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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  December 21, 2017 9:00pm-10:01pm +03

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heartsease al jazeera investigates the world of performance enhancing drugs. sports talking the endless chase at this time. big business is replacing humans with robots now the rhythms of the government's a playing catch up terrified of what happens if millions of jobs cease to exist. but it is the workers whose livelihoods are at stake who have no say. the fourth industrial revolution and what it means for the future of humanity. a series of special reports on al-jazeera.
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and this is a news hour earlier from london coming out. in favor one hundred twenty eight against nine. un votes by a huge majority in favor of a resolution condemning the u.s. recognition of jerusalem as israel's capital. voting is underway and counts alone in an election many hope will finally resolve spain's political crisis. and at least four people are dead after a ferry capsized in stormy weather off the philippines more than two hundred people were rescued. and i'm peter hall with all the day's sports news a saudi arabia and the united arab emirates walk out of a news conference on the eve of the gulf protesting the presence of qatari media.
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we begin at the united nations where the general assembly have just voted by a huge majority to declare u.s. recognition of jerusalem as israel's capital null and void a spokesman for the palestinian president mahmoud abbas described the vote as a victory for palestine and israel has already rejected the vote and thanked u.s. president trump for his stance on jerusalem one hundred twenty eight voted for the resolution with just nine against and thirty five abstentions conscious who sided with america where israel guatemala honduras marshall islands micronesia nuru allow and togo palestine's minister for foreign affairs told the general assembly that jerusalem remains the key to peace in the middle east. lisa. we meet today not because of any animosity towards the us but because of a decision which constitutes immigration on the genuine and natural right of the
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title of palestine and to all the muslims and christians of the world the american decision or not and heck the status of jerusalem as the holy city rather it will impact the status of the us as a mediator of peace but israel's ambassador to the u.n. criticize the body for what he called its double standard. of caution that the united states the fusion is the one sided and harmful to peace the opposite is true you the one sided steps of the palestinians and the un that have pushed away for use with every and there is a revolution with every attack on my people the un has perfect it it's double standard by recognizing jerusalem as israel's capital the us will move its embassy there and the us ambassador to the un nikki haley says america will go
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ahead with the move regardless of the un vote america will put our embassy in jerusalem that is what the american people want us to do and it is the right thing to do. no vote in the united nations will make any difference on that but this vote will make a difference on how americans look at the u.n. and on how we look at countries who disrespect us in the un and when mike hanna joins us live now from the united nations in new york mike you just pull apart the figures a little bit palestinians had hoped for maybe as many as one hundred fifty to come behind them on this turkish resolution wasn't quite that many why do you think there were there abstentions and of course those against. well let's just go over the figures that were reflected in a similar vote on jerusalem taken by the general assembly back in november there were six votes against this number has increased to nine toko togo duress and
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guatemala joining the no votes including of course the us but on the last occasion as well there were only six abstentions on this case you've got thirty five abstentions so possibly this is a result of what many members saw as a hectoring bullying campaign by president trump and his ambassadors including the threat of financial retaliation should member states vote in favor of this particular motion but even given that this massive majority vote going way above the two thirds needed to pass a resolution is in the way a very strong repudiation not only of president trump and his decision to recognize jerusalem as a couple of israel but also the tactics that he and his ambassador have used in attempting to get this vote rejected i don't particularly like the ambassador
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to the u.n. the u.s. ambassador nikki haley even when affair they're saying that obviously the u.s. is the biggest contributor to the u.n. and this will change the way the u.s. sees the u.n. could this end up with with a shift from the u.s. within the u.n. family. well the u.s. has since the trumpet ministration come into power been hinting at cutting contributions to various aspects of the un operations it does pay as much as a quarter to keep the various organizations off the u.s. u.n. running including peacekeeping but it does seem particularly from president trump's comments yesterday that at present the focus is a very personal one if one can put it that way is that he's going to go after member states states perhaps such as yemen who introduced this particular resolution and who in this year got well over six hundred fifty million dollars in
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humanitarian aid from the united states but it does appear from president trump's comments and indeed nikki haley's comments that the immediate target is going to be a retaliation against individual states rather than at this stage any form of organized coordinated action against the united nations itself that may change the in the days and weeks ahead given the nature of this u.s. administration as mike hanna there giving us his reaction to that vote at the united nations general assembly well how the abdel i mean it is in ramallah where of course it matters the most and the reaction there so far harder it's a victory as far as the president is concerned. yes absolutely and actually there was an issued a statement issued from his office in where they. talked about victory but also about basically. praising the fact that the international community did not
