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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  December 18, 2017 12:00pm-12:34pm +03

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battered or even those who managed to escape their country haven't truly been able to escape the you're. going as i want to finally we're going ask about it but that's the ball is a ball not i see more listeners are thought of that the set says their last digits are the same wonder whether the cousin debunks is a bit on the bottom in the first episode of a two part series al-jazeera investigates the world of performance enhancing drugs . sports during the endless chase at this time. when. gunmen stormed a military training center in afghanistan's capital kabul. number
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shall carry this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up. official results are expected soon and india's state elections the prime minister's party looks set to hold on to his home state of plus. right now are the noise from the president a decisive victory for police here sebastian medicine signals a move to the right also. two point five billion people across the world don't have a bank accounts many of them live right here in africa find out next how a small city police company is using not banks but in the old traditional saving methods to try to bridge this gap. breaking news to bring you out of afghanistan an attack is underway at
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a military training center and kabul a gunman stormed a partially constructed building near an intelligence training center in the west of the city explosions and gunfire have been heard it's believed several attackers are in side the building there a government spokesman says half afghan security forces are firing back reinforcements have also been said i saw is claiming responsibility for that attack witnesses in the area say they can hear the battle. the sort of place that at first a few explosions took place in the area and now there is heavy gunfire going on. to india now where the ruling looks set to retain prime minister narendra modi's home state of cruiser on overcoming a challenge from the main opposition party after early poor showings that the j.p. surged ahead in the election which was seen as a test for the prime minister narendra modi he has been the chief minister of iraq
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for three terms and the party has ruled the state for twenty two years. and the last latin american country to shift to the political right by electing conservative billionaire sebastian pinera as president and easily overcame a center left opponent in the runoff vote it's the second time he's been elected a lot america or lasy a new man of course from santiago. chile is billionaire president elect to got what he wanted another crack at the presidency for the second time in twenty seven years chile has swung from the center left to the center right both times the civil stamping it out the markets favorite the former president a successful businessman promises better times ahead as he extends an olive branch to the uk if he does what are you committed to old chileans a commitment to unity and dialogue and so i invite all of the previous presidents
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to share their experience and advice with me so that we can reach national agreements to tackle the biggest problems. at the headquarters of center left candidate. there were long faces i had run on the promise of accelerating the social reforms started by the current government of president michelle bachelet but the former journalists inexperience and chilly sluggish economic growth ultimately gave the conservatives the upper hand bennetta has been linked to several shady business deals and political scandals but clearly it did not matter i think the general issues that politicians announce a discredited that people just assume that they are liars will be for whatever and then choose between the lesser of two evils chileans have made their decision joining the recent latin american swing towards the political right but in this country you know would not have an easy time of it not only because the electorate has proven itself to be more demanding but also because you will not enjoy
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a majority in the legislature. which means i will have a hard time rolling back on still popular social reforms as is happening in brazil and new. bring argentina being you know government is going to be more of an administrative go is going to going to be very similar to what we saw in his first term in power it's going to be more short term oriented it's going to be related to jobs but this time round of us stamping it out will have to be less accommodating to the business elite the election has shown that chileans have become far more demanding and are expecting results no matter how hard they may be to deliver. the sea and human sunday at. the un security council will vote later on monday on a draft resolution regarding the status of jerusalem and follow decision to recognize true islam as israel's capital the move a spark almost two weeks of protests around the world there was more anger across the palestinian territory overnight with protesters burning effigies of u.s.
