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says i want to cover the world of darkness this is a dialogue and that could be what leading to some of the confusion i like about people saying they don't actually know what's going on join the colobus conversation at this time on al-jazeera after fifty years of occupation and un condemnation of illegal israeli settlements. i'm from carry out and i want to preserve the safety of the village i've clashed several times with suckers on these lands al-jazeera world tells the story of a palestinian village that's struggling to survive and the growing threat to the residents desperate to preserve their homes village under occupation at this time. with every decision and every action we are now putting america first border
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security is in climate change is out as president trump unveiled his administration's new national security strategy. along this is. also coming up the u.n. security council unites fourteen against the u.s. recognition of jerusalem as israel's capital but washington vetoes the resolution. veteran served on a post that wins the contest to lead his party putting him in line to be south africa's next president plus. protests in front of argentina's congress building turn violent while legislators inside debate sweeping changes in. u.s. president donald trump has outlined his national security strategy identifying russia
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and china as competing great palace he's promising hundreds of billions of dollars to modernize the military u.s. power abroad our white house correspondent can really help get reports from washington populism has been a hallmark of his presidency and donald trump again struck that note as he announced his strategy for u.s. national security is an approach he says began when voters rejected the security policies of his predecessors on january twentieth two thousand and seventeen i stood on the steps of the capitol. to herald the day the people became the rulers of their nation again in a rambling and often disjointed address trump skimmed through the substance of his plan including highlighting a desire to pursue an almost cold war like mindset identifying china and russia as key u.s. adversaries despite working with russia recently to avert an attack in st petersburg
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area sieved a call from president putin of russia thanking our country for the intelligence that r.c.a. was able to provide them there was no specific mention of the kremlin's meddling in the twenty sixteen u.s. election just allusions to china and russia's use of technology to shape a world counter to u.s. values. and only a vague mention of how trump intends to combat the ongoing nuclear threat to the united states by north korea america and its allies will take all necessary steps to achieve a denuclearization and ensure that this regime cannot threaten the world overall trumps message was thin on details he's laying out this case of you know the world is really bad it was really bad before i got here and now i'm going to fix it so it's not really about the strategy itself so much as you know the person president
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from determined to fix these problems. and there was only one reference to the middle east in his remarks although his strategy specifically calls on countries to combat extremist groups like eisel locally it was a speech further highlighting one of the biggest challenges for the top administration since taking office cohesion and foreign policy success it is a challenge that appears likely to continue given the divergent positions of trans national security plan kimberly hellcat al jazeera washington. well china has responded to donald trump's statement adrian brown joins us live now from the chinese capital beijing adrian said donald trump warned of this great power competition with russia and china in his speech so what are the chinese been saying well ahead of president trump's address darren a foreign ministry spokeswoman spoke to the media on monday and she essentially
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defended trade between china and the united states defending those policies and also outlining what she saw as a win win scenario i don't think there's anything in president trump's address that's going to give the chinese any sleepless nights they know that they are a strategic rival of the united states they've heard that all before so yes i think in many ways they are going to be breathing a sigh of relief but on monday as i say the foreign ministry spoke spokeswoman who are churning outlined what she saw as the benefits of the current trading relationship and this is more of what she had to say or merely you may find that we are all willing to work with the u.s. to build a strong stable and sound bilateral economic relationship it is in line with the two countries interests and the expectation of the international community and adrian there are signs that president trumps words being tested by a decision affecting chinese steel exports.
