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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  December 21, 2017 1:00pm-2:00pm +03

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business updates brought to you by. going places together. this is.
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a deliberate act two people arrested. while watching. violating aviation. flight with.
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welcome to the news are there are reports in australia that up to nineteen people have been injured after a car drove into pedestrians in melbourne a white s.u.v. crashed into a cable car stop on flinders street during late afternoon rush hour police have arrested the driver police arrived at the scene within minutes and arrested i mean at this stage we have fourteen people injured and several i critique on at this stage we believe is that a deliberate act and i repeat that at this stage we believe it is i deliberately act however we do not know the motivation and is still early stages of the investigation. under thomas joins me now live from sydney and while the police investigation continues just bring us up to speed for those that are joining us here on the news our andrew in terms of the timeline leading up to this incident. what happened just over four hours ago now just after fourth four thirty and four
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forty five local time in the afternoon in melbourne one of the busiest times for pedestrians right in the heart of the city right outside that city's main flinders street train station not only would workers have been coming out of their offices but of course as the christmas build up melbourne would be packed with shoppers as well and what appears to have happened this is a major roads because but it has a pedestrian crossing on it a big one at that particular spot and when this incident happened the lights were red for cause green for pedestrians they can go both. vertical horizontal and diagonal is one of those big junctions weapon western's can go in any direction and about five or six seconds after the lights went green for them it appears that this car accelerated witnesses talk of it going at eight hundred ninety even one hundred kilometers an hour straight through the junction hitting many pedestrians as it went through now the police say that fourteen people were injured several of them are critical with their injuries in hospital what we don't know yet crucially is
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whether they swung politically or ideologically motivated in which case it would count here as terrorism the place that they do believe it was deliberate there was some speculation immediately after that it could have been a terrible accident they don't think that i think it was deliberate we don't have yet is a motive because that will tell us a little more about why this instant place the last police briefing was two hours ago we're expecting another within the next half hour indeed let's just keep with the police line in terms that they are being very careful in their choice of words at the moment describing it as you say is a deliberate act that australia is no stranger to terror attacks at the moment we can't even confirm that. no australia as you say has hired terrorist incidents in the past most of them involving very sad of course but there were three deaths rather than more than that and most of them really stemming out of some kind of domestic incident that then someone radicalizes
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and it becomes therefore a terrorist incident off of that we haven't yet had an attack on this scale as much as a terrorist one the was an incident back in january very close four hundred meters away from where this latest one has gone through very similar a call went down the pedestrian ised road knocking over many people six people there were killed but that's still ongoing through the course of the moment the place to believe that that incident back in january was terrorist the man behind it they allege was a heavy drug he had mental health problems he had domestic problems at home as well they are charging him with murder but there's no suggestion that that incident back in january was a terrorist whether this one will be deemed as such will we will see in coming weeks months and beyond that perhaps within this goes to court but at the moment no they're not calling it a terrorist incident but one has been expected here in australia the government has said they're doing all they can to prevent any incident like this but there's only so much you can do of course but it strains of the softest of targets in sydney
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city center behind me they'd be putting up big balls to protect busy roads and pedestrians from calls in those roads you can't protect every street and the government here knows that and they've been saying that and they've been saying that expected something like this to happen that we don't know yet whether this is it whether this is a terrorist attack or we do know at the moment is the place i again they believe it was deliberate but they don't know what motivated the person who cared about or will even have to know under it of course so it will come back as we get more developments so let's stay here in the asia pacific area because we have breaking news coming out of the philippines where a ferry carrying two hundred fifty people is capsized another ferry was reportedly traveling from the town of. kay's all. destined for a little island now the coast guard says bad weather is hampering the rescue operation over the past week heavy rain and landslides triggered by tropical storm
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type to last more than forty people that. is our correspondent following events forced from the let's just talk about the inclement weather and how that's actually impacting all the way that the emergency services can get to the scene of the incident what we've spoken to representatives of the philippine navy those conducting and helping out with rescue operations so and they're saying that there is really no official by pulling advisory buy back has already left the country there was however this very very mean issue which is the rough seas there was a look also at the possibility that the ferry may have been over capacity but then it had the capacity of the hundred and their recorded number of passengers is two hundred fifty one right now the priority really is to conduct rescue operations the next eight hours they say will be very critical according to the philippine coast guards they are now working with members representatives of the philippine navy and