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president donald trump and israel's leader benjamin netanyahu and more countries around the world have joined in rallies to show their support for the palestinian people the tossing a name of ports from the protests in the turkish capital ankara. the turks have always been passionate about the palestinian cause despite the anchor a chill protesters spent three hours listening to music and speeches they waved turkish and palestinian flags and a fair amount of anti-american signs reasonable this is i'm going to take he is a majority muslim country that acts unified and to get should lead in the muslim world if muslims are united i'm hopeful that your recent improper mopey sources. since u.s. president donald trump broke with decades of american policy and recognize jerusalem as the capital of israel the turkish street has been vocal and president read. and has emerged as a potent advocate for palestinians he's pushing for leaders to take their
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condemnation and transform it into action. murder one is taking this case out of the heart and security council where he says he hopes to quote. an old transit decision it's unlikely he'll get much traction given that the united states holds veto power but he says barring success there he'll move on to the un general assembly it's clear turkey plans on going to new into persistent hard line is that you shouldn't have to go to the old age. i am actually very glad of the decision as it serves to unite the muslim world and get them into action. in the most populous muslim country an estimated eighty thousand indonesians marched to the american embassy in jakarta muslim clerics are calling for a boycott of american and israeli products until truck reverses his decision saying it's not going to happen i want all muslims to unite and to the president of
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america to reconsider his decision for the good of all of humanity. that's unlikely considering that trump says this is a recognition of reality and it's in the best interests of the us in the israeli palestinian peace process but protesters don't see it that way in karate thousands showed up for what was called the holy city million march almost two weeks after trump's announcement people continue to show their solidarity for palestinians and in doing so i've also revived global attention to their plight natasha going to al-jazeera. egypt is circulating a draft resolution calling for the u.s. recognition of jerusalem to be withdrawn it states that any decisions and actions which purport to have altered the character status or demographic composition of the holy city of jerusalem have no legal effect or no one void unless they were ascended in compliance with the relevant resolutions of the security council i can
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a has a details from new york. the draft resolution being circulated in the united nations has been drawn up by egypt with input from other parties it would appear now the resolution may change in form or shape before it's actually voted upon probably in the scumming day however the resolution as it stands at the moment does not mention the us by name i understand that various parties such as the united kingdom and indeed egypt wanted to try and keep the language as neutral as possible in an attempt possibly vain to keep the u.s. from exercising its veto within the security council the resolution as it stands at the moment is actually a restatement of the un's position on jerusalem as outlined through decades of security council and general assemblies a resolution the most recent being in november this year in which the general assembly voted overwhelmingly to declare any unilateral acts in jerusalem as null
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and void that phrase null and void is contained in the current draft resolution the draft resolution calls on all states to refrain from establishing diplomatic missions within jerusalem i understand the palestinians somewhat angered they didn't want to single out the u.s. by name however it appears from this draft resolution that egypt and the u.k. have had their way too in attempt to avoid the u.s. veto however it would appear that that vetoes likely to happen with israel's enthusiastic backing which describes the resolution as a palestinian attempt to reinvent history despite the fact that it is rooted on u.n. resolutions as they stand at present but palestinians making very clear that should the u.s. veto this resolution in the security council they will attend to have it introduced in the general assembly where there's nobody to at play. back now to india where
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the ruling looks set to retain prime minister narendra modi's home state of critical call in his life for us and goes writes largest city a matter. to be i know it's kind of difficult for you to hear there's a lot going on behind you but tell us more about what's expected from there these results and why the rest of the country is paying such close attention to these local elections. where. people already are taking the b j p s. a lot that's why you're seeing this kind of election celebrations of a particularly worrying orange or saffron those are the colors of the j.p. . the b j p has most likely retains power here but what's been interesting about this race is that this has been the closest race this century everyone has been watching this very closely here in the station shall be an interesting state if you bought it along very clear put political winds you're either t.j. p.
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or your team good you're at the tory p.r. team congress. party which has not let a challenge here in two decades suddenly has risen up and lead a credible campaign led by raul gandhi the newly crowned president he has now been seen as a leading a successful movement here by bringing together disparate disenfranchised political groups so even if they don't win he's still seen as making some sort of a mark here what they have done is actually bring up more voters in numbers here for congress but the rest of the country is watching particularly closely because of who's leading the b j p and not the country's prime minister narendra modi he was chief minister here for thirteen years he personally inserted himself into the campaign year coming in campaigning coming and quoting here himself and so this has been seen as basically a marker barometer of his popularity to give it
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a hall and live for us and to view thank you. so head on al-jazeera wife and lumber we meet the migrants trying to scrape a living and libya and donald trump prepares to lay out his vision for america's national security. hello there for many of us in the philippines it has been incredibly wet over the past twenty four to forty eight hours so thanks to our storm tak his while the shaky footage that shows you what it was like during the tropical storm and gradually now it's working its way towards the west here it is on the satellite picture it has disintegrated now that it's worked its way across the philippines but it's across the sea now so risk the potential for it to really intensify once more however probably it won't because the winds high up in the atmosphere very
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strong and that should stop its formation and it works its way towards the west though it looks like some of us in the southern part of it now are going to have a very wet period over the next few days if the remains of this storm actually work their way towards this further south also some showers here most of the live you ones a hair over parts of java and into bali very very wet here over the past few days more very heavy downpours still to come for australia is been a problem with heat recently you can see this area of clouted it's gradually trying to edge its way eastwards and as it does so it's bringing something of a cooler change because ahead of it is certainly pretty holt thirty six degrees there in melbourne thirty one in sydney but the temperatures in sydney rice to thirty eight as we head through wednesday a very hot day and the rains not with us yet.
