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business updates brought to you by qatar airways going places together. in the far country. this is al jazeera.
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you're watching the al-jazeera news online from our headquarters here in doha coming up in the next sixty minutes the tax cuts and jobs is passed the u.s. congress passes the most sweeping tax overhaul bill in more than thirty years along to tout his first legislative victory. divided catalans prepared to cast the verdict they voted in an election many hope will result. in crisis also maybe out of rock but displaced people are still weary about returning to their homes we'll explain why. we mark in captivity for al jazeera journalist mahmoud hussein. good to be with us welcome to the news and of the u.s.
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senate has passed a contentious one point five trillion dollar tax reform bill the tax cuts and jobs act is passed. this brings president doll truck bomb step closer to his first significant legislative victory the bill is the first major rewrite of the tax code and more than thirty years now it will be sent back to the house of representatives for a final vote later on wednesday after eight straight years of slow growth and under-performance america is ready to take off coupled with a regulatory reforms that have already been implemented by the administration we now a comprehensive tax reform major middle class tax relief and making our businesses both large and small more competitive around the world well donald trump has tweeted about the bill saying that the united states senate just passed the biggest in history tax cut and reform bill terrible individual mandate in brackets
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obamacare repealed. he goes on to the house tomorrow morning for a final vote as we said and if approved they'll be a news conference at the white house at approximately one pm that's eighteen hundred g.m.t. now gabriel alexander has more for us from new york. this tax overhaul bill was extremely contentious and you could see that when the senate was finally voting just a little bit before one am there were protests that broke out in the senate gallery protesters saying kill the bill kill the bill in fact vice president mike pence who is presiding over the session had to call a call the gallery into order several times to have the protesters removed but nevertheless the bill will move forward it did pass by fifty one to forty eight a long strong partisan lines and this is a huge victory for president donald trump and also for the republicans it's the
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first legislative victory from donald trump since becoming president and also for the republicans they say that this will spurn economic growth in the u.s. for years to come however there were protesters and there are a lot of people in the country that are very much against this bill in fact the latest polls show that fifty five percent of americans were against it primarily because they say it is going to mostly cut taxes on corporate america and benefit the top one percent of earners in america at the expense of the middle class and the working poor because the tax cuts for the middle class and working poor are just temporary and they're eventually going to go away that's not the case for the corporate tax cuts also this bill will add more than one point four trillion dollars to the national debt what's next on wednesday the house of representatives will do one final vote on this bill they actually voted on it tuesday night however
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because of a provisional mistake they have to reboot on wednesday but it's expected that once again the house of representatives will also approve this at which point it will then go to donald trump and he will then sign it. well company for catalonia parliamentary election has closed thursday's vote was called by spain after catalonia declared independence in october now the election is expected to indicate the extent of public support for session from spain a hung parliament is likely leaving the political crisis under this awful cold handhold joins us now following events for us from barcelona karl of course the campaigning has stopped and on a real opportunity now for people to do some soul searching before they head to the ballots as they open or the ballot stations as they open on thursday. well you're right so i mean today is billed as a day of reflection essentially to give voters time to consider their options but my guess is that after months of political turmoil most voters really know where
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they stand on the issues and as you rightly say the parliamentary election isn't specifically about secession but that is the polarizing issue here essentially what voters will have to do is to choose between parties who are in favor of staying and remaining part of spain and those parties who favor breaking away it is very difficult looking at the most recent opinion polls to see where the vote is going to come down but what i can tell you is that this is not so much about which individual party gone as the most vote but which blog can get the most votes to enable them to eke out a majority in the parliament one hundred thirty five seats up for grabs sixty eight is the magic number that is what will give either the unionist bloc or the separatist bloc a majority in parliament now if the union is blocked to do when they if they manage to get a majority which doesn't seem likely according to the opinion polls right now but
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if they get a majority that could to some extent draw a line under this whole secession debate and really stop the move to catalonia to break away from the rest of spain if however the separatist parties manage to get a majority and that is a possibility then this price crisis could go on and on and on because there is no sign that the separatist parties are going to back away from their main goal of setting up a breakaway republics in the lead up to the campaign. such called how do you assess the campaign certainly by as you say the separatist parties those that are pro catalonia succession is parties where the looks of the leadership is not within the borders of spade others were arrested and placed on bail to campaign it's been a very fragmented pap's political road to getting to this point for those for those certainly procession ist politicians. you make an absolutely key
