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and the similarities of cultures across the wound. so no matter where you call home al-jazeera will bring in the news and current affairs that matter to you. al-jazeera. once welcomed now fear. dividing a nation. al-jazeera explores germany's long term economic strategy of pursuing immigrants from the arab world i feel more just among the syrian. oh much money does a richer get those people who don't think. it's one german and i'm not the new germans at this time on al-jazeera. the evidence is undeniable the weapons might as well have had made in iran stickers
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all over it. the u.s. says it has evidence that proves iran supplied yemen's who's the rebels with the missile they fired into saudi arabia. although i'm maryam namazie in london you're watching algis they're also coming up the crack down range of muslims takes another grim turn at least seven thousand have believed to have been killed in a single month. amongst a deal worth billions of dollars but what does disney buying a chunk of twenty first century fox actually mean for consumers. and we're live in washington where there's just been a huge decision made on the future of the internet. you know our top story the u.s. ambassador to the u.n. saying that washington times to build an international coalition to push back
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against iran in the last few hours nikki haley held a news conference in which she accused iran of quote funding the flames of conflict in the region she also presented evidence she says proves to iran supplied to see rebels in yemen with a missile that the group fired into saudi arabia this is a blatant violation of what they are not supposed to be doing and what we're saying is everybody has to total around iran in fear of them getting out the nuclear deal and they are allowing missiles like this to be fired over to innocent civilians and hurt and that is what has to stop and so we will continue to raise and build the international community support to say this is not about the nuclear deal this is about all other actions and the president will work with congress on how do we go forward in dealing with iran at this well in this way but the nuclear deal is not something that we're focused on now it's focusing on the threat that iran is posing as we know it. roslyn jordan joins us now from washington d.c.
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and roslyn caylee nikki haley and her colleagues went to a great deal of trouble to convey this information with a very dramatic backdrop alleged fragments of a missile behind what are you hearing there about the timing of this well people are simply saying that this is just a continuation of the trumpet ministrations offer it's to put increased pressure on iran from the very beginning it ministration and has been very suspicious of iran's a compliance with the nuclear deal that was a negotiated and brought to fruition at the end of two thousand and fifteen it's the it's a deal which the president donald trump has always said basically has too many loopholes for iran to get around the restrictions of the deal and to continue not just trying to build a nuclear weapons program but to also basically allow it to. send weapons to other groups to other countries across the region and thus destabilize it so the
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perception is that this is simply part of the administration's efforts to put more pressure on iran and perhaps indirectly try to scrap the nuclear deal once and for all but. of course that the u.s. is alleging that iran is violating u.n. sanctions this in itself is nothing new now this evidence has been presented one of the next steps likely to be. well certainly the united states has brought this evidence as well as the saudis have brought this evidence to the united nations and the u.n. is investigating whether in fact the missile launch against the riyadh airport on november fourth actually was carried out using iranian made equipment and so there's still a question in the air at least at the united nations about whether or not this was in fact iran supplying weapons to the who these for the purpose of trying to gain
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the upper hand as were in the civil war inside yemen but there's also the fact that the europeans who were very much supportive of the nuclear deal have no inclination of tearing it up they say that the deal is working that iran is in compliance and that it's really upon washington to try to persuade them that there should be a different tack employed in terms of dealing with iran's nuclear program so this is really a case of the u.s. trying to ratchet up the rhetoric if i may use the expression but there's already a lot of skepticism particularly from those countries that would be most intimately involved in deciding the way forward thanks very much reza and jordan in washington d.c. . the leader of how mass has called for a palestinian uprising against israel following the u.s. decision to recognize jerusalem as its capital as my honey i made the comments at
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a mass rally tonight the thirtieth anniversary of the faction in gaza and fish it was that. these rallies are almost always seen as a pall of party support for this a mass attracted a crowd easily in the thousands in southern gaza the huge poster of jerusalem as the backdrop speaker after speaker condemned the u.s. decision to recognize the city is israel's capital amasses leader suggested that donald trump was no less politically isolated given the international condemnation of the move over. the american and israeli position is weakened on the international level and for the first time in the history of the conflict the whole world is on one side with trump and netanyahu on the other side alone this is more evidence of the weakness of their position. amassed also make sure the crowd remembered it that opposed the oslo accords and as the movement was closer to a political agreement with fatah the distinction is important locally with possible
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new elections on the horizon in the crowd the insisted the rally sent an important message didn't get it i came here today to renew my support for hamas and to show support for jerusalem the city donald trump recognized as the capital of israel jerusalem is aus i know how to manage i come to these rallies every year this year we have national reconciliation and we have tribes the session on jerusalem the people here are sending a message to the enemy and to try and we amass believes that the size of the turnout here sends a message both regionally and internationally that its voice and those who support it cannot be ignored alan fischer al-jazeera gaza. at least nine thousand range of muslims died or were killed in the first month the military crackdown in myanmar that's according to the aid group doctors without
