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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  December 11, 2017 1:00am-1:34am +03

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syncing sand was at this time on al-jazeera. well than one hundred fifty people injured in clashes with israeli forces in the occupied territories after the u.s.
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decision to recognize jerusalem as israel's capital. and oh i maryanne demasi in london you're watching al-jazeera also coming up israeli prime minister meets the french president and insist palestinians must get to grips with reality. international campaign to abolish nuclear weapons out of right to winning the nobel peace prize and called on the world to see a line. on the beauty sound on this offering comfort and support to war widows in south sudan. story the palestinian red crescent says one hundred fifty seven people were injured on sunday and confrontations with israeli forces in the occupied west bank jerusalem and gaza after u.s.
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president trumps decision to recognize jerusalem as israel's capital there was also violence in neighboring lebanon west security forces used tear gas and water cannon to disperse protesters outside the u.s. embassy in the capital beirut meanwhile in jerusalem an israeli security guard has been wounded in a stabbing attack in a central bus station this as israel's prime minister insists the president trumps decision was mainly a recognition of the existing reality made the comments while meeting the french president emanuel macron in paris who called on israel to end its construction of settlements we start in lebanon and this report from st holder in beirut. lebanese security forces are using high water cannon tear gas to disperse the crowds several hundred people gathered outside the u.s. embassy in beirut though to protest the u.s. decision to have ignited israel is the capital of trick to recognize jerusalem as the capital of israel palestinian of a newsgroup several hundred protesters stairs trying to reach the u.s.
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embassy compound but security forces have cordoned off the road to preventing people from approaching further people being pushed back from the smell of the teargas people are angry there's defiance oh they're chanting. they're chanting words against arab leaders saying that they haven't done enough to to confront the u.s. decision that words are not enough they want action they want the peace process to be declared that they're calling for they're supporting a new intifada and calling on person in me to be lead to stop talking and moving any dialogue with israel or trump's declaration interest them has been condemned across the wild on sunday protests in solidarity with the palestinians was staged on three continents showing up at us reports. for many this is not a geographical issue muslim one is stamboul transformed into a sea of turkish and palestinian flags i feel like i should defend our sign because i don't know any i don't know any other way to defend them so this is what i can do
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this is the least that i can do but president reject type earlier one has been one of the most vocal critics of trunks decision he's called for a summit of islamic countries a wind stay was and in asia a different language but the same words get it down. please president trump use your brain to not push on and get beyond the limit with patient enough america please go back withdraw yourself from jerusalem jakarta indonesia the capital of the world's most populous muslim country president george would order chordal muslim countries to unite and rejects trumps move indonesians voice their anger outside the u.s. embassy. and then rabbet the moroccan capital. they yell slurs against the u.s. president with banners that reads drusilla him is the capital of palestine in the crowd
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a government ministers and officials the an army of pro palestinian protesters rolled down cairo streets cell phones held high the the muslim solidarity even spread to the embattled nations of yemen and syria was the summit live city to daraa where the syrian uprising began the global to sit against the u.s. embassy in jerusalem marched on charlotte dallas al-jazeera. in other developments an israeli security guard has been wounded in a stabbing at jerusalem central bus station police say an israeli citizen and an officer stopped the attacker from escaping the suspect is reported to be from the occupied west bank. well president tom's declaration has an all to the daily reality for palestinians living on the israeli occupation they still have to battle bureaucracy to remain in the city where they were born that reports from occupied
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east jerusalem. in occupied east jerusalem the protests of the preceding days were absent on sunday the start of the working week so the more regular rhythms of life resume but the palestinians hear that also means dealing with the all encompassing nature of occupation extending residency i.d.'s or continuing with torturous applications to enable life in a city they see as their own it's always disadvantages i married or lived in the west bank but my sons were all born in jerusalem with the eldest couldn't get an id i've been applying since two thousand and two i born in that world city and if i. leave this city for five years i will lose my identity and my identity and this is a three inch country that you will never see that you're never to see in the war. during this week's demonstrations israeli forces have been checking i.d.'s carrying
