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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  December 12, 2017 11:00am-11:34am +03

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and does not well documented accusations and evidence is part of genocide the listening post provides a critical counterpoint challenging mainstream media narrative at this time on al-jazeera when the news breaks it was an announcement few were expecting to hear by announcing my resignation as prime minister from the lebanese government and the story builds i can't stop thinking about the bullets my life when people need to behead a mass exodus hundreds of thousands of rolled in just have ethnic cleansing in me maher for bangladesh al jazeera has teams on the ground to bring you more award winning documentaries and live news on and on line. sealing the deal jackie says it will buy an avant said defense system from russia
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despite being a nato member. and i mean this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up in the program european governments stand accused of being complicit in the abuse of thousands of refugees in the efforts to stop migration. leave the country will go to prison the choice now facing thousands of african migrants and refugees in israel. fears of a syria outbreak among richenda refugees living in camps in bangladesh more than one hundred suspected cases are reported so far. so tech is expected to finalize a two billion dollars deal with russia to buy the s. four hundred surface to missile system in the us what was made at a joint news conference between president vladimir putin and russia. these ties
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with russia have become stronger in the past year and many see the new defense deal it's a sign of weakening relations with nato the deal was and the putin made a whistle stop tour of the middle east let's join mohammed it or who speaks to us from. important meeting this tell us more about what was discussed and what the reaction has been well nic the reaction so far to the missile deal which president. just days away has been since the media is awash with the reports that these people have lined screaming. as four hundred. ms deal to be signed this week another newspaper saying that as four hundred deal completed all done now these a feeling of joy almost accomplishment in the media reporting of the issue
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something that shows that this is something people put a lot of premium to but it won't come as good news to nature which is cruel the following the missile deal the united states has been encouraging tuck you over the years to buy its own. defense missile but tukey say yes the price tag is too high it's also more confident with of the united states is going to give it some technology transfer with the deal and all these not just shows how relations between tuckey and nato are getting more and more fraught right was a very quick step back in egypt and syria as well. yes he was and he started in syria where it was the last time russian president the russian president has visited since the war began almost seventy years ago over
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here amongst a partial withdrawal of u.s. troops who say they will continue to keep the. peace in the tos naval base but they will and they will continue to support syria militarily and. but he said that it was time to leave because isis has been defeated in nuclear power to deal with present since the here was all about mutual issues of national importance by law to an issues to dizzy i'm going to culture three energy projects and of course these missile deal which is a really big deal i got it thanks very much the data i have today reporting that well let's hear from john who's a security analyst and a columnist at the monitor he says the deal shows the strengthening of turkey in russia's relationship at the expense of other nato members. the problem of checking for his visit to ankara meeting with president calderon is what to celebrate most
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of the opening ties with the anchor of particularly in the fields of foreign policy and regional security and then the giving the message that turkey will be the primary actor russia will continue cooperating inside syria and in the region and also i have to emphasize this fact that this was their track meeting in amount and a two one in the past year meaning that we see very very close cooperation of course. nato stronger or clauses this claiming that it's comfortable with its into greater air defense system and the turkey will use this systems as a stand alone systems but at the end of the day. the purchase of this s four hundred will be a lot for turkey. i submitted a to impart tickler and turkey's ties with the west are secured to block in general . kenyans have had to controversial and often violent presidential elections in
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recent months of bitter campaigns and court battles followed have left many divided along ethnic lines catherine soy has more from the capital nairobi joyce move money is twenty four years old but she says she's seen the was of ethnic division and oftentimes violent during can use and actions she's been raped beaten her family forced to flee from their home twice and after the two thousand and seven disputed election had grandmother was banned alive inside her house hundreds of home she could not run because of her knee problems i hid behind a banana plantation and so them ban our house he says couldn't. and she blames politicians for inciting communities against each other for political gains and to stop inciting us. why is it that in every election politicians bring animate they want to show us how the other community is so bad yet when president
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kenyatta an opposition leader urging privately they hug and call each other brother . while the ethnic divide here has existed the political uncertainty around recent elections has worsened those divisions in poor areas like this one gangs from different communities on each other and on residents this stream is a boundary between two ethnic communities. and. on this side they're normally peaceful but when elections near suspicion and mistrust in fact some to cause violence. frederick lives in one of the most dangerous areas and has watched tensions quickly escalated to battles between communities he says that such divisions also play out when people feel disenfranchised. they should be. you know. with.
