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it's difficult not to say whether someone is going for someone's favorite that doesn't have any tree i think it's how you approach an individual and that's what it is a certain way of doing it a conscious. historian fly out. this is a boon for point people right now and technology there is so much going to help people it's from thanks for calling i read this is there a what are you looking for today need to test the blind with their day to day tasks and give them more independence and freedom to schools or go to little sure is a commuter exploration process who solo the new and we have outside knowledge available to us. this tour onal jazeera. zero.
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zero zero am fully back to go this is the news hour live from my headquarters in doha coming up in the next sixty minutes muslim leaders from around the world rejects the u.s. recognition of jerusalem as the capital of israel and declare east jerusalem the capital of palestine. with north korea at the top of the a gender south korean president in is set to meet with his chinese counterpart. also this hour france spots a west african force to combat on groups in the region and a loss for donald trump and the republican party in the u.s. state of alabama but what does it say about america's political landscape. thank you for joining as the organization of islamic cooperation has declared east
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jerusalem as the occupied capital of palestine in are asking all countries to follow suit in a defined statement released after a hastily called meeting in turkey the leaders of fifty seven muslim countries condemned president aren't. official recognition of jerusalem as israel's capital saudi king solomon who did not attend that summit echoed the sentiment from riyadh he also called for a political solution and backed the rights of palestinians over east jerusalem activists kept the protests going on the streets in the occupied palestinian territories at least one hundred twenty people were wounded across the west bank when israeli forces fired tear gas and rubber coated steel bullets into the crowds . reports on the oh i see meeting in a sample of the hastily convened meting the organization of islamic cooperation is to move members of a compromise the palestinian state with occupied is jerusalem as its capital there was strong could a missions to for both the u.s.
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and israel the palestinian president mahmoud abbas declared the palestinians will accept the u.s. as a mediator in the middle east peace process in his strongest statement yet since donald trump's i mean the same gentleman abbas called almost sanction. and after to take command of the scenes personally is. the united states chose to lose its role in eligibility as a mediator and not to have a role in the political process we will not accept any american role in the political process from now on the u.s. is biased to israel that is our position this is a major crime that requires us to come out with decisive decisions that protect the identity of jerusalem until we end the israeli occupation of the state of palestine the summit was convened by the turkish president through egypt on a self-proclaimed champion of the palestinian calls. starman killer although i would like to call all nations around the globe to respect international law to
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rise up and recognize jerusalem as the occupied capital city of the state of palestine we will never give up on our demand for a free and sovereign palestinian state the capital of which is jerusalem and as islamic countries we condemn the violence of israeli soldiers we are palestinian brothers and sisters protesting the latest decision of the united states and the ones hopes of uniting muslim leaders behind a top final statement from the miti also rewarded in the end the organization of islamic countries also adopted the palestinian cause and status of jerusalem as its mission also at the meeting walking of the love jordan the lebanese president michel on the middle of qatar ship to mean been home adult any and there any in president hassan rouhani they called on muslim nations to unite to defend the rights of palestinians honey bee his regime isn't call mother given up to the art
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when you reach rock bottom of the only way you can go is. stickler ation might be what the palestinian cause needed to come back into the limelight i see hope in the future. in a sign of cracks in the unity of the muslim world so debbie and egypt were presented at a little a junior level and took a back seat in the proceedings in comments seem to be aimed at so did a beer iranian president hassan rouhani said the only reason tom dad recognized jerusalem as the capital of israel was because some in the region was seeking to establish ties to israel then all songs announcement last week prompted a massive all pouring off in the muslim world tens of thousands of people took to the streets denounce israel and express their solidarity with the palestinians muslim leaders today here have the opportunity to do the same but everything from here on in depends on how the agreement. the reach here gets implemented mohammed at the wall just stumble. meanwhile people across the palestinian territories
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continue to take to the streets to denounce president trumps decision how do i meet has the latest from ramallah in the occupied west bank well certainly the anger. disappointment disillusionment and this really a lack of hope that anything will get better any time soon now if you ask people how they felt about the speech of mahmoud abbas earlier today they said it was the strongest they heard to him since a while but they were also disappointed that the final communique thinking that that did not go far enough that there's no concrete steps now people are feeling is that. they fear that eventually despite all the efforts of mahmoud abbas to go to the u.n. to go to the i.c.c. to exclude the u.s. from any future peace negotiations if indeed they start at any time soon they fear
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that they would be pressure at some point and that he might have to backtrack people say the words are all good but we've heard so many good words in the past so many promises so many. agreements signed and so many times where peace was hailed as big as being there coming soon well none of that happened twenty five years of efforts have gone down the drain so at the moment they don't really believe in anything. joining us now on the news hour is saif donna who's a professor of sociology and international studies at the university of wisconsin parkside he joins us via skype from wisconsin thank you very much for being with us we had a clear and strong statement any some bull from arab and muslim leaders we heard consensus around the issue of jerusalem and support of the palestinians however of significance was the notable absence at this summit of heads of states from some very important countries namely sanji arabia how much do you think this takes away
