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muslims and christians. and. the sage and this. in the me. and target. set. the muslims and the. and the cushions in jerusalem the births of the prophet. mohammed the low either send them. jesus piece on him today we're not as. dark in spiritual in position in the we're on the underground in the seats but it's by christians and muslims. in order to defend all it's such a place is. very
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quick as you can see the results after his decision in exactly on the second day after his is the. governments of the enemy. knows the build in fourteen the unity. in jerusalem and change in the name in the city all the danger we're talking about it. need to build the. american. decision it came and it aflame it was not separated. of its own is goatse before it and after that. if we go before the decision we will understand. what is happening with dealing in the last few years. we were talking about the american zionist push act. which some counties conses help give
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help and assist. the us since two thousand and seven we are told you today i did mention that in two thousand and eleven. we told you that i mean supporting the infidel the oldest two is good specially desired to live. in me to destroy our society. and disown the palestinian cause. and then make it comes and then impose the solution. which she wants which. meets the interests of the israeli this is what we notice in. i mean. this is before. and this is something after it's
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jews and then he would say to all the arab governments. this is out of the question come over for a solution. or the solution. the american is in there is a mission which is supported by some arab countries. the aim of it to clear the palestinian cause those are the dangers we should be facing the palestinian people and over the cover. of the palestinian and all the policy of the fishies this is a danger to be facing we're not just at this moment we don't stop at this station. he says very important station and dangers. and we should confront it we don't just sit there the whole nation as a whole should confront this american dangers. and try to impose a solution on the people people yes all of us especially
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a. first class. it will be better by the palestinians because they are the ones because their resistance and the intifada it is different the most important. i mean. for me is that we address to all the palestinian if you do the fuse as palestinian. the. opposition forces the palestinian authority. the palestinian organization for the liberation of palestine if you gave. dictation by the american or some. government in exposure of this kind. you should always been saying and insist on
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an insane. judaism. as a capital of palestine. but do if you use that. nobody nobody would order a holy word. or even if you got all the country to take from you their second. and places jerusalem you are the base in every position if you stood up together the world will stand by you all might be some of them went but if you will. you leave it and we do so. and you big will put it into the others are you going to be even more. into the. day. or the patients depend. the key to. do you snooped. moments and we are
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concerned and we we do you by your side. brothers and sisters base house is the secretary general of hezbollah he is speaking to the huge numbers gathered out there in the streets of beirut saying we are proud of our lebanese unity around the palestinian cause and the right just cause of could soar jerusalem is mentioned quite a few issues around the region but all of them coming back to jerusalem and pointing out that well he's in his words that donald trump thought that everyone would fall in line behind his decision to recognize to resign as the capital of israel but the rest of the world proved him wrong let's talk as they know who's out there on the streets in a month as i said i know what looks like a lot of people out there who've come out for the speech. yes.
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this is. this is where the borders live the secretary said. calling for. us aggression but they said this to me and. what is important he actually. said. at least should. reach in the term of. eleven and other words the arab spring. was the u.s. to get the palestinian. leader here that. the arab world and eleven on. terror meet in syria. were seen as if. somehow it is. safe to declare the capital itself. has.
