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across the globe. from toxic milk to fake meat food scandals continue to rock china as the world turns to it for its food when he goes undercover to expose behaving in a system geared for profit. at this time i know the zero ahead of the september twenty fourth national election survey showed a satisfied to the state of their economy this is easily the start news biggest tech success story the company was bought by microsoft in two thousand and eleven we bring you the stories of the shaping the economic world we live in counting the cost of this time. we'll take all necessary steps to achieve a de nuclear ization and ensure that this regime cannot threaten the world.
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plays out his wide ranging national security plan singling out russia and china as main threats to the us. i'm richelle carey this is al jazeera life and also coming up. what we witnessed here today in the security council is an insult it won't be forgotten washington's ambassador vetoes a u.n. resolution then lashes out at her colleagues. and it later and a new era in south african politics we'll look at the expectations for. take charge of the african national congress. and a new report says sixty five journalists have been killed this year we'll look at the most dangerous places for reporters to work.
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china and russia have criticized the u.s. president for labeling them strategic rivals singled out the pair as a as main threats to america when he was outlining his new national security strategy a white house correspondent kimberly hocket reports from washington populism has been a hallmark of his presidency and donald trump again struck that note as he announced his strategy for u.s. national security is an approach he says began when voters rejected the security policies of his predecessors on january twentieth two thousand and seventeen i stood on the steps of the capitol. to herald the day the people became the rulers of their nation again in a rambling and often disjointed address skim through the substance of his plan
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including highlighting a desire to pursue an almost cold war like mindset identifying china and russia as key u.s. adversaries despite working with russia recently to avert an attack in st petersburg area sieved a call from president putin of russia thanking our country for the intelligence that r.c.a. was able to provide them there was no specific mention of the kremlin's meddling in the twenty sixteen u.s. election just allusions to china and russia's use of technology to shape a world counter to u.s. values. and only a vague mention of how trump intends to combat the ongoing nuclear threat to the united states by north korea america and its allies will take all necessary steps to achieve a denuclearization and ensure that this regime cannot threaten the world overall trumps message was thin on details he's laying out this case of you know the world
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is really bad it was really bad before i got here and now i'm going to fix it so it's not really about the strategy itself so much as you know the person president from determined to fix these problems. and there was only one reference to the middle east in his remarks although his strategy specifically calls on countries to combat extremist groups like eisel locally it was a speech further highlighting one of the biggest challenges for the trumpet ministrations since taking office cohesion and foreign policy success it is a challenge that appears likely to continue given the divergent positions of trumps national security plan kimberly hellcat al-jazeera washington. sent us this update from moscow. just a morning brought to frank and quite a robust reaction from the russian government to president trump's national security strategy speech that he gave on monday and the
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response really was the fact that they looked at this document at a glance they said so far and it seemed to confirm what they see what the russians see as the u.s. is continuing unilateral view of the world and how it disagreed how russia was a threat to u.s. security to me putin's spokesman dmitri peskov said that once again this showed that the nature of the strategy was imperial and had a view of looking at itself as being a power a unilateral power an unwillingness to share without as well which is something that really has been a sore point for the russian government as well however they did point out he did point out that the document had only been looked at at a glance and that still more detail needed to be fleshed out with that not
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a lot of that detail was given by president trump but this perhaps gives a bit more movement for them to clarify and go and continue onwards with what they say is perhaps at a future a russia u.s. relations in braille now has more reaction from beijing. well chinese officials have been basically pouring over president trump's national security strategy speech in washington the chinese ambassador was first to give reaction he essentially said there appeared to be a contradiction in what the u.s. side was saying on the one hand they regard china as a friend someone to do business with on the other hand they regard china as an adversary and the message coming through loud and clear is that yes china and the united states can be rivals but they don't have to be enemies here in beijing the foreign ministry spokeswoman hard training also fired a warning shot and she had some quite strong language let's hear more of what she
