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that stay with you. i got this conviction that everyone has a deep reservoir of talent but if you give them the opportunity and wonderful things start to look at the exit this dims there's at least twenty thousand or hinder refugees who live here we badly need at this moment leadership and felt presence hosting the public has resigned donald trump is going to be the next president retaliation where banks have a go go back she's very kind of says gas subsidies to big you know best to prevent getting anyone to skip record that. he achieved something that never happened before. chile's sebastian pinera set to return to the presidency after a decisive election with the conservative billionaire.
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hello i'm down. live from doha also coming up protesters around the world denounce the u.s. recognition of jerusalem as israel's capital the resolution against the move taking shape at the u.n. . the indian prime minister's home state gets ready to declare results after a crucial regional election. i'm going to new getting highlights the view from the world's steepest finicking a railway. chile has become the latest latin american country to shift to the political right by electing the conservative billionaire sebastian pinera as president but here is the overcame his center left opponent in the runoff the second time he's been elected to the country's highest office in america and it's on the sea and human reports
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from santiago. chile's billionaire president elected got what he wanted another crack at the presidency for the second time in twenty seven years chile has swung from the center left to the center right both times the civil stamping it out the markets favorite the former president a successful businessman promises better times ahead as he extends an olive branch to the uk if he does i want to renew our commitment to old chileans a commitment to unity and dialogue and so i invite all of our previous presidents to share their experience and advice with me so that we can reach national agreements to tackle our biggest problems. at the headquarters of center left candidate. there were long faces had run on the promise of accelerating the social reforms started by the current government of president michelle bachelet but the former journalist's inexperience and chilly sluggish economic growth ultimately
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gave the conservatives the upper hand bennetta has been linked to several shady business deals and political scandals but clearly it did not matter i think the general issue is that politicians announce a discredited that people just assume that they are lions or be so whatever and then choose between the lesser of two evils chileans have made their decision joining the recent latin american swing towards the political right but in this country you know would not have an easy time of it not only because the electorate has proven himself to be more demanding but also because he will not enjoy a majority in the legislature. which means i will have a hard time rolling back on still popular social reforms as is happening in brazil and neighboring argentina government is going to be more of an administrative go it's going to going to be very similar to what we saw in his first term in power it's going to be more short term oriented it's going to be related to jobs but this
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time rounds of us champion. that will have to be less accommodating to the business elite the election has shown that chileans have become far more demanding and are expecting results no matter how hard they may be to deliver. the sea and human scent. in yemen eleven women have reportedly been killed off the air strikes hit a wedding procession east of the capital sana'a who fear fishel say the strikes launched by the saudi led coalition killed people as they walked to a village in my province there are reports the bride was among the victims it's a tradition in rural yemen for the brides friends and relatives to a school to the wedding ceremony they've been more protests in several countries against the u.s. decision to recognize jerusalem as the israeli capital the move was widely condemned because eastern islamist palestinian territory illegally occupied by israel. reports of the protests in the turkish capital ankara. the turks have always been passionate about the palestinian cause despite the encore
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a chill protesters spent three hours listening to music and speeches and they waved turkish and palestinian flags and a fair amount of anti-american signs using holder says i'm going to take is a majority muslim country that acts unified and should lead in the muslim world if muslims are united i'm hopeful that your person in problem will be sought it. since u.s. president donald trump broke with decades of american policy and recognized jerusalem as the capital of israel the turkish street has been vocal and president regift and has emerged as a potent advocate for palestinians he's pushing for leaders to take their condemnation and transform it into action. murder one is taking his case to the heart and security council where he says he hopes to quote an old transit decision it's unlikely he'll get much traction given that the united states holds
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veto power but he says barring success there he'll move on to the u.n. general assembly it's clear turkey plans on going to new and to persist and highlighting this issue to the home of the deodorant old age. i am actually very glad of the decision as it serves to unite the muslim world and get them into action. in the most populous muslim country an estimated eighty thousand indonesians marched to the american embassy in jakarta muslim clerics are calling for a boycott of american and israeli products until truck reverses his decision saying it is not going to happen i want all muslims to unite and to usher president of america to reconsider his decision for the good of all of humanity. that's unlikely considering that trump says this is a recognition of reality and it's in the best interests of the. us in the israeli palestinian peace process but protesters don't see it that way in karate thousands
