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hello and welcome peter told me you're watching the news live from our headquarters here in doha sixty minutes of news and comment today. sebastian pinera is set to return to the presidency after a decisive win in sunday's vote. from the middle east to indonesia protesters denounce the u.s. recognition of jerusalem as israel's capital as a resolution against the move take shape at the u.n. . a power outage of one of the world's busiest airports ripples through the global transport system. and spain's prime minister makes a rare campaign stop in catalonia at thursday's regional polls.
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let's get going sebastian pinera is set to return to chile's presidential palace softer a decisive victory in sunday's runoff election with almost all the votes counted the conservative billionaire has about fifty four percent a short time ago has sent a left opponent the former t.v. president a one hundred conceded defeat yet it was previously president from twenty ten to twenty four team his victory comes a surprising wide margin results most polls have predicted a much much closer race let's talk live to our latin america i did so to see the new man who's in the capital santiago. had been very close and now it's all changed what's changed. it's it's gone back and forth everything about this election has defied the predictions that i can say right now i am much of a stamping and as campaign headquarters as you can see there are people behind me
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there were been signs of scenes of jubilation people hugging out on the streets there are hundreds of people gathering now for a campaign victory speech we should expect that to happen at eighty or at least within the hour from say must be amping it up but yes this wasn't as close as we had expected and joining me to talk more about that is christmas time but she is a political analyst from the university of the able part of palace here in santiago . and. well you know here are the chances jubilation i'd like to ask you know fifty five percent of chileans voted for a progressive agenda in the various center left and left wing candidates in that first round what happened this time they did come out and it's basically the short story i think that a hundred again was simply not the candidate who made today to the left he did dante kill aids and new nation for the left. and so many people just say it in time
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because they would enthusiasts taken off about this election they may fetch in the first round the coming invasion this round and can i see a lot of pianists apologises problem a state attending the first round thinking it was a shoo in came out to vote this time and said well if they can't how different will chile be with us stamping it at the helm again not terribly different but probably not where and it probably went head in the direction where it was getting very in a take reforms voting it take a break now. the end of the problem and said the caucus of congress is very split down the middle it's not going to be easy for this government to govern. a he doesn't really have an outright majority so i would say that all the reforms that were instituted by this government of his estate is probably even going to further some of them like making education free for technical as students or technical schools but something like pension reform would probably not go into the direction
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that the vast majority of the location helps and it was also a lot of scare tactics i would say on both sides of the campaign was. i'm not sure it really was on both sides the riots accuse the government of intervention not happens every time with every government that we used to ask but i have never seen scare tactics on social media sites like i have seen during the selection of people telling voters that if she just can't get in win this election she would turn into venezuela that scares a lot of people people scaring her knowing from what has found lots of jokes so a lot of a lot of that was going on the mistakes reports of messages social media twitter facebook et cetera you were saying a little early that this was turning more and more into a kind of an american style of election what did you mean well i i think the tactics with which people all manipulating the electorate and them spreading false is that kind of saying. really spreading that seventy is coming from the united
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states not to be quite quite to the same extent as we do see in the united states but there's some of it that's beginning to a chair and it's spreading through the station media and it's very difficult to control social media to distinguish from it from a specialist it impossible to finish between what's true and what is false news too soon thank you very much for sharing your thoughts with us on a very interesting exciting and again surprising election peter back to you to see it briefly what does this say about the vectoring of politics across the region across latin america because there are more than one or two elections just around the corner. at exactly there are three or four including venezuela's by the way. mexico would brazil carol by there has been a shift very much very decidedly to the right in the past few years chile had been kind of the exception especially as it was considered the economic success story in
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the political success story of latin america now being in that with the pineda victory this also is shifting chile in that same direction and approval ratings they've gone historically way does that say something about her or does it say more about chilean voters. you know actually the biggest loser in this election have been the pollsters for months for years now they've been saying that actually had very very low popularity and just in the last couple days the same poll just came out and said that her popularity has doubled in the last two weeks from twenty to forty percent so go figure either the been wrong all along or they're exaggerating now but yes she was not as successful and as popular as in her first administration but she did a lot of good things for chile as well most chileans acknowledge it but they did not like this to unfold in the meantime thanks very much. protests. once again