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out searches. and cracking down on any use of the palestinian flag a national symbol that they refused to allow in protests in what israel claims is its undivided capital that flag was present in a meeting of palestinian members of the israeli parliament and others looking for ways to respond to the u.s. indorsement of the israeli claim those are is that what they call taking the steps against against the palestinians of course this succeed in a way or another to reach some of the lads but it's still the existence of the palestinians it was a recent poll but none of them will continue with the plants the day to day realities of life under occupation here in east jerusalem haven't been changed by donald trump's declaration what it has done is cement a feeling of stagnation even hopelessness after more than twenty years of peace process the question now is what kind of a course their leaders will chart and what kind of a hearing they'll get in the wider world ari force at al-jazeera occupied east jerusalem. well israel's prime minister benjamin netanyahu says palestinians must
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get to grips with the reality that jerusalem is israel's capital in order to move towards peace and made those comments while meeting french president emanuel lakhan in paris and when attash sent this report. the greetings were warm and friendly but this could not have been an easy meeting the french president and israeli prime minister are divided over the u.s. decision to recognize theresa as the capital of israel a move that has drawn international condemnation it often takes i've expressed to prime minister netanyahu my disapproval of the recent declarations of the president of the united states france believed to be against international law and dangerous for peace but the micro called on israelis and palestinians to restart talks urging netanyahu to freeze illegal settlement building as a gesture of peace netanyahu said he was open to discussions but that there could be no question over jerusalem status and purposes the capital of france drusilla is
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the capital of israel and the capital of israel for three thousand years it's been the capital of the jewish state for seven years the israeli leader also hit out of the turkish president at a one had spoken by phone on saturday the two men reaffirming their condemnation of trump's announcement. and one is attacked is with. us what is my response. i'm not used to receiving. lectures. about morality from a little rude barman kurdish villagers in his native to palestinian leaders say but the united states could no longer be considered an honest broker in any future peace talks and bad thirty four makes both couldn't leave the door open for him at all mark or on frogs to take the need but not everyone here who's pleased with macross decision to host netanyahu on saturday hundreds of protesters gathered in
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central paris. jerusalem is not the capital of israel it's not only the palestinian capital it's the capital of all religions with for muslims christians jews macro recently mediated in the political crisis in lebanon and he may be seeking a greater role in this one but if he was looking for encouraging signs there were few to be found here. al-jazeera paris well in all the developments the white house has said today that it's unfortunate the palestinian president has declined to meet us vice president mike pence president mahmoud abbas says that he will not meet pen's chairing his planned visit to the region next month in protest at trump's decision a spokesman for bend says the palestinian authority is walking away from the chance to discuss the future of the region.
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and the international campaign to abolish nuclear weapons has received the twenty seventeen nobel peace prize in oslo the nobel committee praised i can for drawing attention to the humanitarian consequences of using nuclear weapons the group preserving all nuclear powers to adopt and sign a u.n. treaty to ban their use charlie engineer reports from. i coul has been awarded the no go peace prize for twenty seventeen a prize for achieving a u.n. treaty banning nuclear weapons and for what i can hopes to achieve global nuclear disarmament accepting the award as i can see executive directive it was finn and set sukkot thurlow who survived the u.s. bombing of hiroshima nine hundred forty five there were tears in the audience as she recounted the horrors of that day when i was just thirteen year old girl trapped in the small of the rubble i kept pushing i keep
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moving toward the light and i survived our light now is a ban treaty to all in this whole and all listening around the world. i did beat those words that i heard in the ruins of hiroshima don't give up keep pushing keep moving see the light. their speeches reminded the world of the extreme threat we will live under which bit just been reiterated june exclusive interview with al-jazeera after the ceremony we've been so close to catastrophe throughout the cold war we also had a war in iraq that was fueled by threats of weapons of mass destruction we have conflict with iran with kashmir and north korea right now look at this situation between north korea and the united states this does not feel safe past winners of
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the nobel peace prize. archbishop desmond tutu for his nonviolent campaign against apartheid in south africa to martti ahtisaari for resolving conflicts in kosovo it proves that the path to peace on many but nothing threatens world peace more than the fifteen thousand nuclear weapons held by just nine countries and i can says that as long as they exist nuclear disaster is inevitable. the crisis in north korea means that the threat is greater than it has been in decades i can doesn't expect nuclear states to sign the u.n. treaty immediately but it hopes to stigmatize the weapons like landmines chemical and biological weapons making their use and thinkable their opponent a powerful but so are the people says i can course the economic impacts that individual people can have so we have a major campaign called don't bank on the bomb and we're encouraging people to call
