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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  December 12, 2017 3:00am-3:34am +03

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does it feel. to be. compiled testimonies of. as this intimate evidence finds its way to into. the central african republic plunged into further. and intricate detail in the people and in the nation's. recent history. because. it seems to be time on al-jazeera. a middle east trifecta. joins turkey's president to condemn the u.s.
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troops and order some russian forces to leave syria and pays a visit to egypt. we're just hearing this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up thousands of hezbollah supporters rally in lebanon against the u.s. recognition of jerusalem as israel's capital. i was forcibly kissed by mr trump during our first introduction and banding together several women who have accused president sexual misconduct speak out and call for a congressional investigation. or another record high for bitcoin after making its trading debut on the futures market but how bright is the future for the cryptocurrency. from the truth prices to the war in syria russia's president vladimir putin has been staking his claim in the middle east on
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a whirlwind tour of the region the first stop was a surprise visit to a airbase in syria's latakia province that's where preordered a partial withdrawal of his troops from syria then he flew to cairo for plan talks with the gyptian president. before doubling back and heading north to ankara for a meeting with turkey's president russia type burdwan reports. a warm welcome for russian president vladimir putin in the tuckers capital ankara it is final destination in his whistle stop tour he has been to syria and egypt too all in one day the kremlin says the trip is meant to strengthen russian ties with these nations in uncorrupt president putin an ado on what you've got to showcase improving relations between their countries they both criticized president all trumps decision on which it is still in the to work militia. should both russia and turkey think that the decision of the us to recognize to resulin as the capital of
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israel is not helping to solve the situation in the middle east it is destabilizing it and it can wipe out the prospect of peace a mediocre bulis utilitarian to tune in. to the u.s. decision to recognize jerusalem as the capital of israel has caused outrage in the whole world it has caused disappointment and it is an irresponsible step to take a as a result the heightened tensions are obvious putting an ad on also discussed bilateral issues including trade tourism and joint energy projects relations between iran will score have come a long way since november two thousand and fifteen when turkey doand a russian fighter jet the two didn't see eye to eye on most issues regarding syria but still have differences on the future role of president bashar al assad and the issue of syrian kurdish fighters the wife e.g. put in began his wall when chip in syria the fust time the russian president was
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that the country since the start of the war the early seventy years ago he was greeted by siniora officers and warmly embraced by president. potence forces have been helping his troops is two thousand and fifteen when the syrian government was on the brink of collapse in a speech put in declared victory over what he described as terrorists and amounts to a partial pullout of his soldiers from city. to the general command i give this order russia's military presence in syria has come to an end the motherland awaits you friends safe journey i thank you for your service put in also pledged to continue to support syria militarily by keeping some of these forces on the ground he then departed for the egyptian capital there he met president of the fatah. the leaders have been strengthening ties in vicinities puttin on sisi also signed a deal on nuclear power the growing ties between russia and the second largest
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recipient of u.s. military aid after israel egypt could potentially strained relations between cairo and washington and yet another sign of putting attempts to expand russia's influence across the middle east mohamed atta well just unka anger over the west decision to recognize for his son is the capital of israel his still going strong thousands of has possible orders to to the streets of lebanon challenge chanting death to america. the grave slater case some arab nations have supporting and urged all arabs to unite against america at the levee they. had and we are all in this war we have all experienced our brothers in gaza any demonstrations no matter how big or small only give more resistance or make us feel that we are not alone the american israeli resolution which is supported by some arab countries the aim of it to clear the palestinian cause that's the danger that the palestinian
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people face we should confront it the nation as a whole should confront this dangerous american project and try to impose a solution for the palestinian people. senator has more from beirut. trumps decision. the capital of israel in one way or the other is serving hezbollah's interests because hezbollah really has long championed the palestinian cause as its own ever since its inception. three decades ago and as of late in the past two years come under a lot of criticism of the sauce a lot of support in the arab world and here in lebanon for militarily intervening in syria many people no longer regarded it as a resistance movement that it became a sectarian militia and that it was serving iran's interests but now hezbollah saying the fight against isis is driving down the so-called resistance axis will now focus on jerusalem its main cause so in one way or another if the hezbollah is
