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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  December 16, 2017 10:00pm-10:34pm +03

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once welcome now fear. dividing and nation. al-jazeera explores germany's long term economic strategy of pursuing immigrants from the arab world which i feel. all much money does a richer get those people who think. i'm german and i'm rocking the new germans at this time. lively and chaotic scenes as south africa's ruling party gathers to decide who
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should replace jacob zuma his exwife always deputy. in our entire lives al-jazeera live from london or so coming up sebastian could speak comes the world's youngest leader as he agrees a coalition do which brings the far right into austria's government. the seven words and phrases the trump administration has now banned at the country's health protection agency. and the deadly landru tens of thousands of refugees are taking from turkey to greece to avoid the island's. i know they've been tense scenes in johannesburg where south africa's ruling african national congress has been meeting to choose a new leader current president jacob zuma who's accused of corruption is stepping down as head of the a.n.c. the party is deeply divided over who should succeed him the main contenders are
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former cabinet minister and. who's also his ex-wife and deputy president and prominent businessman so remet poser the winner will be announced on sunday addressing the event jacob zuma acknowledged failure is the threat in the party's future. the fifty fourth national conference is taking place at a time when i was. at a crossroads. why we identify corporate. as posing a serious threat to the a n c we also need to look at ten ten am weeks we feel our organizations will take a closer look at the two clear front runners to replace zuma because as. is a former cabinet minister who served under every leader since the end of apartheid
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with portfolios including health home and foreign affairs the former chairwoman of the african union commission she has the backing of her ex-husband jacob zuma a rival the deputy president cyril ramaphosa is a veteran trade unionist was closely involved in the negotiations to end apartheid in one thousand nine hundred c. was seen as nelson mandela a successor instead ramaphosa became one of south africa's most successful businessmen as a director of the mining family on men he was criticized for calling the police action against striking miners at marikana and twenty twelve and forty four people were killed tanya page farthest report in c conference in johannesburg. this african national congress elective conference opened with a warning by the current speaker of the house bill akin betty she said delegates shouldn't sing a divisive songs in support of one candidate or another and she also said no one should be throwing cheers that's because at the branch level the grass roots need
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to the level of a.n.c. members some people have been hurling chairs across the room there have been pushing and shoving accusations of vote buying and intimidation and that's later when i'm president of the amount of legal action people who challenge the outcomes of those branch level meetings at which delegates chosen to come here and represent and a mandated by their branches to vote for one particular candidate or another president jacob zuma in his outgoing speeches and see president was critical of that legal action he said the agency should be able to deal with its problems internally and he said that by people going into the courts they were undermining the or fartsy of the a.n.c. the president himself was no stranger to legal action he has at the moment hundreds of corruption charges hanging over him which could be reinstated if legal action launched by the main opposition the democratic alliance is successful and that is
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why many people believe he's trying to influence the outcome of the elective conference because if he manages to get an ally into power they may be able to protect him from any post-presidential legal action but if a rival comes in they may be less inclined to help. to mass graves containing the remains of dozens of iraq's the minority have been found near the northwestern town of sin jaw ninety bodies have reportedly been found including women and children are still to coerce in georgetown and twenty fourteen killing and in slaving thousands of members of the religious minority group syndrome has retaken a year later by u.s. backed kurdish fighters the un has declared the massacre of the years edis a genocide. heroes have been held for four palestinians killed by israeli forces during protests in gaza and the occupied west bank on friday they were running
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against the u.s. decision to recognize jewish land as israel's capital one was an activist who lost both his legs during an israeli air strike in two thousand and eight alan fischer was at the funeral. we came in the thousands to see good bye to a man and what he represented. three a lost both his legs in a near strike during the two thousand and eight gaza war but he became an unlikely symbol of palestinian defiance and resistance. the twenty nine year old often went in his wheelchair to fly his flag at demonstrations and protests all over gaza he went on friday to the border with thousands of others to protest donald trump's decision to declare jerusalem as israel's capital. donald trump must reverse his decision jerusalem as the capital of palestine a call on all arabs to support the palestinians and if they don't we palestinians will do it ourselves. be by him three it was flying his flag on friday when he was short and killed by the israelis going to market us to the very moment we helped