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overshadows the message we heard today from the oh i see. while on the street actually this statement is seen as a bit disappointing actually it's not frustrating and to many people actually highly insulting to many muslims and arabs who counted on the summit actually to conclude with some practical measures because it actually the whole statement amounts to nothing more than of the condemnation there are no practical measures actually and they call only for some. some some symbolic gestures like you know article the palestinian state but by the very admission of mr bassam soul in his speech today a more more countries recognize the palestinian state israel actually and that does it did not change anything on the ground because there is no practical measures followed by you know by by the ois see did not actually establish anemic unism or
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any measures to change the situation most people were expecting some sort of us that the shift in the ois cease stance and also that the palestinian authority is. on the side of the comments by president abbas were seen as his strongest yet on this issue people say he's finally found his voice don't you agree with that we did heard a clear condemnation he say directly to the u.s. you're no longer an acceptable broker this is something new this is a new tone that we haven't heard before from mahmoud abbas. well that stage performance from from my point of view of that stage performance of the. underlying that the really staged better performance is really a thought of helplessness because there is again no no shift no no shift at all in the strategy and. at the same time there is an explicit actually in determination
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to remain on the same the same course and that there was obvious in his speech that was obvious in the statement and to characterize the really the declaration by president trump violation of the international law is seen by most people as deception really because recognizing sorry to interrupt you recognizing that i am u.s. is no longer an acceptable broker for the palestinians is a big deal this may be a small step but it is a step nonetheless isn't it. i think the key issue is. the idea that commitment to peace through negotiations towards a two state settlement after twenty five years of the theme course that proved it through a few tile if not counterproductive is seen by most people as deception actually and not changing the course on the other side that statement was made on the
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grounds that they were calling for the un to establish mechanism to resolve to resolve the conflict on one side and to establish the palestinian state such such a cool without a central role for the us is again another deception because of the central role in the for the us in the un and the security council on the international community as a major international power so and to call for another broke up to replace the us with another broker seems really very unrealistic because there will be an union cannot play that role for example if we're thinking of the european union cannot play that role given the well established and strong connection to the united states as long as we're talking about political negotiations. given within the within the theme structural process the problem with all slow talk are structural not to really technical or anything of that sort and that is really what
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needs to be addressed at the forefront of the symmetrical follower and that that would dictate what sort of negotiations we will have and what sort of conclusion negotiations will we'll have but also the u.s. has never been really an honest broker everybody knew that this is not a discovery by men that are thank you so much for sharing your views with us very interesting to talk to saif stan a professor of sociology and international studies at the university of wisconsin pos hi thank you for being with us on out just here thank you. now the world news south korea's president in is in beijing for talks with his chinese counterpart xi jinping mona's hoping to get the relationship back on track after the u.s. deployment of an anti-missile system in south korea that angered china the increasing threat from north korea will also be high on the agenda of talks kathy novak reports from seoul. it's a decades old relationship that hit a bumpy patch and says his first visit to china as president will be an opportunity
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to mend fences results generally the biggest goal in focus of my visit this time will be rebuilding mutual trust between south korea and china. china is south korea's largest trading partner and some businesses recently got a taste of what happens when chinese customers a stop spending. as north korea ramped up its nuclear weapon and missile program seoul went ahead with the installation of the u.s. missile defense system known as stad and china got extremely angry seeing the system's powerful radars as a security threat it retaliated with an unofficial boycott against tourism and businesses it was a very the wake up call for a major corporations in south korea. to work. on china's economy is specially tourism with china will not be a long term solution some have begun diversifying this traditional korean
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restaurant expanded its selection to include hollow meat attracting visitors from southeast asia and the middle east. we get customers from all over the world including africa and south america many of my customers are business people looking for a whole lot of food the south korean government wants to expand cooperation with southeast asian countries but china is unlikely to be replaced anytime soon but china will remain for a long long time so. korea's lifeline but this is hardly a one way relationship south korea is one of china's top three trading partners in october the two countries put their differences over thad aside effectively agreeing to disagree going some way to restoring relations and allowing them to better address other common issues. mainly the threat from north korea the other issue likely to be high on the agenda during moon's visit south korea wants china
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to impose harsher sanctions against the government in pyongyang china prefers a proposal that would see south korea and the united states scaling back joint military exercises in exchange for north korea agreeing to freeze its nuclear weapons development it will likely take much more than this summit to find agreement on that kathy novak al jazeera sole. plenty more ahead on this al-jazeera news hour including. ruling party m.p.'s rebel on a key breck's it vote inflicting a defeat on prime minister to resign me in britain. the massive rebuilding effort in the syrian city of to robin liss with help from turkey and in sports radio in madrid knock horns with al-jazeera at the club world cup it will be here to tell us what happened to.
