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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  December 21, 2017 3:00am-3:34am +03

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i would winning documentaries and live news on air and online my name is some people saying that my feelings are only programmed that they're not real but if i think the real and they are real don't you think south america was designed to be the world's most advanced autonomous android is one of the more advanced robots in the world can or about feel that's a philosophical question it's not a lot of what you do socially connect on a subconscious level we are creating this new kind of entity. this toy all knowledge is era. well you. know some of it i like. for the u.n. general assembly set to vote on a resolution a question of the u.s.
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. president trump issues a warning. and welcome to life for my headquarters in doha. also ahead. it's jobs jobs jobs jobs don't trump and his party cheer for a massive overhaul of u.s. tax law but not everyone is happy about the bill critics say favors the rich. and election many hope bangsa session crisis and a setback for the right hating apple. could have wider implications for the tech industry. u.s. president has threatened to cut off financial aid to countries that vote in favor
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of a draft united nations resolution against his decision to recognize them as israel's capital one hundred ninety three member body will hold a rare emergency special session on thursday at the request of arab and muslim countries mike hanna reports from the u.n. . security council staff pose with the secretary general for an annual photograph is called then it's business as usual in the chamber like most other member states those represented here unwilling to comment publicly on the extraordinary letters sent by u.s. ambassador nikki haley ambassador did you receive a letter from hillary about the years many letters every day and the majority view apparently summed up by one representative who was willing to comment on our position in this case has been very clear we had the opportunity to express ourselves in the security council so so that's our very strong and prince principled position sweden was one of the fourteen council members who voted in
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favor of the jerusalem resolution monday the veto by the us is accompanied by an angry statement from the ambassador what we witnessed here today in the security council is an insult it won't be forgotten what some would regard as a thinly veiled threat driven home in a letter circulated to all member states regarding the photo taken place in the general assembly thursday as you consider your vote the ambassador writes i want you to know that the president and the u.s. take this vote personally she continues the president will be watching this vote carefully and has requested i report back on those countries who voted against us president trump made clear what the possible consequences could be they take hundreds of millions of dollars and even billions of dollars and then they vote against us while we're watching those votes let them vote against us will save a lot we don't care. but privately many un members are outraged at the letters
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bullying and threatening tone and what was to be a vote condemning attempts to unilaterally change the status of jerusalem may gain even added significance in november more than one hundred fifty nations voted in favor of a resolution declaring all israeli actions in jerusalem as null and void as it was an occupying power a similar result in the general assembly thursday would also be a sweeping international rejection of president trump and his policies mike hanna al-jazeera united nations now elegy have as a part of the train the national security project and he says it will be interesting to see how saudi arabia votes that the day of general assembly session . if you go back to the two thousand and twelve general assembly resolution to upgrade palestinian observer status the vote was something like hundred thirty eight to nine and the nine countries were the u.s.
