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space. but not this conviction that everyone has a deep reservoir of talent but if you give them the opportunity and wonderful things start to look at the actual distance there's at least twenty thousand or hinder refugees who live here we badly need at this moment leadership and felt present exposed to the public as was i this is going to be the next president retaliation we're going to go. back she's very kind it's just gas subsidies to be doing their best to prevent getting anywhere in this game called that. he achieved something that never happened before. replacing jacob zuma south africa's ruling party prepares to select
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a new leader. or shall carry this out as your ally from joe also coming up. more on. the. hundreds more injured and palestinian protests against the white house decision to recognize tourism as the capital of israel plus. anger in the streets of honduras it's been two weeks and still no one are announced and the presidential election. and for mexico's military raises questions over a controversial new security along. party the african national congress is meeting in johannesburg to elect its new leader whoever chosen to succeed jacob zuma only the a.n.c. into the next presidential elections that's in two thousand and nineteen the party
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used to be divided over who should take over a bitter campaign is threaten to split the movement and closes on a zuma south african president's preferred candidate she's campaigned hard against racial inequality and improving prospects for the black majority the other main contender is cyril ramaphosa supporters say his business background makes him the best option to turn around south africa's flagging economy china page is live for us in johannesburg so quite a bit of attention here is there a risk of doing lasting damage to the party. well i think and certainly in many commentators analysts and ordinary soft. minds' there's already been an enormous amount of damage caused to the governing african national congress under the leadership of its current president jacob zuma the president has been on mired in controversy scandal and corruption allegations since
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really the beginning of his tenure as a.n.c. president and president of the country he's proved really quite a divisive figure and because of that we have seen this. campaign being waged by thames believed to be either following his political ideals or opposed to his political ideals at the moment the proceedings are delayed because the top leadership of the a.n.c. the national executive committee is holding an emergency meeting to discuss the outcomes of some court rulings that were delivered on friday which would seem to go against preferred candidate in courses on a committee zuma which may prevent some of her supporters delegates from voting here at the conference so the immediate impact of those court rulings is that the opening speech by president zuma has been delayed. unprecedented infighting has marred the build up to this highly anticipated conference african national congress members have taken their disputes about which presidential candidate their
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delegates should vote for into the courts across the country because he's never seemed more divided the b. and c. secretary general says it will emerge stronger. it's reforms in all the. bridegroom for the board is the unit is not the unit. is the unit of the board of. jacob zuma is presidency has been divisive and mobbed by corruption allegations that have threatened to drag him into court the a.n.c. lost political control of three major cities during the zuma controversy. many south african see this contest as a battle for the heart of the a.n.c. will the party continue in the mold of president jacob zuma by electing his preferred candidate or will it make a break with the past and choose a rival. his favorite candidate in courses mean it may be able to protect
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him from legal action involving corruption allegations the other front runner is current d.p.t. president ceramic poser regardless of who comes out on top is likely to be replaced as president before the general election in two thousand and nineteen. the president will have to go earlier next year my sense is that the first quarter of next year he will have to go. the question is how will he go if it's communism or when there might throw a big fellow party for the president to go up as a winston might frogmarched the president out of the union building either way the president is going to have to go the polls i'm a dispensation is being forged now the question is how different will it be from his must call child maybe politics. it isn't just the top job that's up for grabs so are dozens of positions in the n c's hierarchy within the next few days that
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could be either a major realignment in the oldest liberation movement on the african continent or more of the same. now one of the first things that will happen after president jacob zuma officially opens this elective conference is that the delegates will go through an approval or refusal process in terms of their credentials so this is where we may see the first signs of whether if we want is on board with how the voting process will proceed and who will be allowed to vote if you like because if people were had their results nullified from the branches through the courts the branches a sort of grassroots level it's the groups that meet in schools and in churches and in town halls so if some of the delegates votes on five of them we could see the first signs of disputes intention at that credentials sort of announcement and then later on in the afternoon we'll see the official nominations not only the people
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that we know about but also delegates will be able to nominate other people from the floor this is of course an enormous amount at stake whoever comes out on top as president of the a.n.c. will go on most likely to be president of the country when the a.n.c. goes and disputes the two thousand and nineteen general election but of course it's much wider than that the a.n.c. is an enormously popular party here in south africa it's been in government since the end of apartheid to and it has enormous control over not only national government but also at the provincial level and that matters to all south africans because people want to see a leader and the leadership elected here that will get the economy back on track growth has been sluggish and unemployment officially is at about twenty seven percent time to page live in johannesburg tanya thank you. it's really forces have killed four palestinians in the latest protests in gaza in the occupied west bank they were rallying against us president all trumps recognition of jerusalem as israel's capital of disabled man in
