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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  December 17, 2017 3:00am-3:33am +03

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deception at this time on al-jazeera. a crucial meeting begins in south africa as the african national congress prepares
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to choose a new leader. hello again i'm peter w. watching al jazeera live from our headquarters here and also coming up protestors in israel demands that the prime minister resigns over corruption allegations which he denies. a china south korea summit ends with a cool reception from the host him beijing in the visitors might have hoped for. and don't mention science the advice given to scientists by the trumpet ministration we explore that and other words officially banned by the white house. welcome to the program our top story starting in south africa where the president jacob zuma has made an urgent plea for unity within the governing african national
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congress as it prepares to select a new leader zuma who is facing corruption allegations is stepping down as head of the party before a new leader is elected on sunday now the contest has been marked by deep divisions within the party tanya page now from johannesburg i the conference started with two warnings to saying divisive songs and to keep the chairs on the ground everybody expects that she is going to be flying around this conference or we ask that you will not be a pain in these conference. a.n.c. members from competing factions have told cheers that. on another in the build up to this crucial event there have been allegations of vote buying and intimidation those accusations have led disgruntled members to take legal action that delayed the start of the conference by several hours but the trend to turn to the country's
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courts was criticized by president jacob zuma and his last speech as party leader it is actually. we can begin to believe that the courts. to. some believe he has eroded the a.n.c. is all for it under president zuma the party has lost considerable support he's no stranger to legal action himself he's fighting an ongoing battle to keep hundreds of corruption charges at bay this race is as much about the old lead as it is about the new if the president's preferred candidate is selected she may be able to protect him from legal action and his post-presidential years but if a rival is selected they may be less inclined to help so there is a lot at stake for jacob zuma one commentator said president zuma is legacy is
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a damaged a.n.c. possibly he might be the worst president ever had. the alliance is almost nonexistent the errancy has lost fifteen percent office and . so is the average there in say the day ended with the nominations in a race that some predicts could be close between current deputy president ceramic pulsar and in courses on it i mean is the president supposed favorite whoever wins has an enormous challenge to unite the a.n.c. at a time when its divisions have been laid to be a tiny page al-jazeera johanna's. now there have been protests in tel aviv for a third weekend in a row calling on the country's leader to quit demonstrations demanding the resignation of israel's prime minister benjamin netanyahu over corruption allegations which he denies is harry fawcett. throughout december this is what
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saturday night in downtown tel aviv has looked like while international attention has been on the latest crisis in the peace process with the palestinians for these protesters the focus is on domestic politics and the corruption allegations against prime minister benjamin netanyahu we don't want the outside the government if they don't well thought we're up the people's go home we are asking bibi toys during bibi must leave during. on friday police arrived in netanya whose residence to question him for a seventh time one case concerned allegations he tried to manipulate media coverage in his favor and other centers on expensive gifts received from wealthy foreign business executives. by. the prime minister denies one leak from the investigation suggesting he and his wife requested expensive cigars and champagne when stocks were running low from hollywood producer on the strain billionaire james packer and others welcome to across the river for his lawyer has
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admitted what he calls netanyahu as weakness for wealthy people his wife sarah is awaiting indictment on a separate case involving alleged misuse of public funds they're seen as working very well together to hedonistic. wealth wise again strange for israel not the kind of. that public order is really to show there's increased scrutiny to regarding another case involving alleged corruption when german submarines were bought for the israeli navy netanyahu is not a suspect and he hasn't been questioned but two of his closest and most senior associates have been detained israel's prime minister insisted his innocence will be proven once these investigations have run their course but the new year they get to the end the more the political pressure on benjamin netanyahu increases very force it now just era television. and there have been more protests around the world against the u.s. president donald trump's to citizen to recognize jerusalem as the capital of israel
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demonstrators marched in washington d.c. and in major cities in europe and in the middle east trump's decision has been widely condemned because east jerusalem is palestinian territory under illegal occupation by israel. funeral sabean held for four palestinians killed by israeli forces during protests over trump's decision on jerusalem one of those who died was an activist who lost both his legs during an israeli air strike in two thousand and eight alan fischer was at the funeral in gaza. we came in the thousands to see good bye to a man and what he represented. three a lost both his legs in an airstrike during the two thousand in the gaza war he became an unlikely symbol of palestinian defiance and resistance. the twenty nine year old often went in his wheelchair to fly his flag at demonstrations and protests all over gaza he went on friday to the border with thousands of others to protest donald trump's decision to declare jerusalem as israel's capital. donald
