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tv   Counting the Cost 2017 Ep 50  Al Jazeera  December 18, 2017 7:32pm-8:01pm +03

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security strategy in a speech in washington d.c. centered around his america first campaign slogan trump is expected to label china and russia as competitors seeking to challenge u.s. power and erode its security is also expected to drop former president obama's declaration that climate change poses a national security threat south africa's ruling party the a.n.c. is expected to announce who will succeed president jacob zuma as its leader and his party conference in johannesburg the winner will most certainly lead the party into the twenty nineteen election when zuma steps down as president after his second term the two official candidates are current deputy presidents around the poser and zuma is ex-wife because as honor lamine is huma. three gunmen who stormed a construction site in the afghan capital kabul have been killed after a standoff with security forces it's believed they took control of the partially built building in order to fire down at
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a neighboring intelligence training center. zimbabwe's army has declared an end to the military intervention that ousted former president robert mugabe armed soldiers have promised to shut down their last roadblocks in the capital and hand over to police those bad ones to stay with us on our toes or counting the cost is up next hour more news for you after that by phone or. hello i'm come on santa maria this is counting the cost on al-jazeera the weekly look at the world of business and economics this week the mouse and the fact it's
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one of the biggest media shake ups in recent history and disney buys out rupert murdoch's twenty first century fox but the story goes deeper than that it's about how we consume all this entertainment content and how a new habit of watching the internet rather than the t.v. is impacting the corporate landscape or is it the other way around also this way why is there no opec for gas well there is an industry body exporting countries for . secretary general what's determining the price of gas also the issue of net neutrality who really owns the internet who has the right to control our access why it matters so much. so it is the big media to name synonymous with on screen entertainment and by the sounds of things this will be no mickey mouse outfit the walt disney company is buying up the entertainment business of rupert murdoch's twenty first century fox in
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a landmark fifty two point four billion dollars deal if it's approved it'll be a union of hollywood's heavyweights but this is also about survival of the fittest disney and fox both need to strengthen their offerings because as you all know we don't just watch the t.v. or go to the movies anymore that why the story to come after this from john hendren . in a move that would reshape the entertainment industry large parts of what belong to twenty first century fox would become the property of disney we're getting credit quality content we're getting global reach we're getting access to new technologies we're also getting great talent there while there is risk associated with this whether you look at the price or whether you look at the regulatory side or whether you look at the complexity of integrating companies this size that risk was well worth taking on the marriage of fox and the mouse is priced at fifty two billion dollars but it still needs the approval of any trust regulators in an e-mail to disney employees chairman and c.e.o. bob iger called it a historic move forward for us one that reflects
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a rapidly evolving media landscape brands from rupert murdoch's fox empire included in the deal or twentieth century fox film and television sky b s b the national geographic channels the f.x. networks star india and its streaming service the aim of this combined company is to create even more high quality content and then to distribute it in ways that consumers prefer and consumers demand in today's world and we think that this combination is going to enable even more that disney expects to save two billion dollars in cost savings analysts say that will likely come at the expense of shrinking or even eliminating the hallowed twentieth century fox studios the cellular home to classics such as the sound of music. was. in the very first star wars film with the hulu service it will let disney take on
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netflix apple amazon google and facebook in the rapidly expanding realm of online video the massive deal is not a foregone conclusion the u.s. justice department recently said eighteen t's bid to acquire time warner is unlikely to be approved without major changes that signals that plan pacts like this could also have to pass intense antitrust scrutiny before they become reality . joining us from london now mark mulligan he's a media and technology analyst and the founder of media research thank you so much for your time disney and twenty first century fox there's almost not enough suppose heads to say how big this deal and this company will be or the interesting thing is it's all about your perspective so in the media world yes absolutely huge in the tech world you know the combined entity is still far off the likes of facebook and google and amazon and i think that's actually the point you