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taken place in several countries against the us decision to recognize jerusalem as the capital of israel now the move was widely condemned because east jerusalem is palestinian territory that's being illegally occupied by israel al-jazeera syntactical nam reports now from the protests in the turkish capital ankara. the turks have always been passionate about the palestinian cause despite the chil protesters spent three hours listening to music and speeches and they waved turkish and palestinian flags and a fair amount of anti-american signs reading on this is i'm going to take is a majority muslim country that acts unified and to get a should lead in the muslim world if muslims are united i'm hopeful that your person in problem will be sought it. since u.s. president donald trump broke with decades of american policy and recognized jerusalem as the capital of israel the turkish street has been vocal and president
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regift and has emerged as a potent advocate for palestinians he's pushing for leaders to take their condemnation and transform it into action. murder one is taking on this case and security council where he says he hopes to quote an old transit decision and it's unlikely he'll get much traction given that the united states holds veto power but he says barring success there he'll move on to the u.n. general assembly it's clear turkey plans on going to new and to persist and highlighting this issue only to go to a lot of old age. i am actually very glad of the decision as it serves to unite the muslim world and get them into action. in the most populous muslim country an estimated eighty thousand indonesians marched to the american embassy in jakarta muslim clerics are calling for a boycott of american and israeli products until truck reverses his decision saying
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it is not going to happen i want all muslims to unite and to usher president of america to reconsider his decision for the good of all of humanity. that's unlikely considering the trump says this is a recognition of reality and it's in the best interests of the. us in the israeli palestinian peace process but protesters don't see it that way in karachi thousands showed up for what was called the holy city million march almost two weeks after trump's announcement people continue to show their solidarity for palestinians and in doing so have also provide global attention to their plight latasha going to al-jazeera. well as natasha was mentioning there the un security council votes on monday on a draft resolution a supported by egypt calling for the u.s. recognition of jerusalem to be withdrawn now the egyptian resolution affirms quotes
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that any decisions and actions which purport to have altered the character status or demographic composition of the holy city of jerusalem have no legal effect on the void and must be rescinded in compliance with rev relevant resolutions of the security council for more on that mike hanna reports now from new york. the draft resolution being circulated in the united nations has been drawn up by egypt with input from other parties it would appear now the resolution may change in form or shape before it's actually voted upon probably in the scumming day however the resolution as it stands at the moment does not mention the us by name i understand that various parties such as the united kingdom and indeed egypt wanted to try and keep the language as neutral as possible in an attempt possibly vain to keep the u.s. from exercising its veto within the security council the resolution as it stands at
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the moment is actually a restatement of the un's position on jerusalem as outlined through decades of security council and general assemblies a resolution the most recent being in november this year in which the general assembly voted overwhelmingly to declare any unilateral acts in jerusalem as null and void that phrase null and void is contained in the current draft resolution the draft resolution calls on all states to refrain from establishing diplomatic missions within jerusalem i understand the palestinians somewhat angered they didn't want to single out the u.s. by name however it appears from this draft resolution that egypt and the u.k. have had their way too in attempt to avoid the u.s. veto however it would appear that that vetoes likely to happen with israel's enthusiastic backing which describes the resolution as
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a palestinian attempt to reinvent history despite the fact that it is rooted on u.n. resolutions as they stand at present but palestinians making very clear that should the u.s. veto this resolution in the security council they will attend to have it introduced in the general assembly where there's nobody to at the plague. eleven women have reportedly been killed off the air strikes hit a wedding procession east of the yemeni capital sana'a who see a fish will say the strikes launched by the saudi led coalition killed people as they walked to a village in moderate province there are reports the bride was among the victims it's a tradition in rural yemen for the bride's friends and relatives to a score to the wedding ceremony. egypt has ordered al jazeera journalist mark water saying to remain in prison for another forty five days he was arrested in egypt almost a year ago while visiting family it's now the tenth time his detention has been renewed al-jazeera continues to demand his release he's accused of broadcasting
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false news to spread chaos which he and al jazeera strongly deny what has repeatedly complained of mistreatment in jail plenty more still to come here on the news hour for you including the two contenders hoping to succeed jacob zuma as the a.n.c. decides on a new leader plus as the indian prime minister's home state gets ready to declare election results we'll look at the poor state of public education in rural areas a good juror. and a new record for round the world sailing santa is here to tell you who did it how they did it and the sports news in about thirty minutes. now a power outage at one of the world's busiest airports has left thousands of passengers stranded and it's threatening to have ripple effects around the world the out it's hit atlanta's hartsfield jackson airport the u.s.