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air force but it's going to be critical it's nighttime here now there are scenes between these two islands is not going to make it easy so we're live at the moment to continue to monitor events with you in the philippines as we get more information thank you well the u.s. president has threatened to cut to un members who vote against his recognition of jerusalem as israel's capital at the request of arab or muslim countries the united nations will hold other burgeon see beating or my camera has the latest from new york. security council staff pose with the secretary general for an annual photograph is called then it's business as usual in the chamber like most other member states those represented here unwilling to comment publicly on the extraordinary letter sent by u.s. ambassador nikki haley ambassador did you receive the letter from hillary about the years many letters every day and the majority view apparently summed up by one
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representative who was willing to comment on our position in this case has been very clear we had the opportunity to express ourselves in the security council so so that's our very strong and prince principled position sweden was one of the fourteen council members who voted in favor of the jerusalem resolution monday the veto by the u.s. is accompanied by an angry statement from the ambassador what we witnessed here today in the security council is an insult it won't be forgotten what some would regard as a thinly veiled threat driven home in a letter circulated to all member states regarding the photo taken place in the general assembly thursday as you consider your vote the ambassador writes i want you to know that the president and the u.s. take this vote personally she continues the president will be watching this vote carefully and has requested i report back on those countries who voted against us
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president trump made clear what the possible consequences could be they take hundreds of millions of dollars and even billions of dollars and then they vote against us while we're watching those votes let them vote against us will save a lot we don't care. but privately many un members are outraged at the letters bullying and threatening tone and what was to be a vote condemning attempts to unilaterally change the status of jerusalem may gain even added significance in november more than one hundred fifty nations voted in favor of a resolution declaring all israeli actions in jerusalem as null and void as it was an occupying power a similar result in the general assembly thursday would also be a sweeping international rejection of president trump and his policies mike hanna al-jazeera united nations the turkish and palestinian foreign ministers dismiss trumps threats and said no country should be intimidated humane no we. the u.s.
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says we'll track down who voted for what and we'll report to the u.s. president we will get the names of the countries one by one what we do by getting these will you allow invasions into those countries or you punish them the world has changed the notion of i am powerful therefore i am right has changed now the world is rising against the unfair from now on no honorable nation no honorable state will bow to such pressure. this is really. over. and. there are. putting. on a new political he will go straight over to our correspondent michael ware who's in gaza so as we head closer to that united nations general assembly vote on their opinion about the u.s. stance on jerusalem what's the feeling on the ground where you are. people here are
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angry and incensed as they have been since the sixth of december when president trump announced that the u.s. would recognize israel recognize jerusalem as the capital of israel no particular response to what's expected at the u.n. g.a. later today in the resolution at the u.n. g.a. because it isn't politically binding but what it will show us is the level to which the u.s. has been diplomatically isolated or not by other u.n. members but people here ever since that the december have been happy to be in demonstrations most days small demonstrations on weekdays with a couple hundred people in larger demonstrations the last two fridays and another such demonstration is planned for tomorrow in terms of that level of anger and you talk about the demonstrations in certainly the garza region itself just give us a sense of what people are actually saying to you in terms of how angry they are because the anger has lasted nine old two and a half three weeks. that's right i mean people are greatly
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incensed by what the u.s. administration has said people widely believe that the u.s. and his example biassed is taking israel's side in any possible future peace negotiations so they feel that this is an affront on the palestinian cause the hamas spokesman said a short while ago that tomorrow they're planning another demonstrations to demonstrations one in the north of gaza and one in the south these typically start as street protests but after the street protests some protesters head toward the border with israel towards the separation wall and the last two weeks they've clashed with israeli soldiers stones have been thrown by protesters the israelis responded with tear gas and some live bullets as we're waiting to see what will happen tomorrow we're live in the suburban schools to back to you as the situation develops certainly thanks miles. oh plenty has still here all the al-jazeera news hour including defiance from bruce president the latest south american leader
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caught up in allegations of corruption. in sport the defending champions are knocked out of the english league cup he tells a tatyana coming. the former south korean vice president to use that trait tantrum delayed a flight in twenty fourteen will avoid more jail time south korea's top court ruled that showing young was on guilty of the most serious charge of changing a flight route and as kathy novak report show could have faced ten years in jail. it was a case of bad behavior that came to symbolize the power of south korea's most important people in december twenty fourth teen this korean air flight was leaving new york with then vice president and daughter of the company's chairman chill here not on
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board in the first class cabin show enraged over being served macadamia nuts in a bag instead of on a plate was hurling abuse at the cabin crew she demanded the pilot return to the gate so this man the head flight attendant could be thrown off in february twenty fifth tina district court ruled that in doing so show changed the planned flight route breaking aviation security law she was sentenced to a year in prison but three months later the high court overturned that verdict instead ordering a ten month suspended sentence on lesser charges on thursday the supreme court upheld that ruling. it is the majority opinion that it is difficult to interpret that the planes movement on the ground are part of the flight path with me review the aviation security laws. to south koreans this case is about much more than an incident of air rage it has highlighted what many years view as unjust levels of
