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tv   Sand Wars  Al Jazeera  December 19, 2017 3:00pm-4:00pm +03

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the western culture of brazil linger here because i've been here for some time i can help them with lots of things but mrs ford to me the great thing is it's not just about museums about forming a new life here part of life is culture. forced to flee from syria to lebanon many refugee mothers risked childbirth in terrible conditions delivery is very difficult here in lebanon it's costly i can't go back to syria now because of the war but one lebanese woman is committed to helping them. become friends with everyone. she is important to me. there are a few g.'s midwife at this time on al jazeera world. and i'm jane diving into are the top stories on al-jazeera saudi arabia says it has intercepted
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a ballistic missile targeting the capital riyadh these videos show what looks like the missile in the sky and spoke from an explosion after it was intercepted yemen's fighters say they fired it and the target was a meeting of saudi leaders at the royal palace in the capital another missile from yemen was fired at riyadh's airport last month but it was also destroyed before it hit its target china's criticize the u.s. president for calling it a strategic rival as he outlined his new national security strategy on monday beijing is calling on donald trump to accept its growing influence adrian brown has more reaction from beijing. well chinese officials have been basically pouring over president trump's national security strategy speech in washington the chinese ambassador was first to give reaction he essentially said there appeared to be a contradiction in what the u.s. side was saying on the one hand they regard china as a friend someone to do business with on the other hand they regard china as an
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adversary and the message coming through loud and clear is that yes china and the united states can be rivals but they don't have to be enemies here in beijing the foreign ministry spokeswoman hard training also fired a warning shot and she had some quite strong language let's hear more of what she had to say john what's in the how we think eventually chair for any country it's futile for them to distort the facts or to china the u.s. side to stop distorting china's strategic teachin and abandon a zero sum game and cold war mindset it will only bring harm to everyone it was president george bush of course who once referred to china as a strategic rival that was more than ten years ago but he moderated his language in the succeeding years the message coming through from china on tuesday was that we have areas of mutual cooperation particularly when it comes to trade two way trade between china and the united states stood at fifty five billion dollars last year
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and some two point six million u.s. jobs are largely dependent on that trade so china is saying we can agree to disagree but we have to work together particularly when it comes to areas like north korea so yes we can have our disagreements but at the same time we have to realize that our economies are interwoven and there's going to be friction this year next year and the year after but we shouldn't lose sight of the fact that we need each other in the interests of world peace so that as ruling party the n c is announced its new leader cyril run opposer who is currently the deputy president will take over. from president jacob zuma he'd be jimmy's ex-wife and causes honored lamine easier in the vote at the party conference. i'm so happy i'm so happy it's a good thing really it is that we were we're you know we went to the outing we're just around each but now i am happy usually i think you take the country to pretend
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they were there when news business big grown i don't think is that it's been to school you know and you grew up he was born and grew up in so it so you know nice of the people and i think you'll upgrade us due to the corruption the wish to be the. elite of the board the politicians the palestinian leadership has condemned the u.s. feature of a u.n. draft resolution on jerusalem it would have required president donald trump to rescind his recognition of jerusalem as israel's capital of the other fourteen security council members voted in favor of the resolution u.s. vice pres a mike pence has perspired a trip to the middle east the white house says he needs to stay in washington for a vote on a tax reform bill palestinian authority president mahmoud abbas one of egypt's top religious leaders have refused to meet parents falling uproar over the u.s. decision on jerusalem japan's government has approved the use of the u.s.