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their banks or their pension funds or other financial institutions and see if they have a policy to take the money away from nuclear weapon producing companies again with land mines and cluster bombs this is had a huge impact on this incentivizing economic investment in these weapons and we expect that the same thing can happen with nuclear weapons as well. the prize is a victory for civil groups and a rare moment of celebration the behind the smiles a stark message it's either the end of nuclear weapons or the world faces a very uncertain future charlie and the al-jazeera. it's all accounted for in this half hour california's governor says devastating wildfires feel by climate change and now the new normal also. just a few of the names here of more than twenty thousand people killed in a campaign of mass murder and terror ordered by robert mugabe and i'm andrew simmons a matter between them and i'll be reporting on why the new president isn't bublé is
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implicated in what happened. hello the weather throughout australia is right if you quieter a few showers building one two in queens and something else on here west australia and a big white top thing right in the middle of nowhere that'll bring some rain but really we're talking about warm start to summer this is the color background you see person twenty nine in the red and that extends through queens and but then bottom quarter i'm afraid victoria new south wales in their twenty's will warm up again adelaide up to twenty nine after all and this is a center of circulation a whole lot of drifting so east was so from twenty two all monday you should get to something more like twenty seven on tuesday much the same as sydney and brisbane to
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be honest hotter in south australia but persib by this time the girl on shore breeze it down to twenty four mostly a dry picture you'll notice which is a bit of a contrast to what's happened recently in new zealand where you've been sitting pretty and these are for a week or two that's been pushed out the way broken through so you think it should be cooler not really i think you see twenty one twenty two twenty three degrees typically anyway but there is an onshore breeze as more cloud and so right in science and i think wanting to stay in the sunshine the day after we got to tuesday was tough temps are much the same but the weather's a bit brighter. witness
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documentaries that open your eyes at this time on al jazeera. america with al-jazeera the top stories this hour one hundred fifty seven people have been injured in confrontations with his writing forces across the occupied palestinian territories after u.s. president tom's decision to recognize jerusalem as israel's capital. in while israel's prime minister benjamin netanyahu says palestinians must get to grips with the reality that your islam is israel's capital in order to move towards peace. and
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the international campaign to abolish nuclear weapons has received the twenty seventeen about peace prize. and all the stories we're following closely a while finally threatening more towns and forcing further evacuations authorities are warning the fire near santa barbara could become the was in the states of california's history firefighters of brought five although blazes in the area largely under control almost a thousand buildings have been destroyed and one person killed california's governor says devastating wildfires fueled by climate change all the new normal rob reynolds is in ventura county california which has been badly affected by the fire you see behind me this is going to. the worst case scenario for everyone was that obviously once they had a beautiful view of these rolling hills now it's nothing but a bunch of scorched rubble and the same is true of many other houses in this neighborhood nobody's totaled up the amount of damage yet from this fire
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we know that just fighting the fire has cost this county this one county event europe with a twenty five million dollars that's just a little less than a week and you can see it other another house over here again only the chimney standing the trees completely burned and a car just sort of melted in the middle of the street this is as governor jerry brown of california said yesterday on saturday this is the new normal for california moving to venezuela now where polls are closing in the countries and they are all actions three of the four main opposition parties a boy causing the because they say it lacks any guarantees of fantasy transparency president or as government has been accused of undermining democracy by imprisoning dissidents and he said in congress which is controlled by the opposition is like the elections are expected to further consolidate and to its position at next
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year's presidential vote. al jazeera has spoken to victims of mass killings in zimbabwe which took place more than three decades ago although they were ordered by the former leader robert mugabe the new president. and former military chiefs appointed to his new cabinet were in the government at the time andrew symonds travel to the to show to district to talk to victims who are still waiting for an apology. it seems like a happy setting yet the children are playing on one of the zimbabwe's killing fields seven teachers were murdered in these grounds then dumped in a bit it was thirty four years ago they called it a military operation named a hunting meaning the rains washing away the chance of worthless garbage with you know most abandoned is trying to work out where the bodies were buried. they called