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bow to bullying and basically backed legitimacy now this statement went ahead saying that the palestinians will continue all deference in being international organizations do u.n. diplomatic initiatives as till they reached the creation of a palestinian state you do get the sense really when you speak to officials here and that was before this vote but they were pretty confident that it was going to resume should was going to pass they felt quite strong about it you do get a sense that there is a momentum and they know they have and the palestinians have a mentor him and they have to get it right they don't only have to get it right because there is pressure from the international community because of all the attention they're getting but they have to get it right because the palestinian people themselves are sort of this illusion that this stage they not only
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angry at the u.s. and israel but they also angry at what they see as weakness from their own authorities today is a lot of pressure on the leadership here. president mahmoud abbas is now in france he's going to meet with emanuel macor yesterday and from what we understand and we'll have to see how all of this unfolds but what do what he's going to try to get is to get as a bloc to recognize the state of palestine and they leave it to individual european countries on them to themselves to whether they like to do installed those bilateral relations yes or no because we did see through this vote that certain european countries were on the side of the. u.s. and israel thank you harder harder doesn't mean that with the reaction in ramallah let's switch across to west jerusalem effectively the other side where harry force that joins us live harry just reading the comments from one senior politician that
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israel should cut ties with the u.n. and expel the organization from jerusalem i mean really they reaction is quite severe where you are yes it's not the first time that those sorts of threats have been made and so far the u.n. retains its headquarters here but certainly there has been extremely strong language directed at the u.n. from very senior israeli politicians the prime minister among them the representative there in new york as well and we've heard a brief. statement from one of the prime ministers official spokespeople saying that the the government of israel rejects this vote and at the same time. those countries the forty four countries that didn't vote for it the thirty five abstentions the nine votes against now obviously there had been a fairly strong play by israel to try and lobby some of the countries with whom it has been trying to develop race relations in recent years to not come on board with
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this resolution and despite the fact that there is a hugely overwhelming vote in favor of that resolution and it really does marginalize the u.s. position on the israeli position to a large extent israel is trying to accentuate the positive in terms of the negative votes or the extensions many thanks very for sit there with the latest out of western. coming up on this news hour from london the red cross warns there are now one million suspected cases of cholera in yemen. we'll tell you about the linguistic divide that's causing thousands of them cameroonians to think safety in neighboring nigeria. and it's fifty days to go until the winter olympics speech will tell us about the issues facing later on in sport. the u.s.
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has imposed sanctions against dozens of people and businesses accused of human rights violations and corruption one of those targeted is an army general in myanmar accused of leading a campaign of ethnic cleansing against their hinges the u.s. has also drafted a u.n. resolution banning nearly fifty percent of petroleum exports to north korea can really help joins us live now from the white house with much more kimberly i have to say interesting timing with what's going on in new york nations today for this to to emerge and tell us a little bit more about those that have been fingered. it's always interesting to hear at the trump white house is what my experience has been in the last almost year or so you're right just when you think there is one major story of the day two and three can pop up and this is an example of that certainly this is something that has been in the works for some time of course we know that has been quiet here
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at the white house and we do know that the white house has been watching very carefully as the events are taking place at the united nations we're still waiting for reaction from that of press the white house number of times about that but in the interim perhaps as a distraction as some have suggested we see now have this executive order being signed against entities individuals what this is essentially is that the first use of the trumpet ministration of what's known as the global magnitsky act that was first expanded under barack obama and what this does as you point out is it freezes the assets blocks access to the global financial system for a number of individuals including a million marginal accused of ethnic cleansing and of course this is a follow up to a very strong statement from the u.s. secretary of state rex tillerson saying that in fact the actions against the will hinge and rock and state amounted in the eyes of the united states to ethnic cleansing so certainly this is an example of these sanctions that have been announced of the united states using as it has said repeatedly all of its tools at
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its disposal to promote human rights and adding to that also to this request by the trumpet ministration to the united nations with regard to north korea feeling that the saying things that were put in place there in september were violated with regard to petroleum exports now asking for in light of the view of the united states those sanctions being violated for further and tougher action many things can really help with. the wind. at least four people have died after a ferry with hundreds onboard capsized off the philippines it was traveling from the town of in fact turn to k.c. on providence to polydor island in rough seas the navy and coast guard have managed to rescue two hundred forty people some of whom were injured seven people are still missing jamal island has more from manila. according to the philippine government
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the next few hours is going to be critical rescuing those who remain trapped and stranded out at sea is now being conducted by the philippine military there is the air force there is a need also working with the philippine coast guard but it's not going to be easy because of the rough seas and because it's already nighttime here in the philippines what we know is that around eleven am local time around two hundred fifty passengers was on the ferry on its way to poor little island when it capsized it comes at a very difficult time here in the philippines it's christmas season the most important time of the year for filipinos as the goal at this time on their way home to their provinces to celebrate the holidays with their families surprisingly though this kind of accident is the thing new in the philippines the philippines holds one of the worst records when it comes to maritime accidents still that has not been any we helped improve maritime standards here in the philippines the worst
