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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  December 19, 2017 10:00am-10:34am +03

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you are making very pointed remarks where on line the main u.s. response to drug use and the drug trade over the last fifty years has been to criminalize or if you join us on sex you know you will first just wakes up over the morning and says i want to color the world in darkness and this is a dialogue and that could be what leading to some of the confusion online about people saying they don't actually know what's going on join the colobus conversation at this time on al-jazeera. al-jazeera that's where every jules. will take all necessary steps to achieve
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a nuclear ization and ensure that this regime cannot threaten the world donald trump lays out his wide ranging national security plan including dealing with nuclear threats from north korea. i'm richelle carey this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up. what we witnessed here today in the security council isn't and sold it won't be forgotten. vetoes resolution then lashes out at her colleagues plus. civil war as they knew the sudan and south african nation our own. without announcement so begins a new era and south african politics a typhoon in the philippines leaves at least thirty one people dead dozens more are still missing.
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yes president has outlined a new national security strategy singling out russia and china is the main threat to america's security and prosperity promised to put american interests first on a range of issues from combating terrorism to the economy our white house correspondent kimberly hauck reports from washington populism has been a hallmark of his presidency and donald trump again struck that note as he announced a strategy for u.s. national security is an approach he says began when voters rejected the security policies of his predecessors on january twentieth two thousand and seventeen i stood on the steps of the capitol. to herald the day the people became the rulers of their nation again in a rambling and often disjointed address skim through the substance of his plan
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including highlighting a desire to pursue an almost cold war like mindset identifying china and russia as key u.s. adversaries despite working with russia recently to avert an attack in st petersburg area sieved a call from president putin of russia thanking our country for the intelligence that r.c.a. was able to provide them there was no specific mention of the kremlin's meddling in the twenty sixteen u.s. election just allusions to china and russia as use of technology to shape a world counter to u.s. values. and only a vague mention of how trump intends to combat the ongoing nuclear threat to the united states by north korea america and its allies will take all necessary steps to achieve a denuclearization and ensure that this regime cannot threaten the world overall
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trumps message was thin on details he's laying out this case of you know the world is really bad it was really bad before i got here and now i'm going to fix it so it's not really about the strategy itself so much as you know the persona of president trump determined to fix these problems. and there was only one reference to the middle east in his remarks although his strategy specifically calls on countries to combat extremist groups like eisel locally it was a speech further highlighting one of the biggest challenges for the trumpet ministrations since taking office cohesion and foreign policy success it is a challenge that appears likely to continue given the divergent positions of trumps national security plan kimberly hellcat al-jazeera washington. adrian brown is following china's response from beijing well there's been no official reaction yet from china's government that will come probably later on choose day but ahead of president trump speech
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a foreign ministry spokeswoman said that china defended its trade policies with the united states and outlined what they saw as a win win scenario she said that china would dedicate itself to establishing a strong and fair trading relationship with the united states i think it's fair to say that chinese officials are going to be studying every word of that sixty eight page report before giving their official response but let's hear more about what the foreign ministry spokesman had to say about president trump's remarks or meeting in the forum and we're all willing to work with the u.s. to build a strong stable and sound bilateral economic relationship it is in line with the two countries interests and the expectation of the international community and she also reminded journalists that china's two way trade with the united states last year amounted to some fifty five billion dollars and that some two point six million american workers were dependent on that trade so her message was almost why
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would the united states want to jeopardize any of that but overall as i say nothing here that's going to concern chinese officials too much trouble also singled out north korea promising to take all necessary steps towards achieving to nuclearization on korean peninsula kathy novak has more from young child. in the written statement the national security strategy warned that north korea is developing nuclear weapons that threaten hundreds of millions of americans it also says the country is pursuing chemical and biological weapons that can be delivered by missile the united states says the north korean government is starving its own people while spending hundreds of millions of dollars on weapons and separately in an op ed in the wall street journal the national security advisor thomas bosshard says north korea was behind the want to cry its cyber attack that affected more than two hundred thousand computers in oh about one hundred fifty countries earlier this year that attack used
