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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  December 18, 2017 10:00pm-10:33pm +03

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because i will bring these ladies are tough and they take their training very seriously who. do feel a bit more confident of feeling more energetic they feel more alive. and lauren term begins with but it does not in their no terrorist state poses a greater or more immediate threat than the regime of saddam hussein this is a regime that has something to hide they have prepared a significant propaganda machine and guess what not one w m d shite was found in iraq since one thousand nine hundred ninety one iraq a deadly deception at this time on al jazeera. donald trump proposed to lay out his national security strategy and one of the biggest speeches of his presidency so fall.
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another answer to us and this is al jazeera live from london also coming up. the u.s. veto of the u.n. security council resolution which rejects any change to the status of jerusalem. so around a poser is elected as the new leader of the a.n.c. and of likely successor as president of south africa. and train carriages fall onto a motorway in washington state police say there have been multiple deaths. from the u.s. president on child will shortly be laying out his national security strategy which has been make been a year in the making a speech will focus on homeland security protection promoting peace and about
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seeing american influence and will describe china and russia as working to undermine american interests he's also expected to drop former president obama's declaration that comit change poses a national security threats. this is the scene right now the vice president mike pence is speaking just before president arrives sees traveling from the white house to the reagan building the location where might consist currently warming up the audience everything you could say loud defense correspondent particle haney standing by with a panel of experts who will be giving us very analysis after the speech in the meantime let's get more from our white house correspondent kimberly hellcats who is in washington d.c. for us so kimberly would getting a few details of the speech are you hearing any more. the white house in the last
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hour or so has released comes some key points that we expect the president will be hitting in terms of some notes on the speech some of it is certainly familiar we've heard it on the campaign trail before we expect that donald trump will repeat some of the sort of arguments he's made for advancing america first if you will and advancing american prosperity as a means of security securing rather security here in the united states the president is also expected to lay out some key challenges that he believes are an obstacle to national security in the united states identifying almost taking a nod and a departure from the positions of his predecessors going back almost to a cold war mindset identifying china and russia as as key threats and also their use of technology and and the way that in which they shape the world as being a threat against him but i'm going to be. right back because we now can see the
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presence of an artist president is a pairing to lay out. iraq iraq iraq thank you laura. i want to thank vice president pence along with the many members of my cabinet here with us today i also want to thank all of the dedicated professionals military civilian and law enforcement who devote their lives to serving our nation in particular i want to recognize general dunford and the members of the joint chiefs of staff thank you thank you. to a. in
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addition. we're honored to be joined by house majority leader kevin mccarthy homeland security chairman mike mccaul and senate majority whip john cornyn thank you very much thank you for that. let me begin by expressing our deepest sympathies and most heartfelt prayers for the victims of the train derailment in washington state we are closely monitoring the situation and coordinating with local authorities it is all the more reason why we must start immediately fixing the infrastructure of the united states we're here today to discuss matters of vital importance to us all america's security prosperity and standing in the world i want to talk about where we've been where
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we are now and finally our strategy for where we are going in the years ahead. over the past eleven months i have traveled tens of thousands of miles to visit thirteen countries i have met with more than one hundred world leaders i have carried america's message to a grand hall in saudi arabia a great square in warsaw to the general assembly of the united nations and to the seat of democracy on the korean peninsula everywhere i traveled it was my highest privilege and greatest honor to represent the american people throughout our history the american people have always been the true source of american greatness our people have promoted our culture and promoted our values as americans have fought and sacrificed on the battlefields all over the world we have liberated
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captive nations transformed former enemies into the best of friends and lifted entire regions of the planet from poverty to prosperity because of our people america has been among the greatest forces for peace and justice in the history of the world the american people are generous you are determined you are brave you are strong and you are wise when the american people speak all of us should listen and just over one year ago you spoke aloud and you spoke clear on november eighth. twenty sixteen you voted to make america great again. was.
