bit further south now as well so shanghai is a maximum on monday will only be eleven degrees but then it will drop even further as we head through tuesday so this time our maximum will only be nine in that cooler air is also pushing further south hong kong as a maximum just getting to around eighteen degrees and then all the cloud and rain those showers are being brought in to parts of it now the southeastern parts of
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asia are also seeing plenty of showers in those over the philippines really got going over the past a few days more of them still to come the more heavy rain over the moving parts of job as well. the world's largest humanitarian crisis millions caught up in the civil war all it is the real world examines the roots of the conflict in yemen and the complex history that through a country into perpetual terminal. death separation on. the north and the so these dualisms are off part of history. yemen the north south divide this time.
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there with al-jazeera live from a reminder of the top stories violent confrontations continue eleven on between protesters and the security forces close to the u.s. embassy in beirut the police are using tear gas and water cannons to disperse demonstrators. the israeli prime minister is traveling to paris where there have also been protests and condemnation across europe indeed of donald trump's decision to recognize jerusalem as the israeli capital city netanyahu is expected to meet the french president emmanuel mackerel in a couple of hours time. and protesters in the philippines are marking world human rights day by marching against the president they say hundreds of people have died since roderigo to turn began his campaign against illegal drugs. twenty thousand people died when the former zimbabwean
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president robert mugabe ordered a military campaign against the lot lot rival liberation movements an unknown number of civilians were among the dead in the crackdown between one thousand nine hundred three in one thousand nine hundred five the new president emerson and the former military chiefs appointed to his cabinet are implicated in what happened under simmons travel to show the district victims who are still waiting for an apology. it seems like a happy setting yet the children are playing on one of the zimbabwe's killing fields seven teachers were murdered in these grounds then dumped in a. it was thirty four years ago they called it a military operation named good hunting meaning the rains washing away the chance of worthless garbage with you know most abandoned is trying to work out where the bodies were buried up up. they called everyone around the village to come here and
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dig new toilet but really we're digging graves we're told by those we saw the teachers are lined up the one of the young soldiers told him to move over a year they lined up again and they were shocked. there's no dignity here no respect for the dead no mark graves no way of absorbing the scale of these atrocities spread over a land mass the size of switzerland liberia sierra leone no comfort for the people and no apology. it all took place decades ago when the first years of zimbabwe's independence but doesn't believe zimbabwe's new president will ever apologize. he takes us to another village following his memories from one thousand nine hundred three to this place. even the sun can lift the darkness for
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those who live here. names etched in stone twenty three of them mainly women locked inside a house burned alive in the north korean trained fifth brigade were under orders from robert mugabe his security minister who is the new president emerson. and the armed forces were headed by men who now have senior ministerial posts. in march nine hundred eighty three the chronicle state run newspaper published reports about defending the fifth brigade. like ning the dissidents to cockroaches and bugs the minister said the bandit menace had reached such epidemic proportions that the government had to bring in d.d.t. to get rid of the bandits d.d.t. is an insecticide for decades victims like jane were lousy have been too frightened to talk jane still lives with physical injuries and having to watch her fourteen
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year old sister being raped and uncle was killed. cruel it's very painful as i speak it still hurts me those who take these things should come and apologize to us otherwise nothing has changed in the current. special advisor to the president have this response to our report zimbabwe needs a break to continue as the erie diggins past to settle scores from the past is if it can not be the future is seemingly to unhealthful it's irresponsible davis energy away from what should be done every country's forwarded tortured history going to be leaving the americans does dog of the sea rule the american civil war your country follows. you make mistakes you make false starts. back in a village deep in the bush bandit goes to pray in one hour and over the prayer for
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help and comfort in the woods shouts of the stillness. or not they carry the anger and pain of tens of thousands of people andrew simmons al-jazeera. that's a bigger than. donald trump received a lukewarm welcome when he attended the opening of a civil rights museum in mississippi some black leaders boycotts of the event accusing the presidents of racial division gabriel and has that story from the city of jackson. thank they gathered to pay tribute to the long struggle for racial equality in america it was a grand opening of a new nineteen million dollars civil rights museum that traces the history of black americans who led that fight but when donald trump said he would attend some african-americans boycotted including congressman and prominent civil rights leader john lewis the national association for the advancement of people or and. the most storied civil rights organization in america had asked trump not to come we refuse