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the israel the czech republic and a bunch of you know countries in the south pacific i think tomorrow we may see something a little bit different israel has been working very hard over the last few years to improve relationships with other countries particularly at the u.n. to try to avoid these kind of blockbuster blow out votes but in particular saudi arabia in the relationship that's the saudis have really tried to court with donald trump it could make tomorrow it could make tomorrow really interesting i have no idea what the saudi arabians will do if they decide to abstain which i think is probably i can't imagine they would vote against it but if they choose to abstain how many other arab countries decide to join them it's a big question and one that i'm sure the saudi or saudis themselves are trying to figure out right now the u.s. is going to go on a go go through with this one of the reasons i think trump and haley are pushing back so hard is because this is a domestic policy decision this is the fulfillment of a twenty two year old laws that congress passed on huge bipartisan majorities is a wildly popular law here in the united states and presidents have just had to kind
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of keep kicking the can down the road the fact that donald trump finally filled what a twenty two year old law was rick was requiring him to do isn't really news the idea that other countries should influence the way that america makes their decisions is really insulting to a lot of americans particularly this president. now the white house and republican members of congress is celebrating the passage of donald trump's massive tax bill but critics say it would only help the wealthy hurt the poor committee how could it has more from washington d.c. . with nearly every republican lawmaker at his side donald trump did not pass up his chance to enjoy his first legislative. durie after almost a year in office it's always a lot of fun when you win the passage of the most dramatic changes to the u.s. tax code in thirty years i always say the most massive but it's the largest tax cut
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in the history of our country and to reform the tax cut the tax reforms or controversy will big cuts to corporate tax rates from thirty five to twenty one percent democrats say will benefit the wealthy at the expense of ordinary americans it's a ponzi scheme the tax cuts are going to be meaningful for work and family than every day americans and the jobs will never materialize republicans argue the cuts will make the united states more competitive with countries like china with similarly low corporate tax rates it's hoped this will encourage companies to do business in the u.s. and bring back jobs a key trump campaign promise but while this legislation is about reforming taxes it is also about winning donald trump failed to deliver on a campaign promise to repeal and replace the affordable care act to what many americans call obamacare it's
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a frustration donald trump has lamented for months. passing the tax legislation now allows trump to claim victory on both tucked inside the tax reforms is a repeal of an obamacare requirement called the individual mandate that forced all americans to buy health insurance or pay a tax fine the legislation still must go through legal review and may not be signed into law until the new year the president says americans will start to see tax relief as early as february the g.o.p. tax skin is a monumental job but many americans remain skeptical most members of congress did not have time to read the hundreds of pages of changes to the hastily passed tax legislation thank you very much everybody and according to most polls two thirds of americans are doubtful the tax changes will have any positive impact on their lives kimberly helped get al-jazeera washington to cut in on you now it is an anxious
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wait ahead of thursday's election which could decide the region's future the dreaded cold snap vote off a procession leaders unilaterally declared independence and top cow pen hole takes a look at what's become spain's political crisis since the end of the franco dictatorship. massive protests erupted in boss alona a spanish paramilitary police raided regional government offices cattle on officials were arrested as madrid tried to stop preparations for the secession referendum days away that. democracy must be defended with smiles and flowers when not violent all we want to do is vote and vote in peace. spanish security forces dragged away voters from the polling stations catalans bloodied and beaten the referendum went ahead the spanish government insisted it
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was illegal that a cry. they stormed. they violate that human rights they. injure people that east a crime an overwhelming majority voted to break away but turnout was low the spanish king made a rare t.v. address condemning the result of some lawful response then it's the responsibility of the legitimate powers of the states to guarantee constitutional law and order. spanish unionists rallied for huge counter demonstrations. we are the silent majority we must show that there are many moral first then those who want to divide catalonia polish jews demanded the head of the cattle and government declared independence but delayed implementation calling instead for negotiations it is the mandate of the people that catalonia should
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become an independent state in the form of a republic over the next three weeks spanish judges arrested key separatist leaders accusing them of plotting rebellion and spanish prime minister mariano rajoy completed the crackdown shutting down this regional parliament disbanding the cattle and government and imposing direct rule from madrid if you're. yelling video that they have broken the law and the rule of law two of the basic principles of the european union they have to bribe the representatives of the opposition of their right to exercise control in government imagine if i decided to close parliament so nobody could question me that would be a scandalous situation but this is what's happening and this is what's still happening. days later police demanded part of this cabin and fled to belgium other catalan government ministers would jailed some later freed on bail they jailed
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us only to these. ideas and idea that the ship. the turmoil as polarized as the lands in spaniards along the choice in thursday's election season starts to make up. break up. al-jazeera barcelona. but to uganda now where parliament has voted to amend the constitution and a controversial move which would allow president yarima seventy to stand for election again the bill removes the age cap of seventy five years on the president allowing seventy three year old miss seventy to further extend has three decades in power well earlier two opposition politicians but attained as they tried to enter parliament for the second day of debate on the issue the seventy is already one of africa's longest serving leaders. the new head of south africa's ruling a.n.c.
