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and integration now are now i am outta syria traces the history of a first generation lebanese australians exploring the conflicts. and the struggle for acceptance. once upon a time in punchbowl at this time on al jazeera and. al jazeera is eyes on the ground in southern africa identifying crucially important stories for an audience that's incredibly. this is.
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citizen this is the news hour live from london coming up war of words as the u.s. presenting evidence of what it calls seized and rainy weaponry to prompt response in minutes calling the accusation of fabricated. a result is expected in the u.s. shortly on a vote that could have a huge impact on a free and open internet. a shocking new estimate for the number of muslim or hindu are killed by security forces in mammoth nearly seven thousand in just one month and talking tough on north korea china's president holds meetings with the south korean counterpart saying they will not tolerate war. and i'm peter stammers in doha with the latest sports news today's top story brazilian football team flamingo are upstaged on home soil as their origin time rivals clinched one of the biggest prizes in south american football.
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the u.s. has entered into a war of words with their own saying its behavior in the middle east is fanning the flames of conflict speaking at a military base in washington the u.s. ambassador to the united nations the halley also presented what she said was evidence of seized iranian weaponry that the iranian mission to the u.n. has hit back rejecting the accusation as a fabrication. this is a blatant violation of what they are not supposed to be doing and what we're saying is everybody has to go to around iran in fear of them getting out the nuclear deal and they are allowing missiles like this to be fired over to innocent civilians and hurt and that is what has to stop and so we will continue to raise and build the international community support to say this is not about the nuclear deal this is about all other actions and the president will work with congress on how do we go
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forward in dealing with iran at this one in this way but the nuclear deal is not something that we're focused on now is focusing on the threat that iran is posing as we know it. in jordan joins us now from washington d.c. ross could you tell us a little bit more about the evidence that they ambassador was presenting and maybe some more a little bit about the veracity as to whether or not we can trust that that it is actually something that's come from the wrong. well that last point soon was very up pertinent because this was an invitation only press conference held at a military base here in the washington d.c. area and so people who were invited have a chance to actually take a look at this material for themselves and to try to see if they can verify that this was in fact equipment provided by the iranians to the who these and that was then recovered during that failed attack on the riyadh airport in recent weeks for
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the rest of us they simply have provided video and photos and so it's going to be a little more challenging to try to verify whether in fact this is in fact some of the remnants of that missile that was fired at the riyadh airport certainly this is raising the question about whether the u.s. is pointing out a real security threat in the middle east or whether as the iranians are alleging the u.s. is making these charges in order to hide its own behavior its own efforts to exert its influence across the region and in the iranian statement it points out that this may be just a diversion from the u.s. as recent decision to recognize jerusalem as the capital of israel something which is of course spent quite a politically controversial across the reason region and indeed she talked about building an international coalition to push back against iran what did she mean by
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that. that's probably the sixty four thousand dollar question sue because there are u.n. security council resolutions that basically describe what iran is able to do and what it's not able to do with its various weapons programs and then of course the nuclear deal in which iran was supposed to give up development of its nuclear weapons program and to get rid of the material that would be required in order to build and support such a program that is still on the books however the trabant ministration from the very beginning of this year has alleged that iran has not been in compliance and that it is looking for ways of basically trying to tear up the deal and trying to find a tougher way of holding a rod to its international obligations i would expect would cause some political a controversy here in washington because there has been support particularly among
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democrats for this deal and there's been support for this deal within the foreign policy community but again trying to verify whether or not these allegations being brought forward by nikki haley the u.s. ambassador to the u.n. is going to be the real challenge for everyone involved good to get your explanation that ross jordan speaking to us from washington d.c. well let's speak to right from political analyst adam baron who is a fellow at the european council of foreign relations and joins us via skype from beirut thanks very much for talking to us algis there on this breaking story just on that point that we were i was talking to rose about think the veracity of rarely the the ambassador this evidence forwards of saying that they were mocking us they were technical specifications that directly pointed this part of the miss out came from iran is it possible to be that shaw with that kind of evidence. i mean in some regards never possible to be one hundred percent sure there have been
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indications that i've heard from the textbooks within the u.n. and other western governments that iranian missile parts have somehow been smuggled into yemen and been used in missiles like this that being said you are hearing the denials both from many people on the ground we're speaking about it really is and it on though this is obviously what you would do even if they were responsible for this that being said it's important to remember that this is just one small part of the yemeni toppling. it's very kind of odd to have this missile which despite representing a huge escalation in the conflict and a violation obvious you've cited national security but let's face it this missile that killed no one receiving much more attention than the many people who have been killed on both sides of the yemen conflicts. that being said i guess in a lot of ways remains to be seen and i would hope that there will be more evidence put forward in general and for that matter for the bastard really sick obviously