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the martyr abraham in the wheelchair tear gas was fired at us and abraham was hit in the head he fell to the ground and was killed instantly by a single bullet to the head. at his funeral in gaza city hamas leader ismail haniyeh said the protesters death was not in vain. i say there are he tried to protest despite his condition became famous all over the world and he is shaping the consciousness of the world two people were killed in clashes in gaza on friday for several hours and in seven places along the border palestinians protested naming stones and rocks at israeli positions usually fire bullets and tear gas trying to force the thousands back from the border line hundreds were taken to hospital many suffering from the effects of gas and with other groups and factions here and guys are calling for more protests the people here are bracing themselves for more funerals in the days and weeks to come plus was alan fischer al
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jazeera. protests as of being on the streets of tel aviv for the third weekend in a row demanding the resignation of the prime minister benjamin netanyahu is being investigated and the corruption allegations which he denies any force it has mall. the protests have been going against benjamin netanyahu for many months now these protests to say they've been doing this for a year but not in this kind of number really these protesters have come to the streets in greater numbers since the beginning of december there's been growing anger about a law that was trying to be fast through the israeli parliament the knesset which many people felt was designed to shield benjamin netanyahu from the worst of the publicist around these allegations is called the recommendations bill which would have prevented his israeli police from publishing their recommendations about charges in any investigation because of these protests it seems mr netanyahu has now decided to ensure that that bill won't apply in his own case there are two
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cases in which he is a suspect case one thousand ways accused of receiving expensive gifts from a foreign billionaire's indeed there be leaks suggesting that he and his wife sarra had in fact requested these gifts champagne and cigars when supplies are running low he and she both deny these allegations another case against him case two thousand concerns suggestions that he was trying to manipulate media coverage in his favor and a third case three thousand which he isn't a suspect and has not been questioned is about the purchase of submarines from germany for the israeli navy but some of his closest associates most senior associate have been detained in that case he continues to insist that there is no there there that he will be proven innocent once these investigations have run their course but the closer they get to their final conclusions the more the political pressure against him mounts ostrich president says his country won't lurch to the right despite an announcement of
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a new government featuring the far right freedom party thirty one year old sebastian courts age the more moderate people's party is set to be the new chancellor but the freedom party will control several of the most important ministries brennan reports. he's been nicknamed c or wizkid now he'll be known as chancellor sebastian kurtz lead the overpay people's party to a thirty two percent winning share of the votes in the general election two months ago but to govern he needed a coalition and the far right f.p.o. is his chosen partner it is good this stock if we have a good strong team concerning my party the people's party half of it will be women and two thirds of our team are experts who will bring a lot of knowledge to the political leadership regarding the freedom party and mr starr has a team he's also put forward his suggestions so get the kids going if i hope this is about responsibility for our wonderful republic of australia and it is about ensuring good cooperation for the future to it can be difficult to tell them apart
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kurtz and his conservative people's party bills itself a center right but its policies borrow freely from far right ideas in january curt's demanded a ban on public sector workers wearing headscarves he was instrumental in having full face veils banned in austria too and his anti migrant policies slammed the door on syrian refugees trying to reach europe via the so-called balkan route it's not the first time far right politicians have been government ministers in austria it happened seventeen years ago e.u. states reacted then by downgrading bilateral contacts the prospects in this coalition of the far right in charge of austria's foreign interior and defense ministries is likely to create concern in other european capitals yes senator markey will a lot of barry or. i have to add to this three things so
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especially was respected or. it woman who is suppose to become the ministry is not a party member. and what is more in court in the european perspective all the european policy agendas will transfer from the foreign ministry huge chancellorship other cuts nor straka have detailed the new government's approach to european policy cuts says he is pro european but the far right is traditionally euro skeptic don't forget austria will hold the e.u. rotating presidency in the second half of next year old brennan al-jazeera. the trombone mistress told officials at the top us public health agency not to use certain words in documents relating to the budget stuff that the centers for disease control have been told to avoid the words evidence based and science based to the surprise of the agency's scientists also on the banned list vulnerable
