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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  December 17, 2017 8:00pm-8:33pm +03

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facing realities if a piece of machinery goes wrong is there a chance of these two kurdish true which we can bring your legal system to but getting to the heart of the matter i don't think we need to the wall that some of my producers used to hear their story on talk to how does iraq at this time. from jakarta to ankara condemnation continues of president trump's recognition of jerusalem as israel's capital.
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oh i'm maryanne demasi and london you're watching al-jazeera also coming up ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah two suicide bombers attack a church in the pakistani city of quetta killing nine people. south africa's ruling party congress formally nominate two candidates to meet them jacob zuma is ex-wife and his deputy president. and the u.s. special counsel robert miller is accused of illegally obtaining e-mails by a lawyer from trump's transition team. the anger over u.s. president donald trump's decision to recognize jerusalem as israel's capital shows no sign of abating from ankara to jakarta to karate thousands are still rallying against it as. seen in the turkish capital ankara thousands took to the streets to
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vent their anger and stand in solidarity with the palestinians meanwhile turkish president. said he wants to open an embassy in occupied east jerusalem days after leading calls a summit of muslim leaders to recognize as the capital of palestine and the un security council is now considering a resolution submitted by egypt calling for the us jerusalem decision to be withdrawn the egyptian resolution affirms that any decisions and actions which purport to alter the character status or demographic composition of the holy city of jerusalem have no legal effect another and void and must be rescinded in compliance with relevant resolutions of the security council. are going to aim has more now from the protest in ankara. later for more than an hour listening and speeches in addition to all the turkish and palestinian flags you're also hearing signing with a lot of entire american sentiment such as the president i simply have heard one
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has emerged as a advocate for the palestinians and he's been rallying other aerobic from a country specifically to show their solidarity and the real against president donald trump's recognition of jerusalem as the capital of israel when they don't want a summit where the organization for is running cooperation it's an organization with fifty seven members during that summit he said that this decision was indeed a real problem he called israel quote a terrorist didn't say this is not ignition language to mislead and is a violation of international law has all a lot of support here on the turkish street your head then the protests throughout the morning. i am actually very glad of the trumpet decision as it serves to unite the muslim world and get them into action. turkey is
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a majority muslim country that x. unified and to get should lead in the muslim world if muslims are united i'm hopeful that your recent problem will be sorted. and other leaders are saying that east jerusalem the city of the capital. and state and that jerusalem is a red line considering that it's home to the third holiest site in is to drive that point home one is taking this case and security council where he says he hopes to quote an old transit decision it's unlikely you'll get much traction given that the united states holds veto power but he says barring success there he'll move on to the un general assembly it's clear turkey plans on continuing to resist and our latest issue of the g.o.p. . well there's also been anger on the streets of the indonesian capital jakarta where at least eighty thousand people protested over the trumpet ministrations
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decision the demonstration outside the u.s. embassy was the fourth and largest rally since the announcement was made two weeks ago was him clerics in the country are calling for a boycott of american products on other stories we're following closely to suicide bombers have attacked a church in southwest pakistan killing at least nine people and injuring dozens more gunman wearing explosive vest tried to storm the christian methodist church in quite a city opening fire on the sunday worship as the region's home minister says the attackers were intercepted at the entrance but he shot one of them dead while the other exploded his suicide vest i still claim responsibility for the attack kemal hyder is following the story for us from islamabad. and there tag on a mentor dish in the city of. providence leave the number of people are there many more are wounded now according to the security forces. a few years ago and because of the heavy guard president who guard the warship was.
