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and like that i really left it i don't like things like suck because i will drink these ladies are tough and they take their training very seriously. but i do feel a little more confident and feel more energetic if i like. on the surgery a scar. shattered monument towards destructor palos. there are some of the ruins the defiance to resist. i'm strong survive. people in power investigates all this suburb of damascus to crumble under the might of assets only. part two of this time. in favor one hundred twenty eight against nine. u.n.
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members defy u.s. threats and vote by huge majority against its recognition of jerusalem as israel's capital. hello i'm maryam namazie in london you're watching al-jazeera also coming up strong support on both sides as polls close in catalonia as high stakes election. the u.s. imposes sanctions on those accused of human rights violations against the ringette and the others. and peruse president defends himself as he faces impeachment proceedings in congress. the united nations general assembly has voted by huge majority to declare u.s. recognition of jerusalem as israel's capital now and void spokesman for the
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palestinian president mahmoud abbas described the vote as a victory for palestine meanwhile israel's prime minister benjamin netanyahu is called the vote preposterous and thanked u.s. president donald trump for his stance on jerusalem all in all a hundred twenty eight voted for the resolution just nine against and thirty five abstentions countries you sided with america israel guatemala honduras marshall islands micronesia nowruz palauan and togo. uncompromising speeches were made on both sides the palestinian chief negotiator has condemned washington's decision but says the u.n. vote shows respect for the rule of law it's a deal. to those who stood shoulder to shoulder with. settlements against international law. and i grew appreciate very much that the majority of the international community decided in spite of the threats and intimidation of united states to stand tall and to stand shoulder to shoulder with was them farsightedness
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international law and the rule of law another rule of the jungle farm of caution of united states the fusion in the one sided and harmful to. the apathy it is through you the one thousand steps over the palestinians and the un that i've pushed away for you. with every and there is a revolution with every attack on my people the u.n. i've perfected it's double standard america will put our embassy in jerusalem that is what the american people want us to do and it is the right thing to do no vote in the united nations will make any difference on that but this vote will make a difference on how americans look at the u.n.
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and on how we look at countries who disrespect us in the u.n. and reaction from western islam in just a moment when harry force that is standing by first go to mike hanna at the united nations and mike it seemed as though the vote on this resolution was very much about affirming existing u.n. principles and policy on jerusalem but the trump ailie intervention certainly the ante ahead of the vote what impact did it have. well certainly would appear to have had some kind of impact if i walk you back to a similar vote on jerusalem taken in november there there were six nations voting against now that figure turned into mine go to myla and honduras joining the us in rejecting the vote abstentions those an even bigger figure back in november there were some six abstentions now there were thirty five this would appear to be a result of those threats by the trumpet ministration to retaliate by cutting off
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financial aid to those countries that voted in favor however it would appear too that a number of countries who might have abstained in the past actually voted in favor of the motion in anger at what was seen as president trumps of bullying in terms of forcing a vote within the chamber. and mikey's in our palpable fear that retaliation . there is serve ery much so however there's also a degree of confusion about it among those who could suffer in terms of u.s. retaliation yemen for example it was the state that brought the resolution to the general assembly now this year alone to the more than six hundred fifty million dollars were given in u.s. humanitarian aid to yemen now this could be at risk yet only twenty four hours ago
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the u.s. state department issued a statement asking for humanitarian aid to yemen to be more easily facilitated so there's a kind of strange schizophrenia and administration with the president threatening to cut off aid and state department saying hey we want to make the provision of aid more easy so perhaps they are empty threats by a president trump some nations don't believe so they do believe that there could be cutbacks as a result of this particular vote but that in turn is come to way to many members believe by the fact that the vote substantial as it is is a global rejection of president term trump his strategy and his policies all right thank you very much mike hanna at united nations following all the developments than now to harry forces in west jerusalem and harry as michael said it was a a stinging rejection of trans policy on jerusalem and even though netanyahu was
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quick in his condemnation dismissal of this vote it's also very much an isolation of israel as much as is the u.s. . yes and i think that's why these really government was trying to portray this vote to the largest as possible as being not really worth worrying about nothing that would change the status of jerusalem as doesn't you know said in a statement afterwards the drews them is always was and always will be the capital of israel and nothing that is discussed or voted on in the united nations can change that he he preemptively dismissed this resolution and then he came out very soon afterwards to dismiss what he called a proposed resolution as well the israeli representative at the united nations the ambassador there also using very strong language talking about the palestinians as manipulators of countries which didn't realize they were being manipulated into
