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this to true which we can bring a legal system to bear getting to the heart of the matter i don't think we need of the ball but some of my petition is just to hear their story on talk to al-jazeera at this time. just looking to. shoot people or not must try to shoot themselves and then all the countries have managed to solve this problem are you worried that this conflict could erupt into a right open war with the cities security sure the people who paid the price clearly the right top been prejudiced setting the stage for a serious debate up front at this time on al-jazeera. will take all necessary steps to achieve a d.
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nuclear ization and ensure that this regime cannot threaten the world. trump lays out his wide ranging national security plan including dealing with the nuclear threat from north korea. and we shall carry this out as their life and also coming up. what we witnessed here today in the security council isn't an insult it will not be forgotten washington's ambassador vetoes a u.n. resolution then lashes out at her colleagues plus. a tropical storm in the philippines killed at least thirty one people dozens more are missing. and embarrassment and australia after place audio was leaked on the arrest of an alleged north korean agent.
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yes president has outlined a new national security strategy singling out russia and china as the main threat to america's security and prosperity promised to put american interests first on a range of issues from commenting terrorism to the economy white house correspondent kimberly hocket of course washington populism has been a hallmark of his presidency and donald trump again struck that note as he announced his strategy for u.s. national security is an approach he says began when voters rejected the security policies of his predecessors on january twentieth two thousand and seventeen i stood on the steps of the capitol. to herald the day the people became the rulers of their nation again in a rambling and often disjointed address trump skimmed through the substance of his plan including highlighting a desire to pursue an almost cold war like mindset identifying china and russia as
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key u.s. adversaries despite working with russia recently to avert an attack in st petersburg area sieved a call from president putin of russia thanking our country for the intelligence that r.c.a. was able to provide them there was no specific mention of the kremlin's meddling in the twenty sixteen u.s. election just allusions to china and russia's use of technology to shape a world counter to u.s. values. and only a vague mention of how trump intends to combat the ongoing nuclear threat to the united states by north korea america and its allies will take all necessary steps to achieve a denuclearization and ensure that this regime cannot threaten the world over all trumps message was thin on details he's laying out this case of you know the
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world is really bad it was really bad before i got here and now i'm going to fix it so it's not really about the strategy itself so much as you know the persona of president trump determined to fix these problems. and there was only one reference to the middle east in his remarks although his strategy specifically calls on countries to combat extremist groups like eisel locally it was a speech further highlighting one of the biggest challenges for the trumpet ministrations since taking office cohesion and foreign policy success it is a challenge that appears likely to continue given the divergent positions of trumps national security plan kimberly hellcat al-jazeera washington. adrian brown has been following china's response from beijing well there's been no official reaction yet from china's government that will come probably later on choose day but ahead of president trump speech a foreign ministry spokeswoman said that china defended its trade policies with the
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united states and outlined what they saw as a win win scenario she said that china would dedicate itself to establishing a strong and fair trading relationship with the united states i think it's fair to say that chinese officials are going to be studying every word of that sixty eight page report before giving their official response but let's hear more about what the foreign ministry spokesman had to say about president trump's remarks well near you may find that we are all willing to work with the u.s. to build a strong stable and sound bilateral economic relationship it is in line with the two countries interests and the expectation of the international community and she also reminded journalists that china's two way trade with the united states last year amounted to some fifty five billion dollars and that some two point six million american workers were dependent on that trade so her message was almost why would the united states want to jeopardize any of that but overall as i say nothing
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here that's going to concern chinese officials too much also in the speech president trump blasted the end comprehensibly badly all his exact words that former president obama struck with iran and other world leaders to talk more about that far as ari is a professor at the university of tehran he joins us live from the iranian capital and we appreciate your time before we get into specifics just your overall impression. of this particular speech from donald trump. iran is mentioned seventeen times in sixty eight pages of the document and you know it was mentioned in terms of speech more or less the same old rhetoric and tehran literally that we're used to hearing from him he seems to be interested in undoing worth of president obama did and national security issues you don't need to be
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regimented was one of the few successes that president obama had and he's very much against. the deal and it takes of the document. reflects that and also his a speech that. i don't know how seriously we should take the text document why he's going to tweet something on foreign policy and he's probably going to. just while it whatever he said in the documents so i think the lies over documents is going to be as good as his next treat so you're saying i take it seriously because you don't view him as having a lot of credibility. i did not take it seriously because his written words and his tweets. a lot of times contradict this is not the text that trump wrote this is