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you embrace new leadership and very new strategies and also a glorious new hope that is why we are here today but to seize the opportunities of the future we must first understand the failures of the past for many years our citizens watched as washington politicians presided over one disappointment after another to many of our leaders so many who forgot whose voices they were to respect and whose interests they were supposed to defend our leaders in washington negotiated disasters trade deals that brought massive profits to many foreign nations but sent thousands of american factories and millions of american jobs to those other countries our leaders engaged in nation building abroad while they failed to
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build up and replenish our nation at home they undercut and short changed our men and women in uniform with inadequate resources unstable funding and unclear missions they failed to insist that our often very wealthy allies pay their fair share for defense putting a massive and unfair burden on the u.s. taxpayer and our great u.s. military. they neglected a nuclear menace and north korea made a disastrous week and in comprehensibly bad deal with the rain and allowed terrorists as isis to gain control of vast parts of territory all across the middle east they put american energy under lock and key
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they imposed punishing regulations and crippling taxes they surrendered our sovereignty to foreign bureaucrats in faraway and distant capitals and over the profound objections of the american people our politicians left our borders wide open millions of immigrants entered illegally millions more were admitted into our country without the proper vetting needed to protect our security and our economy leaders in washington imposed on the country and immigration policy that americans never voted for never asked for and never approved a policy where the wrong people are allowed into our country and the right people are rejected american citizens as usual have been left to bear the
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cost and to pick up the tab. on top of everything else our leaders drifted from american principles they lost sight of america's destiny and they lost their belief in american greatness as a result our citizens lost something as well the people lost confidence in their government and eventually even lost confidence in their future. but last year all of that began to change the american people rejected the failures of the past you rediscovered your voice and reclaimed ownership of this nation and its destiny on january twentieth two thousand and seventeen i stood on the steps of the capitol to herald the day the people became
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the rulers of their nation again. was . thank you now less than one year later i am proud to report that the entire world has heard the news and has already seen the signs america is coming back and america is coming back strong upon my inauguration i announced that the united states would return to a simple principle the first duty of our government is to serve its citizens many of whom have been forgotten but they are not forgotten anymore with every decision and every action we are now putting america first we are rebuilding our
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nation our confidence and our standing in the world we have moved swiftly to confront our challenges and we have confronted them head on we are once again investing in our defense almost seven hundred billion dollars a record this coming year we are demanding extraordinary strength which will hopefully lead to long and extraordinary peace. we are giving our courageous military men and women the support they need and so dearly deserve we have withdrawn the united states from job killing deals such as the trans-pacific partnership and the very expensive and unfair paris climate accord and on our trip to asia last month i announced that we will no longer tolerate trading abuse we have established strict new vetting procedures to
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keep terrorists out of the united states and our vetting is getting tougher each month to counter iran and block its path to a nuclear weapon i sanctioned the islamic revolutionary guard corps for its support of terrorism and i declined to certify the iran deal to congress. following my trip to the middle east the gulf states and other muslim majority nations joined together to fight radical islamist ideology and terrorist financing we have dealt isis one devastating to feet after another the coalition to defeat isis has now recaptured almost one hundred percent of the land once held by these terrorists in iraq and in syria great. great. really good.