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person at least thirty people have been killed in a strike in yemen scap it all so not many others were injured in the raid which struck a rebel military police camp as sort of around one hundred people were being held inside hoofy t.v. says all those who died were prisoners these sounding led coalition backed by yemen's government has been fighting the iranian backed hoofy rebel since twenty fifteen members of yemen's former president ali abdullah party have held talks with a senior who feel in the capital sanaa is sought the who fees are trying to make a new alliance with sun is general people's congress after their fighters killed him last week meanwhile in riyadh the crown prince of saudi arabia and the u.a.e. have met with the leaders of yemen is slopped party a political force opposing the whole fees. france's president demonio mccoy's promising joint military action against. a region of africa early next year has
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been hosting a summit with five african nations. and mauritania saudi arabia is pledging one hundred eighteen million dollars and the u.a.e. has promised thirty five million to boost our regional military force known as g five john how has more. five years of the french soldiers were deployed to confront al qaeda linked fighters in mali the threat has spread. at a conference in paris french president emanuel was joined by german chancellor angela merkel calling on regional and international leaders to support the so-called g five course in a forget here to get a lead to win the war against terrorism in this the house then and it's in full swing there are attacks every day there are states that are today threatened and there is a real presence of terrorists as. the g five force was launched in bamako mali in july intended to deal with new armed groups organized crime and human trafficking
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but it has struggled to become a viable force. made up of soldiers from mali book you know fast mauritania and chad the force will concentrate initially on some shared border regions it's intended to grow to a five thousand strong by march in its infancy though the force remains short of troops and funding. as far as we are concerned of the g five so hell we know that our time is running out we realize that with everything that has happened in the middle east and the end of the war in syria there will be an influx of isis fighters towards us and we don't want that. u.n. peacekeepers and regional armies have been the target of recent attacks in the last hard to navigate side held region where for. remain in significant numbers saudi arabia and the united arab emirates. president hopes to convince the.
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british prime minister theresa may has suffered a major blow to her breck's of plans after m.p.'s voted in favor of an amendment she has strongly opposed it means m.p.'s will now have a vote on any breaks it dia or the european union before the agreement is finalized the parliament voted three hundred nine to three hundred five in favor of an amendment which could complicate may's efforts to sever ties with the european union are u.k. correspondent bonnie phillips up the road east south of london to gauge the mood in what could be a pivotal week for the brics negotiations. winter on the essex riviera east of london this is brics it country so do they feel everything is stuck or flowing smoothly in the right direction like many fisherman jack smith wanted breck's it so that he would be allowed to catch more of
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a bigger quota of fillers if he could have at least going to be quicker certainly could but it's worth owning a bit more money with a bit more coaches never think. it just takes as long as it takes. for his customers livers and remain as one of the if to reserve may has taken on board that she can handle it so it will feel like the looks that could squeeze globally which she does she retires because see if i just is taking forever exactly but i'm not surprised really because you've got britain standing on its own now i judge the rest of the year and narrowed into one by you want and you know we're going to become very small fry again one and a half years off to the bracks that vote the country is still divided roughly down the middle opinion polls show that very few people regret their decision that still vote exactly the same way today somehow the prime minister has to bring
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a divided country together statement the prime minister she believes she's doing that securing last week's deal. britain's withdrawal times this is good news today people who say she had to leave the war is that we was so bogged down in the negotiations torturous negotiations it was never going to happen it's good news for people who voted remain we were going to crash out without a deal we are going to need but we're going to do so in a smooth and orderly way. for now progress it and peace are ready to trust the prime minister even as they grumble about the tens of billions of dollars britain will have to pay isn't. what i will not have been agreed to is any kind of money being used as a as a bribe you know we don't we're a big enough country not to feel that we have to bribe anybody but i do think we should pay the commitments that we have made certainly up until the time we leave. european leaders are likely to agree to start talks about