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voting that way so really the israeli tactic has been to try to as much as possible undermine the nature of this vote but at the same time that very argument is somewhat undermined by how hard they have worked to try to lobby countries to vote if not against it at least to abstain that is something that the deputy foreign minister said there was immense effort going into ahead of this and so we're also have benjamin netanyahu now saying that there is some comfort to be drawn from the part from the fact that some countries did not participate in what he called the theater of the absurd. however given the fact that one hundred twenty eight countries voted in favor the vast majority some extremely large powerful nations close allies of the united nations the united states and friends of israel voting in favor of this resolution that kind of spin may not carry a huge amount of weight going forward thank you very much aaron for set with all
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the latest from west jurist. well to catalonia now where polls have closed in its crucial election gold off the spanish region's controversial independence referendum so record turnout and the race to form the next regional government is tight exit polls have put secessionists and unionists neck and neck cast down authorities say there's been a five percent rise in time now compared with the previous ballot in two thousand and fifteen the pro-union a citizens' party is one of the favorites to win a big number of seats party leader in the us i remind us once catalunya to a main part of spain and says she's campaigned on behalf of all castle lands meanwhile the e.r.c. or publican left of catalonia looks set to be the most successful of all the separatist groups need a martyr rivera's party is expected to get more votes in the organization of exile
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former leader con is pushed amount. of paul brennan is at the headquarters of the citizens party in barcelona first it's called pan hall who's with the support of the secessionist posse what's the feeling that. well really people have been looking maryam at the results of those couple of exit polls that have come out just ask the official voting close a really nobody is none the wiser really just is restating what we already knew that the main pro separatist party and then main protagonists party seem to be running neck and neck the exit polls do indicate that perhaps the pro separatist brought the count a small majority in the capital and parliament that would effectively mean that the capital and crisis rumbles on for many many months more there really is no suggestion however from those exit polls right now that the pro unionist brought could form any cod of majority of that of course will be bad news for the spanish
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prime minister mariano rajoy who hoped that by calling these snap elections kiki. draw some kind of a line under the capital and crisis which is also been causing both political and economic problems for the rest of spain as well but we're going into the critical minutes the critical hours now it is still going to take some time before we get some clarity on the way things are going as you rightly mention though however early suggestions odd that the turnout figures in this particular election have been in excess of any other regional parliamentary election in catalonia before maryam thank you very much col ban hall on out of paul brennan his that headquarters of the pro unionist citizens posse what are the expectations of the people you've been speaking to. writing the very high expectations of this year that the party the citizens party here they took twenty five seats in the two thousand and fifteen election and according to forecasts before the polls opened today they were looking at somewhere around thirty to thirty one seats that's
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a big increase proportionately now the other thing to put into the mix is that taken with a pinch of salt some exit polls which have been released there is a suggestion that. may even become the biggest party as a result of the vote is taken place today it's a very very small sample that's been done and it may not correspond to the wider vote but nonetheless that would be a startling victory the problem is that they would have great difficulty forming a coalition in this region and it would probably be that the probe secession parties would go on to form a government even those here that are not citizens party turns out to be the biggest party as a result of the elections but mathematics is hugely complicated innocent another has arrived she's the leader she's arrived here at the plaza hotel in spring for the reception to to await the results but as karl says it's going to be several
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hours before we get real clarity and certainty as to. the outcome of this election will be watching very closely as the evening unfolds thank you very much paul brennan and barcelona as well and watching out is there much more to come on the program at least four people die after a ferry with hundreds of people aboard capsizes in the philippines and the former korean advice president is not to rage tantrum delayed a flight avoid more jail time. hello foggo byron's at the moment in the northwest of europe as this digital area of cloud represents woman being pushed over colder usually produces a little fog this is our captured cold as even food in the satellite that gracious low temperatures by day minus three plus one in warsaw and this then tucking in is
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what twelve degrees or so in london oversea prince tired and rain eventually once the fog has gone so his vision incursion in the north if you have not to keep bringing a little bit of snow not much of a thing but a little bit of germany and poland probably better was and of course the alps and those slopes the alps once more to sayas we've got rain still hanging around the g. in turkey and disappearing into north africa and the live in degrees it remains pretty mild the british isles doesn't change over time you get to saturday always a bit of a contrast for the warmest you might think they were the upside down but if you do go down towards the stores coast of africa something of a development taking place in the in that greed is right in this of the circulation we've had significant rain in western libya is just in slow east was for the gulf as it was maybe concentrating more in southern greece and western turkey by the time we get to saturday much of that will be rather less obvious except in turkey but the cool is still there.