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some potency and. and. so has the. protests not. to say. it's getting pretty loud thank you for that update there is at a hold is in beirut. plenty of events around the middle east this monday we've got russia's president vladimir putin who has ordered a partial withdrawal of his troops from syria he made an unannounced stop at home air base where he spoke to the syrian president bashar al assad russian forces of course have played an important role in supporting assad's army. you know. but he goes to the general command i give disorder russia's military presence in syria has come to an end the motherland awaits you friends safe journey i thank you this we
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then saw mr putin in the egyptian capital cairo with president of the fattah el-sisi they agreed to build egypt's first nuclear plant and also discussed that conflict in syria then he is off to turkey of course moscow and ankara have been active in syria's war but crucially they are on opposing sides more from mohamed i don't know who is in on her. the russian leader will conclude his way to all three countries. and is expected to hold talks with east. of the presidential palace behind me the to discuss many issues including bilateral issues trade between the two countries energy and defense matis syria is going to dominate the talks the two countries have seen in their relations ever since turkey doll and a debt belonging to russia is syria in november two thousand and fifteen this see
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more regarding syria. some issues. including whether president should remain in power in post conflict syria. all city and kurdish fighters. want to see all participating in a political. a lot of issues to discuss including the creation of the demilitarized. zone and it will be interesting to see what the tukey is also going to announce a withdrawal of its forces particularly. which has been planned to be. keeping my one couple on busy today director of policy analysis at the darren's did you because as much going on in the middle east let's deal with that impression first of all i mean as we knew he was going to egypt he was going to turkey but then he makes this announcement that he's pulling its troops out of syria put that on the significant scale for me and i think syria is on his agenda i think he made his
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visit to syria and north to make the announcement. by meeting his military commanders on the ground on syria is see important for him because as you know putin is having election next next year and he's planning to exploit this mom. from the vet. the beginning was for him something. external maybe this is something against the united states in the first place but on the other hand it has its domestic incentives for for him his approval rating in after his decision to intervene militarily in syria has soared in fact more than eighty percent approval rate lost last year so i think syria is the most important issue but of course i mean there are other issues here because he's visiting egypt which by the throat ties with each of prussia on both of those is very important but it's also part of
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his. his way actually to express himself and to exhibit my hopes of project power in the middle east by my by visiting to you as allies we're talking here about egypt we're talking who also about about and to actually has been closing has been has been drawn closer to russia over the past couple of years you know the complications between turkey and the united states because of the could this question in in syria and also the complications between egypt and the united states because they want to see who has in the recent months actually put somebody selections on on the military aid to egypt saw he's trying to make he was. difficult the relationship the u.s. allies are having with their international patent in order to present a project his influence in the region a good opportunity for us so the same as we were just watching her from the thrall of beirut which probably you have a quick word about him as well. i was saying to you just before how when he calls his people out into the streets they come they say listen to him is this
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a chance for some lebanese unity over the palestinian issue because nothing brings people together in this part of the world certainly the arab side like the like the issue of jerusalem absolutely and thanks to president tom actually who made this announcement last week he brought more. policy in question really unite them because you know i mean i was. they have been divided over the issue of the arab spring and the conflict in syria in yemen in libya in iraq almost everywhere but palestine actually to bring all of them together i think. will be using this on one hand and order to unite lebanese on something that. is really i mean easy to unite on the other hand he's trying to regain credibility he he lost actually in syria because you know i mean the intervention the military intervention of hezbollah in the syrian civil war over the past few years has cost him a lot and terms of. his standing as the leader of resistance
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towards is about in the arab world so he will be trying to regain some of that and his speech still going as well my one couple on thank you so much again absolutely thank you now israel's prime minister has urged europe to follow washington's laid down recognize jerusalem as its country's capital benjamin netanyahu was speaking ahead of a meeting with the u. foreign ministers in brussels where he is under pressure to restart middle east peace efforts have been widespread criticism of the decision by u.s. president donald trump to recognize jerusalem as the israeli capital. i believe. most. countries will move their embassies to jerusalem. as crucial images rules work up little. robustly for security prosperity. we believe. that the only realistic solution to the conflicts between israel and palestine is based on two states. as the capital of both the state of israel and
