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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  December 13, 2017 7:00am-7:34am +03

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as i have got so many people that i can thank but i will tell you just very quickly there are three people that i want to acknowledge tonight because if it wasn't for the end we would not be here they're the photos that sent me down in early may and said doug you can do this and they showed me the way and i want to make sure that everybody in this room and we had any credible staff it started with a small group of post. and her hair. was asked to three people i mean to acknowledge before i go any further. over the greatest political consultant in the world and joe trippi. i know you're tired of seeing my abs but they were all joe's work and he should show me the way done turner who've been friends for so on if you know me the member of the old man the one that i call the hero doc of the campaign charles
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perkins was charles. charles his hand his own issues to deal with over the summer but this campaign and what he has done is whenever the history is written about alabama politics remember those names just perkins dog attorney joe trippi was there are so many there are too many people here i want to just say this. folks we have come so far we have come so far and the people of alabama have spoken they have said. was i have to say that to each other. this i have said from the very beginning this campaign has never been about me it's never been about roy moore it has been about ever. you want to view everyone who want your sons and daughters if it's all of
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those volunteers that knocked on three hundred thousand or eighty fifth pottier who made one point to him by phone call was the fifth asante or to make sure that we knew it was every community you know i keep hearing about the different backyard communities in this state they are freakin american community five here before i ask you about tito community thank you if the photographer you experience how pretty hot guy if was before we have built this everywhere we have all we have had that same energy we've had that
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it seem exciting at the end of the day this year this entire race has been all about dignity and respect the fifth have t. harris this campaign war this campaign has fanned out about the rule of all this charities campaign past. the common courtesy and decency and making sure everyone in the state regardless of which zip code you are living on has got to get a fair shot eighty thousand two hundred eighty five thousand let me just say this both to all of those all of my future colleague. exe and washington there are.
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was such a wonderful how old i want to make sure in all seriousness there are important issues facing this country there are important issues of health care and jobs and the economy and i want to i would watch as everyone in this in the entire probably walk free world goes right now we've tried to make sure that this campaign was about finding common ground and reaching across and actually getting things done for the paragraph was have a challenge i have this challenge to my future colleagues in washington don't worry you know me take this election from the great state of alabama was
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thanks to some latin where the people of barack obama said we want to get something done we want you to find common ground we want you to talk take this opportunity and in light of this election and go ahead and find that program far was what it is that i must do it for those million kids and a hundred fifty thousand here in birmingham alabama i'm not going to talk too much longer it's been a long night it's been a long campaign but i. was having let me just sorry let me i don't know are forgotten so much. for gotten so much to so many thank yous and how we feel this vote disposed i've said it before alabama has been at a crossroad road we have been a crossroads in the past and unfortunately. we have usually taken the wrong for my
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duties and gentlemen i was you took you are i was fifty four was you what have you what have you won t. you war you war one one zero are very personal level let me tell you and i said this is the top and i was do you mean this it seems that i want to thank each of you for helping me feel fulfilled a wife strong dream of serving in the united states senate that started off with my mentor a powerhouse when ever since one thousand nine hundred eighty five people thought had before so it was as we approach this history as we
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approach this crossroads we have work to do what i want to do in this story took to build those bridges within this state to reach across with those that didn't vote for us to try to find that common ground i'm pushing to do that tonight five hundred have i will tell you i have done my is a night for rejoice because as dr king said as dr king like to quote the moral arc of the universe is long but it bends toward justice was one thousand five thousand five hundred eighty seven john wart on my porch one night and this time and this place you have all been that more while you are a little closer to the white house just headed for that you are not only was it bad for not. really was it true or but your center right through the heart of the great
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state of alabama you'd be. i i. i i i mean i was there and there speaking was the elected democratic senator alabama at his victory address. speaking to obviously his supporters and thanking the band certainly three of them joe trippi doug turnover jarls perkins the man who persuaded him to run back in may it's a historic victory alabama has not see a democratic senator says nineteen ninety two and while we see scenes of happiness and jubilation there let's just cross over to a scene so very different the location where roy moore is expected to speak to
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his discordant told and upset supporters there at the scene obviously dejected having now faced. a lecture making the senator much tighter race for trying to get legislation passed president trouble. our correspondent she had returned see is a big about the list again and watching events listening to doug jones at amazing results really all that amazing night she had. with his kids i think. really truly necessarily expected this to happen because it's alabama as a result but i have to report some other breaking news that we've been hearing just over the last few minutes it appears and this is pretty house reach maybe of the judge roy moore the republican appointee. change is not conceding the race to the
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ripple so to speak of him trying. to get bored because he's not you see people don't you don't see prices given the budget is so small and impose your menu fee official outlets all the races that you and and and so on are often regarded as fake by george bush based on the supposed to that they could probably make some sort of case it's just not the fault of the golden bowl whose fate is conspiracy cases let's see how that develops but i do have a drone supporter with me demetrius king is with me but you expect those sort of there to expect the citizens. hadn't noticed a good bit of they were happy to have it. just why didn't you expect too much we first found out about me has been a staple there were a long time to say it has been very hard for any democrat to leave here in the state alabama has had a democrat governor since the one nine hundred ninety two. and he ended up and that