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a takes that his national security had was. produced with the help of other agencies but in the. one year that he has been president i think he has negated a lot of things that people around him have told him and so he has his own foreign policy if you want to have a better assessment of u.s. foreign policy should look at the united nations security council. the whole international community is against us doing especially in this part of the world and the u.s. has to just use its veto power to force its live and others so u.s. foreign policy is not in a good shape and he spent a lot of time talking about iran also spent a lot of time talking about. north korea and he keeps speaking about the iran nuclear deal as if it's something that he just singlehandedly can read even though
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it's between multiple countries so having said that. why would a country like north korea be open to having talks with the u.s. if it doesn't seem that donald trump is intends to keep the u.s. his word. they shouldn't and i hope some north koreans that are watching your program please don't do it you don't do that a president rouhani few weeks ago was speaking at the ranch fundament and said the country is in the stage and he was meaning north korea should be crazy to negotiate with the united states given what the u.s. did to you in the nuclear agreement. so this is a lesson to other people internationally that whatever agreement you have with the united states it may disappear when there is a new election in the us and the next the new person comes in and with trump i
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think he changes his mind so many times whatever he decides to do may not last. may not last very long so. when we talk about u.s. foreign policy we should realize that this is us foreign policy and the trump given his attitudes and mentality. fired joining us from tehran thank you palestinian leaders have condemned the u.s. veto of a united nations draft resolution entre some status and would've required president donald trump to withdraw his recognition of treasonous israel's capital all of the other fourteen security council members voted in favor of the resolution mike hanna reports from the united nations those against. the u.s. exercises its veto when the resolution fails and then at some bastard a sharpie attacks the fourteen other members of your security council that voted in
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favor what we witnessed here today in the security council is an insult it won't be forgotten it's one more example of the united nations doing more harm than good in addressing the israeli palestinian conflict the palestinian representative is adamant that the veto is a final confirmation that the u.s. cannot be regarded as an honest broker in the region. and this resolution affects the status of the united states as a peace broker and it actually stresses its bias and it undermines its role in any future peace process earlier ambassador after ambassador outlined why they would support the resolution the united kingdom will vote in favor of the egyptian text on jerusalem because it is in line with our longstanding position on jerusalem it is in line with previous security council resolutions israel the only other nation
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that backed the u.s. position they can vote on this issue again and again and again even one hundred more times but it will never change the fact that you lose a limb eve has been it always will be the capital of israel but the matter is not going to end here even before the vote was taken palestinian leadership insisted that would take the matter to the u.n. general assembly where there is no veto such a resolution would be non-binding but it would highlight the massive division between the u.s. and the vast majority of other nations on the issue of jerusalem and the possibility too that the palestinians may now push for the international recognition of east jerusalem as the capital of palestine. mike hanna al-jazeera united nations. assistant minister for foreign affairs for palestine he says
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trump's decision will never be accepted on the international stage the decision is null and void of the security council resolutions and the general assembly and the i.c.j. advisable pinion and all other international instruments that has been dealing with this issue and spoke about it including the national law and the un charter which speaks about the legality of a position of territory by force or it is as it stands now is null and void the problem is that the us has as you all in this peace process and this role the us has been given and we but i meters which are which include security council resolutions including resolution two forty two and the question here is what is the role of the u.s. and the future role of the u.s. in this peace process and i think it was confirmed yesterday once again by the u.s. by stating that it doesn't want to play a role to have any future role in the peace process and it insists all of the
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getting its role yes vice president mike pence has postponed a trip to the middle east the white house says he needs to stand watching for washington for this week's vote on a major tax reform bill palestinian authority president mahmoud abbas and also one of egypt's top religious leaders have refused to meet heads following the u.s. decision. so head on al-jazeera a high speed train derails in the u.s. state of washington killing several people and another deadly year for journalists around the world with a look at the most dangerous places for reporters to work. from dusky sunsets if you disproving savannah. to summarize the top and asian metropolis. hell i was little doubt about the invasion of winters throughout europe now has gone beyond the borders in fact the most obvious feature
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on the satellite picture is a circulation as the last the cold fronts finally drop the temperature through turkey so everything west of that is single figures macsyma six in london three zero i exclude madrid left navi stable is still pretty cold and he wore so it won't get above freezing so this blue haze is a real cold winter some snow on the ground clear skies above at least in the forecast for the rest of tuesday and the still snow likely in belarus parts of ukraine and for the south through rumania but largely it's the skies but of warmth is coming back to the british isles as we import yet more cloudy from the land take ten degrees the forecast max or wednesday the result of that usually is you know ject enough moisture for a bit more snow so snow for germany on the swiss and french seems likely but largely it's clear and cold especially at night but having invaded or brought the cold air down across the road to the woman's trade and how to feed it from the