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point that this has been an extraordinary campaign remember that these parliamentary elections were called because madrid the central spanish government stepped in dissolved the capitol and parliament shut down the capital and government that in response to the october first secession referendum so that is what through catalonia into disarray that is what has made these elections necessary and just imagine where else can you remember in western europe in recent memory where political leaders have been jailed accused of rebellion a charge that could lead to a thirty year sentence in prison where other political leaders have been forced into self-imposed exile because they are under threat of arrest at home and that has made the campaigning very difficult added to that you have had the specter of the unionist camp candidates the ones who favor remaining part of spain carrying out the last days of their campaign putting out their chest almost boasting that
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they along with the spanish prime minister mariano rajoy have decapitated the independence the separatist leadership that has made for a very bitter campaign so hell they do they will fall over this with you certainly over the vote as well calls religion that i think you know when you heard of south africa's ruling a.n.c. party is calling for unity a better leadership election cyril ramaphosa the deputy president will take over from president jacob zuma. who was ex-wife in the leadership vote on monday turn the page has been getting reaction from rather poses hometown it's a way to. several posts from soweto most people here are pleased he's the new president of the governing african national congress oh i'm so happy i'm so happy it's a good thing really it is that we were weary you know we waved outing we're just around each but now i am happy he may have lived it's noisy busy streets behind to
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become one of south africa's richest men but some thought he'd never get his humble roots i think you take the country to britain every news business big grown i don't think is that and he's been to school you know and he's you grew up you were born and grew up in soviet so you know news of the people and there are many problems increasing numbers of south africans no longer vote for the a.n.c. which they feel has failed to deliver on its promise of a better life for all. and over there is a pink. you know just leave thing to give the new. option if you wish to be the better. of it than what is the board but. to many people once a favorite of nelson mandela symbolizes the kind of leader they need after a decade of president jacob zuma scandals they think his business acumen will lead
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to a stronger economy millions on south africans live below the poverty line many of them and in shacks like they and because economic growth is sluggish they simply aren't enough decent jobs so people can work their way up so generation after generation and strike this and a seemingly endless cycle several bongani zita makes a living guiding tourists through so we're so he thinks his namesake should do something about undocumented immigrants who are willing to work for less money in poor conditions in some south africans but he's a bit unsure about. even refer. there was a side to me. and you know that kind of feeling that kind of vibe. everyone was excited tags you know but. at the
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end people learn that. the a.n.c. voted for change and the expectations are high so i'm a person has a lot to prove turning a page al-jazeera where to south africa zimbabwe's president amisom other guy has indicated that he might appoint the country's military leader was vice president constantine led a military takeover last month that forced formally the robert mugabe out of office in one go is top contender in what is seen as a reward for ending with obvious thirty seven years of rule of the country is preparing for elections early next year with over four million people registered so far. it's now a year since al jazeera journalist battle to say was detained and imprisoned in egypt he was arrested while visiting family security services say he is under investigation but have not refer to him to court in the us they oppose what. for three hundred sixty five days mahmoud hussein has been held in an egyptian prison
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the crimes he stands accused of range from incitement to broadcasting fake news with the aim of spreading chaos al-jazeera strongly denies all allegations against his sane and demands his immediate and unconditional release i think we have to continue our efforts in order to keep the egyptian regime under the position totally is our colleague which percent before working at the network's headquarters in the qatari capital doha the same was based on al-jazeera is now closed bureau in cairo his family says his physical and mental health had deteriorated considerably over the past year and that he's being denied adequate medical attention for a broken arm my father is emotionally and mentally distressed because he feels that he is there and the dog sitting behind the bars without committing any crime. and he's away from his children his family father his mother and he can't do anything the coverage of hussein's case by egyptian media has also had
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a major impact on his family shortly after being arrested he was paraded on national television which branded him a terrorist my sisters and ground their face social stigma everything in their schools everyone calls them if they are sons and daughters of protest and they are not worth fighting giving egypt they are not safe each one of us is not safe. human rights groups and press freedom groups have condemned hussein's detention is the latest in a string of arrests by gyptian authorities targeting al jazeera staff in the country a year and a half ago ibrahim hello the former editor in chief of al-jazeera arabic was sentenced to death in absentia for endangering national security accusations he denies egypt also in prison al-jazeera is by her mohammed mohammed and peter greste on charges of spreading fall. news in a case that was widely condemned by international media outlets and politicians
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alike they were freed after being held in prison for over a year it's unclear when or if mahmoud hussein will be released but the message to his egyptian jailers is the same from him his family and his employer. prevent mood because journalism is not a crime n.p.r.'s guy at the al-jazeera headquarters in doha put it more ahead here on the al-jazeera news hour including tropical storm or kite tack now heads for vietnam after a killed at least forty three people in the philippines. findings a new investigation reveals far more civilians were killed in the battle to drive myself from mosul. and in sport a former wimbledon champion set to return to tennis four years after retiring. has blocked an independent un investigator from entering the country the un special