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it's important she's making such claims to have evidence evidence for them and again ross just touched on this but interesting timing would you say that nikki haley's giving this press conference today with all that has been going on over the last week especially to do with present tense announcements of moving the israeli capital to jerusalem and the reaction that's how in the wider world some suggestion that saudi arabia was knowledgeable that this was going to happen what would you say about the timing. oh i mean to some extent this was something. i mean it's certainly a shift to the center of the center of interest obviously i mean for some time i mean whether here in lebanon or other parts of the region obviously the focus to some extent has been this decision by trump on jerusalem now i think you're already seeing the shift in terms of regional tension will of course go back to back to
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this missile that was fired on riyadh to some extent it was already quite a significant story and you had to i was actually in yemen at the time when this missile was fired and it was something that really dominated people's consciousness obviously both yemen and saudi arabia. but obviously this does this does shift the the main topic of the day so to speak saudi arabia always talks about the who things who are fighting in yemen as being backed by iran iran has always said that this isn't the case has never wavered on not so far i would say in reality the truth is the bit between it's i would say it's it's misleading to cast a who these as iranian proxies in many regards that with these are dominated or excuse me their decision process are largely motivated by more internal dynamics that being said it's also false to say that the group is are completely independent and have no ties with iran they've benefited from financial support they've benefited from military support they've benefited from political and propaganda
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support and indeed in many ways to express certain ideological tendencies that are quite aligned with with those espoused during the islamic revolution so i think in a way it's. people often want to use things as as black and white you. are the group is controlled by iran where there are the thing the truth of course is somewhere in between and let's face it if you know yemen well you will know that this is a country of shit and just as a person gets i'm just reading saudi arabia has welcomed the un reports and the us stand on iran's weapon supplies to yemen to things as they put it but for now adam byron thank you very much for you giving is your thoughts on this new thank you. is on the way which could do away with the rules which is show a free and open internet the us federal communications commission is considering scrapping net neutrality if it does it could mean large corporations could pay internet service providers to prioritize their websites and even block competitors
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so what is net neutrality at the moment internet service providers or i s p's must treat data online the same so a web site loads at the same speed regardless of whether it's google or a local flower shop without net neutrality i asked piece could block or slow down content on one website in favor of another website because of net neutrality worry changes could mean big corporations could pay for their content to be prioritised all pushing small internet play is out of the arena well let's get more from the gallagher who is live for us in washington d.c. and what is the latest with this votes. well the vote was temporarily put on the whole there was some kind of security issue in the f.c.c. building behind me we now believe that that has resumed but as you were saying there is a lot at stake here we talk about access to the internet these days as a basic human right and this is an incredibly unpopular move by the f.c.c.
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because it looks almost certain they will vote to get rid of net neutrality something like eighty three percent of the american public are against doing away with these rules twenty million people have signed petitions online and even if the f.c.c. today rules to end net neutrality the battle over whether those restrictions are taken away won't and i spoke to a politician here from california earlier he says they will they will launch legal challenges there will be challenges in both the house and the senate so it certainly won't end but it certainly seems that we have c.d.c. is very determined to do away with net neutrality they say it will lead to more investment by internet service providers something that activists and campaign is say is total rubbish because they are already seeing lots of investment but if you look at access to the internet you're talking about groups like let's say black lives matter who can get their message out to under represented members of the community they can organize rallies pretty quickly they may be blocked altogether
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if these rules are done away with they may have to pay higher prices to get access to the internet so for many americans under represented and mainstream consumers there's a lot at stake and it's a deeply unpopular move and only this isn't just about whether you can stream a movie on netflix quickly or not this is also to do as much with freedom of speech with actually people being allowed to push forward their own small web pages much is the big point. i think that's a really key point not only people pushing forward. what they think about things or freedom of speech issues but thing. new businesses starting up new business these days doesn't start up online they all do it might be very difficult now for small businesses trying to get their business going remember small businesses in this country the biggest employers if they get charged more money or access is denied it's going to make it extremely difficult for them but it's also internet service