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trying to regain a legitimacy in the eyes of many in the arab world saying that you know arab states should support the palestinian intifada uprising he said that the so-called resistance axis what they call it is resistance axis that they should come together and come up with a strategy to confront israel but he stopped short of saying what action should be taken against israel because at the end of the day it will have a domestic backlash because it has opponents eleven on that it cannot take any decision to wage war or peace on its own very carefully worded speech but clearly hezbollah trying. again in one way or the other some sort of political capital from trump's decision. meanwhile israel's prime minister has urged europe to follow washington slate and recognize truth as country's capital benjamin netanyahu met foreign ministers in brussels where he faced resistance to that suggestion and pressure to restart the peace process with palestinians came reports. a wintry
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monday morning greeted benjamin netanyahu in brussels but the chill in the air outside was seemingly absent inside as he met federica. her role as e.u. foreign policy chief is to seek compromise where possible but his message regarding the status of jerusalem was an ambiguous i believe everyone though we don't have an agreement that this is what will happen in the future i believe that all or most of the european countries will move their embassies to jerusalem recognize crucial in this israel's work up little but many e.u. leaders disagree criticizing president donald trump's decision to recognize jerusalem as israel's capital as fanning the flames of protest for her part morgan any reiterated the e.u.'s official position we believe. that the only realistic solution to the conflicts between israel and palestine is based on two states. as
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the capital of both the state of israel and the state of palestine along the sixty seven line. another element of netanyahu is visit was meeting the e.u.'s many foreign ministers around the table with him where the representatives of at least two governments have said they will recognize jerusalem as israel's capital which means although the e.u. tries to speak with one voice on this issue there are some dissenters and raising the question of how successful europe can be as an intermediary in the middle east the e.u. is not a victim of its own lack of involvement the involvement is still there it was never front line and what one but was that it is a victim of the one sided position of president despite all the spin that we're hearing now but for the moment at least many here believe president trump's actions have put the prospect of progress in the middle east in the deep freeze don't when
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it came out zero brussels iran's president says his country is ready to restore ties a saudi arabia if it stops bombing yemen and cuts ties with israel us and rouhani made the comments during a speech in parliament on sunday tehran in riyadh seventy four matic relations in january of last year after iranian protesters attacked a saudi diplomatic mission demonstrators are angry over the killing of a prominent shia cleric in saudi arabia. three women accusing donald trump of sexual misconduct are calling for a congressional inquiry into his behavior they say given widespread investigations into the actions of other politicians and it's only right that the u.s. president be investigated as well our white house correspondent kimberly reports. it's not the first time americans are hearing from jessica leads samantha holby and rachel cooks and their allegations against donald trump of sexual misconduct are new but they say each of their interactions with trump was violating and similar i
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was forcibly kissed by mr trump during our first introduction as he walked around looking at us like we were his property he jumped all over me the women first publicized their claims of trump's sexual aggression during the twenty sixteen us presidential election campaign and were dismissed by trump as false even after the two thousand and five video emerged of him publicly bragging about groping women grandmothers but much has changed since trump selection victory triggered by the resignation of hollywood mogul harvey weinstein a series of celebrities businessmen and politicians have been forced to step down facing similar allegations the white house has once again responded calling the claims against the president politically motivated disputed by eyewitness accounts and even false the people of this country at
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a decisive election supported president and we feel like these allegations have been answered through that process but on sunday another member of the trump administration said trump's accusers deserve a platform i think any woman who has felt violated or felt mistreated in any way they have every right to speak up river horn my wife must know the women are speaking up in advance of a critical senate vote on tuesday trump is campaigning for republican roy moore who's been accused of similar conduct it's yet another reason three congressional democrats are calling for the president to step down and trump's accusers are calling for an investigation but this analyst says that's unlikely given the. current political climate trump has a base he has a constituency it's about a third of americans who have deep faith in him who see them who see him as representing their views of defiance of the political establishment and they're
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going to stand by him no matter what that's why these women and others say they'll continue to speak out until they say trump is investigated and they hope forced to resign kimberly helped get al jazeera washington still ahead on al-jazeera. high drama outside of court house opposition leader mikhail saakashvili is set free . and rays of hope in greece how a recession led to a revolution in the use of solar energy. from the neon lights of asia. to the c.c. never sleeps. hello there we're seeing some very cool weather across many parts of china at the moment and that cooler weather is also extending