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south we've got a rain forecast now have a tunisia or maybe more especially libya through when same program today. the weather sponsored by qatar and these. you are making very pointed remarks where on line the main u.s. response to drug use and the drug trade over the last fifty years has been criminalized or if you join us on say no evil person just wakes up a over the morning and says i want to color the world in darkness and this is a dialogue and that could be what leading to some of the confusion the lie was about people saying they don't actually know what's going on join the colobus conversation at this time on al-jazeera.
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watching al-jazeera these are the top stories this hour u.s. president donald trump has outlined a new national security strategy and singled out china and russia as america's greatest threats from promise but his country's interests first are called russia and china rival power separate us but prosperity and security the palestinian leadership has condemned the u.s. veto of a united nations strafford solution on choice it would require president donald trump to withdraw his recognition of choice on this israel's capital the fourteen other security council members voted in favor of that resolution. south africa's ruling a.n.c. party has announced it's their leader cyril ramaphosa who is currently the deputy president he'll be taking over from president jacob zuma paid a fee to zuma as ex-wife and the vote at the party conference tanya page reports in johannesburg hundred seven member because it is the new president of the african
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nation the very i. have a lot of posters supposes erupted in cheers as he was late to the stage if penned the hopes of the african national congress and the country on him i'm sure they'd be about the president because the president has been a member of the n.a.c. the debris the president has been in the business sector for a very long time. i'm sure during the close in the crisis that we save the economy karl is a country who will have some improvements but i'm of course a has a head for fishnets and that could be what's needed to get the economy back on track so millions of unemployed south africans can have hope he helped write the constitution and helped negotiate the peaceful transition to democracy from a pos eight skills he will need as the top six new a.n.c. officials on to all his allies these. problems for the organization
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i think a. good widespread use is that it's sad to create a unique to the a.n.c. . but i'm opposed to it here it's a deeply divided and see one split between the politics of petron age of president zuma who said passively as the results were announced and those who feel the a.n.c. has lost its way president soon his tenure has been tarnished by controversy there was the rape charge he was acquitted of and hundreds of corruption charges related to a multi-million dollar deal it will take a lot to undo the damage to the party of nelson mandela to all of them of course they campaigned on an empty corruption message policy a fresh start and a clean up more transparent style of governance and face to all his business action to build a stronger economy to create millions of desperately needed jobs perhaps adama poses flyable and courses on it let me zoom of the current president ex-wife was to
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tainted by association with zuma even her track record as a strong politician in her own right with a passion to promote the needs of the country's poor wasn't enough but saddam opposes tosk is enormous unite a divided agency and prevent its slide in support from the coming terminal ahead of the two thousand and nineteen general election tanya page. place in australia had accidentally live streamed details about plans for the arrest of an alleged north korean agent days before he was apprehended slain resident chan hench oil was arrested in sydney on saturday after allegedly trying to sell missile components and call on behalf of young on the black market about one minute the police media teams a conversation about twenty was live streamed in food by about forty people last wednesday andrew thomas has more from sydney. this is the reason bar sing for australian police on sunday they were probably talking about how they'd success. arrested a man they say was working as
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a north korean here in australia but brokering among other things on sales on behalf of the north korean regime well now it turns out that four days before they arrested him they talked about how they would on a social media channel anyone was able to see where the police are carrying out a security investigation they said that somebody was testing some social media broke cross think it shouldn't the brain. will make sure that nothing similar happens in the future in the philippines at least thirty one people have been killed in landslides called by tropical caused by tropical storm cuttack rescuers are trying to find forty others who are missing state of emergency has been declared an outage male allan dodds she's on the island so what is the latest with these rescue efforts to try to find and help people. well our program today good that they're taking here yesterday with several members of the cabinet he made a lot of promise that he had
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a long winding beach about how we deeply connected the think in part of it by its region where his family was originally from us addressing thousands of families who have been affected and making a lot of promises but we're talking to people here now with really did like to see more than just promises and more than just empty rhetoric from the president himself typhoon swept through eastern philippines bringing more than two months worth of rain it triggered landslides that this choice roads and bridges many communities are now cut off without electricity and running water heavy rains have submerged houses stranded passengers and closed airports and seaports all across the region many people here have lost their homes and their livelihood. and we were not able to save anything nothing not even our clothes the flood car was so strong it reached up to us we just flowed right away.