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military's aegis miss out interceptor system it is in response to north korean threats and follows pyongyang's launch of two missiles over japan this year the government says a new weapons system will take years to come online as the headlines and news continues here on al-jazeera after sand was. we bought the house about c. years ago hoping that we would be able to retire here but from here you could see how much sand we've lost underneath the house. the world is running out of sand consumed by industry and construction stolen and transported by criminal
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mafias around the world at the time to have them but we don't we're going to put a greater video i like them up i think it's about. washed away by rising sea levels . being in the middle of the indian ocean for the last five thousand it's become just. lost to human greed and stupidity. when we use that sand i mean we loose. our life. we've never needed so much sand so badly with beaches and entire islands already disappearing who will witness and worse. for most of us san makes us think of days at the beach sand castles and sunshine and once the holidays are over we slip back into our busy lives. but is
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feeling the sand between our toes or caught in our bathing suits the whole story. does this so familiar substance play any other role in our daily lives. standard is what i like to call the unsung heroes of law it's because their job endlessly examples. of the way in which sarah and intersects with daily lloyd's which we all really know commonly aware of. sand has quietly infiltrated every corner of our world melted and transformed into glass it sits on every shelf. it's also the source of silicone dioxide. a mineral found in our wines cleaning products detergents paper dehydrated foods hairspray toothpaste cosmetics. and an astounding variety of other products we use every day. but it's. mended such as. you. think about your computer.
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you know and it can be manufactured if you do not have high quality said. the minerals extracted from sand are at the core of our hyper connected society a form of basic material for microchips without which our computers credit cards bank machines cell phones and many other devices would not exist. sand even helps us fly in our airplanes the plastics lightweight alloys of the fuselage and jet engines even the paint and tires are all made with sand. it's almost become like a the air we breathe we don't think too much about it but you can't live without it . and the industry with the biggest appetite for sand. construction. for the last one hundred fifty years sand mixed with cement to form
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concrete has shaped the contours of our increasingly urbanized world. because of its low cost strength and ease of use disgrace larry has become the dominant building material around the globe. the quantities used are astronomical. to build an average house it takes two hundred tons of sand. for a larger building like a hospital around three thousand tons. each kilometer of highway devours thirty thousand tons. and to build a nuclear plant the estimate is about twelve million tonnes. production of sand exceeds fifteen billion tons. and that
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is a quantity so huge that is beyond imagination how much is fifteen billion you don't know because no one. is used in such vast quantities as maybe with the exception of water. so where in the world does that much sand come from. let's just say the sand men who work in the aggregate business have not been affected by the economic downturn. behind air and water sand is the most used commodity in the world. business is booming but meeting this demand is not always an easy task sand is not something that's easily found like you might think it is used to be that you'd have a sand and gravel deposit and you'd simply go and dig it up out of the ground so
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you'd have sand to make your roads bridges and buildings up but that type material is all been taken away it's gone abuse it already. with the process of service and exhausted we started dredging rivers for sand but this is lead to flooding. now we've turned to the oceans for sand. to satisfy our seemingly insatiable appetite for sand we've industrialized extracting it from beneath the waves. and the workhorse of the industry is a dredger. a giant tanker equipped with a suction arm capable of pumping huge quantities of sand to the surface. and. the right bessel in the right location can pump up to four hundred thousand cubic metres of sand to the surface every single day. each dredger cost anywhere
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from twenty five million to two hundred million dollars. but the sand is free. so the thousands of tankers combing the world's oceans every incentive to suck up as much sand as possible for their increasingly hungry clients. is an astonishing example of this appetite within a few decades this fishing village has morphed into a modern architecture is a sandbox for developers were no fantasies too grandiose. but as projects. of sand using huge volumes of sand and construction projects concrete and indeed just making more land as has been doing with the with the artificially