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showed up for what was called the holy city million march almost two weeks after trump's announcement people continue to show their solidarity for palestinians and in doing so have also revived global attention to their plight latasha guinea al-jazeera. well as natasha mentioned there the u.n. security council will vote on monday on a draw for resolution submitted by egypt calling for the u.s. recognition of jerusalem to be withdrawn the gyptian resolution affirms that any decisions and actions which purport to have altered the current status or demographic composition of the holy city of jerusalem have no legal effect a null and void and must be rescinded in compliance with relevant resolutions of the security council for more on that my kind of reports from the. the draft resolution being circulated in the united nations has been drawn up by egypt with input from other parties it would appear now the resolution may change in form or
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shape before it's actually voted upon probably in the scumming day however the resolution as it stands at the moment does not mention the us by name i understand that various parties such as the united kingdom and indeed egypt wanted to try and keep the language as neutral as possible in an attempt possibly vain to keep the u.s. from exercising its veto within the security council the resolution as it stands at the moment is actually a restatement of the un's position on jerusalem as outlined through decades of security council and general assemblies a resolution the most recent being in november this year in which the general assembly voted overwhelmingly to declare any unilateral acts in jerusalem as null and void that phrase null and void is contained in the current draft resolution the draft resolution calls on all states to refrain from establishing diplomatic
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missions within jerusalem i understand the palestinians somewhat angered they didn't want to single out the u.s. by name however it appears from this draft resolution that egypt and the u.k. have had their way too in attempt to avoid the u.s. veto however it would appear that that vetoes likely to happen with israel's enthusiastic backing which describes the resolution as a palestinian attempt to reinvent history despite the fact that it is rooted on u.n. resolutions as they stand at present but palestinians making very clear that should the u.s. veto this resolution in the security council they will attend to have it introduced in the general assembly where there's nobody to at play. well the counting of votes is underway in the home state of indian prime minister narendra modi the ruling party the b j p has controlled the western region of greece about for twenty two
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years but it's facing a tough challenge from the opposition congress party with allegations of corruption against local b j p leaders the congress will succumb paint on economic issues such as the new goods and services tax but exit polls suggest a win for moody's let's get more now from to become paul and she joins us live from good surats largest city amid about what's the mood like ahead of the polls davila people expecting. hi daryn well daryn that miss fear here i would say is charge social media has been abuzz with people saying they consummate for monday which is unusual from their sunday weekend holiday people are watching this race very closely because for the first time in decades congress is putting up enough of a challenge to gather more seats or capture enough seats possibly to govern this state now many people here are divided by geographical locations rural areas
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are said to be voting more in favor of congress if you go by the trends while the urban areas here in the city are leaning more towards b j p i met one of the polling stations here just behind me beyond security there's a crowd of people waiting in front of screens just wanting to see what kind of counting is coming out or what numbers are coming out so everyone here is glued to their screens glued to social media watching this very very closely and given why is this election of such great interest to the rest of the country. that's a good questions are enough one of the main reasons is the fact that the prime minister of this country has a vested interest in these elections there and there modi was chief minister here for thirteen years and he has taken it upon himself to be the face of the campaign of the ruling b j p party in fact he has come down here to campaign in self and even flew down to cost his vote which is unheard of meanwhile on the congress side
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you have raul gun the the newly crowned prince of the congress party everyone is saying that this is a test his first big test to see whether he is worthy of being the leader of the congress party and whether he can lead a campaign so far in recent years his campaigns have fallen flat but here they say he's doing it right he has managed to get support from many communities who feel disenfranchised by the so-called good drive economic economic model so the whole country is watching mainly a battle between two of the biggest parties here and a personal battle between those who are fronting them. thank you. lots more still to come here knowledge is there including a power cut at the world's busiest airports not plan to cause widespread transport chaos. spain's prime minister makes a rare campaign stop in catalonia and a first days we still have more in the state.