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everything this analyst says that healing ethnic wounds can only start by addressing old grievances we need to have dialogue. national conversations that is inclusive it must be about all the. communities what is this that is ailing this country it is plundering of the public resources and it is bad governance even poor governance more than any who comes from the president's community and from the opposition leaders ethnic group both hope they will see a future where they can celebrate political diversity without fear of violence catherine. nairobi kenya. imus international is accusing european governments of being complicit in the abuse of thousands of refugees in their efforts to curb migration and reports the human rights group says the e.u.
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policy of containment shows little care for the consequences for those trapped in libya one example given is the funding by e.u. governments of the libyan coast guard to intercept migrants see these refugees and then sent to detention centers where they suffer abuse and exploitation there are nearly twenty thousand people in overcrowded buildings the report also says the e.u. are aware of corruption within libya's coast guard accusing it of working with human smugglers or tendency to cruise deliveries are young is a visiting scholar a senior scholar at the national university of singapore and she says it's hard to point fingers is no one can predict the scale of the libyan migration crisis. i don't think they do national community or even the world has not faced as the scale of a crisis like this i mean look us what the what's not in this part of the world and in myanmar for example i mean who would have guessed who would have known that you would have you know half a million rohingya has crossed into bomb addition
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a matter of weeks and the media i think is doing a darn good job given on restrictions in keeping this issues of the forefront off of the public the general public so in that sense you know let's let's build it more a little bit more kind towards that there is the guy and the job that you guys are doing but having said that sure there's a lot more that can be done and a lot more that should be done and i think one is that the european union which is a very strong regional body should really sit down and come to grips with this problem that is not going to go away now you mentioned you know why the migrants keep coming despite all these problems anyone who has migrated and anyone who has left their home know that the uncertainties are there the risks are there but also the small ferments are fueled by hope no matter how hollow coastin that hope might be i come from
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a migrant background myself and especially when the background is not of libya failing state where you don't know what more is going to bring you don't know how your children are going to grow up what future they have the little hope that you have it's what's going to fuel this this movement and that i think we should continue to expect and that the european union should be even more prepared for well tens of thousands of us for going to saddam seekers and refugees are facing deportation from israel off the parliament approved a bill allowing the government to force them out of the country and those who refuse to go will be imprisoned attention center which houses some of them would also be close within months or false reports though from television. salaam says she doesn't want to live in israel any more but leaving would be worse the neighbors have screened off the comical entrance to her television apartment keeping her and other african residents out of sight this year a new government policy saw her and her husband lose twenty percent of their
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salaries only to be returned if they leave israel they've both been imprisoned in the native eritrea returning there they say would be impossible the alternative rwanda unsafe i don't have any choice i'll go to get a camel at all and because they're flocking saw i want to be in jail whether he kill me. i don't want to go back to africa that choice jail or a third country widely thought to be rwanda is precisely the one israel's prime minister is now presenting as government policy benjamin netanyahu recently told cabinet colleagues that he'd secured an international deal allowing for in force deportations of more than thirty five thousand africans. it would also speed the closure of the isolated hole at the tension center in the southern negev desert thousands of african migrants have been sent here in what campaign groups call a deliberate policy of making their lives as miserable as possible even running at maximum capacity how law could only house about ten percent of the african asylum
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seekers in this country this policy these announcements are much more targeted at those who live in communities like this part of israel's open policy of trying to force them to leave salaam says she was brought to israel against her will by people smugglers extorting her family she's found work as a translator and advocacy group assaf her asylum application has she says gone unanswered since it was filed two years ago and it's not the only one they slowly issued as what israel has the right and a duty to say who is a refugee and who is not however israel still hasn't done so we definitely say that not every sudanese or it deserves the status of refugees but the issue here is that out of forty thousand of them only ten have been recognized as refugees israel's prime minister defines the rest as illegal infiltrators his reported deal with the rwandan president would see israel pay five thousand u.s. dollars to rwanda for every deportee accepted and of course game we are here on