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on record was around thirty years ago when the passenger ship collided with an oil tanker and left more than one thousand eight hundred people dead the international committee for the red cross says that the number of suspected cholera cases in yemen has reached one million the u.n. says yemen is facing the world's worst humanitarian crisis with eighty percent of its population suffering from a shortage for food clean water and access to health care that has more. more than twenty two hundred yemenis have died from cholera since late april the disease continues to spread in what the u.n. has called the world's worst cholera outbreak the international committee of the red cross says yemen now has one million cases. going to got even though it is figures that we did with the u.s. one hundred twenty seven. not that good idea yet but no we cannot recall these
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d.d.'s why because children have not been vaccinated and we want to know what next more than eighty percent of yemenis can't get food or clean water and lack access to health care and fuel adding to their misery aid groups have struggled to deliver supplies since november that's when the saudi led coalition blocked all ports of entry saying it needed to halt the flow of weapons to the rebel who thiis vowing to international pressure the coalition has allowed some aid in but the u.n. says it's still not at the level required to help the more than twenty million people in need a shortage of commercial goods is also driving up prices. the price hike will cost starvation of thousands of people many goods can't enter the market because of the closed airports and ports on the other hand we don't have enough money to buy things not only the people but the whole country struggling to survive more than two and
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a half years of war has battered the country's infrastructure making the water supply unreliable and yemenis are trapped in a dangerous cycle malnutrition compromises the immune system and cholera exacerbates malnutrition the majority of people can survive cholera if given fluids to rehydrate and antibiotics in extreme cases aid groups are trying to expand access to health care and clean water one giant obstacle remains the war natasha going to al-jazeera a straining place have ruled out terrorism as a motive behind a deadly car running in melbourne and nineteen people were injured when a man plowed his vehicle into a busy intersection they say vagina the history of mental health issues. catalans are voting in a crucial election that could mark a turning point for their region just chain once after a failed secession bed chicken spain's worst political crisis in decades turned out
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a seventy percent has been recorded so far with process session and unity candidates neck and neck in the polls paul brennan reports from barcelona. i outside catalunya is largest polling station the queue to vote formed early and stretched out of the gates and down the street the polling day underway a mood of calm determination replaced the bitter words and strident campaigning of recent weeks inside voting was brisk turn out to be a crucial factor in the catalonians proportional representation system the prospect of an outright victory for either of the two main camps process session or pro unity it's extremely unlikely it's just too tight but a lot will depend on a so-called silent majority of up to a million undecided voters with catalan president colleagues preach them all still in self-imposed exile in brussels a proxy vote was cast for him by eighteen year old laura son show her reason simple
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. simply because he is in exile and i think that's not the why politics should work and i feel like he just needs my voice. the teddy cover us family are firm secessionists on october first they voted yes to independence on thursday they walked the short distance to the nearest polling station and did it all over again promise you i feel that we have to come and vote we could have boycotted this election but if you don't vote you don't count and we hope it's going to be worthwhile but across town this family is just as firmly aligned with spanish unity whatever the result of this election catalonia will remain divided and even familiar. within the family were fine because we all feel the same way as normally well it's but on a social level we've lost friendships lost friends at work because of political debate but it divided us and. secessionist believe their cause has been
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strengthened by madrid imposing direct rule and by the jailing of catalan leaders suspicious at madrid's refusal to allow international election observers activists are conducting their own shadow count of votes opinion polls suggest the most likely result is a hung parliament with pro secession his party's forming the biggest block and that will do nothing to repair the deep fractures and recriminations that have emerged during spain's worst political crisis since the return to democracy forty years ago . paul brennan al-jazeera barcelona. a couple hole joins me now from barcelona who's been out and about with his old taiko i hesitate to ask this but does a huge turnout give us any sense of which way the vote is going. right now it is difficult to talk about huge turnouts although you are absolutely right in some preliminary results from one of the official bodies they do suggest that we are on
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course the potentially a record turnout will have to wait still for bad enough for now which is when the ballot closers to see if those predictions are fulfilled some political analysts have suggested in fact that the perhaps a high turnout will help the unionist vote those who want to stay on to spain it must be said however that the whole issue of independence will secession the one that is on the law aimed at this whole column entry election has really polarized society and take does seem from those figures that everybody really wanted to come out today and have a say soon and it has been called a political crisis it was probably not difficult to overestimate how they impact of this is going to have on the area and how important is it that this is a decisive result. yeah you're absolutely right i don't think we can underestimate this is a toll this is a political crisis not just for catalonia but for the whole of spain it's also