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to allow individual to this day this wonderful thing of honoring individuals who sacrifice. when they work so hard to sure people have access to affordable health care and he's seeking to undermine it at every turn. trump was slow to condemn racist groups it protested in charlottesville virginia earlier this year you had a group on one side that was bad and you had a group on the other side that was also very violent but he has released he condemned n.f.l. players for taking a need to ring national anthem in protest against police brutality and injustice against mostly young black men but there is another side of the story many of the people who are here on the first day of the museum's opening and they very much so . support the president's visit he should be here to represent who we are not a segment not a political view but the people of the united states best make you happy i'm happy
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. to at the newseum and then gave a speech with a presidential tone that stayed on script we want our country to be a place where every child from every background can grow up free from fear innocent of hatred and surrounded by love opportunity and hope today we pay solemn tribute to our heroes of the past his words were appreciated by many he came here as words were powerful and at the end of the day it's about the two museums that are here mississippi has a dark history when it comes to civil rights in the last century it was one of the last states to fully integrate black americans to have equal rights medgar evers' a famous civil rights leader from the state was murdered here in one thousand nine hundred sixty three this entire history now on full display at the new museum
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everyone agrees the struggle for equal rights is a story that needs to be told that disagreement on if the current president is the right person to tell it. to jackson mississippi in just under an hour the international campaign to abolish nuclear weapons will receive the nobel peace prize ceremony in founded in two thousand and seven the group as a coalition working to pressure governments to ban nuclear weapons is made up of four hundred sixty eight snowmen governmental organizations from one hundred one countries the biggest milestone in icons history came this year when one hundred twenty two countries voted in favor of adopting a u.n. treaty to ban nuclear weapons charlie angela has more now from. all those city hall is filling up behind me with guests expecting a lavish state so many the king and queen in attendance and lots of foreign dignitaries the executive director of the international campaign against nuclear
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weapons bit we're picking up the prize which includes a diploma a medal and a one million dollars cash prize but she won't be alone she'll be joined on stage by setsuko his campaign for seven decades against nuclear weapons she was just thirteen when the united states dropped a bomb on her city in one thousand nine hundred forty five together they will give the nobel lecture celebrating a u.n. treaty prohibiting nuclear weapons which is largely thanks to icann and campaigning efforts it will so lay out their long term goals and how to achieve nuclear disarmament. the questions are. being too idealistic the nine nations that hold nuclear weapons will never agree to sign up to this nuclear treaty but says this is not about bringing them to the table this is about changing the status quo making it more uncomfortable for them to have these nuclear arsenals and it is
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a long term game they are very aware of that this prize will bring much needed public city around the issue of nuclear weapons and help educate the public about the theory of nuclear deterrent which has gone unchallenged for so many decades. well ahead of the ceremony we've been exploring the nuclear capabilities of countries around the world and its impact on the people hiroshi herradura was six years old when the u.s. dropped an atomic bomb on hiroshima in japan and are simmons traveled pardon me not andrew symonds will get more on that for you here on al-jazeera that individual telling us his story and the significance of the glen back in the only structure left standing when the bomb exploded. in the his name is he no she had his former director of huge ocean a piece memorial museum he has who are going whose dome was originally called heat oshima prefectural industrial promotion home and it was used for showcasing you
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know she was products and promoting cultural activities so it was in a bustling downtown district my parents took me there often when i was small. i was that he was from a station about two kilometers from the hypocenter he had me standing behind the station building i saw the flash of light my father lay down on his stomach he covered me as he was that i was saved miraculously he was going to the city was obliterated in a second. so many buildings that once stood destroys the view of hiroshima defy any explanation of what actually happened. was that building was right below the hypocenter but somehow withstood the blast from above him over the back and then many people could not accept the idea of preserving the dome which would bring back the memories so nothing but others felt a sense of crisis without a building like this there wouldn't be anything to hand down to the next generation and that would mean losing the experience both from our sight and memory. the