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the state of palestine along the sixty seven line this is our considered position and we will continue to respect the international consensus on jerusalem until the final status of the oldest city is resolved to direct a negotiation between the parties and we hope that the parties can engage in meaningful direct negotiations with the support of the international community more on today's developments with dominic cain is in brussels. it would appear to be trying to square a circle that the the view from the israeli government from listening you know prime minister netanyahu here for the first time for twenty two years received in the capital of the e.u. as it were with a cold real reception but with short shrift from federica madine and indeed from the representation of the e.u. here that know the e.u. position very clearly it's a two state solution and now is not the time to be talking about it and to seize and capitals being moved to jerusalem where as we just heard mr netanyahu believes
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this is the way ahead he thinks that this is the way that peace can be arrived at in the middle east so as you say very clear differences of opinions at least in so far as heads of government and heads of representation is a concern the one thought to point out here is that there are sun e.u. countries have already said that they are predisposed towards moving their embassies to jerusalem to what they would consider to be the israeli capital following on the example of the united states notably the czech republic saying they'll do it and indeed hungary as well so there are some e.u. voices saying the sorts of things that mr netanyahu wants to hear but definitely not from the voices here specifically in brussels just to update you on a developing situation in new york where police say a man is now in custody after an explosion at the port authority transit hub in manhattan these are live pictures emergency services still on the scene their
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offices of told the associated press news agency that the suspect was wearing an explosive device it went off in the subway below and at the same urgency crews are still there there are reports of four people with injuries they are described as non life threatening injuries so certainly a worrying situation on the early morning commute in new york but at this stage no word of any deaths and it seems to have been a explosion with a man now in custody. i've been as well as president nicolas maduro has the part opposition parties from taking part in next year's presidential vote is running socialist party already one of these ninety percent of the three hundred thirty five mayoral seats in a municipal poll has more from caracas. voting in venezuela is not obligatory that many still put their faith in the electoral process however several opposition leaders boycotted the vote accusing the governments of manipulating the process to maintain its grip on power. he has been
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a plague nicolas maduro and his regime said he should go he should resign democratically so we can have elections and choose candidates at every level of society oh yes president those parties that boycotted the municipal elections will no longer part of the political landscape do you look at the parties that did not participate today had boycotted the elections cannot participate anymore that's the criteria laid out legally by the considering assembly and as the head of states i support that. a move that will have repercussions on presidential elections scheduled for october next year these are municipal elections that's all the venezuela's problems and the government is hoping some of it solutions to a focus here a country divided in the crisis but the molech through a process that some hope will provide some answers. the voting itself passed
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generally peacefully with only isolated reports of violence and irregularities here the system isn't barrier bounce or technical level but it's also very advanced level of participation of the people of mobilization of the vote. in this way the remains in crisis with inflation rampant food and medicine scarce and crime rising tens of thousands of left the country and many of those who remain so they have little faith that elections alone will see. their problems some however are optimistic in. all countries have crises and they recover we learn from this and we move on we don't stay where we are our country is a valving. of ostracism of blames outside interference of venezuela's problems and despite his deep on popularity the opposition boycott and international criticism these municipal elections only seem to have tightened his grip on power. that.
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there's been violence in the ukrainian capital kiev between police and supporters of the former georgian president it happened outside the courtroom where mikhail saakashvili appeared for a hearing on charges of colluding with businessmen to topple the president his arrest on friday led to huge protests in kiev saakashvili became an opposition leader in ukraine and once the impeachment of president petro poroshenko last week he climbed onto a roof to avoid arrest and has been freed from the police fanned by his supporters . their resume before very simple. we own words against corruption we do you know if you're very wrong because you know the very thing over and over is all the guards are no longer. decent people who are very evil people are fed up people are reading you right the thoughts now of david stern who's