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sunday mass now according to up to four hundred women and children and warship was while president inside the church however it was the timely action by the security guards that killed at least one of the big eight the other one was able to get close to the hall however unable to penetrate inside to warding gauge and blew himself up so indeed a deadly attack once again on a dime or in a cross country there was a red alert because of the christmas holidays and also the. watch again shrines and mosque said read. elsewhere east eleven afghan police officers have been killed off to taliban fighters attacked at checkpoints in helmand province southern afghanistan insults on the two police posts in the provincial capital lashkar gah are just the latest in a series of deadly attacks on afghan arabs and the center left candidate. the
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economy is expected to weigh heavily on voters' minds with g.d.p. for costs to expand just one point four percent at the slowest pace in eighty is. american additively see in yemen in santiago how tight is this presidential runoff likely to be. it's very very tight the interesting thing is that we really don't have polls because in the first round the polls were so wrong so often that they're simply not publishing their results but both campaigns have made their own their gauge have made their own polls and have determined that this will be decided by perhaps as little as thirty thousand votes now we're there is a very large turnout most people have already in fact cast their ballots i'm at the nationals stadium this is the largest voting center in all of chile and people are very excited nobody dares to say who is going to win the both candidates are extra
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are absolutely different we have a center right winger a conservative former president who many accuse of being more interested in big business than in the needs of ordinary chileans and a center leftist candidate who's been a journalist up until recently who has no experience at all or very little in politics and so chileans have to decide whether to go with someone who promises them i think celebrated social reform program or a candidate who promises better jobs and a better way of managing the economy under chile's very very free market economy as it is which has made this the most stable economy in the country but at the same time has left a lot of people out of the gains of the top of democracy that they want from their country marian wright and it appeared initially that sebastian pinera had the advantage in the first round he did manage to ghana a chunk of votes for him self now it's much closer how has that how is it that has
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managed to level the playing field. well in the first rounders have us jumping into one thirty four percent of the vote versus about twenty two from d. id but if you add up all the people that voted for the center for the center left or the left even further to the left that's fifty five percent of the votes in the first round of us campaign yoga and the more right wing candidates obtained about forty five percent so as you can see that's force being yet out to have to move more to the center to try to win over those people using his experience in the economy and as a former president who tried to do just that mary thank you very much lucien even with all the latest from what will be a very close contest there in the second round of the election. now the man leading the investigation into whether russia meddled with the u.s. election is being accused of illegally obtaining e-mails the accusations against special counsel robert mueller has been made by a lawyer from the team set up to help president trump's transition into the white
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house but a spokesperson from the law says that he and his team have done nothing wrong and the claims are an attempt to discredit the investigation miller is looking into whether the russian government helped donald trump win last year's election so let's get more on this now from tom a common in washington d.c. what are you hearing about why these allegations have surfaced now. well these allegations were directed in a letter to members of the house intelligence committees that are investigating this this whole issue of russian meddling in the election and. the people who look at this see this is part and parcel of the campaign that is trying to look diligent in my eyes the investigation before it actually reveals anything that implicates the president it's interesting that there's increasing calls on the parts of the on the part of the committees to actually curtail their investigation democrats on the
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committees say they're worried that the at least as far as the congressional investigation is concerned that that will be cut short and therefore there will be no and the congress will be out of the loop here but as you said trump as troops rather muller's group has dismissed these allegations saying that the account holders either gave them permission to access these thousands of e-mails from the transition members of the transition group or else in accordance with the criminal process had access to them and the white house in fact has said that they're not really concerned about this complaint because in effect they think that the whole investigation muller's whole investigation will be over very soon and the president will have no problems. and also in all the developments some interesting news coming from the kremlin saying that the russian president led him to send has thanked u.s. president donald trump for
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a cia tips that helped to prevent an attack on russian soil in the city. what are you hearing about the information that was shadowed and the subsequent conversation between the two. actually the white house has just confirmed that the call did take place at the initiative of putin as opposed to a previous call this week where trump of congrats or thanked putin vor for a lot of the american american economic performance under his administration the specifics according to the russian announcements were that yesterday the f.s.b. the russian intelligence service broke up an attempt at a suicide attack in st petersburg and that seven suspects had been arrested and in the message that putin sent to the president president trump he congratulated or thanked the cia and specifically the its director mike pump ayos had some tough