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rapporteur on me and bar yankee lee had been due to visit in january to assess human rights including abuses against was liberating the iraqi state he says there must be something terrible happening in kenya and hopes the government will reconsider more than six hundred fifty thousand refugees have fled to neighboring bangladesh since august to scape a military crackdown. a new round of talks aimed at ending the syrian war begins in kazakhstan's capital a stand on wednesday the two day meeting will focus on implementing a cease fire deal brokered by russia turkey and iran the kinds that foreign ministry says the talks will also address issues including the clearing of land mines and the release of hostages in syria. the french president manuel back ross says bashar al assad is the enemy of millions of his own people after the syrian leader cuse de paris of supporting terrorism the war of words began as french
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officials blame besides government for failed peace talks ended ending the conflict assad responded saying paris has spearheaded support for terrorists in syria and macro is therefore unfit to discuss peace settlements the french president then hit back describing assad statements as unacceptable because it's been the international coalition that's been at the forefront of the battle against isis meanwhile in syria people displaced from isis former stronghold of rockers say they're being pressured into returning to their destroyed homes parents there are worried about their young children stepping on unexploded bombs a suburb of it reports. it's not be the lord's from rebel but the family has little choice. their home and rocco was hit by an airstrike as i still was driven out they've been living in displacement camps but life is so tough there they have moved back home with some fears the children could step on a mine on an unexploded munition. chasms i'm from the el mission that neighborhood
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i'm constantly worried about the young children it's difficult to live here there's nothing we have no holiday left outside now after the fall of isis the fact the capital the people of the complain no one is helping them i was amr has thirteen children and he says the camp management that i nice told him to go home we're going to look at this the house is gone there's nothing left nothing to eat or drink we need something to survive drop that was once home to more than a quarter of a million people after nearly five months of fighting eighty percent of the city's destroyed. doctors without borders says during the battle nobody cared about the civilians and the coalition inflicted a deluge your fire on the city reconstruction is estimated to cost billions of dollars but since i suppose defeat in october if you have announced a villainous to foot the bill or even provide basic infrastructure health care and education the ancient city was a crown jewel of empires dating back more than two thousand years it's never been
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leveled like this before beyond the liberal euphrates was isis capital iraq which was under their control since two thousand and fourteen now the city has been taken over by kurdish led forces but it remains in ruins and i said elements are still being cleared. by just continue to discover weapons dumps. i said to leave guns and ammunition from the syrian army that's generally the area is safe but there are some i still wear gloves left to protect the people we are doing mining of the city we are here to protect civilians. the displaced arab population finds he's being called to believe people wouldn't comment on camera but many say they are under and that occupying force scar tissue i.p.g. fighters deny accusations that defense arabs from their towns and villages. but unless there's a serious push to rebuild and rehabilitate raptors gaping wounds bear the risk of fostering some of the groups like isis some of injury down to zero on the western
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bank of the euphrates river. well it's knobby one thousand days since the conflict in yemen began the past drug war between the who thiis a shia rebel group and present a double months would have be backed by a sound the led coalition has turned into a regional confrontation thousands of people have been killed and millions are on the brink of famine. reports. was walking out of her father's cement factory north of the capital sana'a when the building was hit by an airstrike the blast waves twisted her back she's now struggling to walk doctors say her spider was damaged during the attack while her life has been shattered by the conflict in her country dreams of graduating and becoming doctor i used to go to school and thirteen my life was beautiful because i could walk and right now i can't walk to school i can only go to the wheelchair i used to be able to sit in
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a chair at my desk and write but now when i try to write my hand hurts i used to love writing but now i can't even hold a pen. but the conflict in yemen shows no sign of abating on tuesday the who thiis fired a ballistic missile aisle two was the subject capital of riyadh they say they were targeting a meeting of senior officials at the royal palace saudi arabia accuses iran of supplying the whole thiis with the messiah and as the conflicts contin years there are fears of a wider regional confrontation the healthy is the remain defiant and. then we face a war carried out by ten countries and there are attempts to create more divisions and chaos but that has failed and we still lead the front against the aggressors. meanwhile the fighting rages near the capital sana'a forces loyal to president i
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would also had the. we are struggling to break earthy defense lines civilians caught in the fighting. thousands of people have been killed since the start of the conflict into thousand and fifteen and i'm going to my hope is that two thousand and eighteen comes along with peace and of aggression and blockade imposed on my country but i also hope that all the parties come together and build a democratic state. millions of the yemenis struggle to find food and shelter the country which faces the world's biggest humanitarian crisis is also a politically divided effort by the international community to negotiate a settlement suffered a setback earlier this month when the country is asked that leader. was killed by the whole thing. but for many yemenis like neuron who have suffered the most in this conflict and and to the fighting can't come soon enough about our al-jazeera
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now the united nations security council has been discussing whether iran is complying with the twenty fifteen nuclear agreement the missile launch in yemen also featured in the debate mike hanna has more from the u.n. headquarters in new york. the secretary general affirmed that iran was in full compliance with its commitment to non-nuclear proliferation under the joint a comprehensive plan of action indorsed by resolution twenty two thirty one but he raised questions about the possibility that iran was moving conventional weapons across his border and concerns expressed by some of the security council members were told to mr and by bronco looking at your gauge it would like to express its particular concern over the information and evidence connected with iran's supply of weapons and missiles to militias with the encouraging them to use those weapons