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entitlement and diversity a word criticized by some trump supporters as reflecting liberal bias and equally unmentionable are fetus and transgender echoing previous steps taken by the administration in pursuit of its social agenda earlier this year the department of health and human services which oversees the c.d.c. removed information relating to sexuality and gender issues from its website. when he was fit to donna in washington she is the vice president of public policy and government relations at planned parenthood she said this is a this decision is a dangerous one. this directive from the trump pants administration is unprecedented it is unimaginably dangerous to think that the career professionals at c.d.c. are forbidden from using certain words to describe health issues and describe their mission this is a group of nonpartisan non ideological professionals whose sole mission is to protect and advance the public health in this country and this kind of political
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interference is downright dangerous so the headlines there are keeping light on the situation catching on the pro independence demonstrators refused to be silenced by spain ahead of next week's regional elections. three months after two hard hit assertive push rico is still without power. hello saturday sort of a lot of snowfall in the alps and further east in the tear old all of this frontal system pulsing of the same length drifted ever so slowly in this direction now because it's a cold front of the air behind is obviously cold by about ten degrees we so fifteen or so in serbia which is well above the average by about ten degrees to be honest for the last couple of days as i said ahead of it warm book got fifteen degrees but
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it's five in vienna this is saturday's picture it is sunday in the thames already dropping in bucharest this is the lie of rain the series of us first ukraine and into western russia moscow is actually warmed up as the cloud covered the sky but for the most part we're single figures i'm low single figures snow showers on the alps blooming so rather big a mass of snow about the khatami get to monday which we includes parts of southern germany and france as well proper when to see but largely confined to the european mainland come across the mediterranean and the weather is more or less has come out of the central so harra mass a cloud over libya and western egypt you see rain to the west as that and showers are still likely in algeria keeping the chamfer analogies about twelve or thirteen degrees not much better in tunisia it's a bit warmer in morocco with sixty in river it. after fifty years of occupation and un condemnation of illegal israeli settlements
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. i'm from cutting out and i want to preserve the safety of the village i've clashed several times with us on the. al-jazeera world tells the story of a palestinian village that's struggling to survive and the growing threats to the residents desperate to preserve their homes village under occupation at this time. and they're going to one of the top stories here now to syria intense scenes in johannesburg where south africa's a ruling african national congress is meeting to select its new leadership
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a party is deeply divided as it chooses between jacob zuma ex-wife or his deputy. to mass graves containing the remains of dozens of iraq's years e.g. minority have been found in the northwestern town of sin shot. and ostrich preston says a country went to the right despite the announcement of a new government featuring the far right freedom party. talks that march has been held in barcelona by demonstrators calling for the release of politicians and activists jailed by the central government in madrid cope and whole sense this update from barcelona. on the march that was seeing now is a fairly small torch last march by probably independence activists course this is part of the wider campaign for the parliamentary elections on this coming thursday but this group in particular are calling for the release of what they call the political prisoners there referring to a group of cattle on prime. politicians who were imprisoned by the spanish central
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government take a move a little bit and this scene looking right now down the iconoclast round us who. have the most touristic areas of the loadout. the late. for the release of political prisoners and that really goes to do something. else coming elections are they on the you know. the off togo. referendum the spanish government the central government step in the old the capital and fall of the declared direct route from madrid and then set about imprisoning some of the leading politicians road crews for independence for the cash alone in your region and so now as they go towards the parliamentary elections on the twenty first of december you have these four politicians still in prison who
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are also candidates you have all the politicians out on bail who are facing a thirty year jail sentence on charges of bread valley and you also have other leading politicians in self exile in brussels. and bolivian president evo morales has been named the official candidate by the governing mass party for the twenty nine thousand elections is on its cause even more anger in bolivia people have been demonstrating in several cities against mariah's plan to run for a fourth term in office a court ruling which cannot be transient has allowed him to run for president again . joins us now live from the city of cochabamba sedona what reaction has there been to the announcement. by the bell to make the announcement about forty five minutes from now to this crowd behind me in his stronghold the city of culture the organizers say you're going to say they expect well they realize this debate is about half a million to a million people here the opposition say nothing like that is probably about two