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constructed island. landfills or even bigger consumers of sand than concrete. with a booming economy the emirate launched in business expansion project. after the year two thousand with the price of real estate soaring as a result of speculation developers bet that it would be cheaper to make land than to buy it. the self-proclaimed eighth wonder of the world cost over twelve billion dollars and devoured more than one hundred fifty million tons of sand dredged from the coastline. with the giant palm still under construction flying high in the seemingly endless supply of money and sand embarked on an even more extravagant project the world. the world is an island paradise would run president had opportunity can be found that this artificial archipelago of three hundred islands designed as
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a map of the world absorbed fourteen billion dollars and three times as much sand as the. place that your nation. today the world is a mirage the work site has been abandoned since the onset of the finance. crisis in two thousand and eight. deserted island is now parked in the sun awaiting the uncertain day when millionaire buyers will again descend on to buy and restore its glory. to kill the corporation managing the palm in the world the crisis is more than financial overdevelopment is totally liquidated by his natural sand resources and you think you'll find of course dubai is on the edge of the desert they've got old asylum they need like all the gulf states dubai has sand everywhere so why doesn't the emirates simply help itself to the desert desert sand is the wrong color end of sand for building
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a lot of fishel islands why because deserts and all the grains have been blown around by the wind and is typically very round and very smooth if you want to use it to build an island they don't stick together you need sand that is more angular rough rough for age sand that naturally sticks together. see sand is perfect for island building and construction but it's in limited supply. sand is not a sustainable resource. although its own stocks are exhausted dubai is far from given up. the burj khalifa at the time of construction the world's tallest building was built with sand from half a world away. we have a saying in english it's just selling sand to the arabs which is obviously
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a joke but it seems that that's actually come true in the case of the by. thirty five hundred australian companies exports into the arabian peninsula their profits of tripled in twenty years accounting for a five billion dollar jackpot. and australia is just one small part of a global trend that reliant on importing sand from other areas and so what you see is this huge trade around the world of sand moving from one another for different purposes such construction and land reclamation. singapore is another city at the heart of the sand wars. and thirty years the country known as the switzerland of asia has become one of the richest in the region during this time the population is more than doubled and the sixty three islands that make up the city state are bursting at the seams singapore is sort of lying on the import of sand for its very existence and the land masses literally increased twenty
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percent over the last forty is and that's largely been reclamation so literally pouring sand into the sea to create new land. singapore is already transformed one hundred thirty square kilometers of water into land and is planning to add another one hundred square kilometers by twenty thirty. having devoured all its own reserves its ferocious appetite has targeted its neighbor supplies. one after another cambodia the. asia and indonesia have each decided to ban trade with singapore but its addiction to sand is not easy to restrain. singapore is being accused of expanding its coast and illegally dredged from neighboring states. suspicions of central african hangover singapore and the dozens of barges stalled in the broome which imo daily and it's important prove that the city state has found an alternative source but where does the saying come from.
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tommy guns here. are. you going to hear very every day every week. this one is from individuals down from one. person in. your individual. to. your fourth division job or you or your. friends to local traffic in networks singapore and dealers with false identities working for fictional companies continue to find supplies of sand in neighboring countries. but the other company over. sixty just. isn't just the little invisible.
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but this is the this is. it if you're going to float the law with the tacit support of the government they're most loyal client. the son trade in singapore is he usually have a purse of gold is a massive of ours we're concerned it's just a as bill the south as you know viral mansell leader in the region in particular the last global sun that's but their companies will bring. that. environmental degradation. the effects of underwater dredging are far from but. much of the ocean floor is rocky or covered with only a thin layer of sand. built up over tens or even hundreds of thousands of years.