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providers who may give priority to things they won't go over other things and most of us these days i don't know about you but if i don't have my phone with me if i don't have access to the internet my life becomes pretty difficult so this has been a very unpopular move as i said eighty three percent of americans are against it twenty million people have signed petitions online but this is the trumpet ministrations small government moves they don't want regulations over things like the internet they want to make the f.c.c. a lot smaller a lot more hands off they say it will mean the internet will grow processes are very different views in the and gallagher with the latest from the vote in washington d.c. well for more on what this decision could mean let's speak to donald dixon she's the chief legal and business officer she joins us live now from austin texas thanks very much for coming on to al-jazeera as we're hearing the actual vote since you've been put to one side for now but a very interesting line i read that this is like
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a guardian against corporate overreach is this what we're talking about really here is is it's about business and people making money versus being allowed to have the freedom to use the internet as it was designed. that's exactly right we're not focusing on the consumer when we focused on the elimination of these rules we're focusing on business the consumer actually wants the opportunity to be able to access whatever content that they want to access and there shouldn't be any entity whether it be private or government telling the consumer what content they should see we want lots of voices to come into the debate about content and about what users want to believe in the world and this is actually really a disappointing result that we're going to eliminate these rules that allow that so who is the driving force behind this because it seems to go right against what really the internet was built for all. the driving forces absolutely big
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companies that i espied and it's telecommunications companies it's become more of a partisan issue now but really only in washington d.c. because as you know like the vast majority of americans really believe that the open internet rules have protected us and allowed us to be able to sustain this open environment so it is really a big company and you know for a lot of us living not in the united states or the other side of the world how is this going to affect the global market these are obviously u.s. laws to be repealed but how does this indeed mushroom across all the countries i think we should think about it in terms of content in the availability of that content the direct impact and i think it's going to have once these rules actually go into effect and after lots of legal issues that are going to be resolved at some point as a result of it the impact globally is the availability of that content and the opportunity for other smaller players to compete in a space that is heavily held by incumbents in terms of content and just availability and access so we're going to see i think
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a lot less flow of data and information that we were going to close the internet off to some extent and we're going to have a very very different internet three years from now two years from now ok thank you very much for joining is done. coming up on this news hour from london celebrations in gaza time on the thirtieth anniversary of the palestinian faction hamas. will tell you about the fifty two billion dollars deal between fox and disney which could change the film and television landscape. and in sport peter will have the latest on allegations of spot fixing during this year's series. at least nine thousand range of muslims have died or been killed in just one month of these more than six thousand seven hundred ranger were killed in violent attacks
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following the military crackdown in oldest but mammals government insists the real figure is much lower just four hundred mommy explains doctors without borders estimate that nine thousand roll hinges died in the month that followed the start of the military crackdown in me and more which began in late august most of the rohinton who died were killed violently. the estimate contrasts sharply with me and mars government total it said four hundred refugees were killed that month doctors without borders says their estimate is conservative and the actual total is likely to be far higher we have published the most conservative figure we had its. and if you look at the surf a.v. did it's be interviewed more than twelve thousand people which were randomly sampled from a fellatio of six hundred thousand we have heard stories of complete families which were killed so we believe that yes this number is what we believe is the lower
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range and our it's actually higher in reality the doctors without borders report states that at least nine thousand rohinton died mostly violently in iraq and state between august twenty fifth and september twenty fourth. some of these atrocities according to the refugees we talked to were committed by military by police local military forces and culmination of dental and we still talk to people who have just arrived in the last few weeks who are still tilting about file and which affected them in the last two weeks so this is only going at least six hundred twenty thousand row him to refugees fled to bangladesh from rakhine state since fighting started between me and more government security forces and rohinton gunman on aug twenty fifth. army commanders in myanmar say troops responded to coordinated attacks on border posts by a rebel armed group they've consistently maintained no what trost of these were
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committed the u.n. however has called the army's actions against the rohinton a campaign of ethnic cleansing research by doctors without borders also reveals at least seven hundred thirty rohinton children below the age of five years old were violently killed in that first month. leasing these numbers are staggering even doing and helps are a fatal spark of a general health survey and then before the realized what the findings where they simply couldn't sit on this information while me and mine bangladesh signed an agreement last month for the return of hundreds of thousands of rohinton refugees few details of the deal have been revealed. but joining us from paris is nothing well but she's the head of emergency operations. without borders thanks so much for coming on al-jazeera and festival can you just give us a little bit more detail of ages that we're talking about in this enormous figure and the causes of the. you know what we're really talking about the entire