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a correspondent for deutsch available in kiev told us earlier that saakashvili is case has become a rallying point for wider political discontent in ukraine reflected in those large demonstrations on sunday. these become a focal point one of many focal points but given the political environment right now in ukraine whatever opposition there is it tends to gather around what's what's available there were these large demonstrations on sunday these were some of the largest that we've seen since the revolution in ukraine in two thousand and fourteen and there are obviously it's hard to say for the majority but a large number is a good number of the people there were out because they were protesting the detention of mississauga surely but he's been exchanged here in ukraine under charges of abetting a criminal organization the organization that allegedly is connected to the former president victory in a cold which the chances of extradition it's difficult to say because it's him but
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when asked to say that where mr saakashvili ends up ends up causing a lot of trouble and there's some speculation that the georgians actually really don't want to see him back there that he once he comes back in the country could be a focus or a focal point for opposition and opposition protests in georgia so it is a bit of a hot potato i guess you could say and we'll see what happens today because as we speak his bail trial is taking place and will determine in what capacity he will remain under arrest in ukraine bangladesh and me and mara working on a plan to send hundreds of thousands of ranger refugees back to me in ma but the u.n. and rights groups say the plan a flawed because it doesn't guarantee their protection when they return child stratford's been talking to one refugee who has fled violence in me and ma four times in the last seven decades. up to salaam says he is over one hundred years old his wife will stuff a big i'm going to the shelter in the cook to pile on refugio camp he says the
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first time he fled violence in what was then burma was when the british were fighting the japanese during willed will too. but he has fled military crackdowns on the ranger three times since then in one thousand nine hundred eighty eight one thousand nine hundred ninety two and two and a half months ago and this time he says he won't go back. to our and i don't write it i feel bad for my home but i'm afraid to go back because they could kill and says there's no point in sending us back to myanmar because there is no security force there. rights groups say the ranger have suffered systematic atrocities by the myanmar army in recent months hundreds of range of villages have been destroyed and burned to the ground the un says women have been gang raped by myanmar soldiers . it's estimated that hundreds of ranger men women and children have been killed but the bangladeshi and myanmar government so already working on
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a plan to send back hundreds of thousands of refugees to myanmar they say will be voluntary and is aimed to start in two months. so what would the range of refugees go back to inside me and the myanmar government doesn't recognise them as an ethnic group it withdrew their citizenship in one thousand nine hundred eighty two giving them limited access to education and health care and making them vulnerable to arbitrary arrest now the un says how can a people go back to a country in which they are still vulnerable to the kind of violence and persecution from which they fled. the un says the root causes of persecution such as lack of citizenship must be addressed first. may suffer more violence one of the things we need to really underscores that we shouldn't rush into this condition for a return need to be addressed and we're clear conditions today in me and are not
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right for refugees to go home to salaam says his village like many others was burned down by the myanmar military he has no way to go back to roman law they will not allow a single ranger to live there he says they will slip through school please don't send this bank as bait for the monster. the fear of a man who has fled for his life time and time again. could you prolong with bangladesh the opinion polls are still close ahead of tuesday's special u.s. senate election in alabama the republican candidate roy moore supported by president trump of course accused of her thing and molesting teenage girls while he was in his thirty's. the latest. on sunday churches across alabama christian evangelicals were weighing
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a dynamic could they put aside the allegation of child molestation that's been leveled at republican candidates judge roy moore and vote for him or should they allow the possibility that a pro-choice democrat might assume the state's vacant senate seat if they don't for republican elizabeth bashir there's only one possible option a lot of people myself included feel that roy moore is just not an acceptable candidate he doesn't a spouse the views that are important to me are a lot of younger people as well lot of women as well just do not feel that he holds the same values that we do it's not just the allegations of sexual misconduct for years more has reveled in overt racism and discrimination but he often clicks in bible scripture recently he mused that life in the u.s. had been better while slavery existed these thoughts often delight a core right wing evangelical base in alabama who feel that washington has allowed the u.s. to descend into godlessness starting with allowing a woman reproductive rights more spoke at brian baptist church in late november and
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the past of this says there's no proof of child molestation the women should have due process and so should judge moore the problem is is because of the selection being so short we had don't have plenty of time for it so you're going to have to make a rush decision but she is as she feels some more voters are employing circular thinking i also think there are some self-delusion going on. and some sectors in terms that well i couldn't support somebody who would do these things so there's no way he did those things because i support having this race is being defined in many different ways a referendum donald trump a key movement for the republican party so the movement where key demographics like younger people and women feel they have no choice but to split with the party's extremism even if they too are against abortion but despite the consternation that's been expressed nationwide about moore's nostalgia for the us during slavery for example he does speak for a large section of alabamians there was that insider but there were certain certain