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federal aviation administration has stopped all flights heading for atlanta airport authorities say they're investigating the cause of the problem the impact of the outage will be far reaching the airport is one of the world's busiest and the largest hub for delta airlines the airports website says the facility handles an average of two and a half thousand flights and two hundred seventy five thousand passengers per day and flies to nearly seventy international destinations up to one hundred aircraft have been grounded and delays are expected to continue joining us with the very latest now as our correspondent brian estabrook diane what caused the outage in the first place do we know yet. no peter they don't know yet georgia power is investigating in this power outage has been going on now for a little more than five hours it hit the airport just after one o'clock eastern time this afternoon now the federal aviation administration says the control tower
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at atlanta hartsfield is working but the problem is inside the airport some of the equipment operating in the terminals isn't working and so that's why they've have to they've had to ground these flights now some international flights have been diverted to other airports around the nation however a lot of those flights still grounded as you mentioned this is the world's busiest airport about one hundred four million people travel in and out of that airport annually so this is causing headaches for a lot of people traveling around the world trying to get to business meetings tomorrow so a major headache but again they are still investigating this outage don't know what happened earlier today the lights power the lights went off inside the airport but apparently they've been able to restore some of that power through generators but a major headache for anybody flying in and out of that airport this afternoon and this is the classic no call in effect scenario isn't it because we have
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a situation where the airlines want to takeoff the passengers of course once or carry on with their journeys but they end up with cabin crew and flight crew in the wrong place at the wrong time they're out of i was and they have the wrong airplanes in the wrong place at the wrong time as well. absolutely and this is one of those things that could go to have a ripple effect for days because like you mentioned these crews have you know they can only be on staff for so many hours and then they have to be relieved and then they have to try to get another crew and then try to bring potentially a crew in from someplace else so you could potentially have passengers that are tied up in atlanta for potentially several days before they can get out thanks very much thousands of libyans have taken part in rallies across the country in support of the renegade general hurley for hafta they're calling on him to take charge of the country after he claimed a u.n. backed mandate expired on sunday but the u.n. maintains its mandate for the libyan government of national accord remains in
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effect until a new one is introduced libya has remained divided between the internationally recognized government in tripoli and a rival administration backed by hafter in the east. i mean december the seventeenth of december has arrived and i go through it with the end of what is this so-called shook your agreement therefore all institutions created by this agreement void these institutions have not obtained the just i'm a c. since the first day they started working and as of today libyans feel that they have lost patience and that the promised period of peace and stability has become a way to bring them out ok your top story in europe the spanish prime minister mariano to the horror he has campaigned in the region of catalonia in the run up to the crucial vote on thursday which could determine the next stage of these to session crisis now his party stands little chance of winning the election but mr
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roy is hoping that a coalition of the unionist parties could stop catalonia from breaking away from the rest of spain called pen all now reports from salute. with an awkward smile the spanish prime minister enters the political battleground mariano rajoy he was here to rouse loyalists from his people's party in the fight against the catalan separatist movement going to feel as part of the thank you for defending spain thank you for defending the constitution thank you for defending the law according to opinion polls roy's party has no chance of winning thursday snap the general election. the challenge is to form a majority bought with other anti secession parties and stop catalonia breaking away there's also a high possibility separatist parties could score a majority. there wouldn't be any problem if the independent parties fulfill the
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law and the constitution after the spanish government ruled catalonia october referendum illegal or thora he's arrested key secessionist leaders on charges of rebellion and dissolve the catalan parliament officials were carefully orchestrating a message allowing journalists only to record the arrival and departure at this point now event organizers are asking journalists and their cameras to leave the event from now on the speech will only be broadcast by official government cameras and official party leaders. party supporters like what they heard. we must win to get rid of these radicals from catalonia we're fed up with these people we can't live with. across the road a small group of protesters calling for the release of their jailed separatist leaders they describe as political prisoners. a night
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before in barcelona other activists rallied for the same demand cymbidium the situation in the festive season is we have always protesting peacefully but they cheat us right up starts in terror that's why these leaders have been out. on the issue of catalan independence plunge spain into its worst political crisis since the end of the ship fourteen years ago whatever the outcome there seems little chance there's days election will help heal those deep political divisions call pen hole salloum spain south africa's governing party the african national congress has just begun voting for a new leader to replace president jacob zuma the two front runners the current deputy presidents. and zoomers former wife. have been formally nominated as candidates whoever wins could become the country's next president after elections in twenty nineteen however the battle for power has
