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it's still resist and somehow survived. oh the people in power investigates how the suburb of damascus has refused to crumble under the might of assad's army. one of two at this time on al-jazeera. we understand the differences. and the similarities of cultures across the world so no matter how you take it al-jazeera will bring you the news and current events that matter to you al-jazeera. placing jacob zuma his real life after center had a spark a south africa as well where are the needs to select
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a new leader. or shall carry this out is there a lot for also coming out. of. the bottle hundreds more injured in palestinian protests against the white house decision to recognize jerusalem as the capital of israel. anger in the streets of honduras it's been well over two weeks and still no winner announced in the presidential election plus. with me as your president america's police will have a true friend. lashing out at the f.b.i. for weeks donald trump now changes his tone at least temporarily. but again in south africa where the. ruling party the african national congress is
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meeting in johannesburg to elect its new leader whoever is chosen to succeed jacob zuma will lead the agency into the next presidential elections in two thousand and nineteen now the party is deeply divided over who should do that taking over bitter campaign has threatened to split the movement and co inc asana zuma is the south african president's preferred candidate she's campaigning hard against racial inequality and improving prospects for the black majority the other contender is cyril ramaphosa supporters say his business background makes him the best option to turn around south africa's struggling economy tanya page joins us live now in johannesburg to tell us how things were going and there's been a lot of unofficial meetings before the emission fishel thing actually kicks off today. yes exactly there was an emergency meeting called of the national executive committee of the african national congress
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that includes about one hundred or so members and they were meeting to discuss the outcomes of civil court rulings delivered on friday and what they have confirmed from those court rulings as that there will be about one hundred thirty hundred delegates here all of the just over five thousand who will not be allowed to vote because at the branch level at the grassroots level these are the meetings that happen in town halls and churches and schools they didn't follow the correct procedure says according to the courts and so they will not be able to vote here at the elective conference which is now being delayed for civil hours and we understand now that it will not kick off officially. three hours time but let me just bring in my guest mr to day who's would be into the studies mr. so much of this is about who the next leaders will be that's why we're all here however it's other shadow doesn't it in part by the existing president the current president. how badly does he want to control his eventual inevitable exit from the
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president say of the party and the presidency of the country yeah certainly soul of a legacy no and he's been pushing to change the policy of the a.n.c. so that the tenure of the president of the a.n.c. and the tenure of the president the country could point side because the chances are. after the twentieth of december it's most likely that the a.n.c. might start you know discussing the issues of him being recalled given the current challenges political challenges as it faces so yes he's a very much involved in it ensuring that his legacy he's remained is as as he was with his started and leading the party and potentially that could be a humiliating process of somebody who is rival to him is elected it could happen quite abruptly or yeah sure i mean that's potentially is could be a disaster but it goes the committees out of the image of the a.n.c.
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the oldest party most respected party enough ika you can have another recording of a president. after what happened in twenty in twenty told him put a plan and people are saying it might happen again so they say we'll try and protect its image from that a prompt reaction after the conference which had from the secretary general good human touch in the last couple of days talking about unity even though we have seen this extraordinary number of court cases being played out in courts across the country really how unified is the game say mom is not unified all know that i mean there's a huge divisions within days see but what the conference aims to achieve is to defy the odds but the only way they could unify they see is if they get a union a unifying figure and the right now i don't see i don't think there's any that is saying figure within the a.n.c. because if you look at the splits in terms of support it's almost forty six to forty two the end does that on. it was another minute zuma and sixty percent to
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settle in the polls so it could be religious difficult for a city to come up with a unifying voice a position of the descriptions mr to miss if we could hear from the al-jazeera center studies thank you very much for joining us today with your insight and analysis all right on the page live from johannesburg china thank you. israeli forces have killed four palestinians in the latest protests in gaza in the occupied west bank they were rallying against u.s. president onil trumps recognition of israel's capital a disabled man in a wheelchair as among the dead. the rial was shot by israeli forces while he was protesting in gaza it was an activist who reportedly lost his legs during an israeli air strike in two thousand and eight hundred people were also injured in those confrontations more protests were held abroad in support of the palestinians this was the scene in neighboring jordan were hundreds marched to denounce trumps decision and there were also solidarity marches and europe including this one and