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words about russia in the past thanked him for for passing on this information about an islamic state in eisel group that apparently had had had returned from from syria or or iraq and in fact the russian authorities had expressed apprehension that in fact there would be such an attack in advance of the presidential elections in russia or the or just in general in in russia so this was. just another instance of the president and putin being very friendly with each other and interestingly it's just on the eve of from sit down summit tomorrow of it's his message of national security risks globally to the united states in which actually russia is expected to have a prominent position so will be interesting to see just how the president will
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explain just what the risk is to russia even after pump aoe and other members of the intelligence community have admitted or have agreed that the russians did meddle in the one nine hundred twenty sixteen elections thank you very much tom ackerman. and what challenges there are still to come on the program australian police charge a man accused of being a north korean agent up to try to sell million dollar missile components on the black market and skating their way to culture crimes we need the lebanese hockey team for pursuing their new sporting action in canada. welcome back to take a look at the weather across the levant and western parts of asia so pretty quiet at the moment following conditions for the most part temperatures average slightly
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above back to their sunshine eleven degrees in the balance the caspian sea where wise by dad coming in at nineteen degrees and is looking fine around the eastern side of the mediterranean certainly for beirut despite variable amounts of cloud and it stays largely drive fine as we head on through into tuesday so let's head down into the arabian peninsula now as i speak we have got showers working the way down through the gulf very close to qatar so the rest of the gulf states are at risk of some heavy showers and thunderstorms are likely across the rest of the region was looking fine and twenty eight degrees and fine across on the other side of the peninsula thirty three from mecca you'll notice later on choose a risk of showers clears right through the gulf all together so let's now head down into southern portions of africa where we've got some pretty heavy rain at the moment affecting more eastern parts of south africa that's like to continue in the forecast but take time we should get away with some roads to be drawing weather conditions highs of twenty one heavy showers then across parts of through zambia
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towards angola but as we come southwards through namibia and into botswana should all remain largely dry and fine.
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all right let's update you on the top stories now demonstrations have been taking place across the world against u.s. president donald trump's decision to recognize jerusalem as israel's capital. two suicide bombers attacked a church in southwest pakistan killing at least eight people and injuring dozens more. and chileans of voting to choose their new president in an election runoff a billionaire businessman against a former journalist. well another story from chile a state of emergency has been declared in the south of the country ofter a landslide devastated an entire village at least five people were killed and fifteen a missing off to dozens of homes destroyed in vs. reports. from above devastation as far as the eye can see brain triggered
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a landslide that tore through the village of something to see on saturday thousands remain without electricity while rescue workers search for survivors single me theo theophanous have i had that uncles who went missing i have been. part of the valley was engulfed by a huge amount of mud from surrounding mountains the villages around one thousand kilometers south of the capital santiago local media reported a usually heavy rain during the previous twenty four hours president michelle bachelet declared a state of emergency in the area. i have ordered rescue workers to put all the resources necessary towards protecting the people of vieques and. dozens of people were airlifted to a neighboring town while rescue teams continue their search yes until you see it is near corcovado national park which is popular with tourists sports volcanoes and forests the disaster happened on the eve of the runoff election to choose she lays
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next president and he has time. south africa's ruling party the african national congress is holding a closed door meeting on who will succeed president jacob zuma. the two front runners prominent businessman and current deputy presidents are all around the poster and soon as ex-wife and courses on the dummy's in or of been formally nominated as candidates to leave the a.n.c. a decision is expected to be reached by monday battle for powers exposed deep divisions within a policy that shop the last public support of a time when the a.n.c. says that four thousand seven hundred and seventy six delegates will vote in that secret ballot in the past vote buying and intimidation or acknowledged to have swayed leadership contests after years of seumas rule soaring unemployment and government corruption of left millions of poor black south africans frustrated with the a.n.c. as you say the candidates to replace him the deputy president cyril ramaphosa is a wealthy businessman and is backed by the business community that they believe
