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of peoples our nations all muslims and christians. both in our region and. in our support to defend jerusalem and preserve it against the conspiracies. that being played to alter its nature and character particularly after those american recent decisions that are in full violation of international law and defiance of the feelings of both muslims and christians well. we. rise up to state. together. in a clear and ambiguous manner that. has been will be eternally the capital of the state of palestine this is video gem. this
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is the flower. it is this is the land of the ascension of the prophet muhammad with which there is no peace or stability to be achieved without being so and allow me at the outset therefore to extend my heartfelt thanks and appreciation to. president russia they about to learn president of the republic of turkey and current chairman of the. summit for having called for this emergency meeting. which people look for and expect a lot i am thankful to turkey and its people for their supportive stands. side by side with the people and just cause.
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allow me also to pay homage to you all honorable participants around the table. and brothers leaders and chief delegates and to all the islamic nations and all of the freedom fighting and peace lovers all across the world that are standing by us in the face of this major wrongful act and this crime. that has been. imposed upon us. that have made it incumbent on us to meet in emergency to come out with the. resolutions to protect jerusalem and protect its islamic christian heritage and to end the israeli occupation of the state of palestine territories for most of which are jerusalem and all of the. occupied territories.
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such as the syrian territories the lebanese lebanese territories which are occupied and we. in the same way we. can of all these lands. i was also to very myself so this opportunity to extend my heartfelt and proud greetings to the people of palestine in this dead people of palestine and the city of jerusalem and i. a special tribute to our people in the heart of the city of jerusalem who have borne the injustice of the settlers and the old pression and. abusive acts of perpetrated against them by the okapi an inch or two. constrained their livelihood. and force them to leave their homeland through various measures such as
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preventing them and denying them the right to even. restart their homes and to him by imposing dances closing down their public institutions. the first day and destruction of homes and daily aggressions and closings of national solutions and restrictions placed against access to a luxor mosque to perform their. prayers in their mosques and in their churches we still remember the rise up of the jurors alights both muslims and christians who stood up to pray in the mosque both
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christians and muslims to prevent the procedures of netanya to set up the cameras and they have been successful in. fact in the actions of the occupant with your support distinguished brothers of mine. i hail our people both christians and muslims in general lies within and outside the city the protectors of. the protectors of all courts and the nativity church and all sides of the city and i would tell them from this forum that we shall remain together in one rally drank in defense week i mean all of us around the table we shall remain united in the defense of our courts and we shall support continuously. your steadfastness with all of our potential and capacities we shall remain steadfast against vick
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conspiracies against our city and the capital of our state with the support of our brothers and friends across the world until we achieve regain our freedom and independence. mr chairman. your majesty is your highness's an excellent. the announcement of president trump in favor of being a capital of israel and in favor transferring capital there is a full and glaring violation of international law and all conventions agreed but to carry the resolutions of the un security council as mentioned by his exuberant to her on which stipulates clearly that no particular state or this is the result of
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the security council with its value and weight no state is entitle to move their embassies or consulates to the city of. this represents a provocation to he international community whose various peoples and leaders spiritual institutions and international organizations have rejected this declaration and expressed their full solidarity with the palestinian people and their aspiration to freedom and liberty i wish to assure you here and riyadh. full rejection of this american unilateral and illegitimate decision which isn't nolen void which has. come at a time. where we thought we could work together in the political process to achieve
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a just and fair peace that is inclusive for all in the region this wouldn't be the transaction of the era actually he did the opposite what has raised consternation is this a blatant decision that has provoked the. that large and. an international and thus. with this step the united states of america will have chosen to lose its competency. as a mediator. and to disqualify disqualify self from playing a role in the peace. process we shall not accept any role for the united states in the peace process they have proven their full bias in favor of israel this is our hope and we hope that your supporters in that. is it unilateral steps
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undertaken taken by president trump will give no legitimacy whatsoever to israel. this is a palestinian. christian capital. the capital of the eternal capital of the state of palestine and dechen be no state of palestine without. jerusalem being its capital shot accept otherwise. there will be no peace. in the region and worldwide without it. quite undoubtedly were fully convinced that these you know what you know other steps the wrong steps will. embolden the extremist groups. to. side track the dispute from political religious and then
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let the word. responsibility if they wish it to be a religious conflict let there be and then the world would face its responsibility if this is what we cautioned against and we have shown keen interest in sparing the world such. an end and question is who stands behind the religious disputes worldwide who. benefits from this who have chosen to set up terrorist organizations world wide we all have the question you know mind and we know the answer mr chairman your majesty is expenses and highnesses. in combating terrorism . in our region and across the world is well known to each and every one we have