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know that it does mean folks are realizing that with the growth that you're seeing within the tech majors versus media companies the only chance they've got of even being on the same lap of the races of these guys is by being a combined entity but are they really good i mean i know they're competing obviously in these online world but there's still a company like facebook or google is very different to disney which which has so much history and makes the content its primary thing is to make the constant. we're already seeing google making its own content brad is a starting point and there will be more because t.v. which is a t.v. proposition which is taking on the mainstream and more will become a really big deal we've got facebook making original facebook probably bidding on sports rights an extra year google potentially been in sports rights next year amazon already look at a bit of sports rights all of these companies are going to be going right at the home turf of disney and fox and we've seen with the likes of netflix and amazon you
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know these are companies which have come from nowhere to be absolutely major player grabbing the emmys in the awards in the kitty market share in subscriber count what we've seen at the moment is a battle between distribution and content the saying always to be content is king but now we see that the distribution the big technology companies that's where the power resides i think we need to look at the disney folks there within that context do you reckon they can foot it in this marketplace now given as you just i mean you just mentioned amazon t.v. and netflix is one but there's so many of these streaming services now is there a place for disney within that. we're certainly seeing a degree of maturity in the streaming market in the big markets in the in the u.s. we've got more than one hundred million video subscribers and had dozens upon dozens of different services but they still move fast amounts of growth in this
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market in or even in the u.s. but you know you look elsewhere so many markets across europe and the americas and asia are still really just getting going so this is a market which is a huge amount of growth left to me yet. the challenge is is if you are worried one company who makes one set of shows you know how to be good those shows are is just one set of shows so if you're going to really have rallied to your end users you either need to make sure that is so compelling we need to mix it in with the stuff which is why when we see the likes of h.b.o. doing its own. video service it looks so much narrower and shallower than what you get on netflix is the thing there mark everything we've talked about is dependent on having a decent internet connection and we all know how frustrating it is when you don't have one. this is actually a major issue here isn't it making sure that people if they're going to have access they've got to have the internet in the first place absolutely in companies not netflix have got incredibly smart at this and one of the things that they're
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greater is migrating people away actually from mobile viewing to t.v. centric viewing you know the majority of people have signed up for netflix on mobile well after a number of months be mainly watching through a t.v. set you know so there is a recognition from the streaming companies of the need to get people you know away from the less reliable mobile networks into the home market but there's a much bigger challenge at the moment which is we're just looking like we're going to have new regulations on net neutrality in the u.s. what that essentially means is the telcos who provide the internet access are going to be able to decide which services they want to perform well and which not so might be that you know telco acts in the u.s. as. launch its own video service and it decides if anybody's watching netflix is going to get a really small amount of connection so however good your broadband connection is netflix is always going to underperform and that's potentially one of the most worrying developments that's facing streaming services of the moment and is that
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just a u.s. issue at the moment or is this something people all over the world should be concerned about the whole net neutrality debate has been going on for you know more well more than a decade but normally what we see is that when regulations get put in place in the us then we end up seeing versions of them making their way into the solution across europe and in the region so it's a very contentious issue is one where local governments and regulators or have their own viewpoint but it will be a very important precedent set of the u.s. does go down this route final thought for you then martin and this is getting a bit philosophical but go with me on this because as we're talking about all this it just makes me think about this internet saturation yes you made the point that netflix is trying to drag people towards their televisions but really phones tablet computers it follows us everywhere and i wonder about your thoughts on that saturation and what it's doing to us especially is it progressing just so fast.