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term begins with but it does not in no terrorist state poses a greater or more immediate threat than the regime of saddam hussein this is a regime that has something to heart they have here a significant property. and guess what not one. word from iraq since the one nine hundred ninety one iraq deception at this time on al jazeera.
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they look at the stories making headlines for you now the un general assembly has adopted a resolution that rejects u.s. president donald trump's recognition of jerusalem as israel's capital over a one hundred twenty eight countries voted for the measure that calls the american move and void a spokesman for the palestinian president mahmoud abbas has welcomed the vote calling it a victory for palestine and our other top story this hour polls have closed in the castle regional election by separatist policies of battling unionists who want to remain part of spain. now the u.s. has imposed sanctions against dozens of people and businesses accused of human rights violations and corruption freezing their assets in the u.s. one of those targeted is an army general in myanmar accused of leading a campaign of ethnic cleansing against the range of the u.s. is also drafted a u.n. resolution banning nearly ninety percent of petroleum exports to north korea can really help it brings us this update. what this is essentially is that the first
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use of the trumpet ministration of what's known as the global magnitsky act that was first expanded under barack obama and what this does as you point out is it freezes the assets blocks access to the global financial system for a number of individuals including a million marginal accused of ethnic cleansing and of course this is a follow up to a very strong statement from the u.s. secretary of state rex tillerson saying that in fact the actions against there were hinge and rock kind state amounted in the eyes of the united states to ethnic cleansing so certainly this is an example these sanctions that have been announced of the united states using as it has said repeatedly all of its tools at its disposal to promote human rights and adding to that also to this request by the trumpet ministration to the united nations with regard to north korea feeling that the saying things that were put in place there in september were violated with regard to petroleum exports now asking for in light of the view of the united
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states those sanctions being violated for further and tougher action proves congress is debating whether to remove president had republicans keep from office. opponents of trying to impeach him for allegedly receiving illegal payments from the brazilian construction company. kaczynski says his government will seek fresh general elections if he's forced out at least four people have died after a ferry with hundreds on board capsized off the philippines it was traveling from the town of infanta and queasy on province to leo island in rough seas the navy and coast guard have managed to rescue two hundred forty people some of whom were injured seven people are still missing jamie onondaga has more from manila. according to the philippine government the next few hours is going to be critical rescuing those who remain trapped and stranded out at sea is now being conducted by the philippine military there is the air force there is an even also working with
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the philippine coast guard but it's not going to be easy because of the rough seas and because it's already nighttime here in the philippines what we know is that around eleven am local time around two hundred fifty passengers was on the ferry on its way to paly lu island when it capsized it comes at a very difficult time here in the philippines it's christmas season the most important time of the year for filipinos as the goal at this time on their way home to their provinces to celebrate the holidays with their families surprisingly though this kind of accident is nothing new in the philippines the philippines holds one of the worst records when it comes to maritime accidents still that has not been any we helped improve maritime standards here in the philippines the worst on record was around thirty years ago when a passenger ship collided with an oil tanker and left more than
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a thousand eight hundred people dead. the number the international committee for the right cross says that the number of suspected cases in yemen has reached one million the u.n. says yemen is facing the walls was a humanitarian crisis with eighty percent of its population suffering from a shortage of food clean water and access to healthcare that has you're going to name has mall. more than twenty two hundred yemenis have died from cholera since late april the disease continues to spread in what the u.n. has called the world's worst cholera outbreak the international committee of the red cross says yemen now has one million cases going to got even though it is figures that we deal with the u.s. one hundred twenty seven yemenis connected going to yet but no we see an outbreak of these d.d.'s why because children have not been vaccinated and we want to know what next more than eighty percent of yemenis take it food or clean water and lack