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everyone around the village to come here and dig new toilet islam but really we're digging graves we're told by those who saw the teachers are lined up the one of the young soldiers told him to move over a year they lined up again and they were shocked. there's no dignity here no respect for the dead no mark graves no way of absorbing the scale of these atrocities spread over a land mass the size of switzerland liberia sierra leone no comfort for the people and no apology. it all took place decades ago in the first years of zimbabwe's independence but doesn't believe zimbabwe's new president will ever apologize. he takes us to another village following his memories from one thousand nine hundred three to this place. even the sun can lift the darkness for
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those who live here. names etched in stone and twenty three of them mainly women locked inside a house burned alive. the north korean trained fifth brigade were under orders from robert mugabe his security minister was the new president emerson. and the armed forces were headed by men who now have senior ministerial posts in march nine hundred eighty three the chronicle state run newspaper published reports about defending the fifth brigade like ning the dissidents to cockroaches and bugs the minister said the bandit menace had reach such epidemic proportions that the government had to bring in d.d.t. to get rid of the bandits d.d.t. is an insecticide for decades victims like jane were lousy have been too frightened to talk jane still lives with physical injuries and having to watch her fourteen
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year old sister being raped and uncle was killed. cruel it's very painful as i speak it still hurts me those who do these things should come and apologize to us otherwise nothing has changed in the current. special advisor to the president have this response to our report zimbabwe needs a break to continue as the erie diggins purse to settle scores from the past is if it cannot be the future is simply to unhealthful it's irresponsible davis in a geo way from what should be done every country's corridor tortured used to going to live with americans does dog of the sea rule the american civil war your country is to make mistakes you look for starts back in a village deep in the bush no more see band that goes to pray in one hour and our prayer asks for help and comfort and the words shatter the stillness.
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or carry the anger and pain of tens of thousands of. andrew symonds al-jazeera. and. this is our own in south sudan has become an unlikely refuge and many widows of war there are among the thousands who were the sole breadwinners after their husbands were killed during the four year civil conflict about morgan reports now from the town of aqaba where windows focus on supporting their families to overcome that. many a warrior is hoping for her style that comes as close to perfection as possible her styling for her is not just a job it's a form of therapy the twenty eight year old is left to take care of four children on her own after her husband was killed in the civil war. what brings me here is the need to support my children i'm a widow i need to feed them and this office me the chance to do so and provide them
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with the basics. tens of thousands of south sudanese men have been killed in the four year war in africa's youngest nation four million of the twelve million population is displaced eight out of ten of them are women and children in africa's largest refugee crisis the cell phone in a provides not only way forward is to earn money for their families but offers a chance to talk of their ordeals some say they too are victims in more ways than one. when the war came to our village we ran but we needed food so we went back eventually we found soldiers there who raped us i had lost my husband shortly before that i struggled to raise our children but coming here reminds me that i'm not alone in what i'm facing. because paula give me is common in south sudan the world has left behind hundreds of thousands of widows who lost their husbands no want to track of the number of people killed in south sudan's were but it's estimated that more than half a million widows are left behind many are the sole breadwinners for their children
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and there were has cost high inflation and for shortage for have the population for many widows who are single mothers the burden can be too much to handle mary toll runs the risk group here in a kobo she says we just benefit from helping each other. when we brought together the widows they had all lost their husbands in the war and were tired of taking care of their children alone some thought of suicide for killed themselves last year but those here in the group look at other widows and realize that they're not alone and have others that they can talk to a lot of the. war years knows her life won't be the same again after her husband was killed but at least she has a place you can talk about her trauma and hope for a better future people who are going on just there are a couple south sudan. several thousand people have marched through central kiev to protest against the detention of ukrainian opposition figure mackell saakashvili he
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was arrested in kiev on friday the prosecutors accuse him of assisting a criminal organization charges he says were trumped up to undermine his political campaign against president petro poroshenko secretary is now on hunger strike awaiting his next court appearance u.k. foreign secretary boris johnson has met iranian president hassan rouhani as he tries to negotiate the release of an imprisoned british iranian aide waka johnson is intact ron for a second day of talks is but accused of seriously harming the case of nazneen zakaria radcliff by saying she was training journalists iranian leaders said that was proof she was actually carrying out spy work for the u.k. the pair also discuss the landmark two thousand and fifty nuclear deal between western powers and iran or united nations has criticized the u.k. for not doing enough to support disabled people in its report the un has highlighted the role of stairs the measures that played in depriving a whole section of society of their rights at the barber explains.