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that's right a short time ago in fact a few days ago china's finance ministry announced that it was going to reduce the taxes that chinese steel exporters had to pay on steel they sent overseas now that say some analysts is because the chinese are trying to get rid of excess capacity in other words they are dumping and this is just the sort of thing that really goes the united states and this is possibly going to be one of the battle lines i think in two thousand and eighteen but overall as i say i think the comments that china heard from president trump their interpretation is that his speech was in many ways quite an a dine and nothing really for them to worry about too much and of course remember president trump was here just last month in november praising president xi jinping for the work he'd be doing on dealing with north korea he praised him quite a few severely and of course the chinese know that while he's praising them over north korea they're not going to be squeezed over trade adrian thank you well trump
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also singled out north korea promising to take all necessary steps towards achieving denuclearization on the korean peninsula al jazeera is kathy novak has more from pyong channel. in the written statement the national security strategy warned that north korea is developing nuclear weapons that threaten hundreds of millions of americans it also says the country is pursuing chemical and biological weapons that can be delivered by missile the united states says the north korean government is starving its own people while spending hundreds of millions of dollars on weapons and separately in an op ed in the wall street journal the national security advisor thomas bosshard says north korea was behind the want to cry it cyber attack that affected more than two hundred thousand computers in oh about one hundred fifty countries earlier this year that attack used a virus that used ransomware that demanded money so that victims could access their
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own computers so now you have the united states saying that north korea is developing nuclear chemical biological and cyber warfare but when it comes to donald trump's remarks there was little new in terms of what the u.s. intends to do about those threats of course last week rex tillerson the secretary of state caused some confusion when he seemed to suggest that the united states was open to negotiations with north korea without preconditions but he later seemed to walk back from those remarks and the white house and state department said that the u.s. position on north korea has not changed the palestinian leadership is condemning the u.s. veto of a u.n. draft resolution on jerusalem the motion opposed president trumps recognition of jerusalem as israel's capital the u.s. is on its own that the security council with the other fourteen members all supporting the resolution michaela reports from the u.n. those against. the u.s. exercises its veto when the resolution fails and then at some bastard a sharpie attacks the fourteen other members of your security council that voted in
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favor what we witnessed here today in the security council is an insult it won't be forgotten it's one more example of the united nations doing more harm than good in addressing the israeli palestinian conflict the palestinian representative is adamant that the veto is a final confirmation that the u.s. cannot be regarded as an honest broker in the region. and this resolution affects the status of the united states as a peace broker and it actually stresses its bias and it undermines its role in any future peace process earlier ambassador after ambassador outlined why they would support the resolution the united kingdom will vote in favor of the egyptian text on the islam because it is in line with our longstanding position on jerusalem it is in line with previous security council resolutions israel the only other nation
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that backed the u.s. position they can vote on this issue again and again and again even a hundred more times but it will never change the fact that you lose a limb eve has been in or we will be the capital of israel but the matter is not going to end here even before the vote was taken palestinian leadership insisted that would take the matter to the u.n. general assembly where there is no veto such a resolution would be non-binding but it would highlight the massive division between the u.s. and the vast majority of other nations on the issue of jerusalem and the possibility too that the palestinians may now push for the international recognition of east jerusalem. as the capital of palestine. mike hanna al-jazeera united nations mean on the white house has announced that vice president mike pence
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has proposed a trip to the middle east it says pence needs to stay in washington for this week's vote in a major tax reform bill but in the wake of trump's jerusalem decision the visit was also running into trouble palestinian authority president mahmoud abbas and one of egypt's top religious leaders both announced they wouldn't meet him. south africa's ruling party the a.n.c. has announced its new leader cyril ramaphosa will take over from president jacob zuma the defeating his ex-wife tanya pages at the party conference in johannesburg hundred seven member of course as the new president of the african nation our home . several of them opposes supporters erupted in cheers as he was led to the stage they have penned the hopes of the african national congress and the country on him i'm so happy about the president because the president has been a member of the n.a.c. the deputy president has been in the business sector for
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a very long time. i'm sure all during the close in the crisis that we have economy clearly is a country will have some improvements and i'm of course a has a hit for business and that could be what's needed to get the economy back on track so millions of unemployed south africans can have hope he helped write the constitution and helped negotiate the peaceful transition to democracy from apartheid skills he will need as the top six new a.n.c. officials and all his allies inside the food outcomes for the organization i think we have good widespread it is sad to create a unit in the a.n.c. . but i'm opposed to it here it's a deeply divided and see one split between the politics of petron age of president zuma who set passively as the results were announced and those who feel the a.n.c. has lost its way prisons in this tenure has been tarnished by controversy there was