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a virus that used ransomware that demanded money so that victims could access their own computers so now you have the united states saying that north korea is developing nuclear chemical biological and cyber warfare but when it comes to donald trump's remarks there was little new in terms of what the u.s. intends to do about those threats of course last week rex tillerson the secretary of state caused some confusion when he seemed to suggest that the united states was open to negotiations with north korea without preconditions but he later seemed to walk back from those remarks and the white house and state department said that the u.s. position on north korea has not changed. surnamed calls on pakistan to do more to combat armed groups operating in its territory has more on reaction from islamabad . raised concern about the new u.s. policy on saudi. the national security adviser was speaking to him and stan grant
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before you go in with the united states was for maintaining unraised in south asia saying that it by giving india a good role and of roundish don the u.s. still blaming paul good standard that same time which was actually tried to hide its own failure to read in that country. that the us had already lost its wall did age of according to the national security advisor to all for nuclear going to india because of its a great if done so well and also saying that the us was talking in language today stone's military chiefs will be giving a briefing to parliament to take into gone for doomsday civilly and leadership about the ramifications of the new us policy and the country's response to that particular move japan's government has approved the use of the us military aegis missile interceptor system it's in response to north korean threats. of two
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missiles over japan this year and november north korea test fired and a continental ballistic missile that landed in japanese waters the government says the new weapon system will take years to come online. the palestinian leadership passed condemn the u.s. veto of the united nations traffic as aleutian on train some status it would have required president donald trump to withdraw his recognition of jerusalem as israel's capital all of the other fourteen security council members voted in favor of the resolution mike hanna reports from the united nations does against. the u.s. exercises its veto when the resolution fails and then at some bastard a sharpie attacks the fourteen other members of your security council that voted in favor what we witnessed here today in the security council is an insult it won't be forgotten it's one more example of the united nations doing more harm than good in addressing the israeli palestinian conflict the palestinian representative is
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adamant that the veto is a final confirmation that the u.s. cannot be regarded as an honest broker in the region. and this resolution affects the status of the united states as a peace broker and it actually stresses its bias and it undermines its role in any future peace process earlier ambassador after ambassador outlined why they would support the resolution the united kingdom will vote in favor of the egyptian text on jerusalem because it is in line with our longstanding position on jerusalem it is in line with previous security council resolutions israel the only other nation that backed the u.s. position they can vote on this issue again and again and again even one hundred more times but it will never change the fact that he was a limb eve has been it always will be the capital of israel
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but the matter is not going to end here even before the vote was taken palestinian leadership insisted that would take the matter to the u.n. general assembly where there is no veto such a resolution would be non-binding but it would highlight the massive division between the u.s. and the vast majority of other nations on the issue of jerusalem and the possibility too that the palestinians may now push for the international recognition of east jerusalem. that's a couple of times stein. my kind of. united nations is going to harry fossett who joins us from west jerusalem with reaction so harry give us the reaction from both perspectives the israelis and the palestinians. well the palestinians as you saw in that report from mike hanna. very angry about this this
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resolutely veto rather from the united states although i think in some ways they are seeing this is something of a moral victory that such close allies such as the united kingdom and others in the security council voted in favor of the egyptian resolution and it has once again drawn a bright line between the united states' position and that of the rest of the international community as you heard as well in that report they do plan to go to the united nations general assembly under the uniting for peace resolution of nine hundred fifty resolution three seven seven a which would enable them to have another vote on this although the israelis are making clear that that vote again would be non-binding the reaction from the israeli side as you might expect highly condemnatory of the move and also expressing gratitude towards the united states once again for the second time in a couple of weeks the israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu drawing a parallel between what nikki haley the u.s. ambassador to united nations did and the current festival of hanukkah the jewish
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religious festival of hanukkah which centers on. a miracle of oil and lighting of candles and he said that she lit a candle of truth and dispelled the darkness saying the truth of jerusalem status dispelled the lies that were being peddled in the security council however this does not finish here the palestinians will continue and mahmoud abbas making it clear that they will now push for full membership of the united nations as well as joining up to five hundred twenty two other international bodies which nation states are members of our era author my friend my stress on perry thank you. and u.s. vice president has postponed a trip to the middle east the white house says he needs to stay in washington for this week's vote on a major tax reform bill palestinian authority president mahmoud abbas and one of egypt's top religious leaders had refused to meet. or over the u.s. decision on jerusalem. still ahead on al-jazeera