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that he offers the best hope for the economy and then there is a.n.c. veteran and causes on the damini zuma who is jacob zuma as ex-wife she is expected to deliver a continuation of his policies and is seen as more likely to protect him from the seven hundred eighty three corruption and fraud charges against him tanya page has more from that conference and john's book. about three hundred of the delegates here at the african national congress conference has been disqualified from voting because of disputes over their credentials which have been playing out in the country's courts that number is significant enough that it could swing the vote in favor of one candidate or another if the final result is really tight at the moment they're getting in for another eight closed session but they will get a little bit of doors for the final nominations prices because this isn't just about the job of president of the a.n.c. they will also be electing the members of the national executive committee than any
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seat and there are about a sea of the. so there is a lot to get through and that's why the voting process will take several hours the top contenders for the presidential race and this is one of the nice women who would be the first woman president of the a.n.c. she stated by president jacob zuma and her main rival is presence in this current fifty president so they're all running. so they will have to vote for eighty six positions and there are about four thousand eight hundred delegates who have been approved as able to vote so the voting will take several hours and now we're not expecting for a final result to be non until monday. well spain's prime minister mariano rajoy is been rallying supporters in barcelona hoping to boost opposition to a procession parties at thursday's katla regional election call panel has the latest from tarragona. spain's prime minister mariano rajoy waded into the
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political battleground of catalonia as regional elections on sunday his message was firmly in support of spanish law in support of the spanish constitution and in support of spain staying together the catalan independence issue has affected the whole of spain plunging the country into what is seen as its worst political crisis in more than forty years since the end of dictatorship in his speech a money an overhaul he suggested that the crisis had shaved up to half a percentage point of the economic growth of all of spain in these elections the issue is not so much which individual political party gone as the most votes but which brought can control a majority in the new catalan parliament on the one hand the choice is between the pro independence parties favoring a breakaway from spain and the unionist parties who favor staying together looking
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at recent opinion polls a very difficult to predict an outcome there is possibly a slight a majority in favor of the pro independence bloc but unclear whether they will get enough votes to control the catalan parliament and that could mean that this political crisis rumbles on for much longer several hundred protesters led by the former georgian president mikheil saakashvili have tried to storm a public building in the ukrainian capital kiev thousands of people turned out to support these latest anti-government rally calling for the impeachment of the president petro poroshenko saakashvili was governor of ukraine's adesa region but resigned after accusing pora shango of blocking his anticorruption efforts he was detained earlier this month accused of trying to stage a russia sponsored coup to topple part he denies the allegations and was then released on monday. eleven women have reportedly been killed off the air strikes hit
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a wedding procession east of the yemeni capital the strikes thought to be launched by the saudi led coalition killed the women as they walked to a village in mara province there are reports that the bride was among the victims. police in saudi arabia have released. a palestinian billion billionaire who heads one of the biggest banks in the middle east on masri was detained last tuesday as part of an anti corruption drive by the crown prince mohammed bin salmond is both a saudi and jordanian citizen and chairman of the arab bank which is the largest lender in jordan says he was treated with respect while in detention and is expected to return to jordan soon. now more than thirty people have been killed in landslides and flooding in the central philippines tropical storm made landfall on saturday lashing the islands of samar and lately more than eighty nine thousand people have been forced to flee to emergency shelters while thousands of holiday travelers are stranded present undergo to territory said he will visit the affected
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areas australian police australian police have charged a man accused of acting as an agent for north korea fifty nine year old china hunch oil was arrested in sydney after allegedly trying to sell millions of dollars worth of missile components and coal on behalf of pyongyang on the global black market north korea's cash flow has been severely restricted by un sanctions aimed at pressuring the government to stop its missile program australia's prime minister says north korea is trying to support itself by selling these illegal goods well richard is the former australian ambassador to south korea he says this case highlights pyongyang's economic desperation. we don't know who he is selling this equipment to or what kind of equipment it is it's all very hazy at this stage i must say of course these trained security forces justifiably pleased that they've caught someone like this and yes it does represent if true