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building in its original form can tell the account of humanity's first experience of atomic bomb and its devastation and by seeing it it warns us to never repeat it again. as it's being constantly exposed to wind and rains that deterioration is progressing rapidly so we have to reinforce the structure as needed continuously survey the building and repeat this process and he is most important to have something you can see with your own eyes to pass on the experience of comic bomb into the next generation. whenever you see the building your heart will be reminded of the catastrophe on a sound you this is why i'm glad to have preserve the building right. don't survive the devastation song with its own eyes what happened at the hypocenter in that very moment he continues to welcome many people in the same place today i want to say
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thank you for doing everything you've done so far and i hope you will continue to be well forever so that you can spread your message and you can watch the nobel peace prize award ceremony live at twelve hours g.m.t. on al-jazeera that's in just over half an hour from now and later at sixteen hours g.m.t. we'll have an exclusive interview with the executive director i can be it for sphere . of beauty salon in south sudan has become a refuge for many widows of war they're among the thousands who are the sole breadwinners after their husbands were killed during the four year long civil conflict him organize reports in the town of a kobo. is hoping for her that comes as close to perfection as possible her styling for her is not just a job it's a form of therapy the twenty eight year old is left to care for children on her own after her husband was killed in the civil war in may what brings me here is the
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need to support my children i'm a widow i need to feed them and this solemn office me the chance to do so and provide them with the basics tens of thousands of south sudanese men have been killed in the four year war in africa's youngest nation four million of the twelve million population is this place eight out of ten of them are women and children in africa's largest refugee crisis. the salone in a provides not only way forward is to earn money for their families but offers a chance to talk of their ordeals some say they too are victims in more ways than one. when the war came to our village we ran but we needed food so we went back eventually we found soldiers there who raped us i had lost my husband shortly before that i struggled to raise our children but coming here reminds me that i'm not alone in what i'm facing. because paula give me is common in south sudan the world has left behind hundreds of thousands of widows who lost their husbands no
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want to track of the number of people killed in south sudan's were but. they made that more than half a million widows are left behind many are the sole breadwinners for their children and there were has cost high inflation and for shortage for have the population for many widows who are single mothers the burden can be too much to handle many toll runs the readers group here in a kobo she says we just benefit from helping each other. when we brought together the widows they had all lost their husbands in the war and were tired of taking care of their children alone some thought of suicide for killed themselves last year but those here in the group look at other widows and realize that they're not alone and have others that they can talk to see a lot of the. war years knows her life won't be the same again after her husband was killed but at least she has a place you can talk about her trauma and hope for a better future people who are going on just there are
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a south sudan. this is al-jazeera these are the top stories that are being confrontations in lebanon between protesters and security forces near the u.s. embassy in beirut the police are using tear gas and water cannons to disperse demonstrators who are angry at donald trump's decision to recognize jerusalem as the israeli capital as it was in a holder is their. problem or any other newsgroup several hundred protesters stairs trying to reach the u.s. embassy compound but security forces have cordoned off the road preventing people from approaching further people being pushed back from the smell of the tear gas people are angry there is defiance oh they are chanting. they're chanting words against arab leaders saying that they haven't done enough though to to confront the u.s. this isn't that words are not enough they want action they want the peace process to be declared that they're calling for but they're supporting
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a new intifada and calling on person immediately to stop talking and moving any dialogue with this route more protests have been held in other cities worldwide hundreds of protesters today istanbul waved turkish and palestinian rights. the president wretch up type one as being one of the most vocal critics of trump's decision he's called a summit of islamic countries on weapons day. the israeli prime minister is traveling to europe where there have also been protests and condemnation of the embassy move benjamin netanyahu is expected to meet to manual micro later today. protesters in the philippines are marking world human rights day by marching against the president. they say thousands of people have died since. began his campaign against illegal drugs and to perceive the country has seen an unprecedented level of killing by offices since to took office. doctors in south korea are protesting as president when jane's plan to
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expand national health insurance coverage and other policy would see insurance cover seventy percent of the cost of treatment the doctors say the scheme would force them to provide cheap ok which would reduce the quality of the treatment those are the headlines the news continues here on al-jazeera off the inside story i will see you very very soon but. a struggle over corruption all power off the anti corruption campaign that mikhail saakashvili back in police custody for the second time in a week before my president of georgia says his rearrest is politically motivated.


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