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population entire hangar populations of these men women and children one of those most striking figures is the number of children under the age of five who were killed by violence and we counted it is a very conservative estimate least seven hundred thirty children under the age of five were killed in a one month period by very violent means by either being shot or beaten to death or being burned alive. these are these are very staggering because we knew that there was something very serious that happened but the fact that children very small children have been killed in this way is really shocking to everybody it seems the international community was told this was happening but didn't really move to do anything about it or felt it couldn't what are you hoping by publicizing this huge figure that this will be a shock to them yeah i think we really hope to just highlight the tension that there's no there's no course debate here we shouldn't be debating anymore that something very serious did happen inside me and more to the written population we
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know that something had been happening we know there's some reason to cause this many people to flee six hundred thousand people is it is a giant almost figure and yet there was everybody saying well we can't confirm what's been happening inside because no one is there to witness what's happening but when we talk to the people themselves they can tell us what happened to them and they have very consistent stories so i think we know get to the need to debate the idea that something very horrific has been happening inside me and of course some are still fleeing and also those are. quite dire conditions what is it that is now needed to try and ease their suffering. well yeah i mean some people are still fleeing we think is probably still some people who might be trying to flee but unable to flee and the people who have arrived in bangladesh i mean is a lot of people arrived in a very short period of time and in there it is quite inhospitable they're staying in these camps the conditions are very very precarious for them the hiding situation access to clean water and we think there's likely to be massive outbreaks
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of disease if if we don't manage to get aid there in time so the current priority for everybody is just to ensure survival of these people they've already fled some horrific atrocities and made it across to safety and now we need to make sure that we can help them survive and start their life again and also if you could say something to the government told military what would it be i think it's just that we need to stop debating what's been happening here there's a lot of talk about returns people returning back to mean more and it's very clear that the ring of population in need to be reassured that they can return back to their homes in safety and that this kind of atrocity will not happen again natalie roberts thanks very much for joining us thank you by the syrian government negotiator is accusing western countries and saudi arabia of sabotage and blackmail at the end of the latest round of un brokered talks in geneva the
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syrian government delegation refused to engage in direct talks with the opposition because of it still around that president bashar al assad not play a role in any future interim government the un syria envoy has called on russia to have the courage to push its ally the syrian government to accept new elections and a new constitution seven de mistura said there's no time to lose in efforts to reach peace in syria after nearly seven years of war. russia's president vladimir putin has given his annual live press conference in moscow on thursday he spoke about domestic and foreign issues including syria and north korea as well as his intentions ahead of russia's presidential elections in march sagna gago reports from moscow. a grand entrance for an end of year finale with the press an opportunity of sorts for journalists to put their questions to russia's president. performance from the man himself with an eye on
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the presidential election ahead. i'm going to run as an independent for the of course i do hope for the support of the political forces party social organizations which share my views on the development of the country and the trust i do hope for the us and i also hope for the broad support of our citizens modernizing russia's infrastructure as well as its health and education systems putin said the country's main concerns but not the only issues on his radar but. in a visit to a russian air base in syria this week he told troops that they could return home victorious but their part in the war that was too late is those who remember the soviet invasion of afghanistan which ended in a humiliating defeat but he had knowledge of the work in syria was not over especially with regards to the refugee crisis. we should definitely do something
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about it we need to solve this problem but syria will not be able to cope with it and you know russia will not be able to handle it on its own but only as part of a joint international effort because of almost in a counterbalance to the us mr putin has received much praise for raising russia's profile he intends to create new deals across the world especially in the middle east in a post i saw well he says russia has a crucial contend. to bolster its image not just a home but abroad. and as for his thoughts on north korea the u.s. came criticism accusing both sides of saber rattling but he welcomed the recent
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statement by the u.s. secretary of state's rex tillerson regarding talks of pyongyang and in the upcoming presidential race in which he's the favorite to win his vision for russia has appealed to many how much of it he can achieve depends on all of a fact as beyond his control. much more to come on the program including. six months a memorial is held for the seventy one victims of london's ground for tower fire. in the state of gujarat votes in local polls seen as a test of prime minister narendra modi's popularity. on the race to the winter olympics heats up on the slopes of italy will have no warning action in sports later on.
