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we tell you. how they got. danny thomas to see gas subsidies to be best to prevent the beginning it was good record that. he achieved something that never happened before. and. begins with but it does not in no terrorist state poses a greater or more immediate threat than the regime of saddam hussein has. something to hide they have a significant propaganda machine and guess what not one. was found in iraq since one thousand nine hundred ninety one iraq deception at this time on al-jazeera.
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saudi arabia says it shot down a ballistic missile targeting one of the royal palaces in the capital riyadh. and this is al jazeera live from doha it was a coming up. to us to stop distorting china's strategic intention china lashes out at claims that beijing is out to challenge american power and influence. hopes fade for dozens missing after a tropical storm through central philippines killing at least forty people as a language of a persecuted minority making the leap into the digital world. saudi arabia says it has intercepted a ballistic missile targeting its capital riyadh these pictures appear to show the
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missile in the sky and smoke from an explosion after it was intercepted the fighters in yemen say they fired it marking one thousand days since the war in yemen started we're getting reports the saudi led coalition is already retaliated with air strikes against positions in southern sudan are the target of the heathy missile was the royal palace in the west of riyadh a large group assad leaders were meeting that the time including king solomon and crown prince mohamed bin however the saudi government says the missile was instead targeting residential areas and there were no casualties meanwhile iran has condemned a u.s. accusation that teheran supplied another missile fired from yemen at saudi arabia last month the government summoned the source some bastard who represents u.s. interests in iran to pass on the message it called a statement by the u.s. ambassador to the the u.n. irresponsible and provocateur. and all of this is happening against the backdrop of the war in yemen the saudi led military coalition has killed at least one hundred
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thirty six civilians and competence there in just ten days the united nations says they were killed by saudi airstrikes between december sixth and sixteenth these are the incidents the u.n. was able to verify so the number of civilians killed could be much higher one attack involved seven air strikes on a prison in sinai last week where forty five detainees were killed and this quake is an assistant professor at the defense studies department at king's college london he says the with this missile attack are trying to damage the saudi public's perception of safety i think who these wanted to make a statement that they're still up and running and that they're still fighting despite the fact that you know in recent days and weeks they have been allegation that there were these are we can buy the split with ali abdullah saleh. that they possibly not would not be able to shoot missiles further into territory but they proved otherwise and i think it was mostly as stunned by the who these you know in
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terms of p.r. saying that we're still active we're still running and we're able to actually hit a high profile target such as allegedly the palace in riyadh where you have been told one was supposed to announce the the budget today so this is obviously off the table now because you know this is this has been a very very disruptive impact and this is what the movies want to do they want to disrupt they might not be able to actually cause pain or they might not actually cause physical pain on and sally because the patriot system works relatively well the intercepting system provided by the americans but it's more about the impact that this has on the psyche of the saudi population. china and russia have criticize the u.s. for labeling them power rivals that pose a threat to america's security and prosperity president donald trump singled the pair out as the outlined a new national security strategy he described the two as competition that saw to
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challenge american power influence and interests but troubles like knowledge of the u.s. it had to cooperate with its rivals china had back a chance comments calling for the us to stop distorting china's strategic intentions and to accept its rise as a major power russia cold tom strategy and paralysed stick in nature and said it showed a lack of willingness to give up on unilateralism we also face rival powers russia and china that seek to challenge american influence values and wealth we will attempt to build a great partnership with those and other countries but in a manner that always protects our national interest but while we seek such opportunities of cooperation we will stand up for ourselves and we will stand up for our country like we have never stood up before age and brian has
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more reaction from beijing. well chinese officials have been basically pouring over president trump's national security strategy speech in washington the chinese ambassador was first to give reaction he essentially said there appeared to be a contradiction in what the u.s. side was saying on the one hand they regard china as a friend someone to do business with on the other hand they regard china as an adversary and the message coming through loud and clear is that yes china and the united states can be rivals but they don't have to be enemies here in beijing the foreign ministry spokeswoman hard training also fired a warning shot and she had some quite strong language let's hear more of what she had to say john what's in the how we think it actually chen for any country it's futile for them to distort the facts or to china the u.s. side to stop distorting china's strategic in thousand chen and the band in the zero sum game and cold war mindset it will only bring harm to everyone it was president