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power wielded by those at the top of the nation's biggest companies democracy activist on gingold says the public is angry because it feels powerful people are receiving special treatment by the way. if there were a justice culture of setting an example by giving punishment as a warning to others or if major conglomerates were punished to a similar extent that ordinary people would be punished when such illegal activities would not persist aviation law was beefed up in the wake of the cho incident to punish cases of air rage more severely and in another recent high profile case the vice chairman of samsung j. wiley was imprisoned for five years on bribery charges he is also appealing that ruling kathy novak al jazeera sole. well we've. begun voting in a regional poll which may help settle the question of whether the province should secede from spain the leaders of the separatist movement or pitted against
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candidates who want to stay part of spain record turnout is expected in opinion polls suggest the candidates are neck and neck madrid called for the snap election after procession leaders held a vote in october to separate from spain well called pan hole is up one of the polling booths and joins me now because those polls have opened. the asked to call the public to try and vote today. morning so while we're here in the barcelona's industrial school this is one of the largest voting stations in the whole of catalonia and there were large crowds ahead of the opening as you might expect and now well business is brisk there's a constant stream of voters coming through you can see some of the people who are just arriving and what they're doing is picking up their voting papers here now if you look at some of these voting trade as well actually you reads more like a list of suspects the candidates that because remember these are highly abnormal
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elections because a lot of the candidates for the pro secession parties are either in jail in self-imposed exile or out on bail facing charges of rebellion if convicted they could spend the next thirty years in prison not because of the role that they played in organizing the october first referendum but for now today is much more organized than it was during that independence referendum on the first of october. here for example you can see families have come along voting in these transparent election boxes and all around this polling station as well there were scrutineers from all the major political parties keeping their eye on a vote. procedures trying to make sure that everything goes ahead as planned because each side is highly suspicious of the other neither side of course wants
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there to be any election rigging on a day like today of course coal is one of the most important domestic spanish votes in recent times though as you say much riding on it riding on it in terms of self-determination national not true national sovereignty pardon me and regional identity that's just to name a few so the political parties have to try and attract the right type of voters with the right type of promises. that's absolutely the case remember that this vote in itself is for the parliamentary elections it's not in and of itself a vote for secession but that is really the central issue here it is of course the most polarizing issue debate leading up to this during the campaigning has been pretty bitter on the one side we have those parties who want to remain with spain saying that b. independence will secession leadership has been decapitated on the other side we have those political parties to favor secession saying very much that they see this
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is a continuation of a referendum if they get a majority vote in these elections they feel that this will be a mandate to try and push ahead with secession of course central government will have a say in that because one of the conditions that central government has set for allowing these candidates to be sworn in to take their seats once they are elected is that they renounce any goal of trying to break away from the rest of spain so we'll leave it there for now to through the day thank you but sir return now to our top story in australia where a car has deliberately plowed into a crowd in melbourne rodger shanahan is a research fellow at the lowy institute for international policy could have you with us live here on al-jazeera the prime minister malcolm turnbull and quote i. from his twitter account is that as our federal and state police and security agencies work together to secure the scene and investigate this shocking incident our thoughts and prayers are with the victims of the emergency and health workers
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who are treating them he's put a lot of his own personal reputation into stating that australia is secure and his government will keep the country secure how secure can he keep it if this is possibly the work of either one of just two individuals or any country in the world. will accept there's one hundred percent guarantee of security when there's one z's or two zs try and do and then there's some plans impossible to stop as we in going to where there are indications that have this was not a terrorist incident there are some indications that helps there were major health problems. carry this out in still a breaking story as you said well sort of for security precautions have been put in place since we saw incidents for example at a cafe in sydney a recent incident again in melbourne in terms of the way that the police and the
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highways agency if i can put it so. innocently they're blocking roads making the more pedestrian eyes putting in security apparatus that would not allow vehicles into areas where there are a large protests trian crowns. so really i mean that's been a bit of focus areas of mass gathering. in by sydney melbourne and other population centers in this trial year there's pain quite some focus on that in to try and put out that. that are publicly friendly as far as we can make them to try and stop the ability of able to use to be able to pay what we have to understand this incident happened in the industry which is one of my major streets in the center of no one so you can block off entire streets as far as the. government has been able to in major population centers i try to make. walking