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a future relationship with britain it's slow but brics it seems to be moving forward although he expects storms ahead final destination far from certain bobby phillips al jazeera essex. u.s. president donald trump has distanced himself from roy moore after the controversial republicans historic defeat in alabama the loss also narrows the republican majority in the senate to fifty one from fifty one to forty nine which could complicate trump's future legislative plans was in jordan reports from the white house. this wasn't the image white house staffers thought they'd see on t.v. tuesday night a democrat winning a senate seat in a predominantly republican state still president donald trump sent a congratulatory tweet a win is a win. but a few hours later trump tried to distance himself from a man he campaigned for saying that he backed roy moore even though he knew the
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judge was a flawed candidate who says he knew couldn't win a lot of republicans feel differently in a very happy with the way it turned out but i would have as the leader of the party i would have liked to have seen we've been. put in no hole there is rampant speculation about whom the president would blame for moore's lost the candidate himself in light of charges he sexually abused teenage girls or steve benen long time political call the doctor who campaigned vigorously her. regardless of who gets the blame analysts say trump faces a very real problem maintaining republican control of congress after the two thousand and eighteen elections historically speaking the country votes against the president's party in the midterm election so you add that to. a president who is not popular and doesn't have a transferable brand you might have some real serious losses taken by
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the republican party understandably democrats are getting because of black latino and women voters turned out to vote for doug jones but they also think republicans are weekend by their party's own problems including racism fascism and general infighting the division this that that was caused within the republican party by banner and all the sort of by all that comes out of the administration that this is just and i know the majority of the members of the senate republican side in addition people they know they're not comfortable in this territory it would be easy to think that president donald trump and the republicans are now on the defensive and that democrats are going to successfully use voter discontent to retake control of congress in next year's elections but not so fast eleven months is an eternity in u.s. politics and who knows what challenges will arise to keep both the republicans and
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the democrats on their proverbial toes in the coming year rosalyn jordan al-jazeera the white house. i thought often the world's top so watch a special senate election in the southern u.s. state of alabama but as political gain reports the democratic win in the deep the republican state is about much more than one senate seat. it wasn't easy but it ninety years old keith williams made sure he got out to vote he said because president donald trump told him to he voted for republican candidate roy moore despite allegations more sexually assaulted multiple teenage girls four decades ago . williams doesn't believe the accusers and he doesn't mind that moore has made racist and sexist comments he seemed to agree with many of those sentiments i think black people have a great opted there's lots of times they just have a great opportunity if they would say sorry to say than and try to get educated
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there's all kinds of opportunities for black people to people to do well but they live in as old school i think everybody is against them and they're not you can keep that one ok that kind of talk is one reason a huge number of african-americans voted for democrat doug jones and his win also fueled by women like these. that were fired up by trump selection the worst could possibly happen actually happened and we have someone unqualified to be leading this country democrats believe if they can win here in a deeply conservative state with that coalition they can win everywhere the little scientist angela lewis says that might not work again i don't think democrats need to walk away from this with oh if we just get more black people and women a vote if you know it's all over we can get this thing back now it's not going to be that simple they have to do something strategic and they have like i said they
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have to have a message to galvanize democrats as much as there are certain segments of the republican party has galvanized their base this is the third state though where democrats have had an unexpected win leaving many to guess that if they can duplicate this get out the vote turn out and come up with a message that resonates they could take back the house and the senate in twenty and that would dramatically increase the chance. impeachment for president trump. al-jazeera birmingham alabama. still ahead on al-jazeera no end to the long lines for basic necessities in venezuela as a cash strapped government tends to cryptocurrency. the philippines congress extends martial law in the southern island of mindanao and in sport as the buildup to the twenty thousand went on and he continues peter will have action from the snowboard cross welcome to stay with us.