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george bush of course who once referred to china as a strategic rival that was more than ten years ago but he moderated his language in the succeeding years the message coming through from china on tuesday was that we have areas of mutual cooperation particularly when it comes to trade two way trade between china and the united states stood at fifty five billion dollars last year and some two point six million u.s. jobs are largely dependent on that trade so china is saying we can agree to disagree but we have to work together particularly when it comes to areas like north korea so yes we can have our disagreements but at the same time we have to realize that our economies are interwoven and there's going to be friction this year next year and the year after but we shouldn't lose sight of the fact that we need each other in the interests of world peace. palestinian protesters have been fighting with israeli troops in the occupied west bank it is the latest incident
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since jews president donald trump decided to recognize jerusalem as the capital of israel almost two weeks ago israel has beefed up its security measures after a wave of protests in which several palestinians were killed solidarity marches have also been held around the world the palestinian leadership has been condemning the u.s. feature of a u.n. draft resolution on jerusalem it would have required president don trump to rescind his decision on jerusalem all of the other fourteen security council members voted in favor of the resolution u.s. ambassador to the u.n. nikki haley lashed out at the members for supporting the vote the fact that this veto is being done in defense of american sovereignty and in defense of america's role in the middle east peace process is not a source of embarrassment for us it should be an embarrassment to the remainder of the security council. is the assistant minister for foreign affairs for palestine he says chimes decision will never be accepted on the international stage. the
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decision is null and void of the security council resolutions and the general assembly and the i.c.j. advisable opinion and all other international instruments that has been dealing with this issue and spoke about it including the national law and the un charter which speaks about the legality of off that italy by force or it is as it stands now is null and void the problem is that the us has as you are all in this peace process and this role the us has been given under the meters which are which include security council resolutions including resolution two forty two and the question here is what is that all of the us and the future of all of the us in this peace process and i think it was confirmed yesterday once again by the us by stating that it doesn't want to play or to have any future role in the peace process and it insists all of the getting its role here is vice president mike
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pence has postponed a trip to the middle east the white house says he needs to stay in washington for this week's vote on a major tax reform bill palestinian authority president mahmoud abbas and one of egypt's top religious leaders have refused to meet pence following the u.s. decision on jerusalem tropical storm has caused heavy flooding and landslides in the philippines killing at least forty people more bodies are being recovered from the rubble in some areas present rodrigo to ted has promised a quick recovery but as she made a endo going report somebody run province the government is still struggling to respond. fernando clio says his life is no longer worth living his wife was killed in a landslide that devastated this region he being returned before now he has to look for the bodies of his daughter and two grandchildren they were trapped with floodwaters came rushing from the hills he says everything happened so fast there
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was no time. i'm to call for a rescue. dog for my wife through the rubble with my bare hands but our two granddaughters were on top of her so i had to take them out first it hurts so much she was my life partner. tropical storm swept through eastern philippines more than two months worth of rain it triggered landslides that this choice the roads and bridges many communities are now cut off without electricity and running water this is the town. where rescue operations have been hampered by relentless rains making it more difficult for volunteers to manually dig through the rubble. rescuers here it is almost impossible to find survivors here now what i can tell you is that there is a very strong stench of rotting human flesh and it is overwhelming but for those looking for their lost loved ones they see that they signed
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a hope that their loved ones are still here somewhere and that they are able to still retrieve their bodies and give them at least a proper burial but the rescuers tell us they have mostly been able to recover body parts women children many of them already beyond recognition. and for many here this storm is a reminder of a painful past in november two thousand and thirteen typhoon haiyan killed at least eight thousand people destroying everything back roads homes all wiped out in an instant edgar his wife and children were preparing for a holiday reunion with relatives with tropical storm hit a few days ago. they say losing eight members of the family all at once is not just traumatic it is also financially crippling especially for those who barely have anything. as people struggle to come to terms with the losses rescue workers spying
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to another body in the wreckage a young girl already in an advanced stage of the composition she will be taken for burial in the midst of so much this chuck shouldn't death there is a sense of urgency people here morning will have to wait jim duggan al jazeera in the town of central philippines still ahead on al-jazeera was. softer as military gets subzero trading ahead of the once and then back so the serious message for pyongyang. a territorial conflict in southern mexico is forcing thousands of indigenous people to leave the us.