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from dusky sunsets if you disproving savannah. to summarize the top invasion metropolis. hello again as we look at the weather in the levant and western parts of asia pretty quiet at the moment temperatures much of this should be eight there in kabul twelve in toronto eighteen for baghdad and on the eastern side of the mediterranean to germany where the conditions are looking fine let's move the forecast through into choose a we have got some showers across parts of turkey and perhaps more in the way of cloud i think across the eastern side of the mad but otherwise still temperatures looking pretty good for beirut so let's head down into the arabian region and here through the gulf we've got quite a few showers just flirted with cancer for a time pushing away but still for abu dhabi muscat that could be some big storms around these twenty four to forty eight hours so be aware of those otherwise it's fine across the peninsula thirty three the high in mecca and through into choose
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they really not much change those showers heading away into the arabian sea so let's push across into southern portions of africa where we've got to some rain on the eastern side of south africa durban could see some showers at times dry for much of the day weather wise across northern parts of way through into zambia others of the risk of showers begins through in towards angola where the conditions gerry not looking too bad across the eastern side of madagascar and answer in reverse should see a high of twenty eight and twenty the high interruption. the weather sponsored by cats on race. news has never been more available it's a constant barrage with every day but the message is a simplistic you have no frame and good logical rational person crazy monster and misinformation is rife dismissal and does not well documented accusations and evidence is part of genocide the listening post provides a critical counterpoint challenging mainstream media narrative at this time on
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al-jazeera. welcome back a quick reminder of the top stories here al-jazeera sebastian pinera set to return to chile as presidential palace for a decisive victory in sunday's runoff election almost all the votes counted the conservative billionaire has about fifty four percent a short time ago his center left opponent former t.v. presenter a one hundred clear conceded defeat. eleven women have reportedly been killed off the air strikes hit a wedding procession east of yemen's capital sana with the official say the strikes launched by the side of the coalition killed people as they walked to
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a village in moderate province. counted off the elections in the indian state of the ruling the j.p. party has controlled the state for twenty two years but the opposition congress party is hoping to cause an upset criticism of mr and promote his humbling of the. u.s. president donald trump says he has no plans to fire the man looking into alleged russian meddling into last year's election despite republican attacks on the credibility of the investigation and law in trump's white house transition team earlier accuse meshal council robert muller's team of unlawfully obtaining thousands of e-mails a spokesman for mullah said the e-mails were obtained through the appropriate criminal process is what trump's been saying. looking good not looking good and. quite sad to see that people were very upset about it. i can't imagine is anything going to frankly because as we know. the reason whatsoever but. a
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lot of lawyers who are. pretty. now a power cut at the world's busiest airport has left thousands of passengers stranded the outage struck atlanta's hartsfield jackson airport and has been severe disruption to flights what caused the power failure is still under investigation don estimate reports from washington d.c. . well georgia power still hasn't figured out exactly what caused this power outage at the moment it says it was caused by a fire in an underground facility but it doesn't know how that fire started now the utility also says it has redundancies in place so something like this shouldn't have happened so it will be interesting to find out what could have caused something so catastrophic at the moment the georgia power has restored power to its international terminal it hopes to have power restored to the rest of the airport by midnight the f.a.a. here in the united states was required to call
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a ground stop which meant that all of the flights that were in atlanta ready to depart had to stay grounded and then those flights that were in other u.s. cities headed to land had to stay grounded as well a number of flights international flights that were headed to atlanta were diverted to other airports the f.a.a. said it was going to keep personnel in the control tower in atlanta through the night so that once power was restored it could begin getting those flights in and out of atlanta about six hundred fifty flights in total were canceled about three hundred fifty flights were delayed most of those flights were delta airline flights because its primary hub is in atlanta united airlines american airlines and southwest airlines all said that they were going to be suspending flights for the remainder of sunday so this was a major headache for a lot of travelers and it could take a day or two before everybody gets to go where they were needing to go so
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a major tie up in atlanta today. now strong winds are fueling a huge wildfire in the u.s. state of california the so-called thomas fire is now the third largest in the state's history it's been more than two hundred sixty seven thousand hectares that's the same area as new york city nearly eight thousand five hundred firefighters are battling the blaze which is destroyed more than one thousand structures and threatened eighteen thousand the fire department says it's now forty percent contained. earlier this week i referred to this fire is a beast and it's a monster we all recognize that but we will kill it the team behind me the men and women out in the field i have no doubt they will take care of business and we will put this fire out a state of emergency has been declared in southern chile after a landslide devastated and time a village at least five people were killed and dozens of homes destroyed in vs
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something assia fifteen others are still missing in just reports. of devastation as far as the eye can see. triggered a landslide that tore through the village of. on saturday thousands remain without electricity while the rescue workers search for survivors. i had that uncles who went missing i have it on guy. part of the valley was engulfed by a huge amount of mud from surrounding mountains the villages around one thousand kilometers south of the capital santiago local media reported a usually heavy rain during the previous twenty four hours president michelle bachelet declared a state of emergency in the area. i have ordered rescue workers to put all the resources necessary towards protecting the people of vieques.