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held values partnerships and agreements with multiple states including the united states of america. and therefore we fully reject the. decision of that considers the p.l.o. as a terrorist organization and we call for a revolving revoking such a decision. very blatantly the and sation us as asians dealing with us in every matters. and they. they consider as terrorists we have followed the international decisions the congress has issued twenty seven resolutions that we are terrorist and yet we are the party that in a full agreement written and signed between us and the united states of america and
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between us and eighty three states across the world have signed for peace the protocols to combat terrorism. together and yet the american congress insists. and persists in claiming that we are terrorists. by force they want us to be stigmatized as terrorists we are not terrorists if there are terrorists there themselves. we have fully committed and here to all over remains with the u.s. administration. the very success of yourself inspirations including the present one . nevertheless these. illegitimate decisions on a liquids have gone beyond all acceptable red lines. and this is
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a matter. that will in no way make it possible for us to maintain our commitments and idea to them on our side we have agreed with them up fully and officially. that we shall undertake road regarding international organizations that we do not adhere to certain international organizations under condition under condition that. america does not transfer its embassy and does not initiate any action regarding our office in washington and does not stop its assistance and corn upon israel to stop its settling settlers actions they have violated this and we shall therefore no longer be committed to our agreements.
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mr chairman your excesses your majesty's and highness was this english participants . in israel not being brought to answer to the international community when they oppressed and. annihilated more than one hundred and forty villages in our country. and violated and breached all international covenants and agreements since nine hundred forty seven including one eight hundred one one four one. zero one two two three two three two three four nine seven two thousand twenty four three they have committed and idea to no particular resolution and. they have complied with no resolution including the resolution of the united nations to
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fragment palestine and set up their state they have not. complied with it although the scituate of the resolution says that the. state of palestine is a legitimate one israel has not recognized that who is protecting israel and who he is extending support for their. stance against international legitimacy who is encouraging them who is emboldening them and who is assisting them and who is has taken a step. in their support to transfer their embassy and to proclaim as a capital for israel. this is trump that as the clear. and i'm rightful in asking as to well how the world. nations again keep silent
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regarding these violations against international law how can anybody continue recognizing israel and dealing with israel this is fully environment of international law they defy each and every one is rael defied and challenges all agreements and breaches all agreements signed by them only carry out oppressive. own interests practices similar to a path age oppressing our people and violating christian and islamic centers of a state is over in south africa and there remains about eight only on our land we own our own homeland we are. two separate laws one for the jews and one for the non jews legitimacy for the jews and the knowledge of timothy for the others
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we are oppressed and there are laws applied to us singly what kind of illegitimacy is this can the word accept this that over the since the end of apartheid in south africa the end of the earth about eight the about eight system continues in palestine under the hand of this israeli state. there is an important issue at the same time. international law states. they have to be three conditions for a state to be recognized to be as a state. authority the inhabitants and borders. israel has authority military authority they have inhabitants where are their borders have they been defined how can you goodnight is a state without defined borders they have no borders. i challenge them
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to tell us where their borders stand and therefore. saying the state of israel is an era on the part of its own since nine hundred forty eight does today that's president mahmoud abbas addressing the conference in cool but president of one of turkey to address the issue of donald trump's announcement that situation would be recognized by the united states as a couple of israel he said that mahmoud abbas said the united states has chosen to lose its competency as a mediator and will lose its role in the peace process we shall not accept any role for the us in the peace process there will be no peace in the region without jerusalem the capital of palestine these wrong steps will in bolden the extremist groups we need to protect jewish and islamic and christian heritage let's bring in mohammed who started by force in istanbul and mahmoud abbas vehement in his attack on the donald trump's decision. yes indeed there come other
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very strong statements coming from president mahmoud abbas closely following the one given by president and going off to turkey all of them importing the participants of this extraordinary summit to. show solidarity with the palestinians present talking about. you know their banks secular caitiff moles israel is applying on the palestinians and he set. up a. fate might have been brought to an end in south africa but it continues to be in palestine and saying that israel is. doing it and the world should be. at war two and accepting what's happening to them now it's very important to note that the organization of islamic countries well established in ninety six and nine
