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tv   The Coming War On China 2017 Ep 2  Al Jazeera  December 12, 2017 3:00pm-3:43pm +03

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you are free to talk seems to be time. on a camel santamaria here in doha these are your headlines on al-jazeera amnesty international
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accusing european governments of knowingly exposing thousands of refugees to torture and abuse in their efforts to curb migration and this report published on tuesday the rights group says the e.u.'s policy of containment shows little care for those actually trapped in they'd be more time. these images sparked outrage around the world african migrants at risk of being sold at auction in libya the accusation of modern day slavery triggered international concern and you pledges to address the issue. but in a report by the human rights group amnesty international european governments are accused of not only being aware of these abuses but also actively supporting libyan authorities in stopping sea crossings and preventing refugees and migrants from leaving what we have in libya. for it's a lawless country to start with and they figure that migrants are treated like
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a commodity we heard about. slave auction just a week or two ago and here we are so essentially any migrant a refugee is pretty much criminalized you know italy has been singled out for criticism it's accused of beating efforts to fund libyan detention camps train libyan coast guards to intercept ships carrying refugees and migrants as well as encouraging libyan tribes in armed groups to work as border guards and a city also found those prevented from leaving libya face arbitrary detention torture forced labor extortion and death at the hands of the authorities traffickers as well as armed groups you know european government officials can claim to be unaware of what the libyan authorities that doing the kind of torture the kind of horrific suffering that people are facing inside libya so i think the approach of the european union is in order to protect their own borders they're ready to push people back at any cost and not respect even the basic rights of
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human beings. libya is the main transit point for refugees and migrants trying to reach europe by sea nearly half a million people have made the dangerous crossing across the mediterranean over the past three years according to the un's migration agency in that time close to ten thousand people have died while attempting to make it to europe following the provision of ships training and funding from the e.u. and italy to the libyan coast guard amnesty found the number of arrivals to italy fell by nearly seventy percent between july and november compared with the same period last year the number of refugees who die at sea has also reduced but it's not clear what future awaits the estimated twenty thousand migrants and refugees now we know for crowded and unsanitary detention centers across libya. al-jazeera there are also tens of thousands of african asylum seekers facing deportation from israel after parliament approved a bill allowing the government to force them out of the country
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a detention center which houses some of them will also be closed within months but leaders are meeting in paris for a special climate summit convened by the french president emanuel mcconnell it's hoped to the gathering will encourage some much needed funding to accelerate efforts to combat global warming that's after the u.s. decision to pull out of the twenty fifteen paris climate accord president not attending and neither will the leaders of china india. changing their financial structure their way their financial structure works making sure that every decision that relates to financing. so bored to. projects and supporting actions that are oriented towards and no. meant. finally a mass vaccination campaign is about to begin to stop diptheria from spreading among strangers refugees living in cox's bizarre in bangladesh the world health
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organization says more than four hundred suspected cases on there you including six deaths have been reported since december the sixth. many of these refugees of course live in crowded unhygienic conditions over six hundred forty six thousand of them have fled me and asked since the military crackdown in rakhine state started in august another update of the headlines in about half an hour on al-jazeera. these american bases form a giant news in circling china with missiles bombers warships. if you're in beijing looking out he stood on the tallest building in beijing and looked out of the pacific ocean you'd see american warships you'd see quantum is
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about to sink because there are so many missiles pointed at china you look up the korean see american armaments point in china the chinese two thousand years ago build the great wall to keep the barbarians out and nothing made them be a muchness film is to break a silence the united states and china may well be on a path toward a nuclear war is no longer unthinkable. showing hard to use a prosperous international city still wrong by the communists at least in. yes there are issues with human rights especially the right to speak against the
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state and challenge its power i had a range to see professor zion way way a close aide to the late things are paying the man who changed china your old boss funk presided over the bloodshed and tear them square what would you say to the survivors of tiananmen square because so many of those did fight for what they saw as democratic change in china. in one thousand eight hundred nine there were two political force this one was those reprise any by the chinese students their hero was me how you go but if who happen to be eighty one there slogan was silly unions today china's to more than so the idea was a political reform first other reform second otherwise charnel be hopeless and
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dense messy which opposite he saw. it he saw you know china must have economic reform first as a reform second this priority must be set clear. unfortunately at that particular moment in ninety nine the two political forces could not reach a compromise so definitely a tragedy occurred. it was more than a tragedy it was a massacre. of which the memory remains a raw presence in modern china. why does the chinese state still fear the few. the few who speak out and i'm thinking of. that place i mean the man won the nobel peace prize. and he's in prison he's a violent the child is
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a low. margin so. pretty free of expression similar views by many people but he really couldn't to dijkstra. challenge the government to implement democratic reforms and spent a total of thirteen years in prison. why can't a confident china except a criticism like. peace committing makes huge mistake the oh the chinese an explanation if you cross a line of course you're violent constitution uveitis so many laws you should be punished. were. and yet in china today the spirit of protest time dissent lives on in different forms. in two thousand and fifteen strikes and community
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protests and activism reach record levels this resistance is seldom reported in the west. so there are also protests in china. typically for example land being grabbed by officials to for commercial development and the farmers are not being compensated to properly and the farmers now are no more wary of the rights of their protest all young workers from the factory they demand a better wage of better working conditions but in many of the protests they're economic driven not political driven they are not national light so this kind of things or unlikely into a real movement or so-called you call that revolution. so the models revolution was the last regulation. and what i meant was there never.
