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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  December 15, 2017 10:00am-10:34am +03

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zero is in place we're able to cover news like. as a show. we're able to do it properly. that is all straight. besieged by violent crime and drugs. confronted by ariss and integration. outas era traces the history of fast generation lebanese australians exploring the conflicts. and the struggle for acceptance. once upon a time in punchbowl at this time on al-jazeera. victims of syria's war stare at an uncertain future as another round of un backed
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talks. time sam is a down this is al jazeera live from down also coming up the anger refuses to die down but more protests across the world against president trump's decision to recognize jerusalem as israel's capital. spain a long hard storm we started off with not. vindicated at last the strayer's final report investigating child abuse finds institutions fail to protect the victims. plus once allies now enemies house territories reshaping greek politics. now there's no end in sight for millions of syrians who've suffered years of
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turmoil after the latest round of geneva talks failed to bring any hopes of peace all sides are blaming each other for the lack of progress and this leaves many syrians continuing to leave either on the siege or in camps binge of aid reports from this author camp in northern syria syrian children made homeless in their own country struggle to understand why they have to live in tents of the six and a half million displaced syrians almost three million are boys and girls. mohammed remembers going to school before his leg was blown off in an airstrike he blamed the assad government. his scars are a painful reminder of the surgery and shrapnel that hit in leg. he tires easily these days and misses going out to play football well. it's too hard for me to go to the toilet we go to the caravan used by everyone else i want to proceed to clegg i dream of becoming a driver maybe a pilot or i could study to become
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a doctor syrians and or a camp were forced to leave their homes in homs city after a three year siege the government told them they could survive if they surrendered their homes i mean a half thousand came to this camp but basic facilities a plastic sheet is what separates the people in sight from the really cold wind that you can feel out in this camp and you can see the conditions because this is what they have for sewage there because charities are providing help but it's not enough the refugees put on layers of clothes to stay warm during the harsh winter because there is no heating the managers of the camp say just sending more aid is not a long term solution to bring us aid boxes or heating doesn't solve our problem the problem is the regime solve that and the people will return home we do such as arms they have more urgent needs. there's only been my child has a blood disease and he needs medicine and the wife of the martyr and have for orphans i lost my husband and there is no one to help i don't want anything i want
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just medicine her story resonates with the syrians forced from their homes and more are becoming homeless as the war enters its seventh winter they fear the world doesn't care anymore but it's hoped when the children such as noor aren't giving up despite being told not to run he wants to show the world he's still capable and still has a chance of a better future of a job a down to zero. syria. david chaytor has more on those failed talks from geneva. the eighth round of negotiations and yet another failure for the united nations in geneva the syrian government's team refused point blank to meet face to face with their opposition counterparts they say no talks will be held with the opposition as long as this insists on president assad's removal from power and the opposition has presented us with a new position and has imposed preconditions on the talks in geneva these come from
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their handlers on the other side the un's mediator stefan de mistura couldn't hide his frustration he said courage was needed to win the peace a big missed opportunity i golden opportunity at the end of this year when in fact duty there a clear indication by many thighs that the military operations are coming to a cloth the leader of the opposition delegation though was equally forthright pinning the blame for the failure squarely on the shoulders of the team from damascus. the regime has refused to wreck talks refused indirect talks refuse even the agenda put forward by. did everything it means the regime rejected the peace process after nearly seven years of civil war in syria with the death toll now stretching beyond four hundred thousand and with millions of refugees force on the home now is the time to find
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a new initiative behind the scenes talks are underway to find a method to revive this peace process but ultimately solution lies in the hands of two leaders in washington and moscow. al-jazeera geneva. from palestine to pakistan malaysia to japan protests are planned on friday against the u.s. president's decision to recognize jerusalem as the capital of israel the outrage over don trump's decision to move the u.s. embassy from tel aviv to jerusalem hasn't died down since the announcement last week it was widely condemned with islamic leaders instead declaring jerusalem as the capital of palestine. let's go live now to harry forsett who's in jerusalem so what's planned there today. well so far the scene is although it looks quiet behind me it has been busier than around this time last friday there are a lot of people coming from on buses from the occupied west bank from northern