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as you dredge up a set. of course all the the any walls and. on the sea floor they will all be dredged up as well and therefore whatever live in communities that they will just. sand is the primary link in the underwater food chain remove it and the survival of all species from the smallest to the largest just threatened. like many archipelagos many of indonesia's islands are literally made of sand and intense dredging has triggered a series of chain reactions. ninety two percent in the nation's fiscal challenges from tension of the city because many activities when this coral reef we lost fish. livelihood. everything loss of fish habitat directly endangers the survival of thousands of indonesian families
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but that's only the first of sand dredging to adverse effects. if you have an oil made of sand it's only there because of conspiracy of natural processes wind waves water currents time of year and so if you start removing that. then you've upset the balance of the conspiracy and waves and currents will then start to move the rest of the sand. after the extraction of sand a combination of waves currents and gravity slowly fill in the back you. so the removal of underwater sand can have a very noticeable effect on nearby beaches and islands. and so by a combination of natural growth this is and human excavation. literally disappear. one of the most stunning impacts of the sand trade was the disappearance
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of some of the islands off the coast of indonesia which have literally vanished when we lose that sand that we lose. once an island disappears the international maritime boundary changes all is required to these become geopolitical issues as well as simply commercial and resource issues. twenty five indonesian islands have already disappeared. like coal and gas sand is now on the frontline of the world's hunger for raw materials. scarcity in dangerous local communities and sets governments against each other. as demand builds the circle only becomes more vicious. morocco's gentle climate has been welcoming tourists for years. but its famous
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beaches have also been attracting some strange four legged visitors a constant stream of men and doggies descend on the beaches seven days a week. in search of. sand. the men in the donkeys have taken so much sand that some beaches now look like the surface of the moon. morocco has been experiencing a construction boom spurred on by a competitive real estate market. the builders are happy but they need plenty of sand legal and otherwise. i do what. i want that i wrote that i have i don't want to give you.
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are you know that i'm not going to bend an addendum going to matter or not do you have enough to know what kind of what do you know did not know my love my double got nothing. by that i mean i got them help oh yeah. look i do one thing yes i did was really i do what you guys really do with their day but didn't come at you mad you're not going out your head not them have them come we don't want but i'm not good at going to create a video i like them i like them lap it's estimated that forty to forty five percent of the sand used in construction in morocco has been stolen mostly from its beaches . loaded onto trucks the sand is sold directly to unscrupulous developers but that's not where the problem ends. without proper treatment salty beach sand mixed with cement is highly corrosive make america's new buildings ticking time bombs in danger of collapse.
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ironically the beach is meant to lure the tourists are being stripped bare to build hotels and condos that may turn out to be death traps. in mumbai a.v. enjoy. the position of being the financial capital of the country andrea also have a huge housing boom construction boom that's because of the influx of so many new people into the city. but the indian economy booming construction has to keep pace and like in so many other battlegrounds of the sand wars easy profits lead to corrupt practices. the value of sand is such that it's
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a commercial commodity that is smuggled i mean the it's a big business is smuggling the fam. sand mafia is the most powerful criminal organization in india. and a lot of the feet in the whole. who control of the sand mafia controls a lot of the construction the construction materials businesses in bombay as well as the constructions themselves in addition to that they also control the administration through their political contacts so that just completes the whole value chain right from the extraction to construction the the profits in each bottle fed the administration and the police. under the eyes of corrupt authorities the sand ply their trade in broad daylight and more than eight thousand dredging sites scattered across the coastline river banks of the subcontinent.
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for the mafia's beaches are easy prey because the sand is literally within arm's reach so they had even the most popular tourist sites the places where you expect to stretch out on the beach and worship the sun. the tentacles of the mafia's however are just adding to the pressures facing the world speeches. just two years ago there was a row of houses here. i think about a house of from about here all the way down to the condo and those houses there on the water the shoreline with going right past them so they ended up taking them out of these houses here with their on the the front were row number two and i the fact
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that these houses won't be here and five here. with both the house about two years ago hoping that we would be able to retire here. but from here you could see how much sand we've lost underneath the house. because it was up to level with the cement but of course it went out into the ocean. so. the beach area was about the length of a football field and over the last two years the a scart mint is underneath the houses so. the erosion on this part of the beach is much quicker than we anticipated or that is deemed to normal. globally between seventy five and ninety percent of beaches are actually undergoing some sort of retreat and that's only going to get worse.
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than united like getting something for you young people it's the season of excess this is made in china. for one all american family a challenge. this sucks life without the wilds factory we don't make anything what is our in this economic christmas without china a witness documentary this time.