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areas safer walkers by blocking off. easy access for large vehicles regardless of what the motive was for using this vehicle we are seeing vehicles being used as a weapon globally we saw all spate of incidents in europe last christmas or during the christmas period how has the discourse in australia about national security in the wake of those sorts of incidents that obviously australians view and see and hear about in europe. well certainly i mean this is the. area of debate not only in astronomy but in. most of the world and particularly west democracies how do you allow freedom of movement hope able to play during the festive season wall at the state authorities us vice revive protection to them we've seen in the you know just in the spice in the last week in the u.k. there was allegedly a terrorist plot or valving around christmas hussein some arrests in germany in the
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last couple of days as well so security agencies are low to the potentially heightened threat around this time when they go on holidays people are gathering in large groups the divide in the strider is a little different to those in in europe are spies the difference in a stroller is that the government has been on the front foot of the last few years in changing the legislative approaches to this thread and the security authorities have a pretty significant legislative foundation that has been built up over the last four or five years to allow them to deal with these kind of threats well for the we will leave it at the moment to approach somehow the jordie view from the lowy institute in the city thanks very much the cooperation. now the u.n. tribunal for former yugoslavia the hague is closing its doors let's take a look back on its legacy now in more than ten thousand days six thousand six hundred four thousand six hundred fifty witnesses gave testimony on torture
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killings and ethnic cleansing in the former yugoslavia another court sentenced ninety people ranging from politicians to military officers for crimes against humanity genocide and other crimes the tribunal delivered one hundred sixty one high profile charges including against the former yugoslav president slobodan milosevic the bosnian serb leader radovan carriage and general ratko hundred thousand people were killed in bosnia and herzegovina between ninety nine to two in one thousand nine hundred ninety four as the former yugoslavia broke apart while karim carne is a barrister and former prosecutor at the united nations international criminal tribunals for the former yugoslavia and rwanda joins me now from the hague via skype very good to have you with us on the program sir can we just start with how successful do you think the i.t.c. y. is in being able to bring those or bring those justice that had committed crimes during the balkans war. thank you so i think it's be fantastically
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successful that you mentioned that one hundred sixty one indictments were brought. to trial today closes its doors for me not one word is outstanding. everybody has been accounted for if you had been trying or they passed away but there's nobody else can do there's no fugitives and i think that is a fantastic. success in deed i mean it was a difficult process getting those individuals to court so was dealing with the crimes committed here made easier because it was quite localized it was within the area and we're talking about neighbor against neighbor the crimes that were easier perhaps to investigate because there are many more witnesses available to come forward. and it was very difficult to investigate for that precise reason. that the former yugoslavia had broken out and there were strong sentiments nationalist sentiments on various science and people we saw it last week
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in the polish judgement and various groups have. news even today so when witnesses for any side come out and speak the truth i think they deserve a north because without the witnesses no trial would have been civil but there were significant difficulties investigating in the context of former yugoslavia the distinguishing factor was the political will among the security council. it's a europe would not be. a nation and they gave the court and the east. i think we seem to have lost our guest there karim car we will try and get more from him later in the day a very interesting of course time for the international criminal court in the hague which is closing its file on yugoslavia well in a few moments we'll have very latest weather with richard but still ahead here on
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al-jazeera. jobs jobs jobs donald trump and his party cheer for a passive overhaul of u.s. tax laws but not everyone is happy about the bill's critics say it favors the rich . thousands forced from their homes in southern tambourine as the government tries to bring unrest under control. and it's a few days to go until the winter olympics we'll look at the issues facing people cheering in sport. from the clear blue sky of the doha moony. to the fresh autumn breeze in the city of love. there's a pretty picture around parts of southeast asia at the moment not one but. showing up. stretching all the way from central parts of the
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philippines northern parts of borneo. behind me that. left of. it but. altogether. which is moving towards parts of the philippines so. when it went across this region and the difference is well one of the reasons that dropped just over five hundred millimeters of rain was the fact was going. at about twenty kilometers. the island of mindanao in particular from anything more than about three or four hundred millimeters of. rain would certainly be possible this is going to go towards southern parts of vietnam reaching there sometime on
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the twenty fifth of december but in the meantime a lot of those mean very stormy period for the philippines. this is. the one all american family. life. christmas with china. we headed to jerusalem bureau covered israeli palestinian affairs we covered this story with a lot of intimate knowledge we covered it with that dip in and out of the stories we have presence here all the time apart from being a cameraman it's also very important to be