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dozens of people were airlifted to a neighboring town well rescue teams continue their search lucy is near corcovado national park which is popular with tourists sports volcanoes and forests a disaster happened on the eve of the runoff election to choose next president if he has time. the runner up in the presidential election in honduras says the vote was marred by fraud president. has been declared the winner three weeks after the election defeated candidate salvador party has renewed calls for street protests. take his case to the u.s. state department the organization of american states. supporters of the renegade general heading for have to have rallied in libya calling for him to take charge of the country the protests came as a u.n. mandate backing the national government in tripoli expired on sunday the u.n. says the agreement remains in force until a new one is adopted but that's been rejected by have to go back to rival administration in the east. the seventeenth of december has
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arrived at the end of what is the so-called shook your agreement therefore all institutions created by this agreement void. these institutions have not obtained full of just them a c since the first day they started working and as of today libyans feel that they have all lost patience and that the promised period of peace and stability has become a dream of. so africa's ruling party the african national congress has begun voting for a new leader to replace the president jacob zuma the two front runners the current deputy president cyril ramaphosa and soon as ex-wife of course as an adult i mean assume or have been formally nominated as candidates in the vote whoever wins could become the country's next president after elections in twenty nineteen but the battle for power has exposed deep divisions within a party that's lost public support in recent times where the a.n.c.
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says four thousand seven hundred seventy six delegates will vote in the secret ballot vote buying and intimidation have swayed leadership contest before after years of seumas rule soaring unemployment and corruption have left millions of poor black south africans frustrated serum a person who is a wealthy businessman is backed by the business community which believes he offers the best hope for the economy and the n.c. veteran causes an ugly mean zuma is expected to deliver more of the same she's seen as more likely to protect zuma from the seven hundred eighty three corruption and fraud charges against her tiny pages move from johannesburg. all of the nominations for the top six positions in the african national congress have now been confirmed and as expected it is down to a two horse race between courses and i'd like meaning zuma who is the outgoing president jacob zuma as preferred candidate and would be the first woman president of the a.n.c. if she succeeds pitted against jacob zuma as defeated president so will. they had
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been expected to be one vote to elect the top six and the other members of the national executive committee but they have decided to split the vote into there have already been long delays firstly because of legal action and see members who weren't happy with the processes at the grassroots level taking made challenges into the country's courts and secondly here at the a.n.c. elected conference they need to check all the credentials of all the delegates to decide who is and who isn't allowed to vote and that's led to the expulsion the disqualification of four hundred delegates delegates who are believed to have been in favor of let me zoom in so that may cost or if the race becomes really close in those final numbers are really tight the whole contest for the presidency is being framed as pitting a faction of reform is. against affection of patronage led by lebanese
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whom he's perceived to be a continuation of outgoing president jacob zuma style of leadership governance and politics who wins this hotly contested race for the presidency will have an enormous challenge to try and unite a deeply divided and see. spain's prime minister marianna has campaigned in the region of catalonia in the run up to a crucial thursday vote which could determine the next stage of a succession crisis his party stands little chance of winning the election hopes that a coalition of unionist parties could stop catalonia from breaking away from spain has called him. with an awkward smile the spanish prime minister enters the political battleground mariano rajoy he was here to rouse loyalists from his people's party in the fight against the catalan separatist movement going to feel as part of the thank you for defending spain thank you for defending the
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constitution thank you for defending the law according to opinion polls roy's party has no chance of winning thursday snap the general election. the challenge is to form a majority block with other anti secession parties and stop catalonia breaking away there's also a high possibility separatist parties could score a majority. there wouldn't be any problem if the independent parties fulfill the law and the constitution after the spanish government ruled catalonia is october referendum illegal or thora he's arrested keys secessionist leaders on charges of rebellion and dissolve the catalan parliament officials were carefully orchestrating the whole his message allowing journalists only to record the arrival and departure at this point now event told the noises they're asking journalists and their cameras to leave the event from now on the speech will only be broadcast by official government cameras and official party leaders. party supporters
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like what they heard. we must win to get rid of these radicals from catalonia we're fed up with these people we can't live with. across the road a small group of protesters calling for the release of their jailed separatist leaders they describe as political prisoners. a night before in barcelona other activists rallied for the same demand cymbidium the situation in the festive season is we have always protesting peacefully but they cheat us right up starts in terror that's why these leaders have been jailed. the issue of catalan independence plunged spain into its worst political crisis since the end of dictatorship forty years ago whatever the outcome there seems little chance those days election will help heal those deep political divisions
