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assuming immigrants from the arab world i feel more gentleman and syrian. how much money does a richer get those papers put the thing that has been do it one german and american the new germans at this time on al-jazeera. when the news breaks it was an announcement few were expecting to hear by announce my resignation as prime minister from the lebanese government and the story builds i can't stop thinking about the bullies my life when people need to behead a mass exodus hundreds of thousands of rolled in just have fled ethnic cleansing in me maher for bangladesh al jazeera has teams on the ground to bring you more award winning documentaries and live news on air and online.
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saudi arabia. on a ballistic missile over its capital riyadh fired from yemen by the rebels. launching i'll just zero life from a headquarters and. also ahead the u.n. meets to discuss iran's compliance with a twenty fifteen nuclear agreement. on the table. in the u.s. house republican celebrate a sweeping tax reform bill and barely an hour later the senate tells them to try again. we mark a year in captivity for our colleague al jazeera journalists for saying. hello saudi arabian authorities say they've intercepted a ballistic missile targeting the capital riyadh it's the third such attack since
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november the fighters in yemen say they launched the missile targeting the royal palace that's king solomon's official residence they say the attack was to mark a thousand days since the start of the war in yemen and it follows another launch on november the fourth when a missile was fired from yemen towards riyadh king international airport another missile targeted the southwest of the country before it was intercepted on december the first fence in monaco and has more. this is the moment hooty fire ballistic missile was apparently shot down by saudi forces though the yemen based toothy say they were targeting the allium on a royal palace which is west of the capital riyadh was a large group of saudi leaders were meeting there at the time including king solomon and crown prince mohammed bin salama and i think they were these wanted to make a statement that they're still up and running and that they're still fighting this fight the fact that you know in recent days and weeks there's been allegations that there were these are weakened by the split with ali abdullah saleh and they
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possibly not would not be able to shoot missiles further into south territory but they proved otherwise the missile attack happened just hours before saudi arabia was due to announce its annual budget as well as members of the royal family senior ministers were also expected to attend a social media post from a government agency confirmed a missile had been intercepted but that no casualties were reported in. the saudi the coalition which has been conducting air strikes again to the fighters in yemen for nearly three years for tell you did with more strikes in the southern part of the capital sanaa speaking on the group's t.v. channel who the leader abdul malik of hooty said the missile attack marks one thousand days since the war in yemen started openly guess he saw today about a can tool missile was launched these are getting at the m.m.f. palace in the heart of free out city of saudi arabia this is our answer to them and the whole world the more crimes you'll perpetrate the more to run it kill you all
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on you will meet nothing but more missiles. this isn't the first time you see missile attack on saudi arabia in november the international airport in riyadh was narrowly missed in the strike the saudi government has accused regional rival iran of smuggling missiles and technology to an allegation to run tonight. the war in yemen has created what the u.n. describes as the world's poor. humanitarian crisis since the start of the conflict at least ten thousand civilians have been killed and millions are on the brink of famine and as the fighting continues many fear the situation on the ground could get worse. al-jazeera the un security council has been discussing whether iran is complying with the twenty fifth the nuclear agreement and the missile launch from yemen featured in the debate to mike hanna has more from the u.n. headquarters in new york. the secretary general affirmed that iran was in full
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compliance with its commitment to non-nuclear proliferation under the joint comprehensive plan of action indorsed by resolution twenty two thirty one but he raised questions about the possibility that iran was moving conventional weapons across his border and concerns expressed by some of the security council members would lead to mr and blabber on looking at your gauge it would like to express its particular concern over the information and evidence connected with iran supply of weapons and missiles to militias. encouraging them to use those weapons to target neighboring countries the us ambassador was adamant that the missiles recently fired at saudi targets were of origin including the most recent well we don't yet have sufficient and site into this particular attack it bears all
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the hallmarks of previous attacks using a rainy and provided weapons it is only a matter of time before one of these missiles hits the target the secretary general said that the origin of the missiles is under investigation and the security council will be briefed at what he called the appropriate time but the russian ambassador was adamant that the u.n. is not empowered to monitor iran's development or deployment of conventional non-nuclear weapons moving was deliberately to pneumonia we once again need to draw your attention to the practice of the secretariat conducting investigations investigations for which the secretary has neither the authority nor the expertise such actions are carried out without the prior consent of the security council are not legitimate and the information obtained in the course of such actions cannot be considered accurate and cannot be part of the report the russian ambassador rejected the u.s. suggestion that the joint comprehensive plan. action be renegotiated to include
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conventional weapons something that iran continues to insist it will not do. it for bigger debate among security council members in the days ahead or earlier on tuesday iran condemned the u.s. for accusing it of supplying the missile fired into saudi arabia from yemen last month to hans summoned the swiss ambassador who represents u.s. interests in iran to pass on the message describe the allegation made by the u.s. ambassador to the u.n. nikki haley is irresponsible and provocative meanwhile the saudi led military coalition fighting in yemen is being accused of killing at least one hundred thirty six civilians in just ten days the u.n. says they died between december sixth and december the sixteen these are the incidents the u.n. was able to verify so the number of casualties could be higher one attack involved seven air strikes on a prison in sanaa last week where forty five detainees were killed. and the u.n.