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exposed deep divisions within a party this last public support in recent times the a.n.c. says four thousand seven hundred seventy six delegates will vote in the secret ballot vote buying and intimidation of suede leadership contests before after years of zuma rule soaring unemployment and corruption of left millions of poor black south africans for straighted with the a.n.c. the deputy president mr i'm opposed who is a wealthy businessman is backed by the business community which believes he offers the best hope for the economy the a.n.c. veteran and. is expected to deliver more of the same she's seen as more likely to protect mr zuma from the seven hundred eighty three corruption and fraud charges leveled against him tanya page now from johannesburg. all of the nominations for the top six positions in the african national congress have now been confirmed and
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as expected it is down to a two horse race between courses and i'd like meaning zuma who is the outgoing president jacob zuma as preferred candidate and would be the first woman president of the a.n.c. if she succeeds pitted against jacob zuma as defeated president so will. they had been expected to be one vote to elect the top six and the other members of the national executive committee but they have decided to split the vote into there have already been long delays firstly because of legal action and see members who weren't happy with the processes at the grassroots level taking meds challenges into the country's courts and secondly here at the a.n.c. elected conference they need to check all the credentials of all the delegates to decide who is and who isn't allowed to vote and that's led to the expulsion the disqualification of four hundred delegates delegates who are believed to have been in favor of let me zoom in so that may cost or if the race becomes really close in
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those final numbers are really tight the whole contest for the presidency is being framed as pitting the faction of reformers by saul ram across a against the faction of patronage led by lebanese whom he's perceived to be a continuation of our current president jacob zuma style of leadership governance and politics who wins this hotly contested race for the presidency will have an enormous challenge to try and unite a deeply divided and say. let's stay with that one for a couple of minutes while you sit and belly betty is a lecturer in international relations and south african politics from pretoria speaking earlier to my colleague jim mcdonald she said it's a very tight race with ex-wife trailing the current deputy president. one of the things i think that i'm opposed to when we do that is that it would go some way in restoring business confidence and be good to the economy i mean we've already seen
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this evening the rand strengthening quite a great gym since the announcement got made his nomination i think that just points to how match the markets and how much business thinks of him as a capable cosen to steer the economy is especially in light of the current economic downturn to tell africa and i think that what she has got to suggest a long history in the in the party she's held several cabinet positions and really in terms of experience of government she was the most experienced kind of the big concern of course is everybody that comes with that she has been supported by many people that ex-husband supporters and who it appears would want to maintain the kind of current systems that has been cold state kept in in south african disclosed good rate each maintaining a system of corruption and of things being done to post so i'm rich men driver than
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to deal with the very many problems that the country's currency facing what about the party itself if they can see a terminal decline or can it save itself but i think that the ac is going through the saying that mainly african liberation movements have gone through where to is trying to also years after they come into power they really begin to do the same to that kicked him to get it but they also begin to use a sense of why the party exists and what they're actually fighting for i think the risk also for those kinds of polities is that once you are in power the trappings of state power and patronage really change the reason that. people join politics and can eventually lead to the destruction of the part of said i think that the a.n.c. is very different from other liberation movements that have become political
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parties or even some of the dominant parties in countries as diverse as india and want to pattern mexico and i think that we are seeing that take process of to try and that has to be expected taking place and we've seen that the agencies vote share of the votes as a kind of the time and certainly of the last ten years and i think we can only expect that to take place as well in the next national election in twenty nineteen regarded as of who is in charge of the party will go because of who wins this week and. still to come and still to come for you here on the news hour including a backlash in jerusalem a controversial tax bill and that russian investigation a busy week even by donald trump's standards we'll look at the u.s. president's political ups and downs in the past few days and the sports news we'll hear from eleven on some national hockey team that's bidding for international recognition.
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welcome to look at the weather across the americas in north america we've got some heavy rain across parts of the south that's going to continue there for next forty hours or so little bit of snow across the eastern seaboard of the two are looking pretty chilly at the moment and there's another frontal system in across the rockies there could be some heavy snowfall and the more rain begin to push in as we head through into choose day so if a seattle but once you get into the rockies then it becomes pretty snowy once again for the south fine overdoes it southwest still the rain in place there across the southern states and still wet snow refusing to shift across parts of canada so how does the caribbean the weather here gerri is looking pretty good at the moment lots of sunshine for the islands temperatures around about the thirty mark up through the isthmus we've got showers extending graci northwards from panama and costa rica all were up towards parts of the yucatan and billy's make soko city itself should
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be dry on monday as we head on into choose to just a chance for sharing increasing there but otherwise still plenty of drawing fine weather to be so heading down into south america cross the amazon basin we've got plenty of shower right to vittie she would expect for ecuador and parts of proof showers to coming south not quite as hot as has been for sunshine cooling to thirty five degrees fine weather conditions in buenos aires for the south and twenty two the high on choose day. after fifty years of occupation and un condemnation of illegal israeli settlements . of the i'm from carry out and i want to preserve the safety of the village i've clashed several times with suckers on these lands al-jazeera world tells the story of a palestinian village that's struggling to survive and the growing threats to the residents desperate to preserve their homes village under occupation at this time.