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karl penhall salloum spain police in australia have charged a suspected arms dealer said to be a loyal agent for north korea china hunch oil was arrested in sydney he suspected of trying to sell missile components on the black market un sanctions are in place against north korea rich nuclear bomb and missile program corresponding under thomas has more from sydney choi is a naturalized australian citizen but police say he was working here as a lawyer agent for north korea trying to earn money for the regime by selling missile components weapons expertise and call on behalf of the regime that's what activity breaks united nations sanctions and australian sanctions it also breaks australian laws specifically designed to prohibit the development or production of weapons of mass destruction is the first person ever to be charged under a law the weapons of mass destruction act passed by the parliament here back in one thousand nine hundred five. will be alleging in court this man was brokering the
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zeile of missile components three and typical expertise from north korea to other international into teaching. we believe this means piling discussions about siloed missile components free from north korea to other entities abroad as another attempt to try and rise revenue for the government in north korea we don't know much about those other entities except that at least some of them are said to have been in indonesia and viet nam the place of not so they think any weaponry was actually moved anywhere nor do they think choi hunch and was trying to line up any customers here in australia but they do say that about half a million dollars was transferred between accounts and they think that if the trades have gone ahead then it would have raised tens of millions of dollars for the north korean regime meanwhile thousands of people have been marking the sixth anniversary of the death of kim jong il to lead north korea for seventeen years he died in two thousand and eleven and was succeeded by his son kim jong il. people laid flowers and vowed to statues and portraits of past leaders in the capital
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pyongyang supporters of the former georgian president mikheil saakashvili have tried to storm a public building in the ukrainian capital kiev turned out for socrates latest round the corner of the impeachment of ukrainian president petro poroshenko saakashvili resigned as governor of the adesa region accusing part of an action of a corruption he was detained earlier this month charged with trying to topple poroshenko with russian money saakashvili says the allegations are baseless. the world's steepest finical a railway has opened in switzerland it took fourteen years to build that is being hailed as a significant achievement for european technology a futuristic looking train climb seven hundred forty three meters up the mountain from sheets in central switzerland to the alpine village of stones at the bower said carriages of special tilting floors passengers can stay upright even as they speed up gradients at nearly fifty degrees.
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of the top stories here a billionaire former president returned to the top job in chile after winning sunday's runoff election officials say sebastian pinera got more than fifty four percent of the vote beating his center left rival senator allen hundred we air here as a margin of victory was much wider than opinion polls had forecast. i want to renew my commitment to all our commitment to unity and dialogue and so i invite all of your previous presidents to share their experience and advise with me so that we can reach national agreements to tackle the biggest problems that affect the eleven women have reportedly been killed after airstrikes hit a wedding procession east of yemen's capital sana'a who the officials say the strikes launched by the sound of the coalition killed people as they walked to a village in mari province there are reports the bride is among the victims
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protests are continuing across the world against the u.s. decision to recognize jerusalem as israel's capital the move was condemned because easter was slim as palestinian territory under illegal occupation by israel the u.n. security council will vote on monday on a resolution reaffirming that any decision to alter jerusalem status won't have any legal basis. ballots are being counted after elections in the indian state of gujarat the ruling b j p party has controlled the state for twenty two years but the opposition congress party is hoping to cause an upset after criticism of prime minister narendra modi's handling of the economy u.s. president donald trump says he has no plans to fire the man looking into alleged russian meddling into last year's election despite republican attacks on the credibility of the investigation a lawyer in trump's white house transition team earlier q the special counsel robert muller's team of unlawfully obtaining thousands of e-mails related to the issue a spokesman for miller says the e-mails were obtained. power is now back at the
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world's busiest airport after a couple left thousands of passengers stranded the outage struck atlanta's hartsfield jackson airport and there's been severe disruption to flights and what caused the failure is still under investigation well those were the headlines the news continues here on al-jazeera after the listening post such if that's a watch by. counting the cost the mouse wins over the fox we'll look at disney's acquisition of twenty first century fox how the impact on media landscape also net neutrality and where the changes will affect how we view all that content and making the most of the greeks on. counting the cost of this time on al-jazeera. protests a threat of violence drug users decision recognized. israel has to real the middle east peace process.


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