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a journalist to know the story very well before going into the fields covering the united nations and all of the policy for al-jazeera english is pretty incredible this is where talks have end and what happens there matters. talk about comes the robin you're watching the al-jazeera news hour these are all top stories there are reports in australia that up to nineteen people have been injured after a car drove into better streets in melbourne the wind and suvi crashed into a tram stop near a pedestrian crossing on flinders street during late afternoon rush hour police have arrested the driver. a ferry carrying two hundred fifty one people as capsized
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in the philippines it was reportedly travelling from the town of unfun to the case of profits destined for ireland the coast guard says bad weather is hampering the rescue operation over the past week heavy rain and landslides triggered by a tropical storm. left more than forty people dead and. the polls have opened for catalonia as a regional snap election which may end spain's months long political crisis the leaders of the separatist movement pitted against candidates who want to remain part of spain. the white house and republican members of congress all celebrating the passing of donald trump's one point five trillion dollars tax overhaul now they say it will boost economic growth but critics say it won't help the wealthy and the poor can believe how could possible from washington d.c. . with nearly every republican lawmaker at his side donald trump did not pass up
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his chance to enjoy his first legislative victory after almost a year in office it's always a lot of fun when you win the passage of the most dramatic changes to the u.s. tax code in thirty years i always say the most massive but it's the largest tax cut in the history of our country and the reform but tax cut the tax reforms are controversy will big cuts to corporate tax rates from thirty five to twenty one percent democrats say will benefit the wealthy at the expense of ordinary americans it's a ponzi scheme the tax cuts are going to be meaningful for working families and every day americans and their jobs will never materialize republicans argue the cuts will make the united states more competitive with countries like china with similarly low corporate tax rates it's hoped this will encourage companies to do business in the u.s. and bring back jobs
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a key trump campaign promise but while this legislation is about reforming taxes it is also about winning donald trump failed to deliver on a campaign promise to repeal and replace the affordable care act or what many americans call obamacare it's a frustration donald trump has lamented for months. passing the tax legislation now allows trump to claim victory on both tucked inside the tax reforms is a repeal of an obamacare requirement called the individual mandate that forced all americans to buy health insurance or pay a tax fine the legislation still must go through legal review and may not be signed into law until the new year the president says americans will start to see tax relief as early as february the g.o.p. tax scam is a minor mental job but many americans remain skeptical most members of congress did not have time to read the hundreds of pages of changes to the hastily passed tax
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legislation thank you very much everybody and according to most polls two thirds of americans are doubtful the tax changes will have any positive impact on their lives kimberley health kit al-jazeera washington while staying in the u.s. a top u.s. senator has warned president trump against following special counsel robert mueller who is leading the investigation into russian meddling in last year's election mark warner the democrat on the senate intelligence committee was responding to growing attacks by trump's allies on realist impartiality wallace says the attacks is simply laying the groundwork for beulah's dismissal he says firing him would be a gross abuse of power and could provoke a constitutional crisis barring mr moller or any other of the top brass involved in this investigation would not only call into question this administration's commitment to the truth but also to our most basic concept rule of law it also has the potential to provoke
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a constitutional crisis while staying in the americas peru's president faces the toughest moment yet in his short presidency the so-called car wash scandal in brazil has affected many countries in the americas but now the case has turned into a political witch hunt in peru mounting on the sanctions reports from the capital lima. only seventeen months you know but it is precedent build a public option ski could be about to be removed from office on thursday he will defend himself in congress against allegations of graft that he dealt with brazilian construction giant other bridge while he held high government posts but in a televised message on wednesday he said he has always been transparent and hasn't done anything improper. i recognize i made mistakes i want to ask for your forgiveness with my mind clear and pain in my heart for not being careful with my information about my activities i am deeply sorry but this has never been
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a tool for dishonesty and criminal activities. which is key doesn't deny his company received payments all of it says it paid nearly four million dollars to businesses though he says they were managed by associates. we based the impeachment on the fact that when he was finance minister his company received money from the corrupt at a brick company and for lying to the country about it experts say legislators are imposing a fast track impeachment the popular force party led by for humanity who lost the presidential election by a tiny margin has already forced out five government ministers and now critics say it is after the president when the congress has given him an ultimatum to resign or be removed this violates his constitutional right to defend himself the presumption of innocence and due process it is a coup in the making. has asked the judiciary for
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a constitutional appeal to stop the impeachment for the organization of american states to send observers to watch how proceedings are conducted hours before the impeachment began thousands of proof bins marched in the center of lima saying they're disenchanted with the political class people here are not only furious. at the political majority they say they not only want to control. the country the opinion polls say nearly all politicians in office have lost the people's support that's why. we have to fight for a new constitution to restructure our country all these corrupt officials need to go president kaczynski says he will defend his mandate but even if he's able to hold onto the press. it will be very difficult to gain the trust of most peruvians . poland's president has accused the e.u.
