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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  December 21, 2017 2:00pm-2:33pm +03

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but if i think the real and they are real don't you think south america was designed to be the world's most advanced autonomous android is one of the more advanced robots in the world can or about feel that's a philosophical question it's not a lot of but you do socially connect on a subconscious level we are creating this new kind of entity. this toy on all does iraq. zero. thank you. at this age we have fourteen people injured in several critical. a deliberate act
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two people arrested after a car plows into pedestrians at a busy australian train station. you know just your own life from a headquarters and. also a heads. while watching those boats let them vote against us will serve a lot of. donald trump threatens un members as they prepare to vote on a resolution opposing his recognition of jerusalem as israel's capital. election day in catalonia it's a vote many hope will finally resolve spain's political crisis. and a top court acquits an airline heiress accused of violating aviation law by delaying a flight with her. hello as trillian police have now arrested two people in connection with
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a car attack in melbourne where an s.u.v. crashed into possessed ariens injuring several people it's not clear yet what the motive was but at a news conference in the last thirty minutes police say there is no evidence of a link to terrorism so far had a hawkster has more. panic in a street since central melbourne on a busy thursday afternoon witnesses say an s.u.v. accelerated into a crowd of christmas shoppers during rush hour it happened in the city's central business district just after a full thirty local time the area is close to melbourne's main train station. big tourist state police say the driver was wrestled to the ground and handcuffed after his car crashed and came to a stop a second man was also arrested at this age we have fourteen people injured and several i critique. at this stage we believe is it a deliberate act and i repeat that at this stage we believe it is i deliver it act
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however we do not know to my device and you still early stages of the investigation witnesses described how the car showed no signs of slowing down amongst the victims is a preschool age child immigration and border protection minister peter dutton said the have been five terror attacks in the country since the national threat level was increased in september two thousand and fourteen of syrian authorities and now on high alert meanwhile police in melbourne have cordoned off the area as police officers carry out further investigations out is there and just thomas joining us from sydney so police are not connecting it to terrorism so far but does that mean they're fully ruling it out. no there certainly not doing that as yet they say their investigation is ongoing in the not ruling anything out but it is important i think that they say that they knew a bit about the history of the man who carried this out the driver of the vehicle thirty two year old australian of afghan descent who was known to them he had been
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convicted in the past of assault he had a history of drug use and of mental health problems as well and they're saying crucially that there is no established link that they can find as yet to terrorism we now know a lot more about how this happened even if we don't know why what motivated him this is a junction in the middle of melbourne right in the heart of the center right outside flinders street station which is the main one in melbourne it's a funny set up because it's a main road but it's also a main pedestrian road as well as for cause and it also has trams running down the middle and that is what looks like has helped the driver to carry out this attack he apparently was for calls back at some traffic lights just as those traffic lights went rates to stop cause and green so that all the protest rooms could cross a full way junction of pedestrian junction he went into the tram trucks along the road and use the space in front of him so excel or right right across this junction taking out dozens it seems of pedestrians we had an update in the press conference
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a little under an hour ago now saying that there are nineteen people in hospital being treated but their injuries four of whom are in a critical condition fifteen of who are stable so we know a lot more about how many people were hurt a lot more about how the attack happened we don't yet know why what motivated this man to carry out this attack ok andrew thomas thank you. a ferry carrying two hundred fifty one people has capsized in the philippines the ferry was reportedly travelling from the town of in his own province destined for the low island coast guard says bad weather is hampering the rescue operation over the past week heavy rain and landslides triggered by tropical storm left more than forty people dead jimmy fallon's are going to joining us from manila so how are emergency services reacting to this incident. well the reason what we know that
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is that there are joint efforts with the philippine military the philippine coast guards right now to conduct in egypt rescue operations it's going to be difficult in the coming hours because of the rough seas and because it is already nighttime here in the philippines the ferry was carrying about two hundred fifty passengers on its way to poor little island when it cut sized on its we have around eleven am local time now it comes at a very difficult time it's christmas season where majority of filipinos are going home to their provinces after working in the greater metropolis but we're still getting unconfirmed number of fatalities and death tolls at the moment we're getting reports from the local government not much on the national government this is quite expected as they still try to collate information what is critical here to remember during is that the philippines as one of the worst biggest maritime accidents in the world the biggest actually happened on december twenty nine hundred eighty seven around thirty years ago when