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the rape charge he was acquitted of and hundreds of corruption charges related to a multi-million dollar deal it will take a lot to undo the damage to the party of nelson mandela so ramaphosa campaigned on an anti corruption message policy a fresh start and a clean up more trend. behrendt style of governance and his business action to build a stronger economy to create millions of desperately needed jobs perhaps adama poses viable and causes honestly meanie zuma the current president's ex-wife was too tainted by association with zuma even her track record as a strong politician in her own right with a passion to promote the needs of the country's poor wasn't enough but saddam opposes tosk is enormous unite a divided a.n.c. and prevent it slide in support from becoming terminal ahead of the two thousand and nineteen general election tony a page ahead of. the been violent protests outside the congress building in
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argentina's capital while politicians were debating pension reforms president but a government says that necessary to curb the country's fiscal deficit has more from one of. the battle lines here is you can see how well and truly role the government has in the compress of the building to my left where they're trying to push through measures but in the next day or so they have a deadline to try to control the fiscal deficit to try to reform but i just told them i then set work on taxes i believe in the office they want to try to bring down inflation on the track foreign investment which is what they say is vital to large untied states or economic well being and. with no use sharing out what t.v. the previous governments did not pay out you will know when we finally get off the ballot box. to my right we have many thousands of protesters who oppose day last
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week clashed with the police there clashing again the police with will to cover to gas and rubber bullets the protests of wood stoves and a great deal of i got their say they simply don't want to see the government implementing what they say a sternal sterrett imagine the pensioners should not have to pay for government measures divide to control their call. but these are the people the trade unions and the pride from those who will stop at what is a bubble so that's why we're here for us for our children and our grandchildren because machree is only governing for foreign investors is turning argentina back into a colony this is the protests although they can figure into the long haul days of the argentine. loss also to come here and al-jazeera including after a billionaire conservative or against chinese presidency the stock market is up but something current government social reforms may be on the chopping block. and a typhoon in the philippines means thirty one people dead and dozens are still missing on the street.
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hello there is going to be yet more rain for some of us in seattle look at the system that's affecting us at the moment the moisture just piling in from the pacific there and it looks like we're going to see yet more heavy rain further inland of course at this time of the a as you might expect a lot of that is turning to snow so plenty of wintry weather across the northwest and parts of the u.s. and the southwest in parts of canada we've also got another weather system with us that's in the northeast that's also giving a fair amount of snow to the eastern parts of canada and then look at what's going on further south for many of us in texas we're expecting to see some heavy rain that will gradually push its way eastwards through georgia and towards the carolinas there for wednesday after some of us here this will be quite welcome because force in arkansas we're in a drought to the moment and so the rain very much needed
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a bit further towards the south and you can see the area of cloud that's feeding all that moisture that's also affecting us in parts of mexico but elsewhere across central americas plenty of fine dry weather to be found and that's how things are going to stay as we head through the next few days so plenty of sunshine around just a handful of showers really around that eastern coast. line a bit further towards the south and it's been very hot for many of us in the northern parts of argentina and through power of i thirty six degrees isn't quite as hot as we head into tuesday.
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witness documentaries that open your eyes at this time on al-jazeera. welcome back a quick recap of the top stories here as our u.s. president donald trump has users national security address to warn that america faces great power competition from russia and china a major shift from his predecessor from strategy no longer recognizes climate change as a security threat to. the palestinian leadership is condemning the u.s. veto of a u.n. draft resolution on jerusalem would have required president from to rescind his recognition of jerusalem as israel's capital all other members of the u.n.
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security council voted in favor of the resolution. and south africa's governing a.n.c. has chosen syria to take over the party leadership from president jacob zuma also now defeated seumas former wife the vote of the conference just. now chile's stock index saw to the currency strengthened the day after the election of billionaire businessman sebastian pinera as president he's promised economic growth but supporters of the outgoing center left government say they'll fight to defend its social reforms a latin america editor listen human reports from santiago. chilean traditional socialist president michelle bachelet visited sebastien the day after his election to offer her full cooperation in the transition just as the former president had done four years ago after she was elected putting on a brave face but she is leaving chile in the hands of the same conservative.