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thank you. thank you. we have a great military who are now chasing them wherever they flee and we will not let them into the united states in afghanistan our troops are no longer undermined by artificial timelines and we no longer tell our enemies of our plans we are beginning to see results on the battlefield and we have made clear to pakistan that while we desire continued partnership we must see decisive action against terrorist groups operating on their territory and we make mess of payments every year to pakistan they have to help our efforts to strengthen the nato alliance set the stage for significant increases in member contributions with tens of billions of dollars more pouring in because i would not allow member states to
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be delinquent in the payment while we guarantee their safety and are willing to fight wars for them we have made clear that countries that are immensely wealthy should reimburse. the united states for the cost of defending them this is a major departure from the past but a fair and necessary one necessary for a country necessary for our taxpayer necessary for our own thought process our campaign of maximum pressure on the north korean regime has resulted in the toughest ever sanctions we have united our allies in an unprecedented effort to isolate north korea however there is much more work to do america and its allies will take all necessary steps to achieve
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a denuclearization and ensure that this regime cannot threaten the world. was . this situation should have been taken care of long before i got into office when it was much easier to handle but it will be taken care of we have no choice at home we are keeping our promises and liberating the american economy we have created more than two million jobs since the election unemployment is at a seventeen year low the stock market is at an all time high and just a little while ago hit yet another all time high the eighty fifth time since my election. the
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and. we have cut twenty two regulations for every one new regulation the most in the history of our country we have unlocked america's best energy resources as the world's watches and the world is indeed watching we are d.s. days away from passing historic tax cuts for american families and businesses it will be the biggest tax cut and tax reform in the history of our country. thank you and and. the and. and we are seeing the response we fully expected economic growth has topped three percent for two quarters in a row g.d.p. growth which is way ahead of schedule under my administration will be one of
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america's truly greatest weapons optimism has surged confidence has returned with this new confidence we're also bringing back clarity to our thinking we are reasserting these fundamental truths a nation without borders is not a nation. and to a and a nation that does not protect prosperity at home cannot protect its interests abroad a nation that is not prepared to win a war is a nation not capable of preventing a war. a nation that is not proud of its history cannot be confident in its future and a nation that is not certain of its values cannot summon the will to defend them
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today grounded in these truce we are presenting to the world our new national security strategy based in my direction this document has been in development for over a year it has the endorsement of my entire cabinet our new strategy is based on a principle really is guided by our vital national interests and rooted in our timeless values this strategy recognizes that whether we like it or not we are engaged in a new era of competition we accept that vigorous military economic and political contests are now playing out all around the world we face rogue regimes that threaten the united states and our allies we face terrorist
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organizations transnational criminal networks and others who spread violence and evil around that. we also face rival powers russia and china that seek to challenge american influence values and wealth we will attempt to build a great partnership with those and other countries but in a manner that always protects our national interest as an example yesterday i received a call from president putin of russia thanking our country for the intelligence that r.c.a. was able to provide them concerning a major terrorist attack planned in st petersburg where many people perhaps in the thousands could have been killed. they were able to apprehend these terrorists before the event with no loss of life and that's a great thing and the way it's supposed to work that is the way it's supposed to
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work but while we seek such opportunities of cooperation we will stand up for ourselves and we will stand up for our country like we have never stood up before. and. i thank you we know that american success is not a foregone conclusion it must be earned and it must be won our rivals are tough they're tenacious and committed to the long term but so are we to succeed we must integrate every dimension of our national strength and we must compete with every instrument of our national power under the trump administration america is
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gaining wealth leading to enhance power faster than anyone thought with six trillion dollars more in the stock market alone since the election six trillion dollars. with the strategy i am announcing today we are declaring that america is in the game and america is going to win our strategy thank you. was. our strategy advances for vital national interests first we must protect the american people the homeland and our great american way of life this strategy recognizes that we cannot secure a nation if we do not secure our borders so for the first time ever an american strategy now includes a serious plan to defend our homeland it calls for the construction of
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a wall on our southern border ending chain migration. and the horrible visa and a lottery programs closing loopholes that undermine enforcement and strongly supporting our border patrol agents ice offices and homeland security personnel. was in addition our strategy calls for us to confront discredit and defeat radical islamic terrorism and ideology and to prevent it from spreading into the united states and we will develop new ways to counter those who use new domains such as cyber and social media to attack our nation or threaten our society
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the second pillar of our strategy is to promote american prosperity for the first time american strategy recognizes that economic security is national security economic vitality growth and prosperity that home is absolutely necessary for american power and influence abroad any nation that trades away its prosperity for security will end up losing both that is why this national security strategy emphasizes more than ever before. the critical steps we must take to ensure the prosperity of our nation for a long long time to come it calls for cutting taxes and rolling back unnecessary regulations it calls for trade based on the principles of fairness and reciprocity calls for firm action against unfair trade practices and intellectual
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property theft and it calls for new steps to protect our national security industrial and innovation base the strategy proposes a complete rebuilding of american infrastructure our roads bridges airports waterways and communications infrastructure and it embraces a future of american energy dominance and self sufficiency the third pillar of our strategy is to preserve peace through strength. i'm going. we recognize that weak this is the surest path to conflict and unrivaled power is the most certain means of defense for this reason our strategy breaks from the
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damaging defense sequester we're going to get rid of that. i was it calls for a total modernization of our military and reversing previous decisions to shrink our armed forces even as threats to national security grew it calls for streamlining acquisition eliminating bloated bureaucracy and massively building up our military which has the fundamental side benefit of creating millions and millions of jobs this strategy includes plans to counter modern threats shuts a shut cyber and electromagnetic attacks it recognizes space as a competitive domain and calls for multi layered missile defense.