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become an economic problem as well the other day spanish prime minister mariano rajoy yes tamate at the catalonia crisis it shaped movement half a percentage point of economic growth this year and as we know more than three thousand companies normally based in catalonia have shifted corporate headquarters out of the region because of this that is why the spanish prime minister the spine essential government hoped that by calling this not parliamentary election that could drew a line under this crisis but that really does depend. on the phone because if the pro separatist rock does manage to renew its majority in the catalan parliament this cook crisis could go on for months and months who are the other nightmare scenario courting to political analysts is that of a hung parliament when the poor brennan there was mentioning in his report and if it is a hung parliament that could mean the within two months catalonia has to head back
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to the polls for moral agents to see if they can consolidate either the unionist or the separatist bloc in parliament so that at least one side takes it to troll a marks a definitive line to hold the futurists are banning the company whole that with the latest on not voting in barcelona. thousands of people are fleeing unrest in english speaking areas of southern cameroon the government has banned public gatherings suspended transportation and shut businesses as activists seek a state independent from the majority french speaking areas with interest reports from southern nigeria where many of the displaced are thought refuge. dazed and confused at a mark or struggles to come to grips with their new reality was. the refugee mother of eight is also forced to take on the additional responsibility of looking after two other children orphaned by the fighting in an insult in cameroon
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gendang he was easier to baghdad rock where their father was killed their mother died of a heart attack a few days later my late sister's children it was a struggle looking after my own and now there. are the more than thirty thousand refugees now in southern nigeria are being looked after by the nigeria refugee agency and a few non-governmental organizations but many here say they don't have much to eat or in the way suitable to live. beatrice and he also displaced by the violence struck for three days before reaching safety in nigeria she was eight months pregnant. i saw soldiers killed two young men for pushing up a flag in troops invaded and started shooting at people that was when i decided it wasn't safe for me or my baby most of the five hundred displaced in this camp on the hills overlooking. women and children so one hundred fifty
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kilometers away from here is another camp populated mainly by young men it's late evening in this makeshift camp close to when i do not come out of war there up to a thousand refugees leaving for access to the cramped conditions and the color of the thoughts on their minds as they go to bed many of them will go hungry tonight or tomorrow will be better was not any of the refugees say cameroon security forces are even crossed into niger in territory looking for them. at the separatist movement is recruiting in arming these young men for attacks on its territory. separatist leaders deny that but say it would be long before they fight back said determination cannot be effective without self defense we are opals to violence we are opposed to war but if the public it did you end should continue to deal it dialing i got doing and now the public calms not to attack
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people for they are bound by big law of nature to defend themselves a stand that will no doubt prolong the crisis which means these refugees will have to endure before setting off for the journey back or comedy greece al-jazeera at sultan much area. much more to come on the program including a former career advice president whose nuts range tantrum delayed a flight in twenty fourteen will avoid more jail time construction begins in thailand six billion dollars high speed rail way despite heavy public opposition and in sports i think you're down to the winter olympics continue space will happen later faction came second in china.
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welcome back we'll look at weather across the levant and western parts of asia the subtle imagery shows quite a bit of cloud spilling across the eastern side of the mediterranean through towards the caucasus see some heavy snowfall affecting central eastern parts of turkey a higher elevation rain at low levels and that's going to continue during the course of the weekend period now further south a lot of cloud but the winds coming in from the south as quite warm there beirut at twenty five degrees we hang on to that warm air during the course of subtly but the winds certainly increasing and rain or snow becoming a stance of across turkey further towards the east all looking relatively quiet and certainly quite warm by data twenty three kuwait city at twenty four kabul in afghanistan again eleven degrees here in the arabian clinches all looking fine but that cloud unsettled weather further north will begin to spread further towards the south during the course of the latter part the weekend somebody may see it cloudy
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up later on riyadh should stay dry and fine with highs of twenty six and it's twenty five degrees for both doha and abu dhabi across into southern portions of africa quite a bit of cloud across angola down through namibia and into botswana so the risk of one or two showers here also seen some rain across parts of the eastern cape that's like to be some heavy showers and turban highs of twenty five. stunning images from the niger delta through the unflinching eyes of a look up photographer. george also an artist on a mission to demonstrates the good and the bad of his beloved homeland documents the effects of the black. feeds and disfigure as he's called and showcases the traditional moment caught between a modern world and the tribal culture the new african photographer at this time on the al-jazeera. the a friends being
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a journalist the crime practicing journalism. mahmood for sane detained for three hundred sixty five days without charge. journalism is not a crime mahmoud for sane is not a criminal. free mahmud hussein. welcome back reminder of the top stories here on al-jazeera the u.n. general assembly has adopted a resolution that rejects u.s.