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to target neighboring countries the us ambassador was adamant that the missiles recently fired at saudi targets were of iranian origin including the most recent well we don't yet have sufficient insight into this particular attack it bears all the hallmarks of previous attacks using a rainy and provided weapons it is only a matter of time before one of these missiles hits the target the secretary general said that the origin of the missiles is under investigation and the security council will be briefed at what he called the appropriate time but the russian ambassador was adamant that the u.n. is not empowered to monitor iran's development or deployment of conventional non-nuclear weapons moving was deliberately to pneumonia we once again need to draw your attention to the practice of the secretariat conducting investigations investigations for which the secretary has neither the authority nor the expertise
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such actions carried out without the prior consent of the security council and not legitimate and the information obtained in the course of such actions cannot be considered accurate and cannot be part of the report the russian ambassador rejected the u.s. suggestion that the joint comprehensive plan. action be renegotiated to include conventional weapons something that iran continues to insist it will not do the scene is set for vigorous debate among security council members in the days ahead well as you mentioned it's been one thousand days since the saudi led coalition began its military campaign against the we'll explore the political and humanitarian impact of the conflict in an in-depth discussion on the inside story with hashem at seventeen thirty g.m.t. here and wednesday well one day ahead of the vote on the u.s. decision on jerusalem at the u.n. the u.s.
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ambassador has sent a threatening able to other members of the general assembly nikki haley warned them against supporting a resolution to reject donald trump's recognition of jerusalem the e-mail reads the president will be watching this vote carefully and does requested a report back on those who voted against us as you consider your vote i encourage you to know the president and the u.s. take this vote personally. and move us to go in iraq has found the number of civilians killed in the battle to push i saw from mosul is ten times more than previously thought the associated press has studied more gray cords from october last year to the fall of i still in july this year found up to eleven thousand civilians were killed that's a significantly higher number than the one given by the iraqi prime minister hyderabadi which is around one thousand two hundred sixty civilians killed the a.p. investigation found one third of the deaths were due to bombardments either by the
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u.s. led coalition or iraqi forces now it blamed deisel violent assault for other the other third of the deaths it couldn't be determined by more recalls which side was responsible for the remainder of those that were killed. causing flooding mudslides across the philippines tropical storm is headed to vietnam peninsula this week at least forty three people are being killed in the philippines rescuers are recovering more bodies in some areas but hope is fading of finding any survivors the storm he told subtly forcing eighty eight thousand people to leave. small believe. according to rescuers there are at least five bodies trapped in the rubble it's going to be difficult especially over the last few days when the incessant rains have hampered operations now president of the go there do was on the ground a few days ago and promised to provide immediate assistance to families he said
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that he is from this area he is from this region and he feels very much connected to the people of samarra and but there are questions as to not just the emergency response but the preparation for disasters like this one as you know eastern this region has always been bogged down by natural disasters one of the most powerful and devastating typhoon to ever hit the country happened right here typhoon haiyan swept the eastern. with more than four years ago and left more than a thousand people dead and since then during the time of former president benigno aquino and now under the time of president there have been a lot of discussions and efforts when it comes to dealing with we have illustrations but more importantly experts would like to see how the government is doing when it comes to making community far more resilient that they should not be much more reactive but much more proactive when it comes to preparing for disasters like this one. well in
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a few moments we'll have the weather with rob but still ahead here on al-jazeera an early prison release for the band at the center of one of latin america's largest corruption scandals also violent protests failed to prevent the passing of a controversial pension law in argentina and support me toronto maple leafs win back white but the clock for a special team again in the n.h.l. . from long flowing island wins to an enchanting desert breeze. hello this should be a familiar sight now we're into december and winter weather has spread all across europe the temperatures by day are all the low single figures for the most part in the blue haze is what i'm giving tuesday a bit warmer in spain in portugal but it shouldn't really be that much warmer in
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scandinavia you wouldn't thought that's where i'm taking you because this is part of the story is affecting our lives at the moment we're going beyond the arctic circle now where we've brought a lump of their own over manske oversell by for example places that should be permanently freezing and they just aren't now unsurprisingly you got a spring if of weather with this frontal system which gives you snow that's fine but look at the times that mr wade rubbish and have a look at the temperatures it is by day right now about zero degrees it should be about minus six up in style bought him a mask it should be subzero it's plus three we're nearing where we should be in terms however this is also mostly water this is effectively part of the arctic ocean it should be permanently frozen this time of the year and it's not and that is part of the problem when you make this water absorb the heat not reflected week as though it is the whole world's weather changes and we know what happens then.