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has promised to pursue what he calls a radical economic transformation and his first address as party leader cyril ramaphosa is widely expected to become president after elections in two thousand and nineteen he said he would rejuvenate the economy and stamp out corruption the union leader turned businessman saw a promise to tackle abuse of power within the party. the people of that country want. that lived up to its promise. to its mission they want to. live. very. far. and holds fast to the principles that have defined the movement off people. they wanted a and c. that uses public office not just those that interests but surely developmental stage still ahead on the bulletin pollens president's science
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to know was curbing judicial independence triggering a possible confrontation with the e.u. and we mark a falzon day since the start of saudi arabia's bombing campaign in ghana. from the neon lights of asia. to the city that never sleeps. welcome back across much of central southern eastern china the weather is looking very quiet at the moment dry fine conditions not particularly warm slightly below average temperatures have anything largely fine conditions across indochina too although central parts of vietnam seeing some showers come back once again now to move the forecast through another twenty four hours as increasing threat the showers across the philippines otherwise fine conditions twenty i'm bright and annoy fine across laos and through towards me i'm on with my sort of twenty nine in
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young god so let's head down into southeastern parts of asia and then you can see this circulation this is a developing tropical system which is going to head across central and southern parts of the philippines the south really seeing the bulk of the rain here and that circulation is what's left of car attack and that's heading towards potential malaysia cheer in the course the next twenty four hours with a heavy rain across much of java bally's through towards east timor and perhaps new guinea and then moving up through the malay pincher we've got bright conditions for singapore in kuala lumpur but that will then changes ahead on through into friday but further north into bangkok it's looking dry and fine for south asia show the satellite images a lot of cloud here at the moment across northwestern areas one to two showers effect intra like a which will continue in the forecast but it should be dry in delhi high seer twenty four. the weather sponsored by qatar peace. forced to flee from syria to lebanon many refugee mothers risked childbirth in
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terrible conditions delivery is very difficult here in lebanon and it's costly i can't go back to syria now because of the war but when libya needs women is committed to helping them. become friends. she is important to me. there are a few g.'s midwife at this time an al-jazeera world. good to have you with us on al-jazeera and these are our top stories u.s. president donald trump has threatened to cut off financial aid to countries that watch and favor of a draw the united nations resolution opposing has decision to recognize as israel's
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capital. the white house in the republican controlled congress has celebrated america's biggest tax reform bill in thirty years the controversial legislation means big cuts to corporate tax cuts but critics say it will mainly benefit the wealthy at the expense of ordinary americans and the new head of south africa's ruling a.n.c. has promised to pursue what he calls radical economic transformation and his first address as party leader. is expected to become president often actions in two thousand and nineteen. now it's been a thousand days since the conflict and yemen began the palace struggle between the what these shia rebel and president are bevel mentored harvey backed by a file the lead coalition has turned into a regional confrontation thousands of people have been killed and millions are on the brink of famine. was walking out of her father's cement factory north of the capital sana'a when the building was hit by an
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strike the blast waves twisted her back she's now struggling to walk doctors say her spider was damaged during the attack while her life has been shattered by the conflict in her country dreams of graduating and becoming doctor and i used to go to school of thought my life was beautiful because i could walk and right now i can't walk to school i can only go to the wheelchair i used to be able to sit in the chair at my desk and write but now when i tried to write my hand hurts i used to love writing but now i can't even hold a pen. but the conflict in yemen shows no sign of abating on tuesday the hooty is fired a ballistic with syal two was the subject capital of riyadh they say they were targeting a meeting of senior officials at the palace saudi arabia accuses iran of supplying the houthi is with the messiah and as the conflict continues there are
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fears of a wider regional confrontation the healthy is the remain defiant and when i heard. we face a war carried out by ten countries and there are attempts to create more divisions and chaos but that has failed and we still lead the front against the aggressors. meanwhile the fighting rages near the capital. forces loyal to president of the. struggling to break earthly defense lines civilians caught in the fighting. thousands of people have been killed since the start of the conflict in two thousand and fifteen and. my hope is that two thousand and eighteen comes along with peace and of aggression and blockade imposed on my country but i also hope that all the parties come together and build a democratic state. millions of yemenis struggle to find food and shelter