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president double trumps recognition of jerusalem as israel's capital under twenty eight countries voted for the measure it calls the american move no and avoid nine voted against thirty five abstained the u.s. has imposed sanctions on dozens of people and businesses including in myanmar general involved in the brutal crackdown on will hinge on muslims. and catalans are voting in a regional election separatist parties are battling you. yes you want to remain part of spain officials are reporting a turnout of seventy percent with both camps neck and neck in the polls. let's return to our top story the u.n. general assembly vote against the u.s. decision to recognize jerusalem as israel's capital for more we're joined by al-jazeera syria political analyst marwan bashara and the turkish foreign minister has said that the this u.n. vote showed a dignity and sovereignty are not for sale in
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a way that's probably more telling than the actual resolution that really showed up the u.s. its behavior in all this you know because in the end of the day jerusalem has not changed its status is that occupied by israel and on the other hand it's legal status is still the same america might have changed its opinion but the wall hasn't an international law hasn't neither the occupation of east jerusalem so in so many ways what the turkish foreign minister i think what so much turkey is representing now just going to head to heads with donald trump saying you know we also empire much more even before the united states was born you know we were in power for four hundred years plus so don't come and bully us you know it would we can't be bullied nor should be be bullets in the end of the day i think this is the kind of confrontation that i think i mean i wasn't really taken aback but let's remember turkey is a nato member it's an ally of the united states it hosts american military bases
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and so for the thirty four minutes or to go head to head like this and to name america by and to go after america by name and to say you cannot buy dignity and so on so forth i thought that was telling and at the same time that it's been damaging to the us is image in that way there is now a possibility of a backlash nikki haley the u.s. ambassador to the united nations saying well if this vote goes ahead than this is the. change the way the u.s. sees the u.n. and course the countries that voted against it you know here i'm not a sort of a loss i'm not exactly sure whether this was just a short sighted foolish decision based on expediency pleasing the base eventually called christian radical adventure christians i must say and the israeli lobby or there was something more to a close up of the troublemaking around the world than and just basically going after all kinds of people in order to really prove who's the boss in the middle
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east in order to pass an american formula for some kind of a speech subtle meant imposed on the palestinians i'm not sure which is which but regardless of the motivation that drove trump to make that decision it definitely backfired because what we saw today that despite all the pressure and intimidation the bullying what we have is hundred one hundred twenty eight countries saying to trump you cannot bully us your silly and thirty five countries who are you know little countries that are dependent on the united states saying well you are a bully so you know for the answers to come out either syria or a bully is not exactly a testimony for american leadership are we going to see flashes to think of relations individual countries relations with the americans now or take take you for instance you know american based on turkish soil what happens in the end going forward now are we going to see some crisis points to think of three needs to
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individual nations you know i think primarily with the countries we're going to look at i think will be i think with turkey it's been escalating anyway tensions have been rising between the united states and turkey for a number of reasons including syria including jews themselves or. i think the more sensitive pressure points are jordan and egypt you know but i think the united states having made the decision on jerusalem i think it would be quite short even more shortsighted if you decided to eliminate its two most important partners in the peace process so-called peace process jordan egypt so i really find it difficult for for the united states to go after jordan and egypt at this point time when it needs them the most and i just you know let me just add a bit of apprentices to this in just a few days maybe a few weeks we're going to see the americans coming out with with
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a peace settlement and that peace settlement initiative is going to deed egypt and jordan and i think it's going to have an element or two that prime minister netanyahu is not going to is going to be against and we're going to up to a real theatrical where i think trump is going to say you see i also have a problem with prime minister netanyahu and i think here egypt and jordan will step in and probably try to bridge between palestinians israelis americans or so forth it's going to be muddy be that as it may the united states still needs its allies i think as much as its allies needs it's interesting times it's always good to interpretation on the show i thank you very much thank you. the u.n. tribunal for the for me of the obvious closing its doors a ceremony was held in the hague on thursday and was attended by the u.n. secretary general and ten you get terrorists and the dutch king william allen found the closure marks the end of nearly twenty five years of investigations and prosecutions related to the breakup of yugoslavia in the one nine hundred ninety s.