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with him free. in two thousand and one. rides around the. arab australians accused of being enemies within. and attacking the aussie way of life. like we speak we would appear suspicious struggling to adapt to their new found home. al-jazeera explores the history of the lebanese community in australia. once upon a time in punchbowl and this time on al-jazeera. and i'm joined on into the top stories on al-jazeera saudi arabia says it has in to said today ballistic missile targeting the capital riyadh these videos show what
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looks like the missile in the sky and smoke from an explosion after it was intercepted humans who say they fired it and the target was a meeting of saudi leaders at the royal palace in the capital china's criticize the u.s. president for calling it a strategic rival as he outlined his new national security strategy on monday beijing is calling on donald trump to accept its growing influence. the ending the how we think it actually for any country its future for them to distort the facts or to smear china the u.s. signed to stop distorting china's strategic tina tchen and abandon a zero sum game and cold war mindset it will only bring harm to everyone the palestinian leadership has condemned the u.s. veto of a u.n. draft resolution on jerusalem it would have required president donald trump to rescind his recognition of jerusalem as israel's capital all of the other fourteen
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security council members voted in favor of the resolution. u.s. vice president mike pence is perspire in a trip to the middle east the white house says he needs to stay in washington for a vote on a tax reform bill the palestinian authority president mahmoud abbas and one of egypt's top religious leaders have refused to meet pence following the uproar over the u.s. decision on jerusalem japan's government has approved the use of the u.s. military's aegis missile interceptor system it is in response to north korean straits and followers launch of two missiles over japan this year the government says the new weapon system will take years to come online so that it is willing party then c. has announced its new leader so poser who is currently the deputy president will take over from president jacob zuma he beat zuma as ex-wife and zuma in the vote at the party conference. a turkish court has ordered the release of
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a german journalist who's accused of publishing anti government propaganda to sell to was a rested in april while working for a turkish news agency she and five others have been released on bail pending the outcome of the trial those are the headlines the news continues here on al-jazeera but first let's go back to send was. the world that is running out of sand consumed by industry and construction stolen and transported by criminal markets around the world. behind air and water sand is the most used commodity in the world. where humans have intervened and we've built structures a wall concrete seawall a highway a hotel
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a parking lot the beach can't move back and we see long term beach lost. as part of the natural cycle beaches adjust to seasonal changes and summer beaches grow thicker and in winter they recede and level off to better absorb the energy of the waves to survive the ocean salt beaches must have enough space behind them but we've built too close to the shore so with nowhere to go beaches are overcome by the waves which carry their sand out to sea. if you have an eroding beach what is the problem. not the symptom the sim symptom is the beaches eroding but what is the problem. what's causing it it's us. we are drawn to coastlines today three quarters of the largest cities in the world
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population are on the coast as the population growth accelerates the world's. increasing density by twenty twenty five to three quarters of the world's inhabitants will live near the ocean and those thin ribbons of sand would surround the continents are feeling the pressure. if we think. of the water and i hope that we learn from that but now we're here. and we have to figure out how to make projects. that is wider and that's what brings tourists. in florida nine out of ten beaches are in the process of disappearing along with the future livelihood of all those who depend on this economic engine. each year of the planet's tourists head for the beach beaches feed the hotel industry as well as recreation transportation food services and
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a multitude of other sectors in some areas almost half the g.d.p. depends directly on beaches. letting them disappear is out of the question. so what we're trying to do is try to mitigate those problems try to lessen the impact and that's why we have to take these unnatural acts pumping sand into the beaches. to keep their beaches viable cities that can afford to invest. in their. dredge sand from the ocean floor and tours it onto the beach. some people see this as a solution others see it as a band-aid which only true. it's the symptom. they've got to put up the beach and say this is beach nourishment but it's just another hole. those big machines that when they go take this there in killing everything within that sand is ground up
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put into a pipe crust moved and then it comes out and pumped on a beach toward the life forms in that part of the beach aren't prepared to be buried alive and suffocate it it's a killing process for the sake of dollars. peter planet is a temporary remedy after a year to the sand has been washed out to sea and the whole process must be started again from scratch nonetheless this method is highly popular to the delight of the dredging companies it's a matter of big money big big influence green it's not a pleasant thing the thing you see this beautiful beach but behind it is something that's not so pleasant. in a desperate maneuver to try to trap the sand on the beaches coastal engineers are advocating the construction of dikes breakwaters and all sorts of other structures . but sand cannot be so easily tamed.