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a mission and the mission is to give southern tell of the back to the citizens of israel israeli government itself delivered the migrants to this already deprived neighborhood but now it remains their precarious home well the message only gets louder with every repetition they aren't welcome here sorry for said i'll just tell of it. the palestinian president is seeking to rally middle eastern countries against the u.s. recognition of jerusalem as israel's capital mahmoud abbas has met egyptian leader abdel fattah el-sisi agreed to consult with other countries including jordan and saudi arabia a spokesman for a bass said action would be taken soon to preserve the rights of the palestinian people. the leader of the lebanese armed group hezbollah has promised to return its focus to the palestinian cause as it has rather was addressing thousand supporters who marched in beirut challenging death to america called on his allies to unite and to confront israel also accused some arab nations of supporting the united
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states. the international criminal court says it will refer to jordan to the un security council for failing to arrest the sudanese president bashir bashir who is wanted on genocide charges was in amman last march attending the arab league summit there are two international warrants for his arrest on ten charges related to the conflict in darfur by shit tonight as the charges. so had air on al-jazeera story i was shadowed by north korea's nuclear arms race the un takes a look at the countries mountain human rights violations plus no sign of slowing down thousands affected by the wildfires that are storming their way through california. from brisk noise and fuel. to the warm waters of southeast asia. welcome to international weather forecast we've seen some pretty severe
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weather affecting many parts of western europe is cold it's windy it's snowy this frontal system is a really active affair we've had some heavy rain for parts of the mediterranean coastline but really it's snow which is the main issue at the moment so let's look at the forecast then you see we've got warm air there pushing up ahead of this cold front itself a temperature of double figures f vienna and also for warsaw but still a very strong winds across parts of germany through into poland outbreaks of snow more snow over the alps as we head through into wednesday frontal system moves further towards the south the east and thankfully it does begin to weaken in the meantime we've got another system pushing in further towards the west giving get more snow and strong winds behind it so as we head across the other side of the mediterranean this frontal system is working its way across morocco even through into mauritania where the could be one or two showers and more in the way of cloud across parts of algeria otherwise looking generally fine across the region into central parts of africa many areas dry and fine
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a few showers for bon congo and then largely southwards so fine across west africa sunshine in ghana but for southern portions of africa for zomby and zimbabwe for instance very spaces the further heavy showers. the weather sponsored by qatar piece. you are making remarks where on line the main u.s. response to drug use and the drug trade over the last fifty years has been to criminalize or if you join us on say no evil person just makes up the over the morning and says i want to cover the world of darkness this is a dialogue that could be worth leading to some of the confusion about people saying they don't actually know what's going on join the colobus conversation at this time honored.
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and again you're watching out zero let's have a reminder of the top stories this and turkey is expected to finalize a two billion dollars deal with russia to buy the f. four hundred surface to air missile system has ties with russia have become stronger in the policia many see the new defense deal as a sign of weakening relations with nato. i mean the international is accusing the european union of being complicit in the abuse of refugees in libya in a report the rights group says the e.u. turns a blind eye to alleged brutal tactics of libya's coast guard and detention facilities . tens of thousands of african asylum seekers are facing deportation from israel or imprisonment of the parliament approved a bill allowing the government to force them out of the country. and that's vaccination campaign is about to get underway to stop that theory of from spreading
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among the hinge of refugees living in caucasus bizarre and bangladesh the world health organization says more than four hundred suspected cases including six deaths have been reported since december the sick many refugees live in crowded and unhygienic conditions spirit tree tracked viruses spread through droplets from coffins coughs and sneezes over six hundred forty six thousand range have fled men on since a military crackdown in rakhine state began in august charles stratford joining us has more from the highly at refugee camp invited. the u.n. aid agencies and indeed the bangladesh government describing this vaccination campaign against it as their top priority right now from new figures have been released according to the government as reported by unicef. four hundred twenty four suspected cases have been clinically diagnosed that was up
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until december the eighth and at least six people have died a serious situation here where outside one of these vaccination centers we've been seeing women and children coming for inoculations all morning there was a man with a loudspeaker who was walking around this particular area of the camp calling religious families bringing their children this campaign is focusing on children up to six years old of course this population is hugely vulnerable to this highly infectious disease because of the proximity within which they live together. the united nations says that north korea's human rights violations are on the right while the country focuses on its nuclear and missile tests the security council discussed reports that around thirteen million people have been hit by severe food shortages michaela this is the fourth annual discussion of human rights abuses in north korea and on previous occasions china attempted to move the talks behind