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a high speed train derails in the u.s. state of washington. the language of a persecuted minority making the leap into the digital world. hello the rain and snow has been pounding parts of western europe you see it on the satellite picture here gradually sinking its way southwards this area of cloud gave some of us some very wintery conditions and he's dragging in some cooler air behind it as well as it works his way southward though it is breaking up a little bit so you can't really see it very clearly on the choose a chart it's this remnants down here over the northern parts of africa but behind it it certainly is cooler so eleven degrees is the maximum in madrid but at night will be dropping down to below freezing for the eastern parts of europe that's
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where we've got most of the wintery weather on tuesday by wednesday though it gradually begins to fizzle out so just this area of cloud really left with just one or two like to flurries of snow in fact as we head through the next day i'll say this in heavy downpours across the northern parts of africa we've two systems really the first one is here stretching it's up through syria and then there's another one behind it that's giving us heavy rain over parts of libya then there's a third one this is the remains of what's going on over europe giving us some heavy showers every possible area and tunisia that system then gradually slips its way towards the southeast sort of joins up with what's going on here say for many of us in libya does look pretty with over the next couple of days a bit further south for many of us here across the central belt of africa it's dry except for.
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parts. you're watching al-jazeera these are the top stories this hour u.s. president donald trump has outlined a new national security strategy and singled out china and russia as america's greatest threats to our promise to put america's interests first and called russia and china rival powers that threaten us prosperity and security. palestinian
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leadership has condemned the u.s. veto a united nations draft resolution on jerusalem that would have required president onil trump to withdraw his recognition of truth as israel's capital the fourteen other security council members voted in favor of the resolution and us president vice president that is mike pence has postponed a trip to the middle east alison it's already president mahmoud abbas and one of egypt's top religious leaders have refused to meet him following the uproar over the u.s. decision on. let's get more now on the reaction to that u.s. vote at the u.n. security council a march on the assistant minister for foreign affairs for palestine he joins us from ramallah appreciate your time and there really isn't a lot of suspense on an issue like this when it comes to how the security council is going to vote and the fact that the u.s. is going to vote the way that it did so what is the purpose to take away from continuing to go this route. well this is
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an important and it is a necessary first step a complaint against those who violate international law or those who violate security council resolutions the horse will stand to stand against the will of nations and consensus the international consensus by going through the security council which is interested with the maintenance of international peace and security this is that all of the security council this is why the security council has been established in the first place and this is why it's there and the veto power that the us has used yesterday in the security council is runs contrary to everything that this institution has been the established for including the you and chart of so what are the next options the next steps for the palestinians who want this decision to be null and void
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well the decision is null and void and the security council resolutions and the general assembly and the i.c.j. advisable opinion and all other international instruments that has been dealing with this issue and spoke about it including the national law and the u.n. charter which speaks about the little illegality of a position of that early before saw it is as it stands now is null and void the problem is that the u.s. has as you all in this peace process and this role the u.s. has been given under the part of meters which are which include security council resolutions including resolution two forty two and the question here is what is the all of the u.s. and the future of all of the u.s. in this peace process and i think it was confirmed yesterday once again by the u.s. by stating that it doesn't want to play a role to have any future role in the peace process and it insists on. who would
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you like for. to that what country would you like to see step into that role that you say the u.s. is no longer fit for. we have already established mechanisms and we believe that the u.n. has an important role to play in this regard we think that other big nations including china russia and the e.u. do have an important role to play and they need to step up and big and as you in this role because what the palestinian question has been all about it has been about an international community that decisions on behalf of the palestinian people and impose this decision on the palestinian people and once the palestinian people has accepted these decisions. went along with those decisions since one nine
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hundred eighty eight on wards the international community has an obligation because it was the you and partition palestine it was the you that has adopted the resolutions related to the question of palestine it was that you and that established israel there is no other legitimacy to the establishment of israel except resolution one eighty one and as such that you and continue to have a role in that regard including the big states and the key players in the u.s. market joining us from ramallah thank you. south africa's hurling party the a.n.c. has announced its new leader cyril ramaphosa who is currently the deputy president will take over from president jacob zuma he means zuma as ex-wife and causes on a many zuma and a vote at the party conference tanya page reports in johannesburg hundred seven member course as the new president of the african nation our home.