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a bit further south towards us in shanghai so our temperature here is expected to hold heard around ten degrees as we head through the next couple of days for many of us though along this eastern coast it should stay dry you can see the clouds gathering though out towards the west and here for the sichuan province we're likely to see a few outbreaks of rain that will gradually be sweeping its way eastwards over the next day or so i mean for the towards the south and we've got the usual rash of showers here for most of us but those showers just to the north of java are looking rather lively and i think this is a region we'll have to watch over the next few days because it does look like the showers here are going to be particularly heavy and at times that we banding together to give some more prolonged outbreaks of rain towards the west is generally looking a little bit drier now for us across the southern parts of thailand dry a spell extends a bit further south as well across some montra now as we head across towards india you can see this very distinctive area of cloud here in the northern parts of india that's been giving some of us a lot of heavy snow and that stifle is likely to continue as we had three shoes day of course rain at the lower levels and then gradually it begins to ease off as we
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head into wednesday for the south a largely fine and dry just a handful of showers across parts of sure like. the way the sponsored by qatar greece. thanks love to make loans to some friends because behind the song for millions of taxpayers because most taxpayers never go away there's a new one born every single day and it is an emerging national. be officially request the accusation of the support mechanism we created together because i happen to live in greece somehow i'm a sinner i'm a bad person. that's machine at this time.
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watching al-jazeera let's take a look at the top stories russia's president vladimir putin has ordered the withdrawal of some troops from syria after two years of fighting there he made the announcement during a surprise visit to a syrian air base also visited egypt and turkey where he joined his turkish counterpart in condemning the u.s. for its jerusalem declaration. thousands of protesters as route have rallied in lebanon against the u.s. decision on. mass demonstrations were appalled by hezbollah's leader nelson. and three women accusing the u.s. president of sexual misconduct are calling for a congressional investigation into his behavior they say given the widespread investigations into the actions of other politicians it is only right that trump be investigated as well. palestinians have been protesting in gaza against a visit by a bahraini delegation to israel the bahrain news agency says the trip by an
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interfaith group is a personal initiative but israeli media has reported it's part of efforts to strengthen ties between israel and bahrain alan fischer reports some occupy it is true some of the dots louis behind the really delegations kept a relatively low profile since arriving at the weekend the time zone interview requests twenty five people from group city want to build peace and corporations visit was organized by a jewish group the simon peace intel center in los angeles but one expert says the timing sends a terrible message that i lose they were trying to do. this. in the media. this group coming from bahrain and all time go. forward with the. usual routine protests across jerusalem in the occupied west bank says donald trump and i used his unilateral decision that the u.s. would recognize to. as the capital of israel has been widespread condemnation
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across the world to the group says its trip had been planned for months it was reported locally that the bahraini delegation wanted to visit a mosque while they were here a senior official at the mosque said that given the trip was facilitated by the israelis they would not be welcomed look at this important social media suggested the group was heading to gaza it sparked protests at the crossing with israel with locals determined to block them there's no confirmation the group ever planned to visit gaza one palestinian political analyst believes the bahraini visit is part of a bigger global picture than in the un body and maybe a moderate also will begin to be many because this is something wanted to go in there one to two. to make in relation with israel and the many against iran because the media begin to be neutral to israel with that's difficult for us the bahraini delegation include sunni and shia muslims christians a hindu under sikh they will leave on wednesday alan fischer al jazeera in occupied
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east jerusalem for instance minister tells al-jazeera here's hoping for a swift end to the political crisis in the gulf gavin williamson made the comments a day after qatar agreed to buy twenty four euro fighter jets from britain and a six point seven billion dollars deal. brisson plays an important role in terms of talking with all parties and encouraging a dialogue and encouraging all countries to come together i think we very much welcome what kuwait did in hosting the g.c.c. and we would like to see more moves going forward to build on that corporation make sure that the gulf states start working together again ensuring peace and prosperity right across from. opposition politician mikhail saakashvili has been released from detention in ukraine the former georgian president was arrested on friday accused of conspiring to topple ukraine's that are petro poroshenko