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the tribunal has been praised for making important contributions to the development of international law but as david chaytor reports some victims in sarajevo say the court has failed to bring them justice. yes saddam is one of the estimated thirty thousand women who were brutalized in the so-called rape factories run by bosnian serb forces during the conflict. the soldier told me to take my clothes off i refused he aimed a gun at my head to mock me and three me on the bed. the international criminal tribunal for former yugoslavia has now being closed leaving massada and the majority of other victims like her without any justice or chance of returning to a normal life. to agree to not tell you the man who did this to me go to way he left the country and went to serbia he keeps coming back to me all the time in my chair my go to sleep with this criminal every night and wake up with him. some of
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the victims have reported seeing the man who raped them walking freely in the streets around them without an apparent care in the world they being given a life sentence of psychological trauma. the international community has spent decades and millions of dollars in his pursuit of the most notorious of the war criminals here so many others though equally guilty and from all sides involved in the conflict have escaped justice. and as not to which means. it means a lot for the victims that the court has established the facts and the main perpetrators but in just a couple of days after the emotion settles down over the verdict they will find that their everyday lives haven't changed a bit. bizarre to build up the courage to return to the house where she was raped she hoped seeing where all have fear and horror came from would purge it from her
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mind but now she knows only bringing justice and punishment to her rapist will let her begin to heal david chaytor al-jazeera sorry. it's now been just over one year since al jazeera journalist met with her saying it was imprisoned in egypt he was arrested by egyptian authorities on december twentieth last year while visiting family is essentially has been renewed ten times since then al-jazeera continues to demand his release. accused of broadcasting false news to spread chaos which. strongly deny he's been repeatedly complaining of mistreatment in jail. president faces the toughest moment yet in his short presidency congress is debating allegations of corruption against him is part of the so-called car wash bribery scandal which has affected several countries in latin america sanchez reports from its capital lima. and the seventeen months enough but the news
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president bill republican to ski could be about to be removed from office on thursday he will defend himself in congress against allegations of graft that he dealt with brazilian construction giant or the bridge where he killed high government posts but in a televised message on wednesday he said he has always been transparent and hasn't done anything improper. i recognize i made mistakes i want to ask for your forgiveness with my mind clear and pain in my heart for not being careful with my information about my activities i am deeply sorry but this has never been a tool for dishonesty and criminal activities. which is key doesn't deny his company received payments all of it says it paid nearly four million dollars to businesses though he says they were managed by associates. we base the impeachment on the fact that when he was finance minister his company received money from the
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corrupt outbreak company and for lying to the country about it experts say legislators are imposing a fast track impeachment the popular force party led by the mahdi who lost the presidential election by a tiny margin has already forced out five government ministers and now critics say it is after the president when the congress has given him an ultimatum to resign or be removed this violates his constitutional right to defend himself the presumption of innocence and due process it is a coup in the making. has asked the judiciary for a constitutional appeal to stop the impeachment for the organization of american states to send observers to watch how proceedings are conducted hours before the impeachment began thousands of proves marched in the center of lima saying there disenchanted with the political class people here are not only furious. at the
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political majority they say they not only want to control pathways in the country the opinion polls say nearly all politicians in office have lost the people's support that's why. we have to fight for a new constitution to restructure our country all these corrupt officials need to go president kaczynski says he will defend his mandate but even if he's able to hold onto the press. it will be very difficult to gain the trust of most peruvians millionaire scientists i just see that. at least twenty nine people have died after a fire broke out at a fitness center in the south korean city of gesture on official say most of the victims were found in the sauna it's believed the fire started in a car on the first floor of the building and quickly spread. a former korean executive whose on board range disrupted a flight will avoid more jail time. again well why the tension off the hook twenty
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fourteen outkast over macadamia nuts is covering over reports south korea's top court upheld suspended prison term. it was a case of bad behavior that came to symbolize the power of south korea's most important people in december twenty fourth teen this korean air flight was leaving new york with then vice president and daughter of the company's chairman show here not on board in the first class cabin show enraged over being served macadamia nuts in a bag instead of on a plate was hurling abuse at the cabin crew she demanded the pilot returned to the gate so this men the head flight attendant could be thrown off in february twenty fifth tina district court ruled that in doing so showed change to the planned flight route breaking aviation security law she was sentenced to a year in prison but three months later the high court overturned that verdict instead ordering a ten month suspended sentence on lesser charges on thursday the supreme court
9:44 pm
