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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  December 15, 2017 1:00am-1:34am +03

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it's based on. a new poll ranks mexico city is the worst in the world for sexual violence many women are attacked while moving in the crowded spaces of the metro buses and even at the hands of taxi drivers the conversation starts with do you have a boyfriend very young you feel unsafe threatened think about how to react what do i do if this gets way no money on a uses a new service it's called law it's for women kasich is only a drum by women drivers. features like a panic button and twenty seven drive as. yet it is undeniable that weapons might as well have had it made in iran stickers
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on it. u.s. says it has evidence that proves iran supplied yemen's who the rebels with the missile they fired into saudi arabia are. on maryam namazie and on the watching al-jazeera also coming up a blow finale travesty rules that ensure free and open internet are being dumped in the u.s. . crackdown on range of muslims takes another grim turn at least seven thousand to believe to have been killed in a single mom. back home that lost the sierra leone migrants returning off to terrible treatment in libya. aloha top story this hour the u.s. ambassador to the united nations saying washington plans to build an international coalition to push back against iran they held
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a news conference in which she accused iran of quote fanning the flames of conflict in the region she says to her hands applied to the rebels in yemen with a missile that the group fired into saudi arabia this is a blatant violation of what they are not supposed to be doing and what we are saying is everybody has to total around iran in fear of them getting out of the nuclear deal and they are allowing missiles like this to be fired over to innocent civilians and hurt and that is what has to stop and so we will continue to raise and build the international community support to say this is not about the nuclear deal this is about all other actions and the president will work with congress on how do we go forward in dealing with iran at this one in this way but the nuclear deal is not something that we're focused on now it's focusing on the threat that iran is posing as we know it was and jordan has more now from washington. well people are simply saying that this is just a continuation of the trumpet ministrations offer it's to put increased pressure on
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iran from the very beginning the administration has been very suspicious of iran's oil compliance with the nuclear deal that was a negotiated and proxy fruition at the end of two thousand and thirteen it's the it's a deal which the president donald trump has always said basically has too many loopholes for iran to get around the restrictions of the deal and to continue not just trying to build a nuclear weapons program but to also basically allow it to put no send weapons to other groups to other countries across the region and thus he stabilize it so the perception is that this is simply part of the administration's efforts to put more pressure on iran and perhaps indirectly try to scrap the nuclear deal once and for all. is the director of golf as in government relations in the middle east institute he says iran's actions have escalated tensions in the region well i think
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what there are has been is a growing concern about iran's continued support for the hooty we've known for least five years that the iranians have been sending materiel as well as training and assistance support to the who tease but the launching of a missile against riyadh is an escalation and a clear demonstration that the iranians are not only not trying to help resolve this three year old conflict but in fact they're trying to expand and deepen it. united states is going to overturn net neutrality rules eliminating the regulations which ensure a free and open internet the u.s. federal communications commission voted to undo the obama era legislation being large corporations can pay internet service providers to prioritize their websites and even block competitors and he got to has more from washington d.c.