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was. this strategy outlines important steps to address new forms of conflict such as economic and political aggression and our strategy emphasis is strengthening alliances to cope with these threats it recognizes that our strength is magnified by allies who share principles and our principles and shoulder their fair share of responsibility for our common security fourth and finally our strategy is to advance american influence in the world but this begins with building up our wealth and power at home. america will lead again we do not seek to impose our way of life on anyone but we will champion the
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values without apology we want strong alliances and partnerships based on cooperation and reciprocity we will make new partnerships with those who share our goals and make common interests into a common cause we will not allow inflexible ideology to become an obsolete an obstacle to peace we will pursue the vision we have carried around the world over this past year a vision of strong sovereign and independent nations that respect their citizens and respect their neighbors nations that thrive in commerce and cooperation rooted in their histories and branching out toward their destinies that is the future we wish for this world and that is the future we seek in
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america. was. with this strategy we are calling for a great reawakening of america a resurgence of confidence and a rebirth of patriotism prosperity and pride and we are returning to the wisdom of our founders in america the people govern the people rule and the people are suffering what we have built here in america is precious and unique in all of history never before has freedom reigned. the rule of law prevailed and the people thrived as we have here for nearly two hundred fifty years we must love and defend it we must guard it with vigilance and spirit and if necessary like so
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many before us with our very lives and we declare that our will is renewed our future is regained and our dreams are restored every american has a role to play in this grand national effort and today i invite every citizen to take their part in our final mission together our task is to strengthen our families to build up our communities to serve our citizens and to celebrate american greatness as a shining example to the world as long as we are proud and very proud of who we are how we got here and what we are fighting for to preserve we will not fail if we do all of this if we rediscover our resolve and commit
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ourselves to compete and win again. then together we will leave her children and our grandchildren a nation that is stronger better freer prouder and yes an america that is greater than ever before god bless you thank you very much. you have been listening to the presence of the united states donald trump who is laying out his national security strategy he talked about setting out the faces of the possibly gain with disastrous trade deals surrender sovereignty and how leaders he believed that lost the belief in american greatness and then he went on to talk about how he was going to turn the lights around brought that home causing for a reawakening of america well let's get some reaction now to the speech from our
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defense correspondent particle who is with a panel of experts live in washington d.c. over to passing. thanks through with me to talk about president trump's national security speech our rina shah a republican strategist and consultant and blaze michelle the director of the national security program at the bipartisan policy center here in washington so i'm confused they gave us all these indications that this was going to be a national security strategy and a national security speech this was the trump campaign really lived what both of you what is your take on what exactly we just saw other than the campaign after he's already won the election i think it's definitely a continuation of what we've been seeing which is that president obama's been having a hard time transitioning from campaign mode to governing mode he definitely likes the campaign rally as more and more of it is.


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