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the weather sponsored by the time race. forced to flee from syria to lebanon many refugee mothers risked childbirth in terrible conditions delivery is very difficult here in lebanon it's costly i can't go back to syria now because of the war but one lebanese woman is committed to helping them. become friends with every woman. she is important to me. there are a few g.'s midwife at this time and al jazeera world when the news breaks it was an announcement few were expecting to hear by announce my resignation as prime minister from the lebanese government and the story builds i can't stop thinking about it the ball is my life when people need to be heard a mass exodus hundreds of thousands of real injured have fled ethnic cleansing imeem are from bangladesh al jazeera has teams on the ground to bring you more
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award winning documentaries and live news on air and online. welcome back to the al-jazeera news arms the whole robin a reminder of our top stories the u.s. senate has passed a contentious one point five trillion dollar tax reform bill and this brings president doll from one step closer to his first significant legislative victory the bill will now be sent back to the house of representatives for a final vote later on wednesday also campaigning for catalonia stop parliamentary elections close to thursday's votes but to indicate the extent of public support for such in spain polls show
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a hung parliament is likely leaving the political crisis of resolved. several rubble. it is due to deliver his first address as president of the ruling african national congress in south africa from a poser as the calling for unity after a bitter leadership election. to go to europe now where the european union's top court has ruled that is officially a transport company and not a digital service that means it could be regulated by traditional taxi services now the landmark ruling means will have to accept stricter regulation and licensing within the e.u. the case follows a complaint by barcelona taxi group that target uber was directly involved in carrying passengers who argued it was a digital app instead that it should fall under a different less stringent rules or for more let's let's go over to believe barker's in our london studio neve really this decision has ramifications not just for but for customers that use ybor as well. they do indeed
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of course is a ubiquitous part of city life in a place like london of course operates in six hundred different locations around the world it's used by millions of people it is very much a mainstay of people's nights out particularly on the weekends so when originally it was stripped of its license here in london there was a massive outpouring of support for the company it's really perhaps a little bit too early to see what the absolute ramifications of this ruling are the e.c. j. the european court of justice the e.u.'s highest court that made this ruling has indicated that it is not especially legally binding but it's likely to impact upon the way in which individual countries to sign to regulate itself there have been as you mentioned there are some concerns about things like the safety of passengers about codes of conduct for drivers about how the drivers themselves were
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vetted before getting the position over of course dealing with the public on a daily basis the e.c. jay said should now be classified as a service in the field of transport rather than an information service itself of course the company itself has always insisted that it was indeed a technology company and should be regulated in a very very different way it is of course a very important step forward when it comes to working out exactly where digital company is like this for are they service industries part of the service industry rather or are they simply part of a sprawling technology sphere itself so an important milestone like yourself you know we've both been in london i'd say we've reported on the story from india and the underlying trend certainly from ordinary taxi firms is it has been a thorn in their side in terms of taking custom away from them that the huge
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demonstrations over the years has been operating not just in europe but in other parts of the world as well. yes i've certainly attended one particularly violent demonstration in paris their city cab drivers there were particularly angry at the way in which. being able to undercut the prices offered by those city cabs of course in france is a very strong trade union that rallied to the rescue at least temporarily on the side of those parisi and drivers but here in london where things are a little bit more relaxed there had been for many years a tremendous amount of frustration and anger from the traditional black cab companies at the end of it although transport for london stepped in back in september stripping as i mentioned earlier of its ability to operate transport for london itself so that was not fit and proper to hold
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a license the mare of london city can said it was operating outside rule set down by parliament so although it may be a great thing for dairy consumers to be able to use cheap forms of transport the company has in many ways been operating outside the law so it's absolutely vital right now for the european court and for courts across the continent and further afield to be able to impose stringent regulation to make sure that while continuing to offer cheap prices make sure that it operates completely legally as well we'll we will come back to that story i'm sure as the day progresses we get more reaction thanks for the the moment. to stay in europe because the german chancellor angela merkel has admitted mistakes were made before and after last year's attack on the christmas market in berlin that killed eleven people speaking of the other verse three she said both security and victim support or lacking but as dominic a reports relatives of the victims still feel merkel should be doing more. normally this is
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a place to celebrate the christmas season on choose day it was a place of sadness and solidarity shared by the bereaved from this tragedy and germany's political leaders the emotion of the moment palpable a minute's silence a mark of respect to those who died although angular americal stood shoulder to shoulder with victims' relatives they do not think she's done enough since the tragedy in a letter to the german magazine der spiegel they spelt out their grievance saying the attack was not only aimed at the victims directly it was aimed at germany it's a question of respect decency and technically it's self-evident that you as head of government should acknowledge to us the loss of our family members caused by an act of terror the chancellor did hold her first meeting with the families on monday and had this statement after the minute's silence on the socket if you can see.