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trump must reverse his decision jerusalem as the capital of palestine i call on all arabs to support the palestinians and if they don't we palestinians will do it ourselves to be by him three it was flying his flag on friday when he was shot and killed by the israelis not going to rocket us to the very moment we helped the martin abraham in the wheelchair tear gas was fired at us and abraham was hit in the head he fell to the ground and was killed instantly by a single bullet to the head. at his funeral in gaza city almost leader ismail haniya said the protesters death was not in vain. you know he tried to protest despite his condition became famous all over the world and he is shaping the consciousness of the world. two people were killed in clashes in gaza on friday for several hours and in seven places along the border palestinians protested. and rocks at israeli positions usually fired bullets in tear gas trying
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to force the thousands back from the border line hundreds were taken to hospital many suffering from the effects of gas and with other groups and factions here and guys are calling for more protests the people here are bracing themselves for more funerals in the days and weeks to come because that was alan fischer al jazeera. to mass graves containing the remains of dozens of people from iraq's minority have been found in the northwestern town of sin job ninety bodies have reportedly been discovered including those of women and children eisel took over sin joy in twenty fourteen killing and enslaving thousands of members of the religious minority single was retaken a year later by u.s. backed kurdish fighters the un has declared the massacre of the years edis as genocide. there's been a torch lit march in the run up to elections in the spanish region of catalonia protesters in barcelona called for the release of politicians and activists jailed
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by the central government in madrid for organizing a session referendum in october the spanish government imposed direct rule in catalonia after regional leaders declared independence call pen hall is their. the march that we're seeing now is a fairly small torchlight march by probably independence activists have forced this is part of the wider campaign for the parliamentary elections on this coming thursday but this group in particular of calling for the release of what they called the political prisoners there referring to a group of catalan pro independence politicians who were imprisoned by the spanish central government take a move a little bit i'm just seen in the booking right now down the iconic last round us who rely on the most touristy areas all by the lowdown. willing to live. and caring for the least how little you know prisoners and that
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really goes to doing something. else coming elections are they on the you know. nearby that often don't togaf. referendum the spanish government the central government step in both the capital and fall of the declared direct route from madrid and then set about imprisoning some of the leading politicians road crews for independence for the catalonia region and so now as they go towards the parliamentary elections on the twenty first of december you have at least four politicians still in prison who are also candidates you have other politicians out on bail who are facing a thirty year jail sentence on charges of bread badly and you also have other leading politicians in self exile in brussels austria's far right freedom policy is told the key interior and defense ministry posts in a coalition government deal struck with the conservative people's party the party
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leader thirty one year old sebastian cuts becomes chancellor both parties are pledging tougher policies on migration and domestic security paul brennan small. he's been nicknamed c or wizkid now he'll be known as chancellor sebastian kurtz led the overpay people's party to a thirty two percent winning share of the votes in the general election two months ago but to govern he needed a coalition and the far right f.p.o. is his chosen partner this is good this. we have a good strong team concerning my party the people's party that will be women and two thirds of our team are experts who will bring a lot of knowledge to the political leadership regarding the freedom party and mr starr has a team but he's also put forward his suggestions so that the kids are going to follow this is about responsibility for our wonderful republic of australia and it is about ensuring good cooperation for the future too it can be difficult to tell
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them apart cuts in his conservative people's party bills itself a center right but its policies borrow freely from far right ideas in january curt's demanded a ban on public sector workers wearing headscarves he was instrumental in having full face veils banned in austria too and his anti migrant policies slammed the door on syrian refugees trying to reach europe via the so-called balkan route it's not the first time far right politicians have been government ministers in austria it happened seventeen years ago e.u. states reacted then by downgrading bilateral contacts the prospects in this coalition of the far right in charge of austria's foreign interior and defense ministries is likely to create concern in other european capitals. yes center for them party will out the lot of berry or. i have to add to the three things
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that the specially was respected an organised it woman who is supposed to become the ministry is not a party member. and what is more in court in a european perspective all the european policy agendas will transfer from the foreign ministry huge chance to the ship now the cuts nor straka how detailed the new government's approach to european policy cuts says he is pro european but the far right is traditionally euro skeptic don't forget austria will hold the e.u. rotating presidency in the second half of next year old brennan al jazeera still to come here on al-jazeera he can still pull in a crowd bird's criticism too we have reaction as bolivia's president seeks a fourth term in office. and a billionaire palestinian businessman is arrested in riyadh the latest detainee in saudi arabia sweet against alleged corruption.