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germany chancellor angela merkel is among a host of world leaders opposing the u.s. new. parts of occupy it is trees on the latest palestinian protests. on the outskirts of ramallah in the occupied west bank israeli forces filmed confronting a palestinian man before shooting him three times last as he sat on the street as they approach the troops appear to see something and move quickly away the man was apparently wearing a suicide bomb belt it's unclear whether it was a genuine device or a fake israeli police say he had just stabbed a member of its border force paramedics took him away oh. there was further clashes after friday prayers in gaza as palestinians again protested against the u.s. president's recognition of jerusalem as the capital of israel the cross border confrontation bringing more palestinian deaths have been that was here earlier tens of thousands had taken to the strips may north-south road to march in protest. the
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palestinian people are expressing that they reject strums decision and they are holding on to all of jerusalem as the historical capital of the palestinian people . at the heart of occupied east jerusalem tens of thousands prayed then protested at the al aqsa mosque. through the old city and. damascus gate exit israeli forces were waiting for them they barricaded off the square preventing a repeat of last friday's protests where hundreds gathered on the steps still some tried to stay here and chant but most were pushed quickly away israeli forces have been trying to prevent a repeat of the protests that took place after friday prayers here in the square outside damascus gate last week they've barricaded it off there was a group of largely middle aged and some elderly women to be no chanting for some time they're now being forcefully clear. several arrests were made in these limited scuffles again the protests much smaller here than in gaza and the occupied west bank. and with those it's the are public or out in the al aqsa mosque compound and
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here at the mosque is gate but the occupation has a large force as well as private and undercover units israeli forces certainly doing all they can to quell this reaction to the trunk declaration that the anger is deeply felt in the protests go on how it will sit out zero occupied east jerusalem and the secular state is urging north korea to stop its weapons testing as a prerequisite for talks while the north has remained defiant about its ballistic missile program at the united nations security council there is a public meeting this year failed to come up with any new measures to curb mark green as weapons program the session was called after pyongyang tested what it is feeling to be its most advanced enter continental ballistic missile last month but the u.n. meeting did not come up with any new steps to curb north korea's actions kathy novak has more from seoul. the latest comments from the u.s. secretary of state rex tillerson at the united nations seem to be moving away from comments he made on tuesday when he said that the u.s. was open to negotiations with north korea without preconditions at any time saying
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that those talks could be about the weather but the white house and state department both issued statements saying that the u.s. position hadn't changed and now at the u.n. rex tillerson was saying that sustains the sation of north korea's threatening behavior must occur before talks can begin and that north korea must earn its way back to the table so there's been a flurry of diplomatic activity also here in the region as these talks have been going on at the united nations a russian delegation has been in north korea the u.s. envoy for north korea has been in the region and of course the chinese and south korean presidents have been meeting in beijing that was an important meeting because the relationship between china and south korea had been strained recently over a dispute over the u.s. missile defense system known as that now these two leaders have agreed to move beyond that dispute and work together on north korea both agreeing that they do not want to see another war on the korean peninsula and they do not want to see nuclear
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weapons either. his embassy in honduras has been surrounded by protesters there angry after waiting three weeks for a definitive result in the presidential election demonstrators accused the u.s. of meddling in last month with vote with which both candidates say they won good to have our. main roads are blocked in. the capital of honduras through the thick smoke of tear gas last men and women battled the police. the supporters of t.v. host and polluted salvadoran house run la the party did the same one last month's election. but we want them to recognize salvador now as our president he is our president we elected him as our president because he's the best we have he'll be a change for this country the turmoil on the streets highlight the country's political crisis in a decade the current president who want to hernandez and both say they won more
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than two weeks since votes were counted no clear result has been announced. an initial count ahead of his conservative opponent but that tally was later reversed giving her nanda a slim. international. irregularities when opposition supporters accuse the u.s. of meddling. of thousands protested outside the u.s. embassy that. this u.s. embassy is interfering into the internal affairs of our country it has said that the november twenty sixth election last month was transparent when the enduring people know the entire world knows if there was fraud and they want to steal our victory. the honduran constitution limits presidents to want to two years ago the supreme court dominated by judges appointed to hang on this group at the cost issue commission doesn't apply to him opponents accuse her non-disclosure of being
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a dictator a real a woman and i have two kids i have a two year old girl and a one year old boy i want a future for them i don't want them in the future to have this dictator as a president i'm fighting for a superior public education for my children. the president is appealing for calm the two weeks of post-election protests have killed at least sixteen people including two police officers amnesty international others accuse the government as security forces of human rights abuse the crisis is hurting the economy too with daily losses estimated at fifty million dollars and there's a deadline set for the live tour tribunal to declare a winner it has only ten days left to do that. still ahead on al-jazeera they gave us only the film i want you to hear from a cattle on political prisoner on what's at stake and next week's election was. ok
