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it's a social story and it's a political story all wrapped into one it's unpredictable television that truly inspired us only on al-jazeera once welcome now fear. and dividing the nation. al-jazeera explores germany's long term economic strategy of pursuing immigrants from the arab world i feel more judgment on syria he. doesn't refute you get those people who don't think it's been dortch one german and i'm rocking the new germans at this time on al-jazeera.
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secretary of state breaks to listen says the u.s. is ready for talks with north korea without conditions but what about his boss donald trump. run fully back to watching al-jazeera live from doha also ahead a controversial u.s. senate race between a man accused of sexual misconduct and endorsed by donald trump and and little known democratic counties for tell you why it's important to us french president in one year mccool warns the international community time is running out to save the world from climate change and israeli palestinian sproat test in tel aviv against donald trump's official recognition of jerusalem as the capital of israel. thank you for joining as the u.s. secretary of state says one. shinton is ready to hold talks with north korea
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without preconditions rex tillerson says donald trump endorses this position though the two have voiced opposing views recently the us president had tweeted in october that negotiating was a waste of time meanwhile north korean state television says its leader kim jong un is aiming to make pealing young the world's strongest nuclear power let's bring in our state department correspondent ross in jordan who is live in washington so ross just tell us about this statement made by the secretary of state does this signal a change in the position of the u.s. visiting north korea fully it's really not a change in the u.s. position but it's definitely a change in the u.s. is tactics of trying to was to deal with the fact that north korea has been very vigorously developing a nuclear weapons program this is something which rex tillerson said is a perhaps part of the essence of trying to get into negotiations the u.s.
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doesn't know the party that it wants to negotiate with in this case the north korean leader kim jong il and so he said this is the kind of situation where you might have to was going a little more slowly and a little more carefully she was not scare off the other side here's more of what the secretary had to say on tuesday we've we've said from the diplomatic side we're ready to talk anytime north korea would like to talk and we are ready to have the first beating without precondition let's just make unless we talk about the weather if you will talk about whether it's going to be a square table or around table that's what you're shouting about. but can we at least sit down and see each other face to face and then we can begin to lay out a map a road map of what we might be willing to work toward. but wrong as
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a telus and donald trump of said very different things about north korea in the past would this statement made by to listen today have been agreed to by the president before hand or are we in for a surprise in a few hours away is going to tweet something completely different. well that's very much a possibility foley because we don't know that the secretary cleared his remarks or his commentary with the president before making this appearance on tuesday afternoon here in washington what is worth all pointing out though is that even though the president did say that it was quote unquote a waste of time to negotiate with the leader that he was calling rocket man in a number of a now infamous tweets the state department still has been sending its voice who deal with north korea. south korea to the region on a pretty regular basis in recent weeks to what continual can four ways of one
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trying to reassure the south koreans the japanese and others in the region that the u.s. will be there to help protect them from any north korean aggression but there is also still the fact that the u.s. does engage with china and with russia to other members of the u.n. security council permanent membership they also have a very vested interest in its use me in keeping north korea from using its nuclear weapons and so there is a real sense that anything that the u.s. would want to try to do in order to stop north korea's nuclear weapons program would have to be done in consultation with the russians and with the chinese given that the whole process of trying to get rid of nuclear weapons is ultimately something that is falling under the un's also says it's pretty fair to say that this wouldn't be starting anytime soon ross jordan our state department
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correspondent live there in washington thank you very much ross. senate election in one american but one with national consequences the polls are going to be closing in on obama shortly with voters there electing a very new senator it's a close race between republican candidate roy moore who wrote as i watched the whole information conchs. marshall republican who's accused of sexual abuse is fated against democratic candidate doug jones may speak to you there is she has her time to lose in birmingham alabama doug jones where the supporters of doug jones are gathering. she have tell us about the mood where you are i know everyone is watching the. exit polls and the turnout figures how optimistic are they doug jones scamp. yeah it's a mixed bag i'm afraid i'm not going to be much help i think we're hearing anecdotally a very high turnout in some areas. doug james needs. in the affluent
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suburbs in the cities and among african-americans the exit polls suggest he is getting the african-american together we do need to be very careful because alabama is a pioneer in suppressing african-american voting so we'll keep an eye on that however if the turnout is very high in rural areas that could be bad for the germans because that means that the cool rural evangelical base has been fired up to not vote for doug jones there's no way to live with it for the democrats so we'll see where that turnout is highest over the course of the coming hours. in addition to exit polls suggest we'll get some good news for us. about fifty five percent that we have of the good news for doug james is a. relatively spits on favorable view and so on but the bad news for doug jones is is only allegations if these allegations of sexual misconduct are the ones that are going to push doug jones over the top in