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welcome back a look at weather conditions across the americas now north america winds generally coming in from the northwest across more central and eastern areas so temperatures are not great it's a pretty chilly picture generally subzero in chicago temperatures only up to two degrees in new york miami even just twenty two nothing special there and quite chilly in atlanta georgia across the west still dry wood in the santa ana winds of the high pressure does still continue across the region so fine and dry denver not too bad at fourteen and at lausanne just twenty six so let's head down into central parts of america still go this little convergence zone coming off the caribbean into parts of costa rica's a quite wet here otherwise up through the a sources generally looking fine as for the islands of the caribbean cherry not too bad temperatures there twenty nine in kingston chance of the odd shot for much time fine and indeed it should be
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a fun one in havana cuba and nassau in the bahamas and that continues to head on through into friday very pleasant weather indeed into south america plenty of showers around the amazon basin moving southward so it's looking pretty warm here rio temps on the rise to twenty nine ascension to thirty eight one is areas in temperatures rise in the last few days i'm looking up to thirty three degrees celsius on friday. the world's largest humanitarian crisis millions caught up in civil war all ages the real world examines the roots of the conflict in yemen and the complex history that drew our country into perpetual term. separation on. the north and the so these dualisms are part of history. yemen the north south divide this time. i sometimes feel that we're really looking
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into the hearts and the souls of those directly involved in advance taking place really good at telling all sides of the story from the political elite to those people who've been affected you really get to know what's happening on the ground that's very important for me as a third generation past that can often feel that my continent is misrepresented and we've changed that your story is important to us it doesn't matter where you come from. welcome back you're watching the news hour with the fully back to our in mind of
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our top stories now the world's largest group of muslim countries has declared east jerusalem as the capital of palestine the organization of islamic cooperation met in a summit called by turkey's president in response to donald trump's decision to recognize use them as israel's capital south korea's president is in beijing to hold talks with his chinese counterpart xi jinping the threat from north korea will be high on the agenda of talks moon is also looking to repair relations after the u.s. deployment of a non time missile system that angered china and the british prime minister theresa may has suffered a major blow to a breakfast at plans after m.p.'s now only voted in favor of an amendment she strongly opposed it ensures parliament gets a vote on the final breck's a deal struck with the european union further complicating efforts to sabotage is returning now to our top story and the wells muslim leaders declaring. capital israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu says they stumble decoration has left him
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unimpressed with. little for listed it would be best for the postilions to recognize reality and act for the sake of peace and not for the sake of extremism and to recognize another fact when it comes to jerusalem not just that it is the capital of israel we also preserve freedom of worship in jerusalem for all religions and we are the ones who preserve the site got in the middle east in a manner that no one else preserves it and which others have also failed sometimes miserably therefore all of these declarations do not impress us the truth will come out and many countries will yet recognize jerusalem as the capital of israel and move their embassies. president tom says cision to relocate the american embassy from tel aviv to jerusalem is without precedent the international community does not recognize a contested city as israel's capital and as alan fischer reports from western was the latest u.s. band might also face difficulties on the ground. which is no more than
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a barren piece of land in west jerusalem but this could be the site of the controversial new american embassy it was earmarked in the last days of the reagan administration and one thousand nine year lease was signed for rent a one dollar a year under the last few days what has been going on here the americans insist this is not going to be the home of the controversial embassy. since the u.s. embassy bombings in east africa in one thousand nine hundred the security rules for u.s. embassies can be placed have changed significantly if this was to be the site in jerusalem roads would have to be closed or diverted parks would have to because other lines would have to be acquired making other sites potentially much more attractive. then there is the difficult question of ownership several palestinian families say the land of west or islam is theirs they have the documents to prove it and they still hope they will get it back the politely refused their requests to speak on camera one expert says the u.s.
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simply doesn't care about legalities i don't know if they are looking for a right or not. it's a poll. and they don't care if they have the right that they have it's illegal or not legal i don't think they are because what they are doing here is. the us has a significant presence in jerusalem already it has a large modern administrative building high on a hill in west jerusalem and there's the existing consulate itself also in west jerusalem either could simply be renamed as an embassy but it seems the u.s. is reluctant to do that a coup pieing land or confiscating land has been ongoing but now by the americans they come here to tell you i too would confiscate iron to to control i am told to make clover in other words on your own territory this is the end for all this is that the human eye is asia and. the state department says it could take years for a final site to be identified for what to start for america to open its embassy plowing through the objection of many across the world and here to alan fischer al