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access to health care and fuel adding to their misery aid groups have struggled to deliver supplies since november that's when the saudi led coalition blocked all ports of entry saying it needed to halt the flow of weapons to the rebel who thiis vowing to international pressure the coalition has allowed some aid in but the u.n. says it's still not at the level required to help the more than twenty million people in need a shortage of commercial goods is also driving up prices. the price hike will cost starvation of thousands of people many goods can't enter the market because of the closed airports and ports on the other hand we don't have enough money to buy things not only the people but the whole country struggling to survive more than two and a half years of war has battered the country's infrastructure making the water supply unreliable and yemenis are trapped in a dangerous cycle malnutrition compromises the immune system. and cholera
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exacerbates malnutrition the majority of people can survive cholera if given fluids to rehydrate and antibiotics in extreme cases aid groups are trying to expand access to health care and clean water but one giant obstacle remains the war natasha going to al-jazeera is training police have ruled out terrorism as a motive behind a deadly car bombing incident in melbourne at least nineteen people were injured when a man plowed his vehicle into a busy intersection and they say the driver had a history of mental health issues under thomas reports. panic in the streets of central melbourne on a busy thursday afternoon witnesses saw a large white car accelerates into dozens of people using a pedestrian crossing right outside the city's main train station it's all late for work he can't get home he can't see their families and so just because of one
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person in this is just to have a face like this should happen. it was full forty two in the afternoon the crossing was packed with people leaving offices heading to and from trains and doing pretty christmas shopping police say the driver was wrestled to the ground and handcuffed after his car crashed into a tram stop a little way down the road police quickly ruled out an accident. at this stage we have fourteen people injured and several i critique. at this stage we believe is it a deliberate act and i repeat that at this stage we believe it is i deliver it act however we do not know the motivation and it's still early stages of the investigation police say the driver they've arrested is a thirty two year old australian of afghan descent they say he has a history of violence and drug use and what they call current mental health issues they have not said what they think motivated his attack but we don't at fish time have any evidence or any intelligence to indicate there's
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a connection with terrorism police also arrested a second man but second man was same filming the aftermath of the attack on his mobile phone and when police searched him they found knives in his bag but although he was taken into custody place now says i don't think he had any connection with the driver or his attack the state premier of victoria says all indications are that this was an isolated attack by one man not part of a wider plot this is horrific it's evil we are not defined by these sorts of incidents on confident that we will go about their business and we will spend what should be a joyous time with people that we love but we will i think spare a thought for those that have been touched and indeed forever china just for the evil and care at least on flinders street today. australian police and politicians have warned of an attack like this coming in the context of international terrorism and isolate inspired atrocity so far though just as tragic police say this looks
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like something different under thomas al jazeera says. at least twenty nine people have died after a fire broke out at a fitness center in the south korean city of jet young officials say most of the victims were found in the sauna it's believed the fire started in a car on the first floor of the building. a former korean air executive who's on board not rage disrupted a flight will avoid more jail time churkin yeah again world wide attention two thousand and fourteen out bust over macadamia nuts as kathy novak reports south korea's top court upheld has suspended present day. it was a case of bad behavior that came to symbolize the power of south korea's most important people in december twenty fourth teen this korean air flight was leaving new york with then vice president and daughter of the company's chairman show here
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not on board in the first class cabin show enraged over being served macadamia nuts in a bag instead of on a plate was hurling abuse at the cabin crew she demanded the pilot return to the gate so this man the head flight attendant could be thrown off in february twenty fifth tina district court ruled that in doing so show changed the planned flight route breaking aviation security law she was sentenced to a year in prison but three months later the high court overturned that verdict instead ordering a ten month suspended sentence on lesser charges. on thursday the supreme court upheld that ruling. it is the majority opinion that it is difficult to interpret the plane's movements on the ground are part of the flight path with me review to security laws to south koreans this case is about much more than an incident of air rage it has highlighted what many here of you as unjust levels of power wielded by