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documentaries. at this time on al-jazeera. you're watching al jazeera let's recap the top stories at this hour an attack is underway at a military training center and kabul gunmen stormed a partially constructed building near an intelligence training center and the west
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of the city i saw is claiming responsibility for that attack chile has elected conservative building there sebastian pinera as its president and yet it defeated a center left opponent in a runoff vote shifting the country to the right it's the second time he's been elected to the highest office and security council will vote later on monday on a draft resolution regarding the status of jerusalem it follows the u.s. decision to recognize jerusalem as israel's capital it was anger across the palestinian territory overnight with protesters burning effigies of u.s. president donald trump and israel's leader benjamin netanyahu. and the central philippines at least twenty six people have been killed in landslides caused by tropical storm kai tak more than eighty thousand people have fled their homes since the storm hit bill or an island on saturday fresh water and electricity supplies have been cut to most of the island bridges have also been damaged have hampering rescue efforts. or strikes have hit a wedding procession in yemen killing eleven women but the officials say aircraft
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from the cellular coalition fired on a group as it headed for a village and every province the bride was said to be among the victims. peace talks aimed at ending south sudan's civil war due to get underway in the ethiopian capital addis ababa it's been four years since that conflict broke out which has forced more than a third of the population from their homes represented as a both south sudan's president salva kiir and rebel leader reid are expected to attend morgan has more from juba. this round of talking with you think it's regarded as the last chance. to end the civil war which started in december twenty third seen. by the peace agreement which was august twenty fifteen here in the capital juba but then a fighting broke out in the capital in july last year between the right wing forces the government and the opposition and the rich much are. declared the peace agreement has collapsed now the intergovernmental body development into
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governmental authority under development i get a regional block has around the region they're going to south africa sudan kenya and ethiopia to try to bring together all the were inside not just the opposition and the red machar and the government the different other factions that have emerged after the fighting in july last year to try to iron out their differences and look for the way halward to end the sudan regional and international dollars which are backing the peace agreement have described it as a critical and unique round of talks to end the conflict and that this may be the only way forward for south sudan and it wants to keep on fighting for years to come . as president donald trump says he has no plans to fire the special counsel robert miller despite his administration's recent attacks on the credibility of the investigation into suspected russian meddling in last year's election a lawyer and white house transition team earlier accused miller's team of unlawfully obtaining thousands of e-mails related to the investigation a spokesman for miller said the e-mails were obtained with the account owner's
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consent or through the appropriate criminal process. robert. byrd said this is a very. fair measure this is a lot of frankly because as we know there's no reason whatsoever that. a lot of lawyers work. for. the cider is a professor of public policy at george mason university explain why the truck team is targeting meller. they're afraid of what he might come up with that he actually might make charges conceivably criminal charges against the president for obstruction of justice no one knows no one knows where this investigation is going but they're trying to discredit him in order to preempt whatever he comes up with are you going to remember the robert miller is a special counsel he's not an independent counsel as a special counsel he can be fired by the president the president requested that the
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justice department appoint a special counsel and he really does serve at the pleasure of the president but if trump or to do that if he were to dismiss robert mueller which he can do legally there would be a political firestorm unbelievable in the united states he has president as to to unveil his national security strategy and later on monday is expected to take aim at america's to a political rivals and identify important global challenges tom ackerman has more from washington d.c. thank you very much but you know from the outset donald trump is focused on undoing all redirecting his predecessors priorities on the world stage but his rhetoric hasn't yet been matched by measurable change generally he's followed the same policies he may have wanted to radically change our policy toward russia but he's been unable to do that. in his national security message mandated by congress trump is expected to brand both russia and china as quote revisionist powers whom