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jazeera western. or palestinian president mahmoud abbas is warning against that turning the conflict into a village s one many palestinians feel the israeli prime minister is trying to do just that with repeated references to how many times israel is mentioned in the bar in the bible and how israel allows freedom of worship hard up to hami to has more on that front path ahead. it should have been a good month for bethlehem the city was gearing up to receive many visitors over the christmas period but celebrations have been canceled the mood dampened by the latest political upheaval and if anger is directed at arab leaders more so a president trump to the point that had the k'naan removed the american flag from in front of his restaurant we removed it because the american president doesn't recognize our flag as if we don't exist this is a peaceful way to retaliate we listen to the u.s. for twenty five years we pray for peace we got nothing now we have to start from
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zero there's a sense of unease at how trump and prime minister netanyahu are trying to redefine sure there are groups who want to this political conflict. and this is very dangerous. and we as christians are the stumbling block. because if we were here israel market this conflict is a conflict between jews and muslims and then the west will basically stand behind the jews because of but from here in front of the nativity church to palestinian message is one bethlehem also carries a lot of symbolism when it comes to the occupation the separation wall cuts right through the city from the north now president trump has seen this for him self when he was here earlier this year to meet palestinian president mahmoud abbas had the meeting with vice president mike pence gone ahead well he would have seen for
2:37 am
himself how people feel these days this graffiti was done as a sign when trump threatened to build a wall along the border with mexico but the day after did use them announcement. added a few brush strokes and a memo to the american vice president. it's scary because jerusalem is now considered israel a capital for jews and the banjo he calls that's a real problem but we're different than the rest of the region we say jerusalem is palestinian we don't say it's muslim or christian it's palestinian and it's under occupation. back at that if it's a square. man rebukes that and you know his claims that israel allows freedom of religion aloma been it's been the better the more. they don't respect our beliefs as a christian i need a permit from mislabel to receive the holy sepulcher for easter and when i get there i still get humiliated is also sometimes shocked the muslims jerusalem has
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been lost long ago they just woke up now it's too late now. there's little hope that meetings in summits can change anything since nine hundred sixty seven people dream of has gradually been taken away dues of them is just in lisa's chapter in the history of an exception. bethlehem. the u.n. special envoy for syria has urged russia to convince the syrian government that there is no time to lose on reaching a peace deal speaking to a swiss television channel said fonda mr a said failure to make peace quickly could lead to a fragmentation of syria here it's russian president vladimir putin to push pressure on assad's government to accept that pay has to be a new constitution and new elections or mysterious comments come as the eighth round of un brokered talks continue in geneva but the process has been stalled because of the government's refusal to engage in direct talks with the opposition david of reports it's the eighth round of negotiations of the syrian delegations
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have still not met face to face at the same table after nearly seven years of war and deaths numbered in the hundreds of thousands of peace appears no closer. the syrian government's team of negotiators in geneva refused to go into direct talks while the opposition is calling for a syria without president bashar al assad. the bombs are still falling on the besieged damascus suburb of eastern goten it's a so-called deescalation zone held by rebels four hundred thousand civilians are trapped beneath the bombardment the united nations say they're facing a complete catastrophe. syria's opposition arranged to skype call to a mother and her children inside the enclave with delegates and press in the swiss capitol on wednesday the video link was far from perfect so the message was powerful. it's unfair and unjust for us to have to store once instead of
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bread we beg you to break this. i look through the window and i see the bombings in front of me i see the fire that is being showered down. what a disappointment what frustration what a shock what a tragedy what a catastrophe we're living today in the twenty first century i asked the family if they had a message for the delegates in geneva and the outside world. we are calling for peace but we will not concede we will not give up the sacrifices we have made with the blood of our martyrs the russian president vladimir putin announced mission accomplished in syria this week and the partial withdrawal of his troops but millions of refugees cannot think of returning to a country whose government is starving its own children to death. david kay to al-jazeera. six years of war in syria means it will take
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massive reconstruction efforts to rebuild cities that have been reduced to rubble syrians in one town where i saw fight is where they are using help from neighboring turkey osama bin jahvid reports from jobless in northern syria. jamal arrived a few hours ago and he's already making his family very happy but he's born in a country in ruins far from his parents' home in aleppo who now live in a tent in jobless the sense of loss and doubts about the future linger even during happy moments. may god help him i don't know what he faced it got fixes the situation he might have a better life and home a former girls' school has been converted into the town's only hospital syrians here say they have a relative sense of safety because they no longer fear airstrikes are bombings like most things in the town the hospital under turkish administration non-government
2:42 am
organizations from turkey are providing help many don't see turkey as an occupying force and welcome its influence to help rebuild their lives. without that assistance this school would be able to provide education to his twelve hundred students and schools bursting at the seams stop rooms have been turned into crosses to accommodate an additional five hundred students was. children are happy to finally resume regular studies after six years of war but there isn't a salary system for staff in the four schools in jobless teachers working with limited resources say they're using social media to help bring children up to speed with their learning all the time they've been out of school for five years we have to begin with the basics as if they're in first grade alphabets words numbers everything. security is a big attraction and the town is booming and around four hundred new buildings are under construction the population has increased from twenty five to seventy