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and it's no surprise to find winter coming from the caucasus across iran to was afghanistan it's december after all they would be surprising to find that we've only got thirty centimeters of snow three and a half thousand meters just north of the capital of afghanistan but that is the case in this bit more snow to come in that system which tells back through and lee's cloud that fact is generating the potential more rain could be realized in the far south on the coast of iran the secularization here is well mostly we're talking about clear skies maybe an onshore breeze or produce bit more clout in aid for example beirut which is still enjoying about twenty degrees by the certainly getting cold nights now getting that low single figures to the levant probably in iraq as well but we're twenty during the day in the sunshine has dropped on to the arabian peninsula and you saw what was happening on the iranian coast and that
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circulation suggests a cloud will produce rain here but it's spread south into u.a.e. maybe the eastern side of a man come saturday so cloudy and wet and usual combination but they're all the same. in south africa enjoy the sunshine for a couple of days if you're in zimbabwe and expect more rain as it suggests. singapore is being accused of expanding its coastline and illegally dredged satins of some of the islands off the coast of indonesia and literally vanished it's a big business smuggling stamp when they go take this there in filling the sand is our very good you see this beautiful beach but behind it is something that's not so proud of the tragedy is that people are just not aware and ecological investigation into a global emergency sound walls at this time on al-jazeera. zero
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where ever you. may live in a country plagued by poverty. billionaires life is all about glamour luxury and pristine. wonder when east meets the new. at this time on al-jazeera. welcome back reminder of the top stories here on al-jazeera the u.s. ambassador to the united nations the halley is warning that iran's behavior in the
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middle east is fanning the flames of conflict. in the last few minutes the u.s. has voted to overturn net neutrality rules a move that weakens the regulations which ensure free and open internet the u.s. federal communications commission has decided to undo the of legislation meaning large corporations can pay internet service providers to prioritize their websites and even block their competitors. and at least six thousand seven hundred muslim or hinge or were killed by security forces in just one month according to doctors without borders. the leader of hamas has called for a palestinian uprising against israel following the u.s. decision to recognize jerusalem as its capital is mild made the comments. on a verse free of the faction alan fischer with. the the israelis are almost always seen as. paul in a party support for this imus attracted
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a crowd easily in the thousands in southern gaza the huge poster of jerusalem is the backdrop speaker after speaker condemned the u.s. decision to recognize the city is israel's capital amasses leader suggested the dog trial was no less politically isolated given the international condemnation of the move over. the american and israeli position is weakened on the international level and for the first time in the history of the conflict the whole world is on one side with trump and netanyahu on the other side alone this is more evidence of the weakness of their position. amass also made sure the crowd remembered it had opposed the oslo accords and as the movement of closer to a political agreement with fatah the distinction is important locally with possible new elections on the horizon and the crowed the insisted the rally sent an important message you didn't get it i came here today to renew my support for hamas
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and to show support for jerusalem the city donald trump recognized as the capital of israel drusilla ms ows i know how to manage i come to these rallies every year this year we have a national reconciliation and we have tribes the session on jerusalem the people here are sending a message to the enemy and to truly amass believes that the size of the turnout here sends a message both regionally and internationally that its voice and those who support it cannot be ignored alan fischer al-jazeera gaza. well hamas was formed in response to israel's illegal occupation of occupation of west bank and the gaza strip then a smith explains. hamas was born out of the first palestinian uprising or intifada in one nine hundred eighty seven its founder and spiritual leader was shaken seen almost blinding quadriplegic you seen was a hero to palestinians frustrated with the peace process israel blamed him for
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a series of suicide bombings and rocket attacks in two thousand and four they killed a scene with a missile strike near his home in gaza a month later another missile killed his successor abdul aziz on t.c. . next came khalid mashal already a survivor of a botched israeli poisoning attempt in one nine hundred ninety seven. unda mashal hamas capitalized on his popularity and scored a surprise victory in two thousand and six palestinian elections. but heightened tensions with the fatah faction of the palestinian authority the violent confrontations followed. a rival government in gaza but faced with international condemnation they struggle to govern effectively it's not easy for a movement like hamas as it is distance movement they believe the only way to. to anybody palestine is to continue with the military is that i