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hundred thousand so these people when he does finally make his appearance will be absolutely delighted that as you mentioned there is opposition here that have been demonstrations across bolivia in the last day also with people saying that he has manipulated and abused the constitution so the neighborhood can sell the stand it is likely to say when he turns up here in the next thirty minutes is the ability of the become to without him his work is not done he's been in office since january two thousand and six the libyan economy is doing well he said listen with the tens of thousands of indigenous people the peasant farmers of women out of poverty in that the country is doing really well there are plenty here with that they would talk about corruption in government drug dealers having a strong country and saying that is so problem boots on the people here now relate to the constitution so that he can stay in power. and so what can or what can
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the opposition do about this at this stage what are their options. for the opposition that they have both here in february two. alison and sixteen fifty one percent of the population in that referendum voted again president ever morales being able to stand for a time in office he initially accepted that result and then challenge it in the constitutional court a few months ago the day that there was a character assassination campaign again that the result was not free and fair and he managed to get the constitutional court to change that ruling to ignore basically the fifty one percent voted for him not to be able to stand for this two years to go now until the presidential election i think a crack country now increasingly polarized divided between those who love him and labor what are they and would like him to stand for the so foreseeable future and
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those are very angrily bitterly against the way they feel he's let manipulate the constitution then you finally thank you very much indeed. question rico still struggling to recover nearly three months after two hearkens slammed into the caribbean island a surge of the u.s. territory remains without power businesses have closed and thousands of people are still in shelters more than one hundred seventy thousand pleasure eakins have left the island found a silver thoughts where to rican snow each hurricane season they're at the mercy of nature but three months after him and then maria battered the islands they're also learning they're at the mercy of u.s. government officials to help revive life as the new it's an endless column you see on things we want my mother to live a house was destroyed she hasn't many years left and we want to live decently is that too much to ask. from the beginning puerto rican officials have been asking for a more robust response from the trumpet ministration the island is american territory
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and its three point four million residents are american citizens but many have complained that not only do they feel like second class citizens they feel forgotten. during a visit earlier this month the new york governor said one third of where to rican are still in the dark most have to boil water before using it and one thousand remain in shelters the federal government should be ashamed of itself in the way they've handled this puerto rico has not gotten the care and the attention that they deserve the administrator of the federal emergency management agency or fema says a series of disasters from harry can harvey in texas to wildfires in california have burned through its budget and burned out its staff in puerto rico obviously has the power it's an antiquated power system that we're rapidly trying to figure out day in and day out on how to get in there the complexities of it being an island and the logistical complexities you know adds to it the goal is to not only rebuild the
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electrical grid but make it better able to withstand the hurricanes that are expected to become more frequent due to climate change this period of recovery is excruciating for so many however you know can i cry for what happened for what we lost. the island has also lost thousands of residents who have relocated to the mainland exit this combined with the country's poverty and debt burden could make the puerto rico of the future a very different place when the silver al-jazeera high winds are threatening to fuel a massive wildfire burning in southern california. hundreds of homes have been destroyed and more than one hundred thousand hectares have been burnt since a series of fires broke out on december the fourth the latest fire centered around one hundred sixty kilometers northwest of los angeles and is the third largest in california's history therefore he say eighteen thousand properties are still under
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threat one more refugees are trying to take a new route into europe with deadly consequences if you're taking the old route across the aegean sea to the greek islands of less force and here us where many have had to endure dire conditions now thousands are heading north to cross the land border from turkey into northeastern greece but that means crossing the everest river which is proof fatal for hundreds of refugees largely has this exclusive report from alexandra police and a warning you may find some of the images distressing. if you want to see how dangerous it is to be a refugee this hospital morgue is a good starting point. with. that because two months ago. pub loss is parts hospital doctor past detective the bodies are usually discovered half naked they've been in the water for weeks on the river or the fish take their
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clothes sometimes or a passel effects a clue to someone's mind says this syrian woman drowned along with her son she was identified by another son already in europe but usually they remain unidentified silent witnesses to the horror of the refugees journey is very little to go through that is because we're here with a woman who will have a little boy gable's who have been sealed with all farming. world. they come here to buy that if there was poor found. yes it's very difficult. sometimes the bodies are found by police on patrol sometimes they discovered by fisherman in the shallows more dive hypothermia frozen