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principles of that ok that was a man's word was his was his bond so to speak we value human life better at that time as far as the white population. it's in some in some areas and if moore does win on tuesday night it's not as if he'll be the only republican in the u.s. senate who holds such views she ever turned see al-jazeera birmingham alabama and the third thing is the mother of invention so they say during greece's deep and lasting recession the country with abundant sunshine turned to some new cheaper sources of power huge increase in the use of solar energy means the country will now be meeting its emissions targets set under the paris climate change accord that's more from sunny left. greece's solar revolution came from the countryside forty two thousand homes like this one turned their power bills into checks from the power company by selling electricity back to the grid to pensioners. an extra
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nine thousand dollars a year have made a difference then as it's my pension all over again without it we'd be pinching our pennies in this economy it means i can help my children my daughters in school my son is unemployed my wife doesn't have a pension over five years household installed three hundred and seventy five megawatts of generating capacity equivalent to a mid-sized power station and that's not counting farmers who turned over their land to larger scale production or industrial installations in solar and wind power both of which greece has in abundance but the government cost this revolution in twenty fourteen strapped for cash it cuts the rate at which the grid bought power from homes from fifty five cents per kilowatt hour to under twelve cents twenty fourteen law effectively removed households from the renewable energy market until then more than four thousand homes would install solar panels on their rooftops
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each year but in that year the number fell to just sixty three and it has never recovered a new bill now aims to bring the solar revolution to the cities where more than half the population lives by encouraging groups of five or more homeowners to install solar panels but the twenty fourteen rate cut still haunts people like. whose proceeds fell by half. i'm not sure whether the broken promises of the past make it possible for investors to go forward today we're talking about an investment of about seventy thousand dollars the bill quotes a guarantee purchase price but there's also a clause allowing the environment minister to change that price can someone trust that after an entire solar economy collapsed because of a law greece still depends on fossil fuels for two thirds of its electricity that's because its power stations burn imported oil and lignite coal it's only abundant
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native fuel but lignite use has in the past ten years while renewables have doubled to thirty percent of the electricity supply if policy is consistent greeks have shown they will reach for the sun jump zero plus al-jazeera. al-jazeera these are the top stories russia's president vladimir putin has ordered a partial withdrawal of his troops from syria he made an unannounced visit to air base where he spoke to the syrian president bashar assad is now in egypt signing military agreements with president abdel fattah el-sisi in other news thousands of protesters are rallying in lebanon against the u.s. recognition of jerusalem as the capital of israel a gathering in response to a call by the hezbollah for mass demonstrations remember there were violent confrontations in buried on sunday as well between protesters and security forces
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near the u.s. embassy meanwhile israel's prime minister is the urged europe to follow washington's lead and recognize to resume the mass this country's capital benjamin netanyahu was speaking ahead of a meeting with e.u. foreign ministers in brussels where he's facing pressure to restart middle east peace efforts. police in new york say a man is in custody after an explosion in manhattan officials told officers told the associated press that the suspect was wearing an explosive device that went off in the subway there is news of at least four injuries. as we mentioned before russia's president vladimir putin has visited cairo to meet president abdul fattah el-sisi a visit aimed at strengthening bilateral ties between the two nations russia has agreed to resume commercial flights to egypt which have been suspended since twenty fifteen and there's been violence in the ukrainian capital kiev between police and supporters of the former georgian president it happened outside the courtroom
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when mikhail saakashvili appeared for a hearing his arrest on friday led to a huge protest in kiev such as feeley has become an opposition leader in ukraine and wants the impeachment of president petro poroshenko last week he climbed onto a roof to avoid arrest and was freed from a police van by his supporters use grades up in twenty five minutes time right now talk to al-jazeera. on counting the calls the gulf cooperation council although there's not much cooperation these days look at how the region's being affected by upholds an economic relations also the shocking numbers on the plastic economy and o.-m. g. twenty five years since the world's first texts and counting the cost at this time on al-jazeera. the summer of two thousand and thirteen the political temperature.


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