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had to say john for any country it is feel tired for them to distort the facts or to smear china we urge you to your side to start distorting china strategic attention and abandon the zero sound again thinking and called ways as cold war might satisfy this will only bring harm to everyone it was president george bush of course who once referred to china as a strategic rival that was more than ten years ago but he moderated his language in the succeeding years the message coming through from china on tuesday was that we have areas of mutual cooperation particularly when it comes to trade two way trade between china and the united states stood at fifty five billion dollars last year and some two point six million u.s. jobs are largely dependent on that trade so china is saying we can agree to disagree but we have to work together particularly when it comes to areas like
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north korea so yes we can have our disagreements but at the same time we have to realize that our economies are interwoven and there's going to be friction this year next year and the year after but we shouldn't lose sight of the fact that we need each other in the interests of world peace they want to elevate games in south korea purchased fifty days. is away and security is a major concern after north korea tested another enter continental ballistic missile just last month so u.s. and south korean marines have been conducting military drills designed to enhance combat readiness and freezing conditions kathy novak reports some contract. at first glance portions of this training drill appear to be just a lot of grown men playing in the snow the objective of this challenge to steal their opponent's hats rendering the other side even more exposed to the elements than they already were. but there is a very serious side to these games protecting against the increasing threat from
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north korea even in temperatures that can dip below minus twenty degrees celsius. both the u.s. marines and the rock marines have covered over the snow ability reconnaissance skills as well as critical contest skills in a cold weather mountainous environment two hundred twenty marines from the republic of korea or rock the preferred military term and two hundred twenty okinawa based u.s. marines have been conducting these drills over three weeks a chance to brush up on lesser used marine skills such as downhill skiing in. north korea often responds angrily when the u.s. and south part of major annual military drills usually shuttle for the end of february so they don't coincide with the winter olympics and paralympics that will be taking place here in. these exercises have been held since twenty thirteen but this year there are added fears that north korea may aim to disrupt the olympics. a
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meeting that south korean and the u.s. marines hope for the success of the come come winter olympics the marine reconnaissance unit will make its utmost efforts to provide security operations for the olympics. south korea wants the winter games to be an opportunity to promote peace it's invited north korea to participate and some athletes have qualified but so far there's been no confirmation of their attendance as ever on the korean peninsula the message from these drills is that the u.s. and south korea would prefer a peaceful resolution to the tense situation but are prepared to respond militarily if they have to kathy novak al-jazeera south korea. japan's government has approved the use of the u.s. military's aegis missile interceptor system that is in response to north korean threats and follows young's launch of two missiles over japan last year and
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november north korea test fired and a continental ballistic missile that landed in japanese waters the government says the new weapon system will take years to come on why. palestinian leadership has condemned the u.s. veto of a united nations traffic solution on jerusalem status would have required president donald trump to withdraw his recognition of through slim's israel's capital all of the other fourteen security council members voted in favor of the resolution mike hanna reports from the united nations those against. the u.s. exercises its veto when the resolution fails and then at some bastard a sharpie attacks the fourteen other members of your security council that voted in favor what we witnessed here today in the security council is an insult it won't be forgotten it's one more example of the united nations doing more harm than good in addressing the israeli palestinian conflict the palestinian representative is adamant that the veto is a final confirmation that the u.s.