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several of them opposes supposes erupted into cheers as he was led to the stage they have penned the hopes of the african national congress and the country on him i'm so happy about the president because the president has been a member of the n.a.c. the deputy president has been in the business sector for a very long time. i'm sure during the close in the crisis that we have economy clearly is a country will have some improvements and i'm of course a has a hit for business and that could be what's needed to get the economy back on track so millions of unemployed south africans can have hope he helped write the constitution and helped negotiate the peaceful transition to democracy from apartheid skills he will need as the top six new a.n.c. officials and all his allies these are the food outcomes for the organization i think we have good widespread it is sad to create a unit in the a.n.c.
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. but i'm opposed to it here it's a deeply divided and see one split between the politics of petron age of president zuma who set passively as the results were announced and those who feel the a.n.c. has lost its way prisons in this ten year has been tarnished by controversy it was the rape charge he was acquitted of and hundreds of corruption charges related to a multi million dollar arms deal it will take a lot to undo the damage to the party of nelson mandela so ramaphosa campaign. and on an anti corruption message promising a fresh start in the clean up more transparent style of governance and face to his business ackerman to build a stronger economy to create millions just what he needed. perhaps adama poses flyable encloses honest let me zoom in the current president ex-wife was to tainted by association with zuma even her track record as a strong politician in her own right with a passion to promote the needs of the country's poor wasn't enough but saddam
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opposes tosk is enormous unite a divided a.n.c. and prevent it slide in support from becoming terminal ahead of the two thousand and nineteen general election tony a page. and now about election in the indian state of has wrought has seen prime minister narendra modi's party hold on to power despite a stronger than usual challenge from the opposition congress party a loss has been a major embarrassment for both the modi and the beach a plea which has ruled the western region for two decades it is also the prime minister's home state if you go paul in his life for us and largest city at about so the reaction still coming into to this vote tell us more. certain result of this by the fact that it's still the status quo and the b j p r in power for another term a sixth time the conversation is still all about those elections those elections
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that gave the b j p a scare now if i take you through some of the headlines most of them are quite flattering for modi says modi rules homan hails basically talks about how they managed to gain a foothold in certain areas both in rural and urban areas but it still also talks about the good care which was exactly what happened in may the b j p the ruling party very nervous these elections and so it says that they will have to take a look at their strategies and their policies particularly for farmers that was one of the big groups that moved away from them this paper says ma. he saves b.g.p. talking about how without a modi the b j p would have lost their stronghold here he personally came here to campaign and cast his vote is very much the public face of these elections now this talks a little bit more about the numbers b.g.p. stalls at ninety nine it basically talks about for the first time in twenty two years the b j p s fewer than one hundred seats in the legislative assembly and that
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means they only have seven seats there seven seats away from majority it also talks about the tough fight that congress gave says that it's seen as a rejuvenation of the congress party so quite a mixed reaction in the sense it's either very pro be j.p. or pro congress but in general a stark look at the fact that the b j p has also lost support to the gopalan in. thank you and the philippines at least thirty one people have been killed in landslides caused by tropical storm kai tak a scare for trying to find forty others who are still missing the state of emergency has been declared tamil alynda can reports typhoon swept through eastern philippines bringing more than two months worth of rain it triggered landslides that this choice roads and bridges many communities are now cut off without electricity and running water heavy rains have submerged houses stranded
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passengers and closed airports and seaports all across the region many people here have lost their homes and their livelihood here when he said thank you and we were not able to save anything nothing not even the flood current was so strong it reached up to us we just flowed right away. several towns in the eastern part of the philippines are now under a state of emergency. and are you while we look like a tornado many tornadoes do you see that area over there that used to be a voice failed now it's all gone. there's spanish local officials say supplies of food and medicines are running out and for many. is a reminder of a painful past in november two thousand and thirteen typhoon haiyan swept through the entire province of late to at least eight thousand people were killed and many more were either injured or missing destroyed everything in its path roads homes