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get. when you start to think to change then the whole war closed the door in front of you. in the eleven years how much ram gaza have been three wars with israel more than two thousand seven hundred palestinians have been killed by israeli security forces israel has sealed off the territory and unemployment is around forty three percent the highest rate in the world according to the world bank. hamas is famous slogan is islam is the solution but people didn't buy it must fail to fix problems of health education economy they got money one way or another but used it for employing that assistance and ignored the obligation of the government that's five board and employment increased under its new political chief a smile had the air on the left here who took over from howard mashal on the right hamas is giving political control of gaza back to the palestinian authority in the
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end a move prompted by pressure from the p.a. and egypt which then resulted in a reconciliation deal in october these are some of the people getting ready for the first three celebrations hamas has even changed charset to accept the idea of a provisional palestinian state within three nine hundred sixty seven and it should try. the group's image there still no mention of israel by implication has to be another state on the other side of those borders. hamas is long time opposition to the oslo accords paid off in the wake of the us president's decision to recognize jerusalem as israel's capital the polls taken just after donald trump's announcement suggest is. when the palestinian presidential election but it's made out a zero gaza. continues to demand the release of its journalists who hussain he's accused of broadcasting false news to spread chaos which he and al-jazeera strongly
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deny as saying has repeatedly complained of mistreatment in jail he was arrested on the twenty eighth of december last year while visiting family in egypt the walt disney company says it has reached a deal to buy key assets of twenty first century fox the transaction valued at fifty two point four billion dollars the merger still requires approval by antitrust regulators on the u.s. justice department if the deal goes through media experts say disney could become a new contender in the realm of streaming online video al-jazeera is kimberly hellcats a small. really this is refreshing of the media landscape as we know it will allow disney as well as fox to become more competitive and essentially this is a response to changing viewing patterns by consumers you seen a really large growth in recent years by companies like amazon and google who have built up their online alah cart and video viewing availabilities for consumers and
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it's made these traditional film companies. less competitive and so as a result we've seen now the siphoning off of the the the film division by twenty first century fox is going to the disney company it's a company that's known for historic films like the sound of music also marilyn monroe and even the first star wars that is all going to now be part if approved the disney company and this would allow fox then to focus more tightly on its news and sports broadcaster visions the second phase of voting in local elections has been going on in the indian states of good euro it's being seen as a test of popularity for prime minister narendra modi who has spent weeks campaigning in his home state the slowing economy as well as the introduction of a new tax structure some of the main deciding factors for votes is the governing hindu nationalists prophecy b b j p has controlled good for the past twenty two you
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china and south korea have held a tense relationship but on thursday night it front of a north korean threat china's president xi jinping and the south korean counterparts say they won't tolerate war on the korean peninsula she has been meeting with a visiting south korean president in in beijing agent grammar schools. this is a difficult visit for south korea's leader and unlike the a few sid reception afforded president donald trump five weeks ago the welcoming ceremony for moon was decidedly low key his relationship with his hose president xi jinping has improved but remains an easy in spite of their differences the specter of conflict on the korean peninsula has brought these two men together and mr made no secret. does not want war. want
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a peaceful and diplomatic solution to north korea's nuclear missile programs so does this tie china and the south koreans have common language the principle point of friction remains south korea's decision to deploy a united states and missile system in response chinese tourists boycotted south korea and other economic sanctions followed on thursday moonsault to reassure china's leader that the system would only be used against north korea but in a sign strains over the issues still linger there was no joint media conference as often happens on such occasions the atmosphere wasn't improved by a serious scuffle between a south korean photographer and chinese security guards the south korean government lodged a complaint the good news is that the president thirty china and south korea are at
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least talking to one another but big differences remain over how to calm tensions on the korean peninsula but analysts say of the four leaders most closely involved in this crisis president trump and kim jong un of course being the others it is he and moon who other sane voices voices that could prove pivotal if diplomacy is to with. the u.n. secretary general antonio good terrors is also in the region with a stark warning against the danger of sleep walking into war he said the unity of the security council was crucial to prevent that it is very clear that security council resolutions need to be fully implemented fully implemented by north korea first of all but fully implemented but all the other countries will rule is crucial in order to make sure that the sanctions are put in place and that they achieve the result that we all which is the democratization of the korean peninsula the un's