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borders this is the highest estimated death toll yet in a conflict the u.n. has called ethnic cleansing according to their report most of the deaths were caused by gunshot wounds other victims were burned alive inside houses or beaten to death how many reports. doctors without borders estimate that nine thousand role hinge a died in the month that followed the start of the military crackdown in me and more which began in late august most of the rohinton who died were killed violently . the estimate contrasts sharply with me and mars government total it said four hundred refugees were killed that month doctors without borders says their estimate is conservative and the actual total is likely to be far higher we have bubblicious the most conservative fake arish we had its. and if you look at the surf a.v. did it's interviewed more than twelve thousand people which were venomous semple from a fellatio six out of thousands they have heard stories of complete families which
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were killed so the belief that yes this number is what we belief is the lower range and our saying it's actually higher in reality the doctors without borders report states that at least nine thousand rohinton died mostly violently in iraq and state between august twenty fifth and september twenty fourth some of these atrocities according to the refugees we talked to are commits it's by military by police but local military forces and nation if that will and we still talk to people who have just arrived in the last few weeks who are still tilting about file and which affected them in the last two weeks so this is only going at least six hundred twenty thousand rohinton refugees fled to bangladesh from morocco and state since fighting started between me and more government security forces and rohinton gunman on august twenty fifth. army commanders in myanmar say troops responded to
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coordinated attacks on border posts by a rebel armed group they've consistently maintained no what trost of these were committed the u.n. however has called the army's actions against the rohinton a campaign of ethnic cleansing. research by doctors without borders also reveals at least seven hundred thirty roll him to children below the age of five years old were violently killed in that first month. these numbers are staggering doing and help sure if a dish will spark off a general hilscher if a member if realized what the findings were the simply couldn't shoot this information well me and more in bangladesh signed an agreement last month for the return of hundreds of thousands of pro him to refugees few details of the deal have been revealed. the walt disney company says it's reached a deal to buy key assets of twenty first century fox a transaction valued at fifty two point four billion dollars a month just so requires approval by antitrust regulators in the u.s.
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justice department but if it goes through media experts say disney could become a new contender in the realm of streaming online video. brings us more really this is a riff asking of the media landscape as we know it will allow disney as well as fox to become more competitive and essentially this is a response to changing viewing patterns by consumers you see in a really large growth in recent years by companies like amazon google who have built up their online cart and video viewing availabilities for consumers and it's made these traditional film companies. less competitive and so as a result we've seen now the siphoning off of the the the film division by twenty first century fox is going to the disney company it's a company that's known for historic films like the sound of music also marilyn
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monroe and even the first star wars that is all going to be part if approved the disney company and this would allow fox then to focus more tightly on its news and sports broadcaster visions. u.k. prime minister to resign may's meeting european union leaders in brussels a day after a defeat on breaks at home on wednesday night parliament back to the amendment giving them a legal guarantee of a vote on the final breaks it deal struck with process may is hoping e.u. leaders approved an agreement to move the price and it goes on to the second phase on a b. phillips has more from brussels. the british prime minister arrived at this summit in the wake of that embarrassing defeat in the u.k. parliament which gives parliament a little bit more control over the brits that process in the british government a little bit less but on the way into the meeting here in brussels to reason may not sound like a woman in a mood to compromise we have one hundred thirty five thousand thirty six votes on the story bill it is making good progress in terms of commons and that means we are
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on course to deliver on the suffering of the british british people to least european union and that's going to be doing you might recall that the irish border was one of the sticking points in the first round of negotiations the government in dublin insisting that the border between the republic of ireland and northern ireland which is in the u.k. must remain open even if the u.k. is leaving the single market and the customs union as well as the european union as a whole now when the irish prime minister came into the summit here he explained why he felt he had the right to push britain so hard some of the people who perhaps supported president campaign for the ash would realise or at least acknowledge that they're the ones who created this problem and i'm one of the people who's trying to resolve this trying to retain what we've had there for twenty years at peace in our island for most of the past twenty years parish sharing and for all those twenty years free movement of people goods services and trade between britain and ireland
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and in arlington that's what i'm working toward now for all the difficulties around the irish border as well as the size of the divorce and the rights of e.u. citizens after bret's it it seems clear that european leaders at this summit are poised to agree that sufficient progress has been made on the first round of negotiations and it is time now to move on to the second round which will look at the future relationship between britain and the e.u. . we could expect those talks to begin in the spring of twenty eighteen. you're watching out is there much want to tell you about the presidents of china and south korea put aside their differences for a joint meeting on north korea. and a memorial service is held for the victims of london's grunfeld tower fire six months on than many feel there's been no justice.