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was the last point so it's been they were all being a democrat to break the law in a state that would you make of these reports are we all giving birth to george bush smoke to see. an. athlete just move well i believe but i'm not as well x. no way as all may actually be counted i don't know if that's what happens but i think he's probably going to have to access that right to see the pain and. just get a recount as well we just heard james thanking his african-american constituents and we've been told. through much of the campaign that although obviously democrats school very highly without amongst african-americans turnout is necessarily down high probably because there's a sense it doesn't change anything at all african-american communities what a democrat wins because they only come in when the election comes around. going to
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forget the african american just what do you think was different this time. apathy . will be the best a few years ago when the rock was president that was the oh i just. have to a lot of people have seen especially by these come out and vote and i think people try. to take you there. from the rock bottom and i think a lot of people at. this have this i think. if you have their keep up with what you. might be treated in such a way and i think it really gets having to that think it's trying to have some relief from the outside very very easy to say ok so judge who is a racist sexist alleged paedophile today was it enough was enough for many voters but the space that alabama vocalist use about race for example a lot of white people do have them an extra bit to expose it seems
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a lot of college educated white people were fine with the racism the idea that slaves view us better on the slavery has anything really changed just because a democrat who isn't a racist won this particular election all of them. and just more savage of fees and rights so it was nothing but at believe a lot of the types of people have been alabama is believed to be as pale as a people in a way that people think. in a media and when i say to me that i also feel that and so. i think alabama has saved. at all i don't think. i don't think it's out of bases that people really think really. hope to see great a lot of great things but the. pictures stink thank you very much. victory party here but how will it last if judge moore really is testing this will there be a recount put away for donald trump's response to all this steam. now that his
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close to former advisor he's down here with the dog with george bush that's probably some huge campaign against not only the democrats but establishment republicans in washington big house as we speak this isn't over. for the moment she had thank you seems there was. doug jones of course greeting those that have supported him on a very long run and certainly will get more on this of course we're now waiting for more reaction we are getting that reaction in from the president donald trump who has apparently tweeted. congratulations to doug jones on a hard fought victory the write in votes played a very big factor says president trump with a win is a win that the people of alabama are great on the republicans will have another shot at this seat in
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a very short period of time it never ends that's donald trump tweeting there very quickly in the late evening as it is there in the u.s. we'll leave it there for now of course follow vence throughout the day that we grew much reaction to across the u.s. for that doug jones democratic with that. let's move on to the day's other news now the secretary of state rex tillerson says the u.s. is ready to hold talks without preconditions with north korea to listen also said that the u.s. has been in talks with china on pyongyang's nuclear program on thursday u.s. special representatives expected to meet with a north korean official in thailand to listen is also expected to travel to the u.n. later this week for talks on north korea law state public correspond was the jordan has more from washington d.c. . the u.s. secretary of state spoke extensively about the question of north korea and its
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nuclear weapons program at an event that was meant to focus just on that very global issue he was speaking in washington on tuesday afternoon and he indicated what many people are interpreting as a big change in u.s. foreign policy the idea that the u.s. is willing to sit down with north korea without preconditions if only to get the conversation started here's what the secretary had to say we've said from the diplomatic side we're ready to talk any time north korea would like to talk and we are ready to have the first baiting without precondition let's just make unless we talk about the weather if you will talk about whether it's going to be a square table or around table if that's what you're shouting about. but can we at least sit down and and see each other face to face but it's important to note that what rex tillerson was saying does not mean that the u.s.
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is changing its fundamental position reckoned north korea according to washington should not have any nuclear weapons at all and that's washington's end game in any sort of negotiation but they have to come to the table and they have to come to the table with a view that they do want to make a different choice. in the meantime our military preparedness is strong also it's worth pointing out that the u.s. by itself cannot just go ahead and negotiate some sort of denuclearization deal with the north koreans this falls under the auspices of the united nations and it's a situation where the u.s. would have to certainly consult with two of north korea's neighbors russia and china they also happen to sit on the u.n. security council and have a vested interest in making certain that not only does north korea comply with existing resolutions which basically ban it from having nuclear warheads or ballistic missiles but also making certain that their own people in their own
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territory are facing this excess general threat from north korea late on tuesday however the white house issued a statement essentially saying that the u.s. president donald trump still sees north korea as an existential threat not just to the united states but to its closest neighbors south korea japan russia and china and he insisted in this white house statement that the toughest possible measures need to be used against pyongyang in order to persuade it to give up its nuclear weapons program once and for all. and also came up with a few provocative points over north korea during that speech in washington he said that the u.s. has assured china that if u.s. forces had to cross into north korea they would return to south korea he mentioned that beijing is taking steps to prepare for the possibility of mass influx of refugees fleeing the regime and he went on to say that while china is fully implementing sanctions u.s.