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political chief jeffrey feltman was in north korea a week ago he said officials told him they wanted to avoid war now a delegation from russia's defense ministry is in pyongyang coupled with mr moon's visit to china this sudden flurry of activity could amount to the start of the last best hope for a diplomatic breakthrough adrian brown al-jazeera beijing u.k. prime minister tourism a is meeting european union leaders in brussels a day after a defeat on breakfast at home on wednesday night parliament backed an amendment giving them a legal guarantee of a vote on the final brecht's a deal struck with brussels so he may is hoping a new leader is a proven agreement to move the brics that negotiations onto a second phase in cooperation trade talks underway phillips has more from brussels . the british prime minister comes here on the back of an embarrassing domestic
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defeat on that legislation back in london that undermines her or forty here in brussels to some extent it raises the question amongst other european leaders as to what sort of mandate to reason may really has it raises the prospect of more defeat as that legislation makes its way through the house of commons in the months to come having said that it seems pretty clear that the e.u. twenty seven are going to agree that britain has made quote sufficient progress on the withdrawal negotiations and it is time now for talks to move on to phase two that is the transition process after britain leaves the e.u. in march of twenty nineteen and talks about a future trading relationship i think there will see european union heads of government pressing to reason may have more clarity on what sort of relationship
9:44 pm
britain exactly wants with the e.u. once it's left and that's why i don't think that those serious talks around stage two i going to get under way until march or april of twenty eighteen that is the year to come. for iraqi citizens have won damages in london's high court after it was ruled british soldiers had illegally detained them before subjecting them to cruel and inhumane treatment it comes just ten days after the international criminal court declared there was a reasonable basis to conclude british troops had committed war crimes in iraq that the. well in his judgement here on thursday the high court judge ruled that all four iraqi claimants were abused by british troops one of will be awarded forty five thousand u.s. dollars in damages he was found to have been beaten by british troops and subjected to what are called harsh interrogation techniques including having
9:45 pm
insults and personal abuse shouted at him. being deprived of sleep and also being made to wear blackened out goggles and ear defenders during his interrogation. the judge said that those homes of practices were routinely used in iraq at that time despite being illegal now all of those claimants will receive monetary damages a total of almost a thousand cases have been brought by british lawyers representing iraq he's now around a third of those those cases have been settled already out of court but there was still over six hundred cases remaining unresolved including the four that were judged on on thursday and it's expected that this judgment will actually set a precedent for some of the other cases because there were similar legal issues at
9:46 pm
stake and it's clear that beyond this there is the possibility of cases against british soldiers in iraq going on for many years because just recently the chief prosecutor at the international criminal court in their hague said that there were reasonable grounds to believe that there were abuses committed by british soldiers in iraq. it's been six months since one of the deadliest fires in modern british history on thursday a memorial service was held in london tomorrow with grenfell tower that killed seventy one people members of the royal family the prime minister and emergency teams who worked on the night of the fire attended the service the parker reports. the same paul's cathedral a memorial to the dead survivors of the bereaved joint royals politicians and religious leaders in mourning among us asa vives of the fire in grand forks how are
9:47 pm
they here to remember the moments fire engulfed grenfell tower tending residents into victims leaving a deprived multi ethnic community traumatized that night was to change the lives of so many here in this cathedral and beyond today many here grieve for loved ones who perished on that dreadful night. the blackened remains of grenfell tower loom over west london for locals it's impossible to escape the memory of what happened here. nearby places of worship offer counseling but the healing process is painfully slow people are still suffering from flash parts most of the residents but also those who witness of the fire from their. windows in the night on the night of the fourteenth of june people's responses to the locals call this the truth wall where people come to unlock their trauma as a lot of anger here there seems to be one sort of providing word that we see all
9:48 pm
over this wall and that's the word justice or does justice look like to you justice for the justice campaign would mean that people are given a home so that they can actually try and get some of the life that sickened me it's actually that we start to hold to account the bodies whether that be the council whether that be the government who made decisions that led to the needless deaths of people in the tower. six months on only forty two of two hundred eight families to grenfell tower have been moved to permanent accommodation the local council says it's racing to get people housed a public inquiry has been launched to find out the i. the line cause of the tragedy of the fires destroyed people's trust in all thirty. a criminal investigation led by the police is also under way it could result in manslaughter charges against those involved in the towers construction and maintenance and taken months of
9:49 pm
complex forensic work to identify many of the dead some through only the tiniest fragments of human remains found within mountains of debris the police say they're investigating more than three hundred companies they've recorded millions of documents and artifacts and interviewed to thousands of witnesses many want grenfell tower to be demolished and a fitting memorial erected in its place but the real legacy most people want is change real change. leave park al-jazeera london. still to come on the program. this is always a very different case this is not a positive test. down. double standards just ahead.