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several towns in the eastern part of the philippines are now under the state of emergency. like a tornado many tornadoes do you see that area over there that used to be a rice field now it's all gone their spanish local officials say supplies of food and medicines are running out and for many. is a reminder of a painful past in november two thousand and thirteen typhoon haiyan swept through the entire province of late to at least a thousand people were killed and many more were either injured or missing destroyed everything in its back roads homes all wiped out in an instant that destruction has made life even more difficult for people who are already impoverished even before haiyan struck more than four years on they have barely recovered and with typhoon destruction they know that it will be
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a difficult few weeks ahead. and here in this small town of nevada in the island of be run we joined rescue operations for the last few hours i just want to show you that operation will continue we joined rescue operation volunteers here who believe that relentless rain have made it even more difficult for them to manually think through the wreckage they are actually not hopeful the survivors that they will still be able to find survivors among the wreckage i just want to tell that there's a very strong sense of rotting flesh here that it's overwhelming but we've spoken to survivors you see that they find that hopeful that how they know that that's a sign that their loved ones are still here somewhere and that they will be able to retrieve them and give them a proper burial this is a region already held back by rebellion from the communist surveillance and also
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from natural disasters they have yet to recover from when i am in two thousand and thirteen and they feel even more now. than. jamila thank you at least three people have been killed in the u.s. after a passenger train derailed onto a highway in happened in washington state during morning rush hour thirteen of the trains fourteen carriages fell off the tracks the amtrak train was carrying a seventy seven passengers and seven crew at least seventy people were injured dozens of journalists have been killed this year and hundreds more have been thrown in prison this annual report from reporters without borders explores their experiences especially in war zones syria and mexico are among the most dangerous places for journalists to work the barker reports from london. the annual round up by reporters without borders paints a bleak picture of media safety and freedom around the world sixty five journalists have been killed this year most while working in their own countries three hundred
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twenty six are being detained fifty four being held hostage and to a missing. syria remains the world's deadliest country for journalists twelve have been killed this year reporting on the conflict but close behind is mexico with eleven killed many journalists such as having a valdez cutdown us were murdered for their coverage of the drugs trade and organized crime most of these murders remain unpunished of the fifty four journalists being held hostage many are being held by armed groups such as i saw in the middle east. ten women journalists were among those killed this year compared to five last year. was murdered by a car bomb in malta despite receiving threats she continued to denounced alleged government corruption so if we look at bigger pictures of all down a list killed this year sixty percent deliberately targeted because of that. the
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other forty percent were killed while in the field sort of doing their jobs but when we look at the female journalists that were targeted nearly all of them were specifically into liberally targeting of the three hundred twenty six detained journalists more than half are being held in only five countries vietnam iran syria turkey and top of the list china many without any solid charge. this is the case for al jazeera is mahmoud a saying arrested in egypt a year ago while on holiday the detention was one of a string of arrest by the egyptian authorities targeting al jazeera stuff in the country reporters without borders findings but remarkably the number of journalists killed this year is it is lowest in fourteen years better safety training and intensive lobbying by campaign groups who helped but in many cases the downward trend is a result of journalists simply leaving the world's most dangerous places and in the