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after us on us hard for most people to dissent and it's very interesting to watch and see what the organization will to do another point or juncture in history when to this island that said most. are there thanks very much indeed to inestimable let's cross to hurry forty joins us from occupied east jerusalem and harry. had been criticized by some for being a little too moderate in his response to the initial declaration how will his words have been perceived today do you think. well i think he did up the language somewhat in is condemnation of the united states and donald trump's what he called unilateral gift to israel by saying that the u.s. heard it had ended its competency is potential mediator and really very firmly saying that there would be no more dealings with the united states in the peace
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process going forward of course we still have some time to wait before donald trump and his administration unveil their plan which they've been working on for many months now and so the other thing that he said was that the palestinians under his leadership had really submitted to all of the requests and the agreements and the commitments united states had asked of them only for this to happen and i think that is partly mahmoud abbas's problem and while many will agree with broadly his sentiments in the palestinian. both here and in the occupied west bank and in gaza it also leaves him open to the charge that all this more than twenty years of peace process. more than ten years under his leadership that it hasn't really got them anywhere and so that's why he needs so much for the organization islamic cooperation the countries there to come out strongly he said at the beginning of
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his remarks already that many u.s. allies had come out to condemn donald trump noting britain among others saying not condemning don't try but condemning his decision. on jerusalem so he wants to see a real groundswell among countries in this region as well to buttress the palestinian cause and one has to assume as well buttress his own position too. or how it will come about your little bit later as time goes on let's bring in the whole double homicide or correspondent joins us from ramallah in the occupied west bank and harder both abbas and stating that donald trump's declaration crosses the red line. well certainly that's the feeling among palestinians even though when you speak to people here they will tell you ok yes jerusalem was a red line that was crossed but there were many other red lines that have been crossed in the past and whenever you speak to people there is
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a certain amount of anger that is directed at the regional powers for letting this state of affairs happen for letting down the arabs so much however tromp decision on jerusalem has also some sort of assume a silver lining in in the sense that you really get the feeling when you speak to palestinians that there are united on this issue regardless of faith and we have seen that very strongly in bethlehem where when we were there yesterday certainly the words of mahmoud abbas will resonate with them i thing. he's also going to be seen much more defiant much more acceptable speech he was very weak in the recorded speech he had shortly after the announcement of trump just a week ago actually today and so that was certainly resonate much more with the palestinians i think also said that announce at least that he would take one step he said very clearly that he was under pressure in the past by the u.s.
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administration not to go to international organizations with the promise of no no step no decision would be taken under was and they will be a curbing a subtle expansion there will be no cutting of funds all of that happened so now arbaaz has said firmly. in his speech that now the palestinian authority will go ahead with asking membership due to various international organization and probably also they will put their they will put for referred their file human rights abuses by israel india occupied west bank to the i.c.c. . thanks very much indeed so we'll leave that conference in istanbul just for the moment we are expecting king abdullah of jordan to speak and we will return to it. when he does moments as you can see the palestinian president mahmoud abbas still at the podium we've already heard from but when it's all our
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correspondents have said that both these representatives have been saying that donald trump has crossed the red lines and more on that little bit later. the u.s. actually state says his country is ready to hold talks with north korea without preconditions rex tillerson statement deviates from the previous u.s. position that the mons north korea must decide before any talks can be held he also said that the u.s. has been in talks with china. nuclear program. we've we've said from the diplomatic side we're ready to talk anytime north korea would like to talk and we're ready to have the first meeting without precondition let's just make unless we talk about the weather if you will talk about whether it's going to be a square table or round table if that's what your side about. but can we at least sit down and and seach other face to face and then we can begin to lay out
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a map a road map of what we might be willing to work towards well that's enough from kathy novak who has more from seoul. south korea's unification ministry says south korea and the united states are on the same page when it comes to finding a peaceful resolution to the north korean nuclear situation and that south korea believes if dialogue will help towards reaching that common goal then this country would like to see talks going ahead as soon as possible south korea's broad position is that it would like to see more dialogue and engagement with north korea under the right circumstances now the u.s. special envoy on north korea joseph ewen recently suggested that north korea's stopping its missile and nuclear weapons tests would be a good first step towards talks the south korean news agency yonhap is reporting that joseph and north korean officials are expected to attend
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a security conference in thailand raising the possibility that they are may be a venue for talks there also on thursday south korea's president. is meeting with the chinese leader xi jinping in beijing and north korea will no doubt feature high on the agenda in those discussions china of course has a big role to play when it comes to the north korean crisis the united states and south korea want to see china imposing further sanctions against north korea even cutting off the oil supply to that country china though prefers a solution that would to see north korea agreeing to freeze its nuclear development in exchange for south korea and the united states agreeing to scale back military exercises that anger the government in north korea now whether north korea is ultimately open to these talks remains unclear the u.n. political affairs chief jeffrey feltman it was the most senior u.n.