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al-jazeera. it's. where every. welcome back you're with the al-jazeera news hour live from your headlines
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sebastian pinera is set to return to chile's presidential palace after a decisive win in sunday's runoff election with almost all the votes now coming to the conservative billionaire has about fifty four percent a short time ago his center left opponent the former t.v. presenter one hundred he had a conceded defeat. protests are continuing to take place around the world against the u.s. decision to recognize jerusalem as the israeli capital that was condemned because east jerusalem is palestinian territory under israeli occupation by israel the u.n. security council votes on monday on a new resolution reversing the u.s. initiative. and the renegade libyan general holy father after us to clear the un back deal on a national unity government void but the u.n. says it hasn't expired and remains in effect until a new one is introduced libya has remained divided between the internationally recognized government in tripoli and
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a rival administration backed by halftime in the east. in just a few hours the home state of indian prime minister narendra modi will begin counting votes after a state election education was a key issue raised by the opposition congress party which are out if you go poland has more on that. was there were our government statisticians say less than fifteen percent of the students will graduate from secondary school or. four hundred and thirty five year old school was once one of the main education centers in the village of bizzare. now the government's boys' school competes with five modern private schools. classes said this school had been reduced facilities are inadequate. teachers are not long ago taught students from also shell backgrounds now only have children from low income families six out of what these conditions give the children an inferiority complex they feel they're
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not with the of a good education so they don't need to study further or graduate. analysts say the school is just one of many institutions suffering from government neglect and the state's privatisation drive but i read schools are given more place. and the public schools are starved of loneliness and even appointments a lot made similarly the things are very bad in case of has. this plight goods are out being one of india's top three states in terms of economic growth lags behind the rest of the country in many social indicators. including primary education infant mortality and women's health for years people in rural areas have been promised the benefits of development and economic reform but many now say they're losing patience with the government and since the rural population makes up more than half the electorate it's seen as one of the biggest challenges to the ruling party in the state elections. frustration boiled over two years ago when
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a community called the party darst representing students traders and agricultural workers took to the streets it ended in a violent crackdown. part of patel says it's what's made his community reconsider their support for the ruling be j.p. the party dark community which makes up nearly fifteen percent of voters in gujarat say the government's economic initiatives only benefit major companies and have killed smaller industries conason were invisible as if congress comes into power there would be a change in industrial policy in the past they support the small industries and so created jokes was. the b j p has ruled the state for the past twenty two years many here are considering what another two decades in power would mean for their children's future to be gopalan. the u.s. president donald trump says he has no plans to fire the man looking into alleged russian meddling in last year's u.s.
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election despite republican attacks on the credibility of the investigation a lawyer in trump's white house transitional team earlier accused the special counsel robert muller's team of unlawfully obtaining thousands of e-mails relating to that issue a spokesman for mullah said the e-mails were obtained through the appropriate criminal process here's what mr trump has been saying. robin hood that would be. quite sad to see that my people were very upset about it. i can't imagine anything on a frankly because as we said there is no proof no religion whatsoever but. a lot of lawyers thought that. pretty sad. the russian president has thanked donald trump for an intelligence tipoff from the cia is believed to have foiled an isolated spied suicide attack at the cannes and cathedral instant petersburg on saturday the kremlin says that i mean putin told trump on the phone that he would
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repay the favor ok let's talk to bill schneider a friend of the al-jazeera news hour he's a professor of public policy at the george mason university joins us from washington bill great to talk to you again delegitimizing robert muller why are they trying to do it. because they're afraid of what he might come up with that he actually might make charges conceivably criminal charges against the president for obstruction of justice no one knows no one knows where this investigation is going but they're trying to discredit him in order to preempt whatever he comes up with is not the coffee boy is he he is a legally constituted special counsel if at some point in the future somebody decides trying to deal with just some eyes him is a criminal slash political offense might there then be say another inquiry or serious questions being asked at least. absolutely and probably that would come
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before congress you've got to remember the robert mueller is a special counsel he's not an independent counsel as a special counsel he can be fired by the president the president requested that the justice department appoint an independent count as sorry a special counsel and he really does serve at the pleasure of the president but if trump or to do that if he were to dismiss robert mueller which he can do legally there would be a political firestorm unbelievable in the united states we have had in the past twelve hours this telephonic loven between vladimir putin the russian leader and mr trump as well but some people are saying the mulla inquiry might be as dangerous for mr putin as it is for mr trump is that feasible. well i doubt that mr putin is going to lose an election or be set back politically he's a very powerful person and he controls the leaders of power in russia so there might be some criticism but i think mr putin is fairly proud of the fact there russia can