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there was a certain degree day in hong kong couple days ago. but the winter has come in so it's clear blue skies but is a breeze in the north but temperatures it eleven in shanghai are twenty one in hong kong not a cloud to be seen is all showing that's more or less how she. say for the next day or so there is quite a breeze bringing cloud on to the vietnamese coast the still cloud bringing rain occasionally to tamil nadu in sri lanka and an obvious line of clout here in india and further north both of which are largely benign that the one of pakistan probably not the moment some more rain out of this but this is a cloud looking cloud looking picture and you think that martin juice a bit more breeze and the atmosphere clean the air a bit in the north and the indian play it doesn't still hazardous conditions from forty very coursey in new delhi and that market changed very quickly all this time the we see a complete drop in the wind the gulf you'll notice is
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a breach just catching the edge of among suddenly forget for the red sea betweens nothing's a twenty three degrees in tire harbor day feels quite nice twenty five and i would be much the same on the western solid financial western society it's always seems to be hotter in mecca and it still is thirty three degrees. you are making great remarks whether on line the u.s. response to drug use and the drug trade over the last fifty years has been criminalized or if you join us on sat. in the morning and says i want to cover the world in darkness is a dialogue and that could be what leading to some of the confusion on line about people saying they don't actually know what's going on join the colobus conversation at this time on al-jazeera.
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they can you watch me how does the amount of our top stories saudi arabia says it has intercepted a ballistic missile targeting the capital riyadh the fighters in yemen say they fired its the target was the royal palace where a group of saudi leaders were meeting including king solomon and the crown prince the palestinian leadership has condemned the u.s. veto of a u.n. draft resolution on jerusalem it would have required president on trying to rescind his recognition of jerusalem as israel's capital all of the other fourteen security council members voted in favor of the resolution. china and russia have criticized the u.s. supporting them strategic rivals u.s. present donald trump single them out as major threats in these new national
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security strategy the kremlin says strategy has an impaired character or rather trump strategy and beijing called trying to accept its growing influence. now the trumpet ministration is blaming north korea for a cyber attack in may that affected dozens of countries around the world the so-called want to cry virus crippled hospitals banks and other major companies it's not the first time washington has blamed pyongyang for a major cyber attack just type reports. this so-called wanna cry cyber attack was designed to exploit vulnerabilities in microsoft windows the most widely used operating system in the world more than three hundred thousand computers in over one hundred fifty countries were affected costing billions of dollars according to the u.s. government the damage was so widespread it affected businesses banks and also hospitals with senior white house officials accusing north korea of being directly responsible disrupt
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a major shipping companies and also supply chains and continues to group disruption to this day the policy breaking in. diplomatic and potentially military actions that nothing or if this wasn't deliberately disrupted attack by north korea that is going to fit into being a criminal enterprise the quote from a policy perspective. the cyber attack first started affecting windows computers in may users were asked to pay a ransom to have their data restored. use police agency described the scale of the global attack as unprecedented in the u.k. the national health service was forced to turn thousands of patients away and council surgeries russia was also badly hit causing problems to its postal service this isn't the first time the u.s. has accused north korea three years ago then president barack obama appearing in the white house press room blamed gang of carrying out a similarly sophisticated cyber attack on the u.s. based sony pictures entertainment senior north korean officials had expressed anger
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that sony was releasing a comedy called the interview featuring a cia plot to assassinate their leader kim jong il and. the accusations of north korean involvement in the wanna cry attack comes as tensions mount over pyongyang's nuclear weapons program since becoming president donald trump has engaged in an escalating war of words with kim jong trading personal insults and threats of military strikes as responded by testing several long range ballistic missiles raising concerns that it could lead to something much worse in theo's time al-jazeera and japan's government has approved the use of a u.s. military land based missile interceptors system it is in response to north korean threats and follows pyongyang's no one of two missiles over japan this in of them a north korea test fired an intercontinental ballistic missile landed in japanese what is the government says the new weapon system will take years to become operational. the winter olympic games in south korea just over fifty days away and