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for me and i'm speaking on behalf of the entire government we will work to improve or didn't go well and do everything humanly possible not only to ensure safety but also to give those whose lives have been destroyed or a fact that a chance to go back to their lives again as well as they can the problem for angela merkel and her government is despite such public pronouncements the families of the victims still have grave concerns about germany's current security situation and some analysts believe that parts of the german federal intelligence system really need reform. specifically where it concerns how the government deals with those it believes may be plotting violent attacks the thing that is still lacking certainly and there's also a structural issue is the lack of rethought the lack of staff and the lack of
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qualified staff who work on cases actually watching potential terrorists and connecting the dots at the site of last year's atrocity one of the new features is a scar in bronze that's been laid across the ground meant as a permanent reminder of the hurt attacker and his amry cost his victims and society at large tuesday has been a day of strong emotions where those touched by this tragedy gathered to pay their respects in the hope that the ordeal they and their loved ones india that is one no other families will suffer in the future the question for the government is whether it can ensure that dominic kane al-jazeera berlin. argentina's congress has passed a controversial pension law or after the vote was delayed by far the protests in the capital born design raised the new system which sees pensions linked to the inflation rate is seen as crucial for president. crees plans to cut the nation's
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deficit. is in the capital. here in the main plaza outside the auction tying congress after the violence here on monday as well as the argentine congress were debating in this building behind me reform to the pension law which the government of president. says a necessary to boost argentina's ailing economy he wants to attract more foreign investment he wants to reduce the fiscal deficit and try to control the country's high inflation rate the opposition that were out here in large numbers on monday protesting peacefully but a large group of protesters. with metal bars were attacking the police the police responded with tear gas with water cannon with rubber bullets they were scenes which argentina is today assessing talking about the violence which has shocked many but there's no doubt that there is anger in this around the country
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with just the first of the reform measures that the government says a necessary they still labor on tax reforms the car so with that with that in mind still many problems to come in argentina but a victory for the government after an all night debate which lasted something like twelve hours or preparing for more problems the car. now d.j. has been killed and several people injured after a stage collapsed at a music festival in brazil strong winds caused the battle structure to come down hitting thirty year old caleb freighters who was in the middle of a performance about five thousand people attended the dance festival in the southern city of a steal the event went ahead despite weather warnings about heavy wind and to read chill rain. but the u.s. has promised to speed up recovery efforts and federal assistance to puerto rico how to top officials visit to the island on tuesday puerto rico continues to struggle after a devastating hurricane three months ago with over two hundred thousand homes damaged
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several municipalities are still in the dark with no electricity the governor says the island leaves a lot more financial assistance on top of the five billion dollars pledged by congress but the real guns will see how congress responded to our needs and to our petitions and if there are several steps along this way there's a tax reform and there is the supplemental. and we see that there is there are senators and congressmen there are acting. you know against the best interests other people were but we got we will campaign. we've seen a lot of. good you know. and had an opportunity to talk to people back in united states who actually suffered as a result of what's going on here. will we ever have a complete one hundred percent understanding about the suffering that people go
1:44 pm
through. probably not. the level of compassion is there we do understand that there are very significant. now the u.s. and canada will co-host a summit attended by foreign ministers from fourteen countries in january to seek progress on the north korean nuclear crisis the announcement was made after the u.s. secretary of state rex tillerson met canadian foreign minister chrystia freeland the meeting will be held in the city of vancouver last month both korea tested its most powerful ballistic missile against want it says it's capable of reaching the entire u.s. mainland we believe that a diplomatic solution to the crisis is essential and possible we'll use this gathering missed opportunity to advance our work on diplomatic efforts towards a more peaceful prosperous and nuclear free future on the north korean peninsula and to demonstrate international solidarity in our condemnation of north korea's actions we will not accept you as