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absence of journalists voices remaining silent leave. london a turkish court has ordered the release of a german journalist who's accused to publishing anti-government propaganda tool and was arrested in april while working for a turkish news agency she and five others have been released on bail pending the outcome of their trial south korea's foreign minister has arrived in tokyo to meet japanese leaders for a rare talks the country frosty relations standing from japan's wartime sexual exploitation of korean women but they've been pushed to build an alliance recently against a north korean aggression charlotte dallas reports. a re a visit by the south korean foreign minister to japan kilmore kong and her counterpart kono have an unlikely match maker and kim jong il and the north korean leader facing them into talks not sane and two and a half years. as foreign ministers they have just ten months experience between
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them and yet they have the difficult task of ensuring security against their increasingly aggressive neighbor. just three weeks ago kim jong own testified an intercontinental ballistic missile for hire and longer than ever before kong and kono are expected to recommit to stronger sanctions. and i'm sure we will exchange our opinions regarding north korea during our bilateral meeting we will share our opinions and put pressure on north korea to deny clear eyes. japan's government symbol tiny asli announced a nearly two billion dollar missile defense system. at today's meeting we discussed in a prove to decisively improve our ballistic missile defense system to prevent a new war the neighbors need to find peace with the ghosts of another the issue of the so-called comfort woman has divided the two nations many south korean woman
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suffered sick chill and other abuse during japan's wartime occupation of the one thousand and forty. two years ago a deal was reached south korea would put the scandal behind it if japan apologized to made a nearly nine million dollar donation to support victims. you're right we have been expressing our feelings of remorse and apology on this issue as the previous governments have and such position will not be changed from today japan and south korea will enter into a new era i hope this agreement will serve as a momentum for japan and south korea the critics slammed the deal and in july south korea launched a review of the agreement. the south korean foreign minister is expected to discuss the dispute further with prime minister shinzo visit the two countries separated by a strait hoping the two day talks will listen the distance between them shall it
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bellus al-jazeera. with al-jazeera and these are the top stories right now the us president donald trump has outlined a new national security strategy and singled out china and russia as america's greatest threats promise to america's interest first and called russia and china rival powers that threaten us prosperity and security. we will attempt to build a great partnership with those and other countries but in a manner that always protects our national interest but while we seek such opportunities of cooperation we will stand up for ourselves and we will stand up for our country like we have never stood up before. the palestinian leadership has condemned the u.s. veto of a united nations strafford solution onto islam would require president donald trump
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to withdraw his recognition of israel's capital the fourteen other security council members voted in favor of the resolution describing the vote as an insult and an embarrassment to the u.n. u.s. ambassador nikki haley said america would not be told by anyone where it can put its embassy and u.s. vice president mike pence has postponed a trip to the middle east the white house says he needs to stay in washington for a vote on a tax reform bill palestinian authority president mahmoud abbas and one of egypt's top religious leaders have refused to meet him following the u.s. decision on jerusalem. in the philippines at least thirty one people have been killed in landslides caused by tropical storm kai tak rescuers are trying to find forty others who are still missing the state of emergency has been declared at least three people have been killed after a u.s. passenger train derailed onto a highway and happened in washington state during morning rush hour the train was traveling eighty miles per hour and a thirty mile per hour zone thirteen of the trains fourteen carriages fell off the
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tracks the amtrak train was carrying seventy seven passengers and seven crew. police in australia have accidentally lifestream details about plans for the arrest of an alleged north korean agent days before he was apprehended australian resident chen hench oil was arrested in sydney on saturday those are the headlines news continues in al-jazeera after the strain keep it or. news has never been more available but the message is a simplistic and misinformation is rife the listening post provides a critical counterpoint challenging mainstream media narrative at this time on al-jazeera. hi i'm femi oke a annual industry and i'm really could be today a u.n. investigation on human rights in the united states is a friend to millions of americans.


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