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security is a major concern after north korea tested another intercontinental ballistic missile just last month as we are saying the u.s. and south korean marines have been conducting military drills designed to enhance combat readiness in freezing conditions kathy novak reports from czech. at first glance portions of this training drill appear to be just a lot of grown men playing in the snow the objective of this challenge to steal their opponent's hats rendering the other side even more exposed to the elements than they already were. but there is a very serious side to these games protecting against the increasing threat from north korea even in temperatures that can dip below minus twenty degrees celsius. both the u.s. marines and the rock marines have covered over the snow ability reconnaissance skills as well as critical contest skills in a cold weather mountainous environment two hundred twenty marines from the republic
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of korea or rock the preferred military term and two hundred twenty okinawa based u.s. marines have been conducting these drills over three weeks a chance to brush up on lesser used marine skills such as downhill skiing in. north korea often responds angrily when the u.s. and south korea stage any war games there's been speculation the allies may delay the start of major annual military drills usually shuttle for the end of february so they don't coincide with the winter olympics and paralympics that will be taking place here in. these exercises have been held since twenty thirteen but this year there are added fears that north korea may aim to disrupt the olympics. a meeting that south korean and the u.s. marines hope for the success of the come from winter olympics the marine reconnaissance unit will make its utmost efforts to provide security operations for
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the olympics. south korea wants the winter games to be an opportunity to promote peace it's invited north korea to participate and some athletes have qualified but so far there's been no confirmation of their attendance as ever on the korean peninsula the message from these drills is that the u.s. and south korea would prefer a peaceful resolution to the tense situation but are prepared to respond militarily if they have to kathy novak al jazeera chung's south korea qatar central bank is investigating efforts to harm the country's economy but nations which have imposed a blockade the bank's governor says attempts have been made to manipulate cattles currency securities and derivatives markets of that have been sadal funny blame what he called a coordinated strategy. those blockading countries saudi arabia the united arab emirates in an egypt cut diplomatic ties with cattle more than six months ago how
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did all how terrorism specialists in monetary and political economics he says the cattery rail is being manipulated with altera motives there was a conspiracy to. get the qatari on the sovereign bond two are to officially trade them at an artificially low rate to show that they are traded at a lower rate in order to to go to panic among investors and among the public and this is usually accompanied with a negative or p.r. campaign through the by the book adding continue to show to show that this look at this country there is a political crisis there is economic crisis this is something going on so this will do to push the public and then best to dump the cathari on to. get rid of the southern bond in order to push their prices low so this will trigger panic will cause capital out of flow and then when the value of the currency this will make it difficult for qatar to borrow from the international market will increase interest
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rate it will increase for the insurance which will be according to the plot. by lead by the us by the way government and this will drain hopefully the sovereign fund the reserve of the qatari government the new date of south africa's reeling party the a.n.c. is calling for unity so around opposes currently the deputy president will take over from president jacob zuma he beat zoom his ex-wife from crosses on a dry mean easily in the vote the party conference which was preceded by a bitter campaign tanya pages in some way turned as sums up the people's hopes for ram a poser. we've come to the streets of seoul where sort of find out how people are reacting to the a.n.c. president being run by. this is where he's from and people have been a little skeptical he may be able to introduce all the changes he wants to. be
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pretty positive about i'm so happy i'm so happy it's a good thing that we were we're you know we went out in english i think you take the country to britain every news business big grown i don't think is that much and he's been to school you know and he's you grew up in so it's so you know. the people i think it is. the. least of. the. corruption was the big issue many people here raised with us but they were they wanted to see improvements in health care and education and housing because many millions of south africans live below the poverty line and many of them have to live in ten shacks the issue of corruption that has blighted president jacob zuma also time to a campaign of increases on
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a zuma who may be tarnished by his reputation through association because they were once married there is a little bit of concern that some. won't be able to be as affected. because three of the people elected to the top six a from his. faction so there's a little bit of worry you bet all of his campaign promises to clamp down on corruption may not be able to be delivered on bangladesh formed a joint committee to oversee the repatriation of rango refugees more than six hundred thirty thousand. to bangladesh since me military launched a crackdown the pagination was expected to start in january the twenty first of bangladesh's foreign ministry warns it could be delayed by several weeks human rights groups fear the hangar could still face violence if they are sent back one of the main problems they face in myanmar is the fact that they're not recognized