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. well this vote now essentially takes the power of the internet away from being a consumer oriented service and puts it firmly in the hands of the internet service providers it is a very controversial decision because net neutrality meant that the internet was a level playing field that everybody could have access everybody could have their say and in theory that has now changed dramatically by getting rid of net neutrality internet service providers can potentially charge more they could even ban certain websites and if you are under represented member of the community let's say your black lives matter and you want to organize and get information out to the people that you represent it may be much harder right now but this is been a deeply unpopular move eighty three percent of americans are against ending net neutrality something like twenty million took to the internet to sign petitions and i think this is all set the stage for a huge legal challenges in the next few months the a.c.l.u. of announce that they will sue or with this decision district attorneys from across
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the country have announced that they will also pursue legal challenges so although this is a very controversial decision it's a very deeply unpopular decision on the one that will face many much time in court lots of legal challenges and all of this could drag on for months if not years. and now at least nine thousand range of muslims died or were killed in the month a military crackdown in myanmar that's according to the aid group doctors without borders this is the highest estimated death toll yet in a conflict the u.n. has described as ethnic cleansing according to their report most of the deaths were caused by gunshot wounds other victims were burned alive inside houses or were beaten to death mohammed june imports doctors without borders estimate that nine thousand roll hinges died in the month that followed the start of the military
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crackdown in me and more which began in late august most of the rohinton who died were killed violently. the estimate contrasts sharply with me in mars government total it said four hundred refugees were killed that month. doctors without borders says their estimate is conservative and the actual total is likely to be far higher we have published the most conservative fake arish we had. and if you look at the surf a.v. did the interview with more than twelve thousand people which were randomly sampled from a fallacious of six hundred thousand we have heard stories of complete families which were killed so we believe that yes this number is what the belief is the lower range and our saying it's actually higher in reality the doctors without borders report states that at least nine thousand rohinton died mostly violently in iraq and state between august twenty fifth and september twenty fourth some of these
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atrocities according to the refugees we talked to are commits it's by military by police but local military forces and nation if that will and we still talk to people who have just arrived in the last few weeks who are still tilting about fire lines which affected them in the last two weeks so this is only going at least six hundred twenty thousand row him to refugees fled to bangladesh from rakhine state since fighting started between me and more government security forces and rohinton gunman on august twenty fifth. army commanders in myanmar say troops responded to coordinated attacks on border posts by a rebel armed group they've consistently maintained no what trost of these were committed the u.n. however has called the army's actions against the rohinton a campaign of ethnic cleansing. research by doctors without borders also reveals at least seven hundred thirty rohinton children below the age of five years old were violently killed in that first month. in the saying these numbers are staggering
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abend even doing and help surface will spark off in general health surf a and m. before the realized what the findings where they simply couldn't sit on this information while me and mine bangladesh signed an agreement last month for the return of hundreds of thousands of rohinton refugees few details of the deal have been revealed. russia's president vladimir putin has given his annual live press conference in moscow he spoke about domestic and foreign issues including syria and north korea as well as his intentions ahead of russia's presidential elections in march so i go reports from moscow. a grand entrance for an end of year finale with the press an opportunity of sorts for journalists to put their questions to russia's president halasz performance from the man himself with an eye on the presidential election ahead. i'm going to
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run as an independent for of course i do hope for the support of the political forces parties or social organizations which share my views on the development of the country on which i do hope for the us and i also hope for the broad support of . modernizing russia's infrastructure as well as its health and education systems putin said the country's main concerns but not the only issues on his radar but. in a visit to a russian air base in syria this week he told troops that they could return home victorious but their part in the war their words to allay fears of those who remember the soviet invasion of afghanistan which ended in a humiliating defeat but he had knowledge of the work in syria was not over especially with regards to the refugee crisis. we should definitely do something about it we need to solve this problem but syria will not be able to cope with it and you know russia will not be able to handle it on its own but only as part of
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a joint international effort this is almost in a counterbalance to the us mr putin has received much praise for raising russia's profile he intends to create new deals across the world especially in the middle east in a post i saw world he says russia as a crucial contend. to bolster its image not just up home but abroad. we want. more but yes we will see there was a. three year old boy. and asked for his thoughts on north korea the us came for fierce criticism accusing both sides of saber rattling but he welcomed the recent statement by the u.s. secretary of state's rex tillerson regarding talks of pyongyang and in the upcoming
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presidential race in which he's the favorite to win his vision for russia has appealed to many how much of it he can achieve depends on other factors beyond his control sunny diagonal al-jazeera moscow and watching al-jazeera much want to tell you about this half hour we're going to be live in chile where the two remaining presidential candidates are into their last hour of campaigning also the multibillion dollar deal between two of the world's largest media groups that change the film and t.v. landscape. hello and welcome back across australia temperatures are on the rise generally we're going to see those temperatures rise across some southeast now as you head through into the start of the weekend with sydney coming up maximum of thirty three
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degrees but stays alice at thirty six and pleasant conditions enough for perth a maximum of twenty four degrees so let's head across into new zealand where the weather is looking terry not too bad at the moment so across the north island but across the south island we've got this frontal system gradually pushing in from the west so for southern areas it will be rather wet during the day and then as we head into the weekend we're going to find the system pushing further towards the north for adventure begins to clear away so can should be dry for much the time with highs of twenty three degrees let's set up into northeastern parts of asia and here well certainly for the next twenty four hours things are looking not too bad a lot of dry weather around to the wind is generally quite light sea temperatures still generally subzero across the korean peninsula valuable stuff minus seven so move the forecast through into saturday we've got some snow showers coming in across the sea of japan into northern parts of japan in particular still pretty chilly if you kill young soul scrapes up to freezing and for beijing it should be
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dry temperatures hovering around the freezing mark. they live in a country plagued by poverty. billionaires life is all about glamour. and. wonder when east meets the new rogers at this time on al-jazeera. and for.