2:43 am
thousand a local council runs education health and sanitation services the most important task is security and to keep the peace between various groups of fighters with turkey providing training and money the town has its own police force now jails should tell you the police which has five hundred members to scare off security with help of the free syrian army. i fully control jobless for two years before turkish soldiers and syrian fighters recaptured the town last year since then they have cleared the rubble and removed all i feel fine from buildings but the scars of the fighting both on walls and people will take time to heal compared with other towns and cities and this is an exceptional place which bows but it was only able to do so because its infrastructure was largely intact and it continues to get support from the turkish government. although there are jobless in syria for the second year in a row the number of journalists in jail has hit
2:44 am
a historical high and a new census by the committee to protect journalists has found more than half of those are in turkey china and egypt they are currently two hundred sixty two journalists worldwide who have been imprisoned in relation to their work they include obvious errors own correspondent mahmoud hussein has been held in any gyptian jail for almost a year now along with nineteen others turkey remains the world's worst of journalists for the second consecutive year with seventy three in prison and china has forty one journalists behind bars right now. one of them he told the c.p. j. he was being refused medical treatment for kidney disease and gallica has more. guilty of doing no more than their jobs according to the committee to protect journalists at least two hundred sixty two reporters across the world a behind bars that's a record high and for the second year in a row the worst offenders have been named as china egypt and turkey those three countries alone account for more than half of the journalists currently detained
2:45 am
turkey remains the worst jailor was seventy three reporters locked up according to the c.p.g. census close to ninety percent of those jailed globally cover political news those in power want to control the information environment and so one great way to do that is to try to control and restrict the message and throw journalists independent journalists critical journalists into jail so that they're no longer you know publishing those annoying articles about corruption or about environmental degradation are about whatever the issues are that those in power would prefer not to have uncovered. among those named in the report is al jazeera as mahmoud hussein he was arrested and detained almost a year ago after visiting his family in egypt among the charges he faces a broadcasting false news al-jazeera rejects the allegations and continues to call for his release the report's authors say this is the first year that so-called falls or fake news has played such a prominent role in the jailing of journalists it's
2:46 am
a phrase donald trump championed is both candidates and as president of the see we did he say setting a bad example one that has serious consequences globally fake news fake fake trade the president's litany of insults towards u.s. journalists may be popular with his base but the c.p.g. say the effect is chilling last year our senses showed that there were nine journalists behind bars on false news chopper charges this year that's more than doubled to twenty one journalists behind bars and we've heard it in the rhetoric of repressive leaders around the world from cambodia to russia to egypt that there. using this as an excuse to deal of atomized journalists the c.p.g. calling for more international pressure on countries that had that usually jailed journalists and say the moral authority may now rest with europe they say the u.s. is no longer the beacon of press freedom that it once was and he got across washington. the philippines congress has approved
2:47 am
a one year extension of martial law on the southern island of mindanao present rodrigo tatay says it is necessary for the total eradication of ice and linked groups and communist fighters despite declaring the city of liberated in october. advantage when its president nicolas maduro has launched a new crypto currency the petrol in his latest bid to overcome an economic crisis which has led to one of the highest inflation rates in the world. has more from caracas on the digital oil back to karen see. some of these people have been queuing since three am not totally sure what is available or what it will cost they're hoping to find basics like rice powdered milk and toilet paper do you ever look at where you take what you can but there's not much variety one day the might of any be flour or rice oil or toothpaste. prices rise almost daily inflation in
2:48 am
the vendor was nearly fifty seven percent the accumulated rise this year is one thousand three hundred seventy percent this coffee cost fifteen thousand body about is that's about four and a half dollars at the official exchange rate which almost no venezuelans going to forward to use or about fifteen cents on the black market which almost everybody is forced to use if they can find enough of these almost worthless banknotes. they're in short supply russian by the bank machines which i'm it's only in the small purchases there's been this way loans with bank accounts use plastic cards but the fragile infrastructure means the system is often down some used to call ins then there's this. the petro i'm going to call it the petro venezuela's own cryptocurrency been as well as economic sovereignty and helped defeat the economic blockade against us. of in this way limbic coin the president said it. will be
2:49 am
backed by his country's ample oil gas gold and diamond but the economists say such a system needs the confidence of investors and even on the street there's not much of that about it the day. it's very sad it's even more sad when you lived well and reached my age and you've got nothing and no way of solving anything. thousands have left the country and thousands more are planning to blaming president but dawdle for mismanaging the economy for straight to the country with abundant natural resources such economic misery see minister events whether it's lucky or with the power of its citizens it can change things soon then venezuela could recharge its economy and limit the damage in the next few years but if this crisis continues it's going to leave deep scars but generations to come we're not there yet but we risk being there soon but. meanwhile many venice whalen's a simply occupied with finding enough to eat and if and when they do
2:50 am
a way of paying for it. and they're all just caracas.