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by the government now there is an effort to get the remainder alphabet digitized allowing it to be used in text messages and emails and goes to get exposed say it's a welcome move for the persecuted minority which had no written script until the one nine hundred eighty s. it's been added to the unicode standard system computing industry standard for digital text researchers hope the change will help preserve an important symbol of culture and identity turn can this director of the organization u.k. he believes will be able to preserve and share the culture through digital mediums we really well. we are very please you know is given a big meaty they're offering a community where bar marie's government and military denied the rohingya our existence and ruin your identity for many decades so it is important also i want to point out he gives more. future generation through text in
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email in message where all people are leaving remote for many decades you know there been facing the silent killing field in burma so we can get a lot of more information through this way so you know it is a good move forward for ruling the people for the future. thousands of indigenous people in southern mexico being displaced because of a territorial conflict at least eleven people have died of cold and hunger emanuel rapido reports on the state of us. these are prayers of desperation by so people who have been internally displaced they are the victims of a decades long dispute over land boundaries between the neighboring municipalities of chinelo and done father marcello a member of a nearby parish says that in recent months hundreds of families and we've done have been driven from their homes by armed groups
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a dozen houses have been burned and others sprayed by gunfire. they block the road. where the armed groups hide and then they shoot hearing gunshots at night is a form of psychological control people. a child has died a two year old who fell sick from exposure their grieving parents say they have nowhere left to go. my daughter became sick when we ran through the woods down i felt helpless my daughter died i feel the pain in my soul. many of the people living outdoors have coughs and colds and although chelsea has done was already one of the poorest places in mexico living under these conditions for almost two months has pushed indigenous communities to the point of exhaustion to make matters worse the main access roads to and from chad to be done were cut off and although passage has been restored human rights observers from the government say the situation
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still demands urgent action in this. thing that we are calling for humanitarian assistance to guarantee food and to lessen the risk to people's integrity and lives . a federal court recently issued a ruling aimed at settling the dispute so it's the people however the decision hasn't lessened tensions there are over five thousand people displaced across the mountains of. the men women and children who are staying at this camp only facing hunger and illness they say they live in a state of terror too afraid to return to their homes and international organizations like unicef have called it unacceptable for children to continue living under such precarious conditions and while the government of chiapas says that aid and security is being provided many here worry the humanitarian crisis will drag on. to mexico.
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and again the top stories on al-jazeera saudi arabia says it has intercepted a ballistic missile targeting the capital riyadh. in yemen say they fired at the targets of the missile was the royal palace in the west of riyadh a large group of saudi leaders were meeting there at the time including king solomon and prince mohammed bin have of the saudi government says the missile was instead targeting residential areas and there were no casualties they think it has just spoken on the group's t.v. channel the missile marks a thousand days since the war in yemen started and. warned of more potential targets. he did a. missile was launched. in the heart of three yards city of saudi arabia. and the whole world the more crimes you perpetrated
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the more to run it kill you are you will meet nothing but more missiles meanwhile iran has condemned the u.s. accusation attack iran supplied another missile fired from yemen at saudi arabia last month the government summoned the swiss ambassador who represents u.s. interests in iran to pass on the message it called a statement by the u.n. the u.s. ambassador to the u.n. irresponsible and provocative the palestinian leadership has condemned the u.s. veto of a u.n. draft resolution on jerusalem it would have required president on trying to rescind his recognition of jerusalem as israel's capital all of the other fourteen security council members voted in favor of the resolution china russia of criticize the u.s. for calling them strategic rivals president donald trump single them out as major straits in his new national security strategy the kremlin says washington's plan has an imperialist character and beijing called on trump to accept its growing
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influence japan's government has approved the use of a u.s. military land based missile interceptor system it is in response to north korean threats and follows pyongyang's launch of two missiles over japan this year the government says the new weapon system will take years to become operational as the headlines and news continues on al-jazeera after the stream. there's a serious debate up front at this time our own choosing. hi i'm femi oke a new industry and i'm really could be today a u.n. investigation on human rights in the united states sees a friend to millions of americans from exercising their political and civil rights
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