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democrat and i have said that i will hand over my presidential to home every selective democracy is the most. the news was welcomed by the markets the billionaire businessman victory boosted the chilean currency and the local stock exchange on the other at santiago's fruit and vegetable market most say it's been yet has close ties to big business to convince them to vote for him when i mean. as he says better times ahead business has been stagnant these last four years so a change is good. but not everyone believes that will put their interests first. how could people have voted. for a man who will be governed by the whims of big business. back at home the president elect also receives the national and foreign press while his foreign policy will differ a little his domestic priority will be to halt many of by chile's structural and
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social reforms will support but he said if we are going to recover the leadership in dynamism of our economy and that starts by restoring growth and reestablishing investor confidence which used to grow by more than ten percent a year when i was last president he then went in to receive more congratulatory phone calls mainly from like minded latin american leaders election clearly consolidating the regions shift from the left to the political right with the niceties over now comes the hard part i will have to walk a fine line appeasing his conservative political base while at the same time assuring those who did not vote for him that it will not come at their expense you see in yemen al jazeera. the world's youngest leader sebastian kurtz has been sworn in as the chancellor of austria along with the far right freedom party hundreds of police sealed off parts of central vienna in anticipation of protests but
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demonstrations were largely peaceful courteous new coalition governments are expected to make immigration and tax reforms a top priority austria's the only western european country with a far right party in power a close election in the indian state of gujarat has seen prime minister narendra modi's party hold on to power there despite a stronger than usual challenge from the opposition congress party a loss would have been a major embarrassment for both modi and his b j p which has ruled the western region for two decades it's also the prime minister's home state the pollen reports from a mad about. people here say it is one of the most exciting elections the state of gujarat has seen in decades. there have been celebrations in the city center along with relief that the ruling party agenda third party managed to retain power . but it was a close race. for the first time in twenty two years the opposition indian national congress rather campaign that threatened the ruling party. the p.d.p.
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had campaigned on the issue of economic development. and people voted for them. no doubt other communities opposing the party have affected some seat against the people who voted for development and reelected the big pay. the rest of the country has been watching this political race closely prime minister narendra modi was chief minister of good drugs for thirteen years before taking over the top job. his support included visits to his home state to campaign on behalf of the b j p and to cast his vote mr moody would personally be greatly relieved by this victory but this is a victory which will not give great joy and happiness to the party worker this is going to be a victory which the cannot while been celebrated is going to be very similar to the way that the congress is not been able to win the elections for their workers are going to walk out and celebrate at least the revival of the party the congress
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party has increased its influence and now holds more constituencies than before. the congress party managed to unite several political groups disenfranchised with the state's economy and who feel left out of its development there may not have been a change in government but many say this election has put a spotlight and they say that in all its unemployment inflation and the fact that the benefits of good drops watch out that economic growth have not made many people particularly in rural areas classified as low income. despite the celebrations analysts say the b j p should take the results as a warning. the party has lost seats in every legislative assembly elections since the rubber mo they became chief minister in two thousand and one zero zero zero they have ceded ground in this election to showing that support to the people of good cannot be taken for granted. puerto
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rico's governor has ordered a review into how many people died in the hurricane maria hit the island in september. made the announcement amid criticism that authorities gave a much lower number of fatalities the current official number of dead stands at sixty four in the philippines at least thirty one people have been killed in landslides caused by tropical storm kai tak the search continues for forty people who are still missing a state of emergency is now been declared reports typhoon swept through eastern philippines bringing more than two months worth of rain it triggered landslides that this joy the roads and bridges many communities are now cut off without electricity and running water heavy rains have submerged houses stranded passengers and closed airports and seaports all across the region many people here have lost their homes and their livelihood. and we were not able to save anything
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nothing not even the flood current was so strong it reached up to us we just flowed right away several towns in the eastern part of the philippines are now under the state of emergency. but i don't know you while we look like a tornado many tornadoes do you see that area over there that used to be a rice field now it's all gone. there's spanish local officials say supplies of food and medicines are running out and for many. is a reminder of a painful past in november two thousand and thirteen typhoon haiyan swept through the entire province of late at least eight thousand people were killed and many more were either injured or missing haiyan destroyed everything in its path roads homes all wiped out in an instant that destruction has made life even more