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the constant movement of sand is not necessarily always cooperating with the way we want the place to be it will fill up. and all it will wash away from beaches where we like tourists to come and so that balance is something that we all dramatically changing just by building on. all by building a sea wall around the extends out from the beach we build a wall to to contain sand to keep it on our beach what do we do we stop the sand from supplying the neighbor's beach. the tragedy is that people are just not aware they're not aware that an action here is going to have a reaction somewhere else so we all have to be very careful when it comes to redeveloping the coastline we have a responsibility because we don't want these great wonderful treasures that we want
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to share with our children to disappear because of greed because of irresponsibility. and because of just not dan paying attention. in order to avert further catastrophe it's important to understand the source of ninety percent of the world see sand often a long way from the beaches. for the most part it starts in iraq somewhere that breaks down it might be in a river from ice or snow or rainfall and is that grain comes out of the granite or the sandstone it gets into a small stream and then a larger river and in a normal world ultimately will work its way all the way to the shoreline. it takes thousands or even millions of years for a grain of sand to reach the sea and it's
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a journey full of pitfalls. in america we have been building one dam every day since the deck relation of independence and seven hundred seventy six one a day. eighty thousand dams block the rivers of the united states and china where the demand for energy is exploding dams are popping up everywhere so that by two thousand and twenty not a single waterway will reach the sea. and in the rest of the world there are at least eight hundred forty five thousand dams and it's not only water they're holding back so all that sand that should be at the beach is behind the dance.
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one quarter of the sand reserves of the planet are hostage to these dams and the sand that makes it beyond the dams will run into another trapped river dredger. although it's regulated in many countries it's still a widespread practice especially in countries where legislation this week the result about fifty percent of a sandwich or nurse the world's beaches will never reach the sea. the coastline like many other environments it's like the earth was always thought so big so vast that we couldn't have an impact on it we built a dam for water or electricity which is a good thing but downstream there's no more sand so somehow we have to figure out how to bring all those things back into balance by taking some conscious steps to
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try to reduce the impacts of those things we're doing as a civilization. on the. ground up to green beaches slowly erode victims of decades of human interference. if you read the rising level. you get an ecological time bomb. to see right it's just going to happen a lot more quickly without saying. but it's not going to stop there it's going to take out hit all half of manhattan and it's going to this could take our cities as well it's going. keep coming. the sand is our barricade and we have to
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understand that. in the middle of the indian ocean sand is a matter of life and death. on the. sand divers have been collecting call sand from the lagoon for years and selling with developers. but with sea levels rising this sand harvesting is leading to some serious problems. saturday that any precious commodity in the moment it's because this one millimeter of the ocean touching you constantly every minute every second every day every year is such a false and it is eat the fish or you don't deny.