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from cool brisk north in fuel it's. to the war on tranquil waters of southeast asia. hello the cold of winter is tucking into china now or don't sass because you've got sixteen's the next sunday in hong kong a bright day and sun hasn't quite fully paid but it's a much colder five in shanghai and that should be brilliant sunshine there when does a little bit following day monday so the temperatures rise a little bit more warmth out of that rather we. so the cloud is all offshore and wrapped itself around a tropical storm tide tack which has been around the central philippines for three days now it's left eight hundred millimeters of rain in the eastern side of summer now that i'm surprised he's produced widespread flooding it's gotten over two days
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over the central philippines another three or four hundred millimeters still to fall out of the sky flooding is the major problem with this there are showers for the saturday but expect during the wet season just a few in. a few in sumatra and they're coming back into kuala lumpur singapore but they're concentrating more bit further south i think java possibly bali jakarta again a risk of some flooding rain from these fairly heavy showers whereas rain is a thing of the past i think for india for a couple of months this cloud around both extreme north and extreme south but the main problem of course is stillness and equality. the weather sponsored by cattle and race. this siege by violent crime and drugs. confronted by ariss and integration now are now al-jazeera traces the history of first generation lebanese australians exploring the conflicts. and the struggle for acceptance. once upon
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a time in punchbowl and this time on al jazeera. welcome back you're with al-jazeera live from doha your headlines the south african president jacob zuma has called on the governing a.n.c. party to good night as members gather to choose a new leader the african national congress is deeply divided over who should replace zuma stepping down from the role. of protests in tel aviv calling on the israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu to quit over allegations of corruption he's accused of accepting gifts from wealthy businessmen he denies any wrongdoing.
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austria has become the only western european country with a far right party currently in government that after thirty one year old's president sebastian pearse made a coalition deal with the freedom party the foreign interior and defense ministries will be controlled by the anti immigration party. the bolivian president evo morales has shrugged off claims he's a dictator after announcing he will run for a fourth term tens of thousands of his supporters turned out in the city of cochabamba to back his bid for twenty nineteen but it also triggered protests here's daniel. i asked if this has been president of bolivia since january two thousand and six but he says his work is not done the poor indigenous people women still need him still want him not have the mission completed we're ready to run again this is not up for debate the people voted in a referendum in february two thousand and sixteen against allowing continuous
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reelection president morales initially accepted that result but then the constitutional court to overturn it. his popularity has waned in recent years however believe his economy is growing and he still has plenty of admirers. around for everything he has managed to achieve we have very thankful to our president so well was it worth that was it and if it were possible i'd like him to be president for another fifty years there's no one else like him if there is a moralist wins in two thousand and nineteen to be president until twenty twenty five a total of nineteen years in office these people believe that you can after much of a good thing a president able model this is a relatively young fifty eight years old still has plenty to give bolivia others however believe the power has corrupted him that he's abused the constitution and the beast it goes to. the opposition which has been fragmented argumentative is now
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increasingly united against what they see the challenge to believe you as democracy some well doria medina finished a distant second away from what alice in the two thousand and fourteen presidential elections because this kind of government three or four policemen in venezuela. who were in bali react. very use their walk receive point very little women. run very well when they will notice i never feel very loved one direction. so that's the problem. with elections still two years away it's a problem many believe is only likely to grow. there's no confidence in the state they've weakened and in many cases destroyed the institutions that are fundamental for the existence of democracy so in the next two years society will be very polarized and what's worse it'll be on the streets when it's decided who will win
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power who will it believe is key institutions under his control it's a dilemma crisis that this committee. cochabamba bolivia. chile and said to the polls on sunday in what's expected to be the closest presidential election in decades from versus known as the dissatisfied left could help put a conservative coalition back in power for the first time in almost thirty years in america it is a messy and human. is a community leader in this community of fifty families living in an informal camp. homes made out of anything they can find like amalia almost all of them work. but people don't have money to pay for rent it's too expensive on a minimum wage and if you have to pay for education food and medicine you are forced to resort to this. when seventy six year old got