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america must recognize as adversaries despite drums and willingness to say a bad word about vladimir putin i feel that having russia in a friendly posture as opposed to always fighting with them is an asset to the world he's grudgingly approved added sanctions against russia which obama launched to retaliate for the reported cyber intrusions into the american electoral process since taking office trump has softened his campaign language about china which he did cues to economically abusing the u.s. we can't continue to. to allow china to rape our country. the president has escalated his verbal bluster and shows of military muscle in response to north korea's mounting nuclear threats. but a clear course of action has been muddied by friction between the white house and secretary of state rex tillerson a few days after he suggested talking to the pyongyang government quote without preconditions tillerson fell back in line with the administration's tougher tone
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our communication channels remain open north korea knows they're open they know where the door is they know where to walk through that door when they want to talk . after claiming much of the credit for ousting eisel from its strongholds white house national security advisor ajor mcmaster promised the u.s. would prevent a fractured iraq from turning into an iranian client state we are committed to want to work together with curse leadership iraqi leadership mediate as best we can and to also limit the destabilizing influence of of others in the region but the administration has deferred action on its threat to abandon the iran nuclear deal at the risk of isolation from america's western partners to the agreement yet trump has reversed course on one of obama's prime machinea security concerns climate change this despite the pentagon's judgment that over time global warming will
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destabilize more governments and societies with unforeseen consequences tom ackerman al-jazeera washington power at the world's busiest airport has been restored after a ten hour blackout forced the cancellation of more than a thousand flights the outage hit atlanta's hartsfield jackson airport early on sunday afternoon straining thousands of passengers it's believed it was caused by a fire which damage an underground electrical facility airport handles about twenty five hundred flights and two hundred seventy five thousand passengers a day. strong winds are feeling a wildfire in the u.s. state of california the so-called thomas fire is now the third largest in the state's history it's burned through an area roughly the size of new york city and destroyed thousands of buildings. earlier this week i refer to this fire is a beast and it's a monster we all recognize that but we will kill it the team behind me the
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men and women out in the field i have no doubt they will take care of business and we will put this fire out. thousands of migrants and refugees cross north africa on the way to europe hoping to improve their lives many an abused exploited and even enslaved in libya as they wait to make the dangerous mediterranean crossing the head that some of them trying to make a living in the capital tripoli. other man and his feeling the judeans who are caught to earn their living in this cold war shop in the libyan capital. he's left his family in the southern city of serve because he does not need enough money to bring them to live in tripoli i know one of my just thought. i got this job through a friend before that i used to work in a farm in the south of libya it didn't help me so i came to tripoli to work in this
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car wash shop here i make around three hundred sixty five dollars a week it depends on the number of cars he washed we they say working here is better than being in and the long journey north crossed the border into southern libya as the value of the libyan dinar has fallen these migrants face three choices to stay in libya and deal with financial insecurity or go back home and face uncertainty and the third a choice is to risk their lives and try to reach europe by being smuggled in boats across the mediterranean sea. thousands of migrant workers out of victims of exploitation extortion and discrimination some of them having to go through as it in c. documents so they accept any kind of work including farming gun construction. minister
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he's doing his best to protect workers' rights. those casual workers are under just so they don't have proper paperwork and therefore they work outside off honestly asians they represent a small percentage and that situation is not in their favor but in all cases our offices are open for them if they really need help with instability and power vacuum in libya illegal migration has become a grew in trade with a man in his villainies europeans are resigned to working in the black economy and they have no intention of going home. tripoli and togo people are back on the streets again demonstrating against the president and the capital. for a summit of the economic community of west african states but political crisis that's not on the agenda and that is anger and they want their leader to step down . there are about
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a million people on the streets they want to get the message across to the west african heads of state at the summit in a bougie togo's the only country in the sub region that has no presidential term limit that has never experienced democratic free all fair elections since its independence in one nine hundred sixty more than two and a half billion people worldwide don't have a bank account that means they don't have access to services like loans and insurance and small start up and set up all us hoping to change that by combining age old saving practices with new technology reports in dakar. they get together every month hard earned money on hand for two runs a fruit stall sells tickets clothes they're all working women and yet none of them have a bank account and banks one gavin ts people work a trade they make it difficult for women we don't have millions just a five hundred thousand there are ten thousand central african francs max financial