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allegations he denies the hall has more following large demonstrations on sunday supporters of opposition figure in ukraine mikhail saakashvili confronted police outside a courthouse in the capital kiev inside a plastic defendant's box the former president of georgia saakashvili responded to allegations that he conspired to topple ukraine's president the chocolate billionaire petro poroshenko there for very simple. there. we raced over was pretty rough. but out of the you right once an ally. saakashvili accuses him of failing to fulfill the anti corruption promise that was central to mass street protests in two thousand and fourteen against the then russian backed government. a prominent backer of the street uprising saakashvili had been rewarded with ukrainian citizenship and the
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governorship of the western region now he and his supporters many of them soldiers return from the front lines in the country's east are demanding goes impeachment when you get your way right there thank you we have forty enough we don't want any more wars or bloodshed but if poroshenko does not do what he is obliged to do and uses force against us then we will respond adequately the man who led former soviet georgia's rose revolution who then was george's leader fought an ill fated war with russia denies plotting with russian businessmen to overthrow poroshenko the latest dramatic chapter in saakashvili career saw him arrested on a clear rooftop last week before being freed by supporters from a police van and then rearrested. now released pending trial he places a possible five years in jail. the united nations says north korea's human
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rights violations are on the rise or the country focuses on its nuclear and missile tests the security council discussed reports that about thirteen million people have been hit by severe food shortages other concerns are present torture and controls over freedom of movement like hanna has more this is the fourth annual discussion of human rights abuses in north korea and on previous occasions china attempted to move the talks behind closed doors arguing that public discussion could undermined any attempts to renew dialogue but it failed to get the nine votes necessary and the talks went ahead in public among those who addressed the council was the un's political chief who warned often under reported looming humanitarian disaster. the d.p. r. k. is a forgotten crises on the global humanitarian agenda an estimated eighteen
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million people that is seventy percent of the population are suffering from food insecurity and then and a half million people representing forty one percent of the population are undernourished a number of victims of human rights also addressed the council as did the high commissioner for human rights who spoke of a prison system that could only be described as horrific torture is widespread in detention centers overseen by the ministry of state security and the ministry of people security detainees who work in mines or infrastructure projects in conditions of severe deprivation people held in these camps have told mind star for being beaten by prison guards or other inmates and being fed so little they barely survive there will be
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a ministerial level discussion in the security council on the issue of north korean disarmament on friday and the u.n. envoy who's recently visited north korea will also be briefing the security council in the days ahead. president has reiterated his call for urgent immigration reform after place in new york city for an attack on one of the city's busiest commuter hubs a man was arrested what the pipe bomb strapped to him when he went when it went off rather in the subway near times square bangladeshi national has been identified as twenty seven year old. was injured in the blast which happened at the height of morning rush hour three other people suffered minor injuries. let's be clear as new yorkers our lives revolve around the subways when we hear of an attack on the subway is incredibly on settling. and let's be also clear this was an attempted terrorist attack. thank god the perpetrator did not achieve is ultimate goals.
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thank god our first responders were there so quickly to address the situation to make sure people were safe a large fire in the u.s. state of california continues to threaten coastal towns as a burns into its second week when those signs of slowing down the so-called thomas fire northwest of los angeles has already torched nearly a thousand buildings and charred an area larger than new york city firefighters have been hindered by mountainous terrain and strong winds. thank recently popular digital currency that coin has made its debut on a major u.s. exchange on monday trading at the virtual money started in the chicago board of exchange and trust was so high that the board's website crashed because of heavy traffic pedicle haina ports in washington d.c. . we all know money we can see it touch it if you wanted to even smell it. and we know roughly its value the buying power of the dollar for example doesn't
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change all that much it's backed by the u.s. government because is the exact opposite it doesn't physically exist but lives virtually on a secretive computer system but now bit cloying can also be compared to corn even pigs. because it has been traded in the chicago board of exchange meaning just like the price of food traders can now legally place bets on whether the price will go up or down in the future for the most part the value of bitcoin is only going up and up and up again. what is because when bitcoin first unveiled in two thousand and nine it was worth less than a penny for a few years one bitcoin could buy you a cup of coffee but since two thousand and sixteen a huge spike would it debuted on the exchange its value was listed at more than fifteen thousand dollars for one bitcoin meaning if you add up all the big callings out there it would be worth more than the economy of new zealand something the head