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closed doors arguing that public discussion could undermine any attempts to renew dialogue but it failed to get the nine votes necessary and the talks went ahead in public among those who addressed the council was the un's political chief who warned often under reported looming humanitarian disaster the d.p. r. k. is a forgotten crises on the global humanitarian agenda. an estimated eighteen million people that is seventy percent of the population are suffering from food insecurity and then and a half million people representing forty one percent of the population are undernourished a number of victims of human rights also addressed the council as did the high commissioner for human rights who spoke of
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a prison system that could only be described as horrific torture is widespread in detention centers overseen by the ministry of state security and the ministry of people security detainees who work in mines or infrastructure projects in conditions of severe deprivation people held in these camps have told mind star for being beaten by prison guards or other inmates and being fed so little they barely survive there will be a ministerial level discussion in the security council on the issue of north korean disarmament on friday and the un envoy who's recently visited north korea will also be briefing the security council in the days ahead the european union will restore political contacts with thailand for the first time since a military coup in two thousand and fourteen the statement was issued by the e.u. foreign affairs council says it's the first step towards resuming full relations
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with bangkok when he has this report. the statement from the european union comes after comments from the military government in thailand that it plans to return the country to democracy by holding an election in november next year domestically here in thailand though there is still a lot of skepticism about that given that the government has made several similar statements since the coup in two thousand and fourteen only to follow those statements up with postponements to an election date the government here in the capital bangkok will see the statement from the e.u. though as something of a seal of approval for its roadmap to democracy but in the statement from the e.u. there are still plenty of concerns that it has expressed it says that there are ongoing concerns about human rights about things like freedom of expression in thailand and the e.u. also says that talks on an easy you thailand free trade agreement will only resume after a democratically elected civilian government is in power u.s.
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president told trump has used an attack on a new york subway station on monday to call for immigration reform a man was arrested after he misfired a pipe bomb strapped to him in a subway near times square the national whose beat identified as twenty seven year old haleigh was injured in the last three other people suffered minor injuries let's be clear as new yorkers our lives revolve around the subways when we hear of an attack on the subway is incredibly unsettling. and let's be also clear this was an attempted terrorist attack. thank god the perpetrator did not achieve is ultimate goals. thank god our first responders were there so quickly to address the situation to make sure people were safe. votes as in the u.s. state of alabama will choose a new senator later on tuesday to fill the seat left vacant spy attorney general jeff sessions republican candidate roy moore appears to have lost support to his
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democratic rival after he was accused of sexual misconduct the democratic candidate doug jones has been actively courting the black vote which could be a deciding factor in the election. thousands of fights is a still trying to control a huge wildfire in the u.s. state of california it continues to threaten homes and businesses as it burns into its second week with no sign of slowing down at least one person has died road rails in santa barbara with a report on life in the pfizer. and out of control wildfire continue to scorch thousands of actors along california's central coast the so-called thomas fire now one week old has forced the evacuation of thousands of residents and burned hundreds of buildings invent shura and santa barbara county s. the rough terrain high winds and extremely low you miltie are hampering firefighters battling the blaze here at this staging ground in
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a field in santa barbara county d.a.'s firefighters are getting ready to head out to the next hot spot more than six thousand firefighters from california and adjoining states have been deployed here and they're working under extremely hazardous and extremely difficult conditions among the hazards a dense blanket of smoke mixed with ashes it obscures the peaks and valleys and irritates throats and lungs in downtown santa barbara the sidewalks are nearly deserted and most people who venture out do so wearing masks at this community clinic for low income residents children the elderly and people with lung disease or asked are seeking help we see in a sharp increase in patients with a respiratory problems particularly. maddux both adults and children had chronic smokers and people that have c o p for people that have. respiratory illness are in