1:45 pm
a nuclear nation but there are weapons they should not all of us share wanted policy you want to go there to the full complete verifiable denuclearization of the korean pollutes what crush avesta gators in the u.s. are examining the wreckage of a durable train they say they recovered from or they recovered the data recorder from the main engine at least three people killed in the incident in washington state on monday the train was reportedly traveling at three times the speed limit is spector's from the national transportation safety board are expected to remain at the scene for at least seven days. we have confidence that we will get to the bottom of what caused this horrific tragedy i've talked to and yes be they have significant tools they are well on their way to gather the evidence they indicated to me that they were pleased that the scene was attacked so that the evidence will remain undisturbed for their evaluation we should have confidence
1:46 pm
that we will find out what happened in this a reference to vent and we will fix anything that went wrong to make sure that in the future real safety. he is insured for everyone cardinal bernard law the former catholic archbishop of boston new had to resign in disgrace for covering up sex abuse by clergy has died at the age of eighty six law left his post in two thousand and two after church documents reveal the tb and shielding of moving priests accused of sexually abusing children that can officials later appointed him to run a major pacific in rome a move that was widely condemned the boston globe's investigation into the scandal was the basis for the academy award winning film spotlight. the former chief executive of the latin american construction giant at the center of one of the world's largest corruption scandals has been freed from prison to pray the former head of a to pray was spent and he spent two and
1:47 pm
a half years in jail despite his initial nineteen year sentence the scandal has hit top politicians across the region including peru's president john holdren has more from some part. of the two and a half years in prison the man who was in charge of this company and behind the biggest corruption scandal in recent history has been allowed to exchange jail for house arrest here in sao paolo on the must sell all the brush leadership his family's already powerful construction company became synonymous with brazil's rise later immersion is that it was playing politicians across latin america the lucrative government contracts for roads bridges and even world cup football stadiums the graft was on such an industrial scale that it even had a bribes department even as marcello the brush leaves prison the ripples may by his heels continuing to spread the president approved is on the verge of being ousted after his company took over the brush money while he was the economic minister
1:48 pm
ecuador's vice president is facing six years in jail after taking millions in kickbacks all the rest officials have also said venezuelan president maduro nicolas . except to campaign contributions in return for contracts all of this came to lie in part because marcel or the british and others agreed to name names in exchange for more lenient sentences now who spend the rest of his ten year sentence at home but the man they call the prince's time as one of latin america's most powerful figures is over for now. fans of korean pop music hall mourning the sudden death of superstar kim jong he's the lead singer of one of south korea's launches pop groups shiny the twenty seven year old's body was found in a hotel room in seoul of monday police say he committed suicide when it comes close friends media that he left a note revealing his struggle with depression and fay. baby
1:49 pm
has been born in new orleans is the first. species survival center in louisiana. species of african and. only found in kenya but due to poaching also. one hundred left in the wild. for hughes. the international sporting arena.
1:50 pm
you are making very pointed remarks where on line the main u.s. response to drug use and the drug trade over the last fifty years has been the criminal mind or if you join us on say no evil person just wakes up in the morning in the sense i want to cover the world in darkness this is a dialogue and that could be what's leading to some of the confusion online about
1:51 pm
people saying they don't actually know what's going on join the colobus conversation at this time on al-jazeera and the long term begins right now but it does not in there no terrorist state poses a greater or more immediate threat than the regime of saddam hussein this summer that has something to hide they have their a significant propaganda machine and guess what not one w m d shite was found in iraq since one thousand nine hundred ninety one iraq a deadly deception at this time on al jazeera.