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all wiped out in an instant that destruction has made life even more difficult for people who are already impoverished even before haiyan struck more than four years on they have barely recovered and with. destruction they know that it will be a difficult few weeks ahead. at least three people have been killed in a train derailment in the u.s. state of washington the high speed amtrak train was making its journey when it came off the tracks and fell onto a busy interstate highway. reports. train five zero one was traveling from seattle to portland when it derailed near the town of dupont sixty four kilometers south of its origin between seven thirty and seven forty am local time seventy eight passengers and five crew members were aboard several carriages dangled from a bridge crossing interstate five with some falling onto the ground below cars and
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trucks were struck by trying cars that left the train tracks and went down onto the road the people that were in all the vehicles even though when you see the pictures it's pretty horrific at this point nobody in any of the vehicles. but they are all contained to the train as far as the numbers go they're still working on that it was the inaugural room for the high speed train service the national transportation safety board is investigating in response to the incident president trump tweeted first to make the case for his loan from this infrastructure program the train accident that just occurred in dupont. washington. while soon to be submitted infrastructure plan must be approved quickly he said seven trillion dollars spent in the middle east with our roads bridges tunnels railways. and then ten minutes later he sent his condolences to the victims of particular interest the black boxes which will indicate speed the status of railway signals. it was doing at the time
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of the crash dash cam video may reveal whether there was a blockage on the line in addition investigators will examine whether the track could be misaligned whether there was any tampering with the rail line or whether the high speed technology had suffered a failure she had returned see al-jazeera. governor has ordered a review into how many people died when hurricane maria had the island in september . made the announcement following claims authorities gave a much lower number of fatalities the current official number of dead stands at sixty four four hundred alphabet is to be digitized allowing it to be used in text messages and e-mails and will stick experts say it's a welcome move from myanmar's persecuted minority which had no written script until the one nine hundred eighty s. it's being added to the unicode standard system computing industry standard for digital text it's hoped the change will help preserve an important symbol of the culture and.
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the headlines for you on al-jazeera u.s. president donald trump has outlined a new national security strategy and singled out china and russia as america's greatest threats promise to put america's interests first and called russia and china rival powers that threaten us prosperity and security. we will attempt to build a great partnership with those and other countries but in a manner that always protects our national interest but while we seek such opportunities of cooperation we will stand up for ourselves and we will stand up for our country like we have never stood up before else and in leadership passed condemn the u.s. veto of a united nations draft resolution on to respond and would require president on a trump to withdraw all his recognition of tourism as israel's capital but fourteen
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other security council members voted in favor of the resolution describing the vote as an insult an embarrassment to the u.s. and u.s. ambassador nikki haley said america would not be told by anyone where it can put its embassy and u.s. vice president mike pence has postponed a trip to the middle east the white house says he needs to stay in washington for a vote on a tax reform bill palestinian authority president mahmoud abbas and also one of egypt's top religious leaders have refused to meet him following the uproar over the u.s. decision on jerusalem. at least three people have been killed after a u.s. passenger train derailed onto a highway it happened in washington state during rush hour thirteen of the trains fourteen carriages fell off the tracks and track train was carrying a seventy seven passengers and seven crew at least seventy people were injured. in the philippines at least thirty one people have been killed in landslides caused by tropical storm kai tak rescuers are trying to find
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a forty others who are still missing a state of emergency has been declared puerto rico's governor has ordered a review into how many people died when hurricane maria hit the island in september or made the announcement following claims authorities gave a much lower number of fatalities the current official number of dead stands at sixty four. those are the headlines and news continues keep it here on al-jazeera and sad story is next news has another. but the message is a simplistic and misinformation is rife listening post provides a critical counterpoint challenging mainstream media narrative at this time on al-jazeera. a virtual coin worth nearly twenty thousand dollars that is still hard to understand but is pushing its way into the mainstream with its recent surge in value of what's driving it and can it be sustained and then regulated in.


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