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yes it's a really good question we're in the attention economy all these different. social media and everything that we can get on our devices is competing for attention you know everybody's trying to get a bit of our attention to get a suspend time with content the services it's resulted in. filling up our time much more than we used to one of my favorite statistics of the entire digital liver is from the national swedish statistical office when they're looking at the activities most cannibalized by digital media and the number one activity most kind of lies is staring out of the window you know so we really are get to the stage where we're spending less time being mindful spending less time reflecting we're spending much more time swallowing the information around us and i think we'll see the most dramatic societal and cultural impact among the gen zinni that's the the young millennial born in this millennium or one would say would tweens and teens they're
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the ones who growing up from the playground with snapshot within six lives has been this continual feed of information so i think that's when we're going to see the real impact of what's happened with the tension economy bursting at the same. fascinating talking to you and i must remember to go and look out the window again thanks for joining us pleasure. now on that note it's interesting to hear a form of facebook executive now saying social media is quote ripping society apart . who headed facebook's user growth from two thousand and seven to two thousand and eleven expressed regret over his past and building the tools that he says are now destroying the social fabric of how society works he recommended people take a break from social media saying addiction to it is a global problem well here's the response from facebook has not been at facebook for over six years when joe mouth was at facebook we were focused on building new
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social media experiences and growing facebook around the world facebook was a very different company back then and as we have grown we have realized our responsibilities have grown to now we're going to mention this next topic in our interview a little bit earlier net neutrality and this week rules protecting open internet access have been repealed by the u.s. government the changes could mean large corporations can pay the internet service providers to prioritize their websites and even block their competitive neutrality advocates worry this all could lead to censorship and increased internet access costs castro has more on that from washington. opposed to the repeal of net neutrality rules in the u.s. and making their voices heard on the streets of washington protesters in the end were not loud enough to sway the vote of the federal communications commission your car was your reason we're still i dissent the commission voted three to two along
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partisan lines to undo the obama era regulations that the chairman called burdensome and unnecessary it is not the job of the government to be in the business of picking winners and losers in the internet economy we should have a level playing field and let consumers decide who prevails net neutrality rules essentially prohibited broadband providers in the u.s. from speeding up a consumer's access to some internet content over others even if websites were willing to pay for the advantage the idea was to preserve the internet as a public resource for all protester randy call and says the rules have protected her non-profits ability to reach an online audience this in an e-mail out to gazan people and from their great one point three million around the country and in places around the world and that was only possible through having a free and open internet that like all our cards and the strength of our ideas
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could not be blocked arse stopped just by the size of our budget never before has a debate over the intangible connections of the internet sparked such public passion more than twenty million comments were received by the f.c.c. prior to thursday's vote and now at least two states have said they will appeal the commission's decision but you've got of course just and you've got congress people you've got millions of people who are in your corner and we will achieve internet you quality internet quality net neutrality. we will win at the end of the day internet companies have said they have no immediate plans to change consumers' experience but now that the net neutrality protection is gone it remains to be seen how long the industry will put equality over revenue potential and still to come on counting the cost how households in greece turn
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their power bills into checks from the power company and they did it with more than a little help from the sun that story still to come. in other news this week it seems one way to survive retail armageddon is to engage in some retail therapy. to video the c.e.o. the european more. has said online shopping has its limits and physical stores will never go out of fashion and he's putting his money where his mouth is. which has high end malls from paris to helsinki is bidding fifteen point seven billion dollars to buy a stranger's westfield's the deal is approved will create the world's biggest mall operator in the u.s. it was the final policy amazing to federal reserve chief janet yellen and the central bank raise rates by a quarter of a percentage point while also raising its forecast for u.s. growth in twenty eighteen to two and a half percent that is well above september's estimate of two point one percent the
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new fed chair jerome powell takes over in february also many ways in for president trump's tax bills of passenger legislation so a lot to watch in the u.s. economy in the next year and here in the middle east state oil firm add not crazy eight hundred fifty one million dollars through an initial public offering of a ten percent stake in its distribution unit the listing is part of a. letter to the states johannesburg where the agency is expected to announce now president jacob zuma as its leader members of the national executive committee let's have a listen to that announcement end quote. i hope you will cooperate we pay new leadership team and you will continue to period. a united states d.c. police and detain means and do we mean african national congress and
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we move to the train to nineteen elections. in hundred cities something or not. i now hand over to you. please come in that dress the conference. committee cindy something and not the change of the electoral commission is now go to actress us thank you very much congress. we have in our common. treated on our way to announce spades.