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of lying about his country's plans judicial reforms the e.u. has triggered a legal mechanism could see poland stripped of its voting rights within the blog says the polish laws arthur threat to democracy let's cross over to australia press conference being held there in melbourne over the recent incident speaking there is the acting chief commissioner shane patton let's listen to what he has to say my old driving that car has been stationary name gone adelong the tram tracks driven intentionally we will allege through the intersection with elizabeth straight colliding with a large number of pedestrians that vehicle is then collided the mile has been arrested he's been arrested by an off duty police officer at the same person driving a car is resisted arrest and being taken into custody after somewhat of a fight between them as a result of that occurring there was also another twenty four year old miley in close proximity around that time that twenty four year old mile was seen filming
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the incident with his mobile phone and also had a bag that had position of some knobs in it that mile the twenty four year old was also taken into custody the offender in this incident incident who were alleging was driving the car we've reviewed footage and at this stage we're satisfied that he was driving the car without anyone else present at all he has been taken to hospital as a result of his injuries as has the police officer. as a result of the attack a large number of people were injured some critically which the premier will speak to soon obviously this is quite a fluid situation with the investigation unfolding crime command from victoria police has taken promise before the matter given that there are a number of critical people people critically injured we've also deployed a homicide squad and as i said the investigation at this tom is quite fluid what we do know about the drawbar of the cause he's
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a thirty two year old strain citizen of afghan dissent is a person who is known to be toria police he has historical assault messes he is not currently on any vile or any corrections order or anything of the lot and has a history of drug use as well as mental health issues we understand as i said distilleries very early dies that he is on a mental health plan and receiving treatment for a mental illness we would king through that is to clarify that he's still in custody under arrest for these offenses for what we allege is i deliberately act that is obviously this time we have the the same is being whipped through by a major collision investigation unit a range of investigators including the homicide flawed they are being supported by the canada terrorism command. we dined at this time have any evidence or any intelligence to indicate there's
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a connection with terrorism and i just want to reiterate that at this time we don't have any evidence for intelligence to indicate a connection with terrorism having said that however we continue to support this investigation without kana tearin command to ensure that there isn't that connection and that the is no ongoing threat we have no evidence to suggest theories but from a complete disrespect if that's what we're doing. in respect to where we go from here obviously the same is going to take some time to rehabilitate to work through the not we're hoping to have the same completed from an examination perspective thought in the morning but obviously will provide updates we will continue to provide those updates and will be another briefing tomorrow in respect to what mobeen people can expect over the next few days we're saying we're going to have an increased reassurance obviously from police we're going to have hundreds more police who will be out in a bath obviously this cricket game going on it's
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a festive season we have the carols we have the boxing day test we have no increased threat for any of those events let's be clear there is no increased threat at this stage we believe and understand these issues quarantine to the singular incident and we're exploring the extent of that. you will see police and obviously we lost the public you should come in you should continue coming enjoy yourself obviously this isn't a rethink incident and our hearts clearly go out to the whole families involved to the friends involved and anyone impacted who is at the scene at this time but we have to be strong and we have to continue on as a community we be asking everyone to continue coming in go to the carols go to the cricket continue to enjoy yourselves we will providing every level of assurance with which we can we are obviously in contact with out patna agencies. the strength police would sing together with them we have no intelligence holdings to suggest
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this person is a person of interest to us at this stage and so we're treating it as a single incident i will say and i think it's important to say as you are with chief commissioner ashton is on a break at the moment he has come into nought he's been present for a briefing with myself with the minister with the premier and to ensure that he was comfortable with the direction of the investigation he is he's reassured he will continue to be briefed and monitored but were he turned back on he's bright hell of a has been he given the significance of this incident and has spoken directly with the premier and the minister i think at this stage all pasta the premier and and eleven him to brief you. thanks very much on what could on flynn destroyed the soft in and was an act of evil and an act of callous at a time of the year when some many families celebrating the into the year doing