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now time for the. see thank you so much brazil's most popular football club have been upstaged at home in the final of the copper suit amerikana they were beaten by argentine side in the n.b.a. enter at the famous american our stadium in his home and reports the. flamingo have an estimated fan base of dirty three million people worldwide but just sixty three thousand could pack into radio de janeiro's famous maracana stadium for the final of south america's second biggest club competition tensions were high before the game as they face argentinian side independently at
9:52 pm
a two hundred ten thousand travelling fans from one side i was not the sound i thought they call us racists but flamengo fans were inciting violence telling us you were going to die you have to run and they don't think anything of it i don't like this atmosphere and football football is a sport if you go to other countries up north this wouldn't happen it only happens in south america. independent anti held a two one lead from the past like at that time i but for them i go well for the fight as they i am for their first continental title since nineteen and she was was lucas parquet to strike in the thirtieth minute leveled the tie had won one but the arjun times restored their advantage just before half time was all the pressure rested on the hosts and they came close on a couple of occasions. was
9:53 pm
that into candy and say held on for three two aggregate victory or so yeah more good than your machinery we knew that we had a rival with a very big history in a mythical stadium one of the cathedrals of the world football we knew it would be very tough i'm very proud of this group of players i trusted the decisions made by my technical stuff medical crew and the entire club which. focused on trying to achieve. it at the argentinean second time to let me scan petition the party will continue back and want to summarize homan al-jazeera the international cricket council are taking claims of spot fixing in the third ashes test between australia and england extremely seriously a british newspaper reported their indian men were trying to manipulate aspects of the match in order to benefit through the baiting market an investigation into that report is underway but the i.c.c. said the test which started in perth on thursday can continue on compromised. i'm
9:54 pm
pleased to say i saw nothing on my initial view that meant we should interfere with that but now we're into a thorough investigation which is likely to take several weeks we won't be commenting or speculating in the intervening period but i can assure everybody watching this that this will be a thorough investigation it doesn't matter where in the world the allegations relate to if it's about corruption cricket we will pursue the people involved on the field in england took the upper hand on day one of their third ashes test that the whacko the other milan scored he's made in test hundred as england closed on three hundred five four for australia lead the series to know and can clinch the ashes with victory in the test match tomorrow the first though is crucial for us you know if we give them any sniff tomorrow morning their first with the with the second you. you know sort of give them an inch and right back to them so you know we're going to have to be quite ruthless in the way we play tomorrow morning put
9:55 pm
them under pressure and get some more of these in the legs. i thought no point really well we lit more light they got caught from that little going to really will show us. how you have to close it off or not we can if you do this there's water runs and one of chris froome is rivals in claiming double standards after the british cyclist escaped an immediate suspension following a failed drug test at this year's tour of spain four time tour de france champion is continuing to train in spain that's despite the announcement better to strum september should double the allowed amount of illegal ass medication cycling's governing body the u.c.i. is investigating i can understand a lot of people's reactions especially given the history of the sport but i think this is this is obviously a very different case this is not a positive test. as it stands the u.c.i. have asked me for more information regarding my use of a sub use more which is
9:56 pm
a very common medicine used in treating us my thing although all asthmatic. will now. be small is. and obviously only been too happy to try and try and help the u.c.i. . get in the blanks so that's froome side of the story but top german rider tourney martin posted a message in german on his facebook page that's been translated here he wrote other athletes are immediately suspended after a positive sample do froome andy's team enjoy a special status our credibility is at stake. russian president vladimir putin has accused united states government agencies of dragging the man who exposed a state sponsored doping program in the country in the lead up to the twenty fourteen winter olympics in sochi. the former director of moscow's anti
9:57 pm
doping laboratory and these testimony ultimately led to the international olympic committee banning russia from taking part in the upcoming winter games in pyongyang putin believes the doping scandal is being used to smear he's government ahead of russian elections in march the nation or would it become and you cannot drink of his working under the control of american special services what are they doing with him what kind of substance is he given so that he says what is required it's ridiculous and thirdly it is all written in his diaries so what where was that written how had he written that nobody knows what the count down to that young chang winter olympics continued on the slopes of italy on thursday of snowboarding first parallel giant slalom world cup event of the season took place in sirte russian twenty fifth the world champion under the help of gomery need to top the podium in the men's event and reigning world champion is the leader of the czech
9:58 pm
republic saw for a bona hoffmeister to win the women's yes. it was quite rough a lot of. the cars the slope was not so perfect although they are going to made a great job for sure but. the past a little bit difficult with the weather and i'm happy that i could be here that's all the sport more later. thank you peter that's it for mr townson for this news hour but maryam namazie will be with you in a moment with much more of the day's news don't go away.
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to. indulge your five senses. you are making very pointed remarks where on line the main u.s. response to drug use and the drug trade over the last fifty years has been to criminalize or if you join us on say no evil person just makes up of it in the morning and says i want to cover the world in darkness and this is a dialogue and that could be was leading to some of the confusion online about people saying they don't actually know what's going on join the colobus conversation at this time on al-jazeera. we understand the differences and the similarities of cultures across the world. so
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