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the japanese island of okinawa is occupied by thirty two military installations from here the united states is attacked korea vietnam cambodia afghanistan iraq. the scars full of planes some helicopters. wherever people go they are fenced in and told to keep out. is the frontline of a beckoning war with china. age
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eighty seven from a kosher my book is one of the leaders of a nonviolent resistance let's challenging washington's pivot to asia. that anybody that was done that was. fun so. i. can put it out on a minuscule to some extent the embassy felt like such. a you and me. and so on and me don't they had to make it like.
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this some of them anyway let's roll some. if you did not know us we got to do is just to get money enough some of the it's an issue with that. i am. always a survivor. a quarter of the civilians on the island were killed in the american invasion in one thousand nine hundred forty five and a fear of war has been passed through the generations. today those who witness these horrors live in the place something extraordinary beauty surrounded by coring fs and a unique marine life. it
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was here in her no you could buy that the survivors of world war two sold refuge and it's this the now fighting to say. it's an epic struggle the pits these island people against the greatest military power on earth. this is the office of a former governor of all. otoh my second day what he has done is create not some awesome museum bought an appeal to the outside world to understand the resistance and to understand the suffering. to read its hidden history it begins in nineteen forty five when the americans invaded here's general macarthur arriving in okinawa. been
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a second invasion happened ten years later in what became known as the bulldozers the beignets campaign american forces seize prime agricultural land farmhouse blues and kill livestock the dispossessed people of all her nawa march the length of japan appealing for help this fall is devoted to a resistance in okinawa that never ceases everywhere people go on the island they're confronted by this sign it tells them they must not go pulse this fence tall with bob while these fences run like great ribbons across the island and the bases themselves cups ways across all canal but all around the people with this continuing demonstration this continuing resistance. and i have
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a message it's people of the world watch for japan on the u.s. or during don't force the bases around. you just. look. at all. i mean i came on only i mean you can we call can only cost you any ties to have their temple i mean if anyone only to get it you can win today you just. hope old school got that i think in a sense and i think to understand it it could do you mean it was very nice there's only one hundred twenty. nine such going up so well so you'll. know this in. the group do you want to give us so naked. now so that the good
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looking it is that we do go to good to you you are good in. all this will be lost when much of the baby comes concrete runways for bombers at camp schwab the huge u.s. marine base behind this fence. in two thousand and fourteen. elected a new governor to kishi or naca who won by a landslide on one issue stopping the new base at home no. this was election night outside the american base at camp shaw. i still mean there's a. little i do i do i yes i was. was was. your how do you
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now and then when that is not that it's nice. that you got that right there but i don't know. if you got my point if i get what you got but i thought it was. i did a good. guy sa. could well be a. law of. the shah old ha ha ha ha. ha. celebration of the victory was bittersweet.
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the government in tokyo resented this unprecedented challenge to its authority. the issue is now in the japanese courts. japan's prime minister shinzo abbey has also made clear that with the backing of his powerful patron america he wants to reawaken japanese nationalism and reclaim its military power. while we were filming this ceremony outside the base on a day when people paid respect to that apartheid loved ones giant american helicopters circled above as intimidating as always by.