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those at the top of the nation's biggest companies. democracy activist on gingold says the public is angry because it feels powerful people are receiving special treatment by the way. if there were a justice culture of setting an example by giving punishment as a warning to others or if major conglomerates were punished to a similar extent that ordinary people would be punished when such illegal activities would not persist aviation law was beefed up in the wake of the cho incident to punish cases of air rage more severely and in another recent high profile case the vice chairman of samsung j. wiley was imprisoned for five years on bribery charges he is also appealing that ruling kathy novak al jazeera sold. well now thousands of people have thing on rest in english speaking areas of southern cameroon the government has banned public gatherings suspended transportation and shut businesses as activists seek a stay independent from the majority of french speaking areas amid interest reports
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from southern nigeria where many of sought refuge. dazed and confused at to marco struggles to come to grips with their new reality. the refugee mother of eight is also forced to take on the additional responsibility of looking after two other children orphaned by the fighting in an insult in cameroon joined by me wasn't there by god's law where their father was killed their mother died of a heart attack a few days later my lady says children it was a struggle looking off to my own and now there. are the more than thirty thousand refugees now in southern nigeria are being looked after by the nigeria refugee agency and a few non-governmental organizations but many here say they don't have much to eat or any way suitable to live. beatrice and he also displaced by the violence struck for three days before reaching safety in nigeria she was eight months pregnant.
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i saw soldiers killed two young men for pushing up a flag then troops invaded and started shooting at people that was when i decided it wasn't safe for me or my baby. most of the five hundred displaced in this camp on the over the hills overlooking cameroon are women and children so one hundred fifty kilometers away from here is another camp populated mainly by young men it's late evening in this makeshift camp close to nigeria come on boy they're up to a thousand refugees leaving for access to become conditions and the color of the thoughts on their minds as they go to bed many of them will go hungry tonight hoping that tomorrow will be better than the other. refugees say cameroon security forces of even crossed into niger in territory looking for them cameroon alleges that the separatist movement is recruiting in arming these young men for attacks on
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its territory separatist leaders deny that but say it won't be long before their fight back said determination cannot be effective without self defense we are violence we are opposed to war but if that a public event un should continue to deal it dialing i doubt doing unless the public comes not to attack our people they are they are bound by did law of nature to defend themselves. a stand that will no doubt prolong the crisis which means these refugees will have to endure more before setting off for the journey back or comedy greece al jazeera at a south in nigeria. story and everything else right here al-jazeera telecom is the address.
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so quick look at headlines now the u.n. general assembly has adopted a resolution that rejects u.s. president donald trump's recognition of jerusalem as israel's capital hundred twenty eight countries voted for that measure which called the american move and void nine voted against thirty five abstained the palestinian president says it was a victory for palestine but israel's prime minister benjamin netanyahu called the vote for posterous israel completely reject posterous was a dressing room is our capital always was always will. but i do appreciate the fact that a growing number of countries refused to participate in this theater of the absurd to appreciate that and especially i want to get express our thanks to president trump the numbers are. for their store defense of israel and there's gold to firms . well on all the headlines polls have closed in catalonia is regional election
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which was called after the spanish regions controversial independence referendum officials reporting a record turnout of seventy percent and the race to form the next week government is tight exit polls have put secessionist and unionists neck and neck. the u.s. has imposed sanctions on dozens of people and businesses in myanmar south sudan and gambia it includes a myanmar general involved in the brutal crackdown on a range of muslims the us is also drafted a un resolution banning nearly ninety percent of the trial you make sports to north korea. congress is debating whether to impeach president. over corruption allegations opposition m.p.'s want him ousted of revelations his private consulting business receive payments from the brazilian construction giant to crush the case is part of the so-called calm wash bribery scandal in brazil which is implicated dozens of politicians and businessmen across latin america and at least four people
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have died after a ferry sank in the northeast philippines more than two hundred fifty people were on board when the boat went under after being battered by strong winds and massive waves around two hundred forty will pulled alive from the water a spokesman for the philippine coast guard insists the ferry was not overcrowded you're up to date with all of our top stories i'll be back in twenty five minutes after the stream. hi i'm femi oke a from the world wide refugee crisis to the fall of the longtime
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