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from leaking boats discovered in outbuildings half eaten by wild dogs others still killed by trains sleeping on the railway is afghan says he crossed the river six times before dodging the police by that time he left behind three of his friends dead on the border. there with three of my best friends we were out in the open it was so dangerous so cold we didn't have any food or clothes where the river winds into turkey a fence becomes the border paid for by the european union to keep the refugees out either side the turkish and greek troops refugees have been blown up by land mines here the united nations says this year twenty thousand have been stopped on the turkish side it's becoming a favored route for refugees to avoid the greek islands while this fence does is to force the refugees into the river either in the hands of illegal smuggling gangs or
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by themselves it's really dangerous are the way and yet again exposes the lack of safe routes at the edges of the european union for refugees well away from the fence in the watching troops the motorway is used by the smugglers they camp out here after crossing the river into greece the greek government says a thousand people a month of being caught it is unclear how many get through but they have nothing which is a this is a medical no from a charity it's from december last year he says could this person please be referred to a psychiatrist. the doctors believe the river contains many more bodies it will soon give up and that their impoverished hospital they should is the new addition from the red cross the huge fridge the roll out of room for the bodies gloriously al-jazeera
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on the greece turkey border and more than two hundred fifty refugees have been rescued by the libyan coast guard east of tripoli they were trying to cross the mediterranean in small boats bound for italy more than four hundred sixty have been rescued this week alone rivals totally have fallen by two thirds since july from the same period last year after the un backed libyan government crackdown on people smuggling. argentina has farther ahead of its navy four in the recent loss of a submarine relatives of crew members of the missing sabah demanding the search operation continues until the vessel is found. contact with the air race on one was lost a month ago forty four crew members were on board argentina's navy ended its search two weeks ago following news an explosion had been detected near the subs last known location aircraft and ships from eighteen countries had been looking for the
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submarine in the southern atlantic the printer didn't they promised us that they would keep looking for the most exhausting all the resources they told me the saying a sailor does not leave another sailor behind well here we are reminding them of that. in france the largest privately owned mammoth skeleton has been sold at auction a fifteen thousand year old skeleton was found in siberia and went for six hundred forty three thousand dollars it was bought by the chief executive of a french waterproofing company the firm's logo is of the priest orignal twenty more for you on a website the address for that is al-jazeera dot com and look at you can also watch us live by clicking on the live like on the address again that al-jazeera dot com.
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on another headline to laughter zero the tenth scenes in johannesburg south africa's ruling african national congress is meeting to select its new leader the current president jacob zuma is accused of corruption and is stepping down as an see head the party is deeply divided between former cabinet minister and ex-wife of jacob zuma because as zuma and deputy president cyril ramaphosa zuma successor is likely to lead the a.n.c. into the twenty nine thousand presidential election fifty fourth national conference is taking place at a time when. he's at a crossroads why. don't you fry corporate. as paul says it's serious threats to the a.n.c. . we all sort of need to look at. them except we
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are going to see. austria's president says his country won't lurch to the right despite the announcement of a new government featuring the far right freedom party thirty one year old sebastian could lead to the more moderate people's party is said to be the new chancellor of the freedom party will control several important ministries. to mass graves containing the remains of dozens of iraq's years of the minority have been found near the northwestern town of singe our ninety bodies are reportedly been found including women and children are still took over town in twenty fourteen killing and in slaving for hours of members of the religious minority group. for the third weekend in a row thousands of protestors are on the streets of tel aviv demanding the resignation of israel's prime minister benjamin netanyahu is being investigated over corruption allegations which he denies. one more refugees choosing to take a new dangerous route to get into europe if you are taking the old route across the
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aegean sea to the greek columns of lesbos and kiosks now thousands are crossing the border from turkey into northeastern greece which means crossing the everest river a journey that's proof fatal for hundreds of refugees there's the headlines do stay with us but this thing post with richard has been is up next more news for you after that life and. protests and a threat of violence trucks as us shock troops on the scaffold that's realized the coase peace process actually actually i have. one question.


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