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the threat of these low flying aircraft is a constant presence in okinawa teachers often come to each because of the noise and the fear. this was the carnage when an american fighter crashed into a primary school off to the pilot had a check to safety. kira had seven was terribly buns. and. so did they i know. this so that they could. maestas how do the not so know cut. is gonna
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go do it the next and then their medical needs done they can they'll need a coke and i got that this isn't a thirty. day and i still gotta get a. job you need. to get elected. if. you get there do you understand. yeah. well i think the member did. well. but under yeah ok i mean i guess and you. will get paid to do it they just. could i did. ok or suffered throughout his youth and died from his injuries aged twenty one.
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thank you. another tragedy waits to happen on all kanawa u.s. military aircraft have been involved in forty four accidents on the island. the latest threat is this hybrid plane the osprey notorious for its safety issues. wherever the military is based in asia there is a relationship with local people especially women and that often breeds resentment . in okinawa this
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resentment ignited a riot in one nine hundred seventy scores of american g.i.'s pulled from a cause which was set alight. for washington and its compliant ally and tokyo it's this kind of insurrection but they fear. during the making of this film a young woman was raped and murdered allegedly by an american military contract from one of the bases. yes. it was the latest of thousands of cases of violence and it brought massive crowds into the streets demanding an end to the military occupation of their country.
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this is some mice misao designed to carry a nuclear warhead during the cold war the united states secretly installed nuclear weapons at this launch pad you know. most of them aimed to china. today the nuclear missile site is run by a buddhist organization the so-called god as a peace be seen. in one to sixty two the. atomic weapon us out or on the missile almost launched. there almost alone according to the spokesman of this military base said they were all about to prepare them. second order to stop it.
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one of the american servicemen whose job was to fire them a smith. has since revealed that china was a nuclear target during the cuban missile crisis in one thousand nine hundred sixty two. we had the horse all of us but we only had one missile hit over russia and we didn't see why we evolved countries cat and suggested that everybody the doors open so take less time to last a vessel if the doors were cracked open. one of the launch cruise was on the point of firing them missing when a duty officer suspected the order was false it was also on the bay side and two men over there forty five and issued a try the loss. until situation was is off and it would only
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take like fifteen seconds to run a distance between the two command centers so those two big get that whole crew it a. while we made a decision as what to do. and it was a very long maybe two or three seconds later were very nervous major came over the intercom. is soaring to the. stand down order. then we just so that. we could've starman a whole planet. the major who had given the moon was quietly cold. and dismissed from the air force. that morning is just as familiar to me it is clear as yesterday henri is this is fifty three years later and have
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a clear blue sky was and it was just some very light clouds and there was a perfect breeze boy perfect temperature i did not know what the temperature was but it's just felt perfect and we were all just taking it then the smell of the air the sea and the land mixture together everything smells so beautiful. this is very interesting because it shows is the cities in china part where these most massage that yes which which ones do we have here this all cannot. saw within two thousand kilometers east you find picking up a gene see on jew k. in hong kong shanghai. taiwan taipei and up till now north korea. we've been darwin shaw missile.
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cool. this is the work of the all cannot one sculptor can germany were. it's a tribute to the suffering and resistance of the people of this island.
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going green bacteria in a bar a tree and. breaking to gas escaping from. this is really the whole it's going to vacation in the for a while to experiments both exploring and. how counter the effects of climate change the science of capturing. on the scientific on the back in time attained the mind does have to contend. with this toward. the nature use as it breaks the last time synagogue qualified for the world cup in two thousand and fifteen years and hope to do even better in russia next year with detailed coverage hard to imagine of only seven years ago right here. now defeat has taken. from around the world donald trump is promising
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a major policy announcement on trade a potential challenge to khorat a missed opportunity ross. singapore is being accused of expanding its coast and illegally dredged satins some of the islands off the coast of indonesia literally vanish it's a big business when they will take the city there in the sand is there you see this beautiful beach behind it is something that's not so profound tragedy is that people are just not aware and ecological investigation into a global emergency soundboards at this time on al-jazeera. i'm come all santa maria here in doha with another look at the headlines on al-jazeera amnesty international is accusing the european union of being complicit
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in the abuse of refugees in libya in this report the rights group says the e.u. turns a blind eye to alleged brutal tactics of libya's coast guard and detention facilities it also claims the e.u. is aware of corruption within the coast guard accusing it of working with human smugglers also tens of thousands of african asylum seekers are facing deportation from israel after parliament approved a bill allowing the government to force them from the country detention center which houses some of them will also be closed within months world leaders are meeting in paris for a special climate summit convened by the french president emanuel markram it's hoped the gathering will encourage much needed funding to accelerate efforts to combat global warming it follows the decision by the united states to pull out of the two thousand and fifteen paris climate accord president not attending this one and neither are the leaders of china or india. the set about changing their
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financial structure they way they financial structure works making sure that every decision that relates to financing is made to wired's so board. it projects in supporting actions that are oriented towards a low carbon development for mass vaccination campaign is about to begin to stop diptheria from spreading among ranger refugees living in tanks as bizarre in bangladesh the world health organization says more than four hundred suspected cases of to fear including six deaths have been reported since december the sixth many refugees live in crowded unhygienic conditions there are over six hundred forty six thousand who fled meanwhile since immature crackdown in rakhine state started in august and turkey is expected to finalize a two billion dollars arms deal with russia to buy the s. four hundred surface to air missile system in answer was made at
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a news conference between president putin and early one turkey's ties with russia have become a short stronger in the past year many see the new defense deal as a sign of weakening relations with nato the deal was announced after putin made a whistle stop tour of the middle east we're back with your news our in just under twenty five minutes the coming war on china continues next.