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a passenger ship actually collided with an oil tanker that killed more than one hundred war than one thousand eight hundred filipinos that is actually one of the biggest mark time accidents in the world and according to experts it's even bigger than the titanic despite that not much has changed when it comes improving when it comes to improving the maritime security of so many of these vessels remember they ply around one thousand seven hundred islands of the philippines or to means to be seen just how difficult it's going to be but what we know right now is the next coming hours is going to be difficult for rescuers here in the philippines ok thank you the u.s. president has threatened to cut to un members who vote against his recognition of jerusalem as israel's capital at the request of arab muslim countries the united nations will hold an emergency meeting on thursday mike hanna has the latest from new york. security council staff pose with the secretary general for an annual
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photograph is called then it's business as usual in the chamber like most other member states those represented here unwilling to comment publicly on the extraordinary letter sent by u.s. ambassador nikki haley ambassador did you receive the letter from hillary about the years many letters and the majority view apparently summed up by one representative who was willing to comment on our position in this case has been very clear we had the opportunity to express ourselves in the security council so so that's our very strong a prince principled position sweden was one of the fourteen council members who voted in favor of the jerusalem resolution monday the veto by the us is accompanied by an angry statement from the audacity to what we witnessed here today in the security council is an insult it won't be forgotten what some would regard as a thinly veiled threat driven home in
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a letter circulated to all member states regarding the photo taking place in the general assembly thursday as you consider your vote the ambassador writes i want you to know that the president and the u.s. take this vote personally she continues the president will be watching this vote carefully and has requested i report back on those countries who voted against us president trump made clear what the possible consequences could be they take hundreds of millions of dollars and even billions of dollars and then they vote against us while we're watching those votes let them vote against us will save a lot we don't care. but privately many un members are outraged at the letters bullying and threatening tone and what was to be a vote condemning attempts to unilaterally change the status of jerusalem may gain even added significance in november more than one hundred fifty nations voted in favor of a resolution declaring all israeli actions in jerusalem as now and void as it was
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an occupying power a similar result in the general assembly thursday would also be a sweeping international rejection of president trump and his policies mike hanna al jazeera united nations well the turkish and palestinian foreign ministers dismissed trumps threats and said no country should be intimidated him in knowing that just the u.s. says we'll track down who voted for what and we'll report to the u.s. president we will get the names of the countries one by one what we do by getting these when you allow invasions into those countries we punish them the world has changed the notion of i am powerful therefore i am right has changed now the world is rising against the unfair from now on no honorable nation no one who will stay will bow to such pressure.
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and. let's not speak to the with khattab is a palestinian journalist says joining us via skype from mom and the threat by donald trump and his ambassador to the u.n. really puts jordan in a tough position how far is the king willing to go when it comes to this issue of jerusalem how far is he willing to stand up to the united states when jordan really depends on the u.s. for economic as well as military aid. it is true that joined that event there are now in the u.s. funding but you know u.s. funding comes from the american people and of the branding of the u.s. funding is from the american people not from the president or from looking up congress decide the u.s. president donald trump how much pressure is that putting on the king and the government to not only continue with the firm stance that they've taken when it
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comes to jerusalem but perhaps to take an even firmer stance i don't think the king needs any pressure to do standing for interest and you know is a descendent of the prophet and he he has this bill agreement with the palestinian authority to be the sponsor and and to be responsible for the holy places in jerusalem also jordan has a special clause in its agreement a peace agreement with israel jordan will be consulted on anything to do with the future of jerusalem so it's very much nearly got quite a bit earlier that was not happened in jordan was not consulted when it came to this particular issue of jerusalem. absolutely you know the americans would argue that this was not the final status issues but in respect of that the jordanians are very unhappy with the decision of the u.s. government they feel that the u.s. attempted to pre. debris decide and preempt what is the final status who will be