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a mental or became a widow she could no longer pay for rent on her meager pension now her main priority is her health. i haven't been able to see a doctor for a year even though i have chronic illnesses every month i ask for an appointment and when i go it's been changed or there's no doctor. chillies so-called free market economic miracle isn't working for too many people in the last four years the number of families living in informal. settlements and houses like this one has jumped from twenty seven thousand to forty one thousand chile's two presidential candidates say that they have the solution but the methods that they propose are very different including your former conservative president. a successful billionaire says he knows how to spur sluggish economic growth and that this time
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around he will ensure better basic services but he believes the market rather than the government should regulate. center left hander good promises to accelerate the social reforms started by the current government the former journalist has little experience and isn't part of the political establishment he barely made it to the runoff but is now technically tied with pineda backed by a new wave of progressive chileans who are tired of politics as usual some people. maybe there's a part of the society. be being pension for on pensions be health or be an indication that you know maybe we don't want the market to rule everything. chile is indeed at a crossroads and will have to choose between two very different models to try to really make latin america's most stable economy work for everybody to see in human i'll just see death sentence. the south korean president has wound up an official
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four day visit china aimed at repairing frayed relations bots mungy and hasn't been given the warm welcome many south koreans were expecting as a china correspondent from beijing. president mungy ns visit was intended to improve relations with china and while expectations had not been high both sides are indicating a willingness to reset their relationship that may not be easy though in his discussions china's premier league chung used a weather metaphor to sum up the state of ties saying both china and south korea and now looking forward to the warmth of spring time but many south koreans see nothing warm about the treatment afforded their president. or journalist traveling with him the beating of a photographer by chinese security guards is being investigated but one popular
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chinese newspaper says there should be no apology analysts say the incident is feeding into south korean nationalist sentiment the optics of something like that is playing into the kind of anti chinese. feelings within south korea so they're starting to serie action to there is also some feeling that he. did not receive the proper of greeting or the meetings and his highest profile meeting was actually canceled that was supposed to be lunch with china's premier chinese media coverage of president moon's visit has been very low key unlike south korea's which has reported the president had his first three meals in china without any chinese officials on hand and then after he arrived he was greeted by a low ranking foreign ministry official relations became strained after south korea deployed a u.s. anti missile system earlier this year to defend against possible attacks from north
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korea that infuriated chinese leaders and a targeted trade boycott followed south korea's leader though does appear to have given some ground reassuring his hosts the system is only targeted at incoming north korean missiles and while. china's leaders remain vehemently opposed to it they also need a friendlier south korea but friendly is not the way many south koreans view their president's reception here a reminder that the alliance confronting north korea is fragile and sometimes fractured adrian brown al-jazeera beijing now the police in saudi arabia have arrested a palestinian billionaire who is the head of one of the biggest banks in the middle east's masseria chairman of arab bank which is the biggest lender in jordan he is a saudi passport holder it's the latest move in an anti corruption drive ordered by the crown prince mohammed bin cell man here's n.p.r.'s tie up. he's one of jordan's
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most prominent businessmen and among the wealthiest but since wednesday musri has been detained in saudi arabia for having what's been described as information relating to corruption the eighty year old palestinian who has a saudi passport is the founder of a major investment group and the chairman of arab bank one of the middle east largest and most influential lenders his detention has shocked family and friends in jordan where his multi-billion dollar portfolio is an important part of the economy that employs thousands of musketry as you know he's like michael bloomberg for the economy of new yorkers and he's just a massive figure in jordan and palestine and he's the chairman of the arab bank their bank is the bank that the jordanian government turns to it's a commercial bank and the jordanian government what it needs money in terms of the arab bank to get some advances. detention follows a major anti corruption crackdown in saudi arabia which began last month around two