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a semi tropical century of unusual beauty jeju island is a world heritage site. the government of south korea declared it an island of world peace. but on this island of peace has been built one of the most provocative military
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bases in the world less than four hundred miles from shanghai. like and the marshall islands this is america's frontline in its so cold pivot to asia. hair in one sun spoiled again john village the south korean navy has built a base for american aircraft carriers nuclear submarines and destroyers equipped with the aegis politik misato and aimed at china's defenses. china's lifelines to the world in oil trade resources depend on shipping that comes through checkpoints like this. the u.s. pivot and the asia pacific is really intended to create the ability to put
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a loaded gun to the head of china and say you know you will do as we say otherwise we will be able to restrict or we'll be able to shut down choke off your importation of oil and other resources. that were. out. for nine years every day often twice a day these catholic priests have staged a mass the blocks the gates of the new military base on stranger while. i. was told her all of this. in a country where political demonstrations can be easily banned unlike powerful
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religions the tactic has produced the spectacle of resistance or you get more the farther out there are you know pretty clear pretty good. r r r r r r r r. r r r r r r r i don't think you're normal. father moon jong who has led the fight to stop the base being built. and several times suffered serious injury i. think. this is. the low evil overlord. pricing for every. american domestic in command and
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gandalf for her savvy. to the defunct tempt of so he very few. of the writer and composer is to me she shouted from this island that i love him very much and that he gave me that song if i went. and i became a master at seeing that song people i practice every day he didn't throw your research passion. her yellow there'll over. what will happen. if this space becomes operational they have destroyed the environment if they story the life of the latest we shall be the chased off the
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vent oppression violence what could they do they'd like to bring depression she gave a horny area. they'd like to make a trying to isolate it in this group will it be is his government the one who will be in power of this word. meanwhile or quaker call mr joins them with his own ritual of protest accompanied by an artist called wild flowers. or tombs and maybe somebody a bit of a problem. and how they. school is on and because there. where we're much closer to the tears and when it. was a real. turn toward a bad mistake we are. taught to plan it's really
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dumb time it doesn't occur to me. that some of which still. turns are all. in the. bill gates hunting as it was in the care. of the not one hundred. took to such or all the troops. home the. home. he saw something bad. in there the patriot and that a million of them about his. companion you want to move them away to the need to. come out of my to your question congressman i saw you i don't come near me on some
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other hand. this is the center of an empire but lever speaks its name whose power is represented in this extraordinary world map of american military bases. four thousand bases in the united states almost a thousand bases spread across every corner. the archipelago of empire the bases that we have around the world hidden in plain sight are the real territory of our empire but at the same time we maintain independent governments in japan or south korea or germany. they don't have
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autonomy when it comes to foreign policy so it's a very sophisticated and effective system. where whereby we pat ourselves on the back for helping to midwife democracy in japan and germany and south korea and various other places while keeping the lid on in that we don't know what these countries would do if they were fully independent and the beauty of this system is that most people pay no attention to it at all they think it's just a natural occurrence to have fifty thousand american troops and japan and there's no country that has better and i'm sure he'll credit credit then the united states and we are not trying to recreate the glories of. the british empire we're arguing that the world is round we have a global policy and all nations have been.


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