1:52 pm
but it's called on his time thank you very much the how it's been four years since marion bartoli walked away from the professional tennis circuit but in twenty thirteen the wimbledon champion or now she's making her comeback the french woman quit the game just weeks off to winning her own a grand slam title in london since then she's found walk of the t.v. commentator but has also struggled with a viral illness posterity has won a titles and reached a career high ranking of seven in the wild in two thousand and twelve. it's going to be your challenge i have stayed out of practice ahead of me but i'm hoping to be ready for march and the miami open i'm really looking forward to be on the court to get in front of you to feel your support should be in paris of course in roland garros in my home country but also for the fact cope and wimbledon what humbugs also on common in women's tennis belgian kim clijsters was retired for two and a half years but won the u.s. open upon her return another belgian just seen and heard just
1:53 pm
a twenty month retirement before she returned to competitive tennis in two thousand and ten and martina hingis first retired from tennis in two thousand and three at the age of twenty two after winning five grand slam singles title as a teenager she returned three years later retired again came back again and won twenty doubles grand slams before her third retirement this month. so for now in manchester city dominated leicester in a penalty shoot out on tuesday to reach the league cup semifinals but bernard is the city one nil up and it looked like it would end that way before last as jamie vardy scored a late ninety seventh minute equaliser sending the game into extra time and penalties man city coming out on top winning the shootout for three. aston have also made it through to the last four by beating west ham one nil danny welbeck scored the goal for the gunners just before half time arsenal's never lifted the
1:54 pm
league cup trophy before. there are two more games coming up later on a wednesday brazil play at manchester united while chelsea face bournemouth chelsea of failed to reach the semifinals off the competition for the last five years being knocked out at each quarter final stage for sure wants to go through to the next round like us and therefore disease and we must be focused and. i think we we have prepaid the game very well and. under different times but that mentality and. under our laws but now we have to play that to play and to try to tool to go to the next round in spain athletico madrid have reportedly league of rivals boss alona to favor over their pursuit of one of the league's top players striker and one griezmann recently
1:55 pm
signed a new contract to stay in madrid until twenty twenty two but he's still been linked to a move of a number of european clubs up letter goes alleged the boss alone to have made an illegal transfer approach for the france international. the toronto maple leafs have celebrated one hundred years since the team's first ever game in the national hockey league believes one of six foundations teams in the league's opening season in nineteen seventeen a century later they hosted the carolina panthers at a special time of two pm on a tuesday and it proved a memorable occasion all round for toronto mich mana and tyler bozak both had a goal on three assists and a crushing eight one victory. in the n.b.a. the sacramento kings fought from behind to be the philadelphia seventy six is on wednesday sacramento were at a sixteen point deficit in the third quarter but they recovered from bad to lead by
1:56 pm
a single points in the fourth of may help their lead for the rest of the game one hundred one to ninety five was the final score. the international paralympic committee have delayed a decision on whether russian athletes will be allowed to compete in next year's winter games in chung an announcement was expected on friday but while the ban on russian competitors has been upheld they've been given an extra month to meet the criteria required to lift the suspension this includes the world anti-doping agency reinstating russia russian athletes will only be permitted to compete as neutrals for bree's olympic games. american mckayla schifrin is stumping us self as a gold medal favorite less than two months out from those lympics and. shiffrin won her third world cup skiing event of the season on choose day triumphing in the giant slalom course chevelle all of three victories of common different disciplines
1:57 pm
she also top the podium in traditional slalom in november and in downhill this month the twenty two year old leads the overall world cup standings by one hundred ninety one points from germany's victoria reckons. i was a bit. scrappy at some points but i was sort of tactic to try to be really aggressive and almost run off the course a couple times that has really strange second rounds was like ok you got to take advantage of that and from really excited about that fought for us. meanwhile it was a less successful race for cutting a happened not quite the way she would have wanted to cross the finish line your game was disqualified but luckily she wasn't in the full. while north korea is largely isolated from the international community football is a one arena where they've been trying to stay in touch the women's national team won the east asian football championships for
1:58 pm
a third straight time this week on the north korean news agency supply base footage of the team being greeted upon their return. international airport north korean teams remain active in asian plug and national team competitions. and. acting thanks very much tatyana while you have been watching the al-jazeera news out musical robin your colleagues up next with have a full time to left tatyana me and all of the news r.t. folks very much for your time and your company to stay with say officer.
1:59 pm
of the foreign ministry. and then reported on the. u.s. and british companies have announced the biggest discovery of natural gas in west africa but what to do with these untapped natural resources is already a source of heated debate nothing much has changed they still spend most of their days looking forward to for the dry riverbed my case one five years on the syrians still feel battered or even those who managed to escape their country haven't truly
2:00 pm
been able to escape the war. doing as i want to by now if you will i'm going ask about it but that's the ball is a bar not i see well it's never thought of that this set says the last one and the other the double blow because on the bunch is a push up the bottom in the first episode of a two part series al-jazeera investigates the world of performance enhancing drugs . sports story the industry at this time. the tax cuts and jobs act is.


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