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difficult for people who are already impoverished even before haiyan struck more than four years on they have barely recovered and with typhoon tax this chuck sion they know that it will be a difficult few weeks ahead. again. at least three people have been killed after a u.s. passenger train derailed onto a motorway it happened in washington state during rush hour thirteen of the train's fourteen carriages came off the tracks the amtrak train was carrying seventy seven passengers and seven crew a turkish court has ordered the release of a german journalist two is accused of publishing anti government propaganda a solid told who was arrested in april while working for a turkish news agency she and five others have not been released on bail pending the outcome of the trial human rights groups say the arrests a crackdown on free speech. gunmen stormed a construction site near afghanistan's main intelligence training center the attackers were killed after
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a gun battle with security forces the army says three men knows the assault with a car bomb and rocket propelled grenades i saw as it was behind the attack which took place in a heavily populated area of the capital kabul. a british man has been arrested after driving through a military checkpoint at a base used by the u.s. air force in england he got close to an aircraft that are if milton hall in suffolk american service members fired shots on the base was templi put into lockdown police are treating the incident as trespass. council has been celebrating its national day with a large parade of the country's armed forces comes this six month long political crisis in the gulf continues i'm advised reports from. jubilant crowds filled the bill how waterfront among the last couple of celebrated its national day . was an event was marked by a display of military might both in the air and on the ground a country house commemorated december eighteenth since its independence in one nine
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hundred seventy one but never with such magnitude. these are extraordinary times. three of qataris gulf neighbors saudi arabia the united arab emirates behind along with egypt severed the diplomatic ties with it and imposed an air land and sea blockade they accused qatar of being too close to iran and of sponsoring terrorism. has vehemently denied those accusations but instead of head to qatar many believe some good house come from the ongoing diplomatic crisis and some say on all since the fifth of june a national unity has increased since then every day is a national day. and lines are open from everywhere in the world instead of getting our needs from saudi in dubai things have changed the whole world is directly open to it it's all they can give them and we wish the blockade took place a long time ago new business opportunities new events new projects started which i
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witnessed myself after all something good has come out of this bad situation we need the country to depend on itself more than four. hundred. communities have taken part in unprecedented numbers they've organized sports uncomfortable events to market asian for qatar to lead this it's yet another sign of a healthy society that's capable of winning not just the support of its own citizens but also the hearts and minds of its foreign guests. the blockade has pushed qatar to invest in local production and create a new economy and military partnerships monday celebrations were meant to send a powerful message to the blockaded countries but the crisis has only made qatar stronger. and dizzy. what is a quick recap of the top stories here this hour u.s.
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president donald trump has used his national security address to warn that america faces great power competition from russia and china and a major shift from his predecessor barack obama trump strategy no longer recognizes climate change as a security threat we also face rival powers russia and china that seek to challenge american influence values and wealth we will attempt to build a great partnership with those and other countries but in a manner that always protects our national interest the palestinian leadership has condemned the u.s. veto of a u.n. draft resolution on jerusalem it would have required president trump to rescind his recognition of jerusalem as israel's capital all resident trump to rescind his recognition of jerusalem as israel's capital all of the other fourteen members of the un security council voted in favor of the resolution. the fact that this veto
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is being done in defense of american sovereignty and in defense of america's role in the middle east peace process is not a source of embarrassment for us it should be an embarrassment to the remainder of the security council south africa's governing in the scene has chosen cyril ramaphosa to take over the party's leadership from president jacob zuma on the force narrowly defeated zuma is former wife in the. at least three people have been killed after a u.s. passenger train derailed onto a motorway it happened in washington state during rush hour the amtrak train was carrying seventy seven passengers and seven crew. the world's youngest leaders and asked him kurtz has been sworn in as the chancellor of all strip along with the far right freedom party hundreds of police sealed off parts of central vienna and anticipation of protests but demonstrations were largely peaceful his new coalition government is expected to make immigration and tax reforms a top priority austria's the only western european country with
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a far right party in power and the european commission is investigating swedish furniture giant ikea attack steels the company made in the netherlands the firm is accused of using a dutch subsidiary to slash its global tax bill its latest crackdown on tax arrangements between multinationals and e.u. countries ikea denies breaching european rules well those were the headlines the news continues here on al-jazeera after witness thanks for watching but for now. on counting the cost the mouse wins over the fox we'll look at disney's acquisition of twenty first century fox and how the impact on media landscape. net neutrality and where the changes will affect how we view all that content and making the most of the greeks with solar power counting the cost of this time on al-jazeera.


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