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banker there said in a local interview won't last long that looks remarkably like a bubble forming to my. way of saying them in the past the centuries of saying bubbles in this appears to be a bit of a classic case right now big current owners are limited in where they can use them there are some restaurants and online stores that will take them and there are few places to turn them into cash but those are few and far between and there is another risk besides the volatility even if you. i'm right we were still seen a number of large tax seventy million dollars was stolen from a big coin mine pool last weekend so security is still a concern ball to what he's concerned generally i would still advise people if you are going to bast only put into this what you are willing to lose meaning your money can be stolen and there's no one to complain to and there are also concerns about the amount of energy the computers that run the bitcoin system use one report
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says it's as much as the entire country of denmark but even with that it's clear especially today the price of bitcoin will go way up and way down but it's not going away political gain al-jazeera washington this has seen as the mother of invention they say during freeze says a deep and lasting recession the country with abundant sunshine turned to new cheaper sources of power a massive increase in solar energy use means the country will now meet its emissions targets under the paris climate change accord john's raw plus has more from sunny rio. greases solar revolution came from the countryside forty two thousand homes like this one turned their power bills into checks from the power company by selling electricity back to the grid to pension of. an extra nine thousand dollars a year have made a difference they don't it's my pension all over again without it we'd be printing
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our pennies in this economy it means i can help my children my daughters in school my son is unemployed my wife doesn't have a pension over five years household installed three hundred and seventy five megawatts of generating capacity equivalent to a mid-sized power station and that's not counting farmers who turned over their land to larger scale production or industrial installations in solar and wind power both of which greece has in abundance but the government quashed this revolution in twenty fourteen strapped for cash it cuts the rate at which the grid bought power from homes from fifty five cents per kilowatt hour to under twelve cents the twenty fourteen law effectively removed households from the renewable energy market until then more than four thousand homes would install solar panels on their rooftops each year but in that year the number fell to just sixty three and it has never recovered a new bill now aims to bring the solar revolution to the cities where more than
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half the population lives by encouraging groups of five or more homeowners to install solar panels but the twenty fourteen rate cut still haunts people like. whose proceeds fell by half. things that i'm not sure whether the broken promises of the past make it possible for investors to go forward today we're talking about an investment of about seventy thousand dollars the bill quotes a guaranteed purchase price but there's also a clause allowing the environment minister to change that price can someone trust that after an entire solar economy collapsed because of a law greece still depends on fossil fuels for two thirds of its electricity that's because its power stations been imported oil and lignite coal it's only abundant to fuel but lignite used as host in the past ten years while renewables have doubled to thirty percent of the electricity supply if policy is consistent greeks have shown they will reach for the sun jump zero plus al-jazeera love video.
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so your headlines on al-jazeera russia's president vladimir putin has ordered to withdraw all of some troops from syria after two years of fighting there he made the announcement during a surprise visit to a syrian air base who know also visited egypt and turkey where he joined us turkish counterpart in condemning the u.s. for its true islam declaration and thousands of protesters are rallied in lebanon against that u.s. decision on terrorism mass demonstrations were called for by hezbollah's leader hassan nasrallah the leader you got to do nothing but we are all in this war we have all experienced our brothers in gaza any demonstrations no matter how big or small only give more resistance will make us feel that we are not alone the american is really resolution which is supported by some arab countries the aim of it to clear the palestinian cause that's the danger that the palestinian people
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face we should confront the nation as a whole should confront this dangerous american project and try to impose a solution for the palestinian people. president trump has reiterated his call for urgent immigration reform after an attack on one of new york's busiest commuter hubs and this fired a man was arrested with the pipe bomb strapped to him which went off in the subway near times square the bangladeshi national has been identified as twenty seven. that is was entered in the blast three other people suffered minor injuries let's be clear as new yorkers our lives revolve around the subways when we hear of an attack on the subway is incredibly unsettling. and let's be also clear this was an attempted terrorist attack. thank god the perpetrator did not achieve is ultimate goals. thank god our first responders were there so quickly to address the
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situation to make sure people were safe. the training opposition politician cal shock has haley has been released from the tension after a judge rejected prosecutors for plans to put him under house arrest a former georgian president was arrested on friday so the headlines and news continues after inside story keep it or. the e.u. talks of restarting the middle east peace process israel's prime minister slams the continent for hypocrisy its european and u.s. policies towards the middle east diverged what options does brussels really have this.


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