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hello and welcome to international weather forecast now as we started europe is still looking pretty unsettled and pretty wintry too we've got one weather system across eastern parts of europe another one pushing in cent across central areas and then we've got that cold north westerly flow across the u.k. and into the far west so no matter where you are it's really on the chilly side with a plenty of showers around london there looking at just six degrees plenty of snow around parts of france that frontal system across more central areas and this area of rain is likely to develop over the following twenty four hours or move the forecast through into the start of the weekend lot of heavy rain across parts of italy and through in towards the balkans more rain pushing through western parts of russia and everywhere those temperatures really struggling high as of tuesday and
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threes on the other side of the mediterranean we've still is circulation given the risk of some showers across central parts of algeria in particular some of the forecast through into saturday you see that should clear away but still some showers affecting coastal parts of both old syria and tunisia further towards the east it should be dry and fine for cairo for central parts of africa quiet for many areas some showers for the bond still and towards congo but for lagos nigeria and ghana it should be sunny with highs of thirty. singapore is being accused of expanding its coast by move illegally dredged some of the islands off the coast of indonesia literally vanish it's a big business will it will take. the stand is our parakeet you see with beautiful beach but behind it is something with not so profound tragedy is that people are just not aware and ecological investigation into
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a global emergency sound at this time on al-jazeera. i'll come back to watching out as they are let's update you on the stories making headlines the u.s. ambassador to the u.n. says washington plans to build an international coalition to push back against iran at least one thousand range of muslims died or were killed in the first month of a military crackdown in myanmar this according to the aid group doctors without borders. the walt disney company says it's reached a deal to buy key assets of twenty first century fox transaction valued at fifty two point four billion dollars. the united states is going to overturn net
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neutrality rules eliminating the regulations which ensure a free and open internet the u.s. federal communications commission voted to undo the obama era legislation meaning large corporations can pay internet service providers to prioritize their websites and even block competitors so let's get more on this now from andy gallacher who is live for us in washington d.c. there's been a very strong reaction to this move and tell us more about why the critics are saying it's both dangerous and illegal. well net neutrality basically meant that the internet was a level playing field that everybody had access no matter who they were that has now ended with this vote a vote incidentally that went down party lines and basically takes the internet from being a consumer oriented service to being a business oriented service it means in essence that internet service providers are now unfettered they can in theory do things that you just were talking about like
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charge people for access to certain websites even ban certain websites it doesn't mean that that is necessarily going to happen but they certainly have the power to do that now but i think what has happened here now is that this vote has set the stage for huge legal challenges the a.c.l.u. of already announced that they will sue the district attorney for new york and many others across the country say they will sue as well this was an incredibly unpopular move eighty three percent of americans didn't want net neutrality to end something like twenty million signed online petitions so although the f.c.c. may claim a victory here and they say this will mean more investment in the internet i think there is a long legal battle ahead for net neutrality officially ends also how long could it take and. i mean how long is a piece of string these things happen all the time when major decisions like this made the challenges go through the process through the court system it may be that
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net neutrality has already ended and internet service providers can actually become more unfettered and do what they want to do but as these legal cases come up as these legal challenges come up could then hit a pause button but what you have to remember is even though this is a controversial decision it doesn't necessarily mean that internet service providers will immediately start charging people because i think they know this is a very unpopular move on their part and people talk about the internet these days as a basic human right but i think this is a very controversial decision a deeply unpopular decision among the american people no matter which party they are for or against and i think these legal challenges will go on for months if not years thank you very much an accounting in washington d.c. . archon present like them or putin says the u.s. is in the grip of a fabricated spine mania created by opponents of donald trump made the comments during his annual press conference in moscow this and also praised the u.s. president's achievements during his time in office and said he's on