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a proliferation hazard but who is he say selling the equipment to we simply don't know he's trying to so-called i think to vietnam and didn't measure as well but we're not sure where the nuclear components are going if you're going to put sanctions on a country like north korea or any any country they'll do what they can to sell what they have and what north korea does have with the courtesy of technology already bought from pakistan and other countries is missile technology and nuclear technology now if there's a market out there for this material and these technologies they're going to sell it so i think in a sense you could say a desperate country is going to look wherever it can to sell what it can and i don't think we should be tough to moralistic about this because the largest weapons trader in the world as we know is the united states followed closely by russia and britain the french others are doing the same thing they're not selling nuclear technology as such but you know i think we have to be very careful about not
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imposing too strict a double standard on what the north koreans are trying to do. the world steepest finnick you know railway has opened in switzerland a futuristic looking train climb seven hundred forty three meters up the mountain from sheets in central switzerland to the alpine village of dollars barrel shaped carriages have special tilting flaws a passengers can stay upright it's always good even as they speed up gradients of fifty degrees. a second christmas delivery it's on its way to the international space station. the engine start to roar. and liftoff. three crew blasted off from kazakhstan on the fourth and final man launch of this year the astronauts from the u.s. japan and russia follow an unmanned cargo capsule which was sent into orbit on saturday . when i saw he is
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a sport usually associated with colder climates like canada the northern u.s. can to navia and russia but now thanks to immigration and international travel this winter sport is catching on with people from all the climates as well danny alack reports from montreal where lebanon's national ice hockey team is based. getting ready to hit the ice team lebanon's players are all from canada where hockey is a national passion more than a sport. this is a team that plays and practices to with the coaches studied the game closely and teaches them complex plays combining the speed and strength but hockey is known for just being behind the bench of the moment on already it's. it's a dream come true. every day i have to pinch myself and say this is what i'm doing these t.v. thinking. tonight they face the philippines flyers another team of canadians
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with roots in a warmer climate most of the crowd supports lebanon and that's a good thing as play goes on lebanon scores again and again it's a proud moment for people who remember a country's troubled history of political differences religious differences if any would put everything at the door and we just focus on playing hockey we just want to carry things out and progress over unit the team has won all the games it's played in canada so far but at an international tournament in abu dhabi last month lebanon lost tough matches to germany and bella reuss among other. that's one reason they're looking to canadian born players on us university teams like carlisle mir who adds muscle and speed to an already fleet footed attack he's delighted to take some time to play for his ancestral land it's a pride for me but i think when i see my that is reaction of me playing for his
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country that's the best gift i can give me that. lebanon's been completely dominant in this match but this is a young team that knows where it needs to improve as it carries the hopes and dreams of a community and the country on a childers. just zero montreal. let's take you through the stories making headlines now demonstrations have been taking place across the world against u.s. president donald trump's decision to recognize jerusalem as the capital of israel this was the scene in the turkish capital ankara thousands have been showing anger and stand in solidarity with the palestinians are going to aim is that in addition to all the turkish and palestinian flags you're also hearing signing a lot of entire american sentiment such as the president. has emerged as
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a advocate for the palestinians has been rallying another air of the sun a country plea to show their solidarity and real against president donald trump's resignation of jerusalem as the capital of israel two suicide bombers have attacked a church and south west pakistan killing at least eight people and injuring dozens more gunman wearing explosive vest tried to storm the question methodist church in quetta city opening fire on the sunday worshippers i still claim responsibility. chileans of voting to choose a new president in the election runoff of voters in the south american nation of choosing between conservative billionaire and former president sebastian pinera and the center left candidate a hundred. south africa's ruling party the african national congress has formally nominated two candidates for an action as their president they are a.n.c. veteran and causes on a damini zuma the former wife of the current president in and seated jacob zuma and
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his deputy president cyril ramaphosa. the man leading the investigation into whether russia meddled with the us election is being accused of illegally obtaining e-mails the accusation against special counsel has been made by a lawyer from the team set up to help president donald trump's transition into the white house. several hundred protesters led by the opposition leader mikhail saakashvili have tried to storm a public building in the ukrainian capital kiev they bring you much more on that story and everything else in about twenty five minutes time i'll have the news out for you so do join me then but inside story is coming up next.
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screams prime minister calls for a return to normality and catalunya is the reason apparently yet again to vote but after the council on dream of an independent home was ordered by government leaders in madrid more than.


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