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a wheelchair among the dead abraham araya was shot by israeli forces while he was protesting in gaza it was an activists who were. he lost his legs during an israeli air strike in two thousand and fourteen and lots of other people were also injured in the confrontations more protests were held to prod and support and the palestinians this was the scene in neighboring jordan where hundreds marched to denounce trounce decision and there were also solidarity marches and europe including this one and germany chancellor angela merkel's among a host of leaders opposing the u.s. may very fast at a port of occupied in stray song on this latest palestinian protest. on the outskirts of ramallah in the occupied west bank israeli forces are filmed confronting a palestinian man before shooting him three times last as he sat on the street as they approach the troops appear to see something and move quickly away the man was apparently wearing a suicide bomb belt it's unclear whether it was
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a genuine device or a fake israeli police say he had just stabbed a member of its border force paramedics took him away oh. there were further clashes after friday prayers in gaza as palestinians again protested against the u.s. president's recognition of jerusalem as the capital of israel the cross border confrontation bringing more palestinian deaths. earlier tens of thousands had taken to the strips main north south road to march in protest with their wishes the palestinian people are expressing that they reject strums decision and they are holding on to all of jerusalem as the historical capital of the palestinian people. at the heart of occupied east jerusalem tens of thousands prayed then protested at the al aqsa mosque. through the old city and i had damascus gate exit israeli forces were waiting for them they barricaded off the square preventing a repeat of last friday's protests where hundreds gathered on the steps still some
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tried to stay here and chant but most were pushed quickly away israeli forces have been trying to prevent a repeat of the protests that took place after friday prayers here in the square outside damascus gate last week they've barricaded off there was a group of largely middle aged and some elderly women to be in their chance in for some time they're now being forcefully clear. several arrests were made in these limited scuffles again the protests much smaller here than in gaza and the occupied west bank look it's obviously what it was it's our public or out in the mosque compound and here at the mosque is gate but the occupation has a large force as well as private in the cover units israeli forces are certainly doing all they can to quell this reaction to the trunk declaration but the anger is deeply felt and the protests go on hurry forsett out zero occupied east jerusalem. they has taken over from his father son as the president of india's main opposition party the congress had been losing ground over the past three years after being defeated by prime minister. in the national polls but and the past few months
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stoked talk of a political revival with an aggressive campaign and regional elections and notice home state. to vehicle pollen has more. you could say politics is it as blood his great grandfather jawaharlal nehru was india's first prime minister its grandmother in there a gandhi was india's first and only female prime minister and when she was assassinated in one thousand nine hundred four his father rajiv gandhi became the country's youngest ever leader now hold on the is hoping to follow in their footsteps by first succeeding his mother sagna as president of the congress party i think the choice of the party is in a sense coming out of his sort of composing because within the congress party itself. many leaders who we accepted by all sections within the party so the whole was the only person around the entire party
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as early but raul gandhi's dynastic journey into politics has been on the easy one and he was general secretary of the congress party ten years ago and the pushed for a revamp and more transparency. but it was often hard to pin down his political leanings he was accused of flitting from cost to costs and seemed reluctant to take responsibility when asked to join the government analysts say he was always in his mother's shadow and his efforts in authority were never truly recognized four years ago raul gandhi became vice president of the party and chief campaigner for the general election but poor results and ten years of congress rule the congress party suffered a humiliating defeat to the b j p led by now prime minister narendra modi. gandhi was no longer perceived era parents and instead often ridiculed for political
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mistakes or gaffes in his speeches but his popularity has been revived over the past few months. the media glare capturing a savvy politician connecting with voters regardless of background cost or class or campaigning for the state election and good. an election campaign said to be his coming of age as a politician raul gandhi has become the public face of the congress party in the battle for control of good government. if his party can wrestle power from the ruling by the party in the home states of prime minister narendra modi few would doubt gandhi is worthy of wearing the crown of the congress party many say it's fitting that are all gandhi's first big test as congress leader isn't good its crap father was from here and good trot was a congress governed state when his father rajiv gandhi and his grandmother in their gandhi were prime ministers of india living gopal an al-jazeera. a six point five magnitude earthquake in indonesia most populous island of java has killed at least
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two people and damaged several towns and cities the quake struck on friday night local time staff at one hospital were forced to evacuate patients after part of the ceiling collapsed java's home to almost one hundred fifty million people and sits on the pacific ring of fire were a large number of earthquakes and volcanic eruptions occur still ahead on al-jazeera ok. ok taking a stand the families of the missing argentine submarine crew pushed for the search to continue plus. they're saying they want to make america great again this is not making america great. anger in the southern u.s. as a u.n. special properties or on extreme poverty finds major issues with housing and sanitation. binny's pink skunk's by the taj mahal. or as the sun sets in the city of angels.