upheld that ruling. it is the majority opinion that it is difficult to interpret the plane's movements on the ground are part of the flight path with me review the aviation security laws to south koreans this case is about much more than an incident of air rage it has highlighted what many years view as unjust levels of power wielded by those at the top of the nation's biggest companies. democracy activist gingold says the public is angry because it feels powerful people are receiving special treatment by they tell you bernie if there were just this culture of setting an example by giving punishment as a warning to others or if major conglomerates were punished to a similar extent that ordinary people would be punished then such illegal activities would not persist aviation law was beefed up in the wake of the cho incident to punish cases of air rage more severely and in another recent high
9:45 pm
profile case the vice chairman of sam's son jay wiley was imprisoned for five years on bribery charges he is also appealing that ruling kathy novak al jazeera sole. north korea has denied u.s. claims it was behind the wall a crew malware attack earlier this year around somewhere attack in may infected hundreds of thousands of computers worldwide and crippled parts of britain's national health service well korea says the accusations are a grave political provocation and have vowed to retaliate. construction on taiwan six billion dollars high speed rail link has officially begun despite heavy public opposition people are angry the chinese led project is an attempt by beijing to extend its influence in the region reports from hong kong. the construction here is for the hong kong sense and the railing that will eventually connect the city center to southern china that's been
9:46 pm
a point of controversy as the terminus here the west terminus will have a facility for mainland authorities to operate custance and immigration procedures which means many not officials will be working on hong kong soil there's been much opposition as many seats as an infringement of hong kong's autonomy and a way for beijing to increase its control over the city not perhaps not such an obvious way there are similar concerns with beijing trying to extend its influence in the region with the thailand china high speed rail link china is providing the technology and will be partially paying for the network that will eventually connect the capital bangkok to the northern border with lawless up and about what about thailand is developing in every way in order to make us be the hub to connect with these countries for this route it will connect with the countries cambodia laos my own mark vietnam and to china and india. the inauguration launches the
9:47 pm
first space of construction the rail network across the region will be built in four sections to ultimately reach father in china this falls in line with china's belts and road initiatives a development campaign across asia and beyond with beijing the center both governments say the rail project symbolizes the progress of chinese thai relations most in thailand agree their rail network needs to be upgraded and a high speed rail system can transform travel in the country many are also asking at what political cost beatings involvement will be. still to come on the program we meet the man on a mission to save traditional printing method. story .
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9:49 pm
taiwan is home to the world's last remaining set of lead type of traditional chinese character this is that there were found has been difficult but the owner has told al-jazeera he hopes to revive the typeface culture by opening i mean c.m. dedicated to the croft. my name is and i am sixty five years old i am the owner of foundry in taiwan. founded in one nine hundred sixty nine by my father seeing his home to the world's last remaining set of let's face traditional chinese characters so our business had thrived before the one nine hundred eighty s. this was when everything from books to newspapers was printed the old way using
9:50 pm
movable types that we supply. as an apprentice i was inspired by my father's dedication to craftsmanship. he was strict but set an example for me to excel at the most difficult technique i learned to carve the copper mold with a knife in it and human hair and i grew attached to the beauty of chinese characters but the advance of digital printing many of our peers out of business. by two thousand and five we were the only ones left that's what i was for i thought about closing shop found it hard to let go of my passion and my father's legacy. so i wore strong i managed to stay open and spent the last decade repairing these broken molds myself so that's how it's been a labor of love since i can only fix five characters a day a fraction of our one hundred and fifty thousand word collection has gone. into
9:51 pm
that i have found next to a crowdfunding success the spring that we raised three hundred thousand dollars to training professionals to restore some of the moves. and my goal is to open a museum and i plan to devote the rest of my life to revive the type based culture . never be a quitter as my father often said i. got to the sport with. thank you so much politics has overshadowed football on the eve of the gold cup tournament in kuwait saudi arabian officials leftish said you'll news conference after taking exception to the presence of qatari based channels including al jazeera they're due to open the tournament against hosts kuwait on friday the united arab emirates also withdrew from their news conference it's now been agreed that all branded microphones will be removed from future conferences the gulf cup is a regional tournament for eight nations in the gulf region should hold for every second
9:52 pm
year it was due to be held in qatar saudi arabia the united arab emirates and bahrain did not reply to tournament invitations the three nations have been imposing a blockade on qatar for the past six months as part of a political dispute but only this month fee for lifted kuwait's banned from international football the tournament has been relocated there with all eight countries set to take part it's due to one until january five our reporter somehow moves shore's at that news conference and explains a bit of what happened. we were surprised that the saudis came in the coach and the players they stood there took a group picture and then just stormed off the conference room so when the journalists asked the. media organizer the kuwaiti media organizer for answers why did the saudi team withdraw from the press conference he couldn't give anyone an answer but i went up to him and i demanded an answer saying been waiting here for