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has once again warned that yemen is facing the world's worst humanitarian crisis and is calling for the saudi led blockade on the country to be completely lifted. yemen is the the largest food insecurity crisis in the world's recent humanitarian needs overviews identified almost eighteen million people who are in need of support food wise the prognosis is not good if. the blockade does not fully completely lift the. no workers nor reduce the taken away then the results and pushing back on call pushing back on famine over the last six months will be lost. procedural error is forcing the u.s. house of representatives to vote again on a contentious one and a half trillion dollar tax reform bill they'll do so on wednesday earlier the bill easily passed the republican controlled house bringing president donald trump one step closer to his first major legislative victory.
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but soon afterwards senate officials the three items in the massive bill violate senate rules the senate is going ahead with the debate that's taking place right now and it's expected to vote on the bill soon well the bill is the biggest overhaul of the u.s. tax system in three decades it cuts the corporate tax rate permanently from thirty five to twenty one percent most personal taxation rates will also reduce but not permanently child tax credit raises meaning an extra three hundred dollars a child for families earning between twenty five and forty thousand dollars a year but the build a little those for earning less than this i'd also includes loopholes for getting around estate taxes or so-called death taxes gabriel explains. shortly after the house of representatives passed this historic tax overhaul it
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just came out very shortly after that there were several provisions that didn't meet house budget rules essential the republicans didn't cross all their t's and dot all their eyes when they rushed this bill forward and so now it's going to have to be voted on again come wednesday but let's be very clear there are no indications that this is going to change the vote in any way shape or form this is essentially an embarrassing technical mistake by the republicans to push this forward now the big picture here is that this bill assuming it is passed as we expect that it will be is a big win for president donald trump because it's the first legislative win since he's become president and it's also the republicans say historic in nature that these corporate tax cuts they say will eventually trickle down to lower class and middle class americans and spur economic growth for years if not decades to come that's the spin from the republicans however the vast majority of americans are
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against this tax overhaul according to recent polls and that's because they look at this bill as favoring the wealthy the top one percent of the income earners in america and corporate america that's already very wealthy are getting the biggest tax breaks while working class americans they're just getting a little bit and what they do get will not be permanent woolley last for a few years so there's certainly a lot of consternation here by working class americans that are looking at this and they're saying we really don't think that this tax overhaul is going to benefit us in the long term nevertheless the republicans have pushed forward with it and it appears like this will go forward the former chief executive of latin america's largest construction company has been freed early from prison after just two and a half years. marcello autographed was initially given a nineteen year sentence for his role in
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a massive international corruption scandal john holeman has more from sao paulo. up to two and a half years in prison the man who was in charge of this company and behind the biggest corruption scandal in recent history has been allowed to exchange jail for house arrest here in sao paolo on the must settle the brush leadership his family's already powerful construction company became synonymous with brazil's rise what later immersion is it was playing politicians across latin america the lucrative government contracts for roads bridges and even world cup football stadiums the graft was on such an industrial scale that it even had a bribes department even as must settle the brush leaves prison the ripples made by his deals are continuing to spread the president of peru is on the verge of being ousted off to his company to code aggression money while he was the economic minister ecuador's vice president is facing six years in jail after taking millions
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in kickbacks owed of arrest officials have also said venezuelan president nicolas maduro except to campaign contributions in return for contracts all of this came to lie in part because muscled the british and others agree to name names in exchange for more lenient sentences now who spend the rest of his ten year sentence at home but the man they called the prince's time as one of latin america's most powerful figures is over for now still heads on al-jazeera on bail and at the end of the campaign trail the catalan separatist leader awaiting the voters' verdict on thursday. hands south korea's military get some zero training ahead of the winter olympics with a serious message for long yeah.