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cannot be regarded as an honest broker in the region. and this resolution affects the status of the united states as a peace broker and it actually stresses its bias and it undermines its role in any future peace process earlier ambassador after ambassador outlined why they would support the resolution the united kingdom will vote in favor of the egyptian text on the islam because it is in line with our longstanding position on jerusalem it is in line with previous security council resolutions israel the only other nation that backed the u.s. position they can vote on this issue again and again and again even a hundred more times but it will never change the fact that he was a limb eve has been in or we will be the capital of israel
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but the matter is not going to end here even before the vote was taken palestinian leadership insisted that would take the matter to the u.n. general assembly where there is no veto such a resolution would be non-binding but it would highlight the massive division between the u.s. and the vast majority of other nations on the issue of jerusalem and the possibility too that the palestinians may now push for the international recognition of east jerusalem. as the capital of palestine. mike hanna al-jazeera united nations u.s. vice president mike pence has postponed a trip to the middle east the white house says he needs to stay in washington for this week's vote on a major tax reform bill palestinian authority president mahmoud abbas and one of egypt's top religious leaders have refused to meet parents following the u.s. decision on interest on. so head on al-jazeera hope fades for the missing after a tropical storm in the philippines kills over forty hits on
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a territorial conflict in southern mexico is forcing thousands of indigenous people to leave their homes. however even the satellite picture shows the coldness of the here you don't use news very much about what you're looking at to see this here that line of clouds offshore is cold air going across rigidly warm water and then building clouds they bring snow showers to hot car and western side of honshu and we don't get the clouds or the snow showers you got the cold and so the next in tokyo only seven zero in the korean peninsula it's remarkably warmer in beijing here at long last not a good thing is deteriorating but the real cold is a bit further north a lot of hostile or in batar show and it's still being pushed towards japan not was
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great force but a winter sunshine law make it a little less cold for type here come thursday but that cold winter is pushed on through the rest of china as well the highest temperatures shanghai still eleven and twenty one hong kong so that's come up about eight degrees for a new couple days ago there along with the cold war necessary but low humidity the it feels like winter if anything temperatures will slowly drop again not hugely dropping a bit the on shore breeze means more showers for the shores of the philippines but the major wet weather is actually between landmass is this here is still the remains of a story circulating took. singapore is being accused of expanding its coast by move illegally dredged satins some of the islands off the coast of indonesia literally vanished it's a big business smuggling you say when they go take the sand there in the sand is
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are there you see this beautiful beach but behind it is something that's not so plentiful the tragedy is that people are just not aware and ecological investigation into a global emergency sandals at this time on al jazeera. isn't breaking news to bring to you that we are following right now saudi arabia says that it has intercepted a ballistic missile close to the capital riyadh there are reports that there is smoke rising into the air area just to the north east of the city now the who the fighters from yemen they claim that they fired a ballistic missile aimed at the capital so that's all we know right now this story
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is developing keep it here on al-jazeera speak out more information for you. south africa's ruling party the a.n.c. has announced its new leader cyril ramaphosa who is currently the deputy president will take over from president jacob zuma defeated soon this ex-wife and closes on until many zuma and a vote at the party conference. in johannesburg she sums up the people's hopes. we've come to the streets of find out how people are reacting to the president. this is where he's from and people have been a little skeptical he may be able to introduce all the changes he wants to. be pretty positive. i'm so happy i'm so happy it's a good thing that we were we're you know we were a. country trip it's on every news business.
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and he's been to you know. his you grew up in so it's so you know. the people i think. the. least of. the. corruption was the big issue many people raised with us but they were they wanted to see improvements in health care and education and housing because many millions of south africans live below the poverty line and many of them have two. shacks the issue of corruption that has blighted president jacob zuma also time to a campaign of. zuma who may be tarnished by his reputation through association because they were once married there is a little bit of concern that's. because
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three of the people. due to the top six a from his rival. faction so there's a little bit of worry bad all of his campaign promises to clamp down on corruption may not be able to be delivered hopes are fading for survivors after tropical storm cuttack tore through the central philippines killing over forty people rescuers are trying to find dozens of others are still missing a state of emergency has been declared to be going to ports and. well president will be going to there was here yesterday he brought with him members of the cabinet and he promised a point we had deliberation and for those who have been affected by this when he had a long and winding beach where he talked about how we deeply connected the part of the philippines where he mother with originally but we've also spoken to relatives survivors and also go looking for their loved ones will all go that were discarded