9:53 pm
forty minutes and it's quite disrespectful for the rest of the media he said the saudi team has requested for the mikes to be removed certain mikes or certain channels to be removed from the table so i asked him which mike exactly he said he cannot answer that question but when we spoke to him aside in that we had an interview one on one interview with him and he said it's the mikes from the channels who are based in qatar including. it's exactly fifty days until the twenty year you see the winter olympics beginning. south korea organizers still face challenges regarding ticket sales the bits of the cold weather and that's expected the political uncertainty over neighboring north korea but that didn't go into zero sum as the olympic torch continued its journey across south korea arriving in the city over june june. it will travel exactly two thousand and eight two kilometers across the country before lighting the cauldron
9:54 pm
at the opening ceremony on february the. for the athletes preparations are continuing on the snow and ice of the snowboard halfpipe world cup event in china on thursday two thousand and nine world champion bluejay you laid down a marker ahead of the games with a victory in front of a home crowd the men's competition was dominated by japan with nineteen year old argue move here there are no silver medalist from the saatchi olympics and he was just fifteen topping the podium. freestyle skiing as also been taking place in china the second moguls event of the season was won by canadian mikhail kingsbury victory here saw him move ninety points clear of the top of the world cup standings in the women's contest in jail in car four of the usa edged closer to a limper qualification with the win there are four more moguls events before the games begin. birmingham has been officially announced as the host city for the twenty twenty two commonwealth games it's set to stage the most expensive sports
9:55 pm
event in britain since the london olympics this follows the decision in march to strip the south african city of durban as host they would have been the first african city to take charge of the multi-sport competition since it began in one nine hundred thirty seven time grand slam tennis champion venus williams will not face criminal charges over her role in a fatal car crash she and another vehicle collided at an intersection near her florida home in june and a seventy eight year old man subsequently died he's wife was at the wheel a police investigation has said there were neither driver was at fault for the crash and both have been cleared. women's world cup winner hope solo is one of eight candidates named on wednesday in the running for the presidency of the united states soccer federation five hundred fifty voters will elect a replacement for outgoing leaders suneel galardi at their annual meeting in florida in february it was
9:56 pm
a big day of announcements in the state says major league soccer awarded a new franchise to the city of nashville the country music hall of fame was the venue for the unveiling though a time frame hasn't been determined for the league's twenty fourth franchise this is a great city we work together people love living here they love working here we get things done and we promise you they said at the time that m.l.s. would national be a great m.l.s. market. in the n.b.a. in the golden state warriors speak the memphis grizzlies on wins a full day tenth straight win meanwhile the seventeen year spurs beat the portland trail blazers poll gus hall scored twenty points and had a season high seventeen rebounds while marcus aldridge added twenty two on the night himself portland could have won the game right at the end of the fourth quarter c.j. mccollum miss place game winning three pointer ninety three ninety one the finals
9:57 pm
will be the new york islanders n.h.l. team have announced they're moving back to long island city billy joel join the n.h.l. commissioner and new york governor to announce the team's new one billion dollar arena it will be built on the grounds of the belmont park horse racing track in queens the islanders have been playing in brooklyn since twenty fifteen of to be giving their forty three year old venue on long island. the islanders are back where they belong got word today is all about it feels right it feels good is another sign that says the islanders coming back in the league itself on wednesday the philadelphia flyers continued their great run they beat the detroit red wings for three full days seven pick three in a games. ahead of the fourth ashes cricket test makes me go straight as captain has been warming up with
9:58 pm
a spot of tennis steve sports betting performance on the cricket pitch already secured victory in the ashes for australia and as you can see from these pictures the twenty eight year old is talented on the tennis court to heat with canadian tennis star made us around age getting in some good practice for facing england's bowlers against the big serve. and that's all the sport for me another update coming up again later on. thank you piers so that is it for me for the news out of maryanne demasi will be here with you in just a moment with much more of the day's news don't go away.
9:59 pm
you are making very pointed remarks where on line the main u.s. response to drug use and the drug trade over the last fifty years has been to criminalize or if you join us on say. other than the morning in the sense i want to cover the world and this is a dialogue that could be worth leading to some of the confusion about people saying they don't actually know what's going on join the global conversation at this time on al-jazeera. training starts lightly but the pace picks up quickly as these grannies work out a long life time of frustration. at eighty five years old intombi sword what trains as hard as anyone and. i feel so good i feel french i punch this side and decide like this and like that there's a dose like. bring these ladies are tough and they take their training very
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seriously you. go live through. the war interjected through a life. on the surgery a scar. shattered monument towards destructor palos. there's amid the ruins the defiance to resist. and so imho survive. people in power investigates how this suburb of damascus has refused to crumble under the might of assets only. part two of this time zero. in favor one hundred twenty eight against now.


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