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and has intervened in american politics and possibly also in british politics and in german politics we're not as he's not ashamed of that and the russian people appear to support him and despite mr trump's just been saying wearing his white baseball cap there we played that clip just before this conversation started bill i mean people there in the states they are understandably perhaps but obsessive lee interested in the tax cut story that's going on in the u.s. just now nobody's talking about the pretty much global protests against what mr trump has said and done with jerusalem that's right that's not a very hot issue in the united states he did it is apparently a political payoff to not jewish voters they did not support him but to evangelical christian voters for whom jerusalem is a very high priority item they make up of much larger proportion of the electorate and they voted solidly for mr trump but what's happening now is the top issue is
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the tax proposal that seems to to be about to pass the united states congress and will go into effect it's a very complicated proposal it's not actually very popular it's got a lot of people worried about what's going to happen to them and the test is going to be what happens to the economy as a result of this tax proposal of this tax law being passed where those republican people who are going to vote for the go home it's the holidays the christmas season is just around the corner i mean the reality is that not will not for twenty five years has one republican politician ever vote seat against this kind of proposal so it's a done deal surely. it is a done deal but tax cuts in taxes are what defines a republican today ever since ronald reagan came to power in one thousand nine hundred one and passed a big tax cut so did george w. bush and now donald trump is likely to get the same result taxes are what define
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the republican party they are they cannot resist what they call a tax cut although it has a mix implications they call it a tax cut they can't resist supporting it it's more or less what civil rights route laws are for democrats but civil rights law comes up as and his proposed democrats can't resist it the parts of the republican d.n.a. correct me if i'm wrong on this one part of the republican d.n.a. in your country is tax cuts that's that's their political calling card that sometimes what gets them into office but the reality of this is ministration is that being a little bit economical with the actuality here because they're not doing even george w. said this when he got in and brought in tax cuts he said look we will have tax cuts but we have to i think the expression the sunsets and there will be a sunset and your tax bills will go up again but this white house is not saying that no it's not and some of these tax cuts are in fact temporary but they're counting on something they're counting on the fact that once people have got any kind of a tax cut it will be politically impossible to raise taxes they know that the bush
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tax cuts were supposed to last ten years and guess what they were for most people sustain just the very wealthy had them go back up again. to get rid of a tax cut is politically greenly difficult and republicans know it why are these tax cuts so terribly unpopular everyone likes to pay less tax. they do but not everyone is getting a tax cut and most of the tax cuts are going to the very wealthy the wealthiest one or two percent of americans are getting pretty big tax cuts now republicans will argue correctly that it's the wealthy who pay the most amount of money in taxes because they have the highest incomes so there's a whole argument about the fairness of that but most americans understand that any tax cut they get is going to be fairly small it won't make a lot of difference and accompanying the tax cuts congress is changing a lot of tax deductions that benefit an awful lot of people so most americans don't
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know exactly how this is going to affect them and in all likelihood it won't affect them a great deal and they really won't feel the results of this tax cut very strong is there a sense in which to go back to this idea of there's been in u.s. politics i mean i've interviewed doing my job i've interviewed people who've run coups i've interviewed people who've survived coups this is not a political coup this is actually the rule of law but that republican kinetic anger they may be trying to derail it or nudge the debate in a different direction but surely even their anger is going one location and one location only it's robert mala. yes they are to commit members of congress who support president which includes most republicans are desperate to try to stop the mall or investigation so the what they're trying to do is deal with him they're trying to say when they have some evidence of this that people on his staff have a political agenda that some of them have horror they gave money to democrats in
2:43 am
the past or there was an exchange of e-mails between two i think they were f.b.i. agents on the on the staff of the investigation which said derogatory things about president trump it turns out there was a romantic relationship between the man in the woman it's a lot of very obscure things that are happening but republicans are grasping at anything they can find to say that robert muller should be fired he should not be believed because he has a political agenda bill great to get your thoughts on where we are right now and donald trump's last week or so in the top job in u.s. politics thank you very much. at least nine people have been killed after two suicide bombers attacked a church in the southwest of pakistan gunman wearing explosive vests trying to storm the christian methodist church in the city of quechua police shot one of them dead while the other exploded his suicide vest eisel claimed responsibility for the attack. is in islam about. and there tag on
2:44 am