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and what they want is more than just a promise they want action because they know that this tragedy well hold them back even more typhoon kate swept through eastern philippines bringing more than two months worth of rain it triggered landslides that this choice roads and bridges many communities are now cut off without electricity and running water heavy rains have submerged houses stranded passengers and closed airports and seaports all across the region many people here have lost their homes and their livelihood. she said thank you and we were not able to save anything nothing not even our clothes the flood car was so strong it reached up to us we just flowed right away. several towns in the eastern part of the philippines are now under the state of emergency. many tornadoes you see that
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area over there that used to be a rice field now it's all gone. there's spanish local officials say supplies of food and medicines are running out and for many. is a reminder of a painful past in november two thousand and thirteen typhoon haiyan swept through the entire province of late to at least a thousand people were killed and many more were either injured or missing destroyed everything in its back roads homes all wiped out in an instant that destruction has made life even more difficult for people who are already impoverished even before haiyan struck more than four years on they have barely recovered and with typhoon destruction they know that it will be a difficult few weeks ahead. and we are in the small town of the bar where we joined the search rescue and retrieval operations with volunteers all afternoon
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right behind me you can see that. backhoes are still trying to help clear the roads for rescuers to be able to manually dig through the wreckage but survivors are saying here that they have already lost hope that they will still be able to find their loved ones i just want to tell you that the smell of rotting human flesh here is quite overwhelming but for those survivors looking for their loved ones they see that as a hopeful sign for some reason their loved ones are still here and being will be able to at least give them a proper burial christmas season is the most important time for families here in the philippines and they know this will be a very difficult one very much three to similar to what happened to them when type one how young and shock on the van were two thousand and thirteen as well that left more than eight thousand people dead in this region in more and bangladesh have formed a joint committee to oversee the repatriation of renter refugees more than six hundred thirty thousand right hand to have fled to bangladesh since me and mars
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military launched a crackdown on them repatriated and was expected to start around january twenty first but and british foreign ministry says it could be delayed by several weeks human rights groups fear that the printer could still face violence if they're sent back thousands of indigenous people in southern mexico have been displaced because of a territorial conflict at least eleven people have died of cold and hunger a number pollo reports from the state of chiapas. these are prayers of desperation by people who have been internally displaced they are the victims of a decades long dispute over land boundaries between the neighboring municipalities of chinelo and done father marcello a member of a nearby parish says that in recent months hundreds of families in just a week done have been driven from their homes by armed groups a dozen houses have been burned and others sprayed by gunfire and they know. they
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block the road no one can pass through the armed groups hide and then they shoot hearing gunshots at night is a form of like a logical control these people. a child has died a two year old who fell sick from exposure their grieving parents say they have nowhere left to go. my daughter became sick when we ran through the woods and down i felt helpless my daughter died i feel the pain in my soul. many of the people living outdoors have coughs and colds and although chelsea has done was already one of the poorest places in mexico living under these conditions for almost two months has pushed indigenous communities to the point of exhaustion to make matters worse the main access roads to and from chad to be done were cut off and although passage has been restored human rights observers from the government say the situation still demands urgent action in the losing that we are calling for humanitarian assistance to guarantee food and to lessen the risk to people's integrity and lives
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. a federal court recently issued a ruling aimed at settling the dispute so its people however see the decision hasn't lessened tensions there are over five thousand people displaced across the mountains of tennessee we've done the men women and children who are staying at this camp are only facing hunger and illness they say they live in a state of terror too afraid to return to their homes. international organizations like unicef have called it unacceptable for children to continue living under such precarious conditions and while the government of chiapas says that aid and security is being provided many here worry the humanitarian crisis will drag on. to mexico. protests have been taking place outside of congress in argentina's capital while politicians debated pension reforms president research mockers government says they're necessary to curb the country's fiscal deficit. has more
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from us the bottom line here is you can see how well and truly rule. the compress building to my left where they're trying to push through batches but in the next day or so they have a deadline to try to control the fiscal deficit to try to reform but the. little things that work all the time is a labor though if they want to try to bring down inflation on the track foreign investment which is what they say is vital to large inside stitcher economic well being and then they would lose the sharing out what t.v. the previous governments did not pay out you will know when we finally see what you know at the ballot box. to my right we have many thousands of protesters who oppose day last week plus with the police clashing again with the police with will to come to gas and rubber bullets the protests and with stones and a great deal of i got this they simply don't want to see the government