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a reliably republican state that isn't such good news for james in these in these exit polls people are split as to whether they believe the allegations and the majority of people say that they made up their mind before the allegations came to light so that's not good for trains in addition a majority say it didn't even come in to their decision making process and a majority of those also at the exit poll say they want to insure a republican majority in the senate so that's not good for a good news but perhaps on the turnout not so good perhaps on what the people are saying to the exit pollsters chant remind our viewers around the world why this senate brain so important what would be the implications. for the republican party. because alabama doesn't it doesn't vote democrat or does the house and for about twenty years or so. this is this is the issue here are we seeing at the beginning of a fight back amongst democrats in the trump era against the extremes of the
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republican party pushed by these allegations of sexual misconduct which no doubt will hear more allegations sexual misconduct both republicans and democrats in the coming year in in politics if if judge were loses that's an immense blow to donald trump even though it's debatable as to how much of an influence he's had on the votes here it also makes that senate majority that much thinner for their legislative agenda so that makes things very difficult and it will increase the chances of the republican party tearing itself apart in civil war however if the judge when which still the olds are in favor of that's going to be seen as a great victory for donald trump even though we're not sure how much influence he had but you can imagine he'll be saying look you see i could even get an alleged child molester into the senate. but that's where the republican problems then begin to magnify it because if judge moore does get into the senate the democrats will immediately try and get him expelled so they'll be on this circus i'm sure is where
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the democrats present themselves as the end like. party against the republican party's just it's far more complicated than that obviously so that's going to be that's going to be a problem also judge he's always been a reliable republican majority vote so he hates senate majority leader mitch mcconnell mitch mcconnell thinks he is a child abuser by the way so that's going to be very difficult the party could actually fracture if judge moore makes it or if he doesn't very interesting step thank you very much for that. in a while news french president has delivered a valiant cry to world leaders that more must be done to fight climate change but he told a global summit. areas that they're currently losing the battle the site is promoting greater worldwide investment in clean energy natasha but larry pour some paris closer to me so one planet samit the french president issued a stark warning telling leaders at the one planet summit in paris that time is
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running out to save the world from climate change may only eat on panda bear labor day we're in the process of losing the battle and those who came before us they were lucky they could say we didn't know and it was true for twenty years now we have known format one of our manual michael wants europe to take the lead on climate change off to the us is decision to pull out of the paris accord it's why he called for a summit of world leaders bosses and scientists to find new ways to finance green energy those afraid to bet on a green economy we'll be living in a great future. but. it was two years ago in paris that two hundred world leaders promised to limit global warming to less than two degrees celsius the paris accord was an historic moment since then progress has been slow. well the purser agreement was excellent well the question is to demand it and. obviously
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sometimes it is not as quick. as one could expect or hope we had unfortunately the decision made by president rudd. and we need and that's the aim of this meeting to develop financing i mean public financing and private financing this summit was all about reviving momentum for the paris accord and that has been some big wins the world bank and the world's biggest insurer x. of north america saying that they will scale back their investments in full fields and focus more on green energy former us secretary of state john kerry said it was a disgrace that there were no high ranking u.s. officials here but for the americans who were present the fight continues probe so republican colleagues are going a totally different direction we grassroots midges states of america we are taking
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action and the people through the american promise corporate leaders they're doing like. the u.s. pullout has left a large climate change funding gap but those here say they will do all they can to make up the shortfall and safeguard the planet for future generations natasha al-jazeera paris. i still ahead on al-jazeera. a vaccination campaign to inoculate thousands of or hang out who are facing a potentially deadly respiratory disease. from flowing island winds to an enchanting desert breeze. hello there is staying cool. for for many of us in the eastern parts of china the temperatures there in shanghai are around nine degrees as a maximum on wednesday which in those that we're expecting on thursday will feel
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a bit different though on thursday because we'll have a bit more cloud with us and the chance of a few outbreaks of rain so it will feel a bit cooler than it has done over the previous day ever for the two was the south you can see the winds here will feeding in a bit more moisture into the extreme southern parts of china and through into the northern parts of vietnam that will bring a few showers here that will gradually be pushing their way north woods as we head towards the southeast and parts of asia you can see lots of cloud around the philippines at the moment within the system we are expecting a low to be developing and that one could well in hans the rains across the philippines over the next few days there's also a lot of wet weather just to the north of java and those showers have also been affecting us along the north coast of java such a concert has seen flooding in recent days and the next couple of days all looking very very wet if we head across towards india so in the north we've had some of the wettest of the weather recently but there is the area of cloud responsible it's moving away towards the north now and so for many of us things all drawing out in the south though there are still
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a few outbreaks of rain to be seen mostly showery rain in the southern parts of india and three sri lanka and those will stick around into this day. there with sponsored by the time race. if you are in beijing looking out the pacific ocean you'd see american warships. somehow time is aiming to replace america and around the world well the chinese are not that stupid these guys want to dominate a huge chunk of the planet this sounds like a preparation for our first president george washington said if you want peace prepare for the coming war on china at this time.