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president trump would like to see beijing cut off oil supplies to north korea much to discuss let's do that with kathy never call correspond to. rex tillerson comments about the offer of talks with north korea come out on the heels of a u.n. envoy jeffrey feltman who visited pyongyang last week what can we read into that. well it seems unclear at this stage whether north korea would be open to these talks that are being floated because jeffrey feltman as you mention was the most senior u.n. official to visit pyongyang in six years that was a significant visit and he came back saying that the officials that he spoke to in north korea did not offer any kind of commitments to talks he said he expected the foreign minister who he met to brief the leader kim jong un and that perhaps officials in north korea needed to digest what was discussed with that u.n. official jeffrey feltman before making any further comment on the talks broadly the
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south korean position has been that it wants to push forward with more dialogue and more engagement with north korea under their correct circumstances so the south korean unification ministry that handles north korean policy today said that the south korea and the united states are on the same page when it comes to reaching a peaceful resolution to the north korean nuclear situation and if dialogue would help towards reaching that common goal that south korea would want to see talks going ahead as soon as possible but there are multiple players as you mentioned there china has a big role to play and the president of south korea in will be meeting the chinese leader xi jinping in beijing on thursday no doubt north korea will feature high in those discussions south korea shares the u.s. position that it wants china to impose further sanctions against north korea and south korea's position is that that's not only to punish north korea but precisely
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to force north korea back to the negotiating table for these talks that we're discussing and of course look the rhetoric couldn't be more different really could it be for north korea because they still have to they will be a nuclear superpower that's according to their leader. well that's right this was a quote coming out of north korean state media quoting the leader kim jong un as he addressed in munitions conference saying that he wants north korea to be the world's strongest nuclear power and military power jury in a speech celebrating recent achievements of the north korean nuclear and missile program when the latest i.c.b.m. was recently launched north korean state media celebrated that as proving that north korea's missile and weapons development program it said was complete and we're told by a state media again that the leader kim jong un has repeated that assertion what's interesting when it comes to talks is that many analysts have speculated that
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perhaps north korea has previously been unwilling to engage in any way with the international community because it wants to make sure that before it does so it has the assurances that its weapons program is reliable and that it is viewed by many in the international community as a defacto nuclear state so with it's celebrating these achievements saying that it has completed its nuclear program perhaps that puts it more in a position to be willing to come to the table for talks but as we heard from roslyn it seems that the ultimate goal of the united states and south korea for north korea to ultimately disarm seems unlikely when you hear the north koreans talking about wanting to be the world's strongest nuclear power so well for them over twenty will leave it. kathy novak in seoul of course is still more to come here on there will continue to follow the same birmingham alabama where the democrats nobody there doug jones has one of the senate race who becomes
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a senator first time but the state has seen a democrat to win that state since ninety to ninety two we will continue to follow events in alabama and get reaction from the u.s. here. al jazeera to stay with us. through tranquil a rave in canyons. and in on can free will to use and if emission gone dylan. hello again the weather has all turned quite quiet across the middle east at the moment we do have this little area of travelers just drifting its way southwards but all it's really doing is bringing some slightly fresh air as so back who will see the temperatures no higher than eleven on wednesday on thursday no high than around ten towards the west will have a little bit more cloud that we working its way across parts of turkey so ankara will see eleven degrees as a maximum and it will be quite a gray and damp day
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a bit further towards the south of the winds finally left us here in doha so twenty four degrees will be the maximum we're going to see but it will cloud their way over the next few days that could squeeze out the odd shower but i think most likely we'll see some wet weather on saturday and into sunday and some of that could be quite heavy towards the southern parts of africa and tear it's been rather wests over the past few days the showers that we've seen around in and and jo'burg are gradually moving their way towards the north now so forth in mozambique we'll see the wet weather and that will also be spreading across into madagascar as well as the heavy downpours are expected here until the north of that there will be some sunshine but also some very lively shouter lots of rumbles of thunder as well towards the west and generally quite a for us here in talks at thirty two degrees the maximum on thursday and for cape town all temperature no higher than twenty. the weather sponsored by qatar in.