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israel as well for friday prayers they're obviously converging here and heading on their way towards the al aqsa mosque compound palestinian factions have called for larger scale protests this week than we saw last week and it also follows just a couple days after the organization of islamic couple cooperation conference in turkey where there was a lot of calls for from mahmoud abbas from the president of turkey and others for a strong response to what has happened since the declaration on wednesday by donald trump the israeli police are saying that there are no restrictions in terms of ages as they sometimes impose on preselect on fridays if they are concerned about possible tensions however they always say that they assess and update these things during the day and the factions are calling for a convergence of protesters in the occupied west bank in occupied east jerusalem in fact near the kalandia checkpoint which is long been
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a friction point between protesters and israeli security forces so we could see somewhat larger scale protests than we saw last friday after afternoon prayers i will just have to wait and see how things play out or i will leave it there for now and check in on the situation there later thanks for now sorry for so. now a five year inquiry in australia shows major institutions have failed to protect tens of thousands of children who've been sexually abused it wants a stranger to introduce a law forcing religious leaders to report child abuse including catholic priests told of abuse in confessionals the role commission has been investigating abuse in catholic churches schools and sports clubs in australia over the past ninety years more than sixty percent of the victims in religious institutions were catholics about four thousand institutions were reported to the commission which heard from more than one thousand witnesses the report makes nearly four hundred
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recommendations to prevent child abuse including vatican reform prime minister malcolm turnbull said the investigation has exposed a national tragedy i want to thank and on are the courage of the the survivors and their families who've told often for the first time the dreadful. stories of abuse that they received from people who actually owed them love and protection. he spent a long hard slog we started off with not being believed not pain not people not wanting us to talk about it the churches and charities in institutions putting pressure on everyone not to believe this that we were lying that it wasn't true and the royal commission is in enabled all of us to to step up and say yes now people believe this it is true my hundred thomas is live for us now in sydney and first of
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all andrew some of these recommendations touch some of the basic church traditions tell us how. well they do two of the key recommendations is that celibacy among priests in the catholic church be optional and another is that the sanctity of confessional be abandoned the priest be obliged to tell the place if they hear of criminal behavior from people coming to them now those are two of the central tenets of the catholic church and already senior people in the catholic church in australia are suggesting that they don't think they could go along with these the archbishop's of both melbourne and sydney in the last couple of hours of both say that the sanctity of confessional as something to change is a distraction i don't actually think it would help children until the spot that they one of the main recommendations based report celibacy they have been less vocal on so far but again that would strike really to the heart of the catholic
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church but there's been a huge investigation that's going on as you say for more than five years and the damning report that's the only way it can be described because that's exactly what it is it says this was not a case of a few rotten apples this was institutional abuse that the catholic church should have done much more about on the words hands of thousands of child victims all facts abuse so as you say four hundred mandation is now go to australia's government is for them now to consider this huge report seventeen bolivians of it's in old and for them to decide what laws of nature changing here in australia and then what implications that could have globally for the catholic church and other it religious institutions that sounds like a very critical report numb wondering what responses there been from the catholic church under. it was a sight the archbishop's of both melbourne and sydney have said the sanctity of the confessional shouldn't really be touched that is to central and as distraction
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there has been some interviews with senior catholic site of the last day or two knowing this was coming and they have said in those interviews that they haven't heard any priest come to them and say that they've never heard anybody admit to child abuse in the confessional so what is the point in changing what is a central religious ten and if it's not really going to help anybody but those who put together this report say well that's missing the point this sends a huge signal that child abuse should never be tolerated even if it's admits it's a religious setting the concern though is that there have been similar reports of this in other countries in ireland most notably but in parts of the united states as well and that nothing fundamental has changed as far as the vatican is concerned people who've been involved in those reports in ireland and the united states say that while a lot of attention was paid to these say she's at the top in those countries nothing long has changed in the church globally and i spoke earlier today to one of the victims who reported to the commission about all of this and that is his