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mary ellen has been registered disabled for twenty three years she used to work as a nurse now she relies on her full time carer when she's constantly worrying about the future. i home two years ago the government scrapped something called the independent living fund or left and now the local council is cutting her care payments and since the lives closed consulates been leaking is hard to supposedly can intervene as much money as it puts the can into trying to cut those. who. came in and said that they would be increasing my independence. by providing me with incontinence pads right in the case of put who need to be able to use the time it has then i would immediately need someone to help me to the time. having a carer also means mary-ellen can go out to meet friends and protest for disabled
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people's rights five years ago a group of organizations lodged a formal complaint to the united nations that led to an in-depth investigation and some damning conclusions in its report earlier this year the un singled out what it called the u.k. government's failure to recognize the rights of disabled people to live independently in the community it also highlighted the growing numbers of disabled children being educated in segregated special schools calling for legislation to make sure mainstream schools provide for them and it called for urgent action to fight high levels of poverty which it said would you to multiple welfare reforms and cuts in benefits the u.k. government says the un's failed to reflect the progress it's made in empowering disabled people including getting them into work but roger lewis part of a lobby group that helped to get the un to investigate says changes in the government's access to work scheme a cutting things like the specialist computer software which allows him to hold down a job despite being blind he doesn't cost the there the country this is that this
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is the crazy thing that the access to work scheme for every pound they spend on may the treasury get spent between one pound forty one pounds seventy this is generating income for the government bob in work up a national insurance on paying income tax i'm not on an unemployment benefit it's a net gain yet this game is under attack from mary ellen going into a care home would mean an end to her social life and possibly a slide back into the suicidal thoughts she's had in the past she's determined to do what she can to keep fighting the spending cuts the barber al-jazeera london. well as more in everything we're covering right here al jazeera dot com for comments analysis and video on the model you can watch us live as well of course you get all the latest on the ongoing protests in response to the u.s. decision on jerusalem more on that in a sec. also
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the palestinian red crescent is saying that one hundred fifty seven people have been injured on sunday in confrontations with israeli forces in the occupied west bank in jerusalem and in gaza of the u.s. president tom's decision to recognize jerusalem as israel's capital. violent confrontations also taking place in neighboring lebanon which is home to almost four hundred fifty thousand palestinian refugees security forces used tear gas and water cannon to disperse protesters outside the u.s. embassy in the capital beirut. in other developments an israeli security guard has been wounded in a stabbing at your sim central bus station police say an israeli citizen and an officer stopped the attacker from escaping a suspect is reported to be from the occupied west bank elsewhere israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu has met the french president in paris emanuel macron who strongly criticized the u.s. decision on jerusalem called on israel to end the construction of illegal
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settlements as a gesture of peace but netanyahu says trump's decision merely recognizes realities on the ground the sooner the problem students come to grips with this reality the sooner we will move towards peace and this is why i think president trump's announcement was superstore and so important for peace on the quest for peace. there is a serious effort underway no by the united states and all i can say is i said related to president mccall i think you know if you are bored you explosion. we should give peace a chance. well in all the top stories the international campaign to abolish nuclear weapons has received the twenty seventeen nobel peace prize in. the nobel committee praised i can for drawing attention to the humanitarian consequences of using nuclear weapons the group is urging all nuclear powers to adopt and sign a u.n. treaty to ban the use. and
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a wildfire north of los angeles is threatening more towns and forcing evacuations authorities are warning the fine is santa barbara could become the worst in the state's history firefighters abroad five all the blazes in the area largely under control one coverage of that story and everything else at the top of the next hour when we'll have much more news from doha that's it for myself and the team here in london witness is next. it's impossible to underestimate the size and scale of the economic crisis it's not just about the billion trillion dollars of debt it's not just about the banks it's not just about the government to buy a real piece.


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