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binny's pink skies by the time my half. hour is the sun sets in the city of angels . hello it's warm enough in the levant surprised to say that this time here but it is look at where the cloud is coming from out of egypt the wind is driving it is at least got some southerly component and temperatures forecast and actually in for example jerusalem beirut and back that oral five to eight degrees above the average but a warm bit of cloud but watch out it's not the same in turkey anchors at six degrees buckaroos it tennis morris' where it should be and this is joining the winter weather is just pushing down through eastern europe will bring some rain to georgia otherwise it just talking about cloud pushes through the cloud is still there stretching from northern egypt eastward through levant through iraq and into iran with those tensions to hollin the should normally be terence at sixteen as an example for the sas though it's just quiet the wind stops at twenty four degrees
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and there are thirty feels pretty good riyadh's also a bit warmer than the average but mecca of course is or still has a ways at about thirty three degrees. proper summer weather setting soon sarsour africa where you've had a day without. there are some in the east still and if you take a day for the temperatures run about the thirty mark inland you've got a good scratching is on storms to be honest that she anyway. the weather sponsored by qatar and race. you are making very pointed remarks whether on line the main us response to drug use and the drug trade over the last fifty years has been the criminal mind or if you join us on say no evil person just wakes up the over the morning in the saying i want to scull in the world in darkness they say is a dialogue that could be what leading to some of the confusion on line about people saying they don't actually know what's going on join the colobus conversation at this time on al-jazeera.
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hello again the top stories on al-jazeera saudi arabia says it intercepted a ballistic missile targeting its capital riyadh yemen's fruit the fighters say they fired the weapon and were aiming for the official residence of king saul mon it's the third such attack since november iran has condemned the u.s. for accusing it of supplying missiles to the rebels the allegation was made by the us ambassador to the u.n. nikki haley to run is dismissing the claim is irresponsible provocative a procedural errors forcing the u.s. house of representatives to vote again on a contentious one and
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a half trillion dollar tax reform bill passed the republican controlled house earlier bringing president trump closer to his first major legislative win but senate officials later said that three items in the bill violated the rules of the upper house forcing the revotes. at least forty three people have died after tropical storm battered the philippines more bodies are still being retrieved from areas devastated by heavy flooding and landslides president promised a quick recovery operation but as going to reports from the town of deval the governments are struggling to respond. fernando clio says his life is no longer worth living his wife was killed in a landslide that devastated this region he buried her before now he has to look for the bodies of his daughter and two grandchildren they were trapped with floodwaters came rushing from the hills he says everything happened so fast there
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was no time to call for a rescue. dog for my wife through the rubble with my bare hands but our two granddaughters were on top of her so i had to take them out first it hurts so much she was my life partner. tropical storm swept through eastern philippines more than two months worth of rain it triggered landslides that destroyed roads and bridges many communities are now cut off without electricity and bringing water this is the town where rescue operations have been hampered by relentless rains making it more difficult for volunteers to manually dig through the rubble. rescuers here it is almost impossible to find survivors here now what i can tell you is that there is a very strong stench of rotting human flesh and it is overwhelming but for those looking for their lost loved ones they see that these signs of hope that their
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loved ones are still here somewhere and that they are able to still retrieve their bodies and give them at least a proper burial. but the rescuers tell us they have mostly been able to recover body parts women children many of them already beyond recognition and for many here this storm is a reminder of a painful past in november two thousand and thirteen typhoon haiyan killed at least eight thousand people destroying everything back roads homes all wiped out in an instant edgar his wife and children were preparing for a holiday reunion with relatives with tropical storm hit a few days ago they say losing eight members of the family all at once is not just traumatic it is also financially crippling especially for those who barely have anything. as people struggle to come to terms with the losses rescue workers spined
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their bodies in the wreckage a young girl already in an advanced stage of the composition she will be taken straight for burial in the midst of so much this chuck shouldn't death there is a sense of urgency people here see morning will have to wait. in the town of central philippines. twelve people have died after a bus carrying cruise ship passengers overturned on a highway in eastern mexico the bus was traveling towards the mayan ruins seven americans and two swedish nationals are among the injured police say they haven't established the nationalities of those foods. qatar's central bank is investigating efforts to harm the country's economy by nations which have imposed a blockade of the bank's governor says it's been made to manipulate cats ours currency securities and derivatives markets. as