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with regard. to the officers of the. african national congress before we get. allow me to express. our deep gratitude. for the hard. oh people of south africa got. what a standing wave. which the members of the outgoing. of the shadows of the afghanistan of the days have down. the us will. indicate that that will be fully made the announcement
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of a new pope he said yes. it is my. own now there's a but even needs. to just zone. out polling he says of the evidence was . very resistant. were released never. happy if you check in there and have us. here on soon. to be serving the mass not executive because as soon as we
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have a way to get announcements. we shall proceed with the nominations putting you that's not exit you have to have to go and that's not a pittance. was. and i only now. own up one. spokesperson of the exterior and. we. put it back.
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in the main age ings. accounting. and death for the announcement. made. of the new. o.c. shallowness. of the african national congress. senate idea to set a true as the top six. and. i caught up on born ten but i knew i needed. the actual fix soon to calve and make the announcement thank you.
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good afternoon good evening coming. on. as you are know it has been. every read on. sunday and surreal and now here ready to be outcome of the voting process. also to take this opportunity at this stage to saying the electoral commission points guidance and the extended team and compass in the leagues and the provincial . money to those who joined the electoral commission during its work. without any waste of time congress and no you waiting with bated breath. their brief statistical information with regard to their poaching in this court has their
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adopted credentials icon friends. or thousands have been seven six and in this instance come. with this crisis round of voting we had a total of four thousand seven hundred eighty votes cast giving us and ninety nine percent. sure that posting. come here is i'm going to keep you the results. in the order of. how the names appeared on the planet. and i would beg. you to keep me the opportunity to finish the state's position people can start separating i will start with the sport products for the position
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of deputy president. we had three scored by adults and four abstentions and the distribution of both. is a supporters. brayton courses on earth i mean is received. true true sixwire. and grades from a course. to four four zero i keep reading i want to bring silver grandma closer to the new president i made an issue now i see that she's a long awaited result of a new a and c. a president is serious run macos who'd been. zuma who's the ex-wife of
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jacob zuma the current president and he cyril ramaphosa is the current deputy president he now takes over as president of the african national congress in a vote which is seen as critical for the future of the country he will likely lead to the country and the twenty nineteen elections at huge celebrations in the whole after his announcement which was then waited and been expected on sunday finally came through monday evening as bring in tanya pages at the conference in johannesburg so this is a huge result isn't it for the a.n.c. but also for more broadly for south africa isn't it. absolutely india hughes result for those members of the game see who'd say it's time for a change it's time for a new for a fresh approach but it was pretty close in the end and causes on a summa head two thousand two hundred sixty one votes and so from
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a course of two thousand four hundred and forty so there really wasn't that much in it in the end a little less than we were expecting day two candidates really pitted framed if you like as being a battle for the hot and salt of the a.n.c. . in courses on a dummy zuma as you mentioned used to be married to current president jacob zuma who's been tainted by scandal after scandal but has managed to stay in control of the a.n.c. and stay in power despite unprecedented scenes i mean tens of thousands of south africans across church groups civil society even a.n.c. members themselves have been taking to the streets across south africa for well over a year now calling for him to step down he hasn't done so because he never needed to because he controlled the governing bodies of the a.n.c. but even that enormous amount of support within the party wasn't enough to propel his ex-wife into the top job but it was very close and so perhaps really
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a sign of just how divided the a.n.c. the winner ultimately of course of the current deputy president jacob zuma who has been criticized for not speaking out strongly enough against the men in the top job because she could argue that he couldn't really because he was ultimately his boss but i think he has drawn some criticism for that although he was really campaigning on an anti corruption pro-business pro a strong economy sort of ticket and in the end that was enough to sway enough of these four thousand eight hundred delegates who are celebrating half of them at least half of them not looking too happy on the screens i'm looking at and in terms of what he was promising for the economy will you referred to him as perhaps the kind of the darling of the markets will that. election result be reflected in kind of a degree of stability for the economy do you think. or.


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