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. ok i am taking a stand the families of the missing are time submarine crew push for the search to continue. hello there we've got a huge massive cloud over the philippines at the moment you can see it very clearly on the satellite picture and this is all tropical storm so particularly well defined as just a blob of cloud really you can't make out the eye but still this is kind tack and slowly is tracking its way towards the west so be moving in around seventeen kilometers an hour so painfully slowly so for many of us across the central belt of the philippines there will be a prolonged period of heavy rain and that could well give us an issue with the flooding over the next day or so system gradually making its way west with there as we head through monday elsewhere there will also be some showers some of them very
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sharp but in between the should also be some good spells of sunshine as well doesn't like the northern parts of java are again going to be very very wet so we had down towards australia for many of us here it's draw and hot at the moment but we do have this spiraling area of cloud that's making its way towards us that may give a few showers to the south western parts of western australia there as we head through sunday you can see ahead of that the winds are being drawn down from the north and that is dragging in some more very very hot air so force in adelaide will get to around thirty seven degrees during the day on sunday even higher for monday up to thirty nine very very hot maybe storms later. all i'm counting the cost the mouse wins over the folks we'll look at disney's acquisition of twenty first century fox how the impact on media landscape also net neutrality and where the changes will affect how we view all that content and
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making the most of the greeks with solar power counting the cost at this time on al-jazeera. and watching al-jazeera let's take a look at the top stories right now at live pictures from johannesburg work south africa's ruling party the african national congress is meeting to elect its new leader president jacob zuma successor as party chief is expect to be elected in the next presidential election two thousand and nineteen we will have live pictures for
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you. a disabled man is about four palestinians killed by israeli forces during the latest protest and cause an occupied west bank hundreds are injured in mass rallies against u.s. president recognition of jerusalem as the capital of israel as embassy in honduras has been surrounded by protesters there angry after waiting three weeks for a definitive result in the presidential election demonstrators accuse the u.s. of interfering in last month's vote which both candidates claim to have won. egypt has ordered al jazeera journalist saying to remain in prison for another forty five days he was arrested in egypt a year ago while visiting family as now the tenth time his detention has been renewed al-jazeera continues to demand his release he's accused of broadcasting false news to spread chaos which he and al jazeera strongly deny saying has repeatedly complained of mistreatment and jail. relatives of crew members of the missing argentine submarine are demanding the international search operation
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continue until that vessel is. ok. ok contact with the area was last november argentina's navy ended its search two weeks ago after an explosion was detected near the subs last known location aircraft and ships from eighteen countries have been looking for that submarine and its forty four crew members in the southern atlantic. they promised us that they would keep looking for the most exhausting all the resources they told me the saying a sailor does not leave another sailor behind well we're reminding them of the full show next week's regional election in catalonia is likely to leave the political crisis there unresolved spain imposed direct role after october secession referendum and jailed some pro independence politicians carl and all his talk to one of them who was recently released. yellow ribbons a sign that their jailed independence leaders are not forgotten and neighbors in
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this quarter boss alone are rallying to form so-called committees to defend the republic. that they'll just stumble and crushes we must hold our heads high. in the wake of october secession referendum spanish authorities imposed our great imprisoned separatist politicians. just one of those cattle and government ministers who spanish prosecutors arrested on charges of rebellion. is free on bail after a month in prison because every moment. specially the noise of the of the doors closing it and forget of all nice sterile means that you are not free demonstrations in support of the secession referendum along peaceful yet his fellow ministers were held in a cell block with convicted murderers and drug traffickers we where political
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prisons prisoners and now there are political prisoners in the spanish chains because if there is no violence they jailed us only to defend our i.d.'s until his trial rule is free to run for reelection on december the twenty first. there on the campaign trail the mystery of good paying for accusing is that our thinking that these crimes depend on narrative and spiting self-determination against a heavy handed central state. cautious when describing what tactics might persuade spain catalonia to break away dialogue dialogue them across there were crossing the one percent those rebellion charges are still hanging over him if convicted he could spend thirty years in prison this is three year eight year old sons growing