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welcome back you're watching al-jazeera a reminder of our top stories the u.s. secretary of state says washington is ready to hold talks with north korea without preconditions rex tillerson says donald trump endorses this position though the two have voiced opposing views recently meanwhile north korean state media says its leader kim jong il is a means to make pyongyang the world's strongest nuclear power. voters in the u.s. state of alabama choosing their next senator in a high stakes raids republican candidate william moore was accused of sexual abuse this period against democratic rival dr jones born has been endorsed by president trump despite the many controversies surrounding him and french president a man and mccall has warned world leaders that they're losing the battle on tackling climate change he's been speaking at a global summit on promoting renewable energy in palace. now i'm a senior national is accusing european governments of knowingly exposing fountains
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of refugees to torture and abuse in the efforts to curb migration in their report the right group says the e.u.'s policy of containment shows little careful migrants and refugees chopped in libya. has more from tripoli. these images sparked outrage around the world african migrants at risk of being sold at auction in libya the accusation of modern day slavery triggered international concern and pledges to address the issue but in a report by the human rights group amnesty international european governments are accused of not only being aware of these abuses but also actively supporting libyan authorities in a stopping sea crossings and preventing refugees and migrants from leaving what we have in libya is really a hellhole. for it's a lawless country to start with and refugees and migrants are treated like
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a commodity we heard about the. slave auction just a week or two ago and here we are so essentially any migrant a refugee is pretty much criminalized italy has been singled out for criticism it's accused of leading e.u. efforts to fund libyan detention camps train libyan coast guard to intercept ships carrying a few g.'s and migrants as we'll as encouraging libyan tribes and armed groups to operate as border guards amnesty also from those prevented from leaving libya face arbitrary detention torture forcedly war extortion and even death at the hands of the authorities traffickers as well as armored groups you know european government officials can claim to be unaware of what the libyan authorities are doing the kind of torture the kind of horrific suffering that people are facing inside libya so i think the approach of the european union is in order to protect their own borders
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they're ready to push people back at any cost and not respect even the basic rights of human beings al-jazeera has reached out to the government but it has yet to respond libya is the main transit. point for refugees and migrants trying to reach europe but you see nearly half a million people have made the dangerous crossing across the mediterranean over the past three years according to the ins migration agency in that time close to ten thousand people have died while attempting to make it to europe for whom the provision of ships training and funding from the e.u. and italy to the libyan coast guard amnesty found the number of arrivals to italy filled by nearly seventy percent between july and november compared to the same period last year the number of refugees who don't at this see also refused but that is not clear what awaits is to me to to india thousand migrants and refugees now
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in overcrowded and unsanitary detention centers across libya. so poorly for the e.u. has responded to the report a european commission spokesman says the e.u. is aware of the inhumane and terrible conditions some face and was working to save the lives of the people the e.u. statement said we do so by stopping people drowning in the mediterranean evacuating them from disastrous conditions in libya and offering them safe and legal pathways to come to europe the situation is not bad because of the e.u. it is slightly better because of the e.u. . at least one hundred seventy people are now confirmed to have been killed in india clan fighting in south sudan's great lakes region clashes broke out in malik county last week between the rob and packer clans the revenge attacks have displaced almost eighteen hundred people the government has declared
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a three month state of emergency in the region and the military has been deployed. to africa now in liberia is the electoral commission has said the presidential runoff vote for december twenty six x. football star george where faces vice president joseph the of the ruling unity party in the runoff of various supreme court postponed the poll a day before it was scheduled last month over allegations of voter fraud nobel peace prize laureates president ellen johnson sirleaf is stepping down after twelve years in zero six. now the leaders of saudi arabia and jordan have met in riyadh to discuss donald trump's decision to recognize jerusalem as israel's capital the meeting comes a day ahead of the summit of muslim leaders called by turkey's president in a sample but it's unclear if sound eurabia will send its representative to that meeting. and on the ground it's been almost a week of demonstrations in the occupied palestinian territories israeli forces fired tear gas and stun grenades at protesters who pelted stones in ramallah and