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a coordinated strategy by the blockading countries is to blame saudi arabia. the u.a.e. bihari in and egypt cut diplomatic ties with qatar more than six months ago take us cats are backing terrorism a claim it strongly denies. is a specialist in monetary and political economics he says the qatari ryall is being deliberately manipulated to undermine the economy there was a conspiracy to. give the sovereign bonds to visually trade them at an artificially low rate to show that they are traded a lot of it in order to to get a panic among investors and among the public and this is usually accompanied with a negative p.r. campaign through the by the book adding continue to show to show that this look at this country there is a political crisis that is economical as it is something good going on so this will
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be to push the public and then best to dumb but the good to. get rid of the seven bond in order to push their prices low so this would trigger a panic would cause capital out of flow and then when pushed out of the value of the currency this would make it difficult for qatar to borrow from the international market will increase interest rate it will increase their insurance which will be according to the plot. by the by the law by the way government and this will drain hopefully the sovereign fund raiser of the qatari government campaigning for catalonia snap parliamentary election has ended catalans head to the polls on thursday for a vote that could decide if their region breaks away from spain. has more from barcelona as voters consider their options. it's a last rush before campaigning closes a rally for the separatist iasi all cattle and republican left party. former
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speaker of the regional parliament karma fork adele is lucky to be here a tool she's free on bail for now but faces criminal charges for rebellion. i don't think anybody at all only imagine what was going to happen we could never have imagined that. after the october secession referendum prosecutors arrested key cattle and leaders for their role in organizing that vote and the spanish central government dissolved the capital and parliament a front seat is left empty for party leader john kerry us judges refused bail and instead kept him in prison fearing he would use the hustings to rabble rouse thursday's parliamentary election isn't specifically about secession but it is the most polarizing issue voters will choose between parties who want catalonia to remain part of spain or others have clearly not renounce their goal of a breakaway republic veteran catherine politician artur mass hopes madrid look for
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compromise not confrontation if the central government. had a real positive proposal for the cattle and people what they have to do to put that proposal on the table. and to compare this proposal with the proposal for a real independent country but the necessary mother's riding high in opinion polls has little appetite for negotiating her center right citizens party has backed madrid in its crackdown against the separatists she'll need to build a coalition but believes the only way to resolve the political turmoil is by beating the secessionists in the election we'll try to win we'll try to win and i think it is possible we we are seeing the pools and we see that it is it is not a new to appear. as the hours tick down activists from the left wing see you people
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know vital vote system up for grabs even in barcelona's backstreets their party is small but was kingmaker in the last election they make for an easy political bedfellows they stand against spain in the monarchy and thermally in favor of a cattle and republic run by the working classes. al-jazeera barcelona al-jazeera journalist mahmud her saying has now been held in prison in egypt for a year he was arrested while visiting family in the country security services there say he is under investigation but have not referred him to courts in reports. for three hundred sixty five days mahmoud hussein has been held in an egyptian prison the crimes he stands accused of range from incitement to broadcasting fake news with the aim of spreading chaos al-jazeera strongly denies all allegations
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against his saying and demands his immediate and unconditional release i think we have to continue our efforts in order to keep the egyptians out of the position totally is our colleague which percent before working at the networks headquarters in the guthrie capital doha the same was based on al-jazeera is now closed bureau in cairo his family says his physical and mental health have deteriorated considerably over the past year and that he's being denied adequate medical attention for a broken arm my father is emotionally and mentally distressed because he feels that he is there and the dog sitting behind the bars without connecting and crying. and he's away from his children his family father his mother and he can't do anything the coverage of hussein's case by egyptian media has also had a major impact on his family shortly after being arrested he was paraded on national television which branded him