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the country which faces the world's biggest humanitarian crisis is also politically divided. by the international community to negotiate a settlement suffered a setback earlier this month when the country's leader. was killed by the who. but for many yemenis like neuron who have suffered the most in this conflict and and to the fighting can't come soon enough. to iraq now a new investigation has found the number of civilians killed in the battle to push eisel out a morsel is ten times higher than previously thought the associated press studied more the records from october two thousand and sixteen through to july of this year and found up to eleven thousand civilians were killed and that is a significantly higher number than the one given by iraqi prime minister high there
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in a body he says around one thousand two hundred and sixty civilians died well they pay investigation found one third of the deaths were due to bombardments by either the us led coalition or iraqi forces and blamed i feel fine a violent assault for another first of the deaths that could be determined by more what side was responsible for the remainder of those killed lori headhunters international security correspondent at the associated press and one of the report's authors and she spoke to al-jazeera about their findings. we spent four months compiling records both from the morgue in mosul and comparing them against multiple databases from. governmental organizations including era were as amnesty international drug body count and a u.n. report that came out recently and what we found was that there was a significant under-reporting of the number of civilian dead in mosul in the nine
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month battle to drive eisel. al jazeera journalists around the world are calling for the release of our colleague mark percent has been detained in egypt and prison for a year stuff of the hour but channel based al-jazeera is headquarters in doha have been showing their support for hussein by marking the date he was taken into custody while visiting family security services say he's under investigation but have not referred him to a court and versions opposition leader jeremy coleman has also urged egypt to release hussein calling his imprisonment completely wrong. message presidencies. please release more with the saying but also please release of the journalists that are being held merely try to report the truth of what is going on without knowledge of the truth how do we know where we're all going and imprison journalists is completely wrong denying people the opportunity to understand what is happening in
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a particular society is completely wrong stand together everyone around the world for the necessity of the freedom of speech that is the right to know the right to know what journalists are finding out for us. we all mom has blog the united nations special envoy for entering the country yang lee was due to visit in january to assess the state of human rights including abuses against muslim will hinge and state police had the lack of cooperation suggested something terrible is happening and called on the government to reconsider more than six hundred fifty thousand refugees have fled to neighboring bangladesh since august escape a military crackdown. there's a lot of big words that have been. in my to there's this incident a lot of strong very strong condemnation but it doesn't seem like the military government is taking heed to any of this i think it was disappointing to.
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the international community could not want to come up with its junk or resolution while the security council. it was a presidential statement but that having said that it was an improvement we've come so far that we have never i think where the first person and the last president would never drop. me or my i would choose to go down this path it was opening up it was the road to democracy the transition the ration of the people you know all over this point to success story for me but i am really deeply. disappointed and they're ready saddened by the this decision. to deny cooperation with my
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mandate over there any other human rights mechanisms and most of while to silence people who speak out about these kind of we're jealous of these but to poland now with the president has accused you of lying about his country's plan traditional reforms that you has triggered a legal mechanism that could see the country stripped of its voting rights within the bloc brussels has the most or threat to democracy that has come on it was a message of defiance from warsaw to the european union potence president signing into the will to phil's reforming the judiciary something the e.u. had want against saying the change is threatening. holden's democracy was arms of provides and i think we've introducing very good solutions in poland i believe we're introducing solutions that will improve the justice system that will make people finally regained faith in justice regain faith in polish course and regain faith in the justice system just hours earlier the e.u.