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a comeback with al-jazeera that's over the top stories the u.s. ambassador to the u.n. says washington plans to build an international coalition to push back against iran . the us federal communications commission has voted to overturn net neutrality rules eliminating the regulations which and should free and open internet and at least nine thousand range of muslims died or were killed in the first month of the military crackdown in myanmar is holding to the aid group doctors without borders. when all the stories are following closely about sixty migrants from libya have been returned to sierra leone and it follows reports of abuse in libya including allegations of migrants being sold in slave trade markets in a degree's reports from the capital freetown. they arrive tired and traumatized to a state even freetown to recuperate after an appalling experience in libya the
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international organization for migration or i.o.m. food is migrants back in partnership with the syrian government. because he couldn't find work the united nations development program says seventy percent of youth are unemployed or underemployed in syria leone he had hopes of reaching germany where his brother is and libya is the gateway there once more arrived in libya he was put in prison forced to live in squalid conditions to be treated you a bit of prison. if you give each would. brother managed to send him money from germany will have a bangor i was working in libya but his employers never paid him instead they asked his family to send them money when that didn't happen they broke one hammett's foot . once the migrants of had a chance to settle back in sierra leone they will then go through
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a reintegration process with io out that will include a total of one thousand and fifty euros gets your views on what assistance should justification to be shootouts a day. they never. knew it would be used as full business applications education getting into the united nations estimates about seven hundred thousand migrants are in libya the i.o.m. plans to fly fifteen thousand migrants home from detention centers in libya before the end of the year. the ministry of foreign affairs says they are looking at ways to address the issue of people leaving syria leone governments working with these subjects in a for us you i mean to walk out in the courts so sustains history. you know tackle this issue of fair like fish as for momo he just hopes he will be able to find work back in his homeland needed to freeze al-jazeera freetown. well come
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by inning is about to end in the second round of chile's presidential election voters will head to the polls on sunday to elect a successor to present michelle a choosing between right wing businessman and former president sebastian pinera and the former genest yeah america added to the scene even joins me live now from santiago how close a race is it you see if. you don't marry him it is extremely close i would say the most exciting. return to democracy in one thousand nine hundred are real nail biter and there isn't a single poster who would dare to predict it's expected to be very close now right now i'm at the final campaign rally of. the candidate. hasn't arrived yet but there are large crowds of people waiting for him right now rolling their flags that represent political parties from the christian democrats to the center all the way to the communist party is you're going to probably see some of these flags. in
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chile in politics no one expected you would never get this far like us he is a journalist and now a former generalist and senator but many are concerned that he simply doesn't have the experience to govern and to get to new with the social reform started by the current socialist president to be shattered by today on the other hand we have to jump in yet i was also holding his final rally had this hour merriam in a downtown stadium he stands for more jobs more free market policies and many fear he would be reversing some of these social reforms especially in health education and pension scenario. and seems to be quite a boy in the mood there people are waving flags and then we can hear notes of music you see how would you gauge the mood of the electorate that. appear very excited i mean as i said no one expected that give would get this far the center. left in chile thought that it was all over the same us campaign yet it
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would as most of the world had predicted in the first round less than a month ago to have an easy win but that hasn't been the case in fact what doug election showed the first round is that chileans want more reporters not less and this is what they were asked to get up to adjust his program significantly in order to win over some of these people or at least some of the people who are still in doubt when they go to the polls on sunday but these people here are feeling triumphant it is not going to be very close. thank you very much i know you'll be watching it all for us that's going to be a nail biter second round as we go into sunday finale scene even in santiago thank you the syrian government has been criticized for failing to engage in direct negotiations at the un brokered talks in geneva the un syria and boy called on russia to play a greater role in convincing its ally president bashar assad to accept a new constitution and elections on the syrian opposition appealed for the international community to do more to pressure the government to engage the