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the mold deaves are rodent at an alarming rate residents do what they can to protect their homes but many beaches are little more the memories. really not god and i'd get all of them are sick in a demonic in the home and nobody did it come up with a how to undo what the law gave the one nun a difficulty down the dick the line number tunnel vision i got in riyadh only make a name on a clinic i gave at the lodge and given enablement in an economical need of money for the last of unite in the going to come and live in. several hundred islands have already been evacuated and today the refugees crowd on to larger and better protected islands such a small way the capital. already overcrowded new houses are being crammed together . but in another better irony of the sand wars new. construction require ever more sand. we have been in the middle of the indian ocean
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for the last five thousand in the have a written history that goes but. he can't just die. far from the mild deaves beautiful threatened beaches. greed and speculation drive the global markets for sand and show no signs of slowing down. bombay is not an isolated case there's never been so much construction but at the same time housing has never been less affordable. one third of urban populations now live in slums will go cities and empty apartments are being built all over the world. in china sixty five million flats are empty yet the construction industry is flora xing swallowing up one quarter of the sand extracted on the planet spain holds the unfortunate record as the european country most addicted to sand in the midst of an unprecedented housing crisis thirty
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percent of the homes constructed since one thousand nine hundred six sit empty entire airports have been built without seen a single passenger and in dubai the emirate continues to build and import sand even if ninety percent of the apartments in the burj khalifa are bacon. but sadly real estate speculation doesn't hold the monopoly on the wasting of sand governments are also to blame. i would construction uses inexpensive see said the strips of asphalt we've built snaking around the world have swallowed up massive amounts of the world's beaches. think about the number of roads that governments across the way have to beat it's the public sector why the largest can do most of sad. how the sand wars even registered on our political leaders radars. access to energy and the
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development of the forestay on climate change on the reform of the applicant for common policy on the common fisheries policy on land grab on not traversal seas and on access to water. without burial for you find that you need a program to get a lot was before it's going to get on the agenda. we talk about water because we know there's a major problem is that right now in europe and we have had the debates and that we've had the policy we're implementing a policy and soil we're still having a debate. on science we're not having the debates. it's very very crucial that. petitions scientists engineers come together and find alternatives for them or for the for the use they used most which is construction. can we continue to build and at the same
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time for yourselves from this dependence on sand. or other materials capable of replacing concrete. from the straw that's burnt after the crop is done you could build straw bale houses which use no cement. except maybe the slab on the floor but and they're earthquake proof those houses are perfectly insulated and they're fireproof. you don't have to build concrete buildings you see this building right here this building was built with ninety five percent recycled materials all the steelers recycled it's made from. japanese cars you know it's all recycled steel and when this building is finished it can melt this steel down to make more buildings. there's so many materials which can be recycled i think we need to exhaust those and in the meantime maybe the
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world changes you know some years ago people used to build not with this quantity of reinforced cement concrete but a different methods of construction the haps thirty five different methods of construction but in the meantime at least we need to use recycled materials as far as possible. like strong metal our homes are recyclable and rubble can be really used to build roads or new housing projects. but these solutions must face our usual inertia and relentless lobbying by the construction industry. construction companies are quick for and know how to work with concrete so radically changing our construction practices is an uphill battle . what if there was another granular material
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that might substitute for sand. there's one very interesting beach north of san francisco called glass beach and it turns out that for years the city dumped all of their trash on to the beach the glass that got broken up by the waves and got rounded and today this is this wonderful sparkly shiny sort of a magical beach it started out as a garbage dump what nature has done a glass beach has inspired people to attempt a similar trick thousands of kilometers away in florida. which is something that has to be disposed of and takes landfill space or something like that into an asset kill two birds with one. i think everybody realized that bias is made out of saying that if people start scratching their heads and say well maybe that's a good use of it to return it to science. glass bottles and packaging are
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everywhere they're usually collected and recycled into new containers but when it's crushed into fine pieces that glass can be just like sand got all because of all characteristics it's uncontaminated and regular beach sand it always looks like sand but it behaves exactly like sand so to say and i mean there's no reason to expect a difference. sand from recycled glass is one promising alternative for the beaches of florida and elsewhere on the beaches where it has been tested even the sea turtles have adopted it as a place to lay their eggs. as much as one quarter of the glass that we throw away is not recycled and ends up in the. crushed it could be a perfect component in the making of concrete. but compared to natural sand this sand is still too expensive. when sun begins to cost high
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maybe. other sources can't compete with it though attentive can compete with that right now there is no competition you cannot compete that's something that is going to take the a truck bottom. pricing. as sand alternatives and new construction methods struggle the game budget a must see. the sand gold rush is gaining speed and more battle fronts are appearing. on the coast of britain hundreds of families survived by traditional fishing. but today the fishermen are angry. a multinational with a thirst for sand plans to exploit the ocean floor destroying their livelihoods. but what need an issue does. it doesn't matter. sagal so will says of the kill all the thoughts of the global.