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had taken an unprecedented step to try and stop poland forging ahead with a controversial reforms it launched article seven of the lisbon treaty a process that could lead to poland losing its e.u. voting rights sadly concerns of deep within a period of two years a significant numbers of laws have been adopted thirteen in total which put at serious risk the independence of the judiciary and the separation of powers in poland. since coming to power in twenty fifteen poland's right wing law and justice party has been at loggerheads with the e.u. and for its drive to tighten immigration and media laws analysts say the e's latest move is unlikely to worry the government i don't know where to call the law and justice the governing party in poland is riding high in the opinion polls i think that they are very adept at turning the battled with brussels to their own
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advantage they can say you just an unelected bureaucrats are trying to undermine our national sovereignty so they they will be perfectly content to think this one reckless way through over the past months polish opposition protesters have voiced their anger at a government they say is increasingly authoritarian. the e.u. has given poneman three months to address its concerns it may then consider suspending warsaw's voting rights but for that to happen all member states would have to agree and the problem for the e.u. is that hungary has already made it clear that it would veto such a move with such a butler al-jazeera. they are the highest court has ruled that the car hailing app as a transport company and must be regulated accordingly over argued that it's an online platform and should not be subject to the same rules as taxi outlets the bank reports from london. it's a landmark judgement with big implications for other online companies the european
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court of justice ruled that is a taxi service and not a technology firm as the company insists it will now have to comply to the same regulation as other transport firms rules that can be censored country level the long running court case was first brought by taxi drivers in spain with a backlash against goobers being explosive. thousands of taxi drivers took to the streets accusing the company of unfair competition there were similar scenes in several other cities this was paris and this demonstration brought central london to a standstill and deliberate on has been under mounting scrutiny after a driver with previous criminal convictions allegedly murdered a british embassy work in this month. period london had its license revoked back in september for breaching operating rules including its handling of alleged sex attacks still there were three and a half million users here and many were angry with that decision part of the
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company's ensuring appeal is that is sufficient and cheap once cheaper than traditional black cabs for now it's been allowed to continue operating in the capital while it appeals the decision. european court's ruling isn't legally binding but it does send a message to other high tech firms is one of several companies facing legal battles in recent years. another some francisco based firm allows people to rent out their homes to visitors but cities such as barcelona and berlin want to regulate usage to avoid driving up rents and forcing out locals experts say it's important to our poled regulation without stifling innovation if you look at many of the new take firms yes they have a new way of delivering things but the main reason they're making money is often by getting around roles techs regulation the kind of things that the average companies have to apply with the digital revolution is advancing at breakneck speed now the
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law needs to pick up the pace they've parker al-jazeera london now korea's president is facing a congressional vote on first day that could remove him from office of a corruption allegations. he has denied accusations that he had business ties with a brazilian construction firm bresh the company has been at the center of a bribery and corruption scandal that's caused a political upheaval across america. favorite in spain a queuing up for a holiday tradition they're buying tickets for the annual christmas lottery known as and go to bill or the fat on the draw for friday more than two billion dollars i paid out across the country to scores of when i was the lottery dates back to the nineteenth century. and again i'm going to have a problem in doha with the headlines on al-jazeera u.s.
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president donald trump passed threaten to cut off financial aid to countries that vote in favor of a draft united nations resolution opposing has decision to recognize jerusalem as israel's capital and one hundred ninety three member body will hold a rare emergency special session on thursday at the request of arab and muslim countries. the white house and the republican controlled congress is celebrating america's biggest tax reform bill and thirty years the controversial legislation means but cuts to corporate tax rates but critics say it will mainly benefit the wealthy at the expense of ordinary americans. the new head of south africa's ruling a.n.c. has promised to pursue what he calls a radical economic transformation and his first address as party leader civil around opposer is widely expected to become president talk to elections in two thousand and nineteen. the people of that country wanted a year. that lived up to its promise and this mission
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they want to see that lives. very loose. and holds fast to the principles that have defined it as the movement. they wanted a year and see that use this public office not just those that. developmental state. uganda's parliament has voted to amend the constitution and a controversial move which would allow president seventy to stand for election again the bill removes the age gap of seventy five years on the president along with seventy to further extend his three decades in charge. poland's president has accused the e.u. of lying about his country's plan judicial reforms that follows the triggering by the e.u. of a legal mechanism that could see the country stripped of its voting rights within the bloc brussels says the laws are
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a threat to democracy the use highest court has ruled that the car hailing app is a transport company and must be regulated accordingly rejected to this argument that it's an online platform and should not be subject to the same rules as taxi outlets right those are the headlines on al-jazeera produced day with as inside story is coming up next. some. one thousand days ago. and. three years later what's has been achieved.


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