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hello there we've got plenty of heavy rain across europe at the moment and the heaviest is out of this huge area of cloud here as it gradually drifting its way towards the east and i think it's done so it's brought to some very heavy downpours in fact some of us in montenegro see nearly sixty millimeters of rain in those more still to come because that system is only slowly slipping its way through southwards so during the day today then it's going to be from around about montenegro down across parts of greece where we see the heaviest of the rains that once more towards the north and also be some rather heavy precipitation here but here it's likely to be snow rather than rain towards the west a bit drier for many of us here but still not that warmer and you looking at around five there in london does get a bit milder as we head into sunday and that's because there's another weather system that's pulling its way in towards this now some of the unsettled weather across europe is just spilling its way into the northern parts of africa so we're
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seeing a fair few showers here so jerry is catching most of those a few perhaps in tunisia as well and towards the east we've got a fair amount of cloud here that's making things rather gray but it's not really giving us too much in the way of significant rain i mean further towards the south of for many of us across the central belt of africa it's largely drawing at the moment still pretty we'll. the weather sponsored by cats on race. news has never been more available it's a constant barrage of it with every day but the message is a simplistic you have no frame and good logical rational person is crazy monstrous and misinformation is rife dismissal and does not hold well documented accusations and evidence is part of genocide the listening post provides a critical counterpoint challenging mainstream media narratives at this time on al-jazeera.
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you're watching out to zero and these are the top stories this hour south africa's ruling party the african national congress is meeting in johannesburg to elect its new leader president jacob zuma successor as party chief is expected to be elected in the next presidential election that's in two thousand one thousand. disabled man is among four palestinians killed by israeli forces during the latest protest in gaza and the occupied west bank and birds were injured in mass rallies against the us president recognition of true slim is the capital of israel. the us embassy in honduras has been surrounded by protesters and period by the three week wait for the definitive result of the presidential election demonstrators accuse the u.s.
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amid meddling in last month's vote which both candidates say they won to has more. to take the capital of honduras through the thick smoke of tear gas last men and women about to the police. the supporters of t.v. host and politician salvador has one law the party did the same when last month's election. but we want them to recognize salvador now as president he is our president we elected him as our president because he's the best we have to be a change for this country. the turmoil on the streets highlight the country's political crisis in a decade the current president who want to hernando's on a strong. more than two weeks since votes were counted. as been announced. and initial count ahead of his conservative opponent but that tally was later
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reversed giving her nanda a slim of the. international. irregularities when opposition supporters accuse the u.s. of meddling. of thousands protested outside the u.s. embassy. this us embassy is interfering into the internal affairs of our country it has said that the november twenty sixth election last month was transparent when the enduring people know the entire world knows if there was fraud and they want to steal our victory. the honduran constitution limits precedence to want to two years ago the supreme court dominated by judges appointed to hang on this group at the cost issue commission doesn't apply to him opponents accuse her of being a dictator of the will of the women and i have two kids i have a two year old girl and a one year old boy i want a future for them i don't want them in the future to have this dictator as a president i'm fighting for
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a superior public education for my children. the president is appealing for calm the two weeks of post-election protests have killed at least sixteen people including two police officers amnesty international others accuse the government as security forces of human rights abuse the crisis is hurting the economy too with daily losses estimated at fifty million dollars and there's a deadline set foot in a tour tribunal to declare a winner it has only ten days left to do without. their secretary of state urging north korea to stop its weapons testing as a prerequisite for talks while the north has remained defiant about its missile program at the united nations security council and us a public meeting this sheriff failed to come up with any new measures to curb or korea's weapons program mike hanna reports from new york. the red scarf a reflection of the chilly weather outside and little warmth displayed in the chain
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the towards north korea was representative listened to condemnation from speaker after speaker with what appeared to be studied nonchalance the situation on the korean peninsula is the most tense and dangerous peace and security issue in the world today publicly at least the council has been united in imposing an extensive series of sanctions but the u.s. secretary of state questions the commitment of russia and china continuing to allow north korean laborers to toil in slave like conditions inside russia in exchange for wages used to fund to clear weapons programs calls into questions russia's dedication as a partner for peace similarly as chinese crude all flows to north korean refineries the united states questions china's commitment to solving an issue that has serious implications for the security of its own citizens. these charges rejected by china