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a terrorist my sisters and ground their face social stigma everything in their schools everyone calls them if they are sons and daughters of protest and they are not worth fighting during egypt they are not safe each one of us is not safe. human rights groups and press freedom groups have condemned hussein's detention is the latest in a string of arrests by gyptian authorities targeting al jazeera staff in the country a year and a half ago ibrahim hello the former editor in chief of al-jazeera arabic was sentenced to death in absentia for endangering national security accusations he denies egypt also in prison al-jazeera by her mohammed mohammed and peter greste on charges of spreading fall. news in a case that was widely condemned by international media outlets and politicians alike they were freed after being held in prison for over a year it's unclear when or if mahmoud hussein will be released but the message to
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his egyptian jailers is the same from him his family and his employer. prevent moot because journalism is not a crime in the outside of the al-jazeera headquarters in doha. the u.s. and south korean soldiers are holding three weeks of drills in sub zero temperatures they're training at the mountains of china where the upcoming winter olympics will be held there exercises have been held since twenty thirteen but this year there is growing concern of a possible north korean attack during the games catherine over was at the training . at first glance portions of this training drill appear to be just a lot of grown men playing in the snow the objective of this challenge to steal their opponent's hats rendering the other side even more exposed to the elements than they already were. but there is a very serious side to these games protecting against the increasing threat from
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north korea even in temperatures that can dip below minus twenty degrees celsius. both the u.s. marines and the rockeries have covered over the snow ability recognizance skills as well as critical contest skills in a cold weather mountainous environment two hundred twenty marines from the republic of korea or rock the preferred military term and two hundred twenty okinawa based u.s. marines have been conducting these drills over three weeks a chance to brush up on lesser used marine skills such as downhill skiing in. north korea often responds angrily when the u.s. and south korea stage any war games there's been speculation the allies may delay the start of major annual military drills usually shuttle for the end of february so they don't coincide with the winter olympics and paralympics that will be taking place here in. these exercises have been held since twenty thirteen but this year
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there are added fears that north korea may aim to disrupt the olympics. i mean hearing that south korean and the u.s. marines hope for the success of the come come winter olympics the marine reconnaissance unit will make its utmost efforts to provide security operations for the olympics. south korea wants the winter games to be an opportunity to promote peace it's invited north korea to participate and some athletes have qualified but so far there's been no confirmation of their attendance as ever on the korean peninsula the message from these drills is that the u.s. and south korea would prefer a peaceful resolution to the tense situation but are prepared to respond militarily if they have to kathy novak al jazeera young chang south korea. much more information on our website you'll find the day's top stories and all the latest news on al jazeera dot com.
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the headlines on al-jazeera saudi arabia says it's intercepted a ballistic missile targeting its capital riyadh yemen's houthi rebels say they fired the weapon and were aiming for a building used by. its needs third such attacks since november. the beleaguered today. to missile was launched targeting palace in the heart of three yards city of saudi arabia this is our answer to them and the whole world the more crimes you'll perpetrate the board tyrannical you are you will meet nothing but more missiles iran has condemned the u.s. for accusing it of supplying missiles the whole thing rebels the allegation was made by the u.s. ambassador to the u.n. nikki haley to her on has dismissed the claim is irresponsible and provocative. meanwhile the u.n. says the saudi led coalition has killed at least one hundred thirty six yemeni
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civilians in ten days they died between december sixth and december sixteenth one attack involved seven air strikes on a president's last week which killed forty five detainees a procedural errors forcing the u.s. house of representatives to vote again on a contentious one and a half trillion dollar tax reform bill the bill possibly republican controlled house but was later rejected by senate officials who said it broke the body's rules if pasta as expected it will be president trump's first major legislative win since he took office. five people have died during a protest in the semi autonomous kurdish region of iraq eighty others were wounded in the. demonstrations of also been held in the kurdish city of sanaa many thousands rallied against unpaid public sector salaries they set fire to the offices of political party. but these forty three people have died after tropical storm battered the philippines rescuers are recovering more bodies in areas
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devastated by landslides and flooding these twelve people have died after a bus carrying cruise ship passengers flipped over on a highway in eastern mexico the bus was making its way to the mayan ruins seven americans and two sweetest nationals are among the injured and police say they haven't established the nationalities of those killed in that crash. stay tuned for the stream that's up next. al jazeera. where ever you are. i mean ok you're in the stream we're live on al-jazeera and you choose today voters
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in states catalonia region go.


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