2:51 am
i'm suppose he's peter. thank you very much twelve times european champions real madrid have reached the final of the fee for club world cup in the united arab emirates but the spanish giants didn't have it all their own way and they sent me
2:52 am
fall against local side al-jazeera on wednesday as helen gleason reports. with the likes of christiane or an alto in the starting line up if you were predicting anything other than our bell madrid victory as they took to the failed against algis there on the defending champion suddenly made a bright stop they had five attempts on call in the first twelve minutes i finally thought they'd broken through in the twenty fourth minute but carrying ben's and that's had a was disallowed for a foul by rinaldo in the build up i shortly after the cafe mero then had his effort disallowed as benton that was off site i and eleven minutes later it was their opponents who took a shot cleat through that brazilian striker grammarian you know i it could have been two no but algis they were also had a gold with a lot of peroxide and that's where that challenge all but ended outs were not
2:53 am
overtime for him early in the state to equalize on the all time top scorer in the competition history. with bale then came off the bench to only his second appearance since suffering a cough injury in september and quickly made up for lost time i q one was the final school bell will now face. those grammy are in fact a date final and we retake them level with spanish travel both alone and record amounts of time on them and when helen cliff then their top of the table manchester city have extended the record winning streak in the english premier league to fifteen matches with a win over bottom side swanzy so another big win there for papes men they read vantage stays at eleven points over manchester united after they be born with one they were also wins for everton leicester and tottenham but they were frustrating outings for liverpool and arsenal who were both held to scola straws for time tour
2:54 am
de france cycling champion chris froome is being investigated by the sport's governing body after returning an adverse drug test result a urine sample taken during the tour of spain on september seventh returned at double the allowed levels of the legal as my drug cell buthe mole the thirty two year old says he increased his dosage of the medication on the advice of his doctor as he's asthma symptoms got worse during the race he insists it was within legal limits the u.c.i. is seeking more information and froome has not been suspended at this stage the briton continued to train in new york or with his team on wednesday in a statement from said i take my leadership position in my sport very seriously the u.c.i. is absolutely right to examine test results and together with the team i will provide whatever information it requires for a most we really are spoken to michelle veronica knew from sporting integrity she's also the former boss of anti doping at u.k. sport. we shouldn't be surprised the use of inhalers is somewhat
2:55 am
controversial and very difficult for the anti doping authorities to police in many respects because many athletes who take part in sport they actually provoke us and so exercise induced asthma is a very well known phenomenon and so therefore we would expect athletes to need to use their inhalers for the or thora to use an anti doping try to put limits on the levels that are allowable because we're saying if you have an asthma attack of caution as you should haleigh but what we're trying to make sure is that everybody using that inhaler has a genuine therapeutic justification well a concern about bt to agnes's that they do have. if you like some anabolic type properties in very high doses so there were previously some types of b. to two agonists that were considered you know completely banned for sport because
2:56 am
of the the possibility they may be used to enhance performance to try and maintain good body tissue by their anabolic properties it's somewhat of a challenge for any athlete to be able to explain and to justify their use of these substances because of course with an aspirin hailer it's difficult to know how much but don't use one takes in all of them need to doses you know the number of times that you actually use the inhaler would be something that he'd have to recollect for that particular day on which he was tested is really going to bring forward that evidence to show that the level found in his year in could be justified by the use of an inhaler former world number one tennis player victoria as a ring currencies trues excited to return to a favorite tournament the australian open of the getting a wild card to play in b.
2:57 am
. event of the belorussian has twice won the title in melbourne but is currently ranked two hundred one in the world having played just two tournaments in the last nineteen months following the birth of her son she pulled out of the us open and fed cup because of a custody disputes australia isn't a country normally associated with winter sports but the country may have found itself a medal contender in snowboarding for the upcoming winter olympics in pyong chang australian adam lambert earned his first podium finish at the snowboard cross world cup event in the world children in france on wednesday the twenty year old competing in just the seventh race at this level finished just behind germany's paul berg in second place meanwhile the women's race was won by two thousand and six lympics silver sloan cross medalist lindsey jakob ellis of the usa. well there are now less than sixty days to go until the winter games begin and the olympic torch is fast making its way across south korea on wednesday it reached the
2:58 am
city of sea jungle where it made its way across the world's largest rooftop garden the torch began its journey at the start of november and will travel two thousand and eighteen kilometers before the opening so you're not impugning chang on february ninth. and that's all the sport for me another update coming up again later peter thank you very much for that bad fit for this news hour on al-jazeera but do stay with us we'll get pentium a well news coming up after this very short break thanks so much.
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