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and russia which insisted that the ongoing joint military exercises by the u.s. and south korea made any dialogue all but impossible in music you should mean so is that only two months of quiet by north korea unsub by washington with unprecedented military exercises and the listing on a tear a funding list that leads us to question the sincerity of statements that there is a preference for a peaceful solution to the crisis we're going to schools with. and with all eyes on him the north korean representative the period nervous his hands shaking but also unapologetic arguing that his country has a sovereign right to protect itself against what he called us aggression our position of when you clearly are formed words of individuals the third was defensive in new jersey with the prince. and the right of resistance and development from the u.s. the meeting ended with agreement on the desirability of dialogue but the vision as
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to how to achieve it the u.s. adamant that there has to be a unilateral freeze on nuclear testing by north korea before any talks can be possible by can a al-jazeera united nations pilot halves of the crew from that missing argentine submarine are demanding international search operation continue until the vessel is found. in. contact with the area san juan was last more than a month ago aircraft and ships from eighteen countries have been looking for the submarine and its forty four crew members and the south atlantic argentinean president returned mockery has called for an investigation into the incident. they promised us that they would keep looking for the most exhausting all the resources they told me the saying a sailor does not leave another sailor behind well here we are reminding them about. congress has approved a controversial security law despite objections from the un and human rights groups
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and allows the military to take over police functions in the long running war against drug cartels critics fear it will encourage abuses that has been of apollo reports the last fill needs the president's seal of approval. mexico will close out two thousand and seventeen as its most violent year on record faced with a staggering murder rate mexican lawmakers are pushing for a new and what's become a controversial national security law one that would normalize a military presence across the country senator in the us says this action however drastic is desperately needed to curb back the violence in pre-medical the least that of them he can is that the number one commitment and mix in government is to guarantee security to the population and maintain their personal safety and this is what we intend to do in three interior security. other mexican lawmakers like sen one of the middle hicks don't agree with this is sussman because it goes against
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human rights it does not give legal certainty and also there are many issues from civil society than are being resolved. one such issues a general lack of confidence in state and federal police forces the proposed legislation could result in less funding and less training for local law enforcement. however the bill has faced widespread criticisms in mexico you learned a motown is one of those voices her son went missing eight years ago six members of the military were eventually charged in connection with his disappearance the city must i mean. we're still afraid the people are still afraid there is still kidnappings by the military we don't feel safer because of the militarization would pose a danger to the population. over the years mexican military forces have been implicated in a number of murders and disappearances last year mounting allegations of human rights violations prompted the head of mexico's armed forces to publicly apologize
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. most lawmakers in mexico will agree that rising levels of violence must be met with new policies but critics say the current proposal normalizes a military presence on city streets instead of assessing the impact of more than ten years of failed security strategy. mexico city fedderson said in a have a gang has their ballots and a by election that will determine where they are whether the australian government regains its majority in parliament the vote was triggered after former liberal m.p. john alexander was forced to resign from parliament because he was believed to hold dual citizenship making and eligible for public office and i know they're in pace equipped for the same reason alexander contesting has see if he loses the ruling party will be forced to govern with a minority. it's a tight contest but it's a very very critical choice for bennelong and for stride estrange not only need we
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need to join alexandra back in canberra many of the voters we need just a little while ago. said that's what they want to but we'll see it's a very very close contest this trial is security prosperity depends on john alexander being back out of our government delivering that more than a thousand jobs a day. we are delivering on the economic leadership we promised we need john as back as part of the thing. prosecutors have upgraded the murder charge against a us man accused of driving a car into a crowd of protesters at a white supremacist rally james fails jr faces life in prison if convicted of the first degree murder of heather higher thirty five others were injured when a car was driven into a crowd in charlottesville rally in august attractive far right supporters opposed to the removal of a statue honoring a general fighting for slavery in the u.s. civil war. a top u.n. envoy investigating a string poverty in the u.s.