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bethlehem dozens of palestinians have been injured in confrontations with israeli forces since last week and israeli arabs protested outside the u.s. embassy in tel aviv on to say protesters are calling trump's move dangerous to israel stability and security. meanwhile israeli authorities have reduced gaza's fishing zone from mine not a coal mines down to six fishermen are criticizing the decision saying it leaves them with a very limited area to catch anything at all but as smith spoke to some of them in gaza. so when gaza's fishermen go out again this afternoon they'll be restricted back to a maximum of eleven kilometers offshore for the last six weeks or so they've been allowed to go out to sixteen kilometers the israelis say that allows them to take advantage of seasonal changes in fish stocks but of course the fisherman would really like to be able to sail out up to thirty seven kilometers into the
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mediterranean to allow them to take advantage of the bigger fish that are there and that was the limit suggested by the oslo accords but israel has never allowed. out that far. if they go back to the oslo accord to allow that zone then of course the fishing industry will improve one hundred percent the further out we go the more fish we get and it's seasonal every season we need access to specific zones for example now we need twenty to twenty seven kilometers to get this season's fish including sea bass which is very expensive so thirty fish we only got sixteen kilometers at least there are lots of rocks where we can find lots of different fish at eleven kilometers it's empty we're wasting our time when we go fishing if they open up to thirty seven kilometers they'll be a significant difference there we find all these expensive fish then we'd make a lot of money high unemployment in gaza has pushed more men to look for work in the fishing industry they're trying to find
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a job where they can at least try and make ends meet so there are now about four thousand fisherman and a thousand fishing boats that's far too many for these crowded waters it's led of course to fishing depletion of fish stocks and of depletion of breeding grounds and there's no indication from the israeli border is that when they are likely to extend again the fishing so it's for garza's fish. the pentagon says russia has not carried out any meaningful reductions of its troops in syria despite president very near proteins announcement of a partial pullout in the war torn country and this comes as the first set of russian troops arrived home after putin declared military victory in syria then harder has our reports. there are pointers of syria where the war rages on but russia's military intervention has given the government the upper hand on the ground and it has given moscow an influential voice in deciding syria's future. president vladimir putin is claiming military victory on monday he announced
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a troop drawdown while visiting a russian base in syria it wasn't the first announcement of its kind and in the past military operations didn't stop. what they say. this is not a withdrawal. if terrorists will strike them so that means russia's military strength is still present in syria. many have downplayed the military significance of putin's announcement some believe it was a message to the united states which recently suggested that american troops could stay in syria after the fight against. there are an estimated two thousand troops there and the u.s. administration now talks about a new goal saying that those forces could help set conditions for a diplomatic solution. this is a political decision it's. the international community to pressure the united states to withdraw its troops from syria russia is bothered by what it sees as the
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presence of u.s. troops. the syrian government has accused the us of coming up with excuses to maintain a presence of the kurdish controlled north east. the us has. a military presence on the ground leverage in future negotiations but russia is pushing for. the united nations it wants to host what is known as the syrian people that will bring together the government and the opposition early next year. but there are some who believe putin's with announcement was also a message to his own ally russia is being pressured by the u.s. and israel to curb iran's growing influence in syria. the message to iran is that there is no need for you to stay permanently in syria there's no need to further expand your presence the big military operations are over it's time for a political solution. military operations are winding down but the battle for syria
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is not over for. beirut. the united nations says hundreds of refugees living in crowded can. bangladesh are suspected to having contracted diphtheria and x. nation campaign has begun to inoculate thousands of others from the potentially fatal respiratory disease child stratford has more from a long county refugee camp in back of the. hunger. there's another health emergency in the region refute camps close to the myanmar border the bangladeshi government health worker cools the families to come for urgent vaccination against diptheria unicef says at least four hundred twenty refugees are suspected of having contractions the highly infectious and potentially lethal response to treat disease at least six people have reportedly died. sixty percent of the approximate six
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hundred forty thousand range or refugees who have arrived here in recent months are children and many of them are suffering from severe acute malnutrition which weakens their immunity while our mother with the little fellow inmate we didn't have any health care if someone got sick we had to take him to doctors a long while away and it cost a lot of money most ranger were never inoculated against syria and other contagious diseases in myanmar since the myanmar government withdrew their citizenship thirty five years ago they had limited access to medical care. there are fifty fifty three about generation centers like this that have been set up across the camps more than two hundred fifty people have been trained to give the injection over the last couple of days the government and the un are describing this and he didn't fear a drive now as a top priority. the government is working with the u.n.