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government delegation says it's immune to this pressure and has accused western countries in saudi arabia of sabotaging blackmail houses call for a palestinian uprising against israel following the u.s. decision to recognize jerusalem as its capital. the leader of the palestinian political party with an armed wing set the u.s. and israel have left themselves isolated by the controversial move ismail haniya made the comments at a mass rally to month the thirtieth anniversary of the faction which was formed in response to israel's equal patient of the west bank and the calls to strip for iraqi citizens of one damages in london's high court after it was ruled british soldiers it illegally detained them before subjecting them to cruel and inhumane treatment it comes just ten days after the international criminal court declared there was a reasonable basis to conclude bush's troops had committed war crimes in iraq that
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explains. well in his judgement here on thursday the high court judge ruled that all four iraqi claimants were abused by british troops one of will be awarded forty five thousand u.s. dollars in damages he was found to have been beaten by british troops and subjected to what are called harsh interrogation techniques including having insults and personal abuse shouted at him. being deprived of sleep and also being made to wear black and out goggles and ear defenders jury his interrogation. the judge said that those homes of practices were routinely used in iraq at that time despite being illegal now all of those claimants will receive monetary damages a total of almost a thousand cases have been brought by british lawyers representing iraq he's now
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around a third of those those cases have been settled already out of court but there was still over six hundred cases remaining unresolved including the four that were judged on on thursday and it's expected that this judgment will actually set a precedent for some of the other cases because there were similar legal issues at stake and it's clear that beyond this there is the possibility of cases against british soldiers in iraq going on for many years because just recently the chief prosecutor at the international criminal court in their hague said that there were reasonable grounds to believe that there were abuses committed by british soldiers in iraq. the u.k. prime minister to resign may has been meeting european union leaders in brussels a day after a defeat on breaks it at home on wednesday night parliament backed an amendment giving them a legal guarantee of a vote on the final brights
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a deal struck with brussels may is hoping that it is now approve an agreement to move the bricks and gauche asians forward to the second phase which involves starting trade talks it's been six months since one of the deadliest fires in modern british history and a memorial service has been held in london to mark the fire when fell tower that killed seventy one people need barker reports. the same paul's cathedral of a morial to the dead survivors of the bereaved joint royals politicians and religious leaders in mourning among us are survivors of the fire in grenfell tower they hear to remember the moments fire engulfed grenfell tower turning residents into victims leaving a deprived multi ethnic community traumatized that night was to change the lives of so many here in this cathedral and beyond today many here grieved for loved ones who perished on that dreadful night. the charred remains of grenfell tower
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over west london it's impossible for the community to escape the memory of what happened here people's responses to the locals call this the truth wall where people come to unlock their trauma as a lot of anger here there seems to be one sort of providing word that we see all over this wall and that's the word justice or does justice look like to justice for the justice campaign would mean that people are given a home so that they can actually try and get some of the life that sickened me it's actually that we start to hold to account the bodies whether that be the council whether that be the government who made decisions that led to the needless deaths of people in the tower. six months on only forty two of two hundred eight families to grenfell tower have been moved to permanent accommodation the local council says
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it's racing to get people housed a public inquiry has been launched to find out the underlying cause of the tragedy of the fires destroyed people's trust in all thirty. a criminal investigation led by the police is also on the way it could result in manslaughter charges against those involved in the towers construction and maintenance of. the community around grenfell tower gathers for a silent monch in memory of those killed the crowds are now larger than ever it's taken months of complex forensic work to identify all of the dead some through only fragments of remains found within vast amounts of rubble the police say that they're investigating more than three hundred companies involved in the construction and maintenance of. the police have millions of documents potential evidence in their possession and have carried out thousands of witness interviews people here are demanding ounces and went on says finally come many want grenfell
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tower to be demolished and a. fitting memorial erected in its place with a real legacy bugs people world is change real change. the al-jazeera flood. thousands of people have protested on the streets of the greek capital athens as part of a nationwide strike against the government's latest austerity measures. ten thousand protesters gathered outside the parliament as it prepared to debate the twenty eighteen budget that will go to a vote next tuesday the government has agreed to cut spending reduce pension benefits and tighten strike rules for unions as part of its latest bailout. the walt disney company has agreed to acquire most of the assets of twenty first century fox the conglomerate by media tycoon rupert murdoch the transaction is valued at roughly fifty billion dollars and could potentially change the way of us around the wild watch movies and t.v. if it's approved by u.s. regulators john hendren has will. in