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is warning the problem is set to escalate under president trump and threaten the nation's democracy and found one in eight americans are living in poverty and only half of those are in what's considered deep poverty and gallagher reports you actually see them a war or a line in rural alabama the un's expert on extreme poverty witnessed first hand what residents have been dealing with is in the state's black belt region many can't afford basic sanitation open pools of rule sewage sit with children play it's often flushed back into people's homes and hook with a power saw normally found in sub-saharan africa has been reported in shocking numbers residents have asked for help instead campaign is say some of being threatened with criminal charges now they may at least get recognition for some might have to come from the united nations just figure out of a solution to a problem that the united states should be having is really. to me i mean
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because. they're want they're saying they want to make america great again this is not making america great again philip alston spent two weeks visiting some of the u.s. is most vulnerable people activists say his presence is cause for national shame it's embarrassing that i have to go outside of alabama to get help to deal with this that's embarrassing i think there is there are people in alabama they can solve this problem they get to have the world with me do it we came to lock up everybody for things that happen here when there are things that they people have no control over as part of his tour philip olson came here to washington d.c. where poor neighborhoods can be found within streets of the capitol building in past reports alston's pulled no punches but this may be his most sensitive mission yet investigating poverty in the world's richest nation will mean nothing if the current administration chooses to ignore his findings officially more than forty million americans live in poverty some put that figure much higher alston's already called what he's seen in the u.s.
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shocking and says in many places basic needs are not being met it's then up to the government to try to explain why it's not being met because they could afford to do it so that would mean that they've taken a political decision just to exclude certain people and not put resources into giving them a decent standard of living the un's final report will be published in the spring of two thousand and eighteen early indications are that alston's findings could make for uncomfortable reading for the world's biggest economy and gallacher al-jazeera. for the first time space access successfully launched a recycled rocket for a nasa resupply mission the falcon it's already carrying a preferred pushed capsule filled with cargo for the international space station it's a step forward for the company which has been aiming to lower the cost of space flight on a capsule reached the space station on sunday just in time to deliver christmas presents to the crew on board.
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and these are the top stories right now south africa's ruling party the african national congress has meaning in johannesburg to elect its new leader president jacob zuma successor as party chief is expected to be elected in the next presidential election in two thousand and eighteen more now from tanya page. many leaders have lost face in their own party's internal problem solving and that also heightens the highlights rather just how much is at stake not only the leadership of the a.n.c. but this person is very most likely to go on to be the next president of south africa at the two thousand and nineteen general election but also of course for the wider community for all south africans this country has a massive problem with a very high stubbornly high unemployment rate which the a.n.c. has failed to bring down the economy is sluggish so all south africans will be
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looking for a leader who will be able to get the economy back on track and is able man is among poor palestinians killed by israeli forces during the latest protest in gaza in the occupied west bank hundreds are injured in mass rallies against the u.s. president's recognition of jerusalem is the capital of israel protesters in honduras have surrounded the u.s. embassy their anger by a three week wait for the results of its presidential election demonstrators accuse the u.s. of interfering in last month's election which both candidates claim to have won the u.s. secretary of state is urging north korea to stop its weapons testing as a prerequisite for talks while the north has remained defiant about its ballistic missile program at the united nations security council the u.s. a public meeting this year failed to come up with any new measures to curb north korea's weapons program a six point five magnitude earthquake in indonesia most populous island of java has killed at least two people and damaged several towns and cities staff at one hospital were forced to evacuate patients prosecutors have upgraded the murder
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charge against a u.s. man accused of driving into a crowd of protesters at a white supremacist rally james feels jr faces life in prison if convicted in the first degree murder of heather higher. those are the headlines the news continues in al-jazeera after the listening post keep it or. the rule. our jazeera with and for you. amid protests and a threat of violence drop the stars decision recognized as the capital of israel has to rail the middle east peace process question and i am because i wish i had. what could be one of what you are surely already.


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