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concern as well that while there is a lot of attention on this right now and that while some laws may change here in australia will that really change the nature of the catholic church globally because that's what he thinks needs to happen and he said if the catholic church doesn't accept that and implement the recommendations that i made that maybe laws in a country like australia should change to disadvantage then maybe they should be stopped for example from running catholic churches in australia that was his suggestion but all that is for the future for now seventeen volumes this report goes to the government and it's for them to consider what to do about it alright to leave it there for now thanks so much under thomas. still ahead on al jazeera. the evidence is undeniable the weapons might as well have made in iran stickers on. iran denies it but the u.s. says it has proof. the rebels in the. presidential. campaigns just days ahead of
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a runoff election. hello and welcome to international weather forecast knows we started europe is still looking pretty unsettled in pretty wintry two we've got one weather system across eastern parts of europe another one pushing and sent across central areas and then we've got that cold north westerly flow across the u.k. and into the far west so no matter where you are it's really on the chilly side with a plenty of showers around london there looking just six degrees plenty of snow around parts of fronts that frontal system across more central areas and this area of rain is likely to develop over the following twenty four hours was a move the forecast through into the start of the weekend lot of heavy rain across parts of italy and through in towards the balkans more rain pushing through western parts of russia and everywhere those temperatures really struggling in highs of
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twos and threes on the other side of the mediterranean we've still it's circulation given the risk of some showers across central parts of algeria in particular some of the forecast through into saturday you see that should clear away but still some showers affecting coastal parts of both old syria and tunisia further towards the east it should be draw and fine for cholera for central parts of africa quiet for many areas some showers for the bone still and towards congo but for lagos nigeria and ghana it should be sunny with highs of thirty.
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you're watching al-jazeera time to recap our headlines now there's no end in sight for millions of syrians who suffered years of turmoil after the latest round of geneva talks failed to bring about any hopes of peace all sides are blaming each other for the lack of progress this leaves many syrians continuing to live either on the siege or in camps protests are planned around the globe on friday against the u.s. president's decision to recognize jerusalem as the capital of israel the outrage
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over dawn trumps order to move the u.s. embassy to jerusalem hasn't died down since last week. a five year inquiry in australia shows major institutions failed to protect tens of thousands of children being sexually abused the royal commission has been investigating abuses in catholic churches schools and sports clubs and strayed over the past ninety years. china and south korea have shown a rare united front over the north korean threat president xi jinping in moon j and say they won't tolerate war on the korean peninsula the two leaders have been meeting in beijing the main sticking point remains south korea's decision to deploy united states anti missile defense system moon reassured china the system would only be used against north korea kathy novak has more from seoul. president monday is continuing his four day state visit to china with
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a meeting with the chinese prime minister and parliamentary leader it's all part of an effort to improve relations that were strained over a dispute over the u.s. missile defense system known as that being installed here in south korea there was no joint statement or news conference after the meeting between presidents moon and she but we're told by presidents moon's office that the two leaders agreed to four general principles on north korea that there should be no more war on the korean peninsula that the korean peninsula must be nuclear free that interfering in relations must be improved and that china and south korea must work together to pressure pyongyang to come to negotiations but in a sign that the relationship still remains quite frosty we're told that chinese president xi jinping reiterated his position on the side missile defense system saying that he hopes south korea takes the situation seriously and that it takes a long time to recover from a setback but relations are now improving fast we're told that president moon did
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ask china to play a bigger role when it comes to north korea but that he did not specifically mention the request that china put a full oil embargo on that country. japan has announced it will impose additional sanctions on north korea following what they call repeated threats by young yang's nuclear program the assets of more than north nineteen north korean institutions will be frozen businesses on the blacklist include banks coal and mineral traders and transport firms the united states may negotiate of a north korea has reiterated that direct diplomacy combined with economic pressure is the best way to handle the situation joseph young made the comments on the visit to thailand ways been trying to seek cooperation for the u.s. efforts in hey reports the visit to thailand by joseph un is part of a campaign by the government in the united states an effort to increase economic
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pressure on the government in north korea by getting countries to either cut off or reduce diplomatic and trade ties with young yang there are several countries in southeast asia including thailand that have traditionally had very strong relations with north korea the ties for their part are saying that very recently over the past year that trade with north korea has gone down by around ninety percent and in fact by the end of this year within the next few weeks that all trade with north korea will come to an end in a very brief media conference in bangkok joseph you'll also backed up what the u.s. secretary of state rex tillerson said this week when he said that the u.s. is open to unconditional talks with pyongyang just a few in the media conference saying that he is optimistic that the u.s. policy of maximum pressure and in gauge meant will work but when asked what is the next step from the united states if north korea refuses to return to the negotiating table he simply said we'll have to wait and see. the united states has
