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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  December 10, 2017 10:00pm-10:12pm +03

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seriously harming the case of nazneen zakari radcliff by saying that she was training journalists iranian leaders says as said that that's effectively proof she was carrying out spyware for the u.k. al-jazeera has spoken to victims of mass killings in zimbabwe which took place more than three decades ago although they were ordered by former leader robert mugabe the new president anderson and former military chiefs appointed to his new cabinet wearing government at the time and resentments travel to district talk to victims who are still waiting for an apology. it seems like a happy setting yet the children are playing on one of the zimbabwe's killing fields seven teachers were murdered in these grounds then dumped in a bit it was thirty four years ago they called it a military operation named google hunting meaning the rains washing away the chance of worthless garbage with the most abundant trying to work out where the bodies
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were buried up up from where. they called everyone around the village to come here and dig new toilet islam but really we didn't graves rick told by those who saw the teachers the lined up the one of the young soldiers told him to move over a year and they lined up again and they were shocked. there's no dignity here no respect for the dead no mark graves no way of absorbing the scale of these atrocities spread over a land mass the size of switzerland liberia sierra leone no comfort for the people and no apology. it all took place decades ago in the first years of zimbabwe's independence but doesn't believe zimbabwe's new president will ever apologize. he takes us to
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another village following his memories from one thousand nine hundred three to this place. even the sun can lift the darkness for those who live here names etched in stone and twenty three of them mainly women locked inside a house burned alive in the north korean trained fifth brigade well under orders from robert mugabe his security minister was the new president emerson. and the armed forces were headed by men who now have senior ministerial posts. in march nine hundred eighty three the chronicle state run newspaper published reports about defending the fifth brigade like ning the dissidents to cockroaches and bugs the minister said the bandit menace had reach such epidemic proportions that the government had to bring in d.d.t. to get rid of the bandits d.d.t.
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is an insecticide. for decades victims like jane were lousy have been too frightened to talk jane still lives with physical injuries and having to watch her fourteen year old sister being raped and uncle was killed. cruel it's very painful as i speak it still hurts me those who took these things should come and apologize to us otherwise nothing has changed in current on a special advisor to the president have this response to our report them but we need the break to continue as the erie diggins posts to settle scores from the past is it cannot be the future is simply to you in and here for it's irresponsible davis in a geo way from what should be done every can decide for the tortured history going to be live with americans does dog of the sea rule the american civil war your country is to make mistakes you made for starts back in
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a village deep in the bush plan that goes to pray in one hour where the prayer asks for help and comfort and the words shatter the still is. or not caring the anger and pain of tens of thousands of. andrew symonds al-jazeera. and. protestors in the philippines are taking to the streets of the capital to mark world human rights day. they say their country is sliding into dictatorship under president their tasha's rule thousands of people have died since he declared his so-called war on drugs most of them were killed in police operations or at the hands of vigilante groups believed to have links to the police jamil island ogun has more from the meller. sixty nine years since the declaration of human rights was signed protesters here say that country has never been under threat specifically under the government of president. more than
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a year and a half since they took office the very people who actually campaigned for him are all here now calling him to resign more than fourteen thousand people they see had died since president to declare his so-called war on drugs many of them killed in police operations while others have been killed by vigilante groups believed to be linked to police this is something that these government denies at a press conference today his spokesperson says that the government remains committed to uplifting the lives of millions of filipinos that's something that many here do not believe the recent declaration of president of the good calling the new people's army the communist rebellion as jerry says sends a very scary message not just to those who are fighting against the philippine military they also fear that this may be used as an excuse to go after journalists who have been critical of the president and also a means in a way to silence the opposition. of. saddam has become an unlikely refuge for
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many widows of war are among the thousands who was a sole breadwinners after their husbands were killed during the civil conflict have a morgan reports now from the town of where widows focus on supporting their families to overcome their grief meaning you know warrior is hoping for her that comes as close to perfection as possible her styling for her is not just a job it's a form of therapy in between to eat he ruled is left to care for children on her own after her husband was killed in the civil war. what brings me here is the need to support my children i'm a widow i need to feed them and this solemn office me the chance to do so and provide them with the basics. tens of thousands of south sudanese men have been killed in the four year war in africa's youngest nation four million of the twelve million population is displaced eight out of ten of them are women and children in
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africa's largest refugee crisis the cell phone in a provides not only way forward is to earn money for their families but offers a chance to talk of their ordeals some say they too are victims in more ways than one. when the war came to our village we ran but we needed food so we went back eventually we found soldiers there who raped us i had lost my husband shortly before that i struggled to raise our children but coming here reminds me that i'm not alone in what i'm facing. because polygram me is common in south sudan the work has left behind hundreds of thousands of widows who lost their husbands no want to track of the number of people killed in south sudan's were but it's estimated that more than half a million widows are left behind many are the sole breadwinners for their children and there were has cost high inflation and for shortage for have the population for many widows who are single mothers the burden can be too much to handle marital
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rents the readers group here in a kobo she says we just benefit from helping each other. when we brought together the widows they had all lost their husbands in the war and were tired of taking care of their children alone some thought of suicide for killed themselves last year but those here in the group look at other widows and realize that they're not alone and have others that they can talk to see a lot of the. war years knows her life won't be the same again after her husband was killed but at least she has a place you can talk about her trauma and hope for a better future people who are going on just there are a couple south sudan. well as much more in everything we're covering right here including the ongoing fallout from the ministrations decision to recognize jerusalem as israel's capital protests continuing in the middle east and elsewhere al-jazeera.
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so that an update on the top stories now in the palestinian red crescent is saying a hundred fifty seven people have been injured on sunday in confrontations with israeli forces in the occupied west bank jerusalem and gaza after u.s. president trumps decision to recognize jerusalem as israel's capital have been violent confrontations in neighboring lebanon as well which is time to almost four hundred fifty thousand palestinian refugees security forces used tear gas and water cannons to disperse protesters outside the u.s. embassy in beirut. the israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu has met the french president in paris and i know mark on his strongly criticize the u.s. decision on jerusalem called on israel to end the construction of illegal settlements as a gesture of peace but netanyahu says drugs decision just recognizes the existing reality the sooner the palestinians come to grips with this reality the sooner we will move towards peace and this is why i think president trumps
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announcement was superstore and so important for peace on the quest for peace there is a serious effort underway know by the united states and all i can say is i said related to president mccall i think if you'll pardon the expression you should give peace a chance. we're into our little stories the international campaign to abolish nuclear weapons has received the twenty seven thousand about peace prize and the nobel committee at praise icann for drawing attention to the humanitarian consequences of using nuclear weapons the group is all nuclear powers to adopt and sign a u.n. treaty to ban they use it's also warning of an urgent threat over the tensions between the u.s. and north korea. and california's governor jerry brown says devastating wildfires fueled by climate change are the new normal strong winds that have stopped wildfires across the state are expected to return in force on sunday about five
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thousand firefighters have helped to battle the six large wildfires which erupted on monday night hundreds of buildings have been destroyed and vos areas of land have been badly scorched you up there with a lot hope stories talk to al-jazeera is next. the summer of two thousand and thirteen the political temperature in.


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