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the last. indulge you find senses. just their home so rob a reminder of all top stories. democrats pull off a dramatic upset by winning the senate race in the us state of alabama defeated
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will be born recall of us the republican candidate is accused of child sexual abuse but was openly endorsed by president. i have always believed that the people of alabama have more in common than the divide. we have we have shut. down the state of alabama we have shown the country the way we. will so the u.s. secretary of state says washington is ready to hold with old korea without preconditions rex tillerson made the comments despite the u.s. president recently voicing an opposing view. tweeted don't toba the negotiating was a waste of time. now the organization of islamic cooperation is set to
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meet on wednesday in istanbul to discuss doll trumps decision to recognize jerusalem as israel's capital now leaders of society arabia and jordan have already met in riyadh on the issue but it's unclear if saudi arabia will said its representative to that meeting. the ground it's been almost a week of demonstrations of the occupied palestinian territories israeli forces fired tear gas and stun grenades at protesters who pelted stones in ramallah and bethlehem dozens of palestinians have been injured in confrontations with this road forces for nearly a week. israeli palestinians have protested outside the u.s. embassy in tel aviv protesters are calling tribes move dangerous to israel stability and security. bethlehem has been at the heart of recent palestinian street protests the city believed to be the birthplace of jesus christ depends heavily on tourism. reports israeli occupation of the tensions after troops
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announcement has dubbed the mood it should have been a good month for bethlehem this city was gearing up to receive many visitors over the christmas period but celebrations have been canceled the mood dampened by the latest political upheaval and the anger is directed at arab leaders more so a president trump to the point that head of kanaan removed the american flag from in front of his restaurant we removed it because the american president doesn't recognize our flag as if we don't exist this is a peaceful way to retaliate we listen to the u.s. for twenty four years we pray for peace we got nothing now we have to start from zero there's a sense of unease at how trump and prime minister netanyahu are trying to redefine . there are groups. who want to this political conflict into a religious one and this is very dangerous. and we as christians are the stumbling block because if we were not here is
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a mark of this conflict conflict between jews and muslims and then the west will basically stand behind the jews because of but from here in front of the nativity church to palestinian message is one bethlehem also carries a lot of symbolism when it comes to the occupation the separation wall cuts right through the city from the north now president trump has seen this for him self when he was here earlier this year to meet palestinian president mahmoud abbas had the meeting with vice president mike pence gone ahead well he would have seen for himself how people feel these days this graffiti was done as a sign when trump threatened to build a wall along the border with mexico but the day after the jews of them announcement . added a few brush strokes and a memo to the american vice president. it's scary because jerusalem is now considered israel a capital for jews and the banjo he calls that's
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a real problem but we're different than the rest of the region we say jerusalem is palestinian we don't say it's muslim or christian it's palestinian and it's under occupation. back at you that if it's a square man rebukes netanyahu is claims that israel allows freedom of religion aloma business when the better the more. they don't respect our beliefs as a christian i need a permit from iceland to visit the holy sepulcher for easter and when i get there i still get humiliated alexei's also sometimes shocked the muslims jerusalem has been lost long ago they just woke up now it's too late now. but there's little hope that meetings in summits can change anything since nine hundred sixty seven the state people dream of has gradually been taken away doozer them is just at least this chapter in the history of an exception but that did help me as you see that bethlehem.
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you're watching all just their arms the whole robin these are all top stories democrats pull off a dramatic upset by winning the senate race in the u.s. state of alabama. doug jones defeated roy moore a controversial republican candidate who's accused of child sexual abuse but was openly endorsed by president trump it's a major setback for the republican party who held the seat for twenty five years. i have always believed that the people of alabama had more in common than the divide between the f.b.i. we have just around the state of alabama though we have shown the contrary though right now with her thigh beyond well donald trump has just
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tweeted congratulating doug burns that he says congratulations to doug jones on the hard fought victory the write in votes played a very big factor but a win is a win the people of alabama are great and the republicans will have another shot at this seat in a very short period of time it never ends. one of the day's other news now that the u.s. secretary of state says washington is ready to hold talks with north korea without preconditions rex tillerson made the comments despite the u.s. president recently voicing an opposing view donald trump tweeted in october that negotiating was a waste of time. the organization of islamic cooperation is set to meet today. to discuss donald trump's decision to recognize jerusalem as israel's capital leaders of saudi arabia and jordan have already met in riyadh on the issue but it's unclear if saudi arabia will send its representative to the meeting. the ground it's been almost
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a week of demonstrations in the occupied palestinian territories israeli forces fired tear gas and stun grenades at protesters who pelted stone bethlehem dozens of palestinians have been injured in confrontations with israeli forces since last week those were the headlines about with more news in thirty minutes next on al-jazeera it's the street do stay with us. facing reality is a piece of machinery goes wrong is there a chain of litigation through which we can bring a legal system to bear getting to the heart of the matter i don't think we need of the wall but some of my big issues just to hear their story on talk to how does it . at this time. and here in the stream this week by person panel is set to decide the future of internet usage in the u.s. could change the world wide.


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