3:53 pm
companies have come to brussels complaining about it not sure if i was in rules say . on the does rules get to the things we need. so what they try to demonstrate is that by doing it by taking out sand from the not so rare there is no in fact. going from you know me doing this well you know so i get on quite often with a great deal more preschool seduces a. lot of them see if they move it since it can become a democracy for them or. duck yes for me and all the while. simplicities i'm also doing no evil move home. so. he is going to do for some something.
3:54 pm
done. in. a suit he will mistreat. exasperate of the brittany fisherman has shaken up both the elected officials and the citizens inspiring them to mobilize against the seizure of their sand with. the love of the world. perhaps grassroots movements such as this will mobilize other groups around the world to stop the sand wars. once people know once people understand what the issue is and how important it is
3:55 pm
whether it's each grain of sand on that beach or the importance of that beach in their community to their lives and their community i think there's hope. this is the sand for useful construction this sand has been taken from. from the beaches so it is much is there take these sand this early it be more and this will have a very seed is in ireland. go to the beaches enjoy the beaches learn about the beaches and then do something about it. let's not let the beaches disappear. i believe that the younger generations of the planet must come out and tried to impress upon others the
3:56 pm
gravity of the issue in but is happening to the planet and this cute we must save the beaches. given the scale of which society is built with. or even cern deserves a little more respect. whether it's more freeways whether it's more dams we've got to get away from these gigantic seams and get back to a simpler. where living. have been tremendous environmental victories. at the beach itself it's been if to fight for itself. maybe needs us to fight for. the fate of the world's beaches is not cast in concrete perhaps the day will come
3:57 pm
when we'll see sam with fresh eyes conscious of how every grain plays a role in the health of our planet and in our lives. then by working with nature instead of against her we can win the sad wars for the good of a song. beneath pink skies by the taj mahal. or is the sunsets in the city of angels. al is still hot in part of it is about to become less hot the cloud is building there will be showers and there's been clouds for thing across the andes in the
3:58 pm
north in which the means attention when a series has come down and will stay down by twenty two but go thirty five as a full cost tuesday it has since young but as you can see given the wind direction might imagine there are showers coming down from the west and it's a western day there for a cool day come wednesday but in buenos aires the sun's having the opposite effect warming things up with clear blue skies underneath much the shower stuff of course is in amazonia far less further north in the coals and there. in the caribbean the gulf of mexico or indeed even in mexico itself little cloud there will be a few showers of the sea there always are young sure breeze tends to pick them up and for example believe in costa rica but the just passing ones are very light it should be a dry time of the year and is proving summer in north america and particularly this part of canada and the great lakes in the north and places really real cold air is the same cloud that that's the drinking cold for which keeps the coals at manas fog
3:59 pm
many pigs did much colder it's minus seven in calgary so that's the cold stuff still coming across the lakes because some lake effect snow but mostly that's on the canadian side of the border. the weather sponsored by cattle and raise. you are making very pointed remarks where on line the main us response to drug use and the drug trade over the last fifty years has been decriminalized or if you join us on sac no evil person just wakes up of it in the morning and says i want to cover the world in darkness they say is a dialogue and that could be what leading to some of the confusion online about people saying they don't actually know what's going on join the colobus conversation at this time on al-jazeera. sometimes for really looking into the hearts and the soul of those directly involved in events taking place we've been going to telling all sides of the story from the political elite to those people who've been affected you really get to know what's happening on the ground that's
4:00 pm
very important for me as a third generation pastor can often feel that my continent is misrepresented and we've changed that your story is important to us it doesn't matter where you come from. forced to flee from syria to lebanon many refugee mothers risked childbirth in terrible conditions delivery is very difficult here in lebanon it's costly i can't go back to syria now because of the war but one lebanese woman is committed to helping them. become friends with every woman i attend she is important to me. there are a few g.'s midwife at this time on al-jazeera world. oh .


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