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a first name basis with trump he also said he believed that u.s. russia relations would one day recover but that. china and south korea had a tense relationship on thursday they put on a united front over the threat coming from north korea china's president xi jinping and his south korean counterpart say they won't tolerate war on the korean peninsula two leaders have been meeting in beijing adrian brown reports. this is a difficult visit for south korea's leader. unlike the a few super reception afforded president donald trump five weeks ago the welcoming ceremony for moon was decidedly low key his relationship with this president xi jinping has improved but remains onesie in spite of their differences the specter of conflict on the korean peninsula has brought these two men together mr made no secret. does not one war. want a piece for
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a diplomatic solution to north korea's nuclear missile programs so does this time china have a small screens have kamel langridge the principle point of friction remains south korea's decision to deploy a united states and missile system in response chinese tourists boycotted south korea and other economic sanctions followed on thursday moonsault to reassure china's leader that the system would only be used against north korea. but in a sign strains over the issues still linger there was no joint media conference as often happens on such occasions the atmosphere wasn't improved by a serious scuffle between a south korean photographer and chinese security guards the south korean government's lodged a complaint the good news is that the president thirty china and south korea are at
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least talking to one another but big differences remain over how to calm tensions on the korean peninsula but analysts say of the four leaders most closely involved in this crisis president trump and kim jong un of course being the others it is he and moon who are the same voices voices that could prove pivotal if diplomacy is to with. the u.n. secretary general antonio good terrors is also in the region with a stark warning against the danger of sleep walking into war he said the unity of the security council was crucial to prevent that it is very clear that security council resolutions need to be fully implemented fully implemented by north korea first of all but fully implemented by all the other countries was raleigh's crucial in order to make sure that the sanctions are put in place and that they achieve the result that we all aim which is
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a nuclearization of the korean peninsula the un's political chief jeffrey feltman was in north korea a week ago he said officials told him they wanted to avoid war now a delegation from russia's defense ministry is in pyongyang coupled with mr moon's visit to china this sudden flurry of activity could amount to the start of the last best hope for a diplomatic breakthrough adrian brown al-jazeera beijing. eighteen people have been killed in somalia's capital mogadishu after a bomb attack on a police academy police were gathering for the early morning parade when the suicide bomber struck officials say he was wearing a police uniform. has claimed responsibility for the attack egypt has ordered al-jazeera janice mahmut is saying to remain in prison for another forty five days he was arrested in egypt a year ago while visiting family it's now the tenth time his detention has been renewed continues to demand his release is accused of broadcasting false news to
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spread chaos which he and al jazeera strongly deny hussein has repeatedly complained of mistreatment in jail for iraqi citizens and one damages in london's high court after it was ruled british soldiers had illegally detained them before subjecting them to cruel and inhumane treatment this comes just ten days after the international criminal court declared there was a reasonable basis to conclude british troops had committed war crimes in iraq and has mall. well in his judgement here on thursday the high court judge ruled that all four iraqi claimants were abused by british troops one of will be awarded forty five thousand u.s. dollars in damages he was found to have been beaten by british troops and subjected to what are called harsh interrogation techniques including having insults and personal abuse shouted at him. being deprived of sleep and also being
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made to wear blackened out goggles and ear defenders during his interrogation. the judge said that those homes of practices were routinely used in iraq at that time despite being illegal now all of those claimants will receive monetary damages a total of almost a thousand cases have been brought by british lawyers representing iraq he's now around a third of those those cases have been settled already out of court but there was still over six hundred cases remaining unresolved including the four that were judged on on thursday and it's expected that this judgment will actually set a precedent for some of the other cases because there were similar legal issues at stake and it's clear that beyond this very is the possibility of cases against