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their christmas shopping liking plans for what ought to be i fifty five season we have seen and horrific act an evil act an act of cowardice pipa tried it against innocent bystanders we are all caught up in this we are all deeply sad and deeply wounded or these terrible terrible act. it is again a source of product thing for all of us to think that strange is kind to the eye of playful i had never met before that have place far thought as ambulance paramedics were there in good time and did a job did a job that should be a source of pride for them and i think it's important that we knowledge at all victorians proud of them for the the diligent and professional why that i live a tight control of the sign and potential and avoid the potential for serious
1:46 pm
injury there are a number of people nineteen if indeed who have been admitted to hospital will provide you with a bright down as to their condition. fifteen in a stable condition for critical condition there are patients at the romell been seven in total two who are critical one place at the roll children's hospital who is not critical at the alford there are non placements two of whom are critical and at st vincents there are two patients and neither of them critical the offender is one of those patients and is not in a critical condition and in the off duty arresting officers on the member of the two. place who was prime in terms of. in terms of the timing the alleged offender did suffer some injuries and is receiving hospital treatment and i
1:47 pm
think we would be right to single him out for special price for the wine which he your children were speaking the premier of the state of victoria in australia daniel andrews proceeding with the acting chief commissioner shane paton giving us an update of the situation so far in central melbourne where a vehicle collided into a crowd of people over a dozen injured and several seriously listening in to that press conference is our correspondent andrew thomas andrew the acting chief commissioner was very clear on the individual that they've apprehended and also completely at the moment quite categorically not connecting this to terrorism. he certainly said that they haven't established any links with terrorism that isn't necessarily saying this wasn't a terrorist event but they're certainly not saying that as yet what they have said
1:48 pm
is a bit about the background of the man who drove through this pedestrian crossing injuring we now know nineteen people fifteen of whom are in a critical condition sorry fifteen are in a stable condition four in a critical condition in hospital what we know about the man driving that car is he's a thirty two year old australian of afghan descent interesting really the second person arrested at the scene was not inside the vehicle that had been some speculation that he may have been in the car he wasn't he was seen to be filming the incident on his mobile phone and when place arrested him looked inside his bag they found some knives and that's why he was taken into custody as well it's not clear whether he knew the man inside the car or not but interestingly as well what they've said as well about that man driving the car is that he was well known to police that he had well known mental health issues and a history of drug abuse as well and they as you say are not linking this explicitly not yet anyway linking this to terrorism as such and of course the problem is very
1:49 pm
clear trying to reassure the public in the lead up to the christmas holidays that they should continue life as normal there is a major international cricket match going on at the moment in melbourne and of course the the sales build up towards christmas day. absolutely well that tells us lots of things it tells us and they made this explicit as well that they don't believe this is part of any broader plot they don't believe anything else is imminent and they don't think that they need to raise the overall alertness of people living in melbourne but also they want people's lives to continue as much as normal as they possibly can as you say is the build up to christmas just a few days away there is this big cricket match happening or about to happen in melbourne as well they want people to carry on and they don't believe that this is the beginning of something bigger i think that's the important point they want to get across in this press conference at the moment they see it as an isolated event we'll leave it there for the moment of course continue to follow as time progresses with this sort of fast moving fluid story thank you well still ahead here on the
1:50 pm
al-jazeera news out. just. making the song birds singing you choose enough for war to his twenty fold franchise find a way in sport straight after the break. it's
1:51 pm
about it's time for sport has taught you thank you so much the hell it wasn't quite david and goliath but lowly bristol city managed to knock out defending champions manchester united out of the english league cup on wednesday they were beaten in
1:52 pm