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and of course if there for a positive jordan will vote in favor of the general assembly. decision as a majority of the world countries would do that now because of anything but because that's respecting their own previous agreements you know it was the one thousand forty seven israel was admitted to the u.n. on a condition and the condition was a day except it be partition plan which considered jerusalem how corpus separate don't a separate entity that was to be dealt with in a separate way so the u.s. is what i think it's only agreement the israelis are valid in their own conditional acceptance of the un and the world body is respecting its own previous agreement but let me ask you though to what extent is jordan right now rethinking its strategic alliances because certainly what we saw on display in istanbul last week at that oh i see summits is various divisions between countries in the arab world
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so was that making jordan or rethink its strategic alliances. there is a problem i want to be in and i want to through this morning saying that there is a big split now between the arab country than it was reflected in this town hall meeting and we saw this speaker of the jordanian parliament meet the ambassador of iran in a while in and then most of iran supported jordan's and the hashemites role in jerusalem so we are seeing an attempt by jordan to revisit some of the alliances and to make sure that their back is covered by other alliances other than what has always been and western alliance support ok though with qatar we thank you for speaking to us from jordan. still ahead on al-jazeera. it means jobs jobs jobs jobs donald trump and his party cheer for a massive overhaul of u.s. tax laws but not everyone is happy about the bill critics say it favors the rich. and defiance from peru as president the latest south american leader caught up in
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allegations of corruption. welcome back we'll look at weather across asia this time now in northeasterners it's all looking relatively quiet we've got frontal systems that the pacific but generally pressures fairly high at the moment so that means fine weather conditions for many if not particularly warm one or two shows on the western side of honshu but tokyo should be drawing fine temperatures above freezing across the korean peninsula and beijing coming with my some of nine degrees moving the forecast on twenty four hours not a great deal to be said here still looking relatively dry for many and temperatures not too bad further south in shanghai and seventeen degrees so look across more southern parts of china and taiwan weather conditions fine temperatures close to average for the time of year and then as we head into saturday fine conditions
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across much of vietnam you've got to get into central areas to pick up any showers and those are looking particularly heavy across now some b.m.r. also looking at fine conditions with highs the thirty one in yang gone for southeastern parts of asia it's a very messy situation here we've got contact that we've got ten been pushing in there could be some very heavy rain across southern parts of the philippines circulations further south giving heavy showers across the indonesian archipelago and then up through the a plan should weather conditions look as though they will probably deteriorate over the ice to twenty four hours certainly kuala lumpur northwards we could see some very heavy rain. united way getting something for. its first season of excess this is made in china . are for one all american family a challenge. the sucks of life without the welds factory we don't make any game
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what is our economic christmas without china a witness documentary this time to come out. hello again the top stories on al jazeera there are reports in australia that up to nineteen people have been injured after a car drove into pedestrians in melbourne a white s.u.v. crashed into a tram stop near a pedestrian crossing on flinders street during late afternoon rush hour police have arrested the driver. a ferry carrying two hundred fifty one people has capsized in the philippines it was reportedly travelling from the town of infanta
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in quiz on province destined for a police island the coast guard says bad weather is hampering the rescue operation over the past week heavy rain and landslides triggered by tropical storm kai tak left more than forty people dead. u.s. president has threatened to cut aid to un members who vote against his recognition of jerusalem as israel's capital at the request of arab and muslim countries the united nations will hold an emergency meeting on thursday. catalans have begun voting in a regional poll which may help settle the question of whether there province should secede from spain the leaders of the separatist movement are pitted against candidates who want to stay part of spain a record turnout is expected many in polls suggest the candidates are neck and neck madrid called for the snap election after pro secession leaders held a vote in october to separate from spain pennell is at one of the polling booths in
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barcelona joining us now when we were looking at the live pictures of moments ago and judging by these pictures karl there seems to be a lot of appetite for this vote tell us what you've seen in terms of turnout. absolutely durian i want to show you around here a little bit weren't alone is the industrial school and there has been a very close stream of voters turning up yet now there's not a build up of them because it looks white now like the bus. the process is slick it's efficient you can see here one of the transparent ballot boxes here voters will come along and then a closed envelope put their voting slips in there yes ok at the start of voting before polls were open there were long lines forming but now things are moving very very smoothly i want to show you as well when people first come in they'll come through the door and they'll be picking up their list is proportional