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there i mean a suppressed it could be very dangerous clinic patient blanca benedict has been coughing in wheezing since the smoke rolled in it's something beyond your control and this is a very very tough i think to experience most of the thousands of people who've been evacuated are staying with friends or family or in hotels but those with no place to go come here a red cross shelter set up in a gymnasium at the university of california santa barbara is a five year plans. tonight. to. richard taylor fled with his family in the middle of the night do you know what has happened to your home you know we have no idea. we have no idea whatsoever waiting and hoping for the best as the fires rage on rob reynolds al-jazeera santa barbara
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. venezuela's main opposition parties are deciding what to do off to present madeira said they should be banned from running in any future elections this fall as sunday's municipal elections which the opposition largely boycotted the ruling socialist party says while at least ninety percent of the three hundred thirty five missions that were up for grabs. is in the capital of caracas. the president nicolas maduro is saying that candidates that support his government have won in more than three hundred of the three hundred and thirty five districts being contested in municipal elections he's also said that those opposition candidates who boycotted the vote on the long part of the political landscape which implies that they will not be able to stand in presidential elections scheduled for next october many here are asking how is it now after eighteen years of chippies know first of all this and for the last four years that nicolas mo gudel with the economy in a perilous state inflation rampant food and medicine scarce the governing party
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candidates can win the so convincingly across the country one of the reasons being that the opposition is fragmented the country is polarized many tens of thousands of venezuelans predominantly those who oppose president nicolas maduro have left the country to escape this economic its economic difficulties the opposition now trying to work out how to respond to this what appears to be a convincing victory administered by the elections for the government and the apparent by all of its candidates on the political map so venice. now looking as though. nicolas maduro has consolidating his hold on the power with many asking just how has he done now. world leaders are meeting in paris for a special climate summit convened by the french press. and a man well it's hoped the gathering will encourage much needed funding to accelerate efforts to combat global warming it follows the u.s.
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decision to pull out of the two thousand and fifteen climate accord. there's been violence between spanish police and catalan separatists protesting against the removal of medieval works of art from the region a court has ruled forty four religious artifacts were illegally bored by catalonia in the one nine hundred eighty s. and have to be returned to a monastery in neighboring erica as several hundred people attended the demonstrations outside a museum in the catalan town of the spanish government took control of the semi autonomous catalonia region in october after it voted for succession in an unofficial referendum but. the government is seizing the opportunity while catalan institutions are powerless to do anything they deem convenient in this case the pillaging of works of art previously bought by the catalan administration many years ago that were on display in this museum which.
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are time for an update of the headlines here on al-jazeera and turkey is expected to finalize a two billion dollars deal with russia to buy p s four hundred surface to air missile system has ties with russia become stronger in the past year and many see the new defense deal as a sign of weakening relations with nato amnesty international is accusing the european union of being complicit in the abuse of refugees in libya in a report the rights group says the e.u. turns a blind alley to alleged brutal tactics of libya's coast guard and detention facilities tens of thousands of african asylum seekers are facing deportation from israel after parliament approved a bill allowing the government to force them out of the country those who refuse to go will be imprisoned. well leaders are meeting in paris for a special climate summit convened by french president to mend one nickel tape the gathering will encourage much needed funding to accelerate efforts to combat global
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warming this fall as united states decision to pull out of the two thousand and fifteen climate accord. president trump has reiterated his call for immigration reform after an attack on one of new york's busiest commuter hubs mystified about it as she national man was arrested after a pipe bomb strapped to him went off in the subway in a times square twenty seven year old like he had when i was injured three other people suffered minor injuries as new yorkers our lives revolve around the subways when we hear of an attack on the subway is incredibly on satellite. and let's be also clear this was an attempted terrorist attack. thank god the perpetrator did not achieve is ultimate goals. thank god our first responders were there so quickly to address the situation to make sure people are safe a mass vaccination campaign is about to get underway to stop that theory or from
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spreading among the hinge of refugees living in cox's bazaar in bangladesh the world health organization says hundreds of suspected cases including six deaths have been recorded since december the six six hundred forty six thousand range you have fled since a military crackdown in iraq heightened state of those headlines the stream is coming right up by fire. east and the differences. and the similarities of cultures across the world. al-jazeera. ok are you going to strain today should u.s. president all trump be actively resist it.


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