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presented what it calls undeniable evidence that iran is supplying weapons to host the fighters in the yemen the u.s. ambassador to the u.n. nikki haley showed off what washington says are parts from the rain in may ballista . missile iran denies the allegations state department correspondent rosen in jordan affords. the us ambassador to the united nations making paling travel from an institution devoted to diplomacy to a military base on thursday to point the finger at iran the trumpet ministration is accusing to han of illegally supplying weapons to groups across the middle east explosive boats drones and high am short range ballistic missiles haley told reporters she was standing in front of one of those alleged missiles these are the recovered pieces of a missile fired by who the militants from yemen and a saudi arabia the messes the nestles intended target with
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a civilian airport in riyadh. the november fourth attack on the riyadh airport is one of the many clashes between the saudi backed government and who the rebels trying to conquer the country and the attack is mentioned in the u.n. secretary general's latest report on iran's compliance with the nuclear deal but officials say that mention is not a confirmation there's no conclusive evidence about the provenance of those missiles but you can read the report for yourself even before the press conference was over the iranians rejected haley's charges these accusations seek also to cover up for the saudi war crimes in yemen with the u.s. complicity and divert international and regional attention from the stalemate war of aggression against the yemenis that has so far killed more than ten thousand civilians displaced three million crippled yemen's infrastructure and health system and pushed the country to the brink of largest famine the world has seen for
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decades as the un has warned the swedish ambassador to the un told reporters he is concerned the u.s. is trying to find new reasons to scrap the iran nuclear deal as far as i mean informed that agreement is being implemented by iran. on the nuclear issue now we would be very happy to discuss with american and others you know the broader role of iran in the region analysts say while checking iran's behavior is important the trumpet ministration is taking a risk i would hope that there would be more evidence put forward in general and for that matter for that's really. important she claims to have evidence evidence for that haley made it clear the u.s. is doing what needs to be done for the sake of national security you will see us build a coalition to really push back against iran and what they're doing well i warning to tell han at least for now. jordan al-jazeera washington and european leaders
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have assured u.k. prime minister stories i'm a enough progress has been made to move on to the next stage of brags that negotiations may met with twenty seven e.u. leaders at a summit in brussels urging them to be creative when talks move to trade the summit comes only a day after she suffered defeat in parliament over her blueprint for quitting the e.u. . now greece has ground to a halt as workers staging a one day strike shut down government offices trains and the media unions called the action in response to next year's budget which is being debated in parliament reports from athens the ruling cities a party was once the organizer of these protests as it prepares to pass its third austerity budget the unions are it's bitter enemies that their lives teachers' salaries have fallen by forty percent spending on schools has fallen by sixty percent and the number of staff has been reduced while new hires aren't happening. young either nakama if any other government had done what some researchers do or
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would have called for a strike through this budget public hospitals will receive six hundred million euros less next year patients will be in greater danger. the spending cuts to please greece's creditors the eurozone and the international monetary fund they want the country to spend the equivalent of three and a half percent of its economy repaying bailout loans next year's budget aims to achieve that for the first time but that doesn't stop the state payroll from being increased by half a billion dollars as most cities a loyalist are appointed to public office all this means that there will be no relief from austerity taxes a quarter of a million bankruptcies and a million people made jobless over the last eight years have meant that income tax revenues and pension contributions have fallen sharply yet throughout the crisis governments have continued to find ways to raise at least sixty billion dollars a year from this dying economy sales tax rose by one third to twenty four percent
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business tax has risen by half to twenty nine percent this is meant that small businesses which provide ninety percent of employment have struggled to survive rather than grow your launched this organic supermarket as a small grocery thirteen years ago with his mother and brother they plowed more than half a million dollars into it over the years and now employ twenty two people but taxes delayed their plans to expand their units but they have been making us feel is all about being able to stock your shelves and grow we could have opened a second shop with all the work we've done and in another country we might have done so by now most of the money is tied up in paying authorities the federation of hellenic industry says two thirds of greek businesses are barely surviving while a quarter are in imminent danger of collapse the government believes greece will enjoy a growth of two and a half percent next year but such predictions have been confounded before twenty eighteen is also the year when greece is to graduate from the euro zone's economic supervision the government is taking no chances of relaxing its fiscal austerity