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and international aid organizations to chuckle the outbreak definitely. every chance to get infection but if they are other interests of diseases this is up from medical said this is the truth but we have started our campaign as as early as possible to listen differently one thing. hopefully around seven hundred thousand really refugees have been inoculated against cholera and after an outbreak of measles at least three hundred fifty thousand refugees have been vaccinated against that contagious disease eight groups in the bangladesh government were already struggling to meet the basic health needs of these people but deep syria outbreak has made that challenge even harder trial stop at al-jazeera problem kali refugee camp bangladesh around seven thousand firefighters are still tackling the huge wildfire that has five through the state of california in the u.s. dangerous wind gusts and dry weather conditions have been hampering efforts to
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contain the blaze at least one person has died and hundreds of homes have been destroyed in a fire which has burned almost thousand square kilometers of land. now former facebook executive now says social media is a very pink society upon. who headed facebook's user growth express regret over his part in building tools that he said are destroying the social fabric of how society works he recommended people take a hard break from social media saying addiction to it is a global problem now in an unusual move facebook responded directly to its former employee it said in a statement. jamaat has not been on facebook for over sixty is when she not was at facebook we were focused on building new social media experiences and growing facebook around the world facebook was a very different company back then and as we have grown we have realized how our own responsibility has responsibilities have gone to.
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well again i'm fully back to bill with the headlines on al-jazeera the u.s. secretary of state says washington is ready to hold talks with north korea without preconditions rex tillerson says donald trump endorses this position though the two have voiced opposing views recently meanwhile north korean state media says this senior kim jong un is aiming to make the well strong is nuclear power we've we've said from the diplomatic side we're ready to talk anytime north korea would like to talk and we're ready to have the first meeting without precondition let's just make unless we talk about the weather if you will talk about whether it's going to be a square table or around table that's what you're shouting about. but can we at least sit down and see each other face to face and then we can begin
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to lay out a map a road map of what we might be willing to work toward. voters in the u.s. state of alabama choosing their next senator in the high stakes raised republican candidate roy moore was accused of sexual abuses pitted against democratic rival dow jones moore has been doors five president trump despite the many controversies surrounding him french president to mannion mccall has warned world leaders that they are losing the battle on tackling climate change has been speaking at a global summit on promoting renewable energy in paris hundreds of protesters gathered outside the county on demanding an end to government investment in fossil fuels at least one hundred seventy people are now known to have died in into clan fighting in south sudan's great lakes region clashes broke out in malik county last week which and pacom clans the government has declared
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a three month state of emergency in the region liberia's electoral commission has said the presidential runoff vote for december twenty sixth the exit polls are george way or faces of vice president joseph of the ruling unity party in the run off liberia supreme court in the poll at day before it was scheduled last month over allegations of voter fraud. you're up to date with headlines on al-jazeera coming up next hear it inside story. on the state international says the european union is complicit in the abuse of refugees in libya it's a european governments ignore rights violations and violent tactics used by the
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libyan coast guard so willis report.


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