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official to visit pyongyang recently for the first time in six years and he came back saying that the officials he met did not give any specific commish commitment to being open to talks. members of former president ali abdullah saleh pati have met with a senior leader in yemen for talks the head of the supreme political council of yemen somalia summit received members of the general people's congress and son it's the hooty group is trying to make a new alliance with the g.p.c. after its fighters killed ali of bullets out of last week a statement from the u.k. of the united states the u.a.e. and saudi arabia has called on the who thiis to stop targeting other political leaders in yemen. the philippine congress has approved a one year extension of in the southern island of mindanao president. said it is necessary for the total eradication of groups. despite to clearing the city of
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murray liberated the troop was imposed across the region six months ago the hundreds of gunmen seized control them or always city more than a thousand people were killed and three hundred fifty thousand people were displaced by the rest. manila. here outside congress and we have representatives of filipino muslims human rights workers activists who are protesting the bullets. in favor overwhelmingly of the one year extension of martial law here they say now one year extension means another year of violence but the filipinos in the part that are afraid to speak up against violations against human rights abuses earlier today at the joint not a single civilian was allowed to talk about our even how they feel about martial are being implemented in their region now the philippine military is trying to
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justify that by saying basically that now are not just coming from. all across the now they've also talked about for the first time you people's army a group that has been fighting the philippine military for decades now but they have not there been a specific. sense within that period. continues to demand the release of its journalists hussein he's accused of broadcasting of news to spread chaos which he and others are strongly denied hussein has repeatedly complained of mistreatment in jail he was arrested on the twenty eighth of december last year while visiting family. plenty more and all the news that we're covering right there on our website the rest which of course is al jazeera dot com. this is al-jazeera these are the top stories turkey says the world must recognize
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jerusalem as the occupied capital city of the state of palestine as president russet type to an address leaders from the muslim world at a summit for talks concerning the city's status it's been almost a week of protests a us a president donald trump decision to recognize jerusalem as israel's capital a long. time until it although i would like to call all nations around the globe to respect international law to rise up and recognize jerusalem as the occupied capital city of the state of palestine we will never give up on our demand for a free and sovereign palestinian state the capital of which is jerusalem and as islamic countries we condemn the violence of israeli soldiers because of the our palestinian brothers and sisters protesting the latest decision of the united states. that was a little earlier this is now that is president mahmoud abbas who has said that the united states has chosen to lose its competency as a mediator and will lose its role in the peace process we shall not accept any role
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for the united states in the peace process that's the palestinian president mahmoud abbas. and members of former president ali abdullah saleh party have met with a senior leader in yemen for talks the head of the supremes political council of yemen salah summit receive members of the general people's congress and sana is thought to hooty group is trying to make a new alliance with the g.p.c. office fighters killed last week a statement from the u.k. the us the u.a.e. and saudi arabia has called on the who things to stop targeting other political leaders in yemen. the sector. state says that washington is ready to hold talks with north korea without preconditions rex tillerson made the comments despite the white house reaffirming president donald trump's views on north korea have not changed. for the first time in twenty five years the democrats in the united states state of alabama have won the senate race doug jones defeated
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roy moore was controversial republican candidate was accused of child sexual abuse spitzer was opening doors by donald trump more demanding a recount. right up to date with headlines we've got more news coming up here on al-jazeera right off to buy for now. ahead of the september twenty fourth national election survey showed a satisfied with the state of the economy this is easily news biggest tech success story the company was bought by microsoft in two thousand and eleven we bring you the stories to the shaping the economic world we live in counting the cost at this time on al-jazeera twenty first century africa a continent undergoing great change and finally seizing control of it. but it's been a long one that he has a goal for. to go after the free.


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