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up. every day my two little children every day everyday. because i don't know what will happen in makes future so all i face life in a different way. with catalonia in turmoil politics comes with a heavy personal price cult pen while just zero spray. first congress has initiated impeachment proceedings against president. it was triggered by allegations that because inskeep failed to disclose payments his company got from brazilian construction giant since he has resisted calls for him to resign and also denies any wrongdoing but if the impeachment motion is passed the president can be ousted and one week's time austria's about to come the only country in western europe with the far right party and government the winner of our tempers parliamentary elections the conservative people's party has reached
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a coalition deal with the anti immigration freedom party or one or all sebastian kurds who leads the conservatives will now become europe's youngest leader both parties a campaign protest for immigration rules and the deportation of asylum seekers a year later say the u.k. has made enough progress to move bricks of talks to the next stage british prime minister theresa may has hailed the decision as an important step barnaby phillips has been following the negotiations in brussels. she left early it hasn't been easy but europe's leaders say it's time to start talking about the future relationship with britain leaves the e.u. and twenty nine but don't expect any dramatic early progress if there's no time for . relations. with the u.k. to get some moral clarity. on that basis we should. start
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negotiations next year none of the other e.u. twenty seven countries wanted breaks it still hope that it can be reversed somehow but they all want a final agreement and so the talks do go on but even on bret's it there is unanimity on the other issues the e.u. remains badly divided. on migration europe is a continent divided poland the czech republic slovakia and hungry will not accept the bodice refugee quotas that the e.u. agreed back in twenty fifteen the talks went on into the early hours to no avail to use it to show off either politically it was a type of political close calm but good news is that we agreed on the so-called external issues of migration protecting our borders and stopping the migrants outside them the bad news is that we still disagree on resettlement and immigration there are still many large forces who don't want to stop migration but want to bring migrants into europe and afterwards distribute them on
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a compulsory basis. other leaders are furious not least the one who risked her political future by admitting close to a million refugees to her country in twenty fifty. years remark i made very clear that i'm not satisfied with the fact that the rules we have for not working solidarity cannot just apply externally but also must be internal on this we have lots of work to do the positions have not changed plan to continue to work on this until june of next year. all they can agree on for now is to spend more money securing europe's border is keeping refugees out at this summit some of the most difficult issues confronting the cold student were discussed but ultimately deferred body phillips al-jazeera brussels. sydney have begun casting their ballots in a byelection that will determine whether the australian government regains its majority in parliament the vote was triggered after the formal former liberal m.p.
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john alexander was forced to resign from parliament because he was believed to hold dual citizenship and eligible for public office and i have other m.p.'s have quit for the same reason alexander is re contesting a seat if he loses the ruling party will be forced to govern with a minority. it's a tought contest but it's a very very critical choice for bennelong and for strident strange that we need we need to join alexander back in canberra many of the voters remain just a little while ago. said that's what they want to but we'll see it's a very very close contest this trial is security prosperity depends on john alexander being back out of our government to leverage that more than a thousand jobs a day so we are delivering on the economic leadership we promised we may join his back is part of that saying hold on to he has taken over from his mother sonia as the president of india's main opposition party the congress have been losing ground
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over the past three years after being defeated by a prime minister never intermodal speech a p in the national polls but in the past few months gone to talk about political revival with out aggressive campaign and regional elections in modi's home state a six point five magnitude earthquake in indonesia most populous island of java has killed at least two people and damage several towns and cities the quake struck on friday night local time staff at one hospital were forced to evacuate patients after a part of the ceiling collapsed java's home to almost one hundred fifty million people and sits on the pacific ring of fire where a large number of earthquakes and volcanic eruptions happen a turkish banker accused of plotting to help iran evade u.s. sanctions has taken the witness stand in the war to deny the charges and that hawk and attila denies being involved in a scheme to launder iranian money he was an executive at a large state owned turkish bank that prosecutors say is at the center of the money
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laundering scheme he also denies having conspired with fellow defendant turkish iranian cole trader reza robb who pleaded guilty to similar charges. prosecutors have created the murder charge against a us man accused of driving into a crowd of protesters at a white supremacist rally james fields jr faces life in prison if convicted of the first degree murder of heather higher thirty five others were injured when a car was driven into a crowd in charlottesville that rally back in august attractive far right supporters opposed to the removal of a statue honoring a general fighting for slavery in the u.s. civil war. donald trump has changed his tune on the f.b.i. by saying he's a true friend to the crime fighting organization us president speak to newly graduated agents is a stark contrast to repeated attacks on the bureau's credibility can really help get us more from washington d.c. . after months of disparaging america's top law enforcement agency donald trump told an audience of newly graduated f.b.i.