a method to. leave the number of people dead many more wounded now according to the security forces. and because. the warship was. mad now according to up to four hundred women and children and warship was president. however did that timely action by the security guard that killed at least one of the big eight. get close to the hall however unable to penetrate. and blew himself up so indeed a deadly attack once again on a. cross country day was because of the christmas holiday and also the fact that there have been attack ended up watch again shrines and mosques. at least
2:45 am
eleven afghan police officers have been killed by the taliban in helmand province the assaults on the two police posts happened in alaska go off they all the latest in a series of attacks on afghan security forces claimed by the taliban group as a strong and growing presence in helmand in neighboring kandahar province a car bomb a science a nato convoy a woman was killed and four of those wounded a spokesman for the nascent mission says none of the troops in the convoy. supporters of the former georgian president mikheil saakashvili have tried to storm a public building in the ukrainian capital kiev they turned out for psychosis release latest anti-government rallies calling for the impeachment of the ukrainian president petro poroshenko psycho's really was governor of ukraine's odessa region but resigned after accusing pushing code of blocking his anti corruption efforts he holds both ukrainian and georgian citizenship he was detained earlier this month and accused of trying to stage
2:46 am
a russian sponsored coup to topple mr partition coat he denies the allegations and was released on monday. protestors are again venting their anger at target president the fiery is seen be there have been anti government marches across the country nearly every week since august in a single is in nigeria chairing a summit the leaders of the economic community of west african states ecowas protesters are angry that togo's own going political crisis is not on the agenda at that summit they want him to step down and a two term presidential limit to be introduced the police in australia have charged a suspected arms dealer said to be a loyal agent for north korea to try to sell missile components on the black market chan hand choi was arrested in sydney un sanctions aimed at stopping the north's nuclear bomb and missile programs have severely restricted cash flow the australian prime minister said north korea is trying to support itself by selling illegal
2:47 am
goods. north korea is i dined tourists reckless criminal regime threatening the pace of the region it supports itself by breaching u.n. sanctions not simply by selling commodities like call and and other goods but also by selling weapons by selling drugs by engaging in cyber crime it is vitally important that all nations would relentlessly to enforce those sanctions because the more economic pressure that can be brought on north korea the soon will that regime will be brought to its senses strong winds are fueling a wildfire in the u.s. state of california the so-called thomas fire is now the third biggest in the state's history it's been to more than two hundred sixty seven thousand hexed has an area the same size as new york city nearly eight and a half thousand firefighters are battling the blaze which has destroyed more than one thousand structures and threatened eighteen thousand more the fine department
2:48 am
says it's now forty percent contained. earlier this week i referred to this fire is a beast and it's a monster we all recognize that but we will kill it the team behind me the men and women out in the field i have no doubt they will take care of business and we will put this fire out. sun is here with our sports news including this one a dramatic return to the slopes for an in the pic champion details coming up when we come back in a couple of. this is a boon for point people right now in technology there is so much going to help people it's from thanks for calling i read this is there a what are you looking like today we get to that client with their day to day tasks and give them more independence
2:49 am
and this first arc of tomato that sure is a tomato exploration process was amazing and we have that technology available to us techno at this time on al-jazeera one of the really special things that work in progress here is that even as a camera woman i get to have so much empathy and contribution to a story i feel we cover this region better than anyone else would be pushes you know it's very challenging liberally particularly because you have a lot of people that are divided on political issues we are we the people we leave to tell the real story so i'll just mend it is to deliver in-depth journalism we don't feel inferior to the audience across the globe.
2:50 am
the world steepest from the killer railway has opened in switzerland it took fourteen years to build and is being hailed as a significant achievement for european technology the futuristic looking train climb seven hundred forty three meters up the mountain from streets in central switzerland to the alpine village of dos the barrel shaped carriages have special tilting floors so passengers can stay upright is always a good thing he even has the speed up gradients that nearly fifty degree. times the sports news hisself. thank you very much a friend sailor has smashed the world record for the fastest solo in navigation of the globe. completed his round of the world journey and less than forty three days beating the previous set best by more than six days as peter stamets reports. the
2:51 am
thirty four year old françois gabble was a man on a mission on november fourth the frenchman sits sail as he aimed to navigate around the world faster than anyone had done before. the target was to beat the forty nine days and three hours record set by his fellow countryman thomas scoville last year he had to be back by december twenty third. would zip around the world in his high tech thirty meter sailboat a maxi tri mare and one of the most technically advanced yachts around from the starting point between wes on france and england he would sail around and arctica and back along the way encountering rough seas and strong winds but he managed to find time along the journey to share updates on his twitter account and on sunday december seventeenth victoriously crossed the virtual finish line between northwest france and southwest england. and of course he tweeted about
2:52 am