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hundred members of the royal family and businessmen have been implicated among those detained or eleven princes for government ministers and several former ministers it's thought many of them are being held at a luxury hotel in the capital riyadh several had their bank accounts frozen and were put on a no fly list they are the latest in a series of measures ordered by crown prince mohammed bin some months the thirty one year old heir to the throne is being seen as trying to assert his power shortly after the first arrests were made king someone been abilities all some announced that his son known as m.p.'s would oversee a newly formed anti corruption commission and it would purge the country of what the king described as widespread corruption it looks like this is following the attempt and cut out of the attempt in lebanon to put stress on these smaller countries to have them fall in line but the likelihood is that it won't succeed because the jordanians have been through this before many times. they've been under
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great pressure and they've always found a way to get out of a mystery comes from a prominent palestinian business family from nablus in the israeli occupied west bank with majority holdings in real estate hotels and telecoms he initially made his fortune from partnering with influential saudis in a major catering business to supply troops during the gulf war in one thousand nine hundred one since then his income has grown dramatically through regional investment and as boss of arab bank for the past five years although there's no saudi comment on our must raise detention it's a sign that the kingdom's anti corruption crackdown is widening india's hype al-jazeera the trumpet ministration has told officials of the top u.s. public health agency not to use certain words in documents relating to their budget staff at the c.d.c. have been told to avoid phrases like evidence based and science based also on the banned list of vulnerable in title meant diversity and were criticized by some
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trump supporters as reflecting a liberal bias also not to be used fetus and transgender echoing previous steps taken by the administration in pursuit of its social agenda earlier this year the department of health and human services which oversees the c.d.c. removed information relating to sexuality and gender issues from its website donna singh is a vice president of public policy and government relations of planned parenthood federation of america she believes the continued political interference could lead to harm. this directive from the pants administration is unprecedented it is unimaginably dangerous to think that the career professionals at c.d.c. are forbidden from using certain words to describe health issues and describe their mission this is a group of nonpartisan non ideological professionals whose sole mission is to protect and advance the public health in this country and this kind of political
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interference is downright dangerous. this is al-jazeera these are the top stories south africa's president jacob zuma has called on the governing a.n.c. party to unite as members gathered to choose a new leader the african national congress is deeply divided over who should replace zuma who's stepping down from the role the fifty fourth national conference is taking place at a time when i want this moment is at a crossroads. why do we identify corporate elites. as posing as serious threats to the a n c. we also need to look at in ten dynamics we see you know organization
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protesters in tel aviv are once again calling for the resignation of the israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu is under investigation over allegations of corruption he's accused of accepting gifts from wealthy businessmen he denies any wrongdoing. to mass graves containing the remains of dozens of people from iraq's years e.-d. minority have been found near the northwestern town of sin job ninety bodies have reportedly been discovered including those of women and children eisel took over singe are in twenty fourteen killing and in slaving thousands of members of the religious minority singe are was retaken a year later by a u.s. backed kurdish fighters austria has become the only country in western europe with a far right party currently in government the new thirty one year old chancellor sebastian kurtz who leads the conservative people's party made a coalition deal with the far right freedom party. donald trump has ordered staff at the top public health agency not to use words and phrases like evidence based
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vulnerable and fetus in their budget reports the directive follows previous steps in pursuit of his conservative social agenda last one use whatever you want of course on the website al jazeera dot com is the address you need you can tweet me i will tweet you back at peter one we're back top of the hour with a quick news summary for you between now and then inside story. the best full of a power in south africa the ruling a.n.c. chooses and it will probably be the next president of the six.


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