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representation here and how to load yeah and if this is the curious thing about this in election because if you take some of these voting slips they look more like a list of police suspects than of candidates and that is because a lot of the top politicians running for election to parliament are either in jail have gone in self-imposed exile or out on bail because banish judges have accused them of charges of rebellion an incitement that relating back to that over top of the first referendum which was approached on whether catalonia should break away from the rest of spain and that is when the spanish government stepped in with emergency powers and cool new elections for this parliament but it's an issue the issue of capital and secession or not is the real polarizing issue this is something as deeply divided kaplan society and this is something that is generating what people predict will be a very high turnout today during so many. problems then for the voter analysts
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you're speaking to were polls predicting. well i would suggest that we steer away from opinion polls they have been highly controversial on all sides today this is really the only opinion poll that counts the election that's going ahead there are three potential scenarios that the pros. secession talk of parties could win a majority in the parliament and that would mean more political turmoil they would press ahead quite probably today if that's for catalonia to break away from the rest of spain another hour comic doesn't seem that likely is that those toddies in favor of staying with spain who would win a majority and end secession aspirations for perhaps a generation and the other night the other the other outcome politico suggest is the nightmare scenario and that is that neither brought by the unionist nor
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secessionist with a majority and that means that political turmoil will rumble on and on the ring ok karl thank you for that update from barcelona. the former korean air vice president who is not rage tantrums delayed a flight in twenty fourteen will avoid more jail time south korea's top court ruled that show human are was not guilty of the most serious charge of changing a flight route and this cafe novak reports cho could have faced ten years in jail. it was a case of bad behavior that came to symbolize the power of south korea's most important people in december twenty fourth teen this korean air flight was leaving new york with then vice president and daughter of the company's chairman chilled on board in the first class cabin show enraged over being served macadamia nuts in a bag instead of on a plate was hurling abuse at the cabin crew she demanded the pilot returned to the
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gate so this man the head flight attendant could be thrown off in february twenty fifth tina district court ruled that in doing so show changed the planned flight route breaking aviation security law she was sentenced to a year in prison but three months later the high court overturned that verdict instead ordering a ten month suspended sentence on lesser charges. on thursday the supreme court upheld that ruling. eastham majority opinion that it is difficult to interpret the plane's movements on the ground are part of the flight path with me review to security laws to south koreans this case is about much more than an incident of air rage it has highlighted what many here of you as unjust levels of power wielded by those at the top of the nation's biggest companies. democracy activist on gingold says the public is angry because it feels powerful people are receiving special
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treatment by they too will get bunny if there were a justice culture of setting an example by giving punishment as a warning to others or if major conglomerates were punished to a similar extent that ordinary people would be punished in such illegal activities would not persist aviation law was beefed up in the wake of the cho incident to punish cases of air rage more severely and in another recent high profile case the vice chairman of samsung j. wiley was imprisoned for five years on bribery charges he is also appealing that ruling kathy novak al jazeera soul. well the white house and republican members of congress are celebrating the passing of donald trump's one and a half trillion dollar tax overhaul they say it will boost economic growth but critics say it will only help the wealthy and hurt the poor family halakhah it has more from d.c. . with nearly every republican lawmaker at his side donald trump did not pass up
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his chance to enjoy his first legislative victory after almost a year in office it's always a lot of fun when you win the passage of the most dramatic changes to the u.s. tax code in thirty years i always say the most massive but it's the largest tax cut in the history of our country and the reform but tax cut the tax reforms are controversy big cuts to corporate tax rates from thirty five to twenty one percent democrats say will benefit the wealthy at the expense of ordinary americans it's a ponzi scheme. the tax cuts are going to be meaningful for working families than every day americans and their jobs will never materialize republicans argue the cuts will make the united states more competitive with countries like china with similarly lower corporate tax rates it's hoped this will encourage companies to do business in the u.s. and bring back jobs
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a key trump campaign promise but while this legislation is about reforming taxes it is also about winning donald trump failed to deliver on a campaign promise to repeal and replace the affordable care act to what many americans call obamacare it's a frustration donald trump has lamented for months. passing the tax legislation now allows trump to claim victory on both tucked inside the tax reforms is a repeal of an obamacare requirement called the individual mandate that forced all americans to buy health insurance or pay a tax fine the legislation still must go through legal review and may not be signed into law until the new year the president says americans will start to see tax relief as early as february the g.o.p. tax skin is a monumental job but many americans remain skeptical most members of congress did not have time to read the hundreds of pages of changes to the hastily passed tax