the quarter finals of the competition bristol went ahead in the fifty fast minute of the game and manchester united latin abraham of it managed to equalise minutes later corey smith scored a last injury time goal for a two one victory chelsea are also on their way to the english league semifinals the current premier league champions chelsea so ross a bournemouth two want to one save on the all snow in the last four while bristol take on a manchester city while today marks exactly fifty days until the twenty eighteen winter olympics begin in chung organize a still face challenges regarding ticket sales the basically called weather that's expected and the political uncertainty over neighboring north korea for athletes so the only thing that concerned about is the competition itself and mckayla shifrin assessment of keeping her rivals worried for the first ever world cup ladies parallel slalom event was held in france on wednesday american beats the doc is petrova hova by four hundredth of
1:53 pm
a second to claim her second race win in court about in as many days see shifrin increased her lead at the top of the rule while cops standing to two hundred and ninety one point. bombing and has been officially announced as the host city for the twenty twenty two commonwealth games is said to be the most expensive sports event in britain since the london olympics this follows the decision in march to strip the south african city of durban as host. they would have been the first african city to take charge of the commonwealth games which was first held back in one nine hundred thirty. peru's captain is being given a reprieve by fee for paolo get out of his twelve month doping ban has been hauled meaning he'll be able to compete at next year's world cup the thirty three year old plays for a brazilian side flamengo was suspended after testing positive for a stimulant found in cocaine following a world cup qualifier in october he said it was from drinking tea to help with a cold what up on one hour finish in may just over one month before the start of
1:54 pm
the tournament. wild card when a hope solo is one of eight candidates named on wednesday for the presidency of the united states soccer federation five hundred and fifty voters will elect a replacement for outgoing leaders in a glossy at the annual meeting in florida in february it was a big day for announcements as well as major league soccer awarded a new franchise to the city of nashville the country music hall of fame was the venue for the unveiling though a time frame hasn't been determined for the league's twenty fourth franchise this is a great city we work together people love living here they love working here we get things done and we promise you they said at the time that m.l.s. would naturally be a great market seven time grand slam tennis champion venus williams will not face criminal charges over her role a fatal car crash she was involved in the incident happened in june near florida
1:55 pm
home she and another vehicle collided at an intersection a seventy eight year old man died his wife was at the wheel a police investigation has said that neither driver was at fault for the crash and both drivers have been cleared up. in the n.b.a. the golden state warriors be the memphis grizzlies on wednesday for that tenth straight victory meanwhile the san antonio spurs beat the portland trail blazers markets aldridge scored twenty two points and paul gasol added twenty and a season high seventeen. paul and could have won the game right at the end of the fourth quarter but c.j. mccullough missed this game winning three pointer. and be a player and as cantor says he'll continue to speak out against turkey's president . despite being threatened with a four year prison sentence tuckey state run news agency said on wednesday that they're seeking the penalty for a series of tweets posted last year trying to place for the new york knicks and
1:56 pm
would be tried in absentia he's also a known supporter of fertility girl in the us based cleric but i blamed by taki for last year's failed coup american or thirty's assisted country last year when turkey comes out as possible. only to just. hold people to even understand that there were several times such while i was under. the. times the new york islanders n.h.l. team have announced they're moving back to long island sing a billy joel joint to be n.h.l. commissioner and new york governor to announce the team's new one billion dollar arena that will be built on the grounds of the belmont park horseracing track in queens the islanders have been playing in brooklyn since two thousand and fifteen off to leaving their forty three year old venue on long island the islanders are back where they belong that's what today is all about it feels right it feels good
1:57 pm
is another sign that says the island is coming back. when they get cell phone when say the philadelphia flyers continued their great run they beat the detroit red wings for three for that seven victory in eight games and after celebrating their one hundred three with an eight one victory the toronto maple leafs came that they were beaten four two by the columbus blue jackets. and not for the hell of thanks very much tatiana let's just bring you up to speed with our main story of the day here on al-jazeera careering into a group of pedestrians in melbourne the also western australian city fifteen stable for in a critical condition according to the acting chief commissioner shane patten in the premier daniel andrews who gave a press conference just a short while ago
1:58 pm
a thirty two year old australian citizen of afghan background has been detained another man at the scene who was filming the event on a mobile phone also arrested it seems according to the authorities he was how had a bag of weapons in that too we will continue to follow this story throughout the day here on al-jazeera from tatiana me and the al-jazeera news team thanks very much for your time and your company dreamed up to take a follows in a few minutes to stay with us.
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