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british soldiers in iraq going on for many years because just recently the chief prosecutor at the international criminal court in their hague said that there were reasonable grounds to believe that there were abuses committed by british soldiers in iraq. thousands of people have protested in the greek capital athens as part of a nationwide strike against the latest austerity measures. ten thousand protesters gathered outside parliament as politicians prepared to debate the twenty eight hundred budget government has agreed to cut spending reduce pension benefits and tighten strike rules. now it's been six months since one of the deadliest fires end modern british history on thursday a memorial service was held in london to mount the fire at ground felt tower that killed seventy one people leave baka reports. the same paul's cathedral of a morial to the dead survivors of the bereaved joint royals politicians and
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religious leaders in mourning among us are survivors of the fire in grenfell tower they hear to remember the moments fire engulfed grenfell tower tending residents into victims leaving a deprived multi ethnic community traumatized that night was to change the lives of so many here in this cathedral and beyond today many here grieve for loved ones who perished on that dreadful night. the blackened remains of grenfell tower loom over west london for locals it's impossible to escape the memory of what happened in the. nearby places of worship offer counseling but the healing process is painfully slow people are still suffering from flash parts most not only the residents but also those who witness of the fire from their. windows in the night on the night of the fourteenth of june people's responses to the locals call this
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the truth wall where people come to unlock their trauma there's a lot of anger here there seems to be one sort of providing word that we see all over this wall and that's the word justice or does justice look like the justice for the justice campaign would mean that people are given a home so that they can actually try and get some of the life back secondly it's actually that we start to hold to account the bodies whether that be the council whether that be the government who made decisions that led to the needless deaths of people in the tower. six months on only forty two of two hundred eight families from grenfell tower have been moved to permanent accommodation the local council says it's racing to get people housed a public inquiry has been launched to find out the underlying cause of the tragedy of the fires destroyed people's trust in all thirty. a criminal investigation led
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by the police is also on the way it could result in manslaughter charges against those involved in the towers construction and maintenance it's taken months of complex forensic work to identify many of the dead some through only the tiniest fragments of human remains found within mountains of debris the police say they're investigating more than three hundred companies they've recorded millions of documents and artifacts and interview to thousands of witnesses many want grenfell tower to be demolished and a fitting memorial erected in its place but the real legacy most people want is change real change leave park al-jazeera london well much more in everything we're covering right here comment analysis and video on demand al-jazeera dot com.
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the top stories for you now the u.s. ambassador to the u.n. says washington plans to build an international coalition to push back against iran nikki haley held a news conference in which she accused iran of quote fanning the flames of conflict in the region she also presented evidence she says proves to iran supplied who's the rebels in yemen with a missile they fired into saudi arabia. this is a blatant violation of what they are not supposed to be doing and what we're saying is everybody has to total around iran in fear of them getting out the nuclear deal and they are allowing missiles like this to be fired over to innocent civilians and hurt and that is what has to stop and so we will continue to raise and build the international community support at least one thousand ranjoor muslims died or were killed in the first month of a military crackdown in myanmar that's according to the aid group doctors without borders it's the highest estimated death toll yet in a conflict the u.n. has called ethnic cleansing according to the report most of the deaths were caused
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by gunshot wounds. or mass is calling for a palestinian uprising against israel following the u.s. decision to recognize jerusalem as its capital. leader ismail haniya made the comments at a rally to mark group's thirtieth anniversary. the us federal communications commission has voted to undo net neutrality laws it means large corporations will be able to pay internet service providers to prioritize their websites and even block their competitors. u.k. prime minister to resign may's meeting leaders in brussels less than a day after an embarrassing parliamentary defeat on breaks it may is hoping e.u. leaders approve an agreement to move the francs if it goes on to a second phase incorporating trade talks. and the walt disney company says it's reached a deal to buy key assets of twenty first century fox transaction valued at fifty two point four billion dollars the merger still requires approval by antitrust
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regulators and the u.s. justice department but if it goes through media experts say disney could become a new contender in the realm of streaming online video. coming up next the stream looks at the impact on president donald trump of this week's shop democrat win in the state of alabama i'll be back with much more news after that in about twenty five minutes time see them. for the ok go in the stream we are live on al-jazeera you changed today it's been six months.


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