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implementing what they say a struggle steroids imagine the pensioners should not have to pay for government measures to try to control the economy that these are the people the trade unions and the feds and those who will sell what is it that's why we're here for us children and grandchildren because machree is only governing for foreign investors his timing argentina back into a colony this is the protests all of the can sink into the long haul days of the argentine. and best again in the usa a train that derailed in washington state was traveling over the speed limit before it came off the tracks killing at least three people and injuring dozens more a data recorder recovered from the wreckage shows it was traveling one hundred thirty kilometers per hour at a fifty kilometer per hour zone the amtrak train was making its inaugural journey when it be railed and fell onto a busy interstate below. a turkish court has ordered the release of a german journalist who's accused of publishing anti-government propaganda
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a cell until i was arrested in april while working for a turkish news agency she and five others have been released on bail pending the outcome of their trial. dozens of journalists have been killed the sharon hundreds more have been thrown in prison the latest annual report from reporters without borders explores their experiences especially in war zones syria and mexico are among the most dangerous places for journalists to work they parker reports from london. the annual round up by reporters without borders paints a bleak picture of media safety and freedom around the world sixty five journalists have been killed this year most while working in their own countries three hundred twenty six are being detained fifty four are being held hostage and to a missing. syria remains the world's deadliest country for journalists twelve have been killed this year reporting on the conflict but close behind is mexico with
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eleven killed many journalists such as having a valdas cut down us were murdered for their coverage of the drugs trade and organized crime most of these murders remain unpunished. of the fifty four journalists being held hostage mania being held by armed groups such as i saw in the middle east. ten women journalists were among those killed this year compared to five last year. was murdered by a car bomb in malta despite receiving threats she continued to denounced alleged government corruption so if we look at bigger pictures of all journalists killed this year sixty percent deliberately targeted because of that walk outside unless the other forty percent were killed while in the field sort of doing their jobs but when we look at the female journalists that were targeted nearly all of them were specifically into liberally targeted of the three hundred twenty six detained journalists more than half are being held in only five countries vietnam iran
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syria turkey and top of the list china many without any solid charge this is the case for al-jazeera as mahmoud a sane arrested in egypt a year ago while on holiday the detention was one of a string of a rest by the egyptian authorities targeting al jazeera staff in the country reporters without borders findings are alarming but remarkably the number of journalists killed this year is at its lowest in fourteen years better safety training and intensive lobbying by campaign groups who helped but in many cases the downward trend is a result of journalists simply leaving the world's most dangerous places and in the absence of journalists vital voices remain silent leave barca al-jazeera london. take a look at the headlines on al-jazeera and the breaking news we're following the saudi
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like coalition says it has intercepted a ballistic missile close to the capital riyadh there are reports of smoke rising from the north east of the city humans who at the fighters claim they fired ballistic missile and at the world palace in the capital follow that for you. china and russia have criticized the u.s. for calling them strategic rivals as president donald trump singled him out as major threats in his new national security strategy the kremlin says the strategy is imperialist and beijing called on trump to accept its growing influence. in the how we think you know for any country its future for them to distort the facts china. signed to stop distorting china's strategic tina tchen and abandon the zero sum game and cold war mindset it will only bring home to every one palestinian leadership has condemned the u.s. veto of a u.n. draft resolution on it would require president to resend his recognition of
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jerusalem as israel's capital all of the other fourteen security council members voted in favor of that resolution. u.s. vice president mike pence has postponed a trip to the middle east the white house says he needs to stay in washington for a vote on a tax reform bill wilson an authority president mahmoud abbas and also one of egypt's top religious leaders they have refused to meet pence following the uproar over the u.s. decision on jerusalem. japan's government has approved the use of the u.s. military aegis missile interceptor system and this is a response to north korean threats and follows launch two missiles over japan this year and november fourth korea test fired and a continental ballistic missile that landed in japanese waters the government says this new weapon system will take years to come online. south africa's ruling party the a.n.c. house announced its new leader cyril ramaphosa who is currently the deputy
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president he will be taking over from president jacob zuma defeated soon as x.y. and co says on a. vote at the party conference. those are the headlines news continues an officer after inside story keeper. a virtual coin worth nearly twenty thousand dollars that is still hard to understand but coin is pushing its way into the mainstream with its recent surge.


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