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now. al-jazeera after use campaigning has ended in the second round of chile. presidential election voters will head to the polls on sunday to elect the successor to the president they're choosing between right wing businessman a right wing businessman and the former president sebastian pinera and former journalist. in america thelma said newman has more from santiago. a rally. here in a moment if it would change with the social reforms implemented my current socialist president said. i'm far from here rivals a mass campaign yet not a successful billionaire businessman. still the same they're appealing to supporters to cast in every last vote and that's because this is expected to be the closest election since chile returned to democracy in one nine hundred ninety eight
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is being accompanied by former a blind president costs a little peacock a former leftist guerrillas and the idol of the international left wing just four years ago senator was a respected t.v. journalist and his biggest challenge is to convince chile that he really is up to the challenge of governing this country. is promising to make chile proud to create better paying jobs but in the second round he has had to adjust his free market policies my body to the social reforms that the family has been some putting in order to appease millions and millions more on. education and pensions now the walt disney company has agreed to acquire most of the assets of twenty first century fox the multinational media conglomerate controlled by rupert murdoch the transaction is valued at roughly fifty two billion dollars john hendren has more. in a move that would reshape the entertainment industry large parts of what belonged
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to twenty first century fox would become the property of disney we're getting credit quality content we're getting global reach we're getting access to new technologies and we're also. getting great talent there while there is risk associated with this whether you look at the price or whether you look at the regulatory side or whether you look at the complexity of integrating companies the size that risk was well worth taking on the marriage of fox and the mouse is priced at fifty two billion dollars but it still needs the approval of any trust regulators in an e-mail to disney employees chairman and c.e.o. bob iger called it a historic move forward for us one that reflects a rapidly evolving media landscape brands from rupert murdoch's fox empire included in the deal or twentieth century fox film and television sky b s b the national geographic channels the f.x. networks star india and its streaming service the aim of this combined company is to create even more high quality content and then to distribute it in ways that
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consumers prefer and consumers demand in today's world and we think that this combination is going to enable even more that disney expects to save two billion dollars in cost savings analysts say that will likely come at the expense of shrinking even eliminating the hallowed twentieth century fox studios the cellular home to classics such as the sound of music. was. getting out. in the very first star wars film with the hulu service it will let disney take on netflix apple amazon google and facebook in the rapidly expanding realm of online video the massive deal is not a foregone conclusion the u.s. justice department recently said eighteen t's bid to acquire time warner is unlikely to be approved without major changes that signals that plan pacts like this could also have to pass intense antitrust scrutiny before they become
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a reality john hendren al-jazeera. and let's take you through some of the headlines now there is no end in sight for millions of syrians who suffered years of turmoil after the latest round of geneva talks failed to bring about any hopes of peace all sides are blaming each other for the lack of progress this leaves many syrians continuing to live either under siege or in camps protests are planned around the globe on friday against the u.s. president's decision to recognize jerusalem as the capital of israel the outrage over donald trump's order to move the u.s. embassy from tel aviv to jerusalem hasn't died down since the announcement last week a five year inquiry in australia shows major institutions of failed to protect tens of thousands of children have been sexually abused the royal commission has been investigating abuse in catholic churches schools and sports clubs in australia over the past ninety years prime minister malcolm turnbull said the investigation had
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exposed a national tragedy i want to thank and on are the courage of the the survivors and their families who have told often for the first time the dreadful. stories of abuse that they received from people who actually owed them love and protection pan has announced it will impose additional sanctions on north korea over the calls the repeated threats posed by pyongyang's nuclear program the assets of more than nineteen north korean institutions will be frozen businesses on the blacklist include banks coal and mineral traders and transport firms. european leaders have assured. enough progress has been made to move to the next stage of negotiations may met with twenty seven leaders of the summit in brussels urging them to be creative talks
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move trade campaigning has ended in the second round of chile's presidential election voters will head to the polls on sunday to elect a successor to the president. that's it for now it's inside story next we're back at the top of the hour stay with us they live in a country plagued by poverty for india's billionaire. glamour. the. state visit to.


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