a two. hour becomes the fourth world record holder for sailing around the globe solo studio source you don't think i was lucky i was successful maybe if i hadn't left on november for if i had left three hours later i couldn't have had that there was luck and success but once there was a good nation the south atlantic i had to keep it going. he's mammoth journey last had forty two days sixteen hours forty minutes and thirty five seconds and because clearly he has little in the way of limitations instead of taking a wrist he is already talking about flying around the world in record time he does them an al-jazeera. majesty and i had one again a to close the gap to eleven points on top of the english premier league city this time united it beat a west brom two one. and jesselyn god with a goal some managers will say more in us says that his team will continue fighting for the title every match you go every match we try we try to win because if you do
2:53 am
that question two was and then you do the same question to the third into the fourth into the feed into the six. probably they disappear probably they want. to go on holidays we don't want to only those who want to play if you look as much is on those other imagine a liverpool list smashed up for most of by four goals to nil they're up to fourth right now and you can see they're united trailing city by eleven points. brazilian football legend kaka has called time on his career the midfield a playmaker has been playing at major league soccer team at the orlando magic during a distinguished career he represented ac milan a real madrid he won the champions league syria league titles and with brazil he twice tasted success at the comp of the racial scope he was also
2:54 am
a young member of the squad that won the two thousand and two world cup lympics super g. champion on a visit that has won her first world cup race in more than two years the twenty eight year old austrian know who has been struggling with injury since two thousand and fifteen one by almost a half a second and the sale in france as she reached out to tina for a third and it's only sophia course yet they also didn't have lindsey vonn to contend with the four time world champion pulled out of the race because of the soreness in her knee. fellow austrian. destroy the competition that to win the dies by one point seven seconds out. is the fifth year in a row he's won the race at the italian result this is her third cup race with of the season in the forty eighth of his career which puts him on track for a wreck old extending seventh overall cup title in
2:55 am
a row. the national hockey league is officially one hundred years old the league celebrated by holding an outdoor game in the kadian capital auto a city had hosted the league's first ever game between the montreal canadiens and auto asenath as there were two of six foundation teams that won the n.h.l. was established in the seventeen there are now thirty one and they produced a repeat performance in the n.h.l. one hundred classic the senators and their fans survived a minus ten degrees temperatures of four winning three. but just being a whole lot of enthusiasm and when the fact to be this was so organized this is really really enjoyable i had never lived before washing on t.v. a few times but. at the ice level it was special it really was i think the n.h.l. never buddy you know for a team in there in the city did an unbelievable job making this a real success at all levels. on the game show that canada is the home of hockey
2:56 am
and the country plays host to more than one national team lebanese side is based in montreal and the bidding for international recognition daniella reports. getting ready to hit the ice team lebanon's players are all from canada where hockey is a national passion more than a sport. this is a team that plays and practices to win the coaches studied the game closely and teaches them complex plays combining the speed and strength that hockey is known for just being behind the bench of the moment on already it's. it's a dream come true. every day i have to pinch myself and say this is what i'm doing these years do you think you should. tonight they face the philippines flyers another team of canadians with roots in a warmer climate most of the crowd supports lebanon and that's
2:57 am
a good thing as play goes on lebanon scores again and again it's a proud moment for people who remember a country's troubled history of political different religious differences. put everything at the door and we just focus on playing hockey we just want to carry things out and progress as a unit the team has won all the games it's played in canada so far but at an international tournament in abu dabi last month lebanon lost tough matches to germany and bella reuss among others that's one reason they're looking to canadian born players on u.s. university teams like carlisle mir who adds muscle and speed to an already fleet footed attack he's delighted to take some time to play for his ancestral land. it's upright for me but i think when i see my that is the reaction of me playing for his country that's the best gift i can give my dad.
2:58 am
lebanon's been completely dominant in this match but this is a young team that knows where it needs to improve as it carries the hopes and dreams of a community and the country on its shoulders daniel acknowledges era montreal and that's why it's false and we'll have more later on let's just on the chilean election for you when we come back in a couple of minutes also you should know about.
2:59 am
sharks. the street is quiet the signal is given. out so it's safe to walk to school last year there are more than thirty metres in this community in one month the police say this area is a red zone one of several in some townships in cape town children sometimes a quarter in the crossfire when rival gangs fight so parents and grandparents have started what they call a walking bust to try to protect them from gang violence i lost my. door years ago i also lost my but there are more than one hundred fifty volunteers working for several walking busses teachers say it is working class attendance has improved the
3:00 am
volunteers also act as security guards singapore is being accused of expanding its coast and illegally dredged satins some of the islands off the coast of indonesia literally vanished it's a big business smuggling firm one that will take the city there until the sand is our fair if you see this beautiful beach behind it is something that's not so profound tragedy is that people are just not aware and ecological investigation into a global emergency sound walls at this time on al-jazeera. conservative billionaire sebastian piñera.


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