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legislation thank you very much everybody and according to most polls two thirds of americans are doubtful the tax changes will have any positive impact on their lives kimberly helped get al-jazeera washington. president faces the toughest moments yet in his short presidency this so-called scandal in brazil has affected many countries in the americas but now the case has turned into a political witch hunt in peru. reports from its capital the. only seventeen months in office but the precedent big republican to ski could be about to be removed from office on thursday he will defend himself in congress against allegations of graft that he dealt with brazilian construction giant over the budget while he hailed high government posts but in a televised message on wednesday he said he has always been transparent and hasn't done anything improper. i recognize i made mistakes i want to ask for your
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forgiveness with my mind clear and pain in my heart for not being careful with my information about my activities i am deeply sorry but this has never been a tool for dishonesty and criminal activities. which is key doesn't deny his company received payments all of it says it paid nearly four million dollars to businesses though he says they were managed by associates. we based the impeachment on the fact that when he was finance minister his company received money from the corrupt at a break company and for lying to the country about it experts say legislators are imposing a fast track impeachment the popular force party led by marty who lost the presidential election by a tiny margin has already forced out five government ministers and now critics say it is after the president when the congress has given him an ultimatum to resign or
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be removed this violates his constitutional right to defend himself the presumption of innocence and due process it is a coup in the making. has asked the judiciary for a constitutional appeal to stop the impeachment for the organization of american states to send observers to watch how proceedings are conducted hours before the impeachment began thousands of proves marched in the center of lima saying they're disenchanted with the political class people here are not only furious. at the political majority they say they not only want to control. the country the opinion polls say nearly all politicians in office have lost the people's support that's why. we have to fight for a new constitution to restructure our country all these corrupt officials need to go president kaczynski says he will defend his mandate but even if he's able to hold onto the press. and see it will be very difficult to gain the trust of most.
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scientists and. north korea has refuted u.s. claims that was behind this year is widespread want to cry cyber attack the trumpet ministration previously said it had evidence that pyongyang had initiated the global attack in may want to cry if infected hundreds of thousands of computers and hospitals banks and homes. hello again the headlines on al-jazeera police in australia say a car deliberately round into with estrogens in the city of melbourne injuring up to nineteen people a white s.u.v. crashed into a tram stop on flinders street during late afternoon rush hour something injured are in critical condition police have arrested the driver and another person. alisa roth at the scene within minutes and
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a risk to flee i mean at this age we have fourteen people injured and several i pretty cold. at this stage we believe that a deliberate act and i repeat that at this stage we believe i believe. however we do not know if my device and the early stages of the investigation a ferry carrying two hundred fifty one people has capsized in the philippines it was reportedly travelling from the town of infanta in quiz on province destined for polio island's coast guard says bad weather is hampering the rescue operation over the past week heavy rain and landslides triggered by tropical storm left more than forty people dead. the u.s. president has threatened to cut aid to un members who vote against his recognition of jerusalem as israel's capital at the request of arab and muslim countries the united nations will hold an emergency meeting on thursday and the turkish and palestinian foreign ministers dismiss trump's threats and say no country should be
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intimidated humen know where the new packages the u.s. says will track down who voted for what and will report to the u.s. president we will get the names of the countries one by one what we do by getting these will you allow invasions into those countries we punish them the world has changed the notion of i am powerful therefore i am right has changed now the world is rising against the unfair from now on no honorable nation and i want to build a stable bell to such pressure. catalans have started voting in a regional poll which may help settle the question of whether there province should secede from spain the leaders of the separatist movement are pitted against candidates who want to stay part of spain and the record turnout is expected another north korean soldier has defected to the south the fourth this year the governments in seoul says he crossed the demilitarized zone those are the headlines on al-jazeera inside story is coming up next.
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some call it sounded arabia squad mile one thousand days ago put together an coalition to fight the rebels particular over much of yemen but almost three years later what has been achieved this.


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