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a move that would reshape the entertainment industry large parts of what belonged to twenty first century fox would become the property of disney we're getting credit quality content we're getting global reach we're getting access to new technologies and we're also getting great talents there while there is risk associated with this whether you look at the price or whether you look at the regulatory side or whether you look at the complexity of integrating companies the size that risk was well worth taking on the marriage of fox in the mouse is priced at fifty two billion dollars but it still needs the approval of any trust regulators in an e-mail to disney employees chairman and c.e.o. bob iger called it a historic move forward for us one that reflects a rapidly evolving media landscape brands from rupert murdoch's fox empire included in the deal or twentieth century fox film and television sky b s b the national geographic channel's the f.x. network's star india and its streaming service of this combined company is to
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create even more high quality content and then to distribute it in ways that consumers prefer and consumers demand in today's world we think that this combination is going to enable even more of that disney expects to save two billion dollars in cost savings analysts say that will likely come at the expense of shrinking even eliminating the hallowed twentieth century fox studios the cellular home to classics such as the sound of music. was. in the very first star wars film with the hulu service it will it does. take on netflix apple amazon google and facebook in the rapidly expanding realm of online video the massive deal is not a foregone conclusion the u.s. justice department recently said eighty in ti's bid to acquire time warner is unlikely to be approved without major changes that signals that plan pacts like
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this could also have to pass intense into a trust scrutiny before they become a reality john hendren al jazeera all right so here's something unusual ten members of the u.k. criminal gang of been jailed after they were caught on camera smuggling contraband into a prison using drones the operation was caught by chance on remote cameras set up to film wildlife in the middle of the county of was to show. a person prosecutors say drugs phones and weapons with an estimated value of more than a million dollars or smuggled into he will prison south of the city of birmingham it's alleged a prison oka straight to the operation from behind was. well as much more on everything we're covering right here al jazeera dot com is wanita.
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let's just take a quick look at the stories top stories before we go the u.s. ambassador to the u.n. says washington plans to build an international coalition to push back against iran nikki haley held a news conference in which she accused iran of quote fanning the flames of conflict in the region she also presented evidence she says proves to hans applied who's the rebels in yemen with a missile they fired into saudi arabia. this is a blatant violation of what they are not supposed to be doing and what we're saying is everybody has to total around iran in fear of them getting out of the nuclear deal and they are allowing missiles like this to be fired over to innocent civilians and hurt and that is what has to stop and so we will continue to raise and build the international community support moving to our other top stories this hour the united states is going to overturn net neutrality rules eliminating the regulations which ensure a free and open internet the u.s. federal communications commission voted to undo the obama era legislation and the
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large corporations can now pay internet service providers to prioritize their websites and even block their competitors. at least nine thousand range of muslims died or were killed in the first month of the military crackdown in myanmar according to the aid group doctors without borders this is the highest estimated death toll yet in a conflict the u.n. has called ethnic cleansing according to the report most of the deaths were caused by gunshot wounds all the victims were burned alive inside their houses or were beaten to death. russian president vladimir putin says the u.s. is in the grip of a fabricated spine mania created by the opponents of donald trump who made the comments during his annual press conference in moscow he also praised the u.s. president's achievements sharing his time in office and the syrian government has been criticized for failing to engage in direct negotiations at un brokered talks
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in geneva the un syria envoy called on russia to play a greater role in convincing its ally president bashar assad to accept a new constitution and elections coming up next i want to warn east looks inside the life of india's billionaires more news coming out from doha at the top the next hour stay with us. the head of the september twenty fourth national election survey showed a satisfied for the state of their economy this is easily estonia's biggest tech success story the company was bought by microsoft in two thousand and eleven we bring you the stories that are shaping the economic world we live in counting the cost at this time on al-jazeera i truly. believe. that the neutral occurred. from glitzy weddings to luxury yucks n.b.c. . india's billionaires live in a world of extreme.


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