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institutions see the poor as unreliable prone to debt and unlikely to pay back loans for traditional banks taking on low income earning customers is costly and not worth the risk. two point five billion people across the world have no bank account in africa more than a half of the continent's population are financially excluded this is especially the case in the francophone region where eighty five percent of the population have no access to banks. the economy is booming people continue to trade and save but without bank accounts they put their monthly savings into a communal pot. each month one of them gets to take home the sum total this cycle continues until everybody has had to turn to get the one thousand dollars saved together. they call this eighteen it's a widespread saving practice used across the continent for centuries. tontines gives me time to think and plan ahead if i kept the money in my pocket i would have
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spent it without thinking and never saved this much this nigerian entrepreneur believes providing services to poor women saving as a group is not a risk but a safe bet you do tontines with your friends your family your mom sister brother so there's a really really low we're to ration for you. for you to default on not taunting right and that's why twenty one because every developing country doesn't a form of accounting have default rates of one to two percent and so bernie and his sister created an online platform it brings don't teens and financial institutions together providing services traditional banks refuse to offer to poor women depending on their repayment rate each gets a score like a credit rating the higher the score the more services they are offered i didn't say i'm human if there's an emergency someone dies we don't feel the costs anymore we have insurance we have health care things we never thought we could get. after
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your model t. has just five hundred customers it's still not profitable getting banks to invest in african startups is difficult too but with so many without a bank account and getting to. believe there's an untapped potential in the region . these women are time to come together. share their body and celebrate. you just can't do easily in the back. of the. car. little state this cable railway has opened in switzerland it took fourteen years to build it is being held as a triumph of european technology that futuristic looking seven hundred forty three meters up the mountain from central switzerland to the alpine village of. carriages have special tilting floors so passengers and stay upright.
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this is al jazeera and these are the headlines right now. underway at a military training center and kabul stormed a partially constructed building near an intelligence training center this is all happening in the west of the city eisel is claiming responsibility for the attack witnesses in the area say they can hear the battle. the sort of. at first a few explosions took place in the area and now there is heavy gunfire going on. chile has elected conservative billionaire sebastian pinera as its president kenyatta defeated a center left opponent in a runoff vote shifting the economy in the country rather to the right it's the second time he's been elected to the highest office. in the second by doing i want to renew my commitment to old to lyons a commitment to. and so i invite all of our previous presidents to share their
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experience and advise with me so that we can reach national agreements to tackle the biggest problems that affect chileans. and security council will vote later on monday on a draft resolution regarding the status of jerusalem that follows the u.s. decision to recognize jerusalem as israel's capital and there was anger across the palestinian territory overnight with protesters burning effigies of u.s. president donald trump and israel's benjamin netanyahu and israel and party looks set to retain prime minister narendra modi's home state of gujarat overcoming a challenge from the main opposition party in the central philippines at least twenty six people have been killed in landslides caused by tropical storm kai tak more than eighty thousand people on the bill or an island have fled their homes organization of american states is calling for a new presidential election in honduras earlier president juan orlando hernandez was declared the winner three weeks after the vote defeated opposition candidate salvador nasrallah claims the bitterly contested election was fraudulent power at
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the world's busiest airport has been restored after a ten hour blackout forced the cancellation of more than a thousand flights thousands of passengers were stranded because of this power outage at atlanta's hartsfield jackson airport so the headlines news continues in al-jazeera after witness it or. facing realities if a piece of machinery goes wrong is there a chain of litigation through which we can bring a legal system to bear getting to the heart of the matter i don't think we need of the walk but some of my producers just to hear their story on talk to how does iraq at this time.


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