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agents with me as your president america's police will have a true friend and loyal champion in the white house but two weeks earlier on social media the u.s. president criticized the f.b.i. saying its reputation is in tatters his criticism is largely fueled by his belief the f.b.i. did not charge his twenty sixteen presidential opponent hillary clinton with misuse of classified information which she used a private e-mail server will secretary of state but many believe his attacks are driven by a desire to discredit the agency best to getting his campaign's alleged ties to russia during the election he should resign immediately tonight i have filed the resolution to have bob dole recuse himself recently many trump supporters have been calling for a special prosecutor robert muller the man in charge of the russia probe to be fired they point to a newly released batch of text messages from two f.b.i.
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agents as evidence the f.b.i. officials worked on the clinton investigation. and the probe into whether trump's twenty sixteen campaign colluded with russia in the messages turned over to congress by the department of justice agents show preference toward clinton winning the white house and refer to trump repeatedly as an idiot this is not just political opinions this is just gusting on account of bias and there's no way that could not affect it. person's work the agents have been removed or are no longer investigating russian meddling or potential obstruction of justice by trump speaking recently on capitol hill the deputy attorney general told lawmakers there's nothing inappropriate about f.b.i. officials holding political opinions so long as it doesn't affect their work trump disagrees it is very sad when you look at those documents and. how they've done
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that is really really disgraceful the deputy attorney general has resisted any calls to fire robert mueller has said that there is no person better qualified to lead the investigation kimberly helped get al jazeera washington cutting the cost of space travel has taken not just one but two giant steps forward for the first time u.s. company space x. has launched and landed a rocket which has been used before and another first the falcon nine rocket carrying a cargo capsule previously used on a nasa resupply mission with robotic dragon capsules two to dock with the international space station on sunday just in time to deliver christmas presents for the astronauts onboard. recap your headlines on al-jazeera south africa's ruling party the african national
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congress has meaning in johannesburg to elect its new leader president jacob zuma his successor as party chief is expected to be elected in the next presidential election that's in two thousand and nineteen more now from tanya page. there was an emergency meeting of the national executive committee of the african national congress that includes about one hundred or so members and they were meeting to discuss the outcomes of civil court rulings delivered on friday and what they have confirmed from those court rulings as that there will be about one hundred thirty hundred delegates here all of the just over five thousand who will not be allowed to vote because at the branch level at the grassroots level these are the meetings that happen in town halls and churches and schools they didn't follow the correct procedure says according to the courts and so they will not be able to vote here a disabled man is among four palestinians killed by israeli forces during the latest protest in gaza and the occupied west bank hundreds were injured in mass
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rallies sick and she was president on trump's recognition of jerusalem as the capital of israel protesters in honduras have surrounded the u.s. embassy there angered by a three week wait for the results of its presidential election demonstrators accuse the us of interfering in last month's election which both candidates claim to have one person congress has initiated impeachment proceedings against president petro problem. it was triggered by allegations that because it's failed to disclose payments his company got from brazilian construction giant he denies any wrongdoing . the u.s. secretary of state is urging north korea to stop its weapons testing as a prerequisite for talks while the north has remained defiant about its ballistic missile program at the united nations security council a public meeting this year failed to come up with any new measures to curb north korea's weapons program prosecutors have upgraded the murder charge against a u.s.
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man accused of driving into a crowd of protesters at a white supremacist rally james fields during your faces life in prison if convicted of the first degree murder of heather higher that all happened in charlottesville in